Obama Lectures Europeans to Better Assimilate Their Muslims

Lori Lowenthal Marcus, Jewish Press, January 18, 2015

U.S. President Barack Obama explained at a White House press briefing with his guest U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday, Jan. 16, that the United States has a big advantage in preventing terrorism over Europe: in the U.S., immigrants become assimilated and integrated and feel part of the nation.

Obama’s statement came in response to a query posed by CBS Chief White House correspondent Major Garrett. The question Garrett put to them was, following the recent atrocities in Paris and the raids and threats elsewhere in Europe, whether the two “believe Europe is at a turning point now, in its recognition of what its threats are.”

The U.S. president said that Europe has consistently taken seriously the threat of  “violent extremism,” but that the United States has a “big advantage” over Europe.

“It’s not that our law enforcement or our intelligent service is so much better, although they are very good,” the President said. But, rather, the big advantage the U.S. has over Europe in terms of decreased levels of violent extremism (he never put the word Islam and terrorism near each other), “is that our Muslim populations, they feel themselves to be Americans. And there is this incredible process of immigration and assimilation that is part of our tradition, that is probably our greatest strength.”

Obama acknowledged that the U.S. has suffered its own internal terrorism, and instanced the Boston Marathon bombings. But he pointed out how there are parts of Europe where there is not the same level of integration. That is what he called “the greatest danger that Europe faces.”

Had he left it at that, most people would probably agree that the lack of integration of new immigrants into the customs and sense of nationalism that native born citizens feel is certainly part of the problem, although how to change that might still lead to disagreement. But the president went on to characterize and criticize the way he sees Europe’s response as problematic.

This was President Obama’s stern advice for Europe:

It’s important for Europe not to simply respond with a hammer and law enforcement and military approaches to these problems. There also has to be a recognition that the stronger the ties of a North African, er, of a French man of North African descent to French values, the French Republic, a sense of opportunity, that’s going to be as important, if not more important, in, over time, solving this problem, and I think there’s a recognition, across Europe, and it’s important we don’t lose that.

The British Prime Minister largely agreed with much of what President Obama said during the press briefing. However, in his very British way, Cameron suggested that while his American counterpart made a good point about the need for immigrants to become integrated into the fabric of the host society, and for access to equality of opportunities and support be made readily available, sometimes that is not enough.

Cameron went so far as to say that, actually, this fact was the biggest problem with which they had to wrestle:

Here’s the really determining point. You can have, tragically, people who have had all the advantages of integration, all the economic opportunities our countries can offer, who still get seduced by this poisonous, radical death cult of a narrative , we’ve seen in recent weeks people who’ve gone to fight in Syria, they threaten us here back at home, who’ve had every opportunity and every advantage in life in terms of integration.


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  • Daniel McGrath

    This is brass balls stuff.

    Many/most black criminals are Muslim. Most criminal Muslims in Europe are also black. The issue for Europe is the speed with which white demand and execute expulsion.

    • Cid Campeador

      They need to be REPATRIATED and not ASSIMILATED.

      • Reynardine

        If it can’t be ASSIMILATED, it must be REPATRIATED.

        If it can’t be REPATRIATED, it must be ELIMINATED.

    • Anna Tree

      I liked his Freudian slip about North Africans before he fixed it saying French men of Northern African descent.

      • Oil Can Harry

        I saw that too. BTW has Obamarx not noticed that blacks have been in the US for 400 years and still not assimilated?

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          They never will. A huge mistake bringing them here.

        • Alexandra1973

          I don’t think even the Borg want them. LOL

  • MekongDelta69

    Wherever you think NoBama may have been born (who knows); however insane you think he is (very); how much of a black marxist dictator you think he is (very); whatever you may think of this lunatic – just remember one thing…

    He was indisputably raised as a muslim in Indonesia for part of his childhood.

    All of us incorporate some of how we were raised, whether we accept it, reject it, or don’t think about it. It is part of us – like it or not.

    He is muslim on the inside – and in his case, he chose to accept that part of him.

    • Daniel McGrath

      I agree with that. He’s sentimentally a Muslim. Boris Johnson (mayor if London) is a Turk at heart. He’s a bleach blonde semite.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Yes, the half-bred Kenyan-in-chief is a MUSLIM… 100%…. and an embarrassment and a set back for the U.S.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        That’s really nonsense. Obama’s mother is Jewish. His dad was never around. He was influenced perhaps by Muslim culture in Indonesia for a couple years. He spent the rest of the time mainly growing up in Hawaii. If anything Obama is more of a Jewish president, although he has been willing to criticize Israel a bit more than others.

        Overall I don’t see how Obama is any more damaging than George Bush or Bill Clinton. I mean all of our past white presidents have been anti-white, anti-traditional values etc. There’s not really much difference with Obama except his appearance and his low test scores at Harvard. Actually Obama reads the teleprompter a little better than Bush did.

        You should realize as well that you can put whoever you want as president and its unlikely the person could do much to destroy the country. Damage it yes, but not destroy it. Most of the power lies in unelected officials and big money. The presidency is more of show, sort of like the royal family in England. They seem to always put someone up there who is related to British royalty, or maybe in this case Jewish (although Obama has some distant relation to the British royal family as well). Then they present him as an everyday guy. Bush is just a redneck like the rest of us. Obama just a poor old spook from the ghetto. Clinton, well just a southern gentleman born into poverty and worked his way up. All of this is nonsense as these are people born rich and related to the power structure. Now Jeb Bush has married a hispanic and popped out a hispanic son that has the bloodline in him. These people are all connected to the existing power structure. Not to mention you can’t even become president without the huge financial backing of the major players.

    • Keepin’itREALISTic


      B. Hussein is an agent of islam.

      He’s also a petulant homosexual and a pathological liar.

      So he’s the muslims’ lying gay whore.

      Everything he does is geared to maximizing his bonus pay from his Saudi sponsors.

      That’s why his first diplomatic act was sending the Churchill bust back to Britain.

      He’s 100% taquia – islamic deception.

      “War is deceit.”

    • In any case, he clearly identifies more with the Third World than he does with Europe or North America. That was the reason why he never attended that demonstration of support with the French, when every other world leader, at least in Europe, did. Most Americans (White ones, anyway), identify emotionally with Europe. We think of Europe as the “old country.” Obama does not.

  • Pray tell, Barry, what is Europe supposed to do to “better integrate” Muslims that they haven’t been doing and trying for the last handful of decades?

    Then there’s the more fundamental question: Why is it even desirable to attempt to integrate seventh century throwback totalitarian death cultists into the greatest civilization man has ever created?

    • Whirlwinder

      Islam does not integrate. They come to conquer. Understand that and start building the army.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Muslims can be reasonably well behaved, even docile, as minority until they reach a critical mass; say 10 percent of the population. Then their teeth come out.

    • Yancy Derringer

      “Why is it even desirable to attempt to integrate seventh century throwback totalitarian death cultists into the greatest civilization man has ever created?”

      That, of course, should have been the reporter’s question, with the addendum: “And don’t even think about denying that characterization. What say you, wusses?”

  • james AZ


  • “It’s not that our law enforcement or our intelligent service is so much better, although they are very good,” the President said. But, rather, the big advantage the U.S. has over Europe in terms of decreased levels of violent extremism (he never put the word Islam and terrorism near each other), “is that our Muslim populations, they feel themselves to be Americans. And there is this incredible process of immigration and assimilation that is part of our tradition, that is probably our greatest strength.”

    Wrong, Barry. It’s that Muslims aren’t even a whole percent of the population. Once the hit a Mendoza Line…once a critical mass of either raw numbers or percentage is hit, then the full seventh century comes pouring out.

    Which they have in places like Dearborn, Michigan.

    • Capn Dad

      A well armed American public is the best defense against a muslim incursion.

      • Reynardine

        A well informed one is better.

        • Daniel McGrath

          A violently enforced border is the best thing. Also whites are passive enough about blacks. The Pakistani or African wanting jihad is not intimidated.

          I say let it come to solution now.

      • adplatt126

        LOL. In a democracy all you have to be is outnumbered and your future is lost. That’s only a matter of time. Under a totalitarian government you don’t even need to be outnumbered, just outmaneuvered to lose control of your own destiny. That totalitarian government is already in place in America. Thus, in a best case scenario (democracy) it’s simply a matter of time… guns or not.

        • UncleSham

          The whole point of being well armed is that it allows you to take power back from the government after the political process stops working. When the government becomes too oppressive you have to kill some people. That’s what America is all about. Don’t you know that?

        • Robert Smith

          Either that, or have the federal judges against you. Then, all pretense about democracy is a con job to lull the public to sleep while they are dispossessed.

      • Awakened Saxon

        The ‘well armed public’ has so far done nothing to stop itself from being dispossessed.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Support your local police.

        • Capn Dad

          You are the first responder in any attack. The police are the second responders.

          • Nancy

            People in my subdivision call me the Neighborhood Militia. Some black guy in a small blue hatchback showed up last Thurs afternoon and followed my youngest’s school bus to every…single… stop. As the bus turned in our cul-de-sac for the last stop (ours), I happened to notice the guy whip into a neighbor’s driveway, throw it in reverse, and take off before the bus could turn around adequately to get his plate number. (Nobody but the kids and the bus driver were aware that this guy was tailing them at the time, so we didn’t get his license plate.) However, I did notice he was black (that tends to get my attention).

            So the next afternoon, I was at the top of the neighborhood in my car, just me and my co-pilot, Uncle Glock, waiting for the bus so I could shadow her around her route. The black guy was a no-show, but the bus driver now has my cell number in the event the guy ever shows up again.

            Had she called the cops, there was a good chance the guy would already have been gone by the time they responded. At least I’m right here every day.

          • Valmont

            Glock Around The Clock.

        • Robert Smith

          First we need to tell them about the Illuminati; without them the Moham’s wouldn’t be here.

    • Robert Smith

      I think it is our ability to carry a concealed handgun in public.

  • Mary

    Of course, Mr. Obama, lecture the Europeans regarding Muslims since we’ve done such a fabulous job assimilating our blacks and Hispanics. It’s an exercise in futility everywhere and will remain so.

  • LHathaway

    “a French man of North African descent to French values, the French Republic, a sense of opportunity, that’s going to be as important, if not more important, in, over time, solving this problem, and I think there’s a recognition, across Europe, and it’s important we don’t lose

    That is gone for ever, and everyone knows it. It’s all about damage control, now. Expect Muslims to keep attacking us for another 40 years.

    • Reynardine

      There is no statute of limitations on Muslim atrocities against the West, even if we all became Muslim tomorrow.

      Islam is violence.

    • Daniel McGrath

      I had a dream.

      Geese, wild geese…they squabbled in a lake honking and lunging at each other. Then in unison they started to swim in something like a formation, then started to beat their wings and ascend into the sky. They formed a lovely V shape. V for Victory

  • TruthBeTold

    Who didn’t predict this from Obama?

    This is the standard liberal excuse; ‘it’s our fault because we didn’t show them enough love’.

  • Easyrhino

    Obama’s treasonous propaganda continues.

    The only reason the USA deals better with Muslims than European countries is because percentage of population wise, Muslims are far less in the USA than our White European satellite strongholds.

    That, plus Americans are far more likely to pack heat than the average European citizen.

    • Daniel McGrath

      Disagree. A Muslim welcomes Martyrdom. The reason Muslims feel safe is because whites will not BURN Muslim areas and pogrom them in revenge for attacks. Americans will turn out to be just as passive.

      • Nancy

        That may be true, but I never felt safer (as an unarmed person) than back in ’94 when I went over to visit Israel. Since all Israeli’s have to serve 2 years in the military, there were adult citizens literally everywhere carrying Uzi’s, and not just those active duty folks…everybody. Especially where there were children playing. (This one young guy, perhaps 19 or 20, was hanging out chaperoning his little brother’s first-grade class with his machine gun casually hanging over his shoulder, and came to talk/flirt with me. It was certainly an experience I won’t forget.)

        Yes, the Muzzies like to try to set off a suicide bomb now and then, but for the most part they seemed appropriately subdued…at least, much more than American Negroes are here at home. I was much safer walking around downtown Jerusalem at night than downtown Atlanta. Any idiot who tries to shoot at someone on the street “gangsta style”, like our ignorant Negroes like to do, would instantly be taken down by gunfire in 7 or 8 different directions.

        Conservative Jews here WANT and SUPPORT the 2nd Amendment. So do Messianic Jews. Shoot, my dentist (a conservative, Obama-hating Jew) has as many pistols in his office as we do in our house. They do exist.

        • Raymond Kidwell

          The issue though is a general viewpoint that non-Jews are cattle (including white non-Jews). In Israel there is no attempt to make Muslims into Jews. Jewish culture is worth preserving. Jewish bloodlines worth preserving. But European culture and people can go into the toilette for all they care. It needs to be mixed into a universal race. To some degree maybe they are right with the average white person being of low intelligence, but I don’t see many Jews or global elite that seem to care much about the destiny of average whites.

          As a white nationalist though you are probably better off aligning yourself with Jews if possible, since Jews will stand up for themselves and have the intellectual capacity to understand the world. But I notice most Jewish groups are hostile toward outsiders or those without Jewish bloodlines. The ones that are open to all people are extremely left wing and anti-white.

          It seems like the Jewish community is always saying “accept us” and when i ask “will you accept me?” the answer is always no.

        • Daniel McGrath

          Yes. Because every time a Jew is violently killed by a Muslim/Arab, the Israelis will kill 100-1000 Arabs.

          This is what the French should do. Missile attack the Banlieu.

  • Luca

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. When are Obama going to get his negroes in this country to assimilate? I realize it’s only been 400 years but you would think they would have assimilated by now.

    Their ghetto, ebonic, hip-hop, gang-banger, welfare dependent, subculture leaves much room for improvement.

    • Reynardine

      One of them became president…

      …and they’re still not assimilated yet…

    • Awakened Saxon

      Do you want them to assimilate?

      • Luca

        The point is, they are not capable of it. Therefore we need an alternative solution.

        • Keepin’itREALISTic

          The timeless wisdom of your point is reflected in these words of United States Colored Troops Civil War Veteran amputee William Hannibal Thomas published in 1901 by THE MACMILLAN COMPANY at Page 129 of THE AMERICAN NEGRO:

          “Seriously speaking, What is the negro, other than the unassimilated ward of Western civilization, and our chief exemplification of imitative conformity to its external models? A savage at heart, he is our most consummate representative of illiterate stolidity, a type whose habits and customs have been transmitted by ancestors through interminable ages of sameness, and whose history, whether in savagery or civilized submergment, is a record of lawless existence, led by every impulse and every passion. “He unites with the character of a child,” as Sir John Lubbock has said, “the strength and passions of a man.” Under such racial conditions the negro of to-day, bereft of ideals and barren of energy, is content to imitate whatever his sodden nature permits. He revels in the débris of antiquity, and with perversity appropriates for his ethical standards the lifeless symbols of cast-off beliefs, and for knowledge the discredited lucrubations of the Dark Ages. Besides, so great is his dependence in other respects, that his simple implements of daily use are the inventions of other hands, and such is his improvidence that, where nature is not his spontaneous provider, the industrial thrift of other races is relied upon to supply his simplest wants.”

        • Raymond Kidwell

          About all this hate speech against blacks. A black person can’t help it if he’s born black. They are just people, and it doesn’t do any good hating on them. If someone is born mentally retarded do you constantly insult that person and attack him? I’m not saying all blacks are retarded or anything like that, I’m just pointing out that if someone falls short of your expectations, it really doesn’t do much good hating on them for it, if they can’t change.

          The real problem is someone born with a low I.Q. is going to have some Marxist tell him that he’s just as smart as Einstein and try to get him to go get a PhD. When he goes to school and fails the test, the Marxist then attacks the school as racist. Then tries to get everybody fired from their job for being an evil racist. After that, he forced black people to move into a white neighborhood when the majority of blacks and whites oppose this. And makes all these other problems.

          Then he will let mentally retarded people go out and assault people. When the mental retard kills, rapes, vandalizes, he says “It’s not his fault. He can’t be held responsible”. So due to a low I.Q. the person can’t be punished. But if we ask that the retard be restrained or put somewhere in which he can’t harm others. No that would be wrong, the Marxist tells us.

          Mentally retarded people, criminals, various minorities, they can all be in one way or another dealt with in a sane and rational way that is best for them and society as a whole. But rather they are used as tools by the Marxist to destroy society and harm everyone involved.

          So when black people are shooting each other in the ghetto, and a white man gets grazed by the bullet while walking to college we should look at underlying causes: Marxist welfare policies, Marxist social projects, Marxist “agents of change” etc. It makes more sense to attack ideology rather than persons.

          • Luca

            Personally, I don’t hate them. Hate is a waste of time and emotion. I simply state the obvious. I have always said the real problems are the Neo-Marxists who pamper, pander, lie and excuse the behavior of many for the sake of a vote. When liberals were not running this country, the negro and criminal problems were under better control than they are now.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Some have assimilated. The same can be said about ghetto white people not being assimilated into civilized society. Most of the problems in the black community have been caused by liberalism. In the 1950s blacks lived in relatively crime free communities, were a net plus to the economy, had few single parent households etc. The social experiments of the 1960s led to most of our problems.

  • DaveMed

    I’d put more stock in the recommendations of a magic 8-ball than I would in those of Obama.

    • Yancy Derringer

      “And there is this incredible process of immigration and assimilation that is part of our tradition, that is probably our greatest strength.”

      Was, not is.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Every nation with a sizeable Muslim population experiences Muslim violence. In recent years we have seen violence by the Muslims in Nigeria, Niger, Sudan, India, Phillipines, and so on. Yet, despite no race being able to assimilate Muslims, Obama blames Europeans because “blame whitey” is his worldview.

    It should also be noted that Europe has been inundated with loads of immigrants the past several decades from Sikhs to Caribbean Christians to you name it. Yet only one group, Muslims, have performed terrorism. So if no other immigrant group has performed terrorism in Europe, then why are Europeans to blame for the Muslim terrorism?

    The amount of excuses elites make for Muslim terrorism is mind boggling.

    • Daniel McGrath

      Darkies of all types have brought trouble. Afro-Caribs are a pox.

      • Frank_DeScushin

        Oh, I’m not endorsing those other immigrants, and I know the riots in a England in 2011 were started by Afro-Caribs who have an outrageous crime rate. Even though blacks commit a lot of violent crime they are not committing terrorist acts of blowing buses up and murdering journalists like the Muzzies.

    • Yep, too much common sense. Unfortunately, libs just don’t get it.

  • Whirlwinder

    The problem is that Europe is not responding with the military. It takes an army to fight a war and Islam has brought jihad (war) to the continent. Obammy is just making a way for Islam.

  • Lkoehn

    The best way to assimilate a Muslim is to return him to the land of sand and death he came from. The benefits of diversity is a hoax.

  • Brady

    Muslims in the US are fewer in number and are surrounded by well armed citizens who love their beer and bacon. That gives them an incentive to behave themselves. Europe should be more like America regarding its policy toward Muslim? Reduce their number and allow the citizens to arm themselves.

    • Reynardine

      When a muslim gets offended by beer and bacon, keep in mind that pigmeat was held sacred by the ancient Celts and beer was the sacred gift of the Slavic and Germanic gods.

      They’re trampling on YOUR freedom of religion.

      • Capn Dad

        Yay Beer!

        • Ludwig

          I’m worshipping as I type.

          • Reynardine


  • Truthseeker

    Note to Europe: Don’t take advice from an African who calls himself an American.

    • Ron Cheaters

      They really should be listening to what the die-hard fundamentalist Muslims are saying themselves in Boko-haram/ISIS… They are quite honest about what they want to do with the West, and they are willing to die for it.

  • we don’t want any (includes the 3rd world) of them to assimilate but rather go back to the cesspool from where they came from.

  • Show me one place in the West where the dune coons have assimilated. You can’t, Obama. So, shut up and go play another round of golf.

    And why is it always the fault of Euro man that they don’t assimilate? Because Euro man is the scapegoat for a failed conspiracy to breed white people iout of existence in the West.

    We’re on to you, Obozo. We’re on to the muzzies. They will either assimilate us into their evil cult religion, or they will go back to their sand dunes. They give us no other choice.

    • Reynardine

      They’ve assimilated fine in Saudi Arabia!

      Oh wait Saudi Arabia is all muslim…

      What about Yemen?

      Oh wait lemme get back to you on this…

    • Samuel Hathaway

      The First-Half-Breed-Kenyan-In-Chief himself has not assimilated to the country he purportedly leads. Look how snotty he talked about the American people about clinging to their guns, and their religion in 2008.

  • David Ashton

    Someone cannot tell the difference between a pineapple and a hand-grenade.

  • italian guy

    If White Americans are made to feel bad about what happened to the Native Americans, why is Obama advocating for the displacement/assimilation of Native Europeans? Hypocrite.

    • Capn Dad

      I don’t feel bad for the “Native Americans”. The are a militarily conquered people. Their greatest invention and contribution to civilization was…………………? Well come to think of it, what did they create?

      • Germanic Depressive

        I can have an admiration and respect for them, even a sympathy, but still be glad that my people took the lands they (loosely and sparsely) held.

        We are not obligated to be even handed. It’s okay and appropriate for us to favor our own group.

        I don’t have to hate Amerindians to be glad we took a lot of territory from them and did far more with it than they ever were going to.

        • IstvanIN

          At least the Indians fought back, we are just giving the country away.

          • Reynardine

            You will become what you fight.

          • UncleSham

            Huh, no wonder we prefer to fight among ourselves.

      • Daniel McGrath

        My children are like 1/32 Apache. You wouldn’t know it to see em.

        • IstvanIN

          They are White for pity sakes.

          • Daniel McGrath

            I think it was some sort of horse thief anyway. Hehehehe

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Tee-pees? As a child, I was in Indian Guides. didn’t learn about many Indians but I will give the Cherokee credit for creating one thing… Sequoyah invented the Cherokee alphabet so the Cherokee could have a written language, but his wife threw it in the fire.

  • JustJeff


  • Simonetta

    Everyone is so awed by the fact that Obama was the first black US president that no one notices that he’ll be the last black US president. So enjoy it while it lasts. ‘Been there; done that’ to any future ‘magic Negro’ with grandiose ambitions. Boy, this man can say some stupid stuff. And they thought W was dumb. But Barak and David Cameron are really the dynamic duo of dumbness.

    Actually the USA has three big advantages over Europe in fighting terrorism. Primarily is the fact that there is 5000 miles between the USA and the heartland of Islam. Then there is the matter of the Americans having more guns than people, and the subtle pleasure that we take in pointing them at people who have taken to the notion that they were put on earth to kill us. Third is that we just have a better sense for recognizing and resisting fascists (and aristocrats, not that there’s much difference) than the Europeans do.

    • Anna Tree

      But one big disadvantage is that while most Europeans don’t apologize about being the natives/founders of their countries, many Americans do. They shouldn’t, the US was the US because the European ancestors created it that way.

  • Reynardine

    CIA World Factbook says:

    France: Muslim 5%-10%

    U.S.: Muslim 0.6%

    Just wait until they’re 10%, then we’ll see how well we “assimilate” them.

    • Ludwig

      Just today I read that Birmingham,England is 22% muslim. As we have witnessed in America, the larger cities can predict the future.

      • Reynardine

        We are all scientists, or at least should be.

        A scientist doesn’t always perform the experiments himself, but he can and does form hypotheses, collect data, and make conclusions.

        So far, the experimental data from the cities isn’t looking good.

        • Ludwig

          Yes, 1 in 4 people in a major English city being muslim is shocking. And I would imagine they are primarily clustered together meaning assimilation is unlikely.

      • Daniel McGrath

        Birmingham is Jesse Jackson’s second home. He’s always riling up the local blacks and browns against whites. Whites are in minority in Birmingham. That’s the bleeding heartland of England.

        • Alexandra1973

          I have an acquaintance in Birmingham, says you hardly hear English spoken there.

    • antiquesunlight

      The most ridiculous thing about his comments is that we don’t assimilate them at all. They are totally and willfully alien.

      • Reynardine

        What is really dangerous is that nobody ever really fully assimilates, assimilation always comes at a price for the assimilating force: genetic, cultural, linguistic, religious, etc.

        The only way to fully assimilate someone is to consume them fully, stripping them of identity, or be replaced by them.

  • Cecil Broomsted

    This is patently false. I have explained how Gause’s law, AKA the Competitive Exclusion Principle, applies to human beings here before. It accurately predicts the behaviors and consequences of mixing racially alien groups within the same geographic boundaries.

    The US is not and will not be any more successful at integrating racial aliens into society than any European country. The US has only the appearance of a semi-successful multicultural society. That is all it is, an appearance.

    What is happening in Europe now is interesting to watch because the same things will happen here but will take longer to come about. The reason for this is simple. Britain, for example, has much, much smaller geographic boundaries than the US. Gause’s law will therefore be greatly accelerated in its effects because the competing groups of people are forced closer and closer together. The results of Gause’s law come about more quickly as the unavoidable close-quarter contact increases.

    The results will take longer in the US due to its large geographic area. It is possible right now in the US to never come into contact with a Muslim depending upon where you live. Of course, that is changing now, but we aren’t nearly where France is for example.

    • Reynardine

      In my mind’s eye, I read your post in the voice of Marty Feldman, consequential of your avatar. Informative and funny!

      Every day I’m reminded of some principle I learned way back in college biology, but applied to our current problems. It has renewed my interest in biology again!

      • Cecil Broomsted

        Yikes! I hadn’t thought of that effect of my avatar. Maybe I’ll change it. Anyway, do look into Gause’s law and how it can apply in this situation.

      • Anna Tree

        Indeed, like the flu that start benign like H1N1 to confuse the immune system but can turn lethal H1N5, sometimes over night. The bigger the Muslim population, the more lethal it is to the host or to the Non-muslims, as more and more of them turn radical.

        It’s the macro resembling the micro. If we could just make the immune system know that H1N1 means eventually H1N5… and could make our politicians know that diversity means eventually death…

        Or the micro resembling the macro: similarly cities on Earth evolve in the same way as galaxies in space:
        qz com/328701/cities-on-earth-evolve-in-the-same-way-as-galaxies-in-space/
        and other patterns in nature with fractals, arrays, spirals etc
        en wikipedia org/wiki/Patterns_in_nature
        If we can recognize a pattern that exist in nature, we could assume the same pattern will exist in humanity, and so be aware of how things can turn out.

    • Daniel McGrath

      I reckon that the white population will react violently on a massive scale. It’s going to be a self defence mechanism. Hopefully the population in the cross hairs will run to the exits

  • dd121

    Muslims don’t want to assimilate. They want to remain a culture within a culture and eventually destroy the Europeans from within.
    I really don’t understand why this is so hard for most people to see.

    • Daniel McGrath

      They just want to dominate the civil service. Then they can collect Jizya.

  • Capn Dad

    Muslims, blacks, and most Hispanics don’t want to assimilate. They want to bring their culture and install it here in the US.

    • adplatt126

      What do you mean “want to”?

  • Yes, Obama does have a point. (Please, wait until I finish.) The United States does generally assimilate Muslim immigrants better than Europe. But the reason has nothing to do with anything Obama was talking about.

    The real reason is that, unlike in Europe, we have blacks as the “foil” of our society. They give everyone someone to hate. Let me illustrate:

    Say, in Germany, a Turkish family leaves a plane and goes into a large city. Everywhere they are looked like as foreigners. They clearly don’t fit in with the German people, and are viewed as outcasts. Same for France, with Algerians, or Britain, with Pakistanis. These olive peoples don’t fit in with the majority population and culture. It gets worse for future generations and their children are likely to turn to Jihad in rage toward a society that won’t embrace them.

    Now, Muslims from Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or whatever, get off a plane and come to a large American city. They get their bags and go to any neighborhood usually in a large city like New York, or Philadelphia (where I live.).

    Their kids go to school. They may operate a business. Older children may attend college in the US. In any event sooner or later, they run into…..BLACKS! Yeah, and sooner or later, they get the “What duh F*** iz you look’in at!” Or, worse, they get beaten up and robbed. Their kids get jumped at school. Or, more likely, they suffer thousands of little indignities traveling public transit, or just walking down the street, at the hands of American blacks. (Hey, I am walking here, YOU are moving aside for ME!)

    Finally, they at least move to the suburbs, where White Americans live. They probably still live near the city, though, and their new neighbors see them buy the house next door, and while not being too warm toward them, at least breath a sigh of relief that they are not….you know…..

    In a couple of generations, the kids have little time for jihad. They, and most White Americans, can agree on a secret nod as to who the people are that they all really despise..

    Come on, people, that is what is really going on with these “well assimilated” Muslims. Remember that people are more united by common hates than loves.

    • Daniel McGrath

      Possibly. However, Paris has Haitians. London has Nigerians and Jamaicans. Birmingham is 25% black 25% paki: 40% white Hobbit. The Birmingham Pakis are Jihadi.

      • But they don’t have huge loud, violent, concentrations of BLACKS that we have in our cities. Hey, I said I was from the Philadelphia area. I know what I am talking about.

        • cherrie greenbaum123

          West Philly blacks are probably the most feral. North Philly blacks are murderous thugs, but they’re all about the drug trade, or at least they were when I lived up that way. They’re more concerned with getting cash from crack than car jacking or hold ups. Or it may be because North Philly more closely resembles Detroit whereas West Philly has pockets of poor, elderly blacks and young collegiate types. In other words, ample people to attack.

          • Hard to say. West Philly has a more “diverse” black community, but it was always a rough section, as far as I can remember. North Philly is just a slum, period. Crime is down in Philadelphia, but the media won’t admit why: Mass incarceration, and better police techniques. Anyway, thank you for your reply. Its nice to hear from someone who understands my city. Peace!

          • cherrie greenbaum123

            Keep the faith, my friend!

        • Daniel McGrath

          They do.

    • Anna Tree

      Don’t fall for the anti-white propaganda. French, like other Europeans and Americans etc, are pathological altruists. And French sadly are diversity lovers even more than the other Europeans. It is the Arabs who first behaved like outcasts and so became viewed as outcasts.

  • adplatt126

    Of course whites in America do better with Muslims. Here in America we have a totalitarian government and absolutely no choice. Our oligarchic overlords tell us exactly how to feel and act.

    • Daniel McGrath

      I see what you are saying here. Whites in the US do not consciously worry too much about browns. At least Asian browns.

      European whites are much more aware.

  • adplatt126

    The best way to deliver a Muslim isn’t to make him one with your society, but to make him one with Allah, by giving him back to his creator. If only Muslims were as easy to return as electronics.

  • pcmustgo

    Like every other “minority” group… Blacks at 1% or 10% are totally different than Blacks at 40%+

    Ditto Muslims, Latinos, Asians, etc.

    • Reynardine

      Why aren’t more sociologists saying this? It’s pretty much a law in my book.

      The identity of the people who you are with amplifies how you act. End of story.

  • Keepin’itREALISTic

    muslims are settlers, not immigrants, wherever they go.

    Settlers dedicated to establishing their murderous cult of ignorance as the exclusive culture.

    • Daniel McGrath

      The Arabs who overran Byzantine Egypt and Levant called themselves Migrants.

  • tony soprano

    I guess that US army doctor who killed 13 soldiers at fort hood who everyone knew had radicalized was assimilated.Everyone one forgets all the other terrorist plots that have occured.

  • WR_the_realist

    The only reason our Muslims appear to be more assimilated that Europe’s Muslims is because we have proportionately much fewer of them. If we bring in as many as France has our country will be ruined too.

    • Carney3

      Near-verbatim what I was going to say.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    The First-Mulatto-In-Chief should have worried about his own assimilation and adaptation to the Constitution and U.S Presidency than what Europeans are doing. White Europeans don’t need a half-bred Kenyan lecturing them about anything.

  • Ludwig

    Obama finished tonight’s address by saying, “continue the work of remaking America.” Nuff said!

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Didn’t waste my time listening to one iota of that creepy, nasty, mulatto.

      • Ludwig

        I only caught the last few minutes. The arrogance was astonishing.

      • Reynardine

        I enjoyed posting on Amren, reading a few books, writing a poem, and taking a bath.

        Time is precious, why waste it on Boy President?

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Congratulations… time well spent. a useless mulatto doesn’t warrant my time and in fact, after listening to RUSH for only the first 10 minutes today, he related the fact that millions and millions of Americans are just like us — they just didn’t tune in.

  • Capn Dad

    All I saw tonight was a community organizer campaigning for the next liberal to inhabit the White House.

  • JohnEngelman

    The country that experienced 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing cannot claim to have assimilated Muslims.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Well Obama, they can ask the muzzies to assimilate, but are these muslims and cousins of semites ready to assimilate or just remain as they are? I bet you they want to remain as they are.

  • Uncle Bob

    Europe is giving us an example of what not to do – Canada as well. Do they not see that these Muslim colonies are going to grow into real problem in the future? This is madness!

  • B.A_2014

    Muslims are 0.5% of the US population, aren’t they?
    With numbers comes strength. If the Muslim population was 5% in a state or 10% nationally, you would know how enriching Islam is.

  • rightrightright

    Moslems don’t integrate. They take over an area once they get a foothold and then drive out the Kuffar, with threats, perpetual low level harassment (such as parking across your drive so you can’t get your car out, hurling rubbish and old food into your garden) and your kids are bullied and beaten up in school. So Whites leave, with no fond thoughts about their arriviste former neighbours.

    As usual, Whites are hectored and lectured by the likes of Obama for the horrible behaviour of the imported Pets.

  • Dr.Bazzi

    True profile of the Foreign occupier and enemy agent.

    Real name Barry Soetoro, the
    Marxist/ Moslem agent from Kenya.

    An empty suit.

    A man with no birth certificate.

    A man who was deserted in childhood by his biological father.

    A man whose birth records, both in the United States and Kenya, are sealed by
    government order.

    A man whose childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, spied on U.S. military
    installations in Hawaii for the Soviet Union, edited a communist newspaper,
    authored pornographic novels, and wrote poetry in praise of Joseph Stalin.

    A man mentored by and still supported by radical Muslims.

    A man who promised transparency in government, but has spent over a million
    dollars in legal fees hiding information that would determine his eligibility
    to be President.

    A drug user.

    A man whose academic records are sealed from kindergarten through law school.

    A man who arrived in New York in June of 1981 without enough money to get a
    hotel room, but one month later flew to Indonesia and Pakistan.

    Why did he go?

    Who paid his expenses?

    A man who traveled to Pakistan when it was illegal for U.S. citizens to do so.
    So what country’s passport did he use?

    A man whose Law School Admission Test scores and grades at Columbia University
    are known to have been mediocre, but was admitted to Harvard Law School through
    the intervention of a Saudi named Khalid al-Mansour.

    A law review editor who never published an article in any law review.

    A lawyer with no significant accomplishments in the law and no reputation in
    the legal community.

    A former State and U.S. Senator, who never authored a piece of legislation.

    A disciple of the Marxist Saul Alinsky.

    A product of the Chicago political machine—the most corrupt political
    organization in America.

    A man who selects Marxists, corrupt politicians, and criminals as his close
    political associates and personal friends.

    A man whose presidential candidacy was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of
    America, the Socialist International, and the Workers International League.

    A man lauded for the literary brilliance of two memoirs, both of which were
    ghostwritten by others.

    • meanqueen

      Isn’t Frank Davis his real father? Could that be why Obama, Sr. abandoned him?

    • Daniel McGrath

      The world wants to be deceived. Let it.

    • jayvbellis

      This comment violates Amren comment guidelines against spreading wild, weird conspiracy theory nonsense.

      Our racial, cultural problems with Blacks, Mestizos, various nasty forms of Non White, Afro Arab, Turk, Paki Muslims are clear enough witthout people trying to confuse everything in some wild conspiracy theory lunacy.

      Conspiracy theory paranoia has been a huge problem with American Conservative politics for, well, forever. It used to be these conspiracy theory loons were convinced that everything was a secret plot to turn America over to…

      THE RUSSiANS!!!

      We should have been so lucky.

      • Julius Caesar

        “Conspiracy theory paranoia has been a huge problem with American Conservative politics for, well, forever.”
        And American Liberal politics has its own conspiracy theory…”The White man did everything bad ever!”.

  • mobilebay

    Just taking care of his people.

  • John Smith

    He’s living proof as to how muslims have taken over America.

  • Whirlwinder

    Our Muslin-in-Chief is an idiot. Islam does not assimilate, neither in Europe nor in America. They are here to conquer. He knows that but he has to keep the taquiyya (lying) going.

  • Mia Seths

    France has more Muslim troubles than other European countries and the U.S. simlpy because it has more Muslims. The proper response to France’s troubles is to learn from their mistakes not repeat them while spouting holier than thou nonsense.

    The policiy of continued Muslim immigration is the reason people are turning to far right politics. What choice do people have when mainstream politicians are so irresponsible?