Obama: Islam ‘Woven into the Fabric of Our Country Since Founding’

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart, February 20, 2015

In his bloviating speech on Thursday at his summit on countering violent extremism, President Obama bent over backwards to make nice with Islam. Not only were terrorists not Muslim, President Obama stated, but Islam played a crucial role in America’s founding.

“Here in America,” Obama stated, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”


Islam had zero impact on the founders or their philosophy–less than zero, given that the founders despised the religion, or what they knew of it. President Obama fictionalized this history at an Iftar dinner in 2012:

As I’ve noted before, Thomas Jefferson once held a sunset dinner here with an envoy from Tunisia–perhaps the first Iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago. And some of you, as you arrived tonight, may have seen our special display, courtesy of our friends at the Library of Congress–the Koran that belonged to Thomas Jefferson. And that’s a reminder, along with the generations of patriotic Muslims in America, that Islam–like so many faiths–is part of our national story.

Well, not so much. That magical “first Iftar” was a meeting between Sidi Solima Mellimelli, an emissary of the brutal Barbary pirates, and the president. Jefferson had over Mellimelli in an attempt to bribe him into submission after the USS Constitution captured ships from the bey of Tunis. Mellimelli requested food, lodgings, and concubines.

Jefferson already knew of Islam, having been educated in 1786 after Barbary pirates attempted to blackmail America into monetary tribute. At that time, the Barbary emissary justified piracy with reference to the Koran, according to a report from Jefferson:

The Ambassador answered us that it was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners.

John Quincy Adams, writing of these negotiations, stated:

The precept of the Koran is perpetual war against all who deny that Mahomet is the prophet of God. The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace; and the faithful follower of the prophet may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force.

Quincy Adams would later lament, “Such is the spirit, which governs the hearts of men, to whom treachery and violence are taught as principles of religion.”

{snip} Thomas Paine wrote of Islam in Common Sense, but only as a reference point for despotic attempts to stifle liberty: he said that divine right of kings was a “superstitious tale, conveniently timed, Mahomet like, to cram hereditary right down the throats of the vulgar.”

The historical record demonstrates that Islam had virtually no role in the foundation of the early Republic outside of being used as a negative comparison point for freedom and self-government.


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  • 0bama’s arguments mimic those of the so-called moderate Muslims.
    He criticizes Christians & Jews, but speaks favorably of Islam.
    He is a Muslim apologist.
    He refuses to acknowledge Muslim atrocity (uses to generic “terrorist” label).
    It is an intellectually honest to believe that 0bama is – on some level – a Muslim.

    If it walks like a duck . . .

    • BillMiller66

      Allahu quackbar!

      • Reynardine

        Allah Snackbar!

        • Speedy Steve

          Aloha snackbar!

    • Hammerheart

      Many of these ‘moderates’ provide professional services like banking,legal, financial, logistical and medical aid to terrorist cells. It’s their way of supporting Jihad while being smart enough not to strap on a suicide vest and detonate themselves at a bazar or mall.

      I think Obama is actually losing his grasp on reality. He’s just a parrot regurgitating what his handlers and the teleprompter tell them, that much is obvious – but he’s also very egotistical. I think seeing his party, and by effect, his policies get absolutely decimated at the mid-terms shattered his already fragile mind. Now he’s content to just golf the days away, ignore our entire political process with his magical pen because he believes it be his prerogative, and casually rally for Islam in the media.

      In short, the inmates truly do run the asylum. Welcome to America, Ladies and Gentlemen. Sadly, there is no justice in this world. Barrack Obama and his terrorist cohorts will continue to live lives of prestige and luxury while we toil away under ignoble tyrannies and our great race fades to obscurity.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I doubt they’re his arguments at all. He reads everything from a teleprompter, which I doubt he even knows how to load up.

      Remember we have academic records and test scores for all presidents except obama. He – or more likely his handlers – spent $3 million sealing up his records from the public. Can’t imagine why unless there’s something there that needs hiding.

      Obama is a programmed robot doing or reading off what his paymaster tell him.

    • ElComadreja

      He was born and raised a Muslim. He is not merely a Muslim on “some level”.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Criticizing Jews? I do not think so. His biggest backers are Jews. Ever heard of Rahm Emmanuel???

    • Manaphy

      Obama criticizes Jews? You must be blind; Obama has been their puppet since the start of his political career. Why do you think he hates European civilization so much?

      • Perhaps I should have more correctly stated that obama criticizes Israel (shunning Netanyahu, demanding more land [for ‘peace’] for Palestinians) . . . I acknowledge that Jews (like Soros) fund 0bama – he carries their water.

        • Whiteplight

          You’re both wrong. The main influence on Obama’s outlook was his America, white male hating, white mother. Soros and others have been around a long time and they have their counterparts as International corporations that support Republicans most often.

          • His sperm-donating ‘father’ abandoned him when he was a kid.
            This is a great source of anger as well. Funny how he named his book, “dreams from my father”. His dad gave him jack squat (it was his White Grandparents that treated him well).

  • phillyguy

    Is this guy senile or what ! ,they should impeach him for having dementia.

    • No, the Left likes its leaders – including magic negroes – as dumb as rocks! The less they think and merely do as they’re told, the more effective they will be in duping the unwashed masses.

    • Charles Martel

      Actually Thomas Jefferson created the marines to take care of the moslem problem.

      • BillMiller66

        The US Marine Corps was founded Nov. 10, 1775 by act of the Continental C0ngress – decades before Thomas Jefferson became president.

        • Charles Martel

          Jefferson used them against the Barbary moslem pirates.

        • Uncle Bob

          Continental Marines 1775-1783
          US Marine Corps 1798-present
          You’re both correct

          • NoMosqueHere

            Obama is a great deceiver, a practitioner of Taqiya, the mussselmen art of deception, just like his idol Muhammed.

  • MekongDelta69

    What NoBama said:
    “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”

    What NoBama was thinking:
    “Islam has been woven into the fabric of my brain since my upbringing in Indonesia.”

  • Sighisoara

    What?! Woven into the fabric of our country? You just couldn’t make up anything more inane that what this fool just said. I sort of laughed out loud and felt nauseas at the same time.

    • SentryattheGate

      Maybe Nerobama himself is using the Muslim principle of takiqa; the right to lie to the infidel especially to promote Islam!

      • ElComadreja

        That is exactly what he’s doing. Make no mistake.

    • Charles Martel

      Columbus discovered America looking for a route that avoided backstabbing savage moslems. Thomas Jefferson created the marines to deal with moslem pirates.

      • meanqueen

        Well there you go! See? The Muslims WERE part of the fabric of our early country!

  • NoMosqueHere

    John Quincy Adams: “The precept of the Koran is perpetual war… [t]he commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force.”


    Any agreement or peace treaty with muslim nations, especially Terrorist Iran, is illusory and isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. As first line of defense against the muslim menace is a total ban on muslim immigration.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’ve heard our Founding Fathers are considered by some as terrorists.

      Smacks of Animal Farm, doesn’t it?

      • NoMosqueHere

        I’ve heard that from blacks mostly, but also from mexicans and other La Razans, as well as sick liberal jews and self hating whites.

      • BloodofAlbion75

        “Smacks of Animal Farm,doesn’t it?”

        Or “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.

    • David Jones

      “The precept of the Koran is perpetual war..

      Sounds like the Military Industrial Complex.

  • TruthBeTold

    The left considers ‘1984’ to be an instruction manual.

    Our history is being re-written and they’re getting away with it.

    • Lygeia

      1984 was meant to be a warning; it was never meant to be an instruction manual.

      Unfortunately, our “elites” have no imagination and look to the books we write for inspiration on how to govern (usually after they killed the authors, like Machiavelli who died in prison, and Orwell too — he died pretty suspiciously).

    • dd121

      No, Alinsky wrote the instruction manual.

  • WR_the_realist

    In all fairness, Obama’s statement about Islam was no more ridiculous than what other leftists say, about Islam and everything else. Actual history and reality don’t carry much weight with these guys.

    • connorhus

      You got that right. They make it up as they go along these days because they haven’t been teaching actual history in the public schools for decades. They know they can get away with it now. Even a student who wishes to learn can no longer even find the reference books in the school libraries to read the truth for themselves.

      • David Ashton

        Similar in UK. Leftwing “feminists” and “anti-racists” have an undue influence over academic publishing.

  • james AZ

    Babel of Islam…….. There have NO harmony of religious…. Babel of Religious…….HYSTERIA

    • Nancy

      The Tower of Babel was a clear demonstration that different races (“nations”) should have their own spaces, and their separate borders. In the book, God told them to disperse, but the people, following the leadership of Nimrod, directly disobeyed.

      An interesting side note: Nimrod was a descendant of Noah’s son, Ham. That may not mean anything to most people, but in modern mainstream Biblical teaching, the three sons of Noah are thought to have begun the three main races: Shem was the forefather of the Middle Peoples (Semitic Arabian); Japeth was the forefather of Eurasians; and Ham was the forefather of Africans.

      So it wasn’t lost on many Bible scholars that the first king after the flood, an African, outright disobeyed an order from God. To many, it also explained the backwardness of the African people: they were not, as liberals today like to believe, just a good-natured, innocent people who are trying to move ahead in civilization, albeit slowly. Their barbaric, backward, superstitious ignorance, poverty, famine, and pestilence is a direct result of centuries of turning their backs on their Creator. This was the prevailing belief of European and American pastors, missionaries, and scholars until the mid-1900’s, when it became “racist” to say so.

  • dd121

    Still talking up the virtues of the muzzies? Is there still any doubt about this guy’s loyalties? Giuliani was right, he just didn’t go far enough.

  • Luca

    Okay first I hear that our country was founded on “Judeo-Christian values” and now I find out “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”

    Well, I looked at the Declaration of Independence and try as I might I can’t find any signatures from the likes of an Izzy Goldberg or an Ayam Yosef Akbar. I am completely puzzled.

    • Lygeia

      Our country was founded on Masonic ideals.

  • superlloyd

    ‘Not only were terrorists not Muslim, President Obama stated, but Islam played a crucial role in America’s founding.

    “Here in America,” Obama stated, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”’

    This cretin Obola is either completely unhinged from reality or the most brazen liar in politics. Perhaps a little of both. How can this idiot not be muslim.? Sickening beyond belief.

  • OS-Q

    We do have an 80-year old depiction of Mohammed inside the Supreme Court chamber among the other great “lawgivers” of mankind like Confucius, Moses, and Charlemagne.

    CAIR wanted it sandblasted.

    • TheMaskedUnit

      Common ground!

      • OS-Q

        HA! I am ambivalent, since it spites them and honors them at the same time. Perhaps it is a monument to the abandonment of Anglo-Saxon traditions in favor of French and Eastern tyranny.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “Over the long term, I’m pretty optimistic, and the reason is because this country just becomes more and more of a hodgepodge of folks,” President Barack Obama to Vox editor Ezra Klein, Jan. 23, 2015

    For Washington’s hodgepodgization of America to proceed smoothly, its most problematic (and rapidly expanding) element needs a shiny gloss.

  • Alucard_the_last

    The first mosque was tiny and it opened in the ’30’s not from the beginning of our country. I’m SICK and TIRED of hearing about how wonderful these people are.

    • John Smith

      In North Dakota, IIRC. I also believe it was in the late ’20s.

  • Never forget that part of the Left’s success over the minds of Americans (what little there is of it) is built on historical revisionism, tweaking and outright perverting our history so that we completely lose our moral and historical compass.

  • Dave West

    This is one of the biggest examples of “feel-good” drivel I’ve seen this year.

    Even Odumbo can’t actually believe that Muslims have always been “woven into the fabric of America.” What a pathetic society we live in where our leaders tell outright lies to make people feel “included.”

  • BloodofAlbion75

    “Here in America,Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”

    — President Barack Obama.

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    — Mark Twain.

    President Obama: Validating the wisdom of Mark Twain since 2008.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “… the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.”

    The media will never ask obama for examples of the “many achievements and contributions of muslim americans” and how they “built the very fabric of our democracy.”

    He will get a pass, as he always does, as his handlers seek to pit muslims against White in White homelands.

    More proof of why we Whites need to separate ourselves from what is fast becoming a totalitarian police state lorded over by anti-White fools like obama’s handlers.

    We Whites do not need to take lessons or listen to lectures from cultures in which women are kept in subjugation, endure genital mutilation, are stoned to death for adultery, married off at age nine and practices slavery to this day.

    We have no use for strong-arm, police-state governments that cannot provide clean drinking water or sewage systems for their own people while the overlords live in first-world, abject luxury.

    A White country founded on liberty does not need lessons from obama’s handlers.

    We will never be free until and unless we break away from anti-Whites who wish to subjugate and then eliminate us.

    • TheMaskedUnit

      The amazing part is that this deja vu keeps cycling over and over. They see a prosperous zone and move in attempting to capture the white man juju. Then behave like the word not even amren will allow past the censors and find themselves recreating the same Haiti, Liberia, Kenya, Detroit … It must be the white racism again. This regardless of the actual presence or absence of white people!

      They never figure it out.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        “They” (3rd world blacks) are incapable of figuring anything out – they are, however, encouraged to attack the White race. And, they are only doing what they are allowed to get away with – while the anti-White government keeps its jackboot on our White necks.

        Don’t like your displacement by 3rd world blacks, browns and muslims? You are a racist who will have his reputation and career destroyed.

        Blacks and other non-Whites are being used as tools by other forces to destroy the White race. It’s important to remember that our genocide is being done to us, not by us.

        I didn’t vote for massive, non-White, unfettered 3rd world immigration, did you? I didn’t vote to have blacks and other non-Whites placed in my children’s school or my neighborhood via busing and/or Section 8 housing, did you?

        It is those who encourage and then allow blacks and other non-Whites to get away with destroying White America – our cities, schools, public places, parks, malls, amusement parks who must be stopped, or better, destroyed.

        We are on the same path as South Africa – a once prosperous, safe, stable society that has now become the murder capital of the world with a small, hated White minority at the mercy of murderous blacks:

      • Nancy

        I always wondered if, in their endless efforts to chase after us, they really thought we had some magic formula (juju) that they could capture, or if they just hoped to be among the first few blacks to move into a white neighborhood/city/school and reap the benefits for a few short years before all their brethren show up and ruin it.

        Surely they notice that, once critical mass is achieved, all the “magic juju” suddenly vanishes? At least, the “smarter” ones must know?

        • Charles Martel

          Well if equality exists, whitey must be the source of all suffering for everyone but Asians.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Don’t look now, there are demands to open up Japan to the 3rd world:

            Nov., 2014

            From Forbes:

            Can immigration save a struggling, disappearing Japan?

            “Carl Weinberg, chief economist at High Frequency Economics… argues that Japan is in a depression, driven primarily by its quickly shrinking population….As Weinberg writes, “Japan needs more people and less debt.”

            This is how it starts.

            Soon, the Japanese will be told they must open their borders to the 3rd world due to “past bad acts” and/or they “aren’t a race worth saving.”

          • Huh… weinburg …thats a … swedish name, right?

            (And this post gets deleted in 3… 2…)

        • TheMaskedUnit

          Nearly 99% of them still think Barak Obama is a good idea. What does that tell ya? They’d probably vote for Mugabe if they had the chance or even a dead Mandela.
          If they were going to learn, It would have happened a long time ago. Negros can govern or eat, never both.
          They prosper while relieved of providing for their sustenance by a non black population. They fornicate like rabbits, achieve the numbers to dominate the native population. Then they take control and starve everybody back to the stone age. Migrate (or sometimes get imported) away from the “famine”, while leaving sufficient numbers behind to prevent any recovery. Repeat.
          I never heard of a small community of negros living peacefully and gratefully in a non black society.
          I would love to learn of an exception.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            They do whatever they’re told by their leaders like Al Sharpton and politicians like Maxine Water.

            Politicians that are 100% pro-open borders, the consequences of which are devastating to blacks.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Blacks aren’t moving into White neighborhoods and schools in any numbers – they are being actively moved into White neighborhoods via Section 8 housing and busing.

          Not so long ago, the obama administration stated that it would be looking at zip codes in the name of equality and diversity – meaning aggressive Section 8 placements in areas that are too White.

          “Equality” and “Diversity” being code words for “No More Whites.”

          But then you knew that.

          Wealthy New York City suburbs in White/Jewish Westchester recently lost in court again trying to keep Section 8 housing out of its area. They fought for years against the gov. and lost. The housing is being built as I write this.

          It’s important to remember that this is being done to us.

          We are not committing suicide.

  • Frank Pucillo

    Lets see.A syrian helped invent the ice cream cone.But he may have been a christian.

    • John Smith

      Most were, because they needed to get away from the muslims back home.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    What’s unfortunate is that so many people in this country have absolutely no knowledge of Islam and will take Obama at his word for anything. This isn’t the first time he has twisted facts to fit a narrative. He has developed this habit of speaking off script and getting involved in every problem that comes to his attention, and bending history (or facts) doesn’t seem to bother him.

  • bv

    He wants to destroy whites by any means necessary. He wants to undermine us and make us like the mixed race stray that like he is.

  • Lygeia

    Islam woven into the fabric of our country since its founding?

    It is not.

  • libertarian1234

    “Quincy Adams would later lament, “Such is the spirit, which governs the hearts of men, to whom treachery and violence are taught as principles of religion.”

    Well, if this view doesn’t contradict Obama’s claim that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam nothing does, because Adams is just one of millions who are aware that Islam’s “treachery and violence” contained within the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira is studied by all who read and follow the edicts of Islam, not just the jihadists.

    The only peaceful Islamist is one who is biding his time until his tribal numbers get large enough in his adopted country to take over…if not by peaceful means then he will do so by force, and his actions at that time will be no different than what we see from ISIS today.

  • libertarian1234

    Islam a part of this country since its founding?

    Does he expect people to believe such nonsense when a large number of the tenants of Sharia Law are considered felonies in every democracy on earth?

    • meanqueen

      Agree with you but it’s “tenets.”

  • De Doc

    The only religion Obama seems to care about is Islam. All others are to be ignored or denigrated. And now, after the UNC shootings, even the secular atheists are on his feces list.

  • Old Soldier

    In my lifelong study of US history I have found only one muslim, Haj Ali, known in this country as Hi Jolly. He was brought over from Syria to teach the US Army how to manage camels, and stayed on to become a colorful character of The West the rest of his life. There is actually a monument to his memory in Quartzsite AZ. Can anyone else find a muslim in US history? Anyone? Bueller?

  • LeonNJ

    Martha Washington hid her burqa under the floor boards to not anger those cracker colonists who believe in Jesus.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Cultural Marxism is a perpetual lying machine. We must eradicate this scourge.

  • archer

    Great article.

  • David Ashton

    “Who falsifies the past, falsifies the future.” Some background info on President Hussein’s falsehoods: (1) Robert C. Davis, “Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters” (2005); (2) Gilles Milton, “White Gold” (2005); Don Jordan & Michael Walsh, “White Cargo” (2008).

  • Mr. L

    B.S. What do you expect from The Worst President Ever? President Obama is evil.

    • John Smith

      At first, one might’ve thought he was a fool, but it’s apparent that what might’ve been perceived as incompetence is intentional malice.

  • ElComadreja

    Those calling you a “racist” would be revealing the depths of their ignorance. Muslim is a “religion” not a race.

    • Whirlwinder

      I think you meant to say that Islam is a “religion” not a race. However Islam is not a religion. It is a supremacist totalitarian system bent on dominating the world and it masquerades in America as a religion. Our western mindset thinks that all religions should be able to practice in America. Well, the tolerant will not win against intolerance and Islam is the very essence of intolerance.

      • ElComadreja

        Maybe I should have phrased it “A Muslim is a member of a “religion” and not any specific race”. We do, however, agree on all your other points which is why religion was set in quotes.

        • Whirlwinder

          I noticed that religion was set in quotes and I should have shut my big mouth.

  • Whirlwinder

    Our Muslim-in-Chief is pulling out all the stops now that he is in the last 2 years of his lame duck session. He has already assisted Islam to infiltrate our government. The threat to the destruction of America and western civilization is Islam but he has blunted the knowledge of this threat by removing the concept of Islamic terrorism from the instruction manuals of the military and government police (CIA, FBI) and other government depts. His immigration policies allow “refugees” from the middle east. Most, we will find out too late, will be terrorists. America, lets sack this un-American.


    WTF Does he know about America????

    • Sloppo

      He knows that America is part of what peaceful muslims call the “House of War”, which is the part of the world which has not been completely subjugated by the worshippers of the pedophile-pirate’s moon-god.

  • FozzieT

    “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding” BHO

    Yes, just visit Old Town Williamsburg, where they re-create colonial life in America. The minarets, the calls to prayer, the women wearing their colonial-era burquas…the men on their quaint prayer mats at the colonial-style mosque…

  • Irish

    “He who controls the past, controls the future”..

  • Eddie Lutz

    Yes Islam has been woven into America since the beginning. Invading and massacring westward, cutting off the Silk Road so that Europe was forced to seek alternative trade routes to Asia, starting with Christopher Columbus. From the beginning Islam was our Enemy.

  • John Smith

    Jefferson wasn’t particularly religious for his own part, with regard to traditional Christianity, so I don’t see him being fond of a bloodthirsty religion like Islam. If Islam had any bearing on the founding of the US, it would probably be the wisdom of separating church from state, rather than conflating them, as is a matter of course in Islam. Its influence was the negative to which we should never aspire to emulate.

  • ElComadreja

    I was called “racist” by a liberal white European idiot defending Islam just a few days ago.

  • ElComadreja

    I was called “racist” by a liberal white European idiot that was defending Islam just a few days ago.

  • Gillettestevens

    If you don’t like history, simply re-write it. If you are uncomfortable with the past, pretend it didn’t happen. That has been the plan for Obama all his life, and I see no indications that he is experiencing a change of heart.