Refugees Found to Have Execution Videos on Their Mobile Phones

Oliver Lane, Breitbart, March 25, 2015

Norwegian police have revealed the gruesome clips they have discovered on the phones of new arrivals, but have admitted proving whether the asylum seekers have a hidden evil intent is prohibitively difficult.

The films found while making inspections of the tens of thousands of new arrivals included clips of executions, torture, and mutilations. Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen reported this week the police intelligence service harboured concerns about many of the asylum seekers, with members of IS in Syria, Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al-Shabaab in Somalia seeking refuge under false pretences.

A police spokesman said: “It’s correct that we have concerns about some people who have arrived here [in Norway] as asylum seekers… There is great uncertainty around several who are currently in Norway”. Norway’s police believe that as many as two percent of arrivals are terrorists, yet in the past seven years only a fraction of the thousands of asylum seekers who arrived have been denied refuge. reports the number sent back could be as low as 90 or 100.


The report came as the head of the European Union counter-terrorism force expressed his concern about the vast influx of refugees from North Africa and the Levant being used by terrorist groups to effortlessly infiltrate Europe with skilled killers. Breitbart London reported Director Gilles de Kerchove’s comments this week, when he said: “We must be vigilant. It is relatively easy to enter into the European Union when one joins an influx of refugees”.


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  • The films found while making inspections of the tens of thousands of new arrivals included clips of executions, torture, and mutilations.

    Yeah, ISIS sure knows how to throw a party.

    • Oil Can Harry

      These dorks haven’t yet figured out that blacks and Muslims will destroy the West regardless of whether they belong to ISIS, Boko Haram or the Justin Beiber Fan Club.

  • MadmanMarz

    Looks like them swedes really enjoy being culturally enriched.

  • Epiminondas

    Islamic porn.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Refugees with phones…. well I guess you dont have to live like a refugee to be one.

    • InAFreeCountry

      Now I have the Tom Petty song stuck in my head. Thanks.

    • John Smith

      I still use a dumb cell phone because I just want to make calls and don’t want to have to pay a fair bit of money for mostly useless functions I can live without, same as cable TV. Funny how the welfare class here and refugees seem to get these things when I decide my money would be put to better use elsewhere. I also don’t smoke, drink seldom and have no tattoos, which are all needless expenses that just about every poverty case you see on TV complaining about their lot seem to partake of.

  • PreserveTheWest

    How diverse!

  • LHathaway

    Yes, as Norwegian men become disfavored by positive action and also disfavored by Norwegian women Muslim extremists will have to begin attacking Norway. They’re going to be really angry about it all.

  • JackKrak

    If a white guy makes a “racially insensitive” remark on twitter, it’s time to discuss the limits of free speech.

    If third world savages with murder porn on their phones seek “asylum” in your country, God help anyone who complains about it on twitter…

  • james AZ

    Moderate muslims bring that sick video same with sick their heart as sicko ISLAMIC as ISIS…. Look Sweden have 55 no go zone that show that muslims can’t fit Swedish tradition and culture too. Muslims are international ISLAMIC……….never to be Swedishs. or Norwegians. WAKE UP NOW !!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,!!!!!!! ,!,,,,!!!!,,!!!!!!!!#%^£&@$%^#^$&@&& DAMN

  • Jason Lewis

    Why do Swedish men allow this? Do they even try to stop it?

    • The Dude

      Because it’s happening in Norway? (Little mistake there from Amren)

      But okay, I get your point. Unfortunately, most Scandinavians (men included) have convinced themselves that their wealth and prosperity make it almost mandatory for them to allow in hordes of refugees from the Third World.

      Even if we suppose these people will be just as productive and law-abiding in a generation or so, it’s just sad seeing historically white lands being browned away in this fashion. The white man has indeed turned from expanding into receding in one century.

      • Jason Lewis

        LMAO Dang I’m conditioned to think Sweden when I read articles about that part of the world allowing turd world immigration. Sorry that was completely subconscience….I read Noway and saw Sweden. Oh well there’s always Finland. They havent surrendered yet.

        • The Dude

          The Finns have always been a little different than their other Scandinavian neighbors. Even their language has completely different roots than Germanic Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Danish—it’s closer to Estonian. Which is mainly why Finland is not considered part of Scandinavia.

          It also doesn’t seem as suicidal in terms of immigration policy as its other neighbors. So there’s that.

          “I’m conditioned to think Sweden when I read articles about that part of the world allowing turd world immigration.”

          Hehe,so is Amren, apparently. Check the comment next to the title of the article. Understandable reflex.

  • InAFreeCountry

    Bringing in Muslim Arabs and Blacks to your country is importing terrorism? Who’d a thunk?

  • bubo

    Terrorists are people too. They just have a differing viewpoint that needs to be examined respectfully. ~ Swedish defense minister Akhmed Johanssen Muhammed

  • kikz2

    how nice……..i hope they find babz spectre in short order 🙂

  • John Smith

    They’ll be doing the same thing to Swedes on the streets of Stockholm in no time, thanks to the Swedish govt.

  • John Smith

    Does anyone truly think Breivik was wrong for taking on the left-wing and future left-wing establishment in Norway and eliminating its members?

    • Wing-nut.

      Sorta get the feeling he has also been set-up to be th’ stooge.

      A Norwegian picture of gun-toting hate.

    • Jason Lewis

      I had to dig to find decent articles describing Breivik’s motivation. American major news sources basically just made it out to be another Columbine or Sandyhook.

      • Wing-nut.

        He’s got a rather large back-story. Saw a documentary about him once. Lots left unsaid by the media.

        • Jason Lewis

          The media wouldnt want to start a real discussion.

  • John Smith

    It’s not like Scandinavian history shows that the people are truly incapable of doing what is needed – the modern welfare state seems to have retarded their survival instincts.

    • archer

      The EU plays a big part, but even that’s no excuse for their behavior.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I bet they need to check the cell phones of the mexican illegals. I can guarantee that their cell phones will contain drug cartel info and murders.

  • Ella

    Scandinavian governments claim that we can only recruit terrorists from the Middle East for potential immigrants of great promise. Need not apply if you have Nordic ancestors.

  • Light from the East

    It only shows that Scandinavian policy toward those asylum seekers is extremely dumb, even low IQ Muslims know how to use it to penetrate the Western countries.

  • archer

    Incredible, they’ll just let them all in, how could they have become so stupid. Norway for years ranked number one in pay and places to live, say goodbye to that.

  • Speedy Steve

    … proving whether the asylum seekers have a hidden evil intent is prohibitively difficult.

    No it isn’t. Deny admission to all Africans and mohammedans.

  • Magician

    Sweden is determined to abandon its identity and let uncontrolled immigration break the country apart

    Norway at least has come to its senses. There is a political party that strongly works hard to prevent uncontrolled immigration and has started deporting refugees and immigrants in massive numbers, and also saw the crime rate in the country decreasing dramatically.

  • Whirlwinder

    You have got to be kidding, terrorists into Sweden? I thought these people were there to fill the labor market due to lack of Sweden’s youth population. These sweet people are peaceful, so the ‘elite leadership.’ tells us. Now we will have to go to war to get rid of them, if we want to survive as a nation.