Boat people from Syria and Afghanistan and British holidaymakers have clashed on Kos–as migrants have turned the Greek island, popular with cheap package deals, into a ‘disgusting’ hellhole.

As families–enjoying some summer sun with their kids during the half term break–relax on sun loungers on the beach, just a yards away scores of migrants have set up camp, sleeping on cardboard boxes with rubbish strewn everywhere.


Anne Servante, a nurse from Manchester, had come to Kos expecting a relaxing break with her husband Tony, a retired plumber.

Instead her summer break has turned into a nightmare as penniless migrants who are in Greece to claim asylum sit outside their restaurant and watch them eat.

Calling it ‘disgusting’, Anne fumed: ‘We have been coming here for almost ten years. We like to eat, drink and relax. But this time the atmosphere has changed.

‘It’s really dirty and messy here now. And it’s awkward. I’m not going to sit in a restaurant with people watching you.’

Another British couple on holiday with their grandchildren from Birmingham said: ‘We have never been before but we don’t like it.

‘We won’t be coming back if it’s like a refugee camp again next year.’

Migrants from war-torn Afghanistan and Syria have taken shelter under arcades on the seafront in Kos town as they wait to receive security clearance for onward travel to mainland Greece.

The wealthiest groups have smart phones and credit cards and are staying in local hotels for 10-15 euros a night–while the rest are camped out on the harbour side and at a derelict hotel on the edge of Kos town.

Straggly migrants straight from the boats march straight through the town with backpacks on to join friends and register for their travel permits at the police station.

Barefoot toddlers in filthy clothes play among debris while moustached men sit staring out to sea as they plan the next stage of their journey to Athens and the rest of Europe–including some heading for Britain.

Young Afghan mothers in head scarves, changing their babies and washing their children’s clothes in the sea, share the promenade with tourists who sit uncomfortably on the beachfront.

The harbourside has become an unofficial washing line with baby clothes and grubby-looking scarves laid out along the shoreline. Baby bottles and towels litter the area.

Groups of young men squatting together under the shade of the tree look on while British and Dutch families queue for ice-cream.

One group of Afghan girls sitting on the dismantled cardboard boxes that are their beds explain how they have run out of money after a week staying eight to a room in B&Bs.

‘I have only 100 euros left to get to Germany’ explains Leyla Kasanzadeh, an 18-year-old tailor from Kabul who was traveling with her sister Samira, 23.

Recession-hit Greeks are donating what they can. One elderly man handed a breastfeeding mother in a headscarf 10 euros. ‘For the baby’, he said.

Local restaurants have erected a net barrier to block the sight of the makeshift camp, but workers complain that the tourists continue to stay away from this part of town because they don’t know where to look.

As many as 6,000 migrants have landed on the Dodecanese island in the past two months, with a total of 30,000 across the group of islands just a few miles from Turkey.

In the past two days 1,200 arrived on Kos, with fresh landings on the beach every night between 3am and 7am.

Tourists who have been coming to Kos for years complain that the ‘atmosphere has changed’.

Louis Laro, a headmaster from Breda, in Holland, said: ‘We are not happy to see this. It makes you realise what’s going on in this region and what’s coming to the rest of Europe in the next few months. They can’t stay in Greece. ‘

Caroline Ryderkerk, who runs a shop in Kos town, said: ‘It’s terrible for the people that have lost their homes but it’s also causing problems for people with shops and restaurants.

‘Some people stay away because they don’t know how to act. It’s normally much busier than this.’

For the Greeks, already mired in economic crisis, the migrants’ arrival adds to their woes, she claims.

‘This island is already in trouble. The people are kind- they give them blankets but they have very little for themselves. You cannot share what you don’t have.’

Most of the migrants crossed the narrow two mile channel from Bodrum in Turkey in rubber dinghies, in some cases accompanied by the Turkish and Greek coastguard, they said.

Joel Millman of the International Organisation for Migration said that the surge to the Greek islands was likely to be attributable to a crack down by the Turks on ‘ghost ships’ or cargo ships that were ferrying migrants to Italy at the end of last year.

Sani Saleh, an IT teacher from Damascus, said that the boats to Italy were no longer running, ‘but there are thousands of boats to Kos’. ‘It’s very easy to find one’.

Like many he plans to cross Europe on the overland route via Bulgaria and Serbia, then into Hungary and the EU. ‘I want to go to the UK because I know many people there. I speak English. I had an English girlfriend from Birmingham from 1991-94. She was the love of my life. ‘

Ihab Hilal, an optician from Aleppo who fled a call-up to Assad’s army, said that all the children in boat had started crying when the engine stopped in the middle of the journey.

The 29-year-old who said he was hounded by ISIS after carrying out first aid on rebels said: ‘I was carrying a little girl. Then the engine stopped. It was silent, then she started crying and then everyone started crying. After 15 minutes it started again. But it stopped five more times. ‘

Jihad Naif, a dentist who said he hoped to make it to the UK, said he had fled the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa after his cousin was beheaded by the militant Islamists.

He said: ‘There are so many rules now. It has become a very dark city. You can’t wear jeans, you can’t smoke, you can’t listen to music.

‘My uncle’s son had his head cut off because they said he was working for the Syrian Free Army’.

‘There are many Europeans among them. I met one who was a communications manager in Lyon before, another Swedish. They come to us and we go to Europe.’

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  • MekongDelta69

    So – looks pretty much like Manhattan now…

    [They’re run by the same kind of people… I mean, socialists.]

    • George Moriarty

      But remember, even in my lifetime Greece has been run by, Nazis, Communists, The Monarchy, The Generals and now the EU under the control of Germany and Merkel.
      It will be most interesting to see how this mess is handled. Common sense would suggest repatriation to North Africa with cash incentives all round followed by Australian style stop the boats action.

  • David Ashton

    Kos today – Morgen die ganze Welt.

  • The island is named Kos. I find that a little bit funny.

  • Zimriel

    “Jihad Naif” will fit in great with the new Europe!

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Perhaps these Brits could bring a few of them home, a kind of “adopt-a-refugee” program. The way Britain is going now it won’t be long before they arrive anyway.

    • George Moriarty

      Hopefully this is just another part of the much needed general wake-up call. many of these persons back home in the UK probably are not too concerned about immigration, especially if it has not yet ruined their neighbourhood or their daughter has not dated a black Muslim.
      But, to have your holiday on the Greek isles ruined, that is a really serious matter.
      Note Also.1, Greek welfare is almost non existent. 2, Public toilets in Greece likewise are almost non-existent. I just hate to think what is going to happen to these truly beautiful island.

      • carriewhite64

        Yes, if those photos are not a wake-up call, nothing will be.

  • Chip Carver

    A huge battle is on the horizon. As in physical. Voting is not going to help Whites at all. The only thing the string pullers and third worlders understand is brute force.

    • George Moriarty

      Like most battles in history it will basically be between the haves and have nots, or, “they do things differently to us”, therefore lets kill them, or, most importantly, they are invading our land. Normally all of these factors are based on religious or ethnic differences. Yes, it will be very ugly when it happens and the multiculturalists may as well whistle to the wind when the inevitable takes place.

    • MBlanc46

      I’d have preferred to have had this forty-five years ago, but whatever my creaky body has left I’ll drag it to the barricades.

    • J.Till

      One word: Assassination. Two more words: Executive order. All that’s needed is a coup of the government, probably about 1,000 people shot and replaced with dissidents. Once that’s done, you simply deport the mud by any means necessary, and we have a white country again. The End.

      • Jason Lewis

        Could you imagine one million men in America that motivated?

        • J.Till

          I highly doubt it would require that many.

    • Hilis Hatki

      It will have to be all or nothing, there canbe no half stepping. It will not be “home by Christmas.”

  • IstvanIN

    What is the point in having a military and police forces if you do not use them? Oh, right, to keep the NATIVES from revolting against the invasion.

  • Rob

    I know two Afghan girls that are in the US and they have stupid but nice white families to pay for their education and also for their upkeep. They buy leather boots, and also wear the fanciest clothes all thanks to these stupid white families and now they have applied for refugee status and obtained green cards. One is a devout Muslim and the other even though a Muslim started going to a non denominational church and acted like she was interested in converting. The foolish Christians put in a good word to the immigration services and she got her green card. The devout Muslim girl told me that once she becomes a citizen, she will sponsor her siblings, all 8 of them and their parents to come to the US. So you see, white people are the ones inviting all the trouble through their pathological altruism. Anyone remember this proverb, ‘The Road to Hell is Paved with Good intentions’?

    • George Moriarty

      We get newsletters from Christian organisations (some in the US) sponsoring and promoting this sort of thing. They put up a very convincing case for this action but sorry, it is just totally misguided. It also leads to some terrible and tragic heartbreaks for the well intentioned white families who are involved.

      • Rob

        I agree. One of the girls had a fight with the family she was supposed to live with and went to live with another family. However, the original family still had to pay for her education and also for her daily expenses. I guess because they had sponsored her and were legally bound by it. She was also getting money from the new family as well, She and her friends eat at good restaurants, which I cannot afford to and she wears clothes and shoes that some of my female friends cannot afford to buy either. So you see how nice they have it here at the expense of stupid white people.
        Now she has gone back to that family and I guess they have forgiven each other.

      • Rossbach

        Oswald Spengler once observed that Christianity is the grandmother of Bolshevism. He may have had a point.

        • Rob

          The marxists just perverted Christian altruistic principles to suit their own agendas.

        • Pragmatia

          Wrong religion.

  • Rob

    Go to the article and read the comments. White liberals are vilifying the British tourists and supporting the illegals that have camped there.

  • Golden Dawn needs to pay that island a visit.

    • IstvanIN

      Funny how the Greek government tortures Golden Dawn but molly-coddles invaders.

      • John Smith

        Greek govt. is openly communist now.

      • It’s almost like the powers that be in Greece hate indigenous Greeks and want to see them race replaced in their own lands.

        And so it goes in every white country in the world.

  • Paleoconn

    The Greeks will just nudge the rabble north the way the Italians do. Silly Schengen. Of course after these slobs avail themselves of the generous UK, Scandinavian, and German welfare troughs, they will come to the sunny Med shores for retirement.

    The Greeks should finance the relocation of as many South African Whites as possible to their country. This industrious people will get the economy going.

  • Beau

    at what point is The Camp of the Saints declared a work of history rather than fiction?

    • Rossbach

      I would say now.

  • MBlanc46

    The poor Brits. Their elites bring these vermin into Britain by the million, now they can’t even go the the Greek islands on hols to escape them.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      German paratroopers dropping in on Crete in 1941 was actually a good thing compared to this.

  • John Smith

    They’ll be in London within six months, so living in the UK will be just as much fun as your Greek vacation.

  • Fr. John+

    In a WAR, you don’t let the squatters stay. First rule of engagement. Are Whites cowards, or just stupid, believing all the bull about ‘equality’ and ‘fairness.’ Even God hates those not his own. Ps. 139:22

    • Tim

      I have had two groups of squatters announce their intention to take over my vacant commercial property. I removed them with physical violence and threat of lethal force. The most important thing I learned is this. If you are made aware of their presence and don`t act instantly, you lose all moral authority with them as property owner to ever get them to leave. You have just been “punked” which is a darn sight worse than trespassed upon…

  • Copyright101

    There are many Europeans among them [ISIS] . I met one who was a communications
    manager in Lyon before, another Swedish. They come to us and we go to

    I doubt that either of these people were actually French or Swedish.

  • Copyright101

    Unless the clueless European governments figure this out fast, Europe is doomed

    They’re not clueless, they’re doing exactly what they want to do which is accelerate the ongoing demographic disaster.

    And please spare us the jihadist nonsense. Who is it who dominates western politics, western media etc? Its not jihadists is it.

  • KenelmDigby

    I can just about understand Syrians fleeing to Greece, due to the proximity of Syria to Greece.
    But Afghans?, just look at a map and see the vast distance between Greece and Afghanistan. The Greeks should grow a backbone and instantly eject any Afghan setting foot on Greek soil.

  • Tim

    This reminds me of the time I watched a couple of police flail on a dead beat hippie in Tahiti. The cop walked over to tell me that the hippies expected them to take care of their needs with out offering anything in return. And that the situation couldn`t be permitted to continue or both he (the cop; Tahiti) and I would have nothing to offer each other either…

  • Tim

    In the original article there is a photo of a tourist couple pedaling their rental bikes past a guy sleeping on a park bench. I wonder what would happen if they became tired of riding and woke the guy up to tell him to move over…

  • carriewhite64

    In the original story, all the pictures, especially the pictures around the police station, look exactly like a film crew’s shooting scenes from “Camp of the Saints.”

    • Red

      Someone needs to make a movie based on that book, as the book was written.

      If Hollywood did it, however, they would re-write it as savage Europeans mass-migrating to the noble brown lands.

      • carriewhite64

        You are right. Can I laugh and cry at the same time?

  • archer

    Hasn’t Britain become just like that, get used to it that’s the future of England and the rest of Europe.

  • Exuberant Auditor

    “while moustached men sit staring out to sea…”

    Lmao. And were their shirts striped horizontally or vertically? I know I’m splitting hairs, but why did the author feel them having moustaches to be relevant to the story?

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    I hadn’t heard they were hanging around Romania. That’s awful, as you just managed to offload so many gypsy to Western Europe. Maybe I will work on some Arabic curses for the next time I visit and teach them to my Romanian friends. Romanians are great and creative at cursing.

  • Fed Up

    ANY area in Europe (or elsewhere) with a flood of immigrants is fairly viewed as a “hellhole.
    I was in Austria last year. I was disgusted seeing gypsies and other trash “camping” in what had been a beautiful park. Urinating in public and begging for money at every corner in the city.

  • LackawannaErie

    “Recession-hit Greeks are donating what they can. One elderly man handed a breastfeeding mother in a headscarf 10 euros. ‘For the baby’, he said.”


  • kpsmith

    In a couple of yers some of these “refugees” will be raping school girls in England and it will be a crime to report on it