Confessions of a Fixer

Brad Wolverton, Chronicle of Higher Education, December 30, 2014

Fifteen miles from his home, tucked in a corner of a 10-by-10 storage unit, under an antique table, is a gray filing cabinet. Locked inside he keeps the test answers for more than a dozen online courses.

Among his files is a pink steno pad of names, covering the front and back of 80 pages, that includes some of the biggest stars in college sports. Next to the names are credit-card numbers and PINs, log-ins, passwords, Social Security numbers, and addresses.

The handwritten notes, by a onetime academic adviser and college-basketball coach, are part of an elaborate scheme. Over the past 14 years, he says, he has used test keys to cheat for hundreds of athletes, helping them meet the eligibility requirements of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

tright. For others, he provided homework answers and papers that the students would submit themselves. At exam time, he lined up proctors and conspired with them to lie on behalf of students.

Many times, he says, the players’ coaches directed athletes his way. Sometimes, players’ parents or handlers arranged the details.

He did most of his work in college basketball, but he has also helped football players, baseball players, and golfers, among others. The vast majority of his clients never made it big. But, according to records he shared with The Chronicle, his fraud reached the highest levels. A handful of the players listed in his notes were drafted to play in the NBA. At least two are the children of former professional athletes. One is a back-up catcher in Major League Baseball.

The fixer’s name is Mr. White. He spoke to The Chronicle on the condition that his first name not be used, for fear of retribution. He is a married, 42-year-old father of two. Over a nearly 20-year career, he worked for four colleges, from the mid-Atlantic region to the South.

His side business was lucrative. One year, he says, he made more than $40,000 arranging classes. But he says money wasn’t his motive.

Part of it was about the players. He believes that many would not have earned a major-college scholarship without his help.

The other part was about his career. He wanted a big-time coaching job, and he figured this could give him exposure to many programs.

He has met plenty of Division I coaches; he has three phones filled with their numbers. He thought he was their friend, that they would return the favors. They gave him VIP tickets, he says, and paid him back through camp appearances. But when it came time to hire, they didn’t want him in their club.

Two years ago, the NCAA investigated Mr. White and five colleges that had recruited his students. Former NCAA investigators say they knew his players’ classes were a sham. But because the NCAA could find no wrongdoing by the colleges themselves, the investigation fizzled.

For Mr. White, the ordeal drove home the reality that he could be exposed. It also helped him realize the error of his way, he says, and made him want to atone for his mistakes. Among his regrets is that many students he set out to help were the ones most hurt. He agreed to tell his story in part to expose flaws in the system.


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  • Dave West

    Like anyone, even libtards, believed for one minute that some Basketball-American who can barely speck English correctly, got a 3.9 GPA at Duke.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Black college athletes’ idea of intellectual stimulation is counting to ten with Big Bird and Elmo.

      • Speedy Steve

        I beg to differ, sir. It’s writing a bad rap/poem about how much your mother enjoys his muhdik.

    • Fathercoughlin

      “Ah beeze a afflete an ah resents dis stuff what ah is dum! Ah beeze SMOT an sheet! Ah pass dat SAT tess wiff ease. Ma peeps built dat Gypshun Peermid!”

  • AR files this story under “Race and Sports” and “Race and Universities.” It should have also filed it under “Liquid Water is Wet.” There’s hardly a one of these “student-athletes” who would have been able to get into these schools on their own academic “merits,” so it should be the least surprising thing of all that they needed to cheat to stay eligible, even though their classes are easy-as-punch basket weaving classes that only seem to be in course catalogs available for certain scholarship athletes and not the general school student body.

    Also unsurprising is the fact that “Mr. White” never got any coaching gigs. Duh, which school would be dumb enough to hire a known scammer and cheater? The NCAA is inept, but not so inept that they’re not going to punish a school that admits that they’re cheating.

    • propagandaoftruth

      They’re all ringers in feetsball and baksketball. It’s the inherently corrupting and unnatural marriage of higher education and minor league sports hoopla.

      What a pathetic human being you are Mr. White. You’re just peeved you got snubbed after selling out your Folk – the assumed quid pro quo never complied with.

      If Mr. White had gotten his coaching job I doubt he’d be so forthcoming. Mr. White is a piece of steaming excrement regardless of contrition and I wish him all the worst.

    • Nancy

      There’s a private “Christian” school in Gwinnett County, GA, that caters to parents who are either in denial about their children’s learning disabilities, or unwilling to get their kids real help for fear of them “being labeled”. What’s worse, the school teaches these parents to use a legal loophole by which they can get the state to pay their tuition.

      Because there’s no state requirement for teachers who teach “special ed.” students to actually BE CERTIFIED in Special Ed., the principal/owner of the school actively recruits parents of Asperger’s kids, ADHD kids, etc. to transfer to her school. She puts about 10-15 of these learning/behavior disorder kids in a class with a regular teacher, then she institutes all these ridiculous policies so the teachers are more-or-less forced to give these kids all A’s. (There’s endless chances to re-take tests, tons of “open-book” exams, no standardized testing, never more than one exam in any given class per day, limitations on homework, the list goes on.)

      When the principal/owner learned of the special ed. tuition loophole around 2007-09, she began leaning on it it the way a landlord depends on Section 8 vouchers: guaranteed checks from the State each month, and an endless supply of applicants. I was hired a few years back, having no idea that this was her game, and I quit the year later, fed up by the farce of her so-called “Preparatory School”. Most teachers there last no more than 2 years.

      She even changed the name of the school around 2012, when word got out about it being “a special needs school” (she insists it’s not), black students began their mass enrollment, and the capable, intelligent white students began leaving in droves. The school, under the old name, was already getting terrible reviews on Great schools [dot] com, so she simply “rebranded” it. (She also manages to get negative reviews taken off that site, and has teachers write pretend glowing reviews, posing as parents.)

      This is the new scam of American education, and so long as those lax requirements are in place, more people, desperate to hide their kids’ behavior problems and generally low I.Q.’s from the world, will sign up to be customers.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Given this is supposed to be a “Christian” school, this makes it even worse. I see that you omitted the name of the school. Might it be Providence Academy on Lawrenceville highway in Lilburn?

        • Nancy

          “The Prov” is considered Top Notch in terms of Christian private education. So no, not them. (But many of the intelligent white students from my old school defected to Providence, and some are still there now.)

          Nope…but look for “________ Preparatory School” in Gwinnett that changed its name from something else in the last 5 years. (The Prov has ALWAYS been The Prov.)

          Hint: It likes to refer to itself by its three-letter acronym, and I already gave you the last two.

          • Giovanni704

            Why the silliness? Why not just name the school?

          • Nancy

            Just Google it.

  • JackKrak

    The reality of “student-athletes” is one of the great unreported scandals in America and the media will get to it just as soon as they finish feature story about blacks having low IQ’s and being more prone to violence.

    • APaige

      The only shocking part of the multiple stories of academic fraud and cheating scandals is that Black STILL score low in class and on tests. At least the Asians get good grades and scores when they cheat.

      • dukem1


  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    College sports rigged? Say it ain’t so!

    Believe it or not, there really are fools out there who genuinely believe college athletics are anything other than a money racket. I remember a few years back, a coworker and I laughing our butts of at two other coworkers (both white female grads of Big 10 schools) who became spitting mad at us for even suggesting that it wasn’t all about personal development of the students.

    Ah, the True Believers.

  • Tarczan

    If the NCAA were to only allow true college students, the entire makeup of college sports would change, particularly football.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      And our society would change for the better.
      Sportsmanship. . . it’s a thing!

  • This reminds me. Is the dork in Orlando with a fax machine sick or dead or on a long vacation? Because we did not see or hear either hide or hair of him last month. Usually, this time of year, he pontificates about the diversity or lack thereof in his opinion about college football bowl teams.

  • WR_the_realist

    From the article:
    Inside the Adams State portal, Mr. White could see the classes he had
    helped the player complete: “Communication Arts I,” “Communication Arts
    II,” “Integrated Mathematics I,” “Major Themes in Lit,” and “Finite
    Mathematics.” The site also listed the player’s grades: B, A, B, C, C.

    Mr. White says he varied the quality of work he did for the courses.
    “You never give them all A’s and B’s,” he says. “That would raise

    Communication Arts I & II are obviously gut courses. Yet Mr. White had to help the student cheat on those too. No doubt the student’s name was Mr. Black.

    • Irishgirl

      Communication isn’t so easy for these athletes, as evidenced by the incessant “Gnome sayin’?”

  • dd121

    The NCAA, meaning the people who run the NCAA, have absolutely no interest in reforming the system. They know perfectly well that most of the black “student-athletes” couldn’t pass a fourth grade math quiz. From university presidents on down, they feign ignorance.
    If they wanted to bring some measure of honesty they would keep the edibility rules and pay the players as the semi-pros they are and relieve the players the sham of attending classes.

    • MBlanc46

      Absolutely. The players deserve to be paid and everyone needs to stop pretending that they’re students.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Or a farm system for professional sports and the ivory tower should divorce?

        • MBlanc46

          That would certainly be my preference.

  • Ograf

    Anyone who has ever paid one dollar to watch these idiots run up and down a basketball court is just as bad as the cheaters. If not worse. When it gets to the point all I have for recreation is watching these blacks chase balls around a field or court , it has come time for me to play Russian roulette with my semi auto glock.

    • John Smith

      I’ve never paid to get into a sporting event other than an auto race in my life.

      • WhiteVeinKratom

        No hockey?

        • John Smith

          No teams – not really popular outside the NE and Great Lakes and seldom cold enough to have decent ice outdoors.

  • dukem1

    Excuse me. Mr. Guest, But please do not lump us travel voucher padders in with the rest of your Sunday school class…
    Amrenners! Can I get an Amen!?!??!

  • JohnEngelman

    The first question many Americans ask about a college or university is, “They got a good football team?”

    As long as that attitude persists these frauds will persist.

    • WR_the_realist

      The three top concerns of any university dean:

      1. Sex for the students.
      2. Parking for the staff.
      3. Football for the alumni.

      • Speedy Steve

        And, the icing on the cake: a percentage of sports paraphernalia.

      • Not so much #1 anymore.

  • See The Future

    Get rid of the NCAA football and basketball programs and half of the blacks will disappear from those schools overnight.

    • Irishgirl

      Which will result in less crime, fewer rapes, and higher academic standards.

  • Caucasoid88

    Most D1 affletes are intensely retarded. We’re talking 65 IQs with zero ability to read or write because they only listen to that hormonal call to “put ball in hoop.” I’d like to see the statistics of scholarship athletes’ GPAs in 1960 vs. 2014.

  • John Smith

    Kinda explains why there are still so few black quarterbacks, as affirmative action and cheating just don’t substitute for intellectual ability in a role that requires it.

    • newscomments70

      I wish they would apply affirmative action to quarterbacks….their numbers may as well suffer. It would serve them right. How playing Michael Sam?

      • His 15 minutes are over. How do I know? Because he did an interview with The Oprah a few weeks ago. These days, when The Oprah interviews you, that’s basically an exit interview on your way out of public life and on your way down the latter. To wit: Lance Armstrong.

        • newscomments70

          I hope he at least wrote some stupid book (with a qualified ghost writer), that way he can cash in.

          • WhiteVeinKratom


          • newscomments70

            Oh I have no interest in such a book. I’m just thinking from the standpoint of a businessman. Cash in while one can. No one will care in a month. Just some cheap advice for Sam, just ignore.

          • Charles Martel

            Exactly! Who would buy such a book? Certainly not negroes!

          • newscomments70

            the liberal crowd would ooh and aah for a week and move onto something else. If someone gets on Oprah, whomever they are, write a damn book. Make some money in the 15 minutes of fame, even if it is ridiculous.

  • Lee_CPA

    The academic ability level (or lack thereof) of black D1 college athletes is the worst kept secret on campus. Most of these guys should not be allowed on a college campus without a mop and broom in hand. But when you have head coaches making millions, assistant coaches making six figure salaries, and tens (hundreds) of millions of television dollars flowing to the university, little wonder that EVERYONE, from the guy washing jerseys to the coaches to the university president turns a blind eye.
    I once thought that requiring the student athlete to apply and get accepted like every other student was the answer. However, given that most universities have some type of “African American Studies” degree program set up, it would be a simple matter to bring them in under those programs.
    I remember when tv announcers, when introducing players before a game, would give their degree program and GPA. The don’t do that anymore. I guess it got too embarrasing.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Disgusting careerist spinning a palatable tale.
    The good news is that the tale is palatable.
    The real hero is that woman who blew the whistle and was fired.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The prominence given college sports is proof positive we have lost our collective minds in this country. The tail is clearly wagging the dog.

    MY SOLUTION: Basketball and football players should be required to wear their I.Q.s or ACT Scores on their jerseys…

    • LHathaway

      They are. haha

      • Whitetrashgang

        I will take that to my grave.

  • Higgs Boson

    The average black American has an IQ of about 86, and the average hispanic about 87. The average white American has an IQ of about 105.

    I realize most of you Americans have zero critical thinking skills, having been “educated” in America’s wonderful government/union schools, but do you really think schools with a significant percentage of black students do NOT dumb down the curriculum so the lowest common denominator can pass?

    There’s a reason Africa is Africa.
    There’s a reason Mexico is Mexico.


    • Sick of it

      The curriculum has been “dumbed down” across the board and not just post-integration. What teachers teach today is appalling compared to what I learned in school not so long ago.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      I just read your post, word for word, over the phone to a Mexican-American friend of mine… and guess what? He absolutely agreed.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      A wise man — possibly Jared Taylor — once remarked that “People create cultures: Cultures don’t create people.”

  • jayvbellis

    White Americans, particularly in the South are not going to break their addiction to college football. I’ve made some small attempts in this area to switch fans over to college hockey.

    I might as well have tried to get Muslims in Saudi Arabia to embrace religious pluralism, gay rights.

    Instead, I recommend pushing the mem that these Black college athletes are being exploited. They are talented entertainers not college students. The coaches, athletic directors, TV networks make $millions. Why shouldn’t the players get paid?

    Northwestern college football players announced they were seeking union representation, a good move.

    This is another area very similar to abortion rights for the urban poor where we can promote our agenda, cleaning up colleges from Black classroom anarchy and we are actually trying to help Black people get a fairer deal.

    Just admit the obvious: black college football and basketball players are entertainers not college students. Good entertainers deserved to be paid $, the current system of lies, cheating does not help Black athletic entertainers, or regular White students trying to get an education.

    • LHathaway

      That’s where you’re wrong. The ‘dumbing down’ makes it easier for whites. What doesn’t help them, likely, is cradle to the grave affirmative action at nearly every large institution in the country.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      It’s precisely because they are black that they shouldn’t be paid. Blacks don’t know how to manage money anyway… it’s like trying to mix oil and water…

  • jayvbellis

    An alternative is to support college sports where Whites excel:


    • Charles Martel

      Swimming, Diving and Water Polo

  • Realist

    “Cheating was the only way to keep “student” athletes eligible.”
    Huh! Who would have guessed that?

  • JohnEngelman

    I used to know a college football player who continued his education and went on to a sucessful career.

    Most college football players discover at the age of 21 that they cannot do anything else well, and that their best years are behind them.

    • newscomments70

      Athletics are an important part of a young life. Sports in childhood/youth prepare people to compete in the work force. I of know several captains of industry who were athletes as children and adolescents. “Most college football players discover at the age of 21 that they cannot do anything else well, and that their best years are behind them.” That is an incorrect statement, unless it applies to low IQ athletes, who never paid attention to academics. It doesn’t however apply to Bobby Orr.

    • Ohmy!

      In the early 90’s, I attended a church in Ohio, where a former Cleveland Browns football player and his family attended (they were white). The whole family was well liked. This football player had a college degree and after retiring from the Cleveland Browns (he was in his mid-30’s), he considered becoming a minister. In time, he decided to go into the construction industry, being successful in that field. He was a great guy.

  • ImTellinYa

    What mystifies me is that so many Whites are rabid sports fans at a time when sports is dominated by illiterate, violent, criminal Blacks who have the social skills and impulse control of an enraged badger. Whites somehow still think that these bogus “scholar-atheletes” somehow represent an educational institution. Pro sports are even worse. There is nothing to be loyal to. I will sometimes root for a team if I like their White players, but even so, the Blacks and Hispanics make the entire profession just another freak show.

    • I know several whites who speak of sports almost every time they open their mouths. Their very essence is infused with basketball and football. Every waking hour, and probably even in their dreams, is spent thinking about sports. Their very sinews and bones have been redefined as those primarily of sports fans. They speak of professional athletes as if they’re their own close family and friends. They worship them through their dress, what they eat, what they drink and through all their activities. It’s truly pathetic.

      • newscomments70

        That’s very true. Sports are important part of life…but one should actualy play them instead of living vicariously through others. There are sports for almost every age group and ability. White men often do the fantasy football, and women live vicariously through sitcoms and soaps. They are obessed with the hit show…what will fictional couple they name the fictional baby, who is getting fake married etc. They’re not even real people, and many of these actors, like prof athletes, are the scum of the earth, in real life.

    • 1G25

      I don’t watch football anymore, because I’m disgusted at the shenanigans of the chimps on the field. ALL 15-yard penalties are assessed against negro players who can’t control themselves – and the capering, dancing, genital thrusting on the field by these unevolved creatures make me switch channels to a music station.

      • Charles Martel

        Capering!! Classic description!

  • Bobbala

    Need I remind you that S. Africa was a nation built on a giant gold mine.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Foreign Language instruction is mostly a sham in both high school and college. In “Conspiracy of Ignorance” high school teachers who have a degree in another language typically cannot carry on a basic conversation in the language they teach. I should know because I had a Spanish teacher in high school who, even at the third year level, had us write compositions in English on the topic of Cuba. the only spanish i ever heard her say was in short phrases, but never much else.

    Years later, I found that she still teaches at a high school 10 minutes from where i live and, yes, former students are STILL saying she can barely speak Spanish!!

  • IKUredux

    This is sad. Once again, White athletes have been sacrificed on the altar of equality. You are either smart.Or, you are either athletic. If you are both? You are White, and, thus, not eligible to play. If you are Jordy Nelson, how the hell did you get to play?

  • MikeofAges

    Theater of the Grotesque. Mr. “White”, suffering from a singular lack of conscience, helps intellectually deficient blacks and idiots of all stripe go to college. College. College. The last time I took university courses, one of the kids said “C’s get degrees”. If you can’t pull C’s in an undemanding program, you don’t belong there. A start on reform would be to allow kids to go only to those schools they qualify for academically. Sorry Duke. Sorry all you football factories.

    But that’s not how it works. Big time athletics brings in donation and research contracts. Why do you think Rutgers and Maryland wanted to join the Big Ten, even though they are nowhere near the Great Lakes and the Upper Mississippi Valley. Or Utah and Colorado join the Pac 12. Follow the money trail. The real money trail makes the athletic budget look like small change..

  • Rex Goliath

    There is a very easy way to stop this. Don’t watch negro sports.

  • guest

    The fact is that there is a lot of local and regional “headline” news about campus wiggle room with regard to money that to perceptive people on campus is really rather par for the course. If investigative journalism–to the extent it yet exists at all–was much given to shoe leather excursions and hand shake contacts–a lot more would be known. Academic freedom may be cultivated–at least verbally–re matters beyond campus. But for things “in house”— looking under the rugs is not often safeguarded.