University of Minnesota Raises Bar for Revealing Suspect’s Race in Crime Alerts

Libor Jany, Star Tribune, February 25, 2015

University of Minnesota po­lice will stop send­ing out what they consider vague de­scrip­tions of sus­pects in cam­pus crime alerts af­ter crit­i­cism that auth­ori­ties some­times re­lease ra­cial de­scrip­tions and little oth­er con­crete in­for­ma­tion.

From now on, the cam­pus­wide bul­le­tins trig­gered by se­ri­ous crimes such as rob­ber­y and ag­gra­vat­ed as­sault will only in­clude the sus­pect’s de­scrip­tion “when there is suf­fi­cient de­tail that would help i­den­ti­fy a spe­cif­ic in­di­vid­u­al or group,” U Vice Pres­i­dent Pam­e­la Wheelock said Wednes­day in an e-mail to stu­dents, fac­ul­ty and staff.

The an­nounce­ment came af­ter a se­ries of stu­dent-led pro­tests on the is­sue and marks a sig­nifi­cant step for a u­ni­ver­si­ty deal­ing with ten­sion over the ra­cial cli­mate on cam­pus, an is­sue that has re­ver­ber­ated at col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties across the coun­try in re­cent months.


“For some, know­ing they have all the in­for­ma­tion avail­able about a crime, in­clud­ing the com­plete sus­pect de­scrip­tion, makes them feel bet­ter in­formed and in­creas­es how safe they feel,” Wheelock said in the e-mail. “But oth­ers–par­tic­u­lar­ly black men–have shared that sus­pect de­scrip­tions neg­a­tive­ly im­pact their sense of safe­ty.”

She said critics of the pol­icy also feel the ra­cial de­scrip­tions “re­in­force ste­reo­types of black men as threats and cre­ate a hos­tile cam­pus cli­mate.”

The cam­pus ad­vo­ca­cy group Whose Di­ver­si­ty?, which has been behind sev­er­al re­cent high-pro­file demon­stra­tions at the U, said in a state­ment Wednes­day af­ter­noon that it was pleased with the u­ni­ver­si­ty’s “ac­tive en­gage­ment with the is­sue of racialized crime alerts from the ad­min­is­tra­tion.”

The group said, how­ever, that the U’s an­nounce­ment gave the im­pres­sion that “the ad­min­is­tra­tion re­mains un­con­vinced that ra­cial pro­fil­ing has real and tan­gi­ble con­se­quences.”

A mem­ber of the group cited a study by u­ni­ver­si­ty auth­ori­ties that found that about a third of cam­pus crime alerts pro­vid­ed “a lim­it­ed sus­pect de­scrip­tion.” That means race could still be in­clud­ed in about two-thirds of the crime alerts.

“It’s still put­ting black stu­dents and oth­er stu­dents of color at risk of be­ing ra­cial­ly pro­filed,” said Leah Pru­dent, a seni­or glo­bal stud­ies ma­jor.

In the most re­cent cam­pus dem­on­stra­tion Feb. 9, 16 Whose Di­ver­si­ty? mem­bers–some lug­ging sleep­ing bags–took over U Pres­i­dent Eric Kaler’s se­cond-floor of­fice in Mor­rill Hall, vow­ing to stay un­til their de­mands were met. The sit-in end­ed near­ly eight hours later with the ar­rests 13 peo­ple.

A­mong their de­mands was great­er ra­cial and eth­nic di­ver­si­ty in u­ni­ver­si­ty hir­ing prac­tices and more mon­ey for the school’s eth­nic stud­ies program, which they con­tended Kaler had prom­ised would hap­pen by the end of last year.


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  • Alexandra1973

    The comments on that article are encouraging…how long until they’re shut down?

    Speaking of comments…I’m still really foggy on this…but what’s the deal with net neutrality, anyway?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I’m amazed the Star Tribune opened the comments on this article in the first place. They usually don’t provide a comments section on articles likely to get non-PC comments.

      • richard garyson

        Yeah, that’s a good point. Their editors have written about how ugly the comments can get and chalk it up to a small minority of whites who feel that way. Truth is though that just like most blacks are no good for whites, despite the Left’s insistence otherwise, more and more whites are becoming race realists.

        • When I was living in Australia, I asked which snakes were dangerous. The answer was “All of them.” I actually like snakes, and the venomous varieties in Colorado all have rattles, which they use to provide polite warnings. Anything else here can be safely picked up and moved off the road, so it can get back to business hunting mice and rats. Rodents spread diseases that have killed far more people than snakebites ever will.

          Blacks rob, rape and sometimes kill people. They are thus best avoided.

      • Sloppo

        I like this one:

        “Heard on the University police radio following a crome: Calling all cars, Calling all cars! Be on the lookout for someone.”

    • dukem1

      The young SJW’s are of the impression that NN will give them all things web connected for free…Obamas crew on the the FCC will work to control content on the web….as Evita (Hillary) has stated, there is just too much uncontrolled information available on the Internet….her revelation on this came circa the Lewinsky deal…………
      Among other things.

      • Alexandra1973

        That’s what I thought. Basically government control.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Net Neutrality, if you are referring to what it usually means rather than a word for political leanings is about Internet Service Providers (ISP) and how they provide those services.

      Essentially, we currently have net neutrality, meaning all internet traffic gets handled the same, no preferences.
      ISPs want to change that, and prioritize certain things over other. More specifically, they want to prioritize those that pay a premium to get better and faster response times and higher speeds.
      Which would hurt services that uses a lot of bandwidth, like Netflix or other streaming video, who would not be able to pay for premium services with the amount of bandwidth that they use.
      It would also mean, by extension, that some customers or services could be targeted for low speeds and slow response times, if the ISPs should happen to not like them.

  • David Ashton

    And if a perp is not a person not of color, should their appearance be banned also?

    • Kenner

      ‘A perpetrator of color’….

  • TruthBeTold

    po­lice will stop send­ing out what they consider vague de­scrip­tions of sus­pects in cam­pus crime alerts

    More details are now considered ‘vague’.

  • TruthBeTold

    “It’s still put­ting black stu­dents and oth­er stu­dents of color at risk of be­ing ra­cial­ly pro­filed,”

    Better to peoples’ lives at risk by not giving them the information they need to make informed decisions.

    • Charles Martel

      When the cops are looking for a black guy with nappy hair, a hoodie & sagging sweatpants there is no point in stopping white guys in suites.

      • Alexandra1973

        Stop ANY black guy and chances are good he’ll have warrants.

        My husband told me one time he was driving, and there was this black guy walking along in a hoodie. Every time a car would go by he’d cover up his face. My husband said that had he had his cellphone with him, he would’ve called the cops.

      • Many years ago when I lived in SoCal, a thief stole my ten-speed bike outside a bank. I asked a witness for a suspect description;

        “Mexican male w/khakis pants & white T-shirt”.

        I did not try to find this needle in a haystack.

  • When black people want to string non-black people up? Lower the bar.

    When black people don’t want non-black people to notice black crime? Raise the bar.

  • dd121

    You know without being told 95% of the time.

  • superlloyd

    More spineless stupidity from a University police force. Their job is to prevent crime and catch criminals: Goals that will be negatively impacted by this pussyfooting. They are not social workers that should have to kowtow to criminal negroes unjust grievances and libtards’ misplaced white guilt. .

  • In the interest of adding more to the discussion, I would like to state that identifying an individual’s gender is sexist, and offends the sensibilities of transgenders everywhere.

  • IstvanIN

    Kim Park and Jose Jimenez will not be “racially profiled” when the police report that a black male raped Kelly Gunderson.

  • Mack0

    The race of the offender is being dropped down the memory hole. It reminds me of playing a game of peekaboo with a very young child. As soon as you put your hands over your face you no longer exist.

  • Alex Dihes

    My Talmud

    — Listen, John. Today in the morning I put on a Michelle’s coat instead of mine. Sometimes I think I’m an accomplished idiot.
    — It’s okay, Barack. Mane people in the word do the same.
    — Do they get confused as well?
    — No, they think the same.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    If blacks really don’t want to see crime alerts that identify the suspect as black they should stop committing crimes. There won’t be any crime alerts about black people if blacks aren’t committing crimes.

    But of course, expecting them to improve their own behavior is “racis,” so we’ll just put everyone in danger by not telling them important information about criminals who are on the loose.

  • Luca

    Because protecting negroes’ feelings is much more important than saving lives.

    • David Ashton

      Or the liberals’ own feelings. Some black folks are only too relieved when other black folks are unable to kill them.

  • Susannah

    They are afraid to “reinforce stereotypes of black men as threats”?

    A large number of black men, especially young black men, ARE threats. As long as they commit violent crimes at such a staggeringly high rate, they will continue to be seen as threats.

  • MekongDelta69

    What that feminazi said:
    “From now on, the cam­pus­wide bul­le­tins trig­gered by se­ri­ous crimes such as rob­ber­y and ag­gra­vat­ed as­sault will only in­clude the sus­pect’s de­scrip­tion ‘when there is suf­fi­cient de­tail that would help i­den­ti­fy a spe­cif­ic in­di­vid­u­al or group…'”

    What that feminazi really meant:
    “From now on, the cam­pus­wide bul­le­tins trig­gered by se­ri­ous crimes such as rob­ber­y and ag­gra­vat­ed as­sault will only in­clude the sus­pect’s de­scrip­tion ‘when he is White…'”

    • I kept a low profile here in Colorado Springs after someone set off a “bomb” near the NAACP office. The perp was described as a bald white guy driving a late-model pickup truck (I don’t have a pickup truck). I needed a haircut at Christmas when we visited my mother, but let it continue growing, just because my FBI file says things like “firearms expert, explosives expert, chemist, ex-mercenary” and I’m on the Terrorist Watch List. I figured we’d have a “visit” from the cops, but that there was no way anyone would stand up in court and say that I had shaved my head and then the hair “suddenly” grew out this long. The guy who appears to have done it was angry at some incompetent tax-preparers who had gotten him fined by the IRS. That tax office had long-since moved. Now I can get my hair cut.

      We used to set off better stuff than that “bomb” at college beach parties, usually using ammonium perchlorate and powdered aluminum, boosted with mercury fulminate, which I made from mercury, nitric acid and ethyl alcohol. The casings were either cardboard adding machine rolls or some of the cardboard tubing that factory carpet comes wrapped around. End caps were “Bondo” auto body putty. Cardboard doesn’t form dangerous fragments, and the explosions would completely powder the hardened putty. In Jugoslavia, I quite liked land mines, det cord and unexploded aircraft bombs. Even that was over 24 years ago.

      Ideologically, I fit the profile of this wannabe bomber, as I loathe blacks and can’t abide Muslims. Physically, I deliberately removed myself from the reckoning. By concealing the physical characteristics of suspects, these critters are facilitating crime. I think that might qualify as “aiding and abetting”.

  • Ograf

    Well, if the perpetrator of the crime was black we certainly don’t want anyone to know that. If they know that they will be racially profiling and that just isn’t right for the blacks who dinndonuffins. If that doesn’t ring of pure insanity I wouldn’t know what does.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Wanted in collection with an assault: Subject is described as male or female, average height and weight, average complexion. If you observe this person don’t approach him/her but call the UDC (University Diversity Center).

  • RacialRay

    Hey, Butthurt University hoodrats – its your attitude and accoutrements that get you stereotyped and profiled much more than your skin color. Cops do the same exact thing with white punks. Try pulling up your droopy pants, speaking recognizable English, losing the hoodie and maybe carry a book or two, since you’re supposed to be ‘college students’, not pavement apes.

    • John Smith

      It’s bad enough they let them in with no qualifications other than skin color, but now we have to prioritize their whining about their feelings having been hurt by the truth?

  • Alden

    There was a black in NYC last week who attacked 4 people one seriously injured at subway ab.nd bus stops. Media described exactly what he wore and even a missing tooth. But not a word about his race. But the subway video showed him clearly.

    • RacialRay

      Race is implied by the vicious nature of the attack.

    • Ernest

      ‘him’? You sexist POS!

  • Now we have the “man wearing a blue hat” description. I wore a blue hat today: a perfect reproduction I had made of the crew uniform cap ship’s second engineer Brett wore in the 1979 movie “Alien”.


    An alien.

    Nobody knows what it looks like or what it can do or turn into. It exploded out of my friend’s chest, but that was all a misunderstanding. It was merely an undocumented fetus that is tragically misunderstood and would never harm anyone…


    • Kenner

      — And he’s just here ‘To Serve Man’.

    • Who Me?

      No, use the passive voice. “City Whatever Bank was robbed at 3:30 pm Wednesday. If you have any information call 123-4567.” No profiling of species, gender, race, age, height, weight, or clothing will then be implied. (Might have been a gray cat wearing a red collar.)

  • LHathaway

    So, as I get this, they claim they are providing the public with a more useful, detailed description of suspects. . by not describing them. Who knew campus police were leftists, or run by them?

  • libertarian1234

    “University of Minnesota Raises Bar for Revealing Suspect’s Race in Crime Alerts,”

    That’s nothing less than a cover up to protect blacks whose crime rates are out-of-sight.
    But if they want to encourage more of what has been occurring, I have no objection.

    Hopefully many leftist weirdos will be caught off guard by not being informed of a specific black threat and wind up as the guests of honor at the next black mob attack.

  • Make sure you don’t mention the sex of the perpetrator. Or else it gives the impression that men commit more rapes and mayhem than women.

    >> gender de­scrip­tions “re­in­force ste­reo­types of men as threats and cre­ate a hos­tile cam­pus cli­mate.”

  • badbox27

    Black men are concerned about THEIR saftey? Hahahaha…LMAO

  • richard garyson

    Not sure what their true motives are, but if it is to prevent widespread suspicion of black males, when a crime is commited, then this is not the way to go. If a crime is committed, and suspect’s race is not disclosed, then everyone will just assume the suspect is black. The previous policy would have eliminated random blacks as suspects, in the rare circumstances that a non-black commited a crime. Again, now everyone will just assume the suspect is black. This is really another gift, as more and more whites will become suspicious of blacks and more race realist.

    • John Smith

      It will work on some liberal fools, but I think they even actively have to play along with the charade for their part and act surprised when some negro punches them in the face and robs or rapes them.

  • BloodofAlbion75

    “racial descriptions ‘reinforce stereotypes of black men as threats…’ ”

    Negative stereotypes of black men are widespread in our society because an extremely high percentage of them have repeatedly demonstrated a propensity for engaging in the kinds of anti-social and criminal behavior that justifies the less-than-enthusiastic (to say the least) opinion that most people have of them.

    If blacks truly want to avoid being stigmatized in the future,they should avoid participating in the kinds of uncivilized behavior that got them stereotyped in the first place.

  • WR_the_realist

    Of course the university now refusing to give the race of suspects because too many of them are black confirms that the stereotype is based on reality.

  • ozamataz

    When they don’t note race I always guess Black.

  • Light from the East

    Now everybody just assumes the criminal is black without knowing the truth.
    Good job for enhancing the stereotype of black crime.

  • Sloppo

    Interesting. An institution of “higher learning” has announced its intention to hide the truth because the truth confirms something we already know but they’d rather us not. Can we officially change the name “University of Minnesota” to “Indoctrination Center of Minnesota” now?

  • ElComadreja

    When virtually 100% of a group acts in a certain way it’s not a “stereotype”.

  • Susannah

    Absolutely, I was just quoting from the article. I really can’t understand how anyone would see the very real criminal threat of black males as a mere “stereotype.” The stats do speak for themselves.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I always assume the perp of a violent crime is probably a nigro, anyway…

  • John Smith

    The MSM has been doing this for years now – just more liberal suppression of the truth. I now always assume the perp is black and am seldom wrong.

  • John Smith

    You can’t stereotype muslims as causing most terrorism….