Huge Crowd of Muslim Protesters Picket Downing Street to Protest at Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

Christopher Hope, Telegraph, February 8, 2015

At least 1,000 Muslim protesters gathered outside the gates of Downing Street to protest against the depictions of the Prophet Mohammed in Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine.

The protestors, many of whom were divided into groups of men and women, gathered just yards from the Cenotaph which remembers Britain’s war dead, and blocked half of Whitehall as they demonstated.

It comes weeks after two terrorists attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the Paris-based satirical magazine which had published images of the Prophet Muhammad, killing 12 staff and wounding 11 others.

The protest was organised by the Muslim Action Forum, which said that the Charlie Hebdo cartoons had helped “sow the seeds of hatred” and had damaged community relations.<

One young child, who appeared to be under the age of 10, stood next to a placard displaying the message: “Charlie and the abuse factory”.

A series of Muslim leaders addressed the crowd from a platform outside the Ministry of Defence, with the message “Be careful with Muhammad”.

The meeting was organised by the Muslim Action Forum, which was handing out leaflets about the demonstration on Whitehall.

The leaflet said: “The recent re-publishing of the cartoons, caricatures and depictions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by Charlie Hebdo magazine and other publishers is a stark reminder that freedom of speech if regularly utilised to insult personalities that others consider sacred.

“Such actions are deliberating insulting and provoking to Muslims worldwide as British citizens, we believe that these publications will continue to ‘sow the seeds of hatred’ and damage community relations.

“In an already fragile world we need to move from actions of incitement, hatred and provocation to civility, consideration and respect.”

In an apparent reference to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine the leaflet added that “regrettably some Muslims” had “taken the un-Islamic path of human destruction”.

It added: “The vast majority of Muslims worldwide shall not denigrate their historical and current values by reciprocating hatred.

“Muslims shall call upon their deep spiritual strength and take the moral high ground by inviting the world to civility in any form of expression, dialogue, discourse and debate.”

The Forum delivered a petition to 10 Downing Street signed by over 100,000 British Muslims to highlight the view that the majority of Muslims worldwide call for ‘Global Civility’ rather than destruction of human life.

The group also expressed “deep regret” at the Paris terror attacks, which included a massacre at Charlie Hebdo, saying they were a “violation of Islamic law”.

Shaykh Tauqir Ishaq, a senior spokesman for the Forum, said “Perpetual mistakes by extremists, either by cold-blooded killers or uncivilised expressionists, cannot be the way forward for a civilised society.

“The peace-loving majority of people must become vociferous in promoting global civility and responsible debate. At this time of heightened tension and emotion, it is crucial that both sides show restraint to prevent further incidents of this nature occurring.”

Shaykh Noor Siddiqi, another Forum representative, said “The actions of the UK media in not publishing the cartoons is highly appreciated by British Muslims and we hope that this kind of self-restraint and mutual respect will ultimately lead to a harmonious society.”

Across the street on Whitehall a handful of counter demonstrators holding a Britain First banner gathered. Scotland Yard said it was not aware of any arrests during the protest.

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  • dd121

    Another opportunity presents itself for whites to bend over and beg forgiveness.

  • IstvanIN

    Shaykh Tauqir Ishaq, a senior spokesman for the Forum, said “Perpetual mistakes by extremists, either by cold-blooded killers or uncivilised expressionists, cannot be the way forward for a civilised society.
    It shows how uncivilized these “people” really are. Unkind, rude or even vulgar expression are not on the same level as murder.

  • MartelsGhost

    How is 1000 a “huge” crowd?

    The marches in support of Hebdo drew millions…………………..

    I’m done with these goatraping 7th century parasites. Nobody is afraid of them. We’re just annoyed………………..”islamannoya”………..that’s got a nice ring to it I think.

    • 1000 devote muslims = 1000 determined men & women
      millions of French = 2 & 1/2 determined, consisting of one man, one woman & one transgendered.

      • MartelsGhost

        Really? You’re going to defend the 7th century parasitical goatrapers?

        What sort of man are you that you would hate your cousin and cheer on his murderers?

        Don’t you have a plague sore to be scratching instead of spewing your anti-White filth?

  • superlloyd

    “Be careful with Muhammad” is the implicit threat of islamic violence against anything these morons might be offended by. This gives the lie to all their Taquiya talk about civility, consideration and respect. Deconstructing Islamic rhetoric is the easiest task in the world as they are such transparent liars.

    • Speedy Steve

      It means take careful aim; aim small, miss small.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “Their religion’s responsible for so much evil, yet all they can protest about is cartoons. Contemptible.”

    –Pat Condell

    Muslims are only doing what they do normally.

    Those who let all these fast-breeding muslims into a White homeland must be ferreted out, blamed and held accountable.

    It is THEY who destroyed England.

    The muslims are a symptom of their contempt for the White race and their desire to deprive us of a White homeland.

    If it were any other ANY OTHER race except White, the UN would call it “genocide” and the West would threaten military action to stop it.

  • james AZ

    Look at 1400 years STILL SAME PROBLEMS. Never trust Islam period !!!!!!!!!

    • LHathaway

      lol, never trust whitey.


    There seem’s to have been a mistake in the headline. So, being the kind fella I am, I’ll just go ahead and correct it for the Telegraph myself.

    What the Headline should’ve read was ->
    Huge Crowd of Muslim Protesters Picket Downing Street to Show Their Contempt For Western Civilization’s Core Values. You Know, Such As The Freedom to Express Ones Self Without Being Brutally Murdered For It!

  • jayvbellis

    I did a similar one man protest against the Weinstein Brothers opening the anti White porn movie D’Jango Unchained on Christmas Day…..

    One man…

    • LHathaway

      How did you do it?

    • Speedy Steve

      It’s easy, just send a fax to every TV station which includes the left’s buzzwords; demonstration, protest, outrage, equality, civil rights. But they still cringe at revolution, and nooses. The jury is still out on blood — unless it spills just so.

  • KenelmDigby

    The magazine was never ever published in the UK, so what’s the damn point of this demonstration?
    Why couldn’t have they just handed in a petition to the French embassy?

    • Speedy Steve

      We’re dealing with an average IQ of 85 here. Plus, as a bonus none of the morons have jobs and plenty of money courtesy of the dole. And all guns larger than .22 caliber are banned.


      The point is, that they are not demonstrating against a cartoon, or even France itself. They are demonstrating against the core values that France, Britain and Western civilization itself are founded on, Freedom! The Freedom to draw a stupid picture of any thing, or one, they so chose. The Freedom to either join a ridiculous oppressive religion, or not join such a ridiculous oppressive religion. That, and so many more examples of Freedom they don’t like, which are far too many to list here. Is why these bearded/shrouded buffoons are protesting in Britain against France’s Charlie Hebdo.

      And just think of that on it’s own for a moment. Their fellow religion members murder 17 people over something so incredibly insignificant, and THEY are the ones protesting?

      It’s Western civilization itself they are protesting, ( Just as the murderous brothers who carried out the massacre were doing when they stormed the Charlie Hebdo offices ) and France just happens to be the focus point for now. At least until the next mass murders anyway, and thanks to the suicidal immigration policies in Europe. THERE WILL BE A NEXT!

  • crockadoodle6

    ‘….signed by over 100,000 British Muslims’. They want to make it this easy? How about transcribing the names and addresses to an Excel spreadsheet for our convenience? Then we can pre print the tag. All we need is the bag.

  • Sloppo

    When muslims have public demonstrations or mass prayer rituals in the streets of countries of western civilization, we should use scoops like they had in the movie called “Soylent Green”.



  • John Smith

    Islam is fertile ground for the seeds of hatred.