With Colorism, It’s Often the Lighter Your Skin the Better

Doug Moore, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 2, 2015

On the color spectrum, Kimberly Norwood considers herself closer to Michelle Obama than Halle Berry.

Growing up in Harlem, N.Y., she remembers having darker skin than her mother, whose pigment was closer to Berry’s. People on the street would say to her mother: That can’t be your daughter.

“It was always in the tone of ‘she’s ugly, she’s dirty.’ I remember looking at my mother and others like her as beautiful. I didn’t go out for plays in school because my skin was too dark and people wouldn’t want someone like me.”

Colorism, which refers to how people are treated based on the shade of their skin, is a topic that Norwood, now a law professor at Washington University, turned into a book last year.

It is often referred to as an implicit bias, coming from people who say they are not racist but carry with them perceptions of beauty and intelligence based on skin color.

“We have laws preventing discrimination based on race, right? But in the workplace, a company can say, ‘Look, we hire blacks.’ But what you will see is blacks are lighter in skin color. Company after company, model after model, news anchor after news anchor, it’s lightness over darkness.”

A two-day conference addressing colorism and its ramifications begins Thursday at Washington University. Organizers say they believe it is the first international conference in the U.S. dealing with a topic that goes beyond African-Americans.

“Today in the U.S. and throughout the world, the darker one’s skin, and indeed the blacker one’s features–kinky hair, broad noses, large lips–the lower that person generally is on the economic and social totem pole,” Norwood said.

Vetta Thompson, a psychology professor at Washington University, said she was fully aware early on of her dark features as a black woman.

Men whom she dated–briefly–said to her: “If you weren’t so dark you would be pretty.”


But it wasn’t until Norwood’s trip to China in the spring of 2010 that she realized that colorism is a global issue.

No matter the weather, women were walking around with umbrellas. One of Norwood’s Chinese guides said to her: ‘Well, who wants to be dark?’ ”

“When she said that, I really started being more alert,” Norwood said.

“Chinese images portrayed in media were of very fair Chinese people,” Norwood said in her book, “Color Matters: Skin Tone Bias and the Myth of a Postracial America.”

The more she looked, “one could just barely spot any remnants of their ‘Asianness.’ Eye shape, eyebrows, noses and mouths looked strikingly Caucasian.”


As Norwood continued work on the book, she found skin bleaching products were outselling soft drinks in India, and in African countries, women were becoming sick and sometimes dying from the high levels of mercury in the creams they were using to lighten their skin.

Thompson, who also will participate in the conference, said colorism comes from within races as well as between races.

While an employer may pass over a darker-skinned black employee for one with a lighter complexion, paler-skinned blacks can be bullied by classmates because they are not black enough, she said.


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  • how about this

    So what is pervasive throughout the world can be automatically assumed to be wrong without any evidence, right?

    • Charles Martel

      “waves hands” evolution stopped at the neck obviously.

  • superlloyd

    Blacks want to be White deep down. Their hatred of us is based on an envy they can never overcome. They know they are uglier, stupider and inferior at some level and this self hatred is projected on us.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Just look at Michael Jackson. He straightened his hair. He lightened his skin to the point he was white as a ghost. But look how he reacted to the racial makeup of the jury five years ago when he went on trial for child molestation. “His heart sank” they said, when very few blacks made it to the jury pool. Deep down, no matter how “white” Michael Jackson tried to make himself, he was black, through and through. And cosmetics can never deny who you really are.

      • bv

        He was delusional trying to convince us those kids are black. At least the two oldest anyways.

        • Yeah, Michael Jackson’s “kids.” Come on! They look as White as I do. When Jackson was young, he looked like a typical black person. And the black traits are always predominate in appearance. I never believed those were his kids. And as to the adoption! Yeah, you noticed he didn’t adopt black; he didn’t adopt multiracial; not Hispanic; no, he went for pure White. What a hypocritical A-Hole!

          • ElComadreja

            All the better to molest.

          • bv

            The last one is Puerto Rican mulatto type.

          • Probably a lighter Rican, I would bet. Not like the typical ones I see in my old neighborhood in Philly, I’ll bet.

        • ElComadreja

          I wonder if Lisa Marie Presley will ever reveal the truth about their sham marriage. Elvis must be rolling in his grave.

      • Alden

        And he adopted 3 White kids as well

      • ElComadreja

        He was insane and a a child molester. Can you imagine a white behaving in a comparable way?

        • Yes, I CAN imagine a White behaving in a similar way. But I CAN’T imagine the White person getting away with it and having the media cover it up for so long.

    • Of course. No wonder Arabs can rape, kill, and enslave Africans, and hardly any comment from American blacks. But the slightest look or statement from a White person provokes them to anger. Yes, the hatred brought on by envy is obvious.

    • ElComadreja

      I couldn’t have put it better myself. Every time they look in a mirror they’re reminded of it.

  • I have noticed that among blacks, darker tends to be perceived as more desirable among men (to a point) while lighter is perceived as more desirable among women.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Amren did a piece a few years back on a book that claimed in all racial groups the women are fairer-skinned on average than the men.

      • I read a science magazine article at the library some years ago which said the same thing.

      • Who Me?

        With a few exceptions, the women of most racial groups are indoors (out of the sun) more than the males, so therefore somewhat lighter skinned (less suntanned). Also the “elite” (educated/rich) both male and female, can afford to stay indoors more and therefore are also lighter in skin tone.

  • SentryattheGate

    If the lighter skinned blacks are “higher up the ladder”, my guess is that they have more white genes, resulting in them being paler, and more intelligent.

    • Rhialto

      True, but to appreciate this fact would require understanding the difference between cause and correlation.

      • Kenner

        Blacks can’t even puzzle out cause and effect.

    • APaige

      More intelligent and better looking. “Kimberly Norwood considers herself closer to Michelle Obama than Halle Berry.” That is a big gap.

      • bv

        She’s tacking about complexion and not nose and skull shape. Mulattos tend to have more Caucasian features.

      • ElComadreja

        She’s more “House Negro” than “Field Negro” is what she’s trying to say.

  • Coal black Negros are often quite ugly by anyone’s standards. Labeling one’s ability to observe truth as “colorism” or “racism” is nonsense. Lefties think they can make some declaration that this or that is racist and human nature will magically change. It won’t. Colorism is natural, normal, and a sign of intelligent life.

    • Who Me?

      Above is proof that “black is beautiful”… (Please pass the eye bleach.)

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Perhaps a good orthodontist could at least straighten out the teeth and give these two chaps something to really smile about?

      • John Smith

        All the better to eat you with….

      • A waste of effort; they’d still be black.

      • InAFreeCountry

        No use putting new tires on a heap with a blown engine.

    • Charles Martel

      blacks, Asians and whites have different skull shapes.

    • bv

      I swear they look like gorillas.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        They remind me of the illustrated “caricatures” found in “racist” literature of the early 20th century.

        • Even the worst racists of the early 20th century didn’t quite have the heart to show blacks looking THAT ugly! (Even the KKK had SOME White guilt, apparently.)

      • ElComadreja

        Please don’t insult the noble gorilla.

        • When you mate a gorilla and a Negro, you get an ugly gorilla.

    • Damn! I always thought Negroes were ugly, but boy was I naïve. I like most Americans, are used to looking at our hybrid type of Negro.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Company after company, model after model, news anchor after news anchor, it’s lightness over darkness.”

    So in other words even the left-wing MSM is “racist.” Interesting.

  • Bossman

    So Chinese women were walking around with umbrellas even when it was cloudy. How interesting!

    • My wife wears a broad-brimmed hat to keep the sun off her face.

      • Jason Lewis

        Yes, white women should stop tanning. They get old and look like leather. Our skin didnt evolve to be dark.

        • Even I avoid harsh sun. I started wearing ball caps while recovering from some facial injuries, in order to keep fresh scar tissue from permanently darkening. I normally wear a “USCSS Nostromo 180286” uniform cap (like the one second-engineer Brett wore in the 1979 movie “Alien”).

          Too much sun isn’t really good for anyone. Blacks get skin cancer as well, but since they are already dark-colored, they often don’t notice suspicious surface changes. My black neighbor shaves his head, but since I actually like him, I told him he should wear a cap. He does now.

          • Alden

            The scalps of bald old White men are often covered with liver spots

            Although I am a strong WN I find many shades of skin color attractive Two of the prettiest are the Phillipino
            Medium tan and the Korean glowing palest White

          • bv

            I’m not a white fanatical nationalist either but I would like to see white nations stay white and be rid of the coloureds. That being said there’re attractive ladies in many groups.

          • You’re British, aren’t you? No wonder you think there are attractive people in many groups. We Americans generally know better, and avoid the “coloured” races. (It is spelled “colored” btw, in American.)

          • BlueSonicStreak

            What does nationality have to do with it? Being proud of being white doesn’t necessitate thinking other peoples are ugly.

          • Come on now. You know those Brits are a little quirky.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Genuinely unsure now. If this is some joke familiar to most people here, apologies if I didn’t get it. I just don’t see a need to insist other people are ugly. Many people of other races are very beautiful.

            But again, maybe I just didn’t get a joke.

          • Okay, let me illustrate. In reality the ultimate standard of beauty is the White Anglo Saxon. All other races are beautiful only to the extent they approximate that standard. There is no such thing as “beauty in all races.” Only we Whites have achieved angelic beauty.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            So not a joke, just white supremacy on your part. Okay. Well, glad to know I didn’t actually misunderstand something.

            Projecting your own aesthetic preferences onto others is probably the least logical aspect of white supremacy, and therefore the funniest. You really believe what you wrote. And that’s hilarious.

          • Gee. Favoring my own race on a race realist website. The horror!

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I prefer the look of white people too. I just don’t go around suggesting my personal preference reflects some deep universal truth.

          • Where in the world would people not find Ingrid Bergman beautiful? Think before you write your Cultural Marxism here. We are not fooled on this website.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Where did I suggest many people would think of her as ugly?

            But beauty doesn’t depend on gracility (which seems to be what you are arguing here). Other factors matter much more – symmetry, for instance. You can put numerous “white” features on a person, and if they are asymmetrical and out of proportion, that person is going to be ugly to almost everyone. No race has a monopoly on symmetrical features.

            People recognized beauty in other races hundreds of years ago – was that culturally Marxist then? Anyone who is not a fool can see that I am not trying to trick you, nor am I lying – I am making a very basic, logical statement when I say that your personal aesthetic preferences tell you nothing essential about the world.

          • Bossman

            Why are so many young white males walking around like they’ve not shaved for about a week? Who started this stupid style?

          • I know. It is always the young, baby faced White guys who seem so insecure, or trying to look macho. I think the idea here is “Hey, look at me. I do have facial hair, honest, I do!” Me, I try and keep clean shaved. I KNOW I can grow a beard, and keeping a smooth look is an accomplishment. HA HA!

          • Don Johnson did, in the old “Miami Vice” television series.

          • bv

            Of course.

          • bv

            I guess that’s what makes ball games. You’ve got your ideas and I’ve mine.

          • Hey, this site allows all kinds of opinions. That is why I like it so much. Sure we are mostly pro-White. But, beyond that, we can agree to disagree. We allow good, lively discussion, not blind conformity.

          • ElComadreja

            Not the negroid one as far as I’m concerned.

          • I prefer women as light-complexioned as possible.

          • Kenner

            I’ve seen the latter, and was blown away by it; it looked like alabaster.
            I don’t find Filipino coloring attractive at all., it looks slightly greenish to me.

        • bv

          The guido look is not appealing to say the least. They look like old hags when they hit 40.

        • Susannah

          Absolutely. Tanned skin looks terrible on people who are supposed to be fair skinned, and especially once they reach middle age. Also, the high rate of skin cancer clearly indicates that this practice is completely unnatural and very unhealthy for Whites.

          • ElComadreja

            Never saw the attraction of tanned skin myself.

    • Alden

      S. California Asian women use parasols and umbrellas from the middle of May to the first of October
      At at least once each summer some clueless White woman SJW notices this and writes some dorky article about how racist Asian women are for doing this and why oh why are they trying to be White instead if identifying with people of color

      Why is colored person a racial slur and person of color the current politically correct term?

      • Lexonaut

        Just take a lesson from the music business journalists covering Prince and refer to them as “people formerly known as colored people”. (When he changed his name back to Prince some began referring to him as “the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince”.)

      • For a while as a university undergrad I referred to myself as a “person of white”, just to irritate the libtards. Mocking their own terminology to mess with their minds is cheap entertainment.

        • Who Me?

          Parasols, sun hats, paper fans and the like are lovely, feminine beauty accessories, and every woman should have and know how to use them.

        • listenupbub

          I call myself a person of colorlessness.

      • Blaak Obongo

        S. California Asian women use parasols and umbrellas from the middle of May to the first of October

        I noticed that on my regular business trips to San Francisco and Los Angeles. It struck me immediately as a good idea, and the results could not be denied.

        At at least once each summer some clueless White woman SJW notices this and writes some dorky article about how racist Asian women are for doing this and why oh why are they trying to be White instead if identifying with people of color

        Interestingly, I notice the same sort of thing from the Teenage Mutant RAHOWA warriors on another board. Only, the phrasing is more like: “How dare those pathetic copycat Orientals try to duplicate our sacred Whitness!”

        Why is ‘colored person’ a racial slur, while ‘person of color’ is the current politically correct term?

        The korrektspeak must always be dynamically changing, in order that Pureheared Liberals may distinguish each other from the Subsconsciously Racist Rabble. What’s PC today may be Racist Hate tomorrow, comrade!

      • Unperson

        SoCal Latinas do this too. Not sure why, as it’s pretty much a case of “locking the barn door after the horse has bolted.”
        Anything to avoid being mistaken for a Negrita, I supposed.

      • “Why is colored person a racial slur and person of color the current politically correct term?”

        Why indeed. And why can blacks say the “n-word” all the time, even flaunting it, but I dare not even spell it out on a White racialist website?

    • bv

      All Asian women do that and it was always like that. Whites (Europeans) have only had contact with the Far East since Marco Polo.

      • Occasional traders from the Roman empire made the trip along the Silk Road long before the Polos.

        • bv

          So why didn’t they bring home spaghetti sooner!??!

      • Alden

        Emperor Justinian sent Christian monks to China around 500AD to steal silkworm eggs which they did
        The Romans imported a lot of silk from China

        • bv

          There was trade through intermediaries but no direct relations with Europeans visiting and vice versa.

  • LHathaway

    The racism is horrible, pervasive and it’s worse than it was 100 years ago. The only solution is racial separation. Please do it for all the colored people . . .

    • Jason Lewis

      Funny I’ve told some people that when they say whites are evil. I ask why they don’t move or stop following when white flight occurs. Why follow your oppressor?

      • dukem1

        They don’t realize the white don’t rub off.

  • RacialRay

    Somewhere deep in the last century, my sister caught her first glimpse of a black man through the window of the family sedan as we pulled into a gas station. Sis, a toddler at the time, stared open-mouthed at this strange, dark creature, who smiled back at her. With deep awe she announced to my parents, “That man is dirty!.

    I had not yet experienced my race realism epiphany then, for I was about 8 months old, and apparently kept my opinion of the fellow to myself. I am guessing, though, that he was probably not one of those “high yeller” types. Last I knew, my sister’s opinion of black men had not changed by much.

  • JohnEngelman

    The most advanced civilizations were developed and maintained by light skinned people. This is the ultimate reason why everywhere in the world lighter skin gives one more prestige than darker skin.

    Clarence Page, who is a Negro columnist, wrote a column once in which he admitted that most Negroes thought light skinned Negroes were more intelligent and more dependable.

    I have read that in Washington, DC, when many theaters did not admit Negroes, many Negro theaters reserved the best seats for light skinned Negroes.

    In India the upper castes are lighter than the lower casts.

    • listenupbub

      Right you are.

      Light skin is adaptive for cold climates and not obviously maladaptive for sunny climates. It is perhaps slightly superior.

      Light skin, around the world, seems to come along with fine, straight, soft hair. This hair is more attractive on women, since estrogen softens hair, and attractive features are often features which emphasize sexual differences.

      Intelligence evolves to meet the difficulties of cold climates. So light skinned people end up being more intelligent on average. Intelligence is attractive for the same reason muscularity and fitness is: it makes a human (and its genes) better at survival.

      It is undeniable that whiteness can’t ever be considered equal to darkness. It is against our biology to feel this way.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        not obviously maladaptive for sunny climates

        Burns and skin cancer…?

        I agree with most of what else you said. But light skin is not a neutral under very harsh sun.

  • LexiconD1

    Skin color…HA….Google ‘what is considered good hair in the black community’…

  • Oh Dear

    This woman is a racist. She prefers lighter dark skin to darker dark skin. At least I’m an equal opportunity racist.

  • Zimriel

    There was another thread today about north Europeans and how they swiftly selected for lighter skin. An analogous thread could easily have been composed for Han Chinese.

    Lighter skin is prettier, but prone to cancers in equatorial latitudes. To the extent the melanoma restriction is lifted, the mates chosen will be lighter, and so will be the children born.

  • The Dude

    I think a more appropriate term is Caucasianism. Because it’s not just favoring lighter skin, but also other typically Caucasian features even within the same race.

    Four years ago, when I was working in the oil-rich Algerian Sahara, I spent a week in the north of the country before leaving. There people are basically racially homogenous, except for a few blacks here and there, most of them illegals. And I noted that in their posh neighborhoods, people were generally whiter, be it in color, hair texture, and other facial features. The locals there would call these neighborhoods something like Little Europes—because they tend be cleaner, nicer shops, and probably also because people there tend to be more European-looking. You completely forget that you’re in a Third-World country.

    I was chatting with a co-worker, and noted to him that those were nice neighborhoods and that a higher proportion of people in them have colored eyes, hair, and fairer skin. He told that was the case in all wealthier neighborhoods and towns in the capital. I asked him why. He said it was because wealthier men tend to marry fairer-skinned, -haired, and -eyed women, so their (also wealthy) children will have these features more. Their sons in their turn will more often than not marry Caucasian-looking women too (often Eastern European), and with time these entire neighborhoods also the upper class of the country gets whiter than the rest of the population.

    • Alden

      That is the legacy of slavery. For thousands of years wealthy Algerians could buy the whitest and prettiest slave girls from Europe The Turks and Algerians went as far as Greenland and Iceland
      The Vikings carried Finnish Slavic and Baltic slave girls down the rivers to the Black Sea.
      The Harems of the Sultans of Turkey were European, after a few generations the Sultans and royal family were mostly European genetically

      • The Dude

        It’s still basically the same reason then—wealthier men tend to get women with more distinctly caucasoid features, and so their (also wealthier) children will look more Caucasian than the rest of the population. And by extension, so will the upper- and upper-middle-class.

        • Alden

          It started long before the Turks got to Turkey and the Arabs got to Algeria
          Slavery was a big business in ancient times Carthage imported lots of French and Spanish slaves

  • InAFreeCountry

    I’ve noticed that the darker skinned blacks also have the more negroid characteristics of the flat nose, large lips, protruding brow, etc. They don’t have as much white in their woodpile.

    • bv

      The color doesn’t bother me it’s the gorilla features and horrible characters and behaviors that are terrible.

  • Alden

    Halle Berry is pretty dark, a lot darker than one would expect with a White English Mother

  • bv

    I hope they kill each other off and the survivors are hung for premeditated murder.

  • JackKrak

    I don’t think the “professor” and I would agree on much but in all fairness she’s right about one thing. Many (most?) of the “blacks” whose presence is only meant to tick boxes for television producers, corporate executives and admissions officers have more than a little cream in their coffee.

    It’s as if the unspoken qualifier for casting calls is “We want black but not, you know, black black”.

  • Chinese news media used to refer to Condoleeza Rice as “the ugliest woman in the world”, I suppose mainly due to her coloration. She wasn’t overweight, dressed well, and wasn’t hideous by black standards, but really needed to spend some of her large salary as Secretary of State getting her teeth fixed.

  • Susannah

    Absolutely. Light-skinned and mulatto black women are ubiquitous in commercials as well as in ads of all kinds. So much so that they sometimes appear to represent the prototypical American consumer nowadays. And very few of them have typical black female hairstyles, such as braids, weaves, and chemically straightened hair; most have the kinky curls or other “natural” looks. Also, most are showcased in typically middle-class settings. It’s all propaganda and it’s really tiresome.

    • ElComadreja

      They sure as hell don’t act like typical black sows either.

    • Bossman

      I don’t understand why they are made to look natural with coarse and kinky hair when they do not look like that when applying for a job.

  • David Ashton

    There is a general social preference (however concealed) for facial structures that seem less pithecoid, more important perhaps than pigmentation. There is a bias against very small or very fat people also. This is hard on those individual “blacks” whose intelligence and ambition is out of sync with their prognathism, rolling eyes &c. And hard on young black females raised in a culture with European aesthetic norms. On the other hand, lighter-skinned females with large lips, wide eyes, flared nostrils and high-placed nipples can be sexually attractive to white males. The case for happy separation of races is stronger than the demand e.g. to put “black” girls as fashion models.

  • blanjm5

    Darks are less attractive and more violent than their light skinned counterparts.

  • So, the light skinned race in America has an average IQ of about 100. The black race in America-even though usually mixed with White-has an average IQ of 85. Lighter skinned persons of the “black” race are likely to have more of the genetics of the lighter skinned, more intelligent race. So, couldn’t that be the reason that the lighter skinned blacks are more successful?

  • It is even worse with the women that tell us the news. They will have “black” women, but not your typical black. I find it condescending to us Whites. I have rode the subway and the el train. I don’t recall seeing any black females like these.

    • listenupbub

      They don’t exist in real life.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        No, they don’t. Here are two photos of the same woman, Erika Harold. One is a publicity photo, the other a candid shot from the National Review.

        John R posts some photos below: Ingrid Bergman actually looked like that!

        (Erika Harold is not that bright or charming, either. Maybe I didn’t need to add that.)

        • BlueSonicStreak

          Surprisingly little difference actually, considering the first photo is undoubtedly Photoshopped on top of the heavy makeup and professional styling.

          Google “models without makeup,” and you will turn up some really shocking before-and-afters. Pretty much everyone knows that women don’t look the same without makeup, but some of the work done on professional models amounts to heavy film-creature makeup in reverse.

        • listenupbub

          All these women basically look like really tan white women with coarse hair.

    • Bossman

      These women are really “Mulatas” as they call them in Brazil.

  • When he was born, the doctor slapped his mother!

  • BlueSonicStreak

    Whites are not solely to blame for colorism. Some form of it exists throughout most of the world, and it existed before whites had much contact there. The assumption that colorism would not exist without us is, oddly enough, Eurocentric.

    It’s probably worse because of exported European culture. No doubt. But it didn’t start with us. The first European explorers in Africa noted colorism! What shade was considered most beautiful depended on the shade of the majority, generally – some tribes considered it more beautiful to be darker, some lighter.

    A preference for lighter does seem to be the trend though, and why is that? Is it partially because lighter people around the world tend to be more intelligent, less violent and generally higher caste? Naw, that couldn’t be it.

    I do personally think it’s a shame, though. I personally think darker skin is really beautiful, and skin bleaching is just barbaric.

  • Lord Sandwich

    And the problem is…?

  • Lord Sandwich

    White European women are the gold standard in feminine beauty and the most desirous in terms of natural selection and producing the highest overall quality offspring. Every man on the planet knows this without being told. Black women are not even in the same league as white women. They can crank out plenty of children, but they can’t be taken anywhere in public without constantly shrieking at and berating them. Who needs that? White baby mommas and half-white kids are less hassle and have a better temperament.

  • superlloyd

    “Today in the U.S. and throughout the world, the darker one’s skin, and indeed the blacker one’s features–kinky hair, broad noses, large lips–the lower that person generally is on the economic and social totem pole,” Norwood said.

    That’s not because of “colorism”, you dolt, it’s because of low negro IQ. Dark negro skin correlates very highly with low to no white admixture in the US and everywhere else. Those mulattoes with ca. 50% admixture have IQs midway between the white and black norms and thus are more intelligent and successful on average than the coal black, pithecoid, pure negro. More superficial disparate impact nonsense that fails to distinguish between correlation and cause and yet this idiot is supposedly a magic negress. Give me a break.

  • dd47

    Good example is Haiti, where the Presidents have almost exclusively came from the 5% mulatto population ever since independence.

  • ElComadreja

    Yep. They just all hate us more than they hate each other. They are one mentally messed up bunch.

  • WR_the_realist

    If black people want to apply the paper bag test to each other that’s their problem, not mine.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I think a white person with a good tan is most attractive. Not a ridiculous tan but just a nice one, compared to some albino looking person. The really pale asians with caucasion features are the hottest ones though. Even the Nazis had the ideal of bronze skin and blond hair. I also think the coal black africans are more interesting and attractive (in a non sexual way) compared to most of the mixed race blacks we have.

    You just have among African Americans, Asians, Indians etc. the more white looking ones are considered higher class. I don’t think the factor here is skin color but rather racial characteristics- intelligence, character, eye shape, nose shape, hair etc. with skin being just one factor in the overall racial makeup. In Africa they discriminate against albino blacks. So the idea of a universal standard that favors lighter skin is not correct.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    Their goal is to mix all the races together into a new “global race”. What they are portraying is their new idealized “post racial” “average” American. The sad part is even in Brazil where everyone is mixed race they are trying to put affirmative action into place and discriminate against white people. Only there the schools and government have to get pretty creativity determining who they discriminate against and who they don’t. The government takes a photo and decides if you look white enough you will be discriminated against. So I if you want a job or to go to school try not to look to white and try to “pass” for this new global race.