Cecil Rhodes Monument: A Necessary Anger?

Andrew Harding, BBC News, April 11, 2015

One night last month, a student called Chumani Maxwele scooped some poo from one of the portable toilets that dot the often turbulent, crowded townships on the windswept plains outside Cape Town.

The next morning, Mr Maxwele took his package to the foot of nearby Table Mountain–and to the imposing grounds of one of South Africa’s oldest and most prestigious universities.

Overlooking the rugby field in the centre of the campus is an old bronze statue of a white man. He is in an armchair, one hand on his chin, the other holding some paper–and he is sitting forwards, like a man startled by something he has seen on television.

Mr Maxwele promptly set about smearing the statue–and in the process, ignited a furious and fascinating row about history, race and equality.

The statue, of course, was of Cecil Rhodes–British diamond magnate, politician and unapologetic colonialist. A man who dreamed of a British empire, stretching from Cape Town to Cairo.

The reaction to Mr Maxwele’s daubing was swift, loud, often eloquent–and polarised.

Critics–yes, lots of them white–condemned it as an infantile, uneducated stunt, a crude attempt to reject history, and an insult to the consensus-building why-can’t-we-all-try-to-get-along spirit of Nelson Mandela.

After all, they argued, Cecil Rhodes had generously donated land to the University of Cape Town. Plenty of black South Africans have since benefited from Rhodes scholarships. Surely Mr Maxwele could have found a more relevant target, and perhaps a less repulsive weapon.

As usual, far nastier arguments were flung on the internet. Online, anonymity breeds contempt here, as it does everywhere else.

But Mr Maxwele stood by his actions. As a black South African, he said, he simply found it unbearably humiliating to walk every day past a statue glorifying an undeniable racist.

Many others then took that argument further.

Black academics called into radio stations to complain about how campuses were still dominated by white men, and by an Anglo-Saxon world-view.

Black students poured out their stories of belittlement, of subtle racism, of the way their accents, and first languages still condemn them to a second-class status in their own 21-year-old democracy.

And, as often happens here, some people got a little too carried away.

Students broke into staff meetings to jeer and intimidate. Copycats took their spray cans to deface other statues, including one in Port Elizabeth that commemorates the horses that served and died over a century ago, during the Boer War.

In Pretoria, angry Afrikaners–stout, bearded white men in brown military uniforms–gathered to guard a statue of their iconic Boer War leader Paul Kruger. Someone had splashed it with green paint.

I should say at this point that South Africa is not on the brink of a race war. Something crops up here every few months to stir passions in a young nation still trying to work out how to tackle the legacies of racial apartheid.

So–as symbolic as it necessarily is–the poo on Cecil Rhodes’s face is unlikely to go down as some sort of turning point, the moment Mandela’s rainbow nation was swept aside by a thunder storm.

In fact a sensible compromise has already been hammered out at the university, and the bronze man in the armchair has been lifted off his plinth to be mothballed until a suitable new location can be found.

And yet for me, this whole business has raised some profound issues about today’s South Africa.

First is the way it’s exposed a growing political vacuum here.

Once upon a time, the governing ANC would have taken the lead on Cecil Rhodes. It would have marched at the front of the protestors–harnessing their anger, but urging them to focus on the future, not the past.

Instead this week, there has been silence. After 21 years in power, the ANC is the establishment–the status quo. It is losing votes and credibility, as its leader, President Jacob Zuma, lurches from corruption scandals to indignant outbursts to denials.

The second, related, issue is about anger. For years, many black South Africans have waited, patiently, for the fruits of democracy–guided by Mandela’s vision of a gentle, negotiated transition.

But while life has improved here for most, millions of young people are trapped in crime-ridden townships, with little education, and no hope of work.

And now, unsurprisingly, we are seeing anger growing. Some will argue that it is dangerous, misguided, fuelled by new populist firebrands.

But many, for better or worse, will take a different lesson from what Mr Maxwele did with that statue: that patience has its place, but sometimes anger is necessary. Even constructive.

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  • D.B. Cooper

    Tear it down. The white people obviously have no interest in defending it. Silent, candlelight vigils aren’t cutting it. If you are too timid to spill blood, then you are finished like this bird here.

    • CVB

      “The white people obviously have no interest in defending it”

      Well, Cecil John Rhodes receives mixed reactions among whites in South Africa. Many Afrikaners are indifferent to whether the statue is destroyed or not due to the history of British imperialism in South Africa. Although most do realize that once the first statue is destroyed they will start destroying others. That’s why you see more people defending the statue of Paul Kruger, which was also under attack the past week.
      By the way, UCT is a very liberal university, even during the Apartheid days it was a frequent site for anti-Apartheid activism. So i’m not surprised that no one on the campus is against it.

    • Engelsman

      We are too busy working hard trying to survive and paying taxes to support a corrupt government and indigent majority To bother with protests that will be ignored.

      Being stabbed in the back and betrayed by our so-called friends in Britain, America, France, Germany etc. for the last 40 years has shown us we are truly on our own. Protesting will not help one iota. The author is wrong. This is the precursor to genocide. And if anything, if it comes to White English and Afrikaans South Africans fighting for their lives against a genocide, I expect Europe and the USA will gleefully help the Blacks to genocide us.

      However, we will not go quietly. a few hundred White South Africans have been instrumental in the recent defeats of Boko Haram. I would give IS a lifespan of a maximum of 2 months against 1000 of us. When the genocide starts and Whites fight back, I think the world will be in for a big surprise.

  • chuck_2012

    Like the chimpanzees that are angry so do the negroids of SA fling poo and chimp when faced with the real facts. Cecil Rhodes built the university so why the outrage at his statue. Just like Negroes they cannot handle reality and become unhinged.

  • anony

    “It is losing votes and credibility, as its leader, President Jacob Zuma, lurches from corruption scandals to indignant outbursts to denials.”

    Oh so predictable.

    Now those blacks who are not “living in luxury” will blame it on the remaining Whites. Those Whites should either leave or face the prospect of another “Haiti” where they are murdered en masse for their “residual racism” which is holding the blacks down…still.

    • newscomments70

      There is nowhere left to escape to.

  • CVB

    Nathan Rothschild is the current administrator over the Rhodes estate…
    That should tell you a lot about Rhodes and his dealings. I have mixed opinions of him.

  • LHathaway

    That’s it, us Whites need to learn to tell stories. Each and everyone of us has a personal story to tell. Are you telling me they can do something we can’t?

  • IstvanIN

    I serioulsy doubt But while life has improved here for most, from everything I have read SA is going downhill, on course to become like Zimbabwe. None the less the ignorant can not appreciate the past or the history that goes along with it. Like the muslims and the Buddhist statues, all blacks know is destroy.

    By the way, didn’t this just recently happen to a statue of Queen Victoria a little while back?

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Blacks can never built or fix anything. They just destroy what others build.

      • George Moriarty

        Again, very strange, I have just been reading a British tourist magazine which features British inventions and the museums where you can see relevant displays re their work. Yes, there is NO diversity whatsoever, they were all white Englishmen from Charles Babbage and all the other great scientists and engineers who helped make Great Britain great.

  • George Moriarty

    My initial comment on this story was going to read something like this;
    “..a difficult decision, leave the statue alone, but this will not help in getting the SA electricity grid working properly again, or, destroy and deface the statue but this will still not get the electricity grid working properly”
    I notice that a compromise has been made, the statue has been removed and mothballed, probably a sensible decision. But the bottom line is that this is further capitulation by whites.
    It does not matter if the statue was of the university’s founder and benefactor, you can not even start to talk reason to a race of people that would smear that same statue with excrement, they just want whites OUT.
    Andrew Harding’s article says that blacks feel inferior at that university, has anyone thought that somewhere along the line that these blacks simply can not achieve or fit into traditional academia?
    Further along in the report we see that South Africa’s Afrikaans population are actually defending the statue of their great hero, Paul Kruger. Andrew Harding again says, “no, this is not the beginning of a race war in South Africa”. Perhaps not, but I feel that Afrikaners living in their traditional heartland are made of tougher stuff than Cape Town liberals. Also, they have nothing left to lose and nowhere else to go.

  • newscomments70

    When I was a child, I foolishly thought that the BBC represented white, English speaking civilization. I didn’t realize that it propagandized anti-white hate screed, and favored people who are raping and mutilating us. I recently came to the conclusion that left and right cannot live together in peace. Let’s face, we want to kill each other, for the most part. The left is more passive. They simply want us to submit to them, and they want to destroy us through legislation. We want to physically stop them. We may as well have a civil war and get it over with. We can’t go on like this for much longer.

    • Jason Lewis

      Sounds like ABC, NBC and CBS.

      • newscomments70

        True but the BBC is even more looney tunes.

    • George Moriarty

      I still feel that the BBC is still one of the world’s great broadcasters but sadly it definitely has a left wing and anti-white bias.
      As for your civil war comments, where will it be fought and between whom? Anyone who has followed my comments over the years on this site will know that my greatest wrath would be reserved for a shrill anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-family, “hates the western world” lesbian feminist with a government job in education and who has a Muslim Bantu partner. But no, I would not want to shoot her.

      • newscomments70

        When white women and children are being raped by blacks (and by other races), we need to explode. Also, I didn’t say I wanted to shoot liberals. I said we need to physically stop them. Perhaps our war with the left can be won bloodlessly, as when the Soviet regime fell. They were actually much stronger than our brigade of limp-wristed university professors. If someone hurts white children though, their blood needs to spill.

        I had a falling out recently with one of my favorite people…and older hippie lady. She was like a mother to me, and we had some things in common. I simply told her what I thought of black criminals, that they are the racist/violent ones, not whites. She is on the black victim bandwagon, and became very upset. I don’t think we can be friends anymore, but I don’t hate her or want to harm her. I still like her; it saddens me that she ignores black on white crime. There’s nothing I can do to convince her, other than upset her.

        • George Moriarty

          I agree completely that we should explode regarding black on white crime, but we don’t.
          In one particularly nasty incident here an aboriginal sexually assaulted a young nurse at a country hospital and then murdered her. Was there any outrage? No, at least not publicly. We then had one of your limp wristed lawyers from the Aboriginal legal service with the usual claptrap, “This man deserves a fair trial”. This gave the game away, as everyone suspected that the perp was black.
          But as to your older hippy lady, that is interesting, most race realists that I know are elderly women and some are very vocal. Perhaps they have seen a lot more of life, I know that many are very fearful of sexual assault and they also know it will be by a person of colour.

          • newscomments70

            i believe the outrage is diluted by media blackout, alcohol, work, and spectator sports. If you look at comments sections on the rare postings of black crime, there is massive outrage. We see more black crime reports with Drudgereport (but not that many). We just don’t have white riots, at this time. We certainly need them though.

            If I’m guessing correctly, you’re in Australia. The limp-wristed lawyers you mentioned remind me of a scene from”Mad Max”…that pathetic little man, defending criminal subhumans, screaming, “This is an outrage! The courts will hear about this!”

            The older lady I know of is pretty normal and realistic and every other way. She just won’t let go of her unrealistic view of our black situation. Her husband is a crotchedy, older Greek guy. She sometimes laments, “my husband is somewhat racist”. Sadly, she will learn the hard way when one of her kids or grandkids is attacked.

          • George Moriarty

            Hi Newscomment70. Yes I live in Sydney Australia, you mentioned about the Greek husband. Yes, if you really want to hear no holds barred racial comments, particularly about the Islamic community in Sydney, just talk to any Greek taxi driver here. They will tell you all, and in gruesome and often sordid detail.
            As you say, she will learn when one of her grandchildren is attacked. (Would she be unrealistic enough to let her granddaughter have a date with a Sudanese, sadly it happens and with disastrous results, and afterwards when it is all in court they say “he seemed such a nice young man…”)

          • newscomments70

            I used to live in Sydney, some years ago. It was a paradise, years ago. It’s sad to see what has happened to it. The prices have skyrocketed and Circular Quay looks like Mecca.

            My liberal friend has a grandson, and 4 grown children (one of appears to be gay). When liberals’ daughters date black men with horrifying results, they assume it is a random crime that has nothing to do with race.

            The Greek guy is comical. He just sits there with a sour look on his face and shakes his head…all day.

      • Johann Wald

        Would I be correct that in order to survive the Amren censorship board, you’ve had to pull a lot of punches and dance quite vigorously around some elephants in the living room in order to not get banned?

        • LHathaway

          Don’t go on about the Jews too much. There are thousands of other pages on the web you can do that on (some funded to do just that). That’s just my opinion. Besides, anyone going on about Jews is either a Nazi, or trying to pose here as some kind of a Nazi . . . or much more likely than both . . . their real intention is to try and deflect attention away from Blacks.

          • Johann Wald

            Here’s a suggestion. Read up on the early history of the NAACP. Note who headed up and financed the organization from the get go. Note who’s been agitating for open borders in every Western nation and funding legislation to do so. Note who’s been agitating in this country to undermine the Constitution and especially the 1st and 2nd amendments. Note that George Soros spent 33 million dollars to stir up the situation in Ferguson yet remains not indicted for conspiracy to foment a riot. Then come back here and talk to me about “Nazis”. That’s dissembling. Pure and simple.

          • LHathaway

            What’s dissembling. I don’t know what it is.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            So true. Amren loves the semites.

        • George Moriarty

          I have only ever had (as far as I can remember) one comment removed, that was quite recently. It was a “Dear moderator” type comment complaining about a woeful standard of debate with bad language and personal insults. The offending comments were also removed.
          As to the Jewish question, I have also made comments that I would not like to see Amren become a Jew or Israel bashing site.
          I basically support the Jewish cause as well as modern Israel. I am more concerned about Muslim terror plots, Islamic immigration and rape gangs now than any far fetched Jewish conspiracy theory.
          As I see more and more Indians, Muslims, Chinese and now Africans taking over our suburbs I blame the UN and our weak kneed politicians for this, not some far-off plot hatched in Jerusalem or Zurich.

          • Johann Wald

            Your answer proves my point. Precisely. Adherence to the Jefferson motto for this site is a questionable. To paraphrase George Orwell “some truths are more true and more addressable than others”.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            George needs to be reeducated.

          • George Moriarty

            I suppose that if I sink low enough and look at “Stormfront” for long enough I will receive a suitable re-education?

          • newscomments70

            They won’t let whites into Australia. There is always some excuse…they let in hordes black rapists from Africa and the Middle East though. That blows my mind.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Yes Amren loves jews, so be careful about criticising them

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      We all thought like that when we were young. Now that we are older we know the truth.

    • Pa Guy in NJ

      The left is more passive? I don’t think so.

      Make no mistake they are vile and would relish the opportunity to kill all right-thinking people and their children. Think the Nazis and the old USSR, among others.

      • newscomments70

        You’re right. They allow blacks and similar to carry out those tasks. They simply turn their heads the other way and refuse to prosecute.

        • Pa Guy in NJ

          Not only their tools, but they themselves. Many are willing to put a bullet in our brains. That is why the Nazis used gheys, they are inherently evil.

          • newscomments70

            I don’t know too many liberals who own guns. Most, I believe are naive. Some are awakening to reality though. We have many former liberals on this site…including Jared Taylor. Liberal elites in the government are evil though. I didn’t understand your last statement.

          • Pa Guy in NJ

            True leftists are willing to kill for their causes. They have called for punishment of GW deniers, among other things.

            Many are naïve, as I was, and they can learn to see reality. After Sandy Hook I got online to bash “gun nuts”, it didn’t take long for the true libs to awaken me though.

            Maybe it’s just RWNJ propaganda but it’s alleged that the Nazis used “butch” gays and persecuted “femme” gays. Either way they have shown their knee-jerk hatred of other people having the right to not celebrate their lifestyle, as shown in Indiana.

          • newscomments70

            I agree with some of that but Rradical leftist gays are simply part of the radical left. In the end, they will be disposed of, as they were during the bolshevik revolution. I don’t think they played a major rule in the Nazi movement, other than a few exceptions. In Europe, the left is in the process of disposal of gays. They are being brutally beaten and murdered by third world immigrants. It is mostly white gays attacked by darker skinned immigrants. Liberals don’t care. They are betraying their own constituents to push their mantra of diversity.

          • Pa Guy in NJ

            Thanks for letting me know about JT-something about him never sat right with me especially when he chose to bash people who care to watch the Super Bowl (I hate watching football, but it isn’t my place to hate those who do).

            It seems he is a sheep in wolf’s skin and is possibly the enemy. I always thought he was just an educated and sanctimonious jerk, but now I see it deeper than that.

            People on his level need to be investigated much closer than the little guys.

          • newscomments70

            I don’t think there is anything wrong with Jared, I highly respect him. He used to be a liberal, and he isn’t anymore. I was somewhat liberal when I was in college. Many of us were. Reality makes us aware. You missed my point.

          • Pa Guy in NJ

            I think you missed my point. Many whites like watching football and he choose to degrade them for some reason and let everyone know that he is better than them because he would be at the Smithsonian that day. It doesn’t really matter though the chips will fall where they may, with the little guys having little influence on them.

            I just think that people in his higher position should be looked at with more scrutiny and everything they say should be taken with a grain of salt.

          • newscomments70

            You’re entitled to your opinion. I don’t see how any race realist could watch a pro-black power, anti-white sport though. I don’t believe he disdained hockey fans. Why not switch to hockey? That is a tough sport and mostly white.

          • Pa Guy in NJ

            I don’t see how anyone could watch ANY sport unless their child is playing.

            Like I said I agree with him that it is a waste of time and energy to focus on meaningless non-sense. I just think he should focus on real-world issues, rather than try to get digs in on people he feels superior to.

          • newscomments70

            The idea is that white males focus on spectator/professional sports rather than real-world issues that are destroying our society. That is relevant and a sigificant problem. On a college level, It’s especially bad that black athletes are raping white coeds at the universities they attend/play for. We can help fight this by taking a stand against black sports. If we stop supporting them, they will lose money and die. It’s not just JT who makes these statements. If you check out Stormfront, they have a pretty angry, working class following. They feel the same way. They push martial arts, fighting skills and gun rights. Most on that site detest black dominated sports. It’s not just “educated elite”.

          • Pa Guy in NJ

            I looked at SF once and that was enough for me, my hatred isn’t that strong.

          • bv

            They don’t have to rape them they already chase athletes because it’s their nature to chase the alpha male.

          • newscomments70

            They still rape them. Not all white females slobber over black males. It’s only a specific type…and they’re usually easy to pick in a crowd. An thug would rather rape a beautiful innocent girl, than have a willing tramp, covered in tattoos, that is slobbering all over them like a dog.

          • newscomments70

            And for the record, I have nothing against youth football if the teams are white, and one’s child is playing. I don’t think Jared Taylor does either.

          • Pa Guy in NJ

            Thanks, this conversation has been a wake up for me. I realize that this wallowing in our “victimization” is wasting our lives, as it was designed to do. I now see that they are pulling us away from the more relevant problems.

            We all know it’s bad out there. I have been accosted by blacks multiple times and I know the truth.

            Now I have to get back to life as I have actual work to do (as I am sure we all do). I wasted too much of my life on these sites since the MB incident happened, as many of us have.

            I have just learned that JT has a non-white wife (presumably one of the perpetual victims), so yes he is the enemy, as his loyalty has to lie with her-not with us.

            God bless you all and GET BACK TO WORK.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            JT has a non-white wife? Prove it. Where is your source for this?

            I have seen this claim before, and have yet to find anyone who can substantiate it. It’s a wild rumour. I believe JT has clearly stated that his children are white. That could not be if his wife was not.

          • bv

            What turned me was the reaction of Blacks towards the verdict of the O.J. Simpson trial. The venom and exhilaration displayed because they saw a black man get away with murdering a White woman and a Jewish man in cold blood.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            You think JT is suspicious because he’s identified the stupidity involved in how fanatical and irrational people are over groups of thugs in silly costumes throwing a funny-shaped ball around?

            Thanks for self-identifying as a nut.

          • Pa Guy in NJ

            I completely agreed with him, I also think it is a waste of time to watch such garbage. It just never sat right with me that he would degrade people for enjoying such non-sense.

            There are real issues that he could have addressed from his pulpit that day, instead he chose to stoop to our level to get some digs in. It seemed like a very petty thing to do, he should be above that.

          • bv

            They’re contributing to our destruction by putting all their attention in a game benefiting thugs who’d be locked otherwise.

      • bv

        What do they get from all of this?

  • George Moriarty

    As to the Mr Maxweles of this world, he is displaying all the signs of an extreme radical and has everything else that it takes to get to the top in politics. His actions to date will make him a hero among young and not so young blacks.
    When and if he finally gets the top job one of two things may happen;
    1, He will be another Mugabe and totally destroy what’s left of SA.(Very likely)
    2, He will realize that he needs the white establishment for his country to survive and he may actually grow up and become a responsible leader. ( Big maybe)

  • Oh Dear

    “millions of young people are trapped in crime-ridden townships, with little education, and no hope of work.”

    Sounds like every other ‘hood, town, township, or city where lots of blacks live or congregate. Apparently it’s a world problem. Must be a black thing.

  • TheMaskedUnit

    You can’t have the white man’s juju without the white man.

  • Light from the East

    1. The incident happened because you put two distant groups of people together in a shared territory.

    2. Most black people are good at creating crime-ridden townships, with little education, and no hope of work. But they still blame white men even they are minority and not in power in South Africa.

    3. Black people like to enjoy all the benefits white people created but they love to blame white people for any personal unpleasant reason. They will never image a live without white people.

    All of the above 3 can be observed worldwide. Coincidence?

  • Angel Talarico

    Hoping the remaining Whites will retreat to a defensible city-state similar Singapore; a much larger scale Oriana. Wondering if the remaining Whites in Rhodesia (Zim) could do the same thing? One platoon of Special Forces could wipe out the entire Mugabe government, armed forces, assorted ZanuPF troublemakers, etc.

    • George Moriarty

      I have serious doubts that that 50% of the white world, the whole 3rd world and especially the UN would allow or recognise an African “Singapore”.
      As for Singapore and its formation under strongman Lee Kwan Yew, he obviously had powerful friends, in fact the British used to describe him as the “Best Englishman East of Suez”. It is interesting to note that only in the past month Singapore actually jailed and caned (with a rattan) a couple of German tourists for mild civil offences, I think it was graffiti vandalism of some sort. Interesting that their was no international outcry.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Without Whites to prop up the technology and infrastructure, it’s just a matter of time before the majority negroes are living like they were before the White man brought them progress…

  • RyanP

    There is no injustice on this planet that could cause be to handle human feces in my hand.

    • Tim

      I bought an abandoned commercial building next to a transient camp of about fifteen men. A perfect storm orf a warehouse adjacent to railroad tracks and next to a convienence store. When I started moving them out, they began to defecate at my front door to exact revenge. The first time, I cleaned it up with complete disgust. The second time, I said to myself, “My mother was a Nurse. She did it, so can I…” The third time, I put a bucket of sand, a shovel and pair of latex gloves near the front door with a happy face note to the winos that said, “Game on!!” They moved on shortly after. Funny what you can get used to…

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Cecil De Rhodes was a freemason. He did not always do things right, but he built Rhodesia and made it a great place.

  • newscomments70

    “have their way with the women”….I’m not sure about that one. The rest makes sense though.

    • bv

      The Chinese men are marrying local women to secure citizenship/residency.

      • newscomments70

        Maybe they are marrying whites, Indians, or other Asians. I have no idea why they would want to stay in South Africa though.

  • bv

    They’re there for the long run! The Chinese want to ship out about 300~350 million folks from the interior to colonize as much of Africa as possible.

    They’re very bright and they’ll find a way to put the African population under control through the food source. The Bantus will never know what hit them, they also don’t have the 5th column’s of Joe Slovo’s tribal affiliates to influence the masses.

  • Paleoconn

    I read about this on vdare some time ago. The writer was quite sensible, he said if he had read on a dissident right comment thread that blacks would some day throw feces at White monuments, he’d be disgusted by the suggestion. It seems reality is closer to the most racist assumptions by the most hardcore commenters than what that writer expected.