Posted on January 7, 2015

Rangel: ‘I Was Never Moved Until I Saw Dead People That Looked Like Me’

Tom Blumer, Newsbusters, January 6, 2015

Let’s imagine a white Congressman saying that when he served in Vietnam, he was never moved at the sight of a dead U.S. soldier unless he was white. {snip}

Now switch races and change the war to Korea. Otherwise, 23-term New York Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel just did the same thing, and you can almost make book that the establishment press will ignore it:

Transcript (bold is mine):

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC: Isn’t it important to point out that not all the officers turned their backs? I mean, there’s a few in the ranks saying by respecting these officers, okay, we’ve got to move on, but there are some who say they don’t want to move on. Your thoughts, Charlie.

REP. CHARLIE RANGEL (D-NY): It’s awkward, because no one wants to be in the position that you’re not with your colleagues, right or wrong, but when the moral issue raises that beyond just being right, and that you show that you have so much love and respect for the job, that you have assumed you’re not going to allow a handful of people who are blinded by hate to spoil the reputation.

There’s a hell of a lot that has to do–I was in combat, and I’m telling you, I saw more dead people, but I never was moved until I saw dead people that looked like me in my uniform. It does make a difference. So, yes, the blue wall of silence has kept communities and minority communities apart for so long, so that even minority policemen don’t want to break that silence. It has to be done.