Unescorted Teens Barred from Franklin Park Mall

Nolan Rosenkrans and Jon Chavez, Toledo Blade, January 6, 2015

Hanging out at the mall instantly became less cool for teenagers on Monday, when Franklin Park Mall officials said that anyone 17 or younger must be accompanied by an adult on mall property after 4 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Mall officials said the new policy is not a response to any specific event and is a proactive move taken after conducting research among shoppers, retailers, and the Toledo community. But the change follows a weekend incident where police tried to remove a large group of people from the mall when a fight broke out, leading to several arrests and a minor injury to a police officer.

Toledo police records show that at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday, officers tried to move a crowd of “100+ people” who were loitering in the mall after a movie had ended. A fight between two unnamed youths broke out, prompting an officer to grab them by their hair in an effort to stop the fight.

A third person attempted to flee, and a police officer injured his leg after using a “take-down” maneuver, according to police records. The officer was taken to Mercy St. Anne Hospital for treatment. Police said four people in the “large disorderly crowd” were arrested and later released to their parents, with charges of resisting arrest and obstructing justice filed.

In recent weeks, large groups of teenagers have caused ruckuses in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Chicago-area malls, prompting some to place similar restrictions on teens.


Such parental-escort policies are not new for malls, said Malachy Kavanagh, a spokesman for the New York-based International Council of Shopping Centers. Minneapolis’ Mall of America, the country’s largest mall, was one of the first to implement such a policy in 1996, prompting complaints from some that the decision was at least in part racially motivated.


A supervising adult–someone 21 years or older–can escort up to six underage youths throughout the mall, but the adult must remain with the youths at all times. Those who are underaged and unsupervised or who cannot provide proof of age will be asked to leave the property, mall officials said.



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  • DonReynolds

    They COULD say the new policy is racial motivated IF it ONLY applied to blacks.
    Otherwise, it has no racial motivation.

    • Rhialto

      Translation, Liberal English -> normal English: “Not racially motivated” -> Required to control Black behavior.

    • APaige

      The only motivation is to save the mall. There are three types of malls in the U.S.:
      1. Malls where White people shop
      2. Malls where White people used to shop.
      3. Malls that will soon close once they become type-2 mall.

      • I think the indoor mall is an obsolete business model. A new shopping center was built on North Nevada, here in C.S. and that was free-standing stores in buildings of one, two or three units. There is no indoor main area as a staging ground for roaming gangs of Basketballistani-American “teens” to harass genuine shoppers while they remain out of the weather.

        “Do you gots 50 cents?” “Can I be haben a cigarette?” “Dems was my shoes!” “Can ah borrow yo sail foam?” “You gots some weed?” “Don’t look at ma girlfrien’!

        No thanks to all that.

        • John Smith

          It is – Nightly Business Report on PBS ran a segment about this a couple weeks ago – no mention of the role of basketball-americans.

        • Rhialto

          A good example of intelligent life forms altering behaviours to deal with changing environment. In this case, the change was the introduction of hostile organisms.

  • The main problem is that these policies rarely work. Most of the malls that saw battles in the week after Christmas already have those policies.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Teens teens teens teens teens teens teens…

      Reminds me of that Monty Python “spam” skit. So many teens, so few non-black…

      Black black black black black black black…

      • Good skit, and I’ll bite: “OK, what about Europe? That hasn’t got much black in it. Oh. Wait a minute. Never mind.”

    • Sick of it

      Policy enforcement is key.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        It’s either policy enforcement – or dead malls dot com.

        Franklin Park Mall already has one foot in the grave.

    • See The Future

      Segregation, segregation, segregation……….by continent

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Of course the policy is racially motivated, and that makes total sense because the fighting and shooting has been conducted exclusively by blacks.

    Notice I didn’t say black teens. That’s because there very likely were twenty-something year old blacks involved. Despite a higher percentage of black involvement (99+%) than teen involvement (probably 90+), it’s still all teens (including whites) who will be discriminated against.

    Age discrimination is legal while race discrimination is not; and it’s easy for elected cowards to blame teens, it actually takes a sack to blame blacks.

  • It won’t matter how the court challenge to this policy works out after most of the retail businesses pull out. Shopping malls like Franklin Park are circling the drain.

  • Fed Up

    Of course it’s racially motivated. I mean just because virtually all the young troublemakers, shoplifters and petty thieves happen to be Black. . . is no excuse to bar them.

  • anony

    That policy will only bring MORE blacks into the malls. Won’t work.

  • Luca

    Teens, Youths, Juveniles, Thugs.

    All journalistic code words for the usual suspects.

    • Vibrants is one of my favs.

      • John Smith

        Never heard that one before.

  • MekongDelta69

    Do you see the word black in the article?

    Nah… Me neither…

    • LHathaway

      Who knew Bill O’Reilly held sway over the Toledo Blade.

  • Easyrhino

    I thought I read somewhere that blasting Bach or Vivaldi through the speaker system was a great way of keeping the blacks away from congregating in one’s business.

    • phorning

      I would make it a point to patronize a store that played Bach instead of blasting insipid pop music at the customers.

    • Michael Whalen

      There is a McDonalds near my house that I go into occasionally. There are a lot of blacks living nearby. This McDonalds plays nothing but classical music on the speaker system. Blacks do not congregate there. They purchase their food, but they do not linger.

      • Aha! Dat dere be a “microaggression”, gnome sayin’?

      • See The Future

        Are you sure the cook is not spitting in your food?

      • John Smith

        Classical music can raise your IQ, so it’s like kryptonite to negroes.

    • John Smith

      Supposedly Frank Sinatra is best.

  • Reynardine

    When I was this age, in my little white town, it was completely acceptable and common for the <18 crowd to hang out at the mall.

    What sort of miscreant do you have to be to get every other <18 year old essentially banned from such a place?

    • Earl Turner

      When I was a kid, we used to hang out in parking lots. There were a couple of grocery story parking lots where we used to congregate. Once in a while a couple in the large group would get a little rowdy and the cops would run us off. One grocery store said we couldn’t hang out in their parking lot any more so we started going down the street and respected their wishes.

      Fights were extremely rare and never more than the two people who had a disagreement to settle. They fought, it ended, everyone put it behind them and forgot about it. Never once did we even think of shooting anyone even though, since it was Georgia, there were plenty of guns. We never once harassed anyone shopping there. Hell, we’d even clean up behind ourselves!

      Of course we were white and had parents who raised us better…nah that couldn’t be why.

      • When I was in junior high school, the fights almost always occurred on the hill a few hundred yards away. I always used three feet of heavy chain, and had one guy urinating blood afterward. It was never the same guy twice. Funny, that. There were very few fights later on in high school, and I was only involved in about three, which were over very quickly and without my chain, though always the same guy. During the last, I was smart enough to grab him to keep him from getting away. What happened then is exactly why it was the last one; he had to run away – anywhere – anytime he saw me. I cold-cocked him in the school building on the science level as we each turned a corner and put him down instantly with a throat hit. I saw him first. Too bad. He had thrown rocks at my girlfriend, so I awarded myself the job of attacking him on sight. We were not all born to run away.

        I never reckoned I was there to fight fair; I was there to kick the other guy’s moderated into close orbit. I still remember the way my arms felt cold. Don’t waste time punching someone in the face; punch them in the throat instead; you can always kick them in the head once they’re down. This is not a cowboy movie.

        Sadly, I liked it just fine at the time. My parents discussed sending me to a military school, but everyone outgrew it.

        There was a video game arcade at the old “Crossroads” mall in Boulder, and I liked “Discs of Tron”. Kids today have better games at home.

  • AmericanCitizen

    It seems that what we used to know as civilized behavior is becoming passe amongst our minority residents of America. But hey, Diversity is our strength!

  • Jim Kental

    White society is going easy by requiring ALL teens to be escorted by adults. But white patience is dwindling.

    • John Smith

      A side benefit is that white parents can help protect their children from feral negroes at a vulnerable location like a mall.

  • Earl Turner

    Time to put our collective foot down. I will bet you that at least 90% of those “teens” live on welfare.

    Mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients is just feel-good pandering by politicians to get votes. It will do very little except put money in the pockets of the cronies who own drug testing companies. Follow the money, folks! Follow the money.

    Want to get tough? Hold welfare recipients accountable for their actions and the actions of their kids. As long as we the taxpayers are supporting you, you will behave. Commit a crime and you lose your benefits. Your kid commits a crime, lose your benefits. All convictions will count, whether a conviction of the recipient or of a child.

    First offense, lose all benefits for 6 months. Second offense, 1 year. Third offense, lifetime ban.

    Spread the word. Burn up the phone lines to your State House and your Congresscritters.

  • dd121

    Of course it’s racially motivated. Those people have businesses to run and they’re not stupid.

  • Sick of it

    This is a very smart non-discriminatory policy which will have the intended effect. Good job!

    • Nancy

      Until some idiot starts shouting “Disparate impact! Disparate Impact!”

      • Sick of it

        You know what would be great to hear from ANY official on this?

        “Who cares!? I’m going to prioritize business in this community over some thugs on welfare. It’s not like they contribute anything to society anyway.”

  • Jeff Traube

    It is racial. But in response to racial behavior.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Mall officials said the new policy is not a response to any specific event

    I’m sure it was not in response to any specific event. See you on dead malls dot com.

    Here is the photo posted on the original article. These must be the “teens” and “youth” that the article was talking about.

    • Sick of it

      Those are the teens they actually WANT to shop at the mall. The kind that pay.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The kind that are being driven out.

        How many malls have gone under b/c of blacks?

        I’ll start: Hawthorne Mall in Southern California.

        • Sick of it

          South Park Mall – Shreveport, LA

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Keep it going.

          • Sick of it

            Belle Promenade – Marrero, LA
            Bon Marche Mall – Baton Rouge, LA
            Twin City Mall – Monroe, LA
            Oakwood Mall – New Orleans, LA

        • John Smith

          Bannister Mall – Kansas City, MO
          Blue Ridge Mall, KCMO
          The Landing, KCMO
          Antioch Mall, KCMO
          Indian Springs Mall, KC, KS

          Where I live now, the nicest mall, with the Coach store, Nordstrom’s, etc. already has numerous basketball “Americans” walking around with flat billed baseball caps cocked to the side, tags still attached, gold chains, baggy jeans hanging down below their underwear and large sports jerseys that you can hide merchandize under. One way down the road you have Roger Staubach’s old town, now 50% negro, and ghettofied areas into downtown and the other direction is M-B, Jag and Audi dealers and $250K and up housing, mostly Whites, some Asians.

        • Bill Moore


          Penn Hills Mall in Pittsburgh PA.

          The city of Pittsburgh PA built some kind of towers beside the beautiful mall and filled them with Africans, stating that these Africans would increase traffic in the mall.

          A couple of years later, the mall was deserted, and now trees are growing up through he parking lot.

          Another one in East Liberty in Pittsburgh PA.

          The city of Pittsburgh re-routed the streets so that it could be a walking mall (no cars). It was about ten city blocks in size. Millions of dollars poured into this project.

          After it opened, I stopped in at a Sears Roebuck store, and when I left the store, two Africans were waiting at the exit. I started walking to my car and they followed me. I went into a run, and they were chasing me. I have a Jeep, and the doors don’t lock, and in one motion, I opened the door, jumped in, and reached under my seat and came up with my hatchet. The first African had his head and arm inside my car, and I had the hatchet drawn back to sink it into his head. It pulled it’s head back, and stated, “What you think? We gonna rob you or something?”.

          Within a few years, the entire ten blocks was a shambles. Abandoned restaurants with graffiti all over them, other abandoned stores. The city of Pittsburgh re-opened the streets, and it is now ten blocks of eyesore.

          Just My Thoughts,
          Bill Moore

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            I’m glad you survived, Bill, many Whites do not.

            The Hawthorne Mall in Southern California was built in the heart of the black community as a “renaissance” a number of years ago – the warped thinking was that if it were nice enough, Whites would be happy to shop there. Never. Happened. (of course).

            Dead Malls dot com once reported (before it was taken down) that local black gangs immediately started using the mall for its clubhouse and hangout, fighting and shoplifting were rampant and car break-ins were frequent.

            After the mall closed, the “clientele” was pushed into another, much nicer mall in Torrance. There was an immediate car-jacking and murder in front of the Red Robin. I haven’t set foot in that mall since.

          • The butt end of a tomahawk works just fine in someone’s snot-box.

      • MiGoreng31

        Are you implying that it is only adolescents who identify as Caucasian that pay for things? Because that is clearly incorrect.

        • See The Future

          Black savages pay for things on my tax dime!

      • MiGoreng31

        They’re pretty fat though.

        • John Smith

          Not as fat as negroes get living off govt. cheese and EBT purchased fast food.

      • Looks like they’re waiting in line for a movie theater.

  • TheCogitator

    Racist or not, white teens will have to suffer for the sins and crimes of black teens.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Nothing new there.

  • Alexandra1973

    The worst thing my sister, cousins, and I did while unsupervised at the mall was play hide-and-seek at Hudson’s. Four floors–fun!

    • LHathaway

      You rowdy girl! Oh, for super-rowdiness play with some of the balls in the younger child’s department.

      • John Smith

        Hide inside those circular clothes racks.

  • Bill Moore


    I just bought two t-shirts from Amazon. I didn’t know whether a medium or a large would be the correct size, so I ordered both.

    The statement from Amazon was that the shirts could be returned at no cost to me, so I returned the mediums and kept the large ones. The return was simple and easy. They included a label and packaging. I only had to drop it off at a UPS store, and was informed when it arrived back at Amazon and my card was credited.

    What could be better than that?

    Bill Moore

    • LHathaway

      Seeing real people. I’m not one to say we must support small business. Not at all! Perhaps I’ll start small and say we should see real people?

      • In civilized countries, dealing with real people has an appeal. It’s hard, however to work up much enthusiasm about being exposed on a regular basis to the basketballization of what used to be nice areas in which to live.

        • LHathaway

          ah, Denver. I’ve heard about that place. It’s been so long since I’ve heard about it (an army buddy from ‘the bad part of Denver) that I had forgotten his tales.

          • Denver proper is also a “sanctuary city” for criminal alien invaders. This means that when Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez (also known as “The Rat”), never once deported for his 11 priors, hits you with stray 9mm shots while blazing away at his arch-enemy N’DeShitavious Washington Washington Washington Jackson III, leaving you an unemployed paraplegic, you are stuck like Chuck. Your monthly SSDI check after your unemployment insurance runs out won’t make your mortgage payment, so you’ll also lose your house to foreclosure. Kiss your home equity goodbye.

          • LHathaway

            What home equity. I have $200 in the bank. I’m dangerous, baby, I have nothing to lose.

          • I’ll bet you’d quite appreciate home-ownership. Early on in a mortgage, most of what one is paying is interest. That part is deductible on income taxes. There’s also the money saving in general. When I bought my townhouse, I had been living in a 700 square-foot apartment. This had two bedrooms and two baths, with a one-car carport. My other car had to be parked in one of the outdoor public spaces and moved frequently to keep it from being towed. This was $740 a month, with nothing tax-deductible. The townhouse I bought that summer (1996) is almost twice that size, with two bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, an office, an attached two-car garage, a patio, and a big, unfinished basement for a workshop. With good credit, I ended up with a $667 monthly mortgage payment on a 20-year, fixed-rate, with an additional $125 a month in HOA dues. That $792, once the mortgage interest tax deduction was factored in, was actually cheaper than the rent on the earlier apartment.

            I made accelerated payments on the principal, (barely) kept the place through three years in federal prison, and paid the place off in 2004. I thus turned a 20-year mortgage into 8 years.

            The place was actually my second choice, but I am very happy here. The trees are mature and provide plenty of shade during the summers, unlike the other townhouse complex, where they still appear to be struggling to root through the nasty bentonite clay so common in the area. I couldn’t get pre-approved for the other loan.

            When house-hunting, I spent about a year on research, and that paid off. Once I had a real-estate agent start showing me around in about June 1996, I placed an arbitrary cap of $105,000. I didn’t like what I saw, and absolutely demanded gas forced-air heat, a two-car attached garage and an unfinished basement. I had to go up to $120,000, and the difference was amazing. It was the best $15,000 I ever spent. I’d like a greenhouse for growing fresh vegetables year-round, but I’ll probably be here until I die. I used to collect old military rifles, and ran across a late-war German VG1-5 in mint condition for $1800, right at a time when I couldn’t have raised that much to save my own life. I was sorry about that for years afterward, but not anymore.

            The only way to go is a 20-year fixed-rate conventional mortgage with 20% down.

          • LHathaway

            You’ve done amazingly well for yourself. At least from my vantage point, and probably from that of more than half of America.

          • See The Future

            You said the key words “nothing left to lose”

          • LHathaway

            Just don’t force me to hear Janis Joplin sing the words. My ears couldn’t stand the croaking..

          • LHathaway

            Mark my words. 2 million American men in prison will be given ‘amnesty’ (Ok, maybe 1 million). White Americans will be given ‘sanctuary’ in the pacific NW, and for white women left behind, wait, for women left behind, they will be subjected to ‘sensitivity’ training. I’m willing to bet they could use a fair amount. I’m certainly hoping the sensitivity training Continues to be mandatory. But of course, you or I wont have to be trained for it this time. .

      • Bill Moore

        Hello LHathaway,

        I mainly use Amazon to find what I want. It takes less time, less cost, and I can do a search at my convenience.

        My brick and mortar store experiences of “seeing real people” have not been good.

        If I’m looking for something in a brick and mortar store, I have to drive from store to store looking for it, then parking, walking in the rain and snow, risking a mugging by the Africans hanging around, people denting my car with their car door or their shopping cart, poorly dressed people blocking the aisles who will not move out of the way, standing in long lines to check out, stupid “rewards” cards (why not just lower the prices), and all of the rest of it.

        “Shopping” at brick and mortar stores is not a pleasant experience for me.

        Just My Thoughts,
        Bill Moore

        • BlueSonicStreak

          They don’t just lower the prices rather than offer rewards cars because, of course, the point of the rewards cards is for you to spend more. It encourages you to shop more often in order to reap the “rewards.”

          People with cards typically spend about 25% more than people without.

          • Bill Moore

            Hello Blue Sonic Streak,

            There is another reason for the rewards cards.

            I have rewards cards. When I buy something for one of the companies that I work for, and I display my rewards card, I am reimbursed by the company for the full cost on my expense report, but the rewards come to me personally.

            For example, if I buy a $1,000 computer, I would get $50 in rewards plus be reimbursed $1,000. If, however, I buy a $2,000 computer, then I would get $100 in rewards plus be reimbursed $2,000. That might be the reason that people with rewards cards spend more than people without.

            I find this to be somewhat fraudulent, but everyone does it.

            I don’t participate in the fraud. I only use the rewards when I buy something for that same company.

            Just My Thoughts,
            Bill Moore

    • The whole concept of an indoor shopping mall is pre-internet. Think of something you want, run a Google search on it, and you’ll end up with a list of vendors. Shop their websites, find what you need, whip out your credit card and place the order. You’re done; it’s Miller Time, and there are no roads full of maniac drivers yakking on “sail foams” between you and the refrigerator.

      When I wanted 1″ diameter steel round rod stock for making the rotary nuts for crossbow lock mechanisms, I didn’t bother with the hardware stores. I went straight to McMaster & Carr online. Ditto for 10mm i.d. thick-walled steel tubing to make barrels for Belgian-style bullet-bows (I wanted that size so I could use cheap 3/8″ steel slingshot ammo). I could have spent an afternoon driving between Home Depot, Lowe’s and True Value only to be told they couldn’t even special-order it. That tubing was German-made, but McMaster & Carr had it in inventory and it shipped the next day, right along with the rod stock.

      The replacement zipper – in brass rather than the original plastic – for one of my older coats? Ordered online. All we had to do was measure the length of the original (apparently an oddball size) and hit the Amazon site.

      One of my friends likes to mess with black powder guns, so he got himself a “trapdoor” Springfield action and a kit for building a Hawken rifle, ordered online. After a winter of evenings working on the project, he now has a breech-loading, octagonal-barreled Hawken carbine in .45-70 caliber, probably the only one in the world like it. He says his next project will also use most of a Hawken kit, but with a Remington rolling-block action. I suggested color case-hardening for the finish. I’ve never seen a sporting goods store carry anything remotely like either of those in inventory, so conventional shopping would have been an utter waste of time.

      When they become inexpensive enough, 3-D printers are going to be real game-changers.

  • Anon Emus

    Yup ****s **** it up for everybody else. Always works that way,

  • MiGoreng31

    Why are you guys so obsessed with maintaining the purity of the white “race”. I think humanity united is a much better option.

    • United with dysfunctional, violent African’ts? No thanks!

      • MiGoreng31

        You’re treating African people as though they are a monolithic bloc, all acting exactly the same and therefore worthy of dehumanization. The fact is they’re people like you or me. How would you feel if you were an African?

        • We’ve progressed far enough into negro-fatigue over here that we… just… don’t… care. If I wanted to deal with their “issues” (a word that will pass muster with the moderator, unlike the first term that came to mind), I’d sign up for cable TV and watch that “stuff”, but still from within the comfort of my own home. That said, a large part of the point to doing odd jobs out of my house: welding, fixing cars and trucks, making fishing tackle, refinishing furniture, writing naval history articles and the like is the relatively successful “de-basketballization” of my life that has resulted.

          As for how I would feel if I were an Afritard, their feelings are not my responsibility. I have a family and some friends, so I keep them happy. So long as I pay the bills on time and don’t peeve the moderators or long-time regulars here, I’m quite OK with whatever it is the Bongonians and Greaseritos pretend to think.

          • MiGoreng31

            OK fair enough. You don’t care. But it’s concerning that a significant percentage of the people commenting on here seem to implicitly condone violence and bigotry against people who they perceive to be a monolithic bloc of people incapable of changing and act as if that were a rational response.

          • See The Future

            People that belong in Africa in their grass huts.

          • Not Actually Are Completely People.

          • John Smith

            Most are, so too bad if a few aren’t. I doubt they’ll be harmed if they aren’t out starting trouble.

          • Bill Moore

            Hello MiGoreng31,

            It’s not that I condone violence against Africans. I’m patient. When Washington DC can no longer afford to feed, cloth and care for the Africans (with our tax money), the Africans will start coming into Caucasian areas to rape, loot and destroy.

            Caucasians are preparing for that eventuality (which has already started, 38,000 Caucasian women raped by Africans each year with a thousand beaten and murdered afterward).

            Each African riot spurs sales at gun stores.

            Caucasians are slow to anger, but when the attacks by Africans become more overt, it will be a bloodbath. Africans don’t seem to know what gun sights are used for, and can’t seem to hit their target.

            Bill Moore

          • R L Buds

            Who’s condoning violence? Are you refering to whites wanting to DEFEND against the relentless attacks by blacks toward whites?

            I know personally that i have been a “victim” of their ways four times in my life, they made me a “racist” (whatever that means) by their acts. It’s not because of their skin color-it’s because of what their skin color represents.

            I don’t think anyone here wants to go into da hood and shoot the place up; we just them to leave us alone and not harrass, rape, murder, steal and then live the “free life” at our expense.

          • Now you have set up a straw-man attack here. Who exactly has condoned violence in writing on this thread, implicitly or otherwise? That would have been moderated right away. We don’t want their violence, and want to separate ourselves from it, while defending ourselves and our families from it – by any means necessary. Normally this merely involves the expense of moving into a neighborhood without blacks in it. I once didn’t mind a little of the old, European-style ultra-violence (read: “armed conflict”), but at age 48 and with a family, I’d rather not again unless pressed.

            But, but, but – there are things not said here that everyone quickly picks up. Spartacus – since you’re new here, he’s a Romanian – wasn’t the first to figure everything out, but he was young and excitable. The moderators had to ban him, probably for lawsuit liability reasons. Nobody incites any violence here; you’re barking at the wrong squirrel, while the others are eating out of your dog dish.

        • See The Future

          I would be ashamed of my community!

    • See The Future

      Devolving to the lowest common denominator.

    • DLRisVH

      You thought wrong.

    • Tim

      “The false and unenforceable assumption of the universal brotherhood of man…” is how I once heard Soviet Bolshevism described. Didn`t work for them, ain`t gonna work for you.

    • Vito Powers

      MiGoreng31, can you tell us the demographics of the city/town you live in? You seem to be completely clueless about the hatred many Negroes have for the White race.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      You could only say that if you believed the idea that we are all equal under the skin. The entire premise of your belief is wrong, and that is (at least part of why) you are confused about our position. On at least a few key points, the races are empirically different, and the difference is probably heritable. We would like to preserve those differences. (That doesn’t just apply to whites; but I am nothing BUT white, so white people would be my primary concern.)

      Even if what I just said were not true though, I STILL do not agree with blending our peoples until all of our unique cultures begin to be lost. Don’t say this isn’t a risk; we have seen thus far that the “melting pot” mentality results in dissolved cultures and the tragic slow loss of languages. But maintaining strict cultural boundaries between each other while living in the same countries results in constant conflict!

      I see no solution but a return to nations of pure blood.

    • MBlanc46

      Get back to us when you make that work somewhere (other than Switzerland).

  • IKUredux

    Hello! We are all equal. Blacks are equal to Whites. Therefore: if a mall has been heretofore inhabited by Whites, and now is inhabited by Blacks. Well, racism. If a neighborhood has been heretofore inhabited by Whites, and is now inhabited by Blacks, well, racism.If a neighborhood was once White, became Black, and then White again. Racism.
    It should be clear to all Whites:ANYTHING YOU DO IS RACIST. Thus, everything you do is racist. So, in summation, FING go for it! You are going to be deemed racist REGARDLESS!
    Please make the charge of racism count! GRAFITTI EVERYWHERE!

    • Fed Up

      A hearty AMEN!

      According to the gospel of St. Liberal — moving your family to a less crime-plagued neighborhood is RACIST!

      If by hook or crook you can get your children into a private school, even a catholic school, you’re a RACIST for wanting to save them from the threats and violence of black students!

      If, like me, you carry a concealed gun for self-defense if Blacks are about to attack, mug and rob you, you’re a RACIST!

      If you dare comment about the various Black thugs who died recently in confrontations with police — that those thugs attacked or tried to kill police — you’re a RACIST!

      If you dare point out that the majority of crime, especially violent crime (assaults and rape on White victims) are by Blacks, you’re a RACIST!

      Do you have any questions or fail to understand what I’ve said — I’ll be glad to clarify further.

  • IKUredux

    Why oh Why do TPTB pretend that all is well? They know damn well that once a mall goes Black, it ain’t coming back. I figure, the people behind the building of the malls, build in the social obsolescence of the mall., in other words, they know when the mall will turn Black. Matter of fact, they might know more than the rest of us. WARNING: When a mall is announced anywhere close to where you live, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!

  • DLRisVH

    Play classical music throughout the mall and its stores, and watch those “teens” disperse.

  • DLRisVH

    Hundreds of black teens riot at mall in Brooklyn
    Hundreds of black teenagers celebrated Christmas by rioting at the River City Marketplace in Jacksonville, FL. Thugs stormed a movie theater and attacked a security guard and movie goers. Others battled each other and jumped on cars in the parking lot.
    Then, one day after Christmas another mob of hundreds of black teenagers rioted inside the Kings Plaza mall in Brooklyn. They attacked pedestrians, security guards, looted stores, and even fought each other. The media, of course, is censoring all mention of race.
    The New York Post reports that “knockout” attacks occurred during the rioting. This is a media euphemism for racial hate crime attacks.
    Store began rolling down metal gates when the rioting started. The entire mall was cleared and shut down for hours. The riot was pre-planned on twitter and Facebook. Black thugs posted messages urging each other to rush to the mall for a mass looting. After the violence, thugs boasted of their victory on twitter. At least one thug boasted of breaking windows on a public bus after being ejected from the mall.
    Mall security estimates that 400-500 thugs participated in the rioting.
    Both riots are minor local stories. If the perps were white people, these would be the biggest news stories in the America right now.
    Police say four hundred people were involved in the rioting.

  • Magician

    A few days ago I ran into a photo of a hands up don’t shoot rioter. It was a young obese black male and was holding a sign that read

    “I could be next”

    I hope you ARE next if you ever threaten a police officer or any innocent civilian

  • MBlanc46

    Good luck trying to enforce that.

  • R L Buds

    Oh I understand that all too well. In fact I have been saying that the only logical conclusion one can come to is that the protesters feel that they should be able to kill whites with impunity. (cops being proxy for whites and civilization)