Posted on July 21, 2015

Top Immigration Official Caught Praising Islamic State

Nick Hallett, Breitbart, July 21, 2015

A top official in charge of Sweden’s immigration policy has been exposed as a jihadi sympathiser who described someone’s intention to join Islamic State as “beautiful”.

Samiyah M. Wasame, who serves on Sweden’s Migration Board, is accused of ‘liking’ numerous jihadi posts on Facebook. In one example, she ‘liked’ a picture of an AK-47 next to the words “Remember the Mujahdieen in your prayers . . . Because they are fighting on your behalf.”

Samiyah Wasame

Samiyah Wasame

She also liked a black Islamic flag as well as a status by a jihadist who lamented the problems he was having travelling to Syria. She commented underneath, calling his decision “beautiful”.

However, after being exposed by various Swedish newspapers, Wasame said the revelations were an example of “increased hatred of Islam and widespread Islamophobia” and showed the “strongly growing baiting of Muslims in today’s society.”

Ivar Arpi, a writer for Svenska Dagbladet, responded to her criticisms by pointing out she had also ‘liked’ a picture of Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was convicted for the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing.


In May, Breitbart London reported how Sweden was offering taxpayer-funded benefits to ‘alienated’ jihadists to lure them home.

The Örebro municipality offered returning jihadists “psychological help to overcome traumatic experiences they may have suffered while fighting in Iraq and Syria,” with local councillor Rasmus Persson calling for terrorists to be offered jobs so they don’t “feel alienated”.