Mayor Outraged by ‘White People Only’ Stickers Posted on Businesses

Faith Karimi, CNN, March 19, 2015

Someone is posting stickers that say “exclusively for white people” on businesses in the Texas capital of Austin. And the mayor is not amused.

“This is an appalling and offensive display of ignorance in our city,” Mayor Steve Adler said in a statement. “Our city is a place where respect for all people is a part of our spirit and soul. We will keep it that way.”


In addition to the disparaging words, the stickers are using the city’s logo, giving the impression that they represent Austin.


The stickers were placed between midnight Tuesday and 7 a.m. Wednesday. It’s unclear how many businesses were affected, but those that were targeted took them off, officials said.


“This type of cowardly and hateful act will not be tolerated in this city,” City Manager Marc Ott said.


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  • Alden

    Another hate crime hoax. The CCTV film will show a black sticking them in. Isn’t Austin the capital of PC and liberalism in Texas?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Meanwhile there are plenty of majority-black and majority-Mexican bars and clubs throughout Texas where whites are not welcome.

      • Cato

        Well, yeah, but who in their right mind would go there?

    • Zimriel

      I’m guessing more that it’s a fat mid-20s SJW female and/or longhaired white guy with dreadlocks. (They’ll smell about the same.)

      Austin has gentrified to the extent that those blacks who do still live there keep their heads down.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Probably correct: Everything seemed to be spelled correctly, so it could NOT have been a nigro undertaking…

        • Reverend Bacon

          “accepted” should be “excepted.” I suspect a fat mid-20’s SJW female AND a longhaired black guy with dreadlocks, as a team.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Your eyes are better than mine…

          • John Smith

            Sad that it was actually a greaser lawyer that is responsible and that he knows so little about proper English usage. Maybe he’d have done better in Spanish? Or he’s just a moron in any language and only got into law school because he’s a minority. I know which scenario I’m going with.

      • Cid Campeador

        Gentrification= Reestablishment of the White Victim Pool.

    • Reverend Bacon

      Clearly. I thought it would be an overt act by some SJW’s who were making a commentary on the nature of these businesses; presumably, they were criticizing these businesses as being “too white.” Maybe it started that way, and the irony was lost on the epsilon-minuses in the liberal community. So they just went along and pretended.

      Either way, there is essentially zero chance that this was done by someone who is truly pro-white. The misspelled “accepted” (should be “excepted”) is another clue.

  • Okay, here are the clues:

    1. Austin. ‘Nuff said.

    2. They were placed on the stores between midnight and 7 am.

    Case closed.

    Some of us have a phrase, “Whatchya doin’, Rabbi?” to describe this sort of thing. In this case, this is more like, “Whatchya doin’, SJW?”

    But just between you me and the gatepost, I’m disappointed that this is a hoax, and that it’s not for real. Hopefully one day this will be for real, just like hopefully one day all those anti-Muslim and anti-Hispanic backlashes that the media fret about but never materialize actually do materialize.

    • Alexandra1973

      I hear Austin is a splash of blue in a sea of red.

      • Zimriel

        I lived in Houston for nigh-on 30 years and you heard right.

        The red Central Texas sea laps up against more blue down around San Antonio and points south, but that’s a different blue. Those Democrats … well, let’s just say that a sticker like this one in the article might actually get posted on businesses there, in two languages.

        • kikz2

          Houston’s Black since Katrina……..

          • Alexandra1973

            And I heard the crime rate shot way up at the same time Houston was putting these thugs up.

      • John Smith

        Moscow on the Colorado.

        • Hinant Webb

          We used to call it Lesbos on the Colorado back in the 70s.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        It AIN’T part of Texas…!!!

        • Awakened Saxon

          Yes, it is. The people who live there are not Texans but that does not make the land itself foreign.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Okay, it makes it desecrated…

          • kikz2

            try infested……

    • Speedy Steve

      SJW? Single Jewish Woman? Never mind, I looked it up! I need to order 1000 of those to sell at AmRen next month.

    • Speedy Steve

      I searched and found this link. SJW’s are worse than I’d expected:

      www rooshv com/what-is-a-social-justice-warrior-sjw

  • Easyrhino

    My bet is this is another false flag and when the perpetrators are found out there will be zero repercussions and the clowns will get off with a warning at most

    • Chip Carver

      We may eventually have someone of Soros’ ilk tell us that this is some kind of performance art to raise awareness. They are ratcheting up their attacks on YT in the US, trying to get the darker natives and dusky interlopers worked up for an action packed summer. At least that’s the way it seems.

  • james AZ

    Hummmmm. Let have white people have own community aka no go zone … Let see if it work as crimes drop down faster than you think?

    • The All Seeing Bry

      I was thinking more of a country.

  • SentryattheGate

    In a free country, an owner of a private business would be able to make exclusions! I wish my city pool was exclusionary; the hordes of loud-mouthed kids who can’t swim, that get dumped off by ‘they mama’, that p**p in the pool would not be missed!

    • WhiteVeinKratom

      There is a city pool (I forget the city), where they have “moslem-only” swims.
      They don’t want to swim with whites.

      If it was the other way around, heads would fly.

      • SentryattheGate

        I know that the hotheads have demanded them (Muslim women only) in England, probably throughout Europe, and maybe there are some US cities. There was a Muslim family at the pool today; 5 kids, the mother completely covered in black plus the head wrap.

        • Robert Smith

          I think the proper term is mummies.

          • TrueNorthFree


          • Speedy Steve

            BMOs — black moving objects

          • Jason Lewis

            What’s the point of a photographs when you’re in a beekeeper outfit? Seriously?

          • Reverend Bacon

            In case one of them needs to establish an alibi, perhaps?

          • Robert Smith

            Every child should have a picture of their mummy

          • Whirlwinder

            A Muslim fashion show?

          • Now just what the hell is the point of photographing a group like that? Years later, nobody will remember who was who.

          • Darth Vaders.

    • awb

      An Indep., Mo. pool owner filled in his pool & built an arcade. I personally asked him why. The answer, “Integration”. COOL CREST, 1975?

      • SentryattheGate

        I grew up not far from there; there are blacks there now? I grew up in rural MO, in the 50s and 60’s w/o ANY blacks around. They were pretty much only in St.Louis and Kansas City then.

        • awb

          U.S. 40. Black’s & crack ho’s all the way to Blue Spring’s.

  • Truthseeker

    I’m going to guess this is some SJW’s idea of protesting an area being “too white.” I remember seeing a blog once where a Black woman had a project where she counted the number of Whites in public places. If the people there were over 90% White, she would promptly walk out, leaving a note explaining that there are too many White people, and that’s a problem. Oh, but they don’t hate Whites, of course, they just want our numbers and influence to decrease in their favor.

    • Race War Provisions

      They just want more crime and less production, more decay.

      They want it to look like africa

  • Kit Ingoldby


    I guarantee those stickers have been put up by a trouble stirring black or a white leftist creating a hoax.

    • TomIron361

      Definitely whites made the stickers. Blacks could put them up, but not make them.

      • John Smith

        Soros probably paid for them.

    • bilderbuster

      If one was put up on my business I’d leave it there as a sign of “social protest”.

  • The word in libturd Austin is that the stickers are a Social Justice Warrior’s protest against gentrification of the area. It’s too subtle for the politicians and Negros to get it. Satire goes over the heads of libturds when it’s not patently obvious, as they have no sense of humor and believe there’s a KKK hood and robe under every white bed in America.

    • SJWs complaining about the SJW gentrification of an area?

    • BlueSonicStreak

      This is what I figured. This is exactly Tumblr-brand sarcasm.

      It flew over everyone else’s heads.

  • RedOnTheHead

    How can it be exclusive if they’re allowing five colored people in at a time?
    Exclusive is when you pass out flyers for a campus rally on diversity that say ‘no whites allowed’.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Welp, better register all laser printers and institute a 3-day waiting period on label paper.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    “This is an appalling and offensive display of ignorance in our city,”

    I really have to wonder if many of these people even know what the word “ignorance” means.

    They seem to think it means “dislike or discrimination against other people” judging by how they like to use that word alongside words like “hate”, “racism” and the like.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      It means ‘not with the program’ in whatever form that takes.

    • Walter Lew

      No they don’t. Blacks use the word as synonymous with stupid, but it means absence of knowledge, and everyone is ignorant about some things.

    • Alden

      They don’t know the meaning of the word phobia.

      • bilderbuster

        They intentionally misuse the word phobia.

        • They are experts at re-defining words.

          • bilderbuster

            Yes they are.
            Another of their favorites is xenophobia although there is nothing irrational about opposing an invasion by an alien race.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    I’d wager when they find whoever put the stickers up, and it turns out to be a black guy, he’ll claim it was a political statement rather than a hoax.

    In the meantime, anyone know where I can get some of those stickers? I’d like to put one on my daughter when she reaches dating age.

    • Race War Provisions

      I believe a loaded shotgun does that sir

    • BlueSonicStreak

      No, I’m actually laying bets on this having been a genuine political statement, couched in sarcasm. This is exactly the kind of thing the liberals I used to hang with would do, to protest a business having too many white employees or not serving enough non-white customers.

      If it’s a hoax that was intended to be taken seriously, I will actually be surprised.

    • brior

      That’s funny.

  • superlloyd

    This just has to be a negro or a self loathing SJW drawing attention to da ‘preteen of da po’ blag main. LOL.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Most likely this is a false flag perpetuated by lefties to further incite blacks to attacks Whites.

    There are cameras all over the place, especially around college campuses.

    If the cameras showed Whites putting up these stickers, it would be all over the national news by now.

    Were any of these racist “signs” investigated?:

    • Jason Lewis

      S. Africa is the one place I think whites should leave. They should immigrate here. Their numbers are just too low in my opinion. If some Rawanda type incident happens it won’t be good.

      • Lygeia

        White colonized South Africa because nobody lived there.

        • John Smith

          Hottentots did, but they were few and there was obviously no civilization present.

          • The Khoi (Hottentots) were hunter-gatherers, and it simply isn’t possible to support a large, dense population without agriculture. Any place one has historically found a dense population, it has been the result of agriculture: Japan, China, Europe, the Middle East’s “fertile crescent”, the Indus and Ganges River valleys, Japan, China, etc.

      • 李冠毅

        A few days ago, Daily Kenn ran an article about White South Africans being prohibited by the Mandela government from leaving the country.

        • stonepillow

          Mandela is dead Oh and read Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa
          by Ilana Mercer

      • kikz2

        their BRAfrican gov won’t let them leave.. they presence is required as the tax base to support the darkies…..

        • brior

          And the food supply.

    • John Smith

      They can’t go back – too many muslims and negroes have moved in.

      Minorities: every place we have a right to be.
      Whites: you only belong in Europe.

  • Jason Lewis

    I was stationed at Ft. Bragg in the mid nineties. Swastikas were being painted on black soldiers barracks doors. The MPs set up surveillance and caught the black soldier who was doing it.

    • newscomments70

      The swatstikas where probably made incorrectly.

      • Tim

        Adolph Hitler was the Harry Potter of my age…. I have seen thousands of Swastikas on war movies, model airplanes etc. They are now being shown in movies and on news shows either too fat, or too skinny or too spidery. People have forgotten it was a geometric image, with strict rules of design. I believe to make one correctly you had to draw a square inside of a circle then divide that square in two twenty five smaller ones etc. etc. …

      • Spikeygrrl

        “The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been found worldwide, but it is especially common in India. Its name comes [sic] the Sanskrit word svasti (sv = well; asti = is), meaning good fortune, luck and well-being.”


        • John Smith

          The “hakenkreuz” is a very specific iteration.

        • newscomments70

          I’ve seen them fairly often in Asia and Africa. They are on temples and sometimes martial arts studios, etc. No one calls the Thought Police on them, it is simply part of ancient Asian culture. Another variation is a simple cross, which is the character for the number “10” in Chinese and Japanese. It symbolizes “ten gods” or two arms crossed, which is ten fingers. Liberals scream at us for being ignorant…but they are ignorant in this case. Liberals have selective memories and ignore history.

          • Amerinds in the US southwest used the symbol as well. The swastika was once on New Mexico state highway signs, but was of course removed in the late 1930’s. The US 45th infantry division also used the symbol until about the same time, due to the large numbers of Navajo and Hopi recruits the unit had.

  • LHathaway

    The original article managed to tie this to a history or racism (by whites) and oppression. Or at least used the incident to ‘educate’ us about the past.

  • newscomments70

    “Our city is a place where respect for all people is a part of our spirit and soul. We will keep it that way.”…but you’re ok with gang rape, as long as the victim is white, correct?

  • Alden

    Adler? Hmmm

    • Max

      That’s just what I was thinking.

    • John Smith

      Means “eagle” in German and is an actual Germanic surname, but it’s also one that becomes ambivalent, like “Meyer” and its variants, hiding members of the Tribe.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Who the hell CARES what they think…..if the stickers referred to ‘black only’, there would be no issue.

    Make NO mistake, there are many, many businesses where Whites are NOT welcome—yet NOTHING will EVER be done to force the issue…..

    Not that I particularly want to go to these places…..nor any other self-respecting person.

  • JInSanD

    There’s a big annual music and film festival going on in Austin right now from March 13 to 22 called South by Southwest. So there are people there from all over the country and many of the kids will be putting up all kinds of stickers and tagging public property. The culprits are probably not locals but northeastern libs trying to make Texas look racist.

  • Who Me?

    Nope. When they catch the perp, it’ll turn out s/he is “crispy”. (That’s a dark-skinned Afromerican, for those of you who aren’t too fluent in Ebonics.)

  • bilderbuster

    I just read last week some SJW women want him replaced by a woman.
    Harriet Beecher Stowe and Rosa Parks were among the names mentioned.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Exclusively for White People….

    Well, So what? Where’s the Crime?

    • Ernest

      if only it were true

  • phillyguy

    don’t laugh, I read an article about 2 weeks ago about a group of librials and lesbian freeks who wanted to replace Jackson on the 20 dollar bill with a woman, stating he was a racist.

    • Max

      They already have the three-dollar bill.

    • Race War Provisions

      The difference is he actually LED this country from the FRONT!

  • USofAntiWhite

    I guarantee this is an anti-White hoax. There would be a hate crime levied against any White person behind this and there will never be any charges filed in this case because the people behind this can’t be charged with a hate crime.

  • dukem1

    nope…there is not a black in the USA with the wit to do this.

  • Alexandra1973

    They want to talk about cowardly and hateful…it takes a pack of blacks to gang up on an elderly woman and they hate whites. There’s your cowardly and hateful.

  • IKUredux

    I swear to God how excited I would be if these signs were in fact posted by White Realists. Sadly, I would bet money in Vegas against the fact that they were.

    • Tim

      The whole bit about Back of House excepted is a slap at people of color being relegated to the kitchen… You are right, based on that…

  • Lygeia

    Well, we’ve had enough.

    • kikz2

      je suis fatigue.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Moi, aussi.

  • libertarian1234

    “This type of cowardly and hateful act will not be tolerated in this city,” City Manager Marc Ott said.”
    Isn’t it notable that people who accuse others of being “cowardly” over pro-white issues are themselves the biggest wimps on the planet?
    It took a lot of guts to paste those stickers on businesses, especially in an age of universal lying by rabid geeks who try to destroy people for not going along with the party line.
    And also wouldn’t it be typical of leftist weenies if the stickers said, “This is a sharia zone,” and this same wuss would urge his fellow leftist dregs to “not blame all Muslims for the misbehavior of a few.”
    Then he would suggest reaching out to Islamist so they would feel more inclusive, too ignorant to understand their expressed intent is to institute sharia law over the entire globe and that “reaching out” and being nice is not a good strategy unless a person wants to lose his head.
    And, calling them cowards? No way. If he did he’d go straight home and hide under the bed, shaking like a leaf, while trying to keep his hands steady enough to write out a long, rambling groveling apology to be read the next day.
    Like all the other leftist ideologues he knows that the world belongs to those who have the guts to take it by force or the threat of force.

    • libertarian1234

      Well, I just learned this Ott is a black. And that the poster of these stickers is anti-white.

      It had ALL the ear marks of some white wuss trying to prove how morally superior he was.

      Also, since posting the stickers was for the purpose of crying about a neighborhood that’s too white, I hope the dork is the guest of honor in a black mob beat down.

      But it will take three or four incidents like that before he could possibly learn anything. And by then he’ll probably be punch drunk.

      • “It had ALL the ear marks of some white wuss trying to prove how morally superior he was.”

        That’s the crux of Political Correctness; it’s all about public moral preening. Environmental Correctness amounts to an identical mental pathology for most of the same losers. For instance, Al Gore incessantly harps about reducing our collective “carbon footprint”, while at the same time owning a huge mansion in Southern California which much be air-conditioned during the hot summer months there. I’ve also read that the oaf flies to public appearances in a charted jet.

  • Max

    “This type of cowardly and hateful act will not be tolerated in this city,” City Manager Marc Ott said.”

    Cowardly and hateful acts by “youth” and “undocumented visitors” will be excused as they are in every other city, however.

  • Hinant Webb

    Say now…how ’bout a small version of this item…stickable on Starbucks coffee cups…or all over the damn store for that matter…OK, how many of you have had this idea already?

    Whatever…somebody get busy and send me a gross. I’ll do the rest.

  • John Smith

    A pretty obvious false flag operation by leftists, not that I would mind if businesses actually could limit minority customers and employees as they saw fit.

    • TXCriollo

      Ya Austin is losing its left power, more and more conservative every year. The whole deal with this is were atill in texas and sxsw is going on, making texans look bad. This will backfire on the left

    • Spikeygrrl

      I wouldn’t just “not mind,” I’d throw a party.

  • RaySist27

    ‘Exclusively for White People’

    The thought of us wanting to be left alone scares the living daylights out of them. So much so that even the idea of it is considered racist and hateful. They wouldn’t know what to do without us, it’s their greatest fear, even more than racism itself. All that they are and everything they have is because of us. They need us, we don’t need them, not a single one of them.

    • Ohmy!

      That is a good point.


    Ha! In two weeks CNN will have a story titled “Racism In Austin”. In it they’ll retell all the racist details and just around 70-to-80% through the article. They’ll casually, and ever so briefly mention that the person putting up the racist signs has been identified and taken in to custody. Leaving out the fact that the apparent racist putting up the signs. Was in fact the same black women holding the sign in the above photos. Who just so happened to be a member of the “Black Lives Matter Movement” and the “Black Brunch Brigade”. Being sure not to identify this as a campaign to drum up racial hatred against whites, and being even more sure to leave the impression < through thorough omission of the most pertinent facts ) that the racist putting up the signs was in fact white.

    • kikz2

      wonder if they’ll show the huey p. newton gun club’s armed ‘kill a pig’ march from last wk?

  • B.E.L.

    Look at the indignant look on the negro’s face. Like she just proved to everyone that white people are racists. Never mind that black people regularly go on TV and playboy (just recently) and plain out say, they hate white people. But they are not the racists, we are cause someone (Not proven who) posted a few white only stickers.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    While those stickers were in place, I’ll bet the incidents of shop-lifting and other forms of “shrinkage” were nearly zero…

  • Awakened Saxon

    A scuzzy mixed-race lawyer has taken credit for it:

    An attorney in Austin, Texas appears to claim responsibility for targeting local businesses with stickers saying there were “exclusively for white people,” KXAN-TV reported.

    “Why I did it is pretty obvious,” a shirtless Adam Reposa says in a video posted online. “Because it would be obvious that even though people know the real problem — and the real problem is that people without money are getting f*cked. They’re getting pushed out, and pretty quick. This area of town is turning into whites only.”


    • Speedy Steve

      Adam Reposa – a foul-mouthed, tattoo covered, ignorant attorney, who just might be a beaner.

  • Speedy Steve

    Marc Ott is a POC, and has a salary of $200K + per year. Damn, those Texans are liberals! Oh, and I hereby award extra credit for the cute little molestache.

  • Others are probably going to say the same thing, if they haven’t already, but I will chime in. I bet that it is a black person who did this, or a self-hating White, working with black people. Austin has a lot of liberal college kids that would probably invent a hoax like this.

    • Alexandra1973

      It doesn’t seem to click with them that nonsense like this just shreds what credibility they have. If any.

  • brior

    UV cured vinyl stickers have a distinct process to produce that type of sticker, shouldn’t be to hard to find the affirmative action printer.

    • It is possible to make “pretty good” stuff on a printer at home, but stickers of the sort you mention have a professional aspect to them.

  • zamzow

    Like the rabbi caught spraying Nazi signs on his synagogue I smell a rat. Lately the ultra left has been searching high and low for KKK night riders or skinhead activity and have found none. The next best thing is make up your own racial incident to try and maintain relevancy and ply it to a compliant ultra left MSM. The problem for these losers is most of white America is too brain dead or lazy to care. It is good for a laff though !

  • Pax Romana

    Like all the other race hoaxes perpetrated by blacks, and/or white Liberals, this is most very likely another, intended to bring tears of sympathy and even more political advantage to a group of people who have been designated as Official Victims by the Liberal establishment; while at the same time also intending to seed more animosity by showing “proof” that white society is the evil racist society that they are constantly telling us about. There is nothing the Left won’t do to keep old wounds open, damage and destroy whites and undermine America and Western Civilization. “By Any Means Necessary!”

  • IstvanIN

    A Hispanic lawyer named Adam Reposa did it.

    • John Smith

      He’s tatted up like a biker to boot. Probably some kind of public-sector attorney who fills a quota somewhere.

      • brior

        DUI Specialist extraordinaire.

  • John Smith
    • Alexandra1973

      Color us shocked.

  • Evette Coutier

    As always politicians make a mountain out of a mole hill looking for political points.

  • RedOnTheHead

    If you picked white social justice warrior manufacturing racism where none existed to illustrate the rampant racism he abhors, pick your prize up at the door.

  • Hank Richter

    I always love how they call everything “hateful”. If I had a party I would only invite white people, it’s just because that’s the type of people I like to hang out with, it doesn’t mean I HATE!!!!!!! other races. My goodness, these lefties always take everything to the extreme.

    • brior

      But I truly hate libtards.

  • Spikeygrrl

    A tattooed, in-your-face Latino is Jewish? Riiight.

    • John Smith

      Geraldo is both.

      • Correct; Geraldo Rivera was the son of a Russian Jewish mother and a Puerto Rican father, and was raised mostly Jewish. His creepiness transcends any religion, however, such as attempting to disclose an upcoming operation in Iraq in 2003, or shoving aside rescue workers in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.

        • John Smith

          All that kosher egotism (and egoism) with some extra Latin aggressiveness should surprise few when he makes everything about himself.

  • I’ll take “Libtard ‘activist’ college students with a computer printer for $100, Alex.”

  • brior

    AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin lawyer is claiming responsibility for
    several stickers placed on East Austin businesses that claimed they were
    “exclusively for white people.”

    Adam Reposa posted the video on YouTube and made a statement on Facebook saying he was trying promote the issue of gentrification in East Austin. (Warning: The video contains explicit language)

    “They’re getting pushed out, and pretty quick. This area of town is
    turning into white’s only,” Reposa said in the clip. “Not by law like it
    used to be, and everyone’s going to jump on, ‘that’s racist!’ ‘that’s
    racist!’ Man, this town, the way **** works is racist! And I knew I
    could just bait all of y’all into being as stupid as you are.”
    Reposa went on to blast people for not getting the messag

    • One wonders what “more pressing work” the Texas Bar Association will pretend to find instead of disbarring this tatted-up sideshow-freak hoaxer. One must also wonder why if Reposa considers it hunky-dory when blacks and browns drive middle-class whites out of their neighborhoods that it is somehow an epic catastrophe when the process occurs in reverse.

      • brior

        Indeed, If it’s not the idea of the melanin enhanced it is absolutely racist and ol YT must be made to pay in one form or another.

  • brior


  • Poupon Marx

    Years ago, throughout Texas, many family and individual businesses had a sign posted that said, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody”. I thought this was totally uncontroversial and Constitutionally protected.

    I still do, and the owner of the business should not need to justify or explain his actions.

    • SentryattheGate

      I don’t know how that issue plays legally? But the civil rights sit-ins started at a (private business) drug store soda fountain. And I wonder how private businesses can be sued for discrimination for asking his employees to speak English only, when south Florida excludes English and English-speakers?

  • One the one hand, they didn’t come out and say “white racists are responsible.” In fact, one shop owner even guessed it might be a statement about gentrification. On the other hand, don’t expect CNN to follow up on this story in any meaningful way. Also, don’t expect charges to be filed against the black perp who did it. They’ll just let the story fade away…

    If it had turned out to be a white perp, they would NOT let the story fade away. Instead, it would be in the headlines for months.

    • The Dude

      “In fact, one shop owner even guessed it might be a statement about gentrification.”

      Those were my thoughts too. It could very well be a liberal activist trying to make a statement about racist gentrification excluding non-whites.

      • Susan

        Gentrification will soon be considered raaacist, and the government will restrict it or tax it.

  • regbs

    The hard-hitting investigative reporting of the West’s press corps will get to the bottom of this. They’ll dig deep and find who’s really at the bottom of it, right?

    • bv

      It was a L.L.L. “Triple L” aka Looney Leftist Latino, who was responsible for this “crime”!

  • Pat Boyle

    The great danger in this type of sticker is that if the public recognized it as valid the business that had such a sticker would prosper. Whites everywhere would flock to a location where they were not menaced by blacks.

    Mall after mall all over America have been put out of business by marauding black teenagers. We need venues where people can feel safe from blacks.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Mexicans by my mall. I used to like going to the mall. One of my enjoyments. Then the Mexican invasion hit. Can’t stand to go anymore. Hate the Spanish signs and arrogant Mexicans.

      • kikz2

        our local one is getting quite old.. i think only Macy’s and Sears left as anchors… Dillard’s pulled out and moved north to the exoburbs.. the last time i was there, i don’t do the mall.. was close to two years ago before Christmas.. one my teens just had to go to some dumbassed weirdo shop.. and while i was out in the mall benchsitting waiting on her.. a Mex.. or some Latino comes by w/a stainless steel belt buckle which featured in rather large2″ block print the work “F*CK”. that was the last time i’ve been in that mall……. it is dying as are many of them, now more due to feral fighting. The ‘teen riots’ were all over this Holiday season, and far as I can tell, they’ve not much abated.

  • Higgs Boson

    FACT: The higher the percentage of blacks in any given area, the higher the crime rates, both violent and non-violent crime rates. The two are perfectly correlated.