Posted on February 27, 2015

William Johnson Interview with Nationalist ‘Russian Imperial Movement’

American Third Position, February 26, 2015

Nicholas Truschalov of the “Russian Imperial Movement,” a nationalist group in Russia, interviewed William Johnson for their website:

Questions for William Johnson of the American Freedom Party.

QUESTION: In European and Russian political science the American nation is presented as a “melting pot” or “salad pot” of very different peoples, races, and cultures. Who do you consider an American? Is it possible to consider you an American nationalist?

ANSWER: The concept of “melting pot” in America is a relative new one. I was born into a country that was mostly white (Northern European.) For most of my life the word “American” was interchangeable with “White, Northern European.” Since 1964, there has been an accelerated change in the racial makeup of America so that now an American can be someone of any ethnic background. I cannot call myself an American nationalist because the official American belief system is one of multiculturalism and diversity.

QUESTION: What problems do Americans face? Is it true to say that America has become a police state in which the goverment violates the rights and freedom of citizens and forces on society the totalitarian ideology of radical liberalism and multiculturism?

ANSWER: When I was young, the average American always bragged about how much freedom we enjoy in America. In our churches we did (and still do, although disingenuously) stand up and thank God for our freedoms in America. We now have more laws in America than the rest of the world combined. In fact, the average Homeowners’ Associations has more regulations than some countries. This shift towards totalitarianism has resulted from America trying to govern an increasingly ungovernable situation. Societies in the past have generally been built upon a common heritage. America today, has no such basis so it has to make up for it with increased laws.

QUESTION: Could you please remark on the American right-wing movement (by right-wing I mean Christian conservatives, reactionaries, defenders of national identity and traditional values and not those associated with the government parties). What well known persons, groups and organizations does it consist of?

ANSWER: The American right-wing movement is made up of many competing and opposing factions. My take on them is as follows:

Christian Conservatives. Christian Conservatives generally are not racially conscious. Christianity is, by its very evangelical nature, multicultural. It seeks salvation for all of God’s children. When a society is anchored with a strong racial consciousness, Christianity can be friendly with nationalists. But when the nation-state advocates multiculturalism, Christianity natural outreach to all facilitates the nation-state in its drive for diversity. As a general rule, Christian Conservatives are strongly opposed to policies that will save the white race from its self-propagated demise.

Reactionaries. Reactionaries are America’s old-line conservatives. The term has fallen out of use in recent years. No one is really called a “reactionary” anymore.

Defenders of National Identity and Traditional Values. This is the only group on which the future of the white race has hope. Unfortunately, very few nationally-known and respected individuals today (in America) proclaim themselves openly to be defenders of white National Identity. However, from a core–a remnant — we can regroup, rebuild, survive and thrive.

Well known persons, groups and organizations. In my opinion, the only ones that matter in this area are those that are steadfast in defending the white race. In America, we live in a society where “white people hate white people who like white people,” so in my opinion, only those who stand for race are of major consequence in our movement. In my opinion, the most influential groups and persons are:

GROUPS: American Renaissance, American Freedom Party, Council of Conservative Citizens, Charles Martel Society, Institute for Historical Review, American Free Press, National Youth Front

INDIVIDUALS: Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Sam Dickson, Willis Carto, David Duke, Mark Weber, Tom Sunic, Thom Robb, William Johnson, James Edwards, Jamie Kelso, Kenn Gividen, Richard Spencer (and many more).

QUESTION: How does the American Freedom Party differ from other similar organizations? What is your governing ideology? Who is eligible to become a member of the American Freedom Party?

ANSWER: American Freedom Party is a political party. We run candidates for office, engage in electioneering and seek to change the country through the ballot box. We are the only openly pro-white political party in America. Our board of directors is comprised of people with differing views and approaches. Some directors want to be implicitly pro-white and others what to be explicitly pro-white. I am explicitly pro-white and I am currently the chairman. Any American over the age of 18 can join (regardless of race). Those under the age of 18 join our youth organization (National Youth Front).

QUESTION: What place does religion hold in your edifice and political ideology? Do ideas of the conservative movement and defense of traditional values find support amongst the hierarchy and lay members of the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches? How influential in American society is Christian fundamentalism or does secularism grow more rapidly?

ANSWER: The American Freedom Party does not take a particular stand on religion. We have Christians, pagans, atheists, etc. in our organization. I am a Christian and have attended church every Sunday my entire life and will attend until I die. My wife and children also attend service. I strongly support a high moral code of conduct but do not think that it needs to come through religion. I like the concept of people gathering together one time per week to work on improving themselves. I also like the concept of helping your neighbor. Religion and churches can aid this, but so can non-religious groups.

As a general rule, Christian, Catholic and Orthodox churches do not currently support white nationalism and so their benefit to a white society is conflicted. Christianity in America is waning in both influence and number of adherents. Secularism is gaining strength and indeed, may be the dominant viewpoint among white Americans.

QUESTION: Many Russian and European nationalists believe that America has been the world center of Jewish-Masonic ideas from the time of the Founding Fathers. Is it fair to say that the Jewish lobby and Masonic lodges determine American internal and external politics? If this is indeed the case, then how do you believe it can be changed?

ANSWER: Many years ago, I toured America with a Black Nationalist named Robert Brock. We did radio shows and television shows together and made speeches at nationalist gatherings. He said to me: “Mr. Johnson, why do you people always talk about the Jews. It’s not the Jew that you have to worry about it is your own white people. Forget about the Jews and take charge yourself.” I believe this to be true. The Masons have no power anymore. They are less influential that than the Boy Scouts. Jews have a convergence of interest that often goes against white America, but whites possess within themselves the ability to live or die. The main enemy of the white race is the white race, not the Jew.

QUESTION: The current political system of America is organized such that candidates other than from the Democratic and Republican parties, who do not receive support (or perhaps more correctly, are not simply instruments) of influential financial groups, find it very difficult to win elections. How do you propose to break this logjam so as to acquire power? Or do you count on acquiring popularity among voters and the elite by means of step-by-step agitation and propaganda and thereby reach a stage where one can compete with both of the government parties for power?

ANSWER: I wish we had in the American system the ability to send to congress representatives who gather less than a majority vote, such as proportional representation. Sadly, we do not. Currently the lawmakers are all from either the Democratic or Republican parties so they keep the laws in place to preserve their two party system. This is the way it is. We at the American Freedom Party must sally forth in spite of the odds. In the end, we once we start prevailing, the floodgates will open and positive change will come rapidly. We have hope for the future. Propaganda and education is what we strive for in the short term.

QUESTION: Your party demands the end of interference by America, including in the military sense, in other countries (for which America is not loved throughout the world), proposes leaving the UN, NATO and closing a large number of military bases on foreign soil. This means that you renounce a messianistic imposition of a specific American model of democracy and/or belief system on the entire world. What national idea and geopolitical alternative do you then suggest for America? In your opinion, what relationships should exist between America, Europe and other countries?

ANSWER: Since much of America either hates or is ashamed of its white heritage, how can a self-hating country lead the world? We must withdraw from excessive influence in the world stage. America should strive to be at peace with the world. It should strive to curtail its interference. It should abandon multiculturalism and diversity and push for environmentalism and ethnocentrism on the world stage.

QUESTION: An issue of vital importance for Russia is the war in Ukraine. What are your views on the origin and current driving forces of the conflict and on how it should be resolved?

ANSWER: Tom Sunic, our European director told me “Johnson, don’t stick your nose into that mess.” So my response is: “No comment.”

QUESTION: You support contact with European nationalist organizations. Today in Europe and other countries of the world, a “right International” is step-by-step coalescing for confrontation with globalism, Islamism and totalitarian ideas. How do you appraise the perspectives of this project?

ANSWER: This is the best way for the future. Let’s all [nationalist groups] work together.

QUESTION: What attitude of ordinary Americans and rightists to Russia and Russians? What would you like to wish to Russian nationalists and our readers.

ANSWER: We support nationalists worldwide. This is my advice: Marry; be faithful in marriage; stay away from drugs and excessive alcohol consumption; have children rear them to be good citizens of the community and to be honest in all their doings. If we all follow that advice, we will have a future in this world.