Mosques Come Under Fire with Guns and ‘Grenades’ in France

Jack Crone and Jenny Stanton, Daily Mail, January 8, 2015

Revenge attacks on Muslim places of worship have begun in France following yesterday’s massacre at the office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Mosques, a prayer hall and a kebab shop near a Muslim temple were targeted in the early hours of the morning following the terrorist attack–in which 12 people were murdered by suspected Islamist fanatics.

The retaliation comes as French citizens, and the international community, attempt to come to terms with yesterday’s shocking and deadly assault on free speech.

In the city of Le Mans, west of Paris, three blank grenades were thrown at a mosque shortly after midnight–and a bullet was also fired through one of the windows.

In the Port-la-Nouvelle district, near Narbonne in southern France, several shots were fired in the direction of a Muslim prayer hall shortly after evening prayers.

According to French prosecutors, the hall was empty and no-one was injured.

A kebab shop, located near a mosque in the eastern French town of Villefranche-sur-Saone, was also blown up. Again, there were no casualties.

Eight journalists–including the magazine’s editor–died in yesterday’s attack, along with two policemen, a maintenance worker and another visitor when the masked terrorists stormed the Charlie Hebdo offices in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

The magazine has become a byword for offensive statements in France after taking several highly provocative swipes at Islam.

The newspaper once named Prophet Mohammed as its guest editor, published cartoons of the holy figure in the nude, and once renamed itself Sharia Hebdo with the cover slogan ‘100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter’.

Today, four leading French imams denounced the massacre, warning that the world is a dangerous place without freedom of expression but urging the media to be respectful of religion.


Tonight, two armed suspects wanted over the massacre–believed to be brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi–were being pursued through woodland as a huge manhunt closed in on a forest.

Police believe they have tracked down the brothers to a remote area about 50 miles north-east of Paris after they reportedly robbed a nearby petrol station.

Officers are said to have found a Molotov cocktail bomb and jihadist flag in the car of Cherif and Said Kouachi, which they abandoned before fleeing.

The men, still armed, headed on foot into the vast Forêt de Retz (Retz Forest) that measures 32,000 acres, an area roughly the size of Paris.

Their alleged getaway driver Hamyd Mourad, 18, has already turned himself into police in Charleville-Mezieres in northern France.

All three French-Algerian Muslims escaped yesterday following the bloodbath.

French Muslims have expressed fears that the sickening attack will lead to a surge in people joining the country’s far-right movement Front National.

Politician Marine Le Pen, leader of the surging far-right National Front, urged the country’s residents to wake up to the threat of Islamic fundamentalism.

But some of the most vocal rightist responses to the massacre came from Germany.

A leader of the far-right National Democratic Party, or NPD, said the party would mobilise followers to join anti-Islam street protests in the eastern city of Dresden that have been growing in size over the past three months.

Houria Bouteldja, spokeswoman for Parti des Indigènes de la République (PIR), told Al Jazeera: ‘This is a veritable nightmare for the Muslim community, but a veritable windfall for the extreme-right parties that will exploit this appalling crime.’

The PIR party represents the interests of people from many of France’s predominantly Muslim former colonies in Africa and elsewhere.

She added: ‘The people who committed this crime have committed a crime not only against Charlie Hebdo, but also against the Muslim community.’

A minute’s silence was held across France in memory of the victims of yesterday’s atrocity as the newspaper defiantly vowed to publish next week’s edition.

In a separate disturbing development, a gunman was arrested in a Paris suburb this morning after a female police officer was shot dead and a colleague injured in a second attack.

Shots rang out in Montrouge, in the south of city, at the start of the morning rush hour, with an M5 assault rifle believed to have been used.

Witnesses saw what appeared to a collision between two cars, followed by two men appearing with the weapon.

The gunman–who is understood to have been armed with an M5 assault rifle–was described as appearing to be of North African descent.

The young policewoman has been named by French media as Clarissa Jean-Philippe, 27.

A second victim–a street cleaner who was shot in the face after he confronted the gunman–is said to be in a serious condition.

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  • Reynardine

    Cry me a river.

    • BulgAryan

      This might be the beginning of the Reconquista. Victor Hugo said: No army can stop an idea whose time has come. A small can turn the wagon over…
      I remember this joke popular under Communism:
      There is a melee in a public transit bus, and the White passengers beat up the Gypsies. Police comes and restores order. They start questioning, an uniformed Army officer first. His testimony: there was this smelly, insolent Gypsy, who stepped on my foot. I said to myself: be calm, put up with that, endure for 5 minutes, but if he doesn’t move, sock him in the face.
      They ask another bruiser from the passengers. His story: I see this military man, he was watching now his watch, now the Gypsy. Exactly in 2:30 he hit the Gypsy and I said to myself: THE TIME HAS COME!!!

    • Cid Campeador

      I agree. That was Leonard (the) Pitts’ ending to an article in which he mentioned the horrible endings of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom.
      It is so much more appropriate that you have used it in the present context. There needs to be a response to these bestial beings in all out war against this Demonic cult posing as a RELIGION. Make life so miserable for these cockroaches that they’ll leave our countries.

  • Muslims have to clean their own house.
    A little prompting here & there is a good thing.

    • B.E.L.

      Except they wont. The most Muslims will do is condemn the shooting. Even in their condemnation, they still say, you need to be respectful of their religion.

      Muslims do not and will not ever police other muslims. It is up to everyone else to deal with them.

      I am all about freedom of speech and religion, but when a religion is so poisonous it needs to be exterminated.

      • BulgAryan

        Muslims will and must lie to further their political agenda of conquest.
        Al-Taqiyya (deception, concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies) is a concept of Islamic jurisprudence that has been redefined and appropriated by Islamists as part of their political strategy.

        Hard to define exactly, it has been variously translated as dissimulation, concealment, lying and diplomacy. Other words that are used are kitman and idtirar. These Arabic terms all have subtly different meanings.

        In Shi’a Islam, taqiyya (تقیة taqiyyah/taqīyah) is a form of religious dissimulation, or a legal dispensation whereby a believing individual can deny his faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts while they are in fear or at risk of significant persecution. The corresponding concept in Sunni Islam is known as idtirar (إضطرار) “coercion”. A related concept is known as kitman “concealment; dissimulation by omission”. Also related is the concept of ḥiyal, legalistic deception practiced not necessarily in a religious context but to gain political or legalistic advantage.

    • Dr.Bazzi

      Muslims will never clean their murderous ways, that’s what they do. The Mosques are the temple of Satan and they do his bidding.

    • See The Future

      There will NEVER be coexistence NEVER.

      It is do or die.

  • Finally, backlash. Or, as the French would call it, contrecoup.

    The media almost always fret over “backlash” when these things happen. And there is never any backlash. I think that’s precisely the problem, that there never is any backlash.

    Also note that our media haul out the “backlash” fears whenever some illegal alien Hispanic does something like get drunker than a hundred Indians, drive and kill someone in the process.

    • Fair Dinkum

      Perhaps the backlash should be at the media.

      • Oil Can Harry

        There should also be a backlash against the Aussie leftists behind the idiotic I’ll Ride With You campaign.

        • Ron Cheaters

          At least put the nutbar who started that campaign in a padded cell.

      • meanqueen

        Agree! Sign me up for that committee.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Blank grenades? Let me know when they start using real grenades.

      • John Smith

        Speaks to what someone else said here about it being a self-directed attack for sympathy.

      • Reynardine

        Blank grenades can easily be turned into real ones with a nice sleeve of ball bearings.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      Are we sure this is actually happening and not some made up junk by the media?

      • I hope it’s true white backlash.

        I fear it’s a Muslim-perpetrated hoax.

        Just like I hope the 100,000 showing up to rally in favor of Charlie Hebdo are all real patriotic French men and women, but I fear that many of them are fad seekers and hangers on, the same sort that would just as easily go to a handsupdontshoot protest.

        • ElComadreja

          I can’t see the French doing this. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Cid Campeador

        One of my favorites is the town in España where ground had been broken for the building of a Mosque. The real/ Christian Spaniards filled the hole with the bodies of dead pigs one evening prior to the beginning of construction. . The ground was then deemed to be defiled.

        • Bryce Armstrong

          Now what could be wrong with this? Conservative do-gooders complain about ‘submitting’ to Islam but they worry about conflict.This is a nonconfrontational way of dealing with them why arent they encouraging this? They simple wont except bigotry in any way. Those Spainiards are REAL patriots unlike the clowns on AM radio.

        • BulgAryan

          In British Palestine, the bodies of dead terrorist have been dosed with pig blood. No virgins in heaven for the killers.
          Terrorist attacks did decline significantly.

    • dmxinc

      Fact: The “limp-wristed” French do more to defend their country than we do.

      • Yancy Derringer

        Yep. Where’s our Marine Le Pen?

    • Paleoconn

      They worry more about the backlash than mourn the loss of the innocent, and often when they bodies are not yet cold. Pusillanimity at its most foul.

  • De Doc

    These may well be false flag operations by Muslims and their sympathetic dhimmi allies, no doubt concocted to drum up Islamophobic sentiments from the public.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      The French have increasingly been showing impatience with their non-assimilating Muslim immigrants, and there has been a spate of jihadi attacks in France the past few weeks. I think these retribution attacks are the real deal. The breaking point has been reached.

      • NoMosqueHere

        The endgame needs to include a ban on muslim immigration and significant deportations. I wonder if France will have the fortitude to carry out such a plan.

        The US was pretty much united after 9/11, but look what happened thereafter.

        But we can be hopeful.

        • Bossman

          France once colonized all of North Africa and much of the Middle East. Many Arabs in the Middle East still speak French. My guess is that turning Muslim Arabs into Frenchmen was too big of a job for the French.

        • Strider73

          That post-9/11 unity was the proverbial mile wide and inch deep. It started to evaporate once it became clear the neocons were using it as an excuse to launch a pre-planned war and oppress the American people. Pat Tillman realized it, and was killed for his trouble. With the passage of even more time, the realization has sunk in that 9/11 was either a LIHOP (let it happen on purpose, like Pearl Harbor) or MIHOP (made it happen on purpose, a.k.a. false flag) operation.

      • Dr.Bazzi

        The history of the French show them to be as weak as water, so don’t expect much from them.

      • De Doc

        I don’t share such optimism and believe me I am all for the folks in Europe finally taking a stand (something they needed to do long ago!). My take is that a breaking point has been reached, but one where the populace is so cowered and repressed that they have no spirit left for even self-defense. Not unlike the end days of the Roman Empire, where the passified masses gave over their inheritance to the invading barbarians. If I am wrong, then I will gladly stand corrected.

  • MekongDelta69

    Good, Great, Fantastic

  • Fair Dinkum

    Hatred is not always wrong, and forgiveness is not always appropriate.

  • guest

    Thank goodness, some good news on this site today. First Germany and now France. It’s great to know that the French are now beginning to fight their muslim enemies.

    Keep up the fight, France. These muslims will never show any mercy or “fairness” to you, so you must be merciless to them. And don’t ever submit yourselves to our treacherous enemies who support the muslims when they call you racists and hatemongers. They have used those words for so long that they are now completely meaningless.

    • SentryattheGate

      France’s Generation Identity has been around for a few years, have had some good attention-getting tactics. See their video on Youtube: https://www(DOT)youtube(DOT)com/watch?v=XA5S5Qrg6CU

      • IstvanIN

        Members of Generation Identity have been arrested for their views.

        • John Smith

          They won’t be when Le Pen and the National Front get elected.

  • Caucasoid88

    Violence is all these Sharia-solicitors understand. The cold, empty mind of the fundamentalist Muslim only exploits Western generosity, not embrace it. To hell with the hostile 25 percent and the quietly approving 70 percent. To the other five percent, admit your religion is innately incompatible with European values and walk away.

  • Samuel_Morton

    Notice how they buried the news at the bottom of the article about an African murdering a policewoman this morning and shooting another bystander in the face. Because, clearly, any backlash against Muslims is far worse than the carnage reaped by Muslims.

    • See The Future

      Women do not belong in the police or military.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        A nation that places its women in harm’s way is no nation at all.

  • LHathaway

    “attempt to come to terms with yesterday’s shocking and deadly assault on free speech”.

    Leftists, who haven’t uttered a conservative word in years, are now defenders of free speech. I suppose they consider they are.

  • ZB01

    France is a country in western Europe. Its populace should be made up of French people.

    • 1G25

      You don’t see Russians kissing muslim derriere.

      In Russia, you don’t see muslims.

      • John Smith

        Chechens and Tatars, among others.

      • ElComadreja

        They have their own share of Muslim problems. Appeasement doesn’t figure into it.

        • 1G25

          You see muslims fleetingly, while up to their crap, but you won’t see them walking around with impunity. I was once stopped by a huge Russian policeman in Moscow who demanded my passport, because, as my friend told me after I was dismissed, I have brown eyes. Most Russians, being ethnically Scandinavians, don’t have brown eyes.

          I know they have muslim problems, but they hammer the hell out of muslims when they catch them, so most stay in the south, out of the Russian Federation proper.

  • Chip Carver

    Who opened the gates of Constantinople? Who opened the gates of Toledo? Who has used behind the scenes machinations, bribery, threats to twist immigration laws throughout the West to allow these types of situations to exist? Stop these “elites” and the problems will disappear. All it takes is the will. They will run for it when things start to crumble.

    Call me a broken record. Doesn’t change that what I say is true.

    • BulgAryan

      …and apparently the gates of the Bulgarian medieval capital Turnovo for Ottoman conquest as well

  • LHathaway

    “Mosques come under fire with guns and ‘grenades'”
    Wake me up when it says ‘guns, grenades, tanks, ships, air assault and bombing. . . ?

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      … and flame throwers loaded with bacon grease.

  • JustJeff

    Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we present the long-anticipated backlash!

    • Ron Cheaters

      Lets hope it snowballs

      • JustJeff


    • phillyguy

      don’t worry a leader will emerge just like the ones who came into power in the 1920’s.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    ‘Houria Bouteldja, spokeswoman for Parti des Indigènes de la République (PIR), told Al Jazeera: ‘This is a veritable nightmare for the Muslim community, but a veritable windfall for the extreme-right parties that will exploit this appalling crime.’

    The PIR party represents the interests of people from many of France’s predominantly Muslim former colonies in Africa and elsewhere.’
    Are you kidding me???? France has a party that represents muslims?? The French have lost their guts. So in a way they deserve what they get for being stupid and catering to these muslims.

    • benvad

      Sorry I flagged you by mistake, I’m all thumbs today.

  • lily-white

    “French Muslims have expressed fears that the sickening attack will lead to a surge in people joining the country’s far-right movement Front National.”… Oh Nooo… White French embraceing a nationalist party… What could POSSIBLY be worse ?… … Maybe its time for German Chancellor Merkel to pay France a visit so she can educate them on “hate”…

    • benvad

      I want them so fearful that they’ll flee back to Algeria. I hope ethic cleansing starts against them.

  • TL2014

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these “retaliation attacks” were staged by Muslims to garner up sympathy. That happens all the time.

  • UncleSham

    ‘The people who committed this crime have committed a crime not only against Charlie Hebdo, but also against the Muslim community.’

    That’s funny, here I thought it was a crime against the French, but I guess its not really a tragedy unless somehow non-Whites can be considered the victims.

  • Evette Coutier

    There will come a time when an incident in America will set off a backlash here.

    • See The Future

      Incidents are irrelevant. They are only of local impact and affect only a few persons.

      It will take a significant event like the depression of the 30’s that affects just about each person and to such an extent that they have nothing left to lose.

      Don’t worry be happy.

      • meanqueen

        I think you’re right. If 9/11 couldn’t wake people up, then no other “incident” can. People will need to be ground down into utter, relentless misery and desperation before they see reality.

        • LHathaway

          I’ve entertained myself by the notion that I am an ‘independent thinker’. You may have just lifted the corner of my superhero mask.


          I remember watching this greasy haired 20 something liberal girl in a video just days after 9-11. Standing of all places, right in front of the fence that everyone used to post up hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photos. Of their missing and as we all know, yes, DEAD family members. Going through all the typical liberal motions “it’s not all Muslims” – “we can’t allow the Republicans to turn this into a war for oil” and already bitching that “Muslims were being discriminated against because of the attacks”. Watching that, I just couldn’t believe that within just days of the attack, with the possible death toll rising as high as 5000+, their attention was already focused on protecting the enemy. And doing so right in front of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photos of the victims that were murdered by the enemy.

          Liberalism is a disease! More accurately liberalism is to a nation what HIV/AIDS is to the bodies immune system.


    “A minute’s silence was held across France in memory of the victims of yesterday’s atrocity as the newspaper DEFIANTLY vowed to publish next week’s edition” – Our own weak kneed ham strung media both here in the United States and throughout all of Europe. Can learn a thing or two by the good folks at Charlie Hebdo’s refusal to cower to Islam’s threats, and ultimately acts of violence. Instead, we see instantaneous cowering from our main stream media like those at CNN. Who refused to even show photos of the cartoon that Islam used as an excuse to do what they do best, destroying the freedoms once so cherished in the West. Islam is blatantly incompatible with freedom. Which means, we have to choose. Do we want freedom? Or do we want Islam? We obviously can’t have both.

    We never should have even been in such a ridiculous predicament to begin with in the West. But just as the left has admitted to purposely doing. They decided to open the gates to unleash a mass 3rd world invasion through mass immigration. All so they could rub Whitey’s nose in diversity. Lets just hope the West comes to it’s senses before it’s too late.


  • Douglas Quaid

    I’ve become disgusted with the words “extremist”, “fanatic”, “radical” etc. being attached to the word “Muslim/Islamic”. Violent outbursts mingled with barbarism is just normal Muslim behavior, the word “Islam” means surrender or submission after all.

  • Tsar Alexander

    If western governments in places like France, continue to flip flop on issues like Islam, and botch the response to this whole issue (which I know they will), Europe might be headed for a civil war (it would seem).

    Is it possible that the 2010s for modern multi-kulti liberalism could be what the 1980s and 1990s were for big state socialism in Eastern Europe and Asia?

  • KyraNelson

    Finally some real “backlash.” Whoda thunk it would be the French???? And what the heck is a “Muslim Temple?” Kinda got their metaphors a little mixed up.

  • meanqueen

    Yay, frogs! But it’s kind of humiliating when the French show more umph than the Americans.

  • Johnny Harper

    Good. They should destroy all the Mosques and send them packing.

    They need a Kristallnacht for the Muslims.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    It is impossible to be more of a coward than a person who feels threatened by a cartoon.

  • Cid Campeador

    The two so called jihadis were brothers and one of them looked very much like a “Bruvah”.
    Algerians are mostly mulatto.

  • LHathaway

    I remember when the news showed fundamentalists ‘blowing up Buddha statues’ and other works of art. The program probably preceded it with a report on how iman’s are forbidding girls to go to kindergarten. How soon will it be before we do a little culture reshaping of our own?

  • Fed Up

    Mosques come under fire? Who’d have thought there are still French men with a spine? Call the attacks an idea whose time has come.

  • Strider73

    I prefer “totalitarian death cult,” but otherwise you are 100% correct.

  • Strider73

    According to one report I read, a large group of angry French sang their national anthem in defiance of the Muslims. Perhaps they finally understand what the anthem stands for, especially the refrain:

    Aux armes, citoyens, (To arms, citizens,)
    Formez vos bataillons, (Form your battalions,)
    Marchons, marchons ! (Let’s march, let’s march!)
    Qu’un sang impur (Let their impure blood)
    Abreuve nos sillons ! (Water our furrows!)

    Or perhaps they watched the DVD of Casablanca. Same effect.

  • ElComadreja