Obama Powwows with Civil Rights Leaders

Justin Sink, The Hill, November 5, 2014

President Obama huddled with top civil rights leaders at the White House on Wednesday, hours after his party lost control of the Senate.

The meeting included a discussion of ObamaCare implementation, education and criminal justice issues, according to a White House official.


Attendees at the meeting included NAACP President Cornell Brooks, National Urban League President Marc Morial and Rev. Al Sharpton.


Other civil rights leaders in the meeting included National Coalition on Black Civic Participation President Melanie Campbell, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights President Wade Henderson and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund President Sherrilyn Ifill.

The White House official did not say if the president discussed the replacement candidates for Attorney General Eric Holder during the meeting.

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Obama said, “We have a number of outstanding candidates who we’re taking a look at now” but that a nomination would come “in due course.”


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  • superlloyd

    This idiot isn’t fit to run a bath let alone the most powerful country in the world. With negroes everything eventually devolves to concern for their own race. Broader issues like the state of the economy, foreign affairs or law and order have no interest for them unless a brother is imagined to be suffering at the hands of evil YT in theses ambits.

    • guest

      Eric Holder is probably worse than Barack Obama in this respect?

    • We need to understand that WE are a tribe – if that’s the only way blacks will understand it. Stand for your tribe and screw everyone else. Multiculturalism hurts us.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Multiculturalism is something we were assured wouldn’t happen during the preambles of Hart-Celler-1965. An assurance from none other than the trust fund (bootlegger) baby himself, Ted Kennedy.

        • Sam_Bowdin

          Wonder, if he were alive, how “open-armed” he’d be about non-Whites settling in his gated community of Hyannis, Cape Cod Mass.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Well, that’s exactly what we get for 38% of the idiot white people who voted for this creepy, nasty Mulatto in the first place.

      • Petronius

        Perhaps there is some excuse for those who voted for Nerobama the first time … gross ignorance, peer pressure, whatever.

        But those who voted for him the second time have no excuse; they should go to the wall.

      • WR_the_realist

        Well lets not let the Republicans off the hook. Who would I have nominated on the Republican side in 2008 if I wanted to guarantee that Obama would get elected?

        John McCain.

  • Can’t say “powwow” anymore, because Redskins.

    • Exactly! They can only say they had a “polite discussion among friends” . . . . as they conspired how they can further destroy the U.S. and make the white man pay for his evil ‘white privilege.’

  • SentryattheGate

    One of the lackeys most likely to replace Holder is an illegal immigration (Hispanic/Dominician) activist and former Dept. of Labor Secretary Tom Perez. Perez was assistant attorney general for civil rights at the U.S. Department of Justice. It was the Civil Rights division of the DOJ that was told by Holder to ignore any crimes against whites. That figures, right? More pandering to the invaders!

    • Katherine McChesney

      I saw an article today that presents a sheboon who may become Attorney Journal. Don’t remember her name.

      • SentryattheGate

        What? Obama would pick ANOTHER black for that job????

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Sheboon? SHEBOON?? Now that’s a funny one. don’t forget to check out the video battle of the Sheboons at Mcdonalds over just missing out on getting breakfast after they switched over to lunch a few minutes after breakfast hours.

        • paul kersey


      • SentryattheGate

        Loretta Lynch; looks like she could be a sista of the Rev,Al (not too)Sharp-ton.

  • Drudge is running a pic of a particularly ugly black female rumored to replace Holder. I was so uninterested I didn’t click to read the story and find out who she is. I already know she has the #1 job qualification without reading it: She hates white people.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      She may not be such a white hater, but her resume is not that strong (I did read the story). She’s probably more qualified than Harriet Meyers, but that’s damning with faint praise.

      Who will it be? Some loser. Who else would give up a real job to be attorney general for at most 2.3 years for a very unpopular lame duck? She might be the best we can hope for under the circumstances.

      • SentryattheGate

        And another possible contender is SURPRISE! NOT a white man! but an Indian, born in Punjab, worked for Chuckie Schumer. Preetinder Singh “Preet” Bharara

    • SentryattheGate

      Loretta LYNCH

    • dale hale

      she looks like she fell out the ugly tree,lord have mercy.

  • libertarian1234

    I’m hoping most of the white population read this news story, because it is one of the most troubling things this black miscreant has done. This is a “them against us” meeting designed for the purpose of laying plans in the event the black messiah is either impeached or forced from office for his attempts at totalitarian control.

    Everybody he is conspiring with has come out with some of the most ludicrous anti-white hate-speech imaginable.

    He is probably also assuring them that his intent on declaring amnesty for non-whites and inundating the country with more of the same is not to take black jobs, but to water down the white voting clout. He’s probably assuring them he has further plans to compensate blacks for the loss of jobs with some kind of hare-brained scheme to create more jobs for blacks, most of which will be in the public sector.

    Can you imagine Reagan holding a meeting with white leaders who had a track record of anti-black sentiment?

    I’m going to be further troubled if none of the pundits on the right pick up on the danger this meeting poses for whites and the country as a whole.

    It most certainly should be mentioned by every one of them and criticized for omitting whites and then discussed freely for days on end.

    • dale hale

      People already know what Obama is.
      He is fixin to snap,you watch.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Forbes just named Vladimir Putin the most powerful man in the world.

    Just look at Obama.. Is there any doubt who woud win that battle.
    its nice to see though.

    • Sam_Bowdin

      Do you, Ron, or perhaps any posters know if Russia is plagued with this anti-white Marxism?

      Are Whites degraded and purposely marginalized by their media and government?

      I always felt a bonding with our Eastern brothers, but am not sure if the cancer has spread.

      • Ron Cheaters

        I had a year-long correspondance with a girl near Stalingrad, I mean Volgograd. I can’t answer your question, other than to hint that she wanted to leave Russia because the standards of living were pretty low 5 years ago for high scool teachers. The ironic part of that comeraderie was that she wanted to come to Canada to teach high scool science, and I wanted to emigrate to Russia to be a farmer. She was Orthodox, so racial topics were a little taboo then, they do have a muie problem there as well so I understand.

        She was also very beautiful.. kinda wish I’d sponsered her over here, since I’m sure she’d find someone else more suitable. But c’est la vie mon amie.

        • Sam_Bowdin

          Thanks for the thoughts and response, brother.

          • Ron Cheaters

            that should read MUSLIM, not muie.. spilled a coke on my keyboard.. have to re-read Everything, keys stick.

  • IKUredux

    I read obama’s autobiography before the election in ’08. Not sure why, I never considered voting for him, just curiosity, I guess. He made his positions very clear. He hates White people, and he’s a commie. Period. When he said he wanted to fundamentally change America, I knew he meant it, and, I pretty much knew how he intended on doing it. obama hates Whites. obama hated his mother, because she rejected him. obama’s mother made him go live with his White grandparents. Now, why was that? Why couldn’t obama go live with his black grandparents? Gee, let me count the ways. obama has never gotten over the fact that the only people in the world that remotely gave a sh*t about him were Whites.And, that little nappy haired sob threw ALL of them under the bus. Why oh why is it such a surprise that this little faggot commie bastard would throw all of the White American country under the damn bus?

    • libertarian1234

      “obama hated his mother”

      That was my conclusion from the beginning during his first pres campaign.

      Like Malcolm X I’m pretty sure he hates every “drop of white blood” in his system.

      He’s hell-bent on ethnically cleansing whites from this country, and he’s already done irreparable damage by his inundation of blacks and Latins.

      Can anybody think of any reason other than racial ones why anybody would put the immigration of 100,000 Haitians on a fast track into this country?

      • Sam_Bowdin

        I remember his comment when referring to her: “She’s a typical White person.”

        Not one of those drooling media nitwits even thought of calling him out.

        We can imagine if a newly inaugurated White president said: “typical black person”.

        Immediate impeachment.

    • LHathaway

      Why would you throw us under the bus. That’s what I want to know.

  • Sam_Bowdin

    Discussed at the meeting were:

    How to increase exponentially non-white immigration.

    Proposals to increase welfare benefits for non whites including: adding 1,000 more free minuets on all issued Obamaphones, a section 8 increase from 70% to 100%, a federal law mandating free drivers licenses to be delivered by fed ex to any requesting applicant who doesn’t mark “caucasian” in the ethnicity box, and the mandatory acceptance of all sub-sarahan ebola patients at local hospitals with no quarentine protocols.

    Beyond Orwellian.

  • Tarczan

    I have to wonder if they weren’t discussing how to fire up the Ferguson riots.

  • WR_the_realist

    I knew that as soon as Obama became a lame duck president the gloves would come off. An awful lot of white people were too naive to understand this.