Obama: Most Black People Don’t Use Racism as an Excuse

Dave Boyer, Washington Times, December 19, 2014

Before flying off to Hawaii for a two-week vacation, President Obama said Friday that most blacks understand America’s history of slavery and segregation isn’t an excuse for their current challenges.

Asked by a reporter to assess the state of black America, Mr. Obama said most blacks are “better off now” than when he came into office, due to the economic recovery. But he said the gap of income and wealth between whites and blacks persists, “and we’ve got more work to do on that front.”

“This is a legacy of a troubled racial past, Jim Crow and slavery,” Mr. Obama said. “That’s not an excuse for black folks, and I think the overall majority of black people understand it’s not an excuse. They’re working hard. They’re out there hustling and trying to get an education, trying to send their kids to college. But, you know, they’re starting behind oftentimes in the race.”


[Editor’s Note: Below is more from the interview]

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  • Alexandra1973

    More double-speak from the Liar in Chief.

    • David Ashton


    • Luca

      Please show some respect.

      The appropriate and accurate title is: Pathological Liar and Narcissistic Sociopath in Chief.

      • Oil Can Harry

        The Commander-In-Chimp.

        • DiversityIsDeath


          • GavinVolaire



      The really sad part is many Whites will buy into this line of nonsense.

      • Alexandra1973

        It’s like we’re being told “you ‘broke’ blacks now you need to fix them.”

        I don’t think so. There’s a difference between acquiring an item then breaking it, and acquiring a defective item that’ll never work.

  • 48224

    “Obama: Most Black People Don’t Use Racism as an Excuse use.” I agree….most don’t, THEY ALL USE IT AS AN EXCUSE . INCLUDING BILL COSBY, OJ SIMPSON AND MICHAEL JACKSON.

  • Dave West

    Slavery and Jim Crow……….

    Two of the most cherished out of the 65 million plus excuses for black failure. I wonder why the black crime and illegitimacy rate skyrocketed after around 1965???

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      Quite a few minority groups–including Jews and Asians–have dealt with discrimination in the past yet manage to avoid the crime and illegitimate birth rate of blacks. Blacks’ societal failures aren’t because of discrimination but intrinsic nature, embedded in their genetics.

      • Dave West

        Literally every other ethnic group does better than blacks; even when they come to this country penniless and with limited English skills.

        • MannyR

          If you can hold down a fast food job and stay felon free your doing better than most Black males

        • LexiconD1

          Including, most, blacks from Africa. Not kidding.

          • Dave West

            Blacks from Africa, minus the asylum seekers, are the cream of the crop of the African population.

      • Alucard_the_last

        These savages have embraced Marxism and that is the root cause of all of their ills, not so-called ‘racism’. They have more rights in academia, government, entertainment and media than anyone else yet they are still are at the bottom. Marxism erases personal responsibility. Negroes sowed bad seed and now they are reaping what they have sown. Their lives are NOT our responsibly. It is time for them to stop whining and grow up.

  • TomIron361

    The thing about black people is they’ve given up trying to make a life. Al they know how to do nowadays is beef and moan they’ve had a hard time. Have any blacks here had as hard a time as those Cambodian refugees had who escaped Pol Pot’s killing fields and are making it here? I highly doubt that. All anyone has to do in his country is the best they an do. Blacks are dumb, but the worst thing about them is they’re the laziest people God ever made.

    • LexiconD1

      I’m from CA. The truth about those Asians from Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand is that the United States government GAVE them low cost (never have to pay back) loans, which most of them did two things with…opened their own business, and bought rental properties.

      They didn’t exactly ‘earn’ anything on their own…

  • IstvanIN

    New Orleans, LA, 12/19/2014: Racsism caused two black males to beat a White man almost to death, broke his nose and jaw and he needed facial reconstructive surgery but they didn’t steal his money or Rolex. They just tried to beat him to death. And no one knows why!

    • DonReynolds

      NOT TRUE!
      Everyone knows why.

  • Easyrhino

    This guy is either a 5 star liar or out of his mind. Probably both actually.

    The bigger problem is Whites rarely if ever call them on their BS so the “legacy of slavery” excuse keeps growing.

    • phorning

      It is combination of the two. Notice the type of reporters he selects for interviews, he very rarely allows himself to be interviewed by someone who will challenge him at all. He just wants to stick to the script and score points with low information voters.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Yes, isn’t that strange? The farther away time wise we get from slavery, the more significance it takes on.

  • libertarian1234

    “Obama: Most Black People Don’t Use Racism as an Excuse,”

    That statement shows that he’s either lying again or he’s completely out-of-touch with the black communities across this country.

    Of course most blacks blame racism or slavery a couple hundred years ago for their inabilities to compete in a first world society. If they didn’t do that, they would have to admit they just can’t succeed because of themselves, nothing else, and they’re far too arrogant to admit to the truth.

    Black privileges have been given to them far in excess of anything else any other group receives partly in order to keep them from whining so much, but mainly it’s to keep them from burning their neighborhoods down and killing people during their many black terrorist uprisings that occur so often.

    Since this community organizer has had years of contact with blacks in his church, he’s got to know how mentally inept they are, so a person has to conclude that statements like the above are just more of his lies designed to spin a story to advance blacks somehow instead of telling the truth that they have no business being here, and they certainly have no business integrating with people who are above a stone-age level of human development.

    Every racial group in this country mentally outperforms most all blacks in every way. And that’s just one more reason why blacks blame everyone and everything but themselves for failing.

  • superlloyd

    ”President Obama said Friday that most blacks understand America’s history of slavery and segregation isn’t an excuse for their current challenges.”

    This idiot is even more deluded than I thought or a bigger liar than I thought if he opines thus.

    Blacks are behind and always will be because of genetics nothing else hence their recourse to absurd excuses, especially in view of the many advantages they have received at the expense of the white backbone, brains and heart of the country.

    • Irishgirl

      Most blacks don’t understand anything.

      • Alucard_the_last

        They remind me of animals only more evil. They don’t seem to comprehend the future. They do whatever they want and then have a dumb look on their simian faces when they get arrested. The only cure is long sentences in gulags. Too bad we don’t have them.

  • Mary

    Yes, and tomorrow is Easter, 1+1=3, and I’m a supermodel. I really wish that Obama would occasionally make a truthful statement.

  • LHathaway

    “they’re starting behind oftentimes in the race”

    I guess the Head Start program is not a legacy of the past he wants to talk about.

    • Alexandra1973

      LOL I pretty much had a “head start” BEFORE I even started Head Start in 1977. I was already reading.

      I’m also not black.

      • Speedy Steve

        Joke: Why can’t Stevie Wonder read?
        Clue: it’s not because he’s blind.

        • John Smith

          I always heard that he smiled so much because he didn’t know he was black.

  • Luca

    Most Black People Don’t use Racism as an Excuse? They use it as life-support.

    • Michigan Patriot

      Time to pull the plug and do not resuscitate !

    • Pathfinder75

      “They use it as life-support.”

      But they obviously don’t realize that their feeble attempts to convince the general public that us Whites are to blame for their ongoing failures are beginning to flatline.

      They have cried wolf far too many times for anyone to take their whining seriously anymore.

  • Michigan Patriot

    How does this racist Marxist explain Africa’s primitive, stone age status when not influenced by White European colonialists or missionaries ? Even when taught to fish they still want the White man’s fish instead !

    • Alucard_the_last

      And if it is not given to them, they will rape, beat, murder and then take the fish.

    • John Smith

      They definitely want the white man’s women….

  • Augustus3709

    “This is a legacy of a troubled racial past, Jim Crow and slavery.”

    ‘Legacy of slavery” makes no sense. Slavery was the currency of the primitive trade economy of Africa. If he’s trying to ascribe blame to White people then he’s way off. White people liberated the blacks and internationally banned the African slave trade. Blacks should be thankful.

    “Jim Crow”. Another buzzword. During segregation blacks were better off than they are now. They had their own communities, functional families, and took care of their own affairs. It was forcing to mix them in with Whites and pacifying them with handouts that ruined the progress Whites had built for them and made them even worse. Again, blaming White people for black problems is historically and racially incorrect.

    And the “troubled racial past”. Just a cloud of vagueness. This could mean anything. No substance, therefore nothing to discuss.

    Both races were better off when we ran our own affairs and were not forced to mix by the Neo-Marxist types.

    • DonReynolds

      What would he know about Jim Crow and slavery? The only part of his life he spent in the USA was in Hawaii and did not venture to the Mainland until he left for college. The only things he knows about Jim Crow and slavery, is what he read in comic books.

      • LHathaway

        What if he were born in the deep south? He still would know nothing of ‘jim crow’.

        • DonReynolds

          Was he born in 1964 or 1965? I am not interested enough to look it up…..your point being, even if he had been born and raised in the Deep South, he would still know nothing about Jim Crow.

          You are absolutely correct. All of that was gone before he was 10 years old. Slavery ended a century before he was born.

          But I will say the “black experience” in Hawaii is pretty much limited to sailors and marines on leave. Had Obama grown up in the Deep South with a black family (instead of a white family), then the oral tradition would have been very different.

          • LHathaway

            What oral tradition is that?
            Now that I think (too much) about it. I certainly hope it doesn’t relate to your other observation. . .

          • David Ashton

            Bill Clinton knew about an oral tradition, and he was white (sort of).

  • Yves Vannes

    Who actually listens to this nonentity any longer?

    • thomasdosborneii

      Actually, no one really does, not even blacks. Except for one, Whoopi Goldberg. For some reason, she still thinks he’s something. I don’t even think Oprah thinks much of Obama, anymore.

      • DiversityIsDeath

        That’s because Whoopi is sexually hot for him, and that animal urge to rut has overridden whatever little afro-logic she ever has. Most female negroes think obama is hot stuff and they want to f*** him. (The bucks too.)

  • dd121

    The very next sentence directly contradicted his preceding assertion. I never thought Obama was very bright, but this is scary.

    • thomasdosborneii

      Exactly. “We don’t use it as an excuse, but it’s the reason for everything that is wrong with us.” He can’t really speak a coherent sentence if he isn’t reading from a teleprompter somebody else’s words.

  • Obama is right. Most black people don’t use “racism” as an excuse. They use it as a political weapon to get stuff out of whitey, some even use it to fall all the way up the ladder to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Obama lives in a fantasy world of denial when it comes to black issues. Not only did he drop this whopper that blacks don’t use racism as an excuse, but in the same interview he said that being biracial allows him to see and weigh in on race matters from both the black and white perspective. Have anyone here ever seen Obama weigh in on a black-white issue from the white perspective? Ever?

    • IstvanIN

      Has he ever weighed in on an honest, fact based perspective? The one-drop rule was a good one.

    • DonReynolds

      Not once in the past six years.

    • thomasdosborneii

      Never a white perspective in a black versus white context. His “white” perspective is his Communist one.

  • [Guest]

    >>>They’re working hard. They’re out there hustling and trying to get an education, trying to send their kids to college.

    On one point we agree: They’re hustling.

    • Alexandra1973

      And we all know the kind of “college” their kids wind up attending, don’t we?

  • Albert

    Obama is a democratic politician’s worst nightmare. After two more years of Obama, i’m betting on a republican president and an even greater republican majority in the house and senate.

  • DonReynolds

    Most Negroes do not use racism as an excuse, so we must conclude that the ONLY Negroes who are permitted to speak in public are the ones who DO use racism as an excuse.

  • fgbrunner3

    Earth to Obama: Intelligence is genetic.

  • MannyR

    I’m starting to think this man is a robot controlled by the writers at the Onion.

    • me

      He’s controlled all right, but not by the Onion. More like the matzo-eaters like Soros and Bill Ayers…

      • MannyR

        How dare you speak ill of the best among us that suffered so brutally under German oppression! Outrageous!

        • me

          I apologize for ‘noticing’. Hee hee.

      • Katherine McChesney

        His puppetmasters are at Georgetown University.

        • David Ashton

          Bill Ayers SJ & George Soros SJ

      • David Ashton

        Ooh, lovely earrings!

  • B.E.L.

    Has he ever said anything that he was actually right about? Seriously, I can’t think of one thing that piece of garbage has ever said that was accurate.

  • Evette Coutier

    They use it mostly as a weapon.

  • B.A_2014

    And I am poor (western poor, not African poor) because of the penal laws and the great famine.

    Why are black excuses for failure never challenged. No other people is allowed to get away with it. There was a black March is Dublin recently. They held up signs demanding freedom and their rights and sang, as they always now, the odious give me a chance (rewording of the Beatles song.) It has become an anthem to them. They are never challenged in media and are given sympathetic coverage every time and no politician will call them out.

  • JackKrak

    Black people don’t use race as an excuse.

    And you’re only asking me that because I’m black.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Negroes are religiously playing the race card for all of their ills; even calling computers ‘racist’. It is sickening. How that idiot thinks that most negroes don’t whine ‘racism’ is beyond me. Just look at the ‘church’ he attended for 20 years.

  • KyraNelson

    Hustling is right. Starting with the number one hustler-in chief, and the number 2 unelected hustler in chief, Sharpton.

  • Who Me?

    Mr. Obama said most blacks are “better off now” than when he came into office.
    I would dispute that. Go to any youTube channel and listen to any average black talking about politics, and you will hear every single one of them denouncing Obama either mildly or in the harshest possible terms. They despise Obama and his muddled policies almost as much as we do. (mostly for opposite reasons, naturally.) Many of them actually thought he was going to make their own personal financial situations better–instead he is too busy taking all America down the tracks towards the trainwreck of the ages–dragging “his people” along with everyone else.
    There are a few blacks who actually see Obama and what he is doing clearly and say so, but very few seem to be listening. (E.T. Williams, “The Doctor of Common Sense” he calls himself, and Pastor David Manning, of ATLAH Ministries, or Stacy Gear, just to name three.)

    • Alexandra1973

      I get a kick out of E.T. Williams.

  • Jeff Traube

    “Starting from behind” gives one an excuse for not achieving. The Irish could use the legacy of the potato famine and discrimination of “No Irish Need Apply”, the Chinese from the legacy of the Chinese exclusion act and exploitation of labor in 19th Century.

    • johningermany

      How about the Japanese and the WW2 internment camps. They are the most successful ethnic group in America, I believe.

  • Lkoehn

    Here is a little information for the race baiters and black deniers like de Balsio, Sharpton, Obama, Holder, Jarrett and all the others. The problem is not slavery because not one living black has ever been a slave in America. The problem is not profiling or police brutality. The problem is black criminality and the destruction of the black family brought about by stupid government programs that reward bad behavior.

  • MikeofAges

    Is the abstract character of the black agenda also an issue? I always say, if Martin Luther King’s “dream” was achieved one fine Saturday night, Monday morning a lot people would have to go to work in a lot of not very interesting jobs. Once you turn the “dream” into daily reality, you have to face yourself and the limitations of your own nature. No more blame game then, would there be?

  • Pat Boyle

    Obama apparently knows nothing about slavery. He should read more.

  • crockadoodle6

    Notice he purposely left out another common theme- ‘poverty’. This used to be one of the ‘big three’ – ‘slavery’, ‘racism’, and ‘poverty’.

    After $ trillions wasted over 60 yrs the war on poverty has been officially lost. Can’t use it, Barack. The blacks blew it. In spite of the systemic statutory quotas, affirmative action, selective prosecution, social promotions, ‘make-believe- government jobs’, African American Departments, phones, ‘scholarships’, food, housing, health care, and instant paroles the blacks have become more entitled, primitive, tatted, illiterate, violent, promiscuous, and drug addicted.

    So now it is just ‘slavery’ and Jim Crow (racism) that explains black dysfunction and why an over-achievement by a black is defined as being ‘on time’….. for anything. Right. And a decades-long apology tour accompanied by more mountains of cash is just what is needed for the slavery sin? Sean Penn, Gwen Paltrow, Peter Jennings, DeBlasio, Amy Paschal approve as long as the tour stays away from their neighborhood and bank accounts. We won’t mention the 600,000 white lives lost to free jungle animals in the Civil War alone.

    Well maybe he will find some one foolish enough to buy his bullshit. The same crowd who overlooks his hidden school records and believes he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. America is a two-sided coin. With multicultural vibrancy on one side and extinction on the other.

  • John Smith

    I really think the guy is so delusional that this isn’t even a calculated lie. All that pounding in the ass from Reggie Love must’ve destroyed his brain, the parts waking up with a wookie won’t.

  • David Ashton

    Instead of moaning that blacks all look like monkeys, read chapter 7 “Race” in Obama’s “Audacity of Hope”, and prepare a more sophisticated response, please.

  • John_HD

    “But he said the gap of income and wealth between whites and blacks persists, “and we’ve got more work to do on that front.”

    He knows perfectly well that Blacks lack of success and accomplishment, as well as their inclination toward crime is due to their average IQ of 85. It boils down to that, and he knows it. That’s nearly at clinically retarded level. They can’t possibly compete with Whites and Asians. Racism’s got nothing to do with their failure. They fail if Whites are around. They fail if Whites are completely absent.

    “they’re starting behind oftentimes in the race”

    Yes, very true. The result of human sub-populations having evolved in relative isolation from one another over some 60,000 years under different selection pressures.

    It’s an endless exercise in pretending to believe that all groups are exactly the same in mental capacity, the necessary lie that allows them to blame “racism” for black failure. It’s the most destructive lie in the world, literally destroying western society. I cannot fathom why any white person would buy into it.

  • Fr. John+

    “Obama: Most Black People Don’t Use Racism as an Excuse”

    Pardon me while I laugh at the utter incredulity of that statement.

  • sophie1150

    Pres Obama makes excuses for blacks. Few have discipline and determination. Why does our government give blacks so much without them working for it? What was I thinking when I voted for him? Blacks have become more racist and violent.