Uncrewed Ship with 450 Migrants Aboard Heading for Italian Coast

Telegraph, January 1, 2015

An unmanned merchant ship with 450 migrants on board is heading for the Italian coast–the second such vessel to be abandoned in less than a week.

The Ezadeen, sailing under the flag of Sierra Leone, had no crew on board and was going towards Puglia in the south-east of Italy when it ran out of power.

One of the passengers on board was able to operate the ship’s radio and informed the coastguard that the crew had jumped ship.

A helicopter has been sent to lower rescuers on to the ship, to try to bring it under control.


The new high-seas drama came two days after Italian sailors intercepted a “ghost ship” carrying more than 700 mostly Syrian migrants which had been heading for the rocks of Italy’s southeastern shore on autopilot, having been abandoned by the people smugglers who had navigated it from Turkey via Greek waters.

In that incident, the Moldovan-registered Blue Sky M cargo ship got to within five miles–45 minutes sailing time–of a disaster before six navy officers were lowered on to the ship by helicopter and succeeded in bringing it under control.

The vessel’s human cargo included some 60 children and two pregnant women, one of whom gave birth on board as the boat steamed towards catastrophe.

More than 170,000 people have been rescued by Italy in the last 14 months and hundreds, possibly thousands, have perished trying to make the crossing.


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  • LHathaway

    You think it’s a coincidence they call them ‘ferries’? I don’t it.

  • Extropico

    The Italian government needs to be smarter and stop towing the trojan horses inside their castles. Very inane and naive policy.

    • Oil Can Harry

      What could go wrong from allowing 450 blacks from ebola hotspot Sierra Leone into your country?

      • See The Future

        More rapes, more crime, more welfare, more stress on medical facilities,
        The longer the trend continues the worse the solution will be…………or we shall be exterminated with the tactics of the Mau Mau.

    • KenelmDigby

      The EU won’t let them do it even if they wanted to.

    • italian guy

      More like totally disingenuous policy, a government full of traitors and anti-Europeans can do nothing more than let the country be invaded.
      Anyway there is a scandal about immigrants in Italy right now called “Mafia capitale” and this is what the police heard while investigating the criminals: Carminati’s right-hand man, Salvatore Buzzi, who was also arrested,
      was caught on a police wiretap asking a fellow suspect “have you any
      idea how much I earn from the migrants? The drug trade is less

      It tells you everything you need to know about this.

      • Extropico

        It is more lucrative now for European peoples to arbitrage international wage differences than to produce and manufacture.

    • Quido

      The Italian people better grow some grandi palle or it is the end of a great civilization if
      they don’t do something about it. It is like ignoring a small tumor it won’t end well

    • Speedy Steve

      They should encourage breeding their own underclass rather than importing a known criminal element with its own high birthrate. But feminists want careers, the pill, and to keep their figure in order to attract men they pretend not to want. I swear, liberalism is a mental illness.

  • anony

    Camp of The Saints and in living color. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a very good read, and apparently prophetic.

    • Kenner

      He wrote it in the early 70’s, and it’s happening now.

    • Nancy

      I’m glad you said it…I was going to, if nobody else did.

      That book gave me nightmares…and now here it is, the fulfillment of prophecy.

      • anony

        I read it quite a few years ago and had a similar reaction. I think that is because the story, as presented, seemed so plausible.

    • World_War_Me

      I’ve been reading horror, true crime, and thrillers since junior high, so nothing scares me anymore; that is until I read “Camp of the Saints” a couple of months ago. It terrified me to the point where I had anxiety for a couple days. It still makes me uncomfortable whenever I think about it.

      • anony

        Yes, see my comment just above; The story, while written back in 1976 IIRC, seemed not only plausible but somehow likely to happen given the burgeoning populations of the 3rd world even then. Where were all of those people to go? Well, simply spill-over into the less populated lands of the North.

        And here they come!

        To this day, there is one passage in the book that has stuck in my mind so vividly, and it is when the Indian diplomat is talking to a French diplomat who has gone to India to try to reach a compromise with the Indian officials who are facilitating this invasion of Europe. The Indian diplomat says to the French diplomat (and I paraphrase), ” There is a river of brown sperm, at flood stage, coming your way, Mr. Frenchman, and there is no way for you to stop it. It shall overwhelm you.”

  • jayvbellis

    Jean Respaul’s Camp of the Saints.

    • Paleoconn

      Raspail. A great book indeed. He also has some good articles of late, he has been as vocal about his country’s lamentable multicult experiment as Eric Zemmour, also worth a google search if you haven’t already.

  • These are enemy invaders entering sovereign Italian territory. Their floating dumpsters should be torpedoed.

    • GM (Australia)

      Or just reprogram the auto navigation system for the quickest turn around back to North Africa.

      • Valmont

        Reprogram it to head to a very enlightened place at the eastern end
        of the Med.

        • Speedy Steve

          You mean Syria?

      • World_War_Me

        Maybe some enterprising computer genius could figure out how to hack into the navigational systems of these floating garbage piles and force them straight into the Bermuda Triangle.

    • APaige

      Navy needs practice

    • propagandaoftruth

      Mussolini would know how to handle this. Same way I would…

      What you said.

      • David Ashton

        “Mussolini’s main inspiration in this connection was the idea of at least retarding the tendency of the white races as a whole to decline in numbers, as compared with the rapid increase of the colored races, who, unless the former maintain their existing proportions, will end by overwhelming and swamping the whole of our white civilization.” – Dr Luigi Villari,”Italian Foreign Policy under Mussolini” (London 1959) p.69

        • See The Future

          The time of greatness has past. We are now in the age of mediocrity.

          • cyrusthevirus

            The End of Days you mean.

        • propagandaoftruth

          He should have gone ‘Franco’.

          • David Ashton

            He shouldn’t have attempted to invade Greece, at any rate.

    • David Ashton

      Didn’t Malaysia do something like this – and it worked?

      • Sick of it

        They also beat the hell out of people trying to smuggle drugs. That works pretty well too.

        • See The Future

          As an aside there has never been an American war on drugs. If there were really serious draconian measures taken, the problem people would cease to exist. Nothing but PC drivel.

          • Speedy Steve

            Some illegal greaseritos were busted here for pushing smack. I think they should have been turned over to the army, charged with chemical warfare, court martialed, and summarily executed. The home-grown manufacturers can be charged with sedition.

        • Michael Whalen

          They HANG people trying to smuggle drugs. That works pretty well. Refer to Barlow and Chambers, 1986.

          • Sick of it

            I’ve only heard of the canings. Fascinating.

      • newscomments70

        That is why SE Asia is such an appealing tourist destination. It’s safer, cleaner, and more interesting than most Western countries. Who the hell would visit Berlin, Germany; Rome, Italy, NYC, NY; etc, only to be mugged by Africans and watch your wife gang-raped?

        In Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, they don’t give dangerous third world immigrants free accodations at the Ritz. Hotel Guests are surrounded by other paying customers who have proper hygiene and probably won’t rape their children.

    • Paleoconn

      In a Europe with secure borders between nations, the Italians would torpedo these boats. In a united Europe the Italians lay down the red carpet, and say arrivederci as they direct the hordes north to France and England.

      • David Ashton

        The Italians were pretty good with the submarine warfare.

        The MSI people who signed the National Party of Europe 1962 Venice Declaration opposed third-world immigration into a United Europe and supported immigration control within it.

      • italian guy

        Plenty of them stay here, I know it’s a little selfish but it bothers me that other nations keep ignoring that the blunt of this invasion is on the Italians back while thinking all the immigrants leave the country, they stay in 4 star hotels here, the get between 30 and 60 euros per day, we already spent billions to feed and clothe these parasites.

        • Mary

          My in-laws are Italian-American (their parents were born in Italy) and they travel there regularly. They say it’s unbelievable the number of Africans one sees in Italy nowadays and their presence is disliked by most people there.

          • italian guy

            Yeah, I grew up in the 90’s when the number of foreigners in Italy was about 230k people, now there should be around 5 millions! they are around 8% of the population now, if you think about it it’s absolutely crazy, the biggest community is Romanian at 1 million though, followed by the Albanians and Moroccans each close to 500k people.

            Anyway there is going to be civil unrest in the future IMO, no one wants to live with non-whites, as racist as it may sound to some people.

        • Paleoconn

          Your leaders should be hanged. Mussolini didn’t deserve his hanging, these people do. The Coast Guard is to defend the country’s waters from invasion. The fact that the invaders have no weapons doesn’t make them anything other than invaders. Either torpedo the boats or escort them back to Africa. By saving them, it encourage more boats to come.

          I wish you God speed. I love the Italian culture and what its people have contributed to our civilization all the way back to Roman time. Italians, like the French, have the soine to save Europe.

        • newscomments70

          For that reason, I don’t visit Europe anymore. Why would I pay thousands to stay in such accomodations, while these third world criminals are getting paid to stay in the same places? I wonder if Euro politicians care that they are repelling tourist dollars. Wealthy foreign tourists don’t want to be surrounded by African criminals. It’s a similar situation with NYC. Sections of high rent apartment buildings are being given to blacks for next to nothing. You and I would pay $3000+ per month to stay in the same building. In these once nice buildings, black teenagers are loitering in the entrance lounges, causing trouble. For that, you pay $3000+.

          • David Ashton

            Have you read the “racist” novel “Mister” by Alex Kurtagic? It has some features in it I personally disfavor but it certainly takes “Camp of the Saints” to this “logical” nadir.

  • Easyrhino

    “A helicopter has been sent to lower rescuers on to the ship, to try to bring it under control.”

    If the Italians had any stones they’d return the ship to it’s point of origin.

    • Sick of it

      With everyone on board and while the natives watched.

      • See The Future

        Many many years ago before the problems were obvious to everyone, my father in his infinite wisdom said they should fly them back and drop them out from the plane. He was a kind and sensitive man, but also keenly aware of what was to come and what would be necessary to preserve our lives and culture.

        • Bill Moore


          That was my suggestion several years ago.

          We load the Mexican illegals into C130s, fly them across the border above Mexico, and push them out the back at about 1000 feet.

          Do you suppose it would deter Mexicans from illegally crossing the border in the USA?

          Just My Thoughts,
          Bill Moore

          • Whitetrashgang

            Depends on where they land.

        • Whitetrashgang

          Well they were Egyptians, and they said they could fly.

    • Sick of it

      Christopher Columbus was from Genoa.

  • Mary

    More of Africa’s best and brightest continue to lurch northward. This should please the U.N., E.U., and a number of traitorous European leaders.

    • See The Future

      They will continue to come and they will overwhelm.

  • Simonetta

    Since it’s sailing on auto-pilot under a Sierra Leone flag and filled with people that no one wants, then reprogram its autopilot to sail it to Sierra Leone non-stop using GPS!

  • dd121

    Maybe it will miss Italy and fall of the edge of the world.

  • rebelcelt

    The Italian Navy should tow them to some other destination.

    • See The Future

      They will keep coming unless they are eliminated.

  • See The Future

    A torpedo should have been dispatched as quickly as possible.

  • Rhialto

    Apparently Italy has an immigrant policy as Obamified as America’s: The welfare of law abiding citizens is sacrificed for the welfare of law breaking non-citizens.

    Spengler was an optimist.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I bet the ship smelled wonderful with all that African odor.

  • John O’Neill

    Surprise that the Argentinian pope did not show up to welcome them and have a photo shoot with them in order to show the world what a wonderful rock star he is.

  • Blackhawk

    Fire when ready, Gridley.

  • Caucasoid88

    These illegal locusts that go across the Mediterranean benefit from one immense advantage: When they fall off the boat, sharks think they’re whale poo.

  • See The Future

    The tide has not turned yet in Australia, small measures but not near enough.

    • newscomments70

      I see some impressive resistance there, though. I don’t see much of anything in the US, Germany, and others.

  • Yves Vannes

    Do what the Aussies do, tow them back.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    NUke them next time.

  • KenelmDigby

    It is the EU which is to blame for this whole sorry story.

    Basically the EU *legally obliges* all member states to abide by a whole panoply of so-called ‘human rights’ laws. EU run courts have the power to intimidate sovereign states into obeying these laws. The ramification of this is that all EU states are forced ‘not to throw out’ fakers who successfully landed within the borders of an EU state and who utter the word ‘asylum’.
    The upshot is that the EU legally and politically enshrines free, unlimited, uncontrolled massive immigration under the guise of ‘asylum’.
    The only solution for states under the EU yoke which wish to save themselves is to exit the EU and subsequently abrograte the Geneva Refugee Agreements. This is simply impossible in the EU.
    For this reason all Amrenners should root for UKIP and everything they stand for.

    • David Ashton

      Not perhaps “everything” as uttered by one of their ex-Tory MPs and by their Treasurer.

      The EU is NOT a union of Europeans.

  • mobilebay

    Since most developed countries help support the third worlds of this planet (mostly the US), why do we and others have to accept their people too? Since it seems this generation is intent on “migrating” to the deleloped nations, why not, at least, cut off the funding. Can’t you just hear Mexico’s screams at that!

  • Annabelle Pettyjohn

    There is no longer need for armed invasions. Simple walk over the border and organize from within. The Gandhi War.

    • David Ashton

      A good metaphor – deserves to become a meme.

  • IKUredux

    Why aren’t we calling this what it is? An invasion, in an undeclared war against Whites. Wars in the past were clearly delineated.This one, not so much. This war against Whites is shrouded with “humanitarianism” camo. It provides “bunkers of anti racism” defense. This war can only be lost if we agree to the battleground. It can only be lost if we agree as to the goal. Shift the battleground, shift the goal. This war is about ideas, about blood, about soil.
    Whites of America and the world, the only legitimate MINORITIES, need to defend their rights as the world’s ONLY minority.

    We Whites need to agitate for our rights. We Whites need to play the minority card. How dare these negroes, asians, indians, whatever have the nerve to play the “minority card” in our White countries? What kinda sense does that make?

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    They should nuke these so called refugee ships.

  • Seimisi Robert Stone

    The EU will come down on Italy if they don’t provide everything necessary for these parasites.

    • IstvanIN

      How will they come down on Italy? Italy is a major member, not a Monaco or a Liechtenstein.

    • See The Future

      The EU leadership will find a fate similar to Sadam.

      • KenelmDigby

        I fervently wish so.

  • Conrad

    That makes mom think.

  • nasedo

    Isn’t it odd that people of every race, religion and culture are fleeing their homelands to try to get into countries of white men and western culture?

    • Herman

      To nasedo
      So you noticed that also?
      Then they will complain about “racism” when they get here.

  • mikefromwichita

    Sink all such vessels in deep seas and make the fact public around the world. After a few such lessons the trash will stop coming.

  • Thomas Taylor

    Think Italy needs to take over Libya again and turn the migrants into farmers. You can be sure they have enough vegetables to grow to keep everyone busy. If need be they can build a desalination plant. “You needa jobba?”