Posted on June 11, 2015

Black Teen Said He Led Attack Youth Because “He’s Not From The Area. He’s White”

Chattanoogan, June 9, 2015

General Sessions Court Judge David Bales on Tuesday verbally lashed a black teen who police said led an attack on a white youth playing disc golf at Carver Recreation Center because he was “not from the area. He’s white.”

William Jones Jr. said in the May 13 incident a youth with a T-shirt covering his face hit him in the head numerous times, and about six younger boys joined in the attack.

Judge Bales said, “Carver Recreation Center is for all citizens. It’s not for any particular group of people due to racial prejudice.

“There are no parts of the county where people cannot go.”


Mr. Jones said he had been playing disc golf at Carver for several Wednesdays and was due to meet a friend there. He said he arrived before the friend and went on the course.

He said, “I know it’s a rough area,” but he said he felt he would be safe. However, he said he heard a noise behind him and saw the tall youth with the shirt over his face followed by the other youths.

He said he was asked what he was doing, and he said he was getting ready to play golf. He said he asked the taller one if he wanted to play. He said he threw one disc, then handed one to the teen with the T-shirt, who he said laughed. He said the teen tossed the disc down and struck him in the temple.

Mr. Jones said, “It stunned me.”

He said he was then swarmed by the others, and more than one struck him.


The witness said those beating him asked repeatedly, “Where are your keys?”

He said throughout the ordeal he held onto a bag that contained his vehicle keys and his discs.

About that time his friend, Ryan, showed up. He yelled and the group dispersed.


The detective said [Lyndell] Dunnigan first denied being involved. He said he later admitted involvement and made the statements about the park not being for whites.


Lyndell Dunnigan

Lyndell Dunnigan