No Surrender on Immigration

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Politico, November 10, 204

On Election Day, Americans roared in protest against the President’s open-borders extremism. They rallied behind candidates who will defend the rule of law and put the needs of American workers and families first.

Exit polls were unequivocal. More than 3 in 4 voters cited immigration as an important factor in their vote, believed that U.S. workers should get priority for jobs, and opposed the President’s plans for executive amnesty. These voters were right and just in their demands.

But President Obama made clear that he would attempt to void the election results–and our laws–by moving forward with his executive amnesty decree.

This decree would operate much like his unlawful “Deferred Action”: conferring work permits, photo IDs, and Social Security numbers to millions of individuals illegally present in the U.S.–allowing them to take jobs and benefits directly from struggling American workers. It is a scheme the Congress has explicitly refused to pass.

The President will arrogate to himself the sole and absolute power to decide who can work in the U.S., who can live in the U.S., and who can claim benefits in the U.S.–by the millions. His actions will wipe out the immigration protections to which every single American citizen is lawfully entitled. And his actions will ensure–as law enforcement officers have cried out in repeated warnings–a “tidal wave” of new illegal immigration.

He must be stopped. And the American people have sent Washington a Republican congressional majority to do exactly that. Here’s how we can stop him:

President Obama’s executive amnesty will not be easy to execute. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will have to be ordered to redirect funds and personnel away from its statutorily mandated enforcement duties and towards processing applications, amnesty benefits, and employment authorizations for illegal immigrants and illegal overstays. It is a massive and expensive operation.

And it cannot be implemented if Congress simply includes routine language on any government funding bill prohibiting the expenditure of funds for this unlawful purpose. This is the same way we prevented the President from closing Guantanamo Bay. Such application of congressional power is ordinary, unexceptional, and used thousands of times.

Congress has the power of the purse. The President cannot spend a dime unless Congress appropriates it.

Karl Rove, who himself has advocated for amnesty, urged Congress to use its spending power to block the President’s fiat. He said Republicans should “use every tool available,” and put “riders on appropriations bills that say no money shall be spent to execute this policy.”

Yet reports have surfaced of plans to pass a long-term lame-duck spending bill through Harry Reid’s Senate that contains no such prohibition. This would be unthinkable.

Why would any member of Congress who opposes executive amnesty provide President Obama the funds to carry it out? A Republican majority must force congressional Democrats to answer this question through their votes.

We cannot surrender Congress’ most powerful Constitutional tool before a single newly elected Republican is sworn-in. Acting in this manner would betray the very voters who gave us this majority before we’re even in possession of it.

Consider RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ pledge to voters on executive amnesty: “It’s unconstitutional, illegal . . . It is un-American for a president to try and do such a thing . . . We will do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen . . . we can’t allow it to happen and we won’t let it happen. I don’t know how to be any stronger than that. I’m telling you, everything we can do to stop it we will.”

Voters heard Chairman Priebus and sent us fearless men and women to fight this battle. The day after his election, the courageous Senator-elect David Perdue was unequivocal: “We cannot let [the President] get away with that. The people of Georgia, specifically, are sending me up there to get in a dog fight to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Obama’s immigration orders will have a crushing impact on the jobs, wages, schools, hospitals, police departments, and communities of our constituents. The consequences will be swift, profound, and catastrophic. Who will protect them, if not us?

In a battle between Congress and the President–over whether to save our citizens’ jobs, laws, and borders, or whether to eliminate them–there is no doubt the public will be firmly on our side.

We cannot yield to open borders. We cannot let one executive edict erase the immigration laws of an entire nation. If we believe America is a sovereign country, with enforceable boundaries, and a duty to protect its own people, then we have no choice but to fight and to win.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Sen. Sessions is one of the very few Republicans/Conservatives who is not a RINO.

    I hope to hell he succeeds…

    • Veritas

      I agree. We need many more legislators like Sessions. We must pressure other Republicans to adopt his position. Start writing emails, letters, etc. to your senators and congressmen. We need to make it clear that if they do not oppose executive amnesty and the illegal alien takeover of America, they will be replaced.

  • I am hoping that this Republican congress has the stones to combat 0bama’s
    amnesty, 0bama care, muslim ventures, etc., but my expectations are low.

    • Realist

      The Republicans will do nothing. They are terrified of being called racist.

      • Scott Rosen

        When they call you racist no matter what you do, you might as well do what you want.

        • Realist

          ….but they won’t!

  • Karl Rove, who himself has advocated for amnesty, urged Congress to use its spending power to block the President’s fiat. He said Republicans should “use every tool available,” and put “riders on appropriations bills that say no money shall be spent to execute this policy.” Yet reports have surfaced of plans to pass a long-term lame-duck spending bill through Harry Reid’s Senate that contains no such prohibition. This would be unthinkable. Why would any member of Congress who opposes executive amnesty provide President Obama the funds to carry it out?

    That’s an easy riddle to solve. It’s because they don’t oppose it. You can deduce that from the net consequence of their actions, and even before that, you could have deduced it from the fact these are the same people, Karl Roverrated and many others, who are on record as wanting “comprehensive immigration reform” (amnesty, open borders, immigration surge).

    If the lame duck session winds up punting the budget to the latter part of next year, then the only thing left for them to do is impeachment, not to mention a certain someone from Alabama announcing his Presidential campaign.

    • Pathfinder75

      “a certain someone from Alabama announcing his Presidential campaign.”

      He already has my vote!

      • The way things are now, immigration enforcement is only going to happen if the President of the United States wants it to happen. Therefore, I am just about a single issue immigration constituent when it comes to Presidential politics. If it’s not Jeff Sessions, or someone very similar, then I’m going to blow off 2016 Presidential politics, try my best not to mind them.

        But that doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to downballot, even though it can have very little effect on the immigration issue at the moment. Aside from a lot of other issues, if the Federal government becomes impotent or falls apart, then it’s going to matter a whole lot who fills the downballot public office.

      • Sick of it

        Write him in. Every other candidate will be garbage.

      • Nonhumans

        He will have mine as well. And since the squat-monsters illegally vote multiple times (ie fraud) I will vote under my many aliases as well. The trick is to have squat-monsterish aliases. Juan Humanos, Lib Tardez, An TiDemocrato.. Etc

    • Ike Eichenberg

      We know the establishment repubs want amnesty, we also know they don’t want to be the next Eric Cantor.

      Here’s what is actually happening in DC.
      Boehner (black son in law) and McConnell (Chinese wife) have told Obama to go ahead with executive amnesty.
      They have assured him they will not put up a real fight, but will have to publicly put on the pretense of objecting.

      Obama and the dems get what they want a huge Hispanic underclass and the establishment GOP gets what they want, cheap labor.

      For a short term bonus the GOP gets a huge fund raising issue and a 2016 campaign issue.
      For the long term the GOP shoots themselves in the gut to die a slow death as Hispanics put Texas and several other states out of play.

      • The colorful way I put it:

        If Obama does what everyone thinks he’s going to do, the Republican establishment will throw a big party in a soundproof room.

        • Pathfinder75

          That’s why someone should find a way to stash a strategically hidden microphone/ camera in the room where those establishment Republicans will be throwing their party,so that the audio/video can be used against them when they come up for re-election.

      • Sick of it

        You know, the President can say or write whatever he wants to, but he does not have the legal or constitutional authority to make citizens of foreigners.

        • Ike Eichenberg

          You are absolutely correct.
          But 2 points:
          He is not going to declare them citizens, he is going to order the Immigration department to give them work permits and stop deportation.

          Many of them will never be citizens, but their progeny will be and this is the dems goal. Generation after generation of solid democrat voters.

          Second point, the establishment GOP has no desire or intention of stopping him.

          • Even if they’re not literally citizens, they can do 99% of everything that a citizen can do once they get a hold of the holy grails of quasi legal status and a work permit. Voting? The anti-fraud mechanisms are pretty much non-existent. Lots of illegal or legal aliens actually do vote. Welfare? Look at what happened to Prop 187.

          • bilderbuster

            A communist democracy.

          • archer

            It’s more than just democrat voters, the same thing is happening in Europe, it’s about the destruction of western civilization as we know it.

          • Ike Eichenberg

            Indeed, I didn’t think that needed to be explicitly stated.

      • evilsandmich

        That’s rather optimistic; the GOP’s chances in even the very near term would get roasted as well I would think.

        • Ike Eichenberg

          Any action Obama takes will not increase the number of eligible Hispanic voters. He can’t grant citizenship, so there won’t be a demographic shift of the voters.

          I’m not saying the GOP will win or lose in 2016, just that a presidential order on immigration would fire up the “Joe Sixpack” crowd in 2016.

      • bilderbuster

        The Republicans will do exactly what Sheldon Adelson tells them to do.

        • Pathfinder75

          As far as I’m concerned,Sheldon Adelson can burn in hell!

          • bilderbuster

            And the sooner, the better!

      • Whitesneedtobebrave

        I cannot understand how Boehner allowed his daughter to marry a Jamaican Negro with dreadlocks that too. Also, I cannot understand how Mitchell married a ching chong china lady.

        • Ike Eichenberg

          Well it is good insurance against the race card.

          • bilderbuster

            It hasn’t worked yet.

        • bilderbuster

          Mitchell’s Asian wife’s family owns a shady shipping company and Mitchell’s in a powerful position to give cover.

  • David Ashton

    The rulers ignore the populace in the US as in the UK. What does our resident Brit-hater think about that?

    • Frank_DeScushin

      “The rulers ignore the populace”

      Not only ignore, but have open contempt for. It has recently been exposed that one of the main architects of Obamacare, a Mr, Gruber, on numerous occasions said that it was alright to ignore the American populace because they’re stupid. He took it a step further to say that it’s OK to exploit the populace because they’re stupid. Essentially there’s an admission that the American public was ignored, exploited, and lied to in order to pass Obamacare. Of course, the mainstream American media has chosen to not cover this story, but fortunately we have growing alternative media sources on the internet.

    • DaveMed

      It does seem to me that Europeans of all stripes are more slavishly multicultural than Americans are, at least at this point. I won’t lie – when I think of a British guy, my mind conjures an image of an ideological clone of David Cameron.

      I would love to be told that I’m wrong.

      • David Ashton

        You are wrong.

        • DaveMed


          [wipes brow]

  • Truthseeker

    I wish the typical Republican were more like Sen. Sessions. I’m not looking forward to the 2016 election, because we all know the idiot Republicans will just nominate another softie on immigration, despite the fact that an immigration patriot would inspire some enthusiastic support. No, they’ll play defense against the Democrats calling them “racists,” and sell out their base. Again.

    • Scott Rosen

      The Republicans will likely nominate that African doctor for president just so they can show everyone how racist they aren’t.

      • I still think they’ll favor Wailing Wall Rand though Carson, lacking political experience might be a reasonable (for them) choice for token Vice-President.

  • DaveMed

    I’m not sure what we’d do without these brave few in Congress.

  • dd121

    If Obama wants to carry on and issue executive orders to legalize 30 million illegals, the Republicans have two choices: 1. They can clearly inform him that if he acts on that they will immediately issue impeachment actions, and follow through. or 2. Sit down and shut up.

    • JohnEngelman

      They will make a big noise. Then they will sit down and shut up.

      • dd121

        I think you’re right.

    • Bossman

      There are not 30 million “illegals” in the USA and he’s not going to legalize them. What he could do is give undocumented migrants who have strong roots in the country by way of citizen wives and children a chance to live out their lives without constant fear. It is fully within his prerogative to do that. I hope he does it because the whole country could benefit in many ways.

      • Luca

        Many people who break the law would like to live out their lives without constant fear. There are many fugitives from justice: murders, tax evaders, petty thieves, rapist, counterfeiters, car thieves, etc.

        Perhaps we could get Obama to give all of them forgiveness and amnesty. I am sure the whole country would benefit in many ways.

        • Bossman

          Crossing an international border without inspection or overstaying a temporary visa has been defined by law as a misdemeanor. It has been that way long before Mr. Obama became president. They can’t be compared to convicted felons.

          • Sick of it

            Not too many generations ago, people were shot or stabbed for what you declare to be a misdemeanor. Of course, such is still the punishment for invaders in many parts of the world today, just not the western world.

          • Luca

            Ask Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, how the Mexicans treated him and jailed him for 214 days because he wandered into Mexico and asked to make a U-turn. We should follow Mexico’s lead because they are such wonderful neighbors and treat their people the same way they treated Sgt, Tahmooressi.

            Jail them and then kick them all out. That’s exactly what they deserve and Mexico has shown us the errors of our ways.

          • Bossman

            You seemed to not know that he entered the country without permission with several loaded weapons which is a major felony. The Mexican authorities have pardoned him for his crime. So that is proof that Justice can be tempered by Mercy.

          • evilsandmich

            Yes they can.

      • evilsandmich

        Pray tell what is the difference between an undocumented migrant and an illegal intruder? Is there a limit to the number of invaders that you would accept, or do you want all 6 billion living in our borders? Etc.

        the whole country could benefit in many ways.
        Do tell Mr Boehner.
        (I know, don’t feed the trolls, but I couldn’t resist, especially since that’s such a fringe point of view)

        • dukem1

          I like to say..foreign nationals in our country without legal status.

          • evilsandmich

            And I call home burglars ‘casual home redecorators’. Shall I invite some over to your place; seems only polite since you want to invite some in my direction.

      • WR_the_realist

        I favor the constant fear.

    • Petronius

      It would have been interesting if the Republicans had campaigned on the promise to impeach Nerobama.

      But since he is America’s Historic First Black President, they are afraid to impeach him.

      Maybe they could just impeach his white half.

      • dd121

        If the Repubs squander their election victory and sit on their hands the next two years, they will never win another national election.

        • bilderbuster

          Did the Democraps who voted for Obamacare knowing they would get the boot for doing so worry about losing their seats? No. They’re traitors and are paid well to take the fall.
          Obamacare will never be repealed no matter how many Republiscams have won elections since 2010 vowing to repeal it.
          It’s just like “pro” wrestling.
          Expect the same with immigration.

      • dukem1

        Two years from now…he will be the historic last black president.

        • Pathfinder75

          We can only hope.


        • Ohmy!

          I hope so, that this will be our last and only black president.

      • Malgus

        I admire your sardonic comment.. truly, it actually made me laugh.

        They are afraid to impeach him, however. Not because they might lose, but because they might win.

        If Dear Leader is impeached – even on a justifiable foundation as solid as the Pillars of Hercules – it won’t matter. To the blacks, it will be because “dats rayciss!”.

        And our cities will burn as a result. Right and wrong don’t matter. Only what they perceive as “rayyciss”. And throwing Dear Leader out on his half-white butt is the ultimate act of “rayycissms”…

        A big part of me wants them to impeach him and throw him out, just to vindicate what we all know to be true…

  • JohnEngelman

    On the issue of immigration watch what Republican politicians do, rather than what they say. They never did anything of a substantive nature to reverse the Roe v. Wade decision because they never really cared.

    On immigration what they really care about is the ability of businessmen to lower wages. Immigration helps this.

    • Luca

      Since Democrats are openly and blatantly pushing for every form of amnesty possible, tell us O Wise One, what might their motivation be? And tell me how one goes about “lowering wages” when there are wage laws in effect.

      And did you notice that this article said 3 of 4 voters cited immigration as an important factor in their vote? And did you notice Republicans stomped the Democrats at the polls? And isn’t it amazing that most Republicans openly speak out against amnesty but you are convinced that deep in their hearts they want it and have managed to fool the entire American public,(except for you of course)?

      • JohnEngelman

        At the end of two years see if Republicans in Congress have done anything.

        • Luca

          Is that supposed to be a response? When a liberal is losing an argument he either changes the subject, answers a question that has not been asked, name calls or chants slogans.

          You just answered a question that was not asked.

          • JohnEngelman

            In his book What is the Matter With Kansas? Thomas Frank said that Republican politicians love to lose on social issues.

            This is particularly true for immigration. More immigrants mean higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits. Follow the money.

          • The Dude

            How would Republicans losing on social issues help them on economic ones? Except on immigration.

            It’s true that Republicans love to use the social issues to gain votes or shift away voters’ attention from other matters they may have bungled (Bill Maher addressed that in his What’s the Matter with Kansas monologue segment*). But to say they want to lose on social issues is quite a leap I think.

            *http://youtu(dot)be/hqDBz4M9Jkg [Warning: Language]

          • JohnEngelman

            Liberal social policies anger low income whites, and cause them to vote Republican. The Roe v. Wade decision, for example, led to the creation of the Moral Majority, which helped Ronald Reagan win in 1980.

            The business wing of the Republican, which has always dominated it, does not really care about abortion, prayer and Bible reading in public schools, the Ten Commandments in court rooms, and so on.

            As long as Republicans lose on these issues, liberal social policies remain, and lower income whites vote Republican.

        • WR_the_realist

          There is an excellent chance that at the end of two years the Republicans will have done nothing, and millions of illegals will get their Obama amnesty. That is because so many Republicans have the same owners as the Democrats. But those representatives and senators who sincerely do want to stop the Obama amnesty, like Jeff Sessions, Lou Barletta, and David Brat, are all Republicans.

  • Bossman

    Mr. Obama will do what is fully within his prerogative on the subject of immigration. The Republicans can huff and puff or they can pass sensible legislation that will remove this issue from the table. They now have the votes to do it.

    • WR_the_realist

      Making immigration law is not one of Obama’s prerogatives. He has no constitutional authority to do this. But he will do it anyway, because not one in a hundred congressmen cares about upholding the constitution anyway.

    • Malgus

      In your mind, what is “sensible” legislation?

      See, I don’t use words like “sensible” or “common sense” or “reasonable” when referring to a bill. The Cultural Marxists do that. The Fabians started that, way back in the late, great 19th Century. Use of loaded words like that automatically paints anyone opposing the bill as not having common sense, or being unreasonable…

      We already have immigration law. It just needs to be enforced. Not “amended” or rewritten or “interpreted”. There is right and wrong. Period.

      Right: Anyone who overstayed their visa, broke into our country or exploited our own law against us (ie: anchor babies) needs to be rounded up and sent packing. Period. The End. Give them a bag lunch and a one-way ticket back to wherever they came from.

      Wrong: Allowing anyone who overstayed their visa or broke into our country to stay one minute longer. The law either exists, or it does not. Allowing them to stay is a blatant, egregious, impeachable violation of the law and makes a laughingstock of the whole concept of Citizenship.

      This country can withstand a great deal. We can withstand war, a conga line of fools, corruption… but we cannot withstand illegitimacy. The government – especially the Chief Executive – disregarding law as and when they see fit for their own benefit automatically makes them illegitimate.

      Think about that for a moment…

      Constitutional restraints cannot be in force when we have an unconstitutional government by default. If the government is illegitimate, then they have broken not only a serious social contract, but a legal contract as well. And therefore, they are not the legitimate authority in this country anymore.

      And that… spells disaster.

      • Anglo

        I agree with everything you said — absolutely!

        • Malgus

          Sometimes I wish I were stupid.

          Being able to see things – to be able to draw logical conclusions based on observations – weighs heavy. Being stupid would remove that and I could walk around in blissful ignorance…

          “The rest of the story” is that once people realize those in power are illegitimate, the ones in power will do anything to stay in power… Anything.

          And we will go down the same path as every other Empire that has come before us… those with an interest in cleaving to the Old Order – the Power Elites – will tribe up with them. Those who would rather die on their feet than live on their knees will tribe up on the other side.

          And the Power Elites will use military force to stay in power, which will either succeed or fail.

          If they succeed, a great many people will end up dead, great swathes of the US will be burned to the ground. The economy destroyed for another generation or more.. And worst of all, the mask will finally be taken off the Totalitarian State so all the world can see its hideousness… the words “privation” and “Police State” will take on new meaning…

          If they fail, a great many people will still end up dead, great swathes of the US will be burned to the ground, the economy destroyed for another generation or more… but at least those left will have a chance at rebuilding, taking great care to prevent making the mistakes we allowed to happen…

          Sorry, but I’m in a bleak mood today… I can’t shake the feeling that we stand at the edge of the abyss… and those in charge are too stupid and blind to see it…

      • Bossman

        Sensible legislation for me would be to go back to what it was before 1965 when preference was given to Europeans and people from the Americas.

  • ThatWhiteGuy

    Keep fighting the good fight Senator!

  • Sick of it

    If you simply drag him off the golf course and before a firing squad, this will end rather quickly. Treason was NEVER punished so lightly until the mid 20th century. In any country.

  • WR_the_realist

    John Engelman, if Jeff Sessions was nominated by the Republicans for the presidency, would you finally vote Republican, or would you continue to vote for Democrats in the vain hope they’ll raise taxes on the billionaires who fund their campaigns?

  • JohnEngelman

    Segregationist violence against civil rights demonstrators won white sympathy outside of the South, and got the civil rights legislation passed.

  • The GOP is going to roll over onto its collective back like a lapdog that wants its tummy scratched. Who does Sessions think he is kidding?

  • gregCall

    It’s all hot air, the decision was made long ago by both parties. Get ready for amnesty 2014 with token grumbling from the Republicans who let it happen.

  • Malgus

    “No surrender” huh?

    Yeah… ain’t nobody believing that hot garbage.

    They’ll cave, even as the Emperor rewrites the law and does whatever he wants…

    Dear Leader will do as He wishes, and the Do-Nothings will just sit there. Maybe we’ll hear a “Hurrumph!” or two, but that’s it… impeachment – even when it is clearly deserved – won’t even be on the table…

  • SolStans

    I’d like to see a Republican with some balls take on birthright citizenship. Yeah, these 30 million are an issue that needs to be dealt with, but their 50 million+ progeny are going to be insurmountable in the long term.

    • Anglo

      That’s been the plan all along hasn’t it?

      • SolStans

        Which is exactly why it will never be addressed. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Hell, it’s THE feature.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    Senator Mitchell if I remember correctly was the first one to suggest amnesty to the illegals after the disastrous 2012 election so that they would vote for the GOP in future elections. He is a RINO just like John McCain and Rubio.

  • Ohmy!

    Yes, you’re absolutely right, Obama doesn’t represent white Americans. Even though he’s biracial (white and black parents), he favors his black side, to the exclusion of his white side. I don’t get it. Since he’s a lawyer, you’d think he’d want to uphold the laws of the land (e.g., immigration laws that our country has, for example). Forget it!