Anti-Racism Mania at Elite Private Schools

Robert Weissberg, American Thinker, February 27, 2015

For over half a century America has struggled to improve race relations and progress is modest, at best. But optimism soldiers on although failure only seems to breed desperation. A recent New York Times article recounts the latest crackpot panacea. The article tells how wealthy white children enrolled in some of New York City’s toniest and expensive private schools are being detoxified of their poisonous white racism. The message is that these youngsters must develop “anti-racist thinking” as a skill, a competency necessary for the 21st century. It exaggerates only slightly to compare this process with Maoist self-criticism where people publicly confessed to crimes, many imaginary, and then admit remorse as the first step in “voluntarily” embracing the party line (see here).

Typical was a daylong session (“A Day of Concern”) at Manhattan’s upscale and largely white Friends Seminary where speakers lead the workshop discussion about social justice and its relationship to racial/ethnic identify, gender, and most of all, privilege and power. According to Derrick Gay, a professional diversity consultant who led the discussion, the exercise was to help students escape their racial/ethnic “bubble” that hinders them in a global society. Mr. Gay explained that everyone has an identity, for example, lesbian or Jewish and society does not value all identities equally. But that is nobody’s fault–you just must be aware of the inequality.

Elsewhere comparable elite schools held discussions, often in all-white groups, about unearned (white) skin privilege, white racism and dominance (see here and here and here among others). A particularly hot topic is white micro-aggression–how whites unconsciously, often with the best of intentions, repeatedly harm people of color, for example, compliment black students for a high test score that would not draw praise if the student were white. Some schools send students to the annual White Privilege Conference where they examine privilege and oppression to help build a more equitable world.

Also popular are films (e.g., The Prep School Negro) that portray these students as being unaware of their enormous privilege vis-à-vis less advantaged minority students, e.g., being able to travel abroad during school breaks. One educator bemoans the absence of white anti-racist role models who would allow students to confront white racism directly versus, say, claiming to be colorblind or unaware of racism. Especially fashionable is hiring directors of diversity to insure that the anti-racist message will be inescapable. Repeatedly students are pushed to label themselves according to a hodge-podge of categories and then made to explain how these identities fit into society’s hierarchies.

This is clearly foolishness. It’s hard enough teaching today’s often indifferent students so why waste time on society’s alleged injustices? Race relations in schools are already a minefield, so why hire outside agitators to stir the pot? What’s the pedagogical point of forcing students into categories such as gay or Jewish? Surely a case could be made that these convocations and workshops could be better devoted teaching writing or learning a foreign language. Actually, ridding schools of this costly twaddle would lower tuition and thereby make the school more accessible to middle-class families.

There are, however, more serious problems. That these lessons are thinly disguised propaganda on behalf of racial egalitarianism should be obvious to all but the most dimwitted. Imagine a white student being told that he enjoys special benefits thanks to his skin color when he knows that his family is paying $20,000 a year or more for tuition while his African American classmate gets a free ride? Or regularly sees mediocre blacks being admitted to Ivy League schools with scholarships while far more academically qualified whites and Asians must settle for state schools. If anything, as measured by government benefits, blacks and select other minorities are now America’s privileged.

The PC babble is more than just misinformation. It engenders cynicism regarding teacher credibility. Recall how Soviet apparatchiki would harangue workers about their Workers’ Paradise. After a point, nobody would believe anything, including 2+2=4. Though I have not personally witnessed these excoriations of white privilege, I’d guess that most whites just zone out knowing full well than objections would only certify them as troublemakers and conceivably hinder their path toward Harvard. Better to play along with the charade.

These anti-racism crusades may also deepen “dangerous stereotypes” about racial inferiority. This is almost guaranteed when schools recruit marginally qualified black students and teachers to showcase their diversity. Then bring in “diversity experts” (typically black) who babble on with little more than PC slogans and homilies. A better way of undermining race relations is hard to imagine.

Finally, there are scientific explanations for the plight of African Americans but one is unlikely to find them discussed at these elite prep schools. Rather, entire strategy of these school programs is more religious dogma than empirical research. Everything blithely assumes that the tribulations of American blacks are largely the fault of whites–cleanse the bad thinking of whites, and a racial Utopia will arrive. So, for example, whites expect little from blacks and these low expectations debilitate blacks so raise expectations and watch test scores soar. This is all about psychologically refurbishing white America to solve our racial woes. Blacks are just hapless victims.

The underlying logic of this “theory” is preposterous. I have never seen it put under the microscope, let alone even hypothesized as a scientifically testable proposition. Can any administrator at one of these diversity-obsessed schools offer any proof how the presence of minority students enriched the educational milieu? Surely this could be demonstrated. How would convincing a WASP preppy that openly acknowledging his white privilege will help millions of blacks, not just his black classmates, to strive harder in school, avoid teenage pregnancy, eschew crime and domestic violence, and otherwise behave more like high-achieving whites and Asians? Do black students excel when informed that their white classmates receive better grades thanks to their family’s wealth? All this blaming of whites may only exacerbate black flight from personal responsibility and thus make matters worse.

This exercise in forcing whites to confess to their unearned privilege harkens back to the medieval black plague when an angry, vengeful god was, supposedly, appeased by self-flagellation and public confessions of sin. Put concretely, real racial equality will come when we humiliate enough children of rich white folk.

This costly stupidity is best understood as what can happen when 60 years worth of expensive nostrums have failed but the urge to solve the problem remains irrepressible. It also makes perfect evolutionary sense: humans with their superstitions and belief in magic have existed for 300,000+ years while by contrast, modern science is relatively new and critically not all that popular among professional educators. It is thus predictable that when remedy after remedy fails, when spending billions leave racial gaps untouched, we instinctively return to our roots with “solutions” that resemble burning witches. These bogus solutions are more alluring than conducting scientific investigations of why blacks and Hispanics lag behind in academic achievement.

This is expensive educational malpractice, even a form of child abuse, that will add nothing to student learning save, perhaps, deepening racial animus. As to why it thrives in these elite schools, I can only speculate. Perhaps such anti-white racism mania is the latest fashion in a profession where career advancement requires embracing the latest craze. Among today’s educators, nobody will ever be condemned for being too anti-racist, no matter how foolish their arguments and the inflicted damage. End of lesson.


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  • Robert Weissberg has put about half of the pieces of the puzzle together, so he’s only seeing half the picture.

    The purpose of this “crackpot panacea” at schools that only the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1% can afford to send their kids to isn’t to brainwash themselves or self-flagellate. It’s to teach them how to rule over the rest of us, and to give them rhetorical and polemical weapons with which to do so.

    • phorning

      You’re right, these are the people who group of to mandate the corporations they run have mandatory diversity training sessions.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        I happen to work in a large, national corporation that champions this diversity junk day in and day out. Twelve years ago, it sent all employees a “diversity survey”, asking intrusive questions about very personal opinions. I never answered it.

        • John Smith

          If it was anonymous, I’d have said what I felt (though the advent of electronic microprinting, etc. makes this suspect). I remember I got something like this as an e-mail attachment promising anonymity for suggestions to improve the focus of our organization and declined to put my head through such an obvious noose.

          • Dennis Rader, the BTK killer (for “Blind, Torture, Kill”) was caught partly due to electronic metadata embedded in a deleted Microsoft “Word” document.

          • John Smith

            I remember that. Many printers will microprint a small “watermark” on documents that reveals serial number data. Buying items for cash, like used computers and printers, at garage sales and thrift stores probably isn’t a bad idea now.

    • Rhialto

      Bear in mind that when the indoctrinatees are middle aged, the “rest of us” will not be just Black, White, and mulatto. There will be large percentages of the Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Arab/Muslim in the U.S. population. These folks seem to have considerable immunity to self hatred for having non-Liberal attitudes. So for the Waspy would-be leaders of the near future, red-neck Racist Whites may be the least of their obstacles/threats.

      • Alden

        WASP leaders surrendered around 1930 and turned leadership over to another elite. In case you don’t know, there are very few WASPs in NYC private schools. Even SacredHeart and Fordham are no longer majority Christian nome sayn?

        • Speedy Steve

          Check out an 8th grade exam from Kentucky in 1912 — when even White redneck farmers were smarter than today’s PhDs.
          www bullittcountyhistory com/bchistory/schoolexam1912.html

        • Katherine McChesney

          That’s because they are Jesuit schools and Jesuits have never been Christian.

          • HE2

            Who are you or any of us to judge?
            To the militant Christian fundamentalist fringe however, Jesuits are behind all manner of evil doings, including the sinking of the Titanic, according to one of the sources you posted.
            Not so, KMc. Jesuits are an ancient mystical order, some consider the only “true Catholics,” and just as Christian as you are.

          • Katherine McChesney

            They aren’t Christian. Their Marxist Leninists. Mithraism is their religion. I got this information from a book on Loyola’s founding of the order published by THEM.

          • HE2

            Who/what is THEM?

          • HE2

            Asking again, Katherine: what/who is THEM?
            Ignacio de Loyola founded the order. What book is your reference? Other than fundamentalist website toxic screed that denigrates anything but fundamentalism, unable to find anything online to substantiate your claim.

          • dd121

            One of my friends went to U. of San Francisco, a Jesuit school. He’s hard core Catholic but he hates the Jesuits. He thought the priests were very unfair to him.

          • HE2

            If his experience is fairly recent, I understand. USF is going down the liberal tubes along with all the sold out churches, RC and Protestant.
            In earlier days, USF was a fine school with faithful, grounded professors and an all White[!] championship basketball team.
            I do know some proper conservative Jesuit priests who keep the faith, but maintain a low profile; ex and I were married by one. That priest has left the local order, now teaches at a conservative parish elsewhere.
            I now attend a Berkeley Zendo, the quietude and meditation more fitting for my way of being.

          • dd121

            He attended in the early ’70s. I’m sure it’s a lot more liberal now.

  • dd121

    My grand kids went to private schools. Just remember they’re all run by liberals so they all have set-asides for the bantu. Along with that is the propaganda that we’re all equal. The leftist mindset is hard to escape.

    • Nancy

      My kid just took her 3rd grade social studies test on Thurgood Marshall. Just being forced to help her “study” for this propaganda nonsense made me grind my teeth, especially the “wrongs” that Marshall “made right”: Brown vs Board of Ed, etc. I made a point of asking my daughter to name a way in which our white community, and traditional America at large, has benefited from abolishing school segregation, residential restrictive covenants, etc. ( I even pulled up national violent crime rates as a comparison.)

      Of course, she couldn’t name any benefits for whites, but together we came up with LOTS of benefits for the Negro (ability to go to school with whites, live near whites, etc.). I just told her to memorize the obvious “right answers” on the test, and consider who, exactly, considers them “right answers” to begin with.

      • dd121

        You’re a good mom.

  • USofAntiWhite

    One of the many Black privileges; getting paid to go mentally abuse White children. Ask any Black person from the street to the conference room if they think it would be right for a White man to speak to a captive audience of Black children about racism. 100% of them will say, “no!” Then quickly ask them if they think it is okay for a Black man to do the same to White children…

    • ejXinMI

      Yup. My kids were subjected to the ‘bad white people’ guest speaker in our local public school. I’m not sure I disabused them of the garbage they were forced to ingest that day, but I’m pretty sure they know where I stand now.

      • I home-school Ariadne, and that’s one of the main reasons. Political indoctrination is not “education”.

        • Nancy

          How old is she? I’m a teacher by trade, and home-schooled my two oldest until late middle school. I have LOTS of extra curriculum materials, like books, games, etc., that I’m not intending to pack up and take to Utah when we move this summer. You’re welcome to them.

      • authorizedversion .

        Thanks be to God, February is over. The entire month is dedicated to teaching my children to feel sorry for the poor, poor, people of color. The other night at the dinner table my 9 year old daughter says to me, “Dad, at school we heard a story about a white girl and a black girl, and the white girl hurt the black girls feelings and it was really sad” I will not repeat here what I said in response to this.

        • USofAntiWhite

          These people are so bent on their anti-White platform that they don’t realize they are intuitively teaching everyone that Black and Brown people are historically, culturally, economically and genetically… second-rate.

        • WhiteVeinKratom

          Inquiring minds want to know.


      But at some point, it’s whites fault for tolerating this. We can complain about such and such group, but we need to put our foot down. I’m not mad at blacks and jews anymore or Mexicans or muslims. I’m mad at whites for putting up with their BS

      • USofAntiWhite

        Agreed. I sometimes tell non-Whites that I too hate White people. When they enthusiastically respond in approval I tell them, “I hate them for putting up with the endless BS of non-Whites.” I say the same thing to White progressives with kids about hating White people and continue on that their kids should be ruled by non-Whites in the glorious future… they never seem to like to hear that last part.

    • ElComadreja

      They’re given carte blanche to rape whites in prison as a means of controlling them. Everyone involved with this crap in the prison system should be horsewhipped.

  • WR_the_realist

    There is privilege in the prep schools, but it’s privilege due to money, not race. When you were a kid did your family go abroad during school breaks? Mine neither.

    • Yes, any black with a little $ is eagerly sought by private schools. However only 17% of black children at age 2 live in 2-parent homes & black families are known to have little cash reserves. Also many blacks do not put a value on a traditional white ejumykajon, preferring to send their 4 year old sons to football training programs when they take any interest in their kids at all.

      • Nancy

        There’s a loophole in the education law here in Georgia, which states that if a child in public school has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan, a legally-binding document that outlines all the special considerations that must be given to a child with a learning or behavior disorder), the parent has the right to have the child in the “Least Restrictive Environment” for his learning. Therefore, if the parent doesn’t like the way the public school is addressing his/her IEP, they can send the child to a private school ON THE STATE’S DIME.

        However, most private schools won’t touch a kid with an IEP, unless it’s a “special school”. One school where I briefly taught figured out that by taking IEP kids on a “case by case basis”, they could accept the highest-functioning IEP students and get a guaranteed tuition check by the state for each kid. GA state law does not require “special ed.” students to be taught by a certified “special ed. teacher”, either. She figured she’d accept some of those kids who were “only” ADHD, or “only” Asperger’s, keep class size small, and keep her cash flow coming in.

        Of course, the principal/owner got greedy, and overlooked that many kids who were not diagnosed “Asperger’s” was just because of a formality: the parents didn’t realize they had an “Aspie” kid and thought he was just “quirky”, etc. Or the kid who was only ADHD actually had a lot of behavior disorders. And a big percentage of those were black.

        So all the good, white students began leaving in droves, and parents who’d rather their kid have a report card of all As and Bs than have the child actually get real help put their child in this school instead. Teachers were overwhelmed with the high number of special ed. kids in each class, and teacher turnover was super-high, most teachers didn’t make it to Year 3. But that’s okay: the owner kept getting her guaranteed state checks, and more and more black parents quickly moved their chilluns to a joke of a school to bring home high grades they never earned. The owner even changed the name of the school (but nothing else), in order to escape the terrible ratings on Google that were attached to the old name.

        Meanwhile, in our local public school, my 3rd grade daughter is forced to learn about how Thurgood Marshall heroically ended the evils of school segregation.

  • LHathaway

    So, white orphans, first living at child services then with foster parents who abuse them, who attending pubic school where they are bullied and drug use is common, and who’s parents were working or middle class citizens murdered by Americans of color, these children are all privileged over and above the children of color who’s grandparents benefited from affirmative action (and they do to) not to mention all these ‘educational’ program that are meant to elevate people of color and instill guilt in whites. Especially whites such as this.

  • TruthBeTold

    I read ‘The Diversity Myth’ over 20 years ago.

    One thing I remember is how white students who were forced to take diversity classes learned to parrot what they were told in order to get good grades. One young white man recounted how he wrote a paper filled with anti-colonialism rhetoric. The professor punctuated the paper with ‘YES’ to everything he wrote.

    Many kids will listen to these lectures and walk out the door mocking what they just learned.

    • John Smith

      I hope so – it mirrors my experience sitting through diversity classes at work.

    • Ken Dometriosis .

      Guessing the “professor” was a filthy JEW!

    • Nancy

      Truth, read my earlier post. My 3rd grader is doing EXACTLY that: regurgitating the anti-white rhetoric on her little tests, while at home, we teach her the truth about “school segregation”, LBJ and his “Great Society”, etc.

      • HE2

        Good mothering work, Nancy. I do the same thing.
        We home school traditional old school academia ourselves, then use tutors who share our beliefs for other subjects.
        We feel compelled to teach some [un]Common Core, but with tongue in cheek and only surface stuff, enough to pass any required exams in those courses. You can bet that requirement will be in the cards in order to graduate.
        The children know it is rubbish and a waste of time, but must be included.

        • Nancy

          Yeah, it sucks but it has to be done. We used to home-school the older two, but when they hit around 8th grade, they wanted to go do the high school thing: marching band, cheerleading, etc. My best high school memories were of being Drum Major myself, so I could hardly say no.

          The problem is the youngest one, who is seven years younger than my middle child. Of course she wanted to go to school like her older sisters (you know how the young home-schoolers have that fixation with riding the bus), so we let her go. She’s the one I really monitor in terms of curriculum, especially when I saw the list of social studies subjects for third grade: LBJ, Thurgood Marshall, Mary Macleod Bethune, Caezar Chavez, Jimmy Carter. They should’ve done away with the term “social studies” and called the course “Heroes of Liberal America 101”.

        • dd121

          Good for you and good luck to your kids. I’m sure they’ll do quite well. The home schooled kids take most of the honors in spelling bees and math knowledge tournaments. The leftist find them fodder for unending ridicule. I guess it’s an ideology thing.
          My grand-kids now go to German schools rather than the American schools on base in Germany. A year ago they walked into class not knowing a word of German. Now they send me videos of their reciting the Lords Prayer in German. (It’s required in their schools). They also get American history books provided by grandparents.

          • HE2

            That is such uplifting news, dd.
            I am happy for you and your g’children.
            They must not attend a large city public school, or their class would be about one third to one half Middle Eastern and muzzie.
            Saw an online photo collage of a typical German elementary public school class of 1950’s sixth graders, next to it, a class of today’s German sixth graders.
            The 50’s class was 100% White, the current classes nearly half Turk, Paki, etc.
            I am surprised the politically powerful muzzie community tolerates an Our Father recitation in German schools these days.

          • dd121

            They’re in a rural school and it’s all German, except for them. I’m sure they’ll return to private schools when they return. The religious training is all dictated by German law. Don’t know how much longer that will last.

          • HE2

            I figured rural, dd. The invaders flock to big cities where there are high rise, high density free apartments.
            Ex’s Hamburg childhood home has been pulled down, apt buildings now cover the entire block.
            Pleased to hear your g’children are not forbidden Christian religious practice, music, and singing, nor separated by gender, and forced to eat halal food. That is happening in some U.K. schools.

  • superlloyd

    Blacks are the emperor’s new clothes created by these diversity consultants. I hope the majority can see this is all BS and propaganda. Nevertheless some idiots will find out the hard way that they’ve been duped. Constant exposure to blacks is the only way some will have their eyes opened to the nature of the beast.

    • USofAntiWhite

      It doesn’t matter to them. The goal is to create a world where White people have the mostly sh*t outcomes in life that most non-Whites do. A world where all countries are dirty and poor and hopeless. Then, and only then will racism be eliminated. Yes, these people are evil and we are weak for allowing them in our midst.

      • Nice avatar! We have a big Welsh flag on one of the walls in the basement here.

        • Alexandra1973

          My son has Welsh ancestry through my mother-in-law.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    “According to Derrick Gay, a professional diversity consultant who led the discussion, the exercise was to help students escape their racial/ethnic “bubble” that hinders them in a global society.”

    Naturally, no word about Hispanics escaping their clinging proclivities to “LaRaza”. “LULAC”, “MeCHA”, the Latin American Association that hold seminars on how to get on the taxpayer dole, No mention of the need to shop in other areas besides Plaza Fiesta and never-ending supply of Mexican tiendas and farmers markets. No mention of ethnic-based, racist weekly rags in Spanish that the wetbacks desperately cling to.

    And, boringly, the black racial “bubble” of BET, NAACP, Urban Professionals, Urban League, the United Nigra College Fund, Historically Black Colleges, their greedy hands in programs for black scholarships, black “beauty” pageants,

    And on and on the diversity scam goes… suckers!!!

    • Reynardine

      Racial/ethnic “bubble” that hinders them in a global society?

      What a cad. The only way you can survive is with people who think like you.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        How do you think we got the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution passed? By ethnic diversity? By looking to mother Africa for guidance? Laos? Burma? Congo midgets? Nigerian dwarfs?

        How these diversity idiots miss the point…it is PRECISELY BECAUSE OF the ethnic and racial bubble for Caucasians that any progress in Western Civilization was possible at all, just looking at our own Founding Documents.

  • USofAntiWhite

    I am glad the term “anti-White” was used in this article. Every time it is used the truth leaks out a little more. That leak can become a stream.

    • baldridge999

      Yes, the term needs to be used continuously until the enemies of our people want to puke.

      BTW, forget about terms like “reverse racism” and “racism against whites” and similar euphemisms, just use “anti-white.” It’s more accurate and clearly exposes what these people are actually about. “Racism” and “racist” are terms created by the enemy. By using the enemy’s terms, you are unconsciously buying into their ideology.

      They hate when the term “anti-white” is put on them. What’s better is they have no defense against the charge. EVERYTHING they do. EVERYTHING they advocate leads to a white genocide. What’s more anti-white than that?

      • Alden

        I always say anti White as in “the anti White attorneys in an affirmative action lawsuit.” Not that. It does any good.

        • baldridge999

          I does good. We should repeat that term at every opportunity. We need to mainstream that word so that our people will understand the problem. They can’t understand when vague or inaccurate terminology is constantly used.

          • USofAntiWhite

            The term makes our enemies worry. They most always overreact when it is used. They know their veil of “liberalism” as a canopy for their true agenda is exposed more and more every time the term is used.

          • baldridge999

            True. Calling them a liberal doesn’t bother them. Calling them anti-white puts them on the defensive. Proof of that is they will start denying they’re anti-white. They are reacting. They’re on the defensive. Now you can do something with them. No white person wants to be called anti-white. Even those who support everything bad for white people. They get away with this because nobody ever calls them out. Calling them out makes them uncomfortable. Even anti-whites know unconsciously that advocating the genocide of your own people is morally bankrupt.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Back in the 80’s they called this “sensitivity training”. My co-workers and I had to attend a 2 day “workshop” conducted by a very young new college graduate. She was 1/2 the age of us. By the end of the first morning she was in tears. The afternoon class was cancelled, as was the next day, never to return. This to shall pass as these kids enter the real world and get a reality check.

    • Dave West

      Why did she end up in tears? Did you guys tell her she was full of sh**?

      • Steve_in_Vermont

        Well, yes………but in our defense we did it in a very politically correct manner.

    • John Smith

      Those classes just harden your resolve to do nothing they teach.

    • realgone222

      I don’t find the workplace diversity programs to be very threatening. It is more like a check the box exercise by the company to avoid being sued. Its a concept emanating from the Legal departments so that they can use in depositions and other legal actions that may take place by a employee suing for “discrimination”. I never found these programs to be pervasive in any way and most employees inherently understand this is CYA territory for the company.

  • rebelcelt

    It is funny that Briarcrest, ( the real school in The Blind Side fame) was started, to give white parents a place to send their kids to, after busing started. It started the very year busing did in Memphis. Parents send their kids there to avoid having to send them to hell hole black inner city schools. Michael Orr would have never gone there if he were not a great athlete.
    I talked to a dad that sent his kid there. Some of the parents were upset that they are paying higher tuition so the school could give athletic scholarships to blacks and keep their own kids form starting or playing. again, paying for our own displacement.
    Of course they all were murmuring it among themselves because the parent that brings it up is just being racist and blaming blacks that their own kid did not play more.

  • Since we don’t have witches and heretics anymore, “racists” must be made to serve the same role for self-absorbed, authoritarian-wannabes.

    • Sick of it

      We DO have heretics – The people in charge. If we burned them all at the stake, I would wager that we could create a better world.

      • When do we start? I have thought about this matter at some length, and steel posts of the sort normally used to support young trees, with rings to support chains would be cheaper in the long run than wooden posts and rope.

  • I recommend a crash-course for these privileged White kids.
    Pile on a bus (teachers and all) and take a day-long ride in the inner-city.

    Rely on an honest evaluation of your experience, not the writings of Tim Wise.

    • John Smith

      Live in Birmingham, Alabama for six years like I did….

      • Tim

        Stayed a week at the Pickwick Hotel in the Five Points section. I was impressed with your city. In daylight of course…

        • John Smith

          That’s where my organization put me up when I came down to interview. There are nice spots around the city, but it overall sucked. Two blocks behind the Pickwick is a housing project.

      • Susannah

        I’ve lived here almost thirty. Mostly over-the-mountain, but I’ve seen enough nevertheless.

        • John Smith

          The last three years I was there, I lived in Alabaster to get as far away as I could.

          • Susannah

            I’ve lived in Vestavia Hills (grew up there), Homewood, and Inverness. I also lived for a few years in the Southside/Highland Ave area after college.

          • John Smith

            “Homieweird” is what I called it, since it had “diversity,” hipsters and homos all at once. On one of the streets through there, there are about a half mile of older apartment buildings that are identical to each other and thats where a lot of the brothas lived, IIRC – Valley Rd, I believe. I looked for a place in Inverness and found many places full up with negroes when driving around looking for apartments. I started out living in Hoover, but I thought I was in Mexico City after a short time.

          • Susannah

            That pretty much sums up Homewood, although there are a few nicer areas such as Hollywood and Edgewood that are mostly White and full of families with children. Valley Ave is a true diversity nightmare.

            The Inverness apartments are heavily black and illegal. I saw a schoolbus unload at one complex recently, and there were no White children to be seen. Most of the house subdivisions in the area are almost all White still, however.

            Hoover apartments are completely full of Mexicans, mainly illegal.

    • Race Heretic

      Tim Wise, yes, the man who is “white like me”. The man has no clue what being a working or middle class WASP in America is like.

    • Alden

      I managed to raise my kids in an all White neighborhood in a big city. I scrounged to send them to private school. They took the city bus both to school and all around town with their private school friends. They observed the behavior of blacks on city buses and by age 10 were very vocal in their opinion of the behavior of blacks on city buses.

      There are almost no WASPS or Catholics living in NYC who send their kids to these schools. The wealthy who send their kids to these schools are just fine with the degradation of Whites in the schools. Look at what the wealthy White Alumni in of the top 50 universities have tolerated for the past 50 years. Even when their own superbly qualified children are turned down for admission they keep on giving and giving.

  • libertarian1234

    “A particularly hot topic is white micro-aggression–how whites unconsciously, often with the best of intentions, repeatedly harm people of color, for example, compliment black students for a high test score that would not draw praise if the student were white.”

    Yes, and by all means if a black tells you he got a high test score never ask him if he could show you how to do it without getting caught, because you have a test coming up.

  • TruthBeTold

    The underlying logic of this “theory” is preposterous. I have never
    seen it put under the microscope, let alone even hypothesized as a
    scientifically testable proposition. Can any administrator at one of
    these diversity-obsessed schools offer any proof how the presence of
    minority students enriched the educational milieu?

    I’ve said it a thousand times. Theory after theory to replace the last theory which was perfect but now needs a new theory to explain why the old theory, which was perfect, didn’t pan out.

    All they have are theories. Theories that are unprovable and absurd.

    • Who Me?

      I’m still stuck back trying to figure out how “diversity is our greatest strength”. Nobody has ever explained it to me in a logical manner or shown it in any provable way. Every single thing I see flies in the teeth of that preposterous statement, that seems to be the touchstone of all this multi-cultural and -racial madness.

  • zamzow

    This an example of Italian communist’s Antonio Gramsci’s ” Long march through the institutions,” of a host country, they want to deconstruct, and then erect as a communist state. Getting them young and in school was one of their primary attack strategies as we see here. Those rich young idealistic white girls are the real target as the brainwash job may peel a few off permanently as they mate with non whites. This is a multi faceted attack with many many avenues. God Help us !

    • John Smith

      It’s well known that Marxists intend to break down traditional social and familial structures so they can rebuild society to their own ideology. One of the biggest and best examples is the normalization of miscegenation through media such as TV and movies.

      • Ringo Lennon

        Like Katie Holmes’ fling with the white hating negro, Jamie Foxx. I wish TC would get control of Suri.

        • John Smith

          I thought she was really cute at one time, but TC spoiled that to an extent, and age is catching up with her, however, Jamie Foxx is just disgusting.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Several years ago it was rumored that Suri’s true father is Tom Cruises cousin William Mapother. The resemblance is astounding.

          • Ringo Lennon

            She really sleeps around.

          • Katherine McChesney

            The claim was NOT that she slept with him but was artifically inseminated due to the fact that Tom Cruise can’t bear children naturally.

    • JohnEngelman

      Marxism is a diverse, but a dying faith. Don’t worry about it.

      It would be interesting to talk to some of the students – off the record, of course – who are required to sit through these indoctrination sessions. I doubt the sessions are effective. Political propaganda only works when it tells people what they already know to be true, or what they want to believe.

      Communism fell in the Soviet Union because few people believed any more. There was such a disconnect between what the authorities told them, and what they could see with their eyes.

      Brilliant, rich white kids at elite prep schools can see that most of the blacks at their schools are struggling academically. They know why the blacks are struggling. Not being able to talk about it makes them resentful, not compliant with “brainwashing.”

      • Cindy

        “Marxism is a diverse, but a dying faith. Don’t worry about it.”
        I hope this is true because Marxism/Socialism/Communism is more scary to me than open borders.
        Will sites like AmRen survive Net Neutrality?
        The FCC would love to shut this site down.

        • JohnEngelman

          During the War on Vietnam Marxist Leninism had a brief revival in the the United States when the New Left discovered the Old Left.

          Even then, few Americans considered themselves to be Marxists. The number has grown far fewer.

          Karl Marx had a few valid insights. Nevertheless, very few people anywhere in the world take his writings seriously any more as a guide to action. I read recently that the American Communist Party has about two thousand members. Those aren’t nearly enough to establish a Communist dictatorship in the United States.

          • Cindy

            No, they don’t call themselves Communists or belong to any Communist organizations, that’s true.
            But Progressives act and think just like Communists.

          • JohnEngelman

            Any great political thinker should be read for insight rather than doctrine. Progressives have been influenced by the writing of Karl Marx. Marx had valid insights. Me made mistakes. Progressives have also been influenced by the writing of other great thinkers.

      • zamzow

        You are probably right, as Marxism in it’s old iteration was enforced by the threat of a bullet in the back of the head. We haven’t got there, yet ! !

        • JohnEngelman

          I am confident we never will. There never was the remotest chance of a Communist dictatorship in the United States.

          The fear of Communism has been exploited by the right in order to defame the democratic left. These include democratic socialists, social democrats, the civil rights movement, and even the Democratic Party .

        • Sick of it

          Excepting forced integration, Waco, Ruby Ridge and so forth.

          • zamzow

            True, just the communism lite version !

      • Alden

        I dunno about that. It seems to me the at good students are the ones who conform and absorb everything taught without question. My obstacle wealthy Whites know nothing about blacks from personal experience. So they believe everything taught to them about blacks as a mythical victim race.

  • JohnEngelman

    Rich white kids who want to prove how anti racist they are should transfer to predominantly black public schools. The experience would turn them into race realists.

    • Race Heretic

      Growing up in a city with almost no blacks, knowing members of the talented tenth, and being taught that race differences in behavior and academic performance are purely socioeconomic, I never would have come to be a race realist without exposure to the massive amount of scientific literature in support. However, I am an unusual person. Most people in my situation find the idea that blacks and whites are fundamentally different to be utterly preposterous, even when presented with the evidence. There is nothing like personal experience to change a person’s tune, though.

      • JohnEngelman

        One usually needs to be the victim of at least one black criminal before one begins to suspect that in states in cities with large black populations, segregation was based on sound instinct.

        Until then scientific literature will anger, rather than persuade.

        • Race Heretic

          NowthatI think about it, lots of people have that experience repeatedly but never learn. The Georgetown student who got mugged (or claimed to have been) and wrote a column bemoaning his evil privilege is one of those idiots.

          Personally, I have no negative sentiments towards blacks. I just want for American blacks what I want for American whites – a nation of their own and control of their own destiny, free from interethnic conflict.

    • Won’t happen. Their parents devote significant resources into trying to give them the best education possible without taking any time themselves to educate them.

  • Light from the East

    Our education system is broken. We let the free rider enjoy the privilege of affirmative action, adjusting courses which betray the core value of the USA, and producing more haters to bring more problems in the future.

  • regbs

    It’s the Weissberg lot that created this scam. From his ancestral Bolsheviks, Jacob Habit, and Rosenbergs to Jonathan Pollard, Jews’ hatred for their hosts knows no bounds. Calling their WASP saviors villains and flooding the West’s once prosperous nation-states with third world detritus.

    • Race Heretic

      Please, it’s horriby unfair to hold Dr. Weissberg accountable for the action of his kinsmen. I agree that Jews have been tremendously overrepresented in the movers and shakers of the Left of the culture wars, but Dr. Weissberg is an intelligent man who agrees with us on many, many counts and deouncing him for his ethnic origin makes us seem like the crazy anti-semites many believe us to be.

      I suspect that the departure of many members of the tribe in recent years has been a shift in what “is good for the Jews”. Nonetheless, regardless of motive men like Dr. Weissberg can be valuable allies.

      • Sick of it

        Departure of many members of the tribe? Nope, they’re jumping in more and more by the day. The days of decent and half decent folks leaving their evil tribe are long gone.

    • baldridge999

      True. But people on our side need to understand that for every anti-white Jew, there’s a thousand white traitors. Concentrate on the anti-whites and that covers them all.

      • Robert Smith

        1000 brainwashed idiots is more correct

    • Alden

      Thank you. Careful you don’t get banned for telling the truth.

  • Fr. John+

    All of this is just so much ‘blah-blah.’ Do you feel ‘sorry’ for being White, intelligent, beautiful? How about acknowledging that God – you know, GOD [?] may have MADE YOU THAT WAY because of divine FAVOR. I no longer either need nor feel sorry for being teh summum bonum of creation. For my honest sins (against the decalogue) I seek absolution, but not for the predestined creation as a son of Adam. In fact, I now revel in it, as the West used to think. The rest is merely satanic guilt-mongering.

    • Alden

      My take off on Bertrand Russle. If God is both all powerful and all good then why is there school bussing, black on White crime and affirmative action. If God exists he has thrown Whites into hades and taken care of non Whites since 1956 .

      • Katherine McChesney

        God has nothing to do with this. It’s evil liberal Whites who’ve created this untenable situation. They’ve taught blacks to complain ad nauseum to get whatever they want to survive. Furthermore, Conservatives are cowards for not fighting back.

  • I’m glad AmRen revisited this topic. Western Spring also posted a topic recently about this & I made a comment there, exerpts of which are as follows:

    When my son was 3, his private preschool had a week long lesson devoted to Rosa Parks, a black who fought for equal rights in the 60’s. A 3 year old cannot fully grasp
    all the detail behind these political stories: all he remembered was that black people have to sit in the back of busses!
    [ He thought they still have to do this which was quite funny.] However, the point to note is that the “indoctrination” is starting out here for the very young.
    When my son gets a little older I plan to have many detailed discussions with him about race realism and the contributions of whites to civilization and the necessity of our continuing so as to preserve civilization. I have a science background and am reasonably literate about Western history from the ancient Greeks up thru the Renaissance & modern times.
    However, I am lacking specific detailed arguments combating the “white defeatism” or “white privilege” blame game. I should try to put together a few pages myself and I was hoping someone here or at AmRen could do the detailed research necessary for an article combating the ubiquitous denial of white contributions and importance. This would be targeted for reading & explanation to children by their parents.

    I did a presentation on Western history & coins at a private preschool & when I return to the US, hopefully I can do more of these. This is in direct opposition to “white privilege” as it stresses the accomplishments of white civilization over the past 2,600 years. Blacks really never made “hard money circulating coins” except for Eithopia around 1880 – 1900 and Haiti made some crude issues after independence. I could be wrong: I haven’t researched this in detail, just that I’m not familiar with any. Anyhow this would stress historical white accomplishments without attacking “white privilege” which would probably get me banned as a speaker.

    However, I’m still looking for hard factual info contravening the “white privilege” position. Is there any?

    • thomasdosborneii

      So what DID blacks use in Africa for money? I think for the Masai, their wealth is measured in cattle, so they were kind of like the Biblical Jews with their herds. But this makes me truly wonder (at this moment I am surprised that I don’t really know), do African tribes have a sense of private property, for example? Is their land all held in common, or owned completely by a “chief”? Do they get confused if they go into colonialist-built cities and get a job and get paid money instead of hunting and gathering? How is it that Africans are so easily swindled by communist dictators, who end up with all the wealth?

      I saw a very bizarre and peculiar documentary film one time (naturally nominated for an Oscar and few films would be less deserving of any award), called “Darwin’s Nightmare”, outlining and complaining about several things that were being blamed on whites, particularly Europeans and Russians. Supposedly a very tasty fish, called the “Nile Perch” in the film, but sold here in the United States under the name of “tilapia”, was seeded into Lake Victoria in Africa. Unfortunately, this apparently led to an ecological nightmare, in that the perch took over and killed off other native species in the lake. Then the film complained about this powerful fish trade in that the Russians flying in on old cargo-planes took part in a global trade that consisted of bringing weapons IN to Africa and African fish OUT to Europe (shades, I suppose, of the old sugar/rum/slave/opium trades).

      The part I want to talk about was their complaint that since the African fish were being sold into Western economies, they were now “too expensive” for the Africans, so they were starving and living very dissolute lives. This poverty of the Africans in the area was being blamed on the Western trade of this fish.

      I’m sorry, I just didn’t understand–Lake Victoria is utterly HUGE, and is bordered by the countries of Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. I asked the filmmaker, who was there at the screening, “Why couldn’t the Africans simply get in a boat and go out and catch their OWN fish? Why are they eating the fins and organs and crap that are flowing out in the fish-processing factory sewage?” He looked at me like I was idiot, like this simply wasn’t possible. He refused to answer why not. I mean, if there were valuable fish filling up Lake Superior, could not the people of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario go fishing and get some of it? Just because there is a market for it doesn’t mean that the people in those locations HAVE to buy it in a store. Was Lake Victoria solely owned by some fish exporting company? If so, how were they able to wrestle rights for it from three different sovereign countries? Or were there exclusive fishing rights that local Africans couldn’t buy into? No, no explanations like that, just simply that the fish were being sold for high prices that only the Westerners cold afford and the locals couldn’t possibly afford it, so now they’re starving.

      That documentary did not make me feel for the plight of those Africans. Instead, they appeared to be among the worst people of the world, utterly unable to live in the least bit of civilization, yet they were right there next to a fruitful lake, so they were even failures in subsistence. Instead, they turned into drugs, prostitution, child abuse, other violence, and constant war. So gee, maybe what “white privilege” is is that white people actually created a workable ECONOMIC SYSTEM. And maybe that is what you meant by showing schoolchildren ancient coins. Like, we have been at it for quite a LONG time, whereas African cultures haven’t even begun it at all.

      • I am no expert in African currency despite having 40 years experience in World Coinage 650 BC to about 1900 AD. I once viewed a superb private collection in Chicago on “primitive money” and this included such things as stone wheels, rings, cowrie shells on strings, farm implements & etc.

        A google search turned up the following for Africa (see 1st pix below). The Date the item was used was not listed. Contrast this with a Western civ (Greek, Athenian) silver coin (tetra or 4 drachm piece) from ca. 450 BC (from my collection). These coins varied a little in shape but the weight was extremely uniform being around 17.32 grams when new. For example I think +/- .02 grams or +/-.000705 ounces was the tolerance. Try weighing this difference today.

        Nobody seems to collect African money, there are no reference books I am aware of, etc. This lack of money prevents the rise of specialized labor. Even China has coins going back thousands of years. Parts of Africa also used random chunks of gold but these had to be weighed for each transaction & there was no guarantee of the purity or composition. Thus these are not “coins”.

    • Ariadne turns 8 this year. I am so happy she’s missing out on all that. “Three years old” and “Rosa Parks” do not go together.

  • Ken Dometriosis .

    It’s all about making kids feel guilty for being white, more intelligent, better looking, better smelling and more attractive than their black, sub-human counterparts, who cannot comment on this kind of debate because they are all in prison for raping, dealing drugs or murdering some hapless white person who missed the show.

    • cyrusthevirus

      Also about destroying western civilisation -imposing global gov.on a world made poor and primitive all over and then instituting Agenda 21.The Elite will then rule forever with an estimated 500,000 servants/slaves to service them!!Insane ?? its in the public domain–ICLEI -an agency of the UN –has published these plans if you care to read them.

  • Speedy Steve

    I only needed to read as far as Friends Seminary. It’s a Quaker school, and therefore both goofy and left-wing. More than likelt the teachers are doctrinaire skid-marxists. The curriculum will include no Greek, no Latin, and no hard science. Quite possibly it will also neglect music, dance and art. However, it will feature biased geography, history and English. As soon as biased mathematics comes along they’ll eagerly snatch it up. And they’ll sit in their silly meetings pondering ‘that of God.’

    • Alden

      Many call those Quaker schools Enemies rather than Friends schools. Quakers worked hand in glove with the communists as far back as the 1920 s I. The civil rights movements. It was Quakers who raised Angela Davis. If you don’t know who she is just google her include communist.

      • Speedy Steve

        Angela Davis professatrix UC Davis — with a big hairdo, a big cake-hole, and a surly attitude.

  • Alden

    Check out the Feb issue of the Atlantic. There is an entire article about how Whites are inferior to Asians because we don’t use as much super strength chili peppers in our food as Asians do.

    • Speedy Steve

      Perhaps that explains why occidentals have lower rates of stomach cancer. Or maybe it’s because we don’t eat muck like sea cucumbers.

  • LS Wight

    The reason that kids have to be trained to develop “anti-racist thinking” is because it defies all logic! Give me a break! Who tolerates this?!

  • Lygeia

    These things have a way of invoking the law of opposites.

    People actually come to the opposite conclusion of what the social engineers want.

    The problem is, can we survive the process until people decide white privilege is nonsense.

    • USofAntiWhite

      I respond to the term White privilege by saying in a polite way that implies I am not aware of the bigotry and hatefulness attached to it by saying, “You mean good genes right that produce attractive, healthy, high IQ offspring? Yeah too bad not every group has that privilege.” Try it. The haters get pissed because they are not sure if they should try to clarify that that isn’t what they meant or if they should try to argue the definition you gave… it’s fun watching progressives and non-Whites look in confusion and resentment that you said something that wasn’t included in their leftist playbook.

  • Nancy

    “white micro-aggression–how whites unconsciously, often with the best of intentions, repeatedly harm people of color, for example, compliment black students for a high test score that would not draw praise if the student were white”

    In other words, “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t”.

  • Conrad

    First these people set about creating these hierarchies & then they put you were they want you. Very convenient.

  • Katherine McChesney

    There’s no end to black whining. They are the most ignorant and ungrateful race in history.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    There is research that shows if a student is told that his accomplishments are not related to his efforts, then the student’s performance declines. The only reason for this would be to lower white performance through guilt or convincing them they are inferior and didn’t deserve that A, only got it because of white privilege etc. The same happens with black students when you divorce personal responsibility from their perceived failures. They perform less well too.

    The entire cultural Marxist program is made to churn out losers. When a child does well on a test, he’s ignored, meanwhile the borderline retarded person is give praise and a golden sticker for writing his name on a test. The kids run a race and everybody gets a first place ribbon, except the kid who actually came in first place who is scolded for being insensitive to others. It’s all communism. Not even the good aspects of communism that might actually be useful, but rather the most destructive kind based on creating losers.

    After all this indoctrination is complete you get people who whine “why try we’ll just fail anyway”. They were conditioned to think this way through the school system.