Posted on June 11, 2015

Ann Coulter Credits White Nationalist As “Intellectual Influence” on Her Anti-Immigrant Book

Jessica Torres, Media Matters, June 10, 2015

Conservative author Ann Coulter credited a 1992 National Review article for her attacks on progressive immigration policy, which have culminated in her latest book, Adios, America. The author of that article, Peter Brimelow, has been labeled a white nationalist by the Southern Poverty Law Center and is the editor of the anti-immigrant website


Coulter Says She First Became Interested In Immigration After Reading An Article By Peter Brimelow In National Review. While promoting her book during a June 8 interview with Tom Piatak of Chronicles magazine, Ann Coulter credited Peter Brimelow as an “intellectual influence” and the reason she “first became interested in immigration” (emphasis original):

TP: How did you first become interested in immigration?

A: Peter Brimelow’s front page article in National Review. [But] then I never wrote about it. I was practicing law then, and you know you live in a bubble in college and law school. I suppose I believed all the Jack Kemp nonsense. I read that cover story in National Review and realized I’d been had. I’ve been lied to. Oh my gosh! It was the only time I remember completely changing my mind about something. Of course there wasn’t that much to change because immigration wasn’t something I had ever thought about. I was like a lot of Americans to this day, you just go along: We’re a nation of immigrants, immigration is a wonderful thing, aren’t they hard workers, blah, blah, blah. And since I become a writer, Peter has been haranguing me, demanding to know why I haven’t written about immigration. I kept telling him, because you said it all. I’ve nothing new to say. So I am pleased that with this book–you have to get to chapter 7 and you start hitting things that, I think, surprised even Peter. He wanted me to start the book at chapter 7: Just skip everything before, everybody knows that first stuff, Ann. But I had to stay: If only everybody did know that stuff. [Chronicles6/8/15, via Right Wing Watch]


Peter Brimelow Is The Editor Of, And Admitted That “White Nationalist” Authors Write For The Site. In 2006, Brimelow admitted that some of the authors who write for are “white nationalist,” but said that does not mean they are “white supremacists”:

We also publish on VDARE.COM a few writers, for example Jared Taylor, whom I would regard as “white nationalist,” in the sense that they aim to defend the interests of American whites. They are not white supremacists. They do not advocate violence. They are rational and civil. They brush their teeth. But they unashamedly work for their people–exactly as La Raza works for Latinos and the Anti-Defamation League works for Jews.

Get used to it. As immigration policy drives whites into a minority, this type of interest-group “white nationalism” will inexorably increase. [, 7/24/06]