Number of Foreign Criminals in Copenhagen Increases Again

Ray Weaver, Copenhagen Post, February 11, 2015

The number of foreign criminals finding themselves facing magistrates in Copenhagen courtrooms has increased for the sixth straight year.

According to statistics from the Copenhagen police from 2013, three-quarters of the people who faced the court–2,148 of the 2,854–came from outside of Denmark. The largest number of those–293–came from Romania.

Peter Skaarup, spokesperson for Dansk Folkeparti, said the numbers revealed that changes were needed.

“This shows that we have a huge challenge in our society, especially in Copenhagen, where foreign criminals are committing a lot of crimes,” Skaarup told MetroXpress.

Send them home
He believes that the penalties for burglary and theft should increase and that foreign criminals should be sent back to their home countries to serve their sentences.

Some 84 percent of the criminals appearing before Copenhagen courts in 2013 had foreign ancestry. Approximately 10 percent had Danish citizenship.

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  • John Smith

    But immigration “enriches” a country….

    • Charles Martel

      If they could enrich a country why where they of no benefit to their homeland.

      • John Smith

        Maybe we’re looking at it wrong – whatever they steal probably does enrich their home country, same as the Mexicans we’ve got here sending cash home.

  • Charles Martel

    Breaking the law should result in removal from the welfare/dole rolls.

    • Michael Whalen

      It should result in instant, automatic, and permanent deportation.

  • David Ashton

    “Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen” – Daniel Kaminsky.

    • Michael Whalen

      Danny Kaye!

  • Gee. So their criminal population is made up disproportionately of minorities? So surprising. We should send them some of our blacks. Then they would know what a really troublesome group of people is like!

  • Jason Lewis

    “Some 84 percent of the criminals appearing before Copenhagen courts in 2013 had foreign ancestry. Approximately 10 percent had Danish citizenship” Anything more to say?

  • The link to the article does not work. Maybe they were sorry for the racist article and deleted it?

    84% of criminals are foreigners. That means that Denmark has about 7 times more crime than it would have had they not let all the diversity in. that is a 600% increase in crime.

    Diversity causes 7 times more crime and is our strength.

  • james AZ

    Foreign prisoners % within the prison population…….

    Switzerland. 70.20% of 6084
    Luxembourg. 69.50% of 706
    Austria. 45.80% of 8671
    Belgium. 42.10% of 10159
    Norway. 32.60% of 3446
    Sweden. 28.70% of 7286
    Netherlands. 27.70 of 15604
    Germany. 26.30 of 70817
    Denmark. 21.90% of 3967
    New Zealand. 20.00% of 8706
    Australia. 19.30% of 29317
    France. 19.20% of 59655
    Iceland. 17.70% of 174
    England/wales. 13.10% of 85009
    Ireland. 13.00% of 4214
    USA. 5.90% of 2297400
    Russia. 2.80% of 847311

    • Light from the East

      It looks like European immigration policy has been going crazy all the time.

    • Tony Murphy

      I feel sure that these figures don’t count the offspring of (cough) ‘naturalized’ parents, only those with foreign passports. Had they done so the figures would be twice as large at least.

    • Ella

      Both Texas and CA seem to have higher numbers well passed 5.9% being the largest prison systems in the USA. TX and CA have near 40% Latinos illegals and/or legals jamming up prison space who should be deported for life or worse! Blacks take up about 55% for incarceration.

    • Sun

      source please.

  • james AZ

    Sorry. I missed. When. Is. 2010. Thank you

    • LHathaway

      You could break down the USA by race. The number of non-whites in jail may be near 50%. At least, I’m aware there are over a million White men in our prisons.

      • Alden

        I think it’s more but the Feds might classify Hispanics as Whites

        • Tony Murphy

          They do for crime statistics!

        • InAFreeCountry

          Yes. When it’s advantageous to lump them in with Whites, such as prison or crime stats, they do. When it’s about the poor, downtrodden Hispanics, they don’t. Absolute cherry picking.

  • LHathaway

    Isn’t there another sociologist who will tell us less than 10% or so of the foreign born are criminals? If this is true (and how could it not be) the increase in foreign criminals must also mean an increase in the number of foreigners. You know, an increase also in the one’s who wont be going to jail, but instead will be eligible for positive action and are fairly likely to marry or impregnate Danish women? Those ‘foreigners’?

  • Hammerheart

    I’m beginning to think we need to go back to how the ever practical Roman Empire handled these things…

    Corporal punishment, death, exilement, financial restitution…

    They all have the benefit of barely costing the state anything

  • WR_the_realist

    Diversity is Copenhagen’s greatest strength.

  • InAFreeCountry

    “He believes that the penalties for burglary and theft should increase
    and that foreign criminals should be sent back to their home countries
    to serve their sentences.”

    That would make too much sense. It could never work.

  • Sun

    “Some 84 percent…” Bet it’s higher. I can’t get over the feeling of media trying to downplay for anti-racist motives.

    p.s. article doesn’t work. odd.