BAMN Protesters Are Arrested After Storming U-M Regents Meeting

Jeremy Allen, MLive, April 16, 2015

Eight protesters, including one possible student, were arrested during the University of Michigan Board of Regents meeting Thursday afternoon after more than 20 members of the pro-affirmative action group By Any Means Necessary, known as BAMN, violently rushed through a table of barricades with chants of “open it up or we’ll shut it down.”

Seconds after University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel called order to the Board of Regents, the protesters rose from their seats and bulldozed through a line of tables that separates members of the audience from the president, regents and other U-M officials.


Ultimately, several of the protesters were forced to the ground–some fell and some were taken to the ground by the officers on hand–and arrests were made.

It was the second time in the last several months that a U-M meeting was disrupted. In November, roughly 25 members of BAMN broke out with chants of “Minority enrollment’s been going down, open it up or we’ll shut it down” and “We don’t need another committee, open it up to Detroit city.”


The protesters said they were calling for the university to open its doors to more minority students, particularly through on-site admissions at inner-city high schools.


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  • how about this

    Wow, it looks like they’re really determined — determined to prove to the rest of us that they don’t belong anywhere near higher education.

    • Jason Lewis

      It’s easier than studying.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Unless your major is Nigro “Studies”…

    • Fr. John+

      Yup. Couldn’t say it any better or clearer- Thugs who threaten to burn down a place of higher learning, aren’t any different from savages in Africa, who haven’t invented the wheel… oh, wait….

    • Susan

      They obviously don’t belong anywhere in a civilized society.

      • Cid Campeador

        They belong only on the continent from which their ancestors were bought and brought by a handful of bastards who left the rest of us with a lifetime of chaos and mayhem.

    • Michigan Patriot

      You mean that sub-Saharan Negroids didn’t create the university/ college system ? You mean all the African Studies programs at our Marxist colleges & universities lied ?

  • Oil Can Harry

    After the blonde birdbrain told the white cops “You’re covering up for rapists!” she should have turned to her chocolate chums and said “And you’re reproducing them!’

    • Is she running out of venereal diseases to collect?

    • Augustus3709

      She’s probably on anti-depressants and birth control.

      Her brain at this point is like toxic swiss cheese.

      Probably also has abandonment issues, and seeks the approval of blacks to compensate for a lack of identity and self-worth.

      • Quido

        Miss bird brain looks pregnant. notice she is holding her stomach

  • TomIron361

    I love it when this type of stuff happens to the stinking educrats.

  • BAMN rages because NAMs have low IQs.

    • propagandaoftruth

      They were screeching about campus rape in the video. Lord that insane blonde harpy was loud and CRAZY.

      I sometimes wonder if women like her, especially as youth faded, were sort of like prime candidates to be burned as witches, you know?

      Technically, I’d classify being yelled at by that one in the face as assault without battery…

      • Petronius

        Spittle counts.

        • Lexonaut

          Is that the sequel to Atlas Fled?

        • propagandaoftruth

          Thank you, councilor.

      • evilsandmich

        Some news in Cleveland when one of those white harpies went crazy on the internet because a local software firm wouldn’t hire her. Those useful idiots take their marching orders from women smart enough to marry well before becoming a screeching idiot.

        • I’ll bet they’re happy that they didn’t hire the psycho.

          • evilsandmich

            They were very diplomatic about it, but no doubt the interview didn’t go as she had said; typical lack of introspection by lefties. Several, more kind hearted, commentators at the Plain Dealer told her to take her rant down and try to repair the damage before no one (besides the government) would hire her, good luck with that. More level headed commentators said that they just skipped that step and threw applicants from her college (Oberlin) right in the circular filing drawer.

          • I had a line on exactly one good chemistry job here since my release from federal prison. I didn’t get hired, but at least I got interviewed. I was delighted. Maybe someday when my daughter is grown I’ll go back. In the meantime, life has been like a nine-year summer vacation, which was something I had long needed in any event. Taking non-hiring personally is absurd; life’s too short.

          • KyraNelson

            Here we go again with the federal prison- Ya gonna tell us what you were in for????? Because you talk about it a lot.

          • Extortion!

        • Alden

          Like Boxer, Feinstein and Pelosi. Poor Stewart Boxer, he must feel awful compared to Richard Blum multi billionaire and Paul Pelosi multi millionaire soon to be billionaire. Poor Stewart, he is only a prosperous attorney; a labor attorney, fearless advocate for the working class; illegal immigrant working class that is

      • As far as I could tell, rape is bad, so she wants more rapists on campus. I suspect she needs a nice ‘scrip for Thorazine and Haldol.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        I’ll provide the stake and the faggots! (the small bundles of sticks used for firewood, not the other kind…lol)

        • anony

          I’ll provide the steak; nothing like a bunch of faggots, some good steak and a bonfire. Whooooeeeee!!!!

    • What are “NAMs”? I am sorry, but I wish people would stop using these stupid abbreviations on this site and just say what they mean. Reminds me of an old scene on M*A*S*H, (oops; I used an abbreviation, but I think people know what that is.) a militaristic colonel was investigating Alan Alda, aka “Hawk Eye.” “He is a Communist sympathizer; yes, he is a ‘comsimp’…”

      • NAM = Non-Asian Minority. The Usual Suspects like to lump them all in as “People of Color”, as if Alice Chen is going to ditch her cello lessons and Richard Watanabe is going to call it quits on the high school chess club so they can go rob a liquor store together.

        • THANK YOU! I usually say something like: “Blacks and browns.”

        • Whitetrashgang

          What happens if they fall in love?

  • Epoche

    What happens when the major institutions of society are online? Who then do these violent social movements threaten then? What happens to disparate impact then? Arent finance and education the next sectors of the economy to be disrupted from Silicon Valley?

    • carriewhite64

      I think that will be a step forward for students. I’m all for removing young white men from institutions that despise them, but I don’t want to keep them all out of universities either. If there is no physical university, there is no danger to white students.

      • Epoche

        Well not only that fintech or financial technology is another industry that could very well disrupt the civil rights movement. Improvement in value transfer products would very well nullify any effort to interfere with voluntary cooperation.

        • carriewhite64

          I THINK I understand what you are saying, so I upvoted you.

          • Epoche

            The federal reserve system as well as the civil rights movement has allowed our current elite to take over and run all of our most important institutions as well as our most important social and economic networks so much so that the social democrat elite policymakers are resorting to negative interest rates to stay in power. This is not a natural state of affairs nor one that is conducive to general well-being. If the banks themselves are disrupted by technology then how do the elite interfere with freedom of association?

          • carriewhite64

            Ah, yes. I see what you mean.

          • Epoche

            Do you really understand? Imagine a 10 oz bar of silver with a qr code on it. The machine tests the silver and scans the qr code. Machine says: 100 oz of Silver at 99.9 Fineness. Would you like to scan the code. The code has a password requirement: You enter – ****. The bar shows ownership of $15,000 US Dollars, 100 Shares Goldman Sachs protected by colored coin technology owned by person with biometric marker 7967buigi778!. Would you like to transfer ownership to someone using our public notary services today? No. Would you like to see next dividend date: Yes. 4/4/2019 which you have directed debited to NY Philharmonic. Would you like to purchase metals today? Yes.The machine has 5 oz of Gold at $1000 oz plus Sales Tax. You purchase six 4 ounces of gold at leaving you with $1066. Is this ok? Yes. Would you like to make another transaction? NO. Have a nice day.

          • carriewhite64

            I think you are making fun of me? Have a nice day.

          • Epoche

            Im not trying to make fun of you at all.

        • SolStans

          Peter Thiel tried that with Paypal (which was originally supposed to be an online currency), but once the tax-farmers and nepotistic bankers of the Finnish persuasion saw its potential, they made sure it would be denominated in their plastic shekel dollars.

          • Epoche

            Peter Thiel is still trying to make an online currency. Paypal now accepts bitcoin. Thiel has also invested in Number26 a German online bank, Transferwise a london based Estonian online alternative to Western Union and 21 a San Francisco startup that has raised over 100 million so far but is more secretive at this point. IBM and Samsung were talking about making major investments into bitcoin as was even the Federal Reserve. Not only that there is interest all over the world in financial technology. Many pawnshops now have machines that test for precious metals. Its going to happen.

          • SolStans

            Thanks for the heads up on Peter’s new projects. Any idea what his racial politics are?

            I’m with you on the digital currency future, but I just know that what the Fed touches, it comes to control.

          • Epoche

            Peter has never taken a racial realist position because ironically enough it is a position that he cannot afford to take although he did write a book entitled The Diversity Myth and has said that deconstruction amounts to nothing more than word games. The Diversity book talks about the politics of guilt and intolerance at Stanford. Diversity and inclusion dont work in Silicon Valley and many non-whites would not be interested in Al Sharpton’s message concerning it. The federal reserve can only control so much before the cat is out of the bag.

          • SolStans

            I’ve read TDM, but I hadn’t heard much out of him on the topic recently, his democracy comments aside. I wish he’d just follow these obvious conclusions he’s made just a bit further. He’d be a great ally for the non-self-loathing Whites out there.

          • Epoche

            The federal reserve doesnt control the whole world anymore. Bases of power that now reside in Silicon Valley, Off-Shore Financial Banking Centers, Russia, Dubai/Middle East, China and Singapore are all interested in financial technology.

      • Good point. I like the growing home school movement. Also, online education. There used to be this idea that kids learn to be properly socialized by going to school with other kids. I am sure that is how we grew up. But now, I don’t know. I think a better socialization will be when kids learn from the adults and not their peers, the way it was in then very old days. Back to the future! I think, if you can, home schooling is the way to go. I am sure there are other social activities that kids can participate in. I think that public schools are more dangerous than prisons anymore.

        • carriewhite64

          I agree. The so-called socialization that students get today is bullying, wasting time, learning bad habits, disrespecting learning, etc. Kids are vulnerable, and should not be exposed to the public school culture of today. It is the epitome of a bad influence.

    • Dale McNamee

      On-line college separates the people who want to get a degree from those who don’t… It takes self-discipline and motivation to “attend” on-line class.

      In addition to thwarting violent social movements, there’s the added benefit of avoiding the madness that masquerades as “student life”, sensitivity training, ” rape culture”, charges of racism,”white privilege”, “microaggression”, etc.

      • carriewhite64

        Yes, this is exactly the culture from which young white men need to be protected. It’s designed to be destructive. I don’t think any serious student would miss the examples of “student life” that you list.

      • Lets not forget the jock games masquerading as “sports”.

        • Luis

          Excellent point, Michael C. Scott. Why pay all that tuition money, just to line the athletic director’s pockets?

          • Dale McNamee

            And pay professors for not teaching classes…

        • Dale McNamee

          True, very true, Michael !

      • Rhialto

        That’s why the Liberals are trying to inhibit the growth and existence of on-line education. Indoctrination requires a “hands on” relation between the indoctrinator and the indoctrinatee; the Internet provides a layer of insulation to indoctrination, particularly Liberal indoctrination.

  • University administrators are soft targets. They are cowards and they carry an enormous burden of white guilt. The rabble in the video are attention seekers who weren’t spanked as children. The blonde in the video should be spanked immediately. I volunteer.

    • Spanked with what?

      • listenupbub

        Maybe an Abrams tank.

      • listenupbub


      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair


    • propagandaoftruth

      Buddy she could crack glass with that volume. That one is NOTHING but trouble no matter how you slice her…

    • Lexonaut

      ” The blonde in the video should be spanked immediately.”

      But what about the thrill of the chase?

    • Same as the sixties. The college administrators didn’t wan to crack down on the violent student protestors. They acted as enablers. This is in part because, imo, you must internalize a certain liberal mindset to get a job as an administrator of a college.

  • John Smith

    U of M is one of the highest quality public universities in the country and the one bright spot for the state’s reputation. Negroes should go to other universities and allow them to keep the quality up.

  • ThatWhiteGuy

    Let in underachieving morons or we’ll burn it down…what a thoughtful proposal!

  • phillyguy

    is the guillotine still in use?

    • Who Me?

      A wood chipper might be useful…

  • Alexandra1973

    Can you imagine if they tried this back in the 60s?

    The frog is now sitting in boiling water and is about ready to jump out.

    • LHathaway

      Actually, this kind of thing was much more prevalent during the 1960’s, as I’ve read about it. The analogy you bring up, however, is very apt.

      Discriminating against Whites at the University of Michigan is so routine it has become part of the U’s mission statement: blacks complain.

      • Lexonaut

        “Actually, this kind of thing was much more prevalent during the 1960’s.”

        Only at Columbia and UC Berkeley, where the hot topic was whether people could use the word f**K in campus newspaper editorials. I know — I lived through those times.

        • LHathaway

          I was under the impression every campus had at least one sit in, and then the university ‘capitulating’ to most of the demands.

          • Lexonaut

            The Free Speech movement was very localized. The more general nonsense came late in the decade when young people began to protest not the war but the fact that college kids were now being drafted.

            Before then it had been perfectly okay for working class kids to be drafted, shipped off to the jungles of Vietnam and forced to kill or be killed. It didn’t affect the college kids so they simply did not care.

          • LHathaway

            And yet it didn’t split the nation until college kids began to be drafted. . . ?

          • Lexonaut

            I said that I knew is was going to split the nation, not that it already had. I was the first person I knew to oppose that war — but it wasn’t because war is immoral or the USA is a terrible nation. It was because my mechanic had to serve but the middle class did not.

          • 4321realist

            ” I said that I knew is (sic) was going to split the nation, not that it already had.”

            My,my,my. That’s some kind of crystal ball you owned. I’m betting you were contacted constantly by leaders from nations all over the world to impart your mystical powers and infallible techniques, eh?

            ” I was the first person I knew to oppose that war — but it wasn’t because war is immoral or the USA is a terrible nation. It was because my mechanic had to serve but the middle class did not.”

            Well, there we have it. Everybody has been blaming Johnson for the Vietnam war and the resulting demonstrations and protests, and here we learn that the distinguished Mr. Lexonaut’s mechanic was to blame all along.

          • Lexonaut

            The war was started by Kennedy all the way back in 1962 when a) he put Special Forces in and b) the body bags started coming home.

            After Kennedy was assassinated, Johnson continued Kennedy’s expansion plans. The opposition to Johnson came in the second half of his first full term. He was man enough to say “Fine, I know when I’m not wanted. I’ll finish my first term and not run again.”

            I’ll give you the last word. Difficult as it may be for you, try to say something intelligent.

          • 4321realist

            “I’ll give you the last word. Difficult as it may be for you, try to say something intelligent.”

            I notice most of your responses are closed with some kind of insult, obviously because you have little faith in your ability to impart a persuasive response.

            Did you not know that it was the “Gulf of Tonkin incident” that escalated the war from having troops there in mostly advisory roles to a situation of all out warfare? Kennedy had nothing to do with that.

            Kennedy wasn’t even alive when that happened. Many times the US has put in Special Forces troops into “hot” areas, but they rarely result in wars, so Kennedy started nothing really. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

            “The opposition to Johnson came in the second half of his first full term, 1967 and 1968. He was man enough to say “Fine, I know when I’m not wanted. I’ll finish my first full term and not run again.”

            I’m having a good laugh right now over that claim.
            Johnson didn’t run again and it had nothing to do with being “man enough” about anything, because the polls showed he couldn’t win.

            Is that you’re idea of “being man enough?” That’s funny.

          • Lexonaut

            I cant’ stay out. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was a fabricated over-reaction to NVN surveillance of the USN ships, which were looking for trouble. The incident was used to sell a much wider war to Congress under the pretext of letting the president have his way for two months.

            Far from limiting the president, history shows that what the Tonkin Gulf Resolution did was give the president the power to start wars any time on his own initiative provided he got back to Congress within two months. I predicted that, too.

            The polls showed weakened support for Johnson but the nation was stunned when he went onto the radio to announce that he would be hanging up his spurs at the end of his first full term.

          • Hanlon’s Razor says “Never attribute to wickedness that which can be explained by mere stupidity.”

            I suspect the crews on the US ships thought they were firing at something. The “Battle of the Blips” in the Aleutians in 1943 during World War Two was a similar case: lots of shells fired into empty sea. The downing of an Iranian airliner in the 1980s by USS Vincennes was the result of miscommunication inside the ship’s combat information center.

          • Lexonaut

            The NVN had a couple of fast patrol boats that were doing the nautical equivalent of MiG-raising. Someone, probably Johnson himself, ordered them destroyed. Johnson micromanaged that war and on more than one occasion was patched directly through to the commanders of missions that were already in the air.

          • Sorry, you are living a pipe dream that will never happen. Women are in the military, are you going to draft all the young girls? And most people-even young people-are fat. Are you going to draft them as well? What about the vast criminal element? Are you going to empty the prisons of all the gang bangers and drug dealers? No? So you will draft the college kids and let the low lifes off the hook? And what about our shortage of college trained people? Okay, draft the American and hire the Indian, huh? No, the more you think about it the more you realize there will never again be a draft in the United States. As to a “popular” war “like WWII”? Please. Never happen. We are not the same nation we were back then and never will be. Sorry to burst your bubble. But, again, you are living a dream that is “gone with the wind.”

          • Lexonaut

            I would take a lottery-driven cross-section of the entire population, including women (if we’re going to have women in the military at all), and including college kids, and including non-violent felons to be doing forced labor jobs unless they volunteer for the forward edge of battle.

            As for violent felons, I don’t know what to say other than that, regardless of war, the costly regime of three hots and a cot, with all the TV they can watch, and free medical care, needs to come to a screeching halt.

            It hasn’t always been like this — the nation basically at perpetual costly war with never with a goal of winning. Do you not see a problem here? Or do you instead like what’s going on? If you don’t like it, what would you change?

          • My own federal felony conviction was technically “violent”, and I suppose I could fight again at age 49. I just really hate artillery rocket fire. Once the stew we’re all in blows up in our collective faces, I expect to fight.

          • Lexonaut

            You were a volunteer in Serbia, fighting for the Croats, yes? I did the low-level technical chip-and-device driver software for a remotely operated mine clearing bulldozer, the prototype of which first saw action there. I’m prepared to become an urban sniper if it comes to that — nothing to lose.

          • Eastern Slavonia is part of Croatia. There was a very sad disagreement about that. It was a criminal waste, like most of those things are. I believed at the time, but I don’t think NATO later bombing Serbia was right. That was too much.

          • What would I change?
            1. Deport ALL illegal aliens, forthwith. No matter the cost. Deploy our armed forces on the border. Severally restrict ALL immigration. End alien contract labor (aka, H-1B visas.)
            2. End birthright citizenship. It was never meant for illegals. Force all hospitals to identify all persons who enter the emergency room; if they can’t, take their DNA and put in a data base.
            3. Imprison all illegal aliens that we do find, outside the USA. Establish a “Devil’s Island” for them, maybe somewhere in Africa. (We can pay the host government for that. Yeah, the Mexicans would love that. huh?)
            4. Withdraw from the UN. It is not doing what it was meant to do and is a joke.
            5. End all foreign students studying in the US. We need to educate our own people, not the world’s.
            6. Withdraw from the Geneva Convention. When you fight a war, all means are on the table. If we are fighting an enemy, we can establish informal rules, if the enemy does the same. If they don’t; we won’t, either. (That, in itself, would have made fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan much easier.)
            7. Use foreign mercenaries whenever possible. That is how the Briish Empire ruled over so much of the world for so long. Fighting in Syria? Recruit a few hundred thousand African “technical” to go in ahead of our troops and clean house! Let’s face it; today’s American soldier will never do what needs done to win a war-we are too merciful for that. Subcontract the job out. (“Okay, where is ISIS; we start chopping the hands off your children, one by one…”) That would beak the power of Islamic terrorists very fast.
            8. When we win a war, DEMAND REPARATIONS from the defeated nation! When Germany was defeated after WWII, the Soviets raped German women by the thousands and used Germans as slaves in reparations for what the Germans did. This despite the fact that at most, about 39% of Germans ever supported Hitler. But MOST Arabs DO support Islamic terror! So I have NO PROBLEM with collective punishment.
            9. End racial quotas, affirmative action, etc.
            10. This is a bit controversial. (Like my other points weren’t?) Establish that only TAX PAYERS can vote and that people on the public dole cannot. If you allow welfare recipients to vote, they, in effect, can use their votes to give themselves a “raise.”
            11. Establish tariffs on all imported goods coming from all countries whose average wage is not at least one half of the average American wage. That would end the advantage of the use of slave labor in other countries. Goods from Germany, or Japan. no tariff. From Pakistan, China or India? A large tariff. This would include American companies that used “outsourcing” of jobs to these countries.
            That is just a partial list. We have had enough of liberal solutions to problems; we need some going the other way. We will never defeat the mental disorder of liberalism by just resisting it and slowing it down. We must push it back. Thanks for reading.

          • I’d put the fat ones on the front line in untenable positions. My last encounter with a self-impressed fat-tard was on an airliner. He folded up the armrest and said “I’m sure we’ll both be more comfortable this way.” I put it right back in place and ordered Jabba to purchase two adjacent seats the next time, so he could keep his greasy rolls to himself.

            God, did he ever stink, as well. He kept his bloat in his own seat and stayed quiet the whole flight.

            No, I do not have to “respect” their fat, either. Anyone over a certain weight should have to pay extra to board an airplane.

          • Whitetrashgang

            Should use fat people for medical experiments,or in fat burning stoves.

          • Thank you. My thoughts exactly. But now-according to the Left-fat people are also an “oppressed” group. It comes down to how smart and self-disciplined you are. I know that there are some people who have genetic conditions, but most people are just fat because they don’t take care of themselves. Your point is well taken. Ditto for riding public transportation next to some fat slob.

          • Charles Brumbelow

            Start the draft at the top of the political class – especially at the federal level. I bet that McCain, for example, could peel potatoes…

          • 4321realist

            That’s what I picked up on youtube also, Hathaway, that the rioting never began until the students were getting drafted. It was pretty clear. And when the fighting stopped so too did the student demonstrations.

            I did a bit of research on the Vietnam war to see what all the hullabaloo was about regarding the leftist who was touted to be “The most trusted man in America” (Cronkite) to see what he based his opinion on when he came out and said “The Vietnam war can’t be won,” as if he were some kind of magical figure who knew better than anybody else instead of a flaming liberal journalist who knew absolutely nothing.

            There’s a wealth of info on Youtube if you decide to learn a bit more, and I’m not suggesting that because I don’t think you’re knowledgeable about the subject, only that it’s the only way to get the full story.

            This Lexonaut remembers only what he wants to and even that isn’t accurate. He wants to sound like an expert, because he happened to have lived through those times.

          • LHathaway

            The demonstrations may have stop but the demonstrators would go on to later run our institutions? Lexonaut was just stating his opinion. Whether his recollection is influenced by his likes and dislikes, or whether his motive is not accuracy at all but that of influencing his audience for some unknown to us objective, or whether his opinion is objective and accurate, that is all up to debate. It was spoken so eloquently and glibly he likely wasn’t a car mechanic?

          • College kids were more vocal. My own ex-father was working on laser spectroscopy at Bell Labs back then. He didn’t think Vietnam was a very good idea at the time, but I suppose that was about as far as it went with him. I never said he was stupid: just evil. I was a major fan of raisins at the time.

          • 4321realist

            ” could only tell him that my work had been declared vital to the war effort, which it had been.”

            How is hiding under your bed vital to the war effort?

            And isn’t it contradictory to say you opposed the war, yet you worked in a field that was “vital” to the war effort?

          • Lexonaut

            Very simple. I had been cleared Top Secret and was doing a) operating system technical consulting for colleagues who were deeply involved with NSA work, as well as research for ARPA into b) code generation strategies for highly parallel supercomputes and c) information storage and retrieval techniques for large computers.

            And I wasn’t hiding under my bed. In spite of being declared essential, when the Air Force put out a call for people to become F-4 Phantom crews I took a qualifying test that assessed interest in aviation (I already had a pilots license) and the ability to interpret maps as well as target photos.

            The offered me a job as a back seater but I told them that it was either the front seat or nothing. I didn’t want to kill women and children if it could be avoided (no fighter bomber pilot does) but I would have had no hesitation whatsoever about going up against the North Vietnamese air force, whose pilots were all volunteers just as I would have been.

            Go home, sonny boy. Your mommy is calling you.

          • 4321realist

            Very simple. I had been cleared Top Secret and was doing a) operating system technical consulting for colleagues who were deeply involved with NSA work, as well as research for ARPA into b) code generation strategies for highly parallel supercomputes and c) information storage and retrieval techniques for large computers.”

            How does that answer my question?:

            “And isn’t it contradictory to say you opposed the war, yet you worked in a field that was “vital” to the war effort?”

            You’re just verifying that you held a job that supported the war effort, avoiding an answer regarding your hypocrisy.

            And the rest of your spiel offers nothing more than bragging about things that can’t be verified as accurate, but, even if they could, they don’t mean anything really in support of your claims, assertions, and allegations.

            “The (sic) offered me a job as a back seater but I told them that it was either the front seat or nothing. I didn’t want to kill women and children if it could be avoided…”
            And how did you propose to avoid killing others besides armed soldiers just by being in the front seat?” Do you have telescopic/X-ray vision too, in addition to your other super powers.
            What if they used Kryptonite against you?

            “….but I would have had no hesitation whatsoever about going up against the North Vietnamese air force, whose pilots were all volunteers just as I would have been.”
            Yes, being in a warm, safe house makes heroes of us all doesn’t it? But nothing changes the fact you refused to go, while other more courageous men were cut down in your place.

          • Lexonaut

            I was never asked to go. Lots of people were never asked to go, which was the point of my objection as well as that of the mechanic. The college kids weren’t asked to go, either. When they finally were asked, the howls of protest at first were not about the war, it was about their being drafted. The anti-war stance came later when the North Vietnamese mounted a successful domestic political lobbying campaign through the American Friends Service Committee.

            Of course I did the war work — I was a loyal American. I was also married with two children unlike the mechanic and the college kids, who for the most part were single. However, that didn’t prevent me from speaking out against the war with my colleagues — and there were no repercussions from my doing so. It was not hypocrisy, it was an attempt to get people to see that unless the draft became universal, with few exemptions, the war was going to tear the country apart — which it did.

          • 4321realist

            “….but I would have had no hesitation whatsoever about going up against the North Vietnamese air force, whose pilots were all volunteers just as I would have been.”
            Pilots of a communist nation that dictates EVERY thing citizens do and say are volunteer pilots???
            Yes, you are a comedian all right.

          • Lexonaut

            I forgot about this …

            “… other more courageous men were cut down in your place.”

            Well, sonny boy, unless you served in Iraq or Afghanistan you’re not one to talk. Brave men died for you there. That they were volunteers, not draftees, doesn’t change the question of why you did not volunteer to die alongside them.

            Or did you volunteer? If not, how dare you call me a coward while exempting yourself from service.

          • I’d have taken the backseat RIO job in a New York Second.

          • Lexonaut

            I understand why you say that. The RIO/RSO/WSO/GIB/bear is responsible for seeing all the aerial threats as well as the ground targets and upcoming missiles, and he has to maintain full situational awareness regardless of how the pilot is maneuvering.

            It’s a tough, tough job, but not what I wanted to do. In today’s navy the equivalent job is given the title of mission commander for that single aircraft. The pilot is really his chauffer as well as being the aircraft commander, but the WSO is in charge of the mission.

            At DEC I knew an F-105 driver. They had all the same problems but had to deal with them solo. He liked the work so much that after a hundred missions, mostly in Route Pack 6, he re-upped for another hundred … and after that he did another two tours, this time as an RF-101 driver, unarmed and unafraid.

            If you’ve never read “Thud Ridge”, treat yourself to a copy

          • Read that in high school.

  • Atheist Realist

    victimization whack-a-mole. If minority enrollment goes up to the desired level they want, then the dropout rate will be high so then they’ll bitch about the dropout rate and how they need to hire mentors/tutors etc.

    • libertarian1234

      In a fair world you would be EXACTLY right. But not with willing accomplices in academia.

      I might be a little high, but I don’t think 90% of them actually earn their accreditation right now. Partly because they’ve manipulated things and threatened and perpetrated violence so much up to this point that they’re flush with success at getting what they want, and partly due to mass support by leftist educators who know full well they’re not qualified, but they pass them any way.

      First it was free entry via AA; then it was biased grading in their favor also as part of AA; then they demanded to be given certification as part of preferences, which they got also, until we’ve reached this point where the academics have caved so much they’re putting totally unqualified people into society who are not qualified in their chosen fields, which means most black degrees are worthless.

      The Bell Curve authors said it takes an I..Q. average of about 114 to successfully complete college level work. The vast majority of these blacks are going to be in the 90 to 100 range, which means if they were on a level playing field only a scant few would earn their certification.

      Any that drop out in that kind of environment has to be almost illiterate nowadays.

      • TrueNorthFree

        Grade inflation is rampant in colleges across North America among all races, creeds and colors. Education as a field of serious endeavor was utterly ruined in the 1960-70s.

        • libertarian1234

          “Grade inflation is rampant in colleges across North America among all races, creeds and colors. ”

          Are you saying that white students are beneficiaries of the same kind
          of policy that dictates X number of blacks are to be passed whether they’re qualified or not?

          I’d be interested in learning more about how you arrived at that conclusion.

          • TrueNorthFree

            Academic standards have been drastically reduced for ALL students in the past few decades. Many profs are far more likely to “mark easy” because they are concerned about student feedback. Profs who mark hard and make students work for their marks don’t get good feedback from students at the end of the semester. And student feedback affects the employment of many profs. who do not have tenure. So yes, I am saying it affects all students.

            The black issue is a separate, although equally concerning issue.

          • libertarian1234

            You didn’t answer the question. Here it is again.

            “Are you saying that white students are beneficiaries of the same kind of policy that dictates X number of blacks are to be passed whether they’re qualified or not?”

            You gave your reasons for grade inflation of whites. You didn’t answer the question, which had to do with whites being given the same privileges as blacks in grading in that X numbers are to be passed whether they’re qualified or not.

            Grade inflation is not the same thing as passing X number of people due to race, because they couldn’t pass otherwise. And…please….don’t contest THAT, because it is a well-known fact admitted by MANY professors.

            Also, are you speaking on behalf of blacks? Do you think they earn their their entry, grades and certification and there is NOT a quota system in place?

            If so, I’d be interested in reading your reasons for that.

            “The black issue is a separate, although equally concerning issue.”
            But your original response was to justify black privileges in grading, etc., by pointing out that EVERYBODY gets preferences in grading. You didn’t frame you answer as a “separate issue,” and you followed up by saying both are an “equally concerning issue.”
            Can you clear this up?

          • TrueNorthFree

            No need to clear it up. I stated my thoughts regarding widespread post secondary grade inflation.

            I am not speaking to the black issue specifically because I do not have enough data to do so. I was not aware that unqualified blacks were being given passing grades even when they were not earned. if that is the case, it is terrible and it must be stopped immediately.

          • libertarian1234

            “I was not aware that unqualified blacks were being given passing grades even when they were not earned. if that is the case, it is terrible and it must be stopped immediately.”

            Well, it looks like I misunderstood you also, because I got the impression you pointed out what you did, aware of the black grade and certification freebies. Looks like we agree after all.

            I don’t have the link handy, but a professor was quoted a while back who said that, “We’re expected to pass X number of blacks, and if we do not we’re called before the administration and asked to account for why we did not.”

            I’ll look for the link.

            I started checking into the practice when I came across so many posts by blacks…and articles they wrote….that were obvious they were given privileges. Too, Bill Clinton admitted that he favored blacks in grading when he taught law.

      • Atheist Realist

        thats what the point of the bar exam and cpa test is. It acts as “quality control”.

        • libertarian1234

          Is it your contention that 100 I.Q. blacks are legitimately passing the bar exams and that they’re scam proof?

          If you have any evidence to support that claim I’d be interested in learning about it.

      • Lexonaut

        “I might be a little high …”

        That’s fine, you’re at home on a Friday evening. I just hope the neighbors don’t smell smoke and call 911.

        • libertarian1234

          “I just hope the neighbors don’t smell smoke and call 911.”
          Instead of trying to distort my comments pretending they reference something they do not, why don’t you offer a rebuttal to anything I said you don’t agree with instead of taking cheap shots like a coward?

          • Lexonaut

            “… why don’t you offer a rebuttal …”

            Because I neither know nor care what you said. I saw an opportunity to make a joke and I took it. Most jokes are based on deliberate misunderstanding, and that’s all they are — jokes. You’re very hostile, you need to lighten up.

          • libertarian1234

            “… why don’t you offer a rebuttal …”

            “Because I neither know nor care what you said. I saw an opportunity to make a joke and I took it. ”
            Of course you care what I said.
            Otherwise you wouldn’t have responded with the obvious ridicule you did. It’s probably something buried deep within your psyche that you would prefer not to reveal, and maybe you aren’t even aware of it.
            ” Most jokes are based on deliberate misunderstanding, and that’s all they are — jokes.”
            Most jokes are NOT based on a deliberate misunderstanding.
            Some are, and when they are the teller or writer is clever enough to make it clear that it is a joke. You’re neither clever nor funny, and by your own admission you claim to go on these sites to cause trouble simply because you’re “too old to do anything else.”
            “You’re very hostile, you need to lighten up.”
            And you need to find a hobby to occupy your mind and quit being so sarcastic.
            And anybody who makes an obvious insult, but pretends it was humor when he’s called on it, is somebody who is devious and duplicitous.

          • Lexonaut

            “… anybody who makes an obvious insult …”

            It may have been obvious to you but it was not obvious to anyone else or they’d have lept to your defense. Seeing things that aren’t there is a good working definition of schizophrenia.

          • 4321realist

            I’ve been on this site for years and can tell you it is a VERY rare instance when ANYBODY jumps to anyone’s defense and to declare a point invalid, because that doesn’t happen is the logic of a child or, more specifically, a teenager. They make assumptions like that all the time. Adults rarely do.

            “Seeing things that aren’t there is a good working definition of schizophrenia.”

            You can write THAT after admitting you used sarcasm, because “Most jokes are based on deliberate misunderstanding?”

            You’re admitting to your chicanery, but out of the other side of your mouth you’re saying somebody is “paranoid,” if they believe they see anything out of line about it?

          • libertarian1234

            “Seeing things that aren’t there is a good working definition of schizophrenia.”

            You already agreed you were being duplicitous, but justified it as something all jokes are based on. Now you’re saying that to recognize it as such is an indication of schizophrenia.

            Somebody wrote that Alzheimer’s isn’t all bad, because
            1) you meet new people every day and 2) you can hide your own Easter eggs.

          • My own favorite is that one of the best aspects to going crazy is one gets to make up one’s own words: “Greaserito” rolls off the tong in a lovely way. The really sad thing about it all is that once one gets better (?), one misses all the fun one used to have.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Oooh, settle down, dude! I am, in the main, on your side…but face it, that was snappish.

            Rule #1 of being effective on this board: stay logical, don’t get emotional! Unless you are a White (duh), Christian (eh), male (way to exclude 50% of your natural followers/converts, ya maroons!).

            You could probably regain any prestige you’ve just lost here by replying to me to the effect of “Spikey is unhinged, and she and any other women here should be summarily ejected because it’s just not right for them to concern their pretty heads about anything serious.” 😉

  • listenupbub

    I’m sure this demonstration is really earning the respect of those cops.

  • RaySist27

    ‘Open it up or we’ll shut it down’, translation: Let us be apart of what you (White people) created or we will throw a temper tantrum and break the things you created.

    • Alexandra1973

      They’d still break stuff.

    • Cindy

      ‘Open it up or we’ll shut it down’
      And the guilty White liberal answer to this is
      “Whatever you want, take my school, take my wallet, take my neighborhood, take my daughter! But please please please don’t call me racist! Oh God, don’t even THINK I’m racist. I looove black people! I voted for Obama, twice!”
      Then they get in their car and drive home to their White neighborhood.

  • how about this

    Wait, the video has a girl screaming about rape, with nothing about letting Blacks into the school. Is this even the right video?

    • Lexonaut

      ” … how can they simultaneously want less rape and more NAMs?”

      Love is a many splendored thing.

  • Caucasoid88

    By Any Means Necessary sounds like a threat. I hope the Justice Department considers them a terrorist organization. Oh. Never mind.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I believe I have been rejected because of the morals I stand for,” said Kimbrough. I will make it my civic duty to document every news of a rejection letter that the university produces to our black, brown and red bodies.

    Kimbrough, who is black, scored a 23 (out of 36) on the ACT test… Martin’s academic records were not made public.

    I Am A Victim!

    The Supreme Court ruled (6-2) in favor of Michigan voters who voted to end AA in school admissions so the likes of BAMN have nothing left except violence. They wish to force tolerance and diversity with a fist. For these type of hardened lefties, it is never over.

    April 22, 2014, the US Supreme Court ruled 6-2 that the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative is constitutional, and that states had the right to ban the practice of racial and gender preferences/affirmative action if they chose to do so through the electoral process.

    BAMN has tried to overturn Prop 209 in California in the courts:

    On August 2, 2010, the Supreme Court of California found for the second time that Proposition 209 was constitutional…On April 2, 2012, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the latest challenge to Proposition 209.

    (although I believe it’s only a matter of time before Prop 209 IS overturned – and there will go the UCs top ten rankings – it’ll be over for U of M too if they start accepting students with scores of 23 on the ACT).

    The only way to stop this type of violence is to expel any thugs who were students and charge all of them with a serious crime.

    Let them think about what they did by breaking up piles of rocks for a few years.

    Then, U of Michigan alums need to rise up against these leftist cesspools and revolt with their wallets.

    • Lexonaut

      The white woman in the lower right corner has grabbed a laptop and is pulling it back toward her. What do you suppose she’s worried about?

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        That someone will break the laptop before she can give it to one of the protestors to prove how “notracist” she is.

    • With a 23 on the ACT, maybe Kimbrough should have focused more on academics, rather than “morals” (whatever the dope may consider those to be). While we’re on that subject, I do not recall being asked about my morals when I was applying to universities as a high school senior. Grades and test scores were all the admissions offices appeared to care about. Of course, that was just over 31 years ago; perhaps these things are done differently now.

      • Spikeygrrl

        About that same time, I interviewed at about a dozen top-flight grad schools for PhD-studies fellowships in Political Economy…specifically the Austrian School and how it has been brought to bear (or not) on American economic policy.

        While I was never asked about my personal morals per se, in those days everyone understood that one’s positions on political economy issues were very good proxies for one’s personal moral convictions and behaviors. Back then it was also understood that a Leftist student in a free market-dominated department was inevitably in for academic failure and personal heartbreak — and vice versa. (Of course it was my idea not even to apply to such schools, but I did interview with a few of them as quid pro quo to my parents who gamely shuttled me around the Midwest, and up and down the East Coast Ivies, to find out where I “fit.” I already knew, but indulging them was the least I could do.)

        Those months, those interviews, were the first and last time I have ever had civil conversations with publically avowed Marxists. I find it impossible to believe that today, a Marxist-Freudian Department Head would exhibit that level of civility to an Austrian School-student of Objectivism.

        My favorite interview exit: “Thank you so much for your time, but I won’t be applying here.” My favorite of the responses I got — from a militant Marxist no less! — was this: “Thank YOU for YOUR time! I’m glad you won’t be applying here, but given your academic record some ideologically-compatible school will be lucky to have you.”

        Where did all that civility go? When did we lose the ability to debate without hate?

    • Spikeygrrl

      I would love to learn how to post relevant photos here! I run across such photos at least a couple of times per week.

      I would owe BIGTIME anyone here who posts step-by-step instructions! (Unless they’re more than a handful of lines of Unix. Anything past that is above my pay grade. Not like I have a pay grade anymore, but you know what I mean.)

      • To post a picture, I click and drag to the message box here, like this photo from inside the Pit of Despair.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        If you see a photo you like, add it to the photo file on your personal computer. If you use Apple, use your cursor to drag the photo from the article or wherever you happen to see it into your photo file. My son tells me this works on Microsoft too, but I don’t use it often enough.

        If you look in the left-side, oblong rectangular box at the bottom of where you’re typing your comment, you’ll see a very tiny icon of a landscape – (looks like mountains and moon) – click that on and it should open up your photo file. Click on whatever photo you’d like to post and it should appear in that box to post with your comment.

        If you use Apple, you can drag the photo from your photo file into that oblong box and it will appear with your comment. It may take some practice, but once you do it, it isn’t that hard.

        Did you mention that you had some health problems and only a few years left to live? I’m so sorry!! I think your original comment was deleted.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Thank you so much. I will try this the next time I’m at my desktop PC… which has been, alas, almost NEVER in the past year.

          The carpeting in this house makes it very difficult to get in my wheelchair from master suite to office/study where the desktop lives — opposite ends of the house. So I do almost all my work anymore on a phablet which does not support the features you mention. But this is about to change. My husband, bless him, has arranged to have ALL this residential carpet torn up and replaced with virtually NO-pile commercial / industrial carpet on which I can wheel around like flying!

          When you see me posting photos, you’ll know that the new carpet has arrived. Thanks again for the tutorial. :-X

  • Greg Thomas

    Don’t they mean they will “burn the goddamn thing down?”

    • Lexonaut

      Stop lying. The correct quote is “burn this bitch down”. I know, I was watching citizen journalist internet TV when he screamed it out.
      … …
      What’s that?
      … …
      I’m too old to go to bars any more. I have to start my fights online, and sometimes a little misunderstood humor can be interesting too.

      • 4321realist

        “I’m too old to go to bars any more. I have to start my fights online, and sometimes a little misunderstood humor can be interesting too.”

        What makes you think anybody cares what you do to entertain yourself?

        Do you realize you’re admitting to being a trouble-maker just for amusement?

        If you were on my web site, I’d have you barred. You add absolutely nothing useful to the conversation.

        • Lexonaut

          What makes me think someone cares is the upvote I got for that comment. You’re probably also 1234libertarian, aren’t you. In the immortal words of movie comedian W.C. Fields in a skit set in a diner, Go away kid, you bother me.

          • 4321realist

            “Go away kid, you bother me.”

            Is that the sum total of your argument?

            Surely not.

  • Who Me?

    At the beginning of the clip shown, even her fellow protestors seemed a little confused by whatever it was she was screaming about–like it was entirely off-topic and off-script.

    • Maybe she was raped and is still really upset about it. If the case, that’s a pity, but the people she was screaming at didn’t do it. I could go off my rocker about things that can’t be helped, but it wouldn’t be very useful. I received an extremely nasty, threatening letter today from my HOA about birds nesting in the dryer vent here. We didn’t know they were there. I had cleaned out an identical problem about five years ago, but had no idea they’d come back. I got up on a ladder and cleaned it out again, and then drove to Home Despot to get some nylon hardware cloth, which I installed behind the vent cover, coarse enough that dryer lint can get out, but fine enough that birds can’t get in.

      I left the nest on the asphalt after stomping the chicks inside it, just so the mother sparrow would see the result and avoid the area. Birds aren’t stupid; they know bad things when they see them. She’ll have other chicks next year, but not here. The ravens got the remains, and I washed off my shoes.

      I was extremely angry about the “warning” letter from my HOA, but I didn’t take it out on them, however much I *hate* dealing with this sort of nonsense from other people. I really do hate it, but I have learned to not let it dig at me as much as before. Interest, I have discovered, accrues on the original, internal debt.

      Perhaps the weirdo-gal was justifiably angry, but didn’t have the coping skills for dealing with it. I don’t know, and I probably never will.

      • Who Me?

        That puts a slightly different perspective on it. I suspect her fellow SJW didn’t much care WHAT she was screeching about as long as she was making plenty of noise–which suited their agenda.

        As for the baby birds, too bad you had to dispose of them, but better that than leaving them to die of starvation and/or exposure, If you had tried placing the nest elsewhere the mother bird would have never dared approach it anyway. They would far more likely have perished at the hands…err, paws…of a neighborhood cat or dog. The predator is also following nature, but the birds’ demise would have been far more brutal and prolonged.

  • Anglo

    These Mandingo’s are not even students (only possibly one?) but this is what you get with the African tribal people, and the blonde girl surely suffers from a histrionic personality disorder.

    • Susan

      I would bet the nigras are being paid for this. There are all sorts of ‘community organizer organizations’ and other ‘charity outfits’ that get grant money from the government. Sharpton’s NAN is an example.

  • Light from the East

    They can’t prove their worth through intelligence so they find another way – and they really did.

  • MikeofAges

    Let’s stop mocking people for a minute and just look at the agenda at play here. Elitism in higher education is a poison. The university system claims to be able to do something no one else can do, take a large group of people at a formative stage, in this case youths who have done no more than complete secondary school, and determine who ultimately is more capable than who. The NFL, for example, studies its prospects far more closely than these schools study their admittees, and the NFL is wrong about 50 percent of the time. Of course, all of the NFL’s draftees can play football, that is true. But only a percentage of them are real players, and sometimes the real players come from places you wouldn’t think of. The situation with academics is about the same. Yes, all of the admitees have some capabilities. But most of them are not that great, and I do know. I was the fly on the wall, the spook who sat by the door, the man who wasn’t there, and sometimes these people talked to me like I was one of them. How would they know the difference? When they found out I was not one of them, sometimes they accused me of misrepresenting myself although I never did. Others were more forthcoming, of course.

    The point is, this system is oppressive to almost all of us. But disadvantaged minorities want it kept as it is. Why? The simple answer is that there are fewer of them in the first place and lesser numbers who qualify for these institutions whatsoever even with easier admission standards. Supporting the elitism of the white upper middle class further insulates them too. They, with their fewer numbers, remain unaffected. That they get to lash out at whites who register any complaints is sort of an enjoyable fringe benefit. What was that 1960s saying. “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” Look in mirror, bro. You are part of the problem.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Dem skolars don be lookin like dems is litterate much, nowotimsayen?

  • JohnEngelman

    There should be no compromise with protesters like that. They should be arrested and prosecuted.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    I’m thinking of getting some T-Shirts made that have ИMN on them, sort of like the ИIN (Nine Inch Nails). Mine stands for No More N******.

    • I once thought about adapting my electromagnetic coilgun to shoot nine-inch nails, or building another to do that. The nail heads would probably not provide enough aerodynamic drag to make them fly relatively straight, but I could make a die to swage the heads into fins which would spin these projectiles. A nine-inch nail gun would be lots of fun. Now I want one, and it isn’t my fault.

  • BAMM, “By any means necessary.” They have used that slogan since the sixties. These Cultural Marxists are dangerous, and they will stop at nothing. We have been warned many times before. This is just the latest.

  • Poupon Marx

    And please tell me why they are not instantly arrested for disturbing the peace, trespassing, creating a public nuisance, and making threats to life and property. Throw in unlawful assembly. A stupid Nation full of stupid people who elect stupid people creates the end result when low quality rabble can use thuggish and street violence to circumvent the process of legal process.

  • Deep North

    Of course there’s the loony lefty white chick. Affirmative blacktion will come at the expense of whites like her.

    • She doesn’t see it that way. Cultivating a sense of smug, moral superiority is what’s all about for dingbats like her.

  • Illidan Stormragge

    All they’re saying is they want to intimidate and pressure people to not focus on merit.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    First off, every student has to prove they have the moxie, the brains and the fortitude to enroll, study, pass the class and stay in school. Sadly, most Blacks are just not intelligent enough to pull it off. Unless they get all sorts of special deals, they can’t cut it. Sadly, all those years of swaggering around saying studying and getting ahead was “acting white” has paid off.

  • carriewhite64

    Common sense would indicate that costs would dramatically decrease, for the reasons you stated, as well as others. For instance, could not an outstanding instructor teach thousands of students rather than a few hundred or less per semester? But I’m sure the universities will find a way to keep the money flowing if they are allowed to do so. A consumer-driven movement in the direction of cheaper on-line university educations would be interesting to observe.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    There is only one answer to the problem, Apartheid. A tribal homeland free of white devils. Negros can not compete with humans, they need their own space to flourish.

  • MBlanc46

    As much as I detest those folks, it’s probably for the best that they do shut down the U of M (and just about every other soi-disant institution of higher education in the country).

  • Alden

    This may be an arranged demonstration so that the University can claim it was forced to do what it planned to do already. I worked at a large university. I remember when around 500 Hispanic protestors swarmed all over the campus and lo and behold a few days later the board of regents announced that it would set up an entire Hispanics studies major and department.
    Same thing a few years later with the gay studies department and major. I think I will use gay instead of trying to keep up with the endless letters they keep adding to LG

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yes. A college counselor I work with told me a bare minimum score of 28 is needed for consideration to U of Michigan – and the 3.6 GPA this beast was bragging about is ho-hum in this day and age (GPA goes up to 4.5 now with Advanced Placement classes). Your better students now have 4.0 + GPAs.

    Please get a Disqus account – when you write as a guest , we Disqus users don’t get your replies in our e mail or inbox, only in “replies” which I rarely check.

    • With a 3.6 GPA and an ACT score of only 23, one wonders what sort of classes she was taking: “maff”, “nigonometry” and “Ebonics”?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I read this when I had my morning cup of coffee – I almost spit it across the keyboard from laughing at your course descriptions.

        Watch it bub!!

  • Blackfish

    Universities tend to be run by radical feminists and their easily controlled beta males. Don’t expect them to take a stand against anything, least of all someone who might do them physical harm.

  • Rodney S

    Don’t they realize that race is a social construct and doesn’t really exist? These people need to be sent to a government re-education center, immediately! Oh wait, the University of Michigan IS a government re-education center. Hmmm.

  • DJRicin

    Funny how they literally don’t even deny they lack the merit. They’re just purely saying, “Let us in because we tell you to!”

    Way to prove your opponents right.

  • WR_the_realist

    Nothing on this planet is more obnoxious than a gang of self righteous leftists.

  • guest

    It isn’t just that people teaching don’t try and don’t care much about anything other than their research and their research-adorned resumes, etc. The fact is that a lot of such people end up having graduate students and others “pinch hit” for them to the extent that some “teachers” are actually performing their assigned duties about 20% of the time. Tenure has for many such people become the counterpart of semi-retirement at age 35. There is very little accountability. People publishing frequently and soundly often are , in effect, relieved of other duties. We have had instances of some faculty being, for the most part, located hundreds of miles from campus–visiting campus regularly but not too frequently. Progressive corruption.