Liberals Are Killing the Liberal Arts

Harvey Silvergate, Wall Street Journal, November 9, 2014

On campuses across the country, hostility toward unpopular ideas has become so irrational that many students, and some faculty members, now openly oppose freedom of speech. The hypersensitive consider the mere discussion of the topic of censorship to be potentially traumatic. Those who try to protect academic freedom and the ability of the academy to discuss the world as it is are swimming against the current. In such an atmosphere, liberal-arts education can’t survive.

Consider what happened after Smith College held a panel for alumnae titled “Challenging the Ideological Echo Chamber: Free Speech, Civil Discourse and the Liberal Arts.” Moderated by Smith President Kathleen McCartney in late September, the panel was an apparent effort to address the intolerance of diverse opinions that prevails on many campuses.

One panelist was Smith alumna Wendy Kaminer–an author, lawyer, social critic, feminist, First Amendment near-absolutist and former board member of the American Civil Liberties Union. She delivered precisely the spirited challenge to the echo chamber that the panel’s title seemed to invite. But Ms. Kaminer emerged from the discussion of free speech labeled a racist–for defending free speech.

The panel started innocuously enough with Ms. Kaminer criticizing the proliferation of campus speech codes that restrict supposedly offensive language. She urged the audience to defend the free exchange of ideas over parochial notions of “civility.” In response to a question about teaching materials that contain “hate speech,” she raised the example of Mark Twain ’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” arguing that students should take it as a whole. The student member of the panel, Jaime Estrada, resisted that notion, saying, “But it has the n-word, and some people are sensitive to that.”

Ms. Kaminer responded: “Well let’s talk about n-words. Let’s talk about the growing lexicon of words that can only be known by their initials. I mean, when I say, ‘n-word’ or when Jaime says ‘n-word,’ what word do you all hear in your head? You hear the word . . . ”

And then Ms. Kaminer crossed the Rubicon of political correctness and uttered the forbidden word, observing that having uttered it, “nothing horrible happened.” She then compared the trend of replacing potentially offensive words with an initial to being “characters in a Harry Potter book who are afraid to say the word ‘Voldemort.’ ” There’s an important difference, she pointed out, between hurling an epithet and uttering a forbidden word during an academic discussion of our attitudes toward language and law.

The event–and Ms. Kaminer’s words–prompted blowback from Smith undergraduates, recent alumnae and some faculty members. {snip}


The contretemps prompted articles in the newspapers of Smith College and neighboring Mount Holyoke College, condemning Ms. Kaminer’s remarks as examples of institutionalized racism. Smith president Ms. McCartney was criticized for not immediately denouncing Ms. Kaminer. In a Sept. 29 letter responding to the Smith community, she apologized to students and faculty who were “hurt” and made to feel “unsafe” by Ms. Kaminer’s comments in defense of free speech.

A rare academic counter-current to the vast censorial wave came from professor of politics Christopher Pyle at Mount Holyoke. He wrote in the Mount Holyoke News that readers of the paper were misled by a report that “a Smith alumna made racist remarks when speaking at an alumnae panel.” He criticized the condemnation of Ms. Kaminer for her willingness to challenge the tyranny of “sanitary euphemisms.”


Hypersensitivity to the trauma allegedly inflicted by listening to controversial ideas approaches a strange form of derangement–a disorder whose lethal spread in academia grows by the day. What should be the object of derision, a focus for satire, is instead the subject of serious faux academic discussion and precautionary warnings. For this disorder there is no effective quarantine. A whole generation of students soon will have imbibed the warped notions of justice and entitlement now handed down as dogma in the universities.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Leftism is a house of cards, so eventually it has to fall, because there is no solid foundation underneath.

    “Hurt” and “Unsafe” – God, these people are so useless and pathetic, they should be removed from the gene pool.

    In the meantime, I love when the left eats its own.

    • dd121

      In Russia it took 75 years or thereabouts.

      • Pathfinder75

        I am confident that we won’t have to wait that long.The collapse is already underway.

        • Andy

          Well, what year do we start counting?

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Problem is, we don’t have 75 years left to put up with this garbage.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        In Russia, it took 75 years and 100 million dead or thereabouts.

        • It isn’t done there yet, is it?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            No, it isn’t.

            And the number keeps rising.

            Last time I checked, estimates of dead in the old USSR range from a “low” of 66 to to a possible 120 million.

      • Garrett Brown

        In 75 years Whites will be on the brink of extinction if trends do not change.

      • cranky_1970

        PC speech codes are imposed only on whites to prevent them from talking about their imminent danger from other races.

      • none of your business

        The Russian commies started killing each other in 1919. One even tried to kill Lenin. I think she thought he was too lenient on the opposition.

      • Lou Bator

        Unfortunately, three generations lived under that monstrous regime that Putin is trying desperately to resurrect.

    • cranky_1970

      I feel hurt and unsafe when I’m around head cutting Muslims, drug dealing Mexicans, and rioting blacks. But others would feel hurt and unsafe if I said so.

    • Who Me?

      “Hurt” and “unsafe” because she uttered the “n-word”? Oh, dear Gawd have mercy! I feel “unsafe” when I have to go through the n-word part of town, because if I am not careful (and armed) I may get “hurt” (or worse).

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      They have turned leftism into the perfect 6-Sigma project because it automates the need for them out of existence. Such is the future for white democrats as well. While there is indeed no foundation, there is momentum which leads to laws that are never repealed when the other side takes over. Both sides have merged into a commonwealth milking the Americans.

  • Garrett Brown

    Liberals=Communist. Communism takes over then destroys.

    • Hommunist

    • Luca

      The Democratic party is the road to liberalism. Liberalism is the road to socialism and socialism is the road to communism

    • OyVey00

      Nah it has not much to do with Communism. Did Marx or Lenin ever preach political correctness, the dissolution of the family, the import of third world hordes to replace the domestic working class, alternative sexual lifestyles, drug use, environmentalism, single motherhood, debt slavery and the deification of the unproductive scum of society? I don’t think so.

      American-style liberalism is much worse than communism ever hoped to be.

      • Garrett Brown

        Literally everything you listed originated from a Bolshevik Jewish mind. Read a little.

      • none of your business

        Other than environmentalism I think either or both advocated all the things you mentioned. Marx had a son by the family maid and refused to support him. The Marx family lived I think 5 people including the maid in a small 2 room apartment. She boarded her son out in a foster home and sent him to a polytech school. Since it doesn’t take too much time to clean a 2 room apartment she worked for other people to support her son. Marx never contributed a penny to her son’s support.
        The maid was a serf. Serfdom was not abolished yet in Prussia when Karl got married. The maid was a wedding present from Frau Marx’s Mother.
        Lenin moved incompatible groups all over the empire. After Lenin took over the Russians did their best to destroy the family.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Nicholas Wade, when interviewed by Jared Taylor a coupe weeks ago, described the fear American academics have OF EACH OTHER as regards any acknowledgment of the biological reality of race. The academic Left has created a monster, ready devour any and all who step out of line.

    Wade’s remarks on this topic are about 12 minutes into the superb interview with Taylor. Type “Nicholas Wade” in the American Renaissance search window. “A Troublesome Inheritance: A Conversation with Nicholas Wade” is the title of the interview.

    • propagandaoftruth

      The humanities – bereft of the need for even a shred of empirical evidence – is long gone.
      Even the social(ist) “sciences” seem to constitute a body of ideologized failed hard scientists. As per a recent article here at Amren. over 50% of Sociology profs self ID as “liberal”, another 20% as “radical” (socialist-Marxist) leaving less than 20% who are moderate to conservative.

      • none of your business

        A biology teacher at Santa Monica community College Ca states that
        “Whites are a mutation and the sooner the mutation disappears the better off the world will be.” She is a natural redhead from Minnesota with paper White skin and Scandinavian name.

        • propagandaoftruth

          I got a suggestion for her. Start by killing herself.

          One fine day…

        • newscomments70

          LA is full of self-hating whites. It’s amazing. I used to live there, and even i had a liberal problem. When i used to go back to visit former friends, their heads would explode when i discussed politics.

  • cuxhaven

    The truth is they were always opposed to free speech.But now with the rise of political correctness it’s safe to say it out loud.

  • phorning

    Never give money to a college. They are all moving leftward, even the few left that seem reasonable now.

    • CallahanAuto

      I never do. It doesn’t stop them from calling me, even though I said on the phone one time that I won’t donate to an institution with women’s studies and black studies programs.

  • dukem1

    Free speech for me, but not for thee.

  • Jaggers

    My advice: don’t try to have a dialogue with liberals or minorities.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      That’s why when the Ferguson verdict comes down, I’m minding my own business.

    • Luca

      …because it wastes your time and annoys the liberals and minorities.

    • newscomments70

      I was talking with a black neighbor the other day. I tried to avoid politics, but he kept pushing it on me. His language was very aggressive and offensive and I had to say something. He told me how whites and Christians are the basis of all hatred and bias. I responded that we have millions of immigrants pouring in here that are extremely racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, etc. They don’t just silently segregate themselves like us “racist whites”. These people want to cut your head off if they don’t like you. He seemed to agree with what I was saying, but he is always quite shocked that I don’t adhere to self-deprecating white liberalism. I was as civil as possible, but I’m sure he doesn’t want me around for awhile. Where I live, most whites are very liberal. Liberals and minorities assume I am liberal if they don’t know me. When they find out that I am a race realist, their shock is extreme. It’s even worse that I use facts and statistics. That takes the wind out of their sails. They are so used to adhering to their hateful propaganda of white “conservatives”. ie. we are all racist and greedy. Either we are robber barons or toothless yokels. I tell them that mainstream conservatives are actually liberal and anti-white, and I offer black-on -white crime statistics. This is all very draining, but I don’t think it’s useless.

  • connorhus

    Nothing is more satisfying than watching the great Anti-White (Male) conglomerate turn on and devour itself.

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    This article illustrates the reason I will not send any of my children to high school or college. High school will be homeschool, and college will be distance or trade school. Actually my plan is to require some kind of trade school before paying for any other education.

    • JohnEngelman

      What matters in education is learning things others will pay one to do. Social sciences and liberal arts are interesting for many to study, but employers are not interested in what a person knows about them.

      For many people the study of Shakespeare is no more interesting than the study of auto mechanics, perhaps less interesting. Nevertheless, knowledge of auto mechanics can get you a job. There are only a few jobs for people who know a lot about Shakespeare, and many many people competing for those jobs.

      • Yet I have visited Shakespeare’s original home in Stratford-Upon-Avon, but I also work on the cars and truck here.

        • JohnEngelman

          I enjoy that sort of study myself. Those who enjoy the liberal arts and social sciences, like I do, should study them for free in public libraries. A degree in that is usually worth than useless. It qualifies one for little, while over qualifying one for many jobs.

          Once when applying for jobs as a shipping and receiving clerk an employment counselor told me I should not mention on job applications that I had a college degree at all.

          • none of your business

            My thought exactly. I begin to like you more and more Mr. Englemann.

          • Black Swan

            Oh, really?

            Maybe you can tell us which of these is your favorite Engelman quote:

            “I offend their enemies by reminding them how superior Jews are.”

            “Anti Semitism is motivated by jealousy over Jewish talent, achievement, and prosperity.”

            “White nationalists are bitter, vengeful, and stupid white Gentiles who cannot compete with Jews and Orientals because they haven’t got the IQ power.”

            “I love to remind white racists that they are not the master race. I love to remind antisemites that Ashkenazi Jews are the master race.”

            “I am not one of you. I am not on your side.”

            “I have no interest in designating a country as exclusively white Gentile.”

          • I could never have concealed mine. After my release from federal prison, I managed a Subway and when the store was eventually sold, I delivered pizza. I had to keep my PO happy, and not PO’ed, so there was no honest work I would not do.

    • none of your business

      Get those test books for electricians and plumbers apprentice tests. Also, iron workers is a great union and doesn’t require the math and engineering capabilities of the electricians test. And of course, check the black box on the application.
      When one looks at life time earnings from which years and thousands of dollars are wasted in college and grad school, union plumbers are winners and attorneys are losers.

  • Bonny Alba

    The leftist communist enemies of freedom who are dishonestly called anti-racists are hypocrites. Their entire dogma, doctrine, and agenda are extremely aggressive racist attacks on whites and Christians. Therefore, they are the biggest liars and hypocrites imaginable when they accuse white racial realists, nationalists, or even whites who are tired of having money stolen from them by force to be alloted to others because they belong to a different, non-white race. That is the very definition of racism and that is the very definition of slavery and it is organized crime.

    Once again, the leftist “anti-racist” political correctness thought police are actually quite aggressive racists themselves. No, “anti-racist” is not “code” for anti-white racist, the anti-racists are simply quite aggressive anti-white racists who in their narcissistic pathological minds believe that they are very holy heroes. They are not. The next time a narcissistic moron lectures you, let em have it! Rhetorically.

    • Veritas

      Amen. Modern political correctness originated in left wing east coast universities in places like Massachusetts, the same region that brought you the Puritans. Like the Puritans, modern leftists are absolutely intolerant of divergence from their holy doctrine, which in their case is Marxism. Instead of calling those who disagree heretics, they call them “racists,” and would still like to burn them at the stake, if they could get away with it.

    • Petronius

      “it is organized crime.”

      Hands down I would prefer to be ruled by professional criminals, say, the Mafia, than by Liberal politicians or Bolshevik university administrators.

      I tried to think of something that Liberals do better, but came up empty.

      It must be awful being a university student in liberal arts these days; bad enough in my time.

    • David Ashton

      Herbert Marcuse wanted this situation and told us so long ago.

  • This isn’t even about freedom vs civility. PC is shrill, rude, and obnoxious. It’s not civil.

    • Your blog is very interesting – but hard to read because of the font and formatting. Just a suggestion.

      • Who Me?

        All I see is plain font, ever, and I can’t italicize, bold or underline when commenting here. That’s why I use quotation marks and all caps so often.

        • Markup tags work here. Just don’t overuse them or use them ostentatiously.

        • I think I posted my comment under the wrong person. Apologies…

    • David Ashton

      It resembles a cult.

  • Yves Vannes

    “What should be the object of derision, a focus for satire, is instead the subject of serious faux academic discussion and precautionary warnings.”

    Bingo! This is exactly how these new totalitarians need to be handled. Academics often make a very serious error when arguing academic points: they get caught up in arguing about the logic of the topic without questioning the underlying assumptions.

    We get an argument, for instance, about nationalism and how evil it is and all of the destructive things that have been done because of nationalism. Yet no one bring up the point that nationalism – group identity – has been an integral and necessary part of our sociobiological evolution. It is an foundational axiom.

    So the question should now be turned around to “How can a civilization and culture survive without nationalism if nationalism is the very thing that gave it birth and allowed it to flourish in the first place?” Since Dutch nationalism (Identity) created Dutch culture how can one remain Dutch without nationalism?

    They want to do away with cultural identity? Make the levelers defend their position of cultural suicide as anti intellectual, anti science and racist against the native in situ culture. If the levelers attack the very idea of culture as being rooted in our fundamental human nature then attack their assumptions as as demonstrably wrong – thus all argument deriving from these faulty assumptions as meaningless flights of fancy completely detached from what we know to be true about basic aspects of human nature and civilization.

    If we focus on the roots of human nature and not on the ornaments hanging from the branches we will control the argument and show the levelers to be nothing more than zealots tied to their untethered delusions.

    • Petronius

      When I hear the word “culture,” I reach for my revolver.

      [just kidding]

      • David Ashton

        When I observe “political correctness” I reach for MY culture.

      • I’m good at historical quotes, and that was Heinrich Himmler, a chicken-farmer.

  • IKUredux

    #6 on the IKU list of pet peeves and the people who espouse it: “Free Speech”. Yeah, uh huh, wow, the liberalspeak defintion, actually means “Free speech means what we decide it means, at our discretion, whenever it is in our interests to do so.” There you go. My favorite corollary to “free speech” in liberalspeak is the definition of “dialogue”. A dialogue, according to the libspeak dictionary is “lecture”. That is, it includes a lib lecturing someone(thus, the “di” part).

    • David Ashton

      Cf. George Orwell’s “Newspeak” Appendix to “1984”.

  • [Guest]

    >>>…Wendy Kaminer–an author, lawyer, social critic, feminist, First Amendment near-absolutist and former board member of the American Civil Liberties Union…

    Kaminer uttered the magic N-word, and people who would agree with her on everything else instantly turned into a lynch mob.

    Negrophilia is a mental disorder.

    • David Ashton

      The Niger is a river in West Africa.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Gee, a fine old institution like Smith has turned to mush. One of our seven sisters(!) Would like to say I’m surprised, but …

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Campus free-speech bullies engage in intimidation tactics with threats of punishment and sometimes violence. As such, they should be hurled out on their ear from the campus community. It is unconscionable that ANY opinion should be forbidden at a so-called “institution of higher learning.”

    When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Statute for Religious Freedom to disestablish the Anglican Church in VA, he wrote, “It does my neighbor no harm to say that there is one God, many gods or no god. It neither pick his pocket nor breaks his leg.”

    The Jefferson principle also needs to be applied to free speech, especially at colleges and universities.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    In a Sept. 29 letter responding to the Smith community, she apologized to students and faculty who were “hurt” and made to feel “unsafe” by Ms. Kaminer’s comments in defense of free speech.

    Someone uttered the “n-word?”

    Oh, the horror.

    Where’s my smelling salts and fainting couch?

    Mz. Kaminer needs her career destroyed for making a few delicate, fragile flowers feel “hurt” and “unsafe.”

    Smith is a testing ground for these leftist totalitarians. Jaime Estrada and others of his deranged ilk would like nothing more than to codify their oppressive beliefs about speech into federal law and then use the courts to destroy anyone who says something they don’t approve of.

    These fools see themselves as new social architects whose ideology will bring about harmony and utopia; in reality they are petty tyrants who desire an authoritarian police state.

    • One of my friends and I once discussed our old military booby traps over dinner at an ultra-mega Asian AYCE buffet restaurant, and the poor army NCOs at the next table kept giving us nervous looks. They got over their “nervous” and “unsafe” feelings and we pushed the tables together and all talked shop.

      Do you want to kill an enemy officer? Place the trip switch – like the mercury tilt switch from a home thermostat – behind a picture that you will hang slightly but not obviously crooked. Only an officer would be irritated enough at a badly-hung picture so as to straighten it.

      • Travis Lee

        I was just reading that trick in Sixth Column, by Heinlein.

        • Mr. Heinlein once lived here in Colorado Springs, though that was well before I moved here. I never knew he appreciated that sort of thing.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The reason an unpopular draft cannot be implemented is due to the very real possibility of widespread fragging.

        “Fighting” and the risk of losing one’s life (or suffering TBI, traumatic brain injury from IEGs) in a hell hole 9,000 miles from one’s home for no reason tends to lead to that.

        • We had very good officers in Croatia, but I always counted on my sergeant because I’m not stupid. If the lieutenant runs away, you’re not out much. If the sergeant runs away, you are completely screwed.

          • Spikeygrrl

            I simply *MUST* pass this along to my Navy NCO husband 🙂

  • Robert Binion

    I feel no sorrow for them. They not only believed the lie but have forced us to live it, as well. As a boy I read a book of Old Testament stories and the chosen were killing the unchosen and I knew it the most evil thing ever written. Wish the internet and my Savior would buffer a little quicker. (I have primate evolution down pat. It is equine development gives me the fits. Next Kentucky Derby winner? Texas Red! Bet the house. Bet the farm!)

    • Alexandra1973

      Why were they killing the unchosen? Because the “unchosen” were worshiping false gods and sacrificing their children. Pretty heinous stuff.

      • none of your business

        Not all were killing their children. Most did not. And the chosen considered every people they encountered enemies to be exterminated. I’m sure the Egyptians and Moabites and Canaanites and all the other people in the area considered their Gods to be the real one and the Jewish God to be a false God.

        Of all the horrendous evil bragged about in the Old Testament I think the absolute epitome of evil is the book of Dinah. The Jews tricked an entire tribe into getting circumcised and on the third day after when the infection and fever were at their height and all the men were prostrate the Jews massacred the entire tribe.

        I call that pure, egregious absolute evil. And they brag about it. As far as God gave the land of the Canaanites to them, well, they just made that up like 19th century Americans made up manifest destiny.

        I have never understood Protestant sects that claim to be Christian but totally ignore the Christian new testament. The Christian part is fairly nauseating with its goody goody stuff but the OT is just the record of evil.

  • M&S

    The mistake lay in making it a closed panel. That’s academic-speak for a witch hunt where the people being ‘asked’ are supposed to all cue up and hubabubbub toe the line with increasing vigor “And woe betide, someone who doesn’t understand the political undercurrent.” It’s like a rite of passage or filter test.
    Democracy should rule in a discourse that is indeed open and forces people to listen to THE WORDS THEMSELVES before making their votes known that they can be seen as the ‘sensitive’ types they are.
    And disinvited from every conversation which might offend them
    ONLY then can we have rational choice about those words (as speakers) whose offense to our good nature we value because ‘only in protecting the worst, are the best truly safe’.
    Professor Pyle is particularly egregious in his talk-around semantics. Had he the balls he accuses others of lacking he would have PRINTED those exact words and demanded a poll of the students which simply said: “Are you offended? Or Not? My gentle dears…”
    After all, if it is their tender ears which need protective mindering then surely, as adults, they deserve a chance to “Hua!” their affirmation of their craven idiocy.
    For the record.

    • none of your business

      Mao called it self criticism sessions. The radical loons who grew up and became professors like James Kilgore and Bernadine Dohrn all practiced this kind of thing for years.

  • If John Locke were alive today he would still be a liberal and a Racialist, but not a Leftist. Leftists are not liberals.

    • The Dude

      Classical liberals sure are different from today’s liberals. Pat Condell drew a parallel between the two, between the good old liberals and those who call themselves progressive today. Here are some of his comparisons from his video The Truth is Incorrect:

      A liberal is someone who defends your right to free speech, even when they disagree with you. A progressive is a person who will defend someone else’s right to shut you up, because they find you offensive.

      A liberal sees the value in the free exchange of ideas and opinions. A progressive views these things as a threat to community cohesion.

      Liberals do what they believe is right. Progressives do what they believe is correct.

      Liberals tend to live and let live. Progressives tend to regulate, censor, meddle, and interfere, because progressives always know best for everyone. It’s a gift they have.

      To a liberal, language is a tool. To a progressive, it’s a weapon.

      • Exactly!

        The way I’ve always viewed things is that Leftism is a very static and monolithic worldview. Its adherents only allow differences that are beneficial to their agendas. They stop growing at the point where they no longer allow themselves to be swayed by facts, reason and critical analysis. As such, reason and critical analysis are simply not possible in a Leftist society when everything, including statistics and undeniable facts, are overpowered by emotions and hypersensitivity to a different viewpoint. What they are scared of is that they might actually be wrong. That’s their entire purpose — to be seen as some righteous bastion of morality, not to find truth or seek out truth.

        Being a liberal is much more fluid in the way it approaches right and wrong, fact and fiction. The impetus driving a true liberal is to be more open-minded and to fight ignorance with truth and facts, not necessarily to be the one who always had the right answers to begin with.

        I might be wrong, but you’re going to have to prove it. And to prove it, you’re going to have to make room for facts in lieu of emotions.

        Liberals do this, while Leftists do everything in the world to keep from having to do this.

        • David Ashton

          The paradox is that they claim the high ground of reason, morality and evidence, unless us nasty old “facists” and “rasits”.

          • Juggernaut3000

            When they control the high ground of reason, morality and evidence (media, Hollywood, finance, academia top to bottom) they call the shots.

          • David Ashton

            You have put the finger on our greatest problem. We need to learn from and adopt the techniques of “subversion” they and their communist partners in crime used themselves. But they are men, not gods, and their bases are being undermined already by the facts of life and by groups like AmRen who use the internet.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          I’m not sure I agree with either of you but I am glad you are having this conversation here.

      • Alexandra1973

        That’s pretty interesting. I’m very conservative but I could also fall under the category of “classical liberal.”

        • The Dude

          The classical liberals are those who stick to the basics of liberal principles, much like the early liberals. Free speech, free assembly, free association, and free market that are unrestricted by identity politics (racial/ethnical/national/religious/gender sensitivies).

          Unlike many of today’s liberals, they tend to have a more color-blind view of the citizens, and don’t care much about unequal outcomes as long as the same laws are applied to everyone. Thusly, they are less likely to grant special treatments to certain demographics like affirmative action, or to a group/wave of illegal immigrants, like granting them amnesty.

          They are also anti-racist, anti-sexist, etc. But only towards blatant forms of discrimination.

          As a conservative, you may disagree with them on social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

          • none of your business

            Why do pro White people get lumped in with all sorts of other issues?

          • Because man cannot live on bread alone.

      • Pat Condell is wonderful, isn’t he? The fault I find with this quick YouTube analysis of his is that it is a dichotomy and thus over-simplifies the issues.

  • guest

    Liberals are bent on destroying all that was once seen as good in our society. Eventually they become so crazy and maniacal that it gets to the point where they even destroy themselves. The only difference is that unlike all that was seen as good in our society before the liberals’ political correctness plagued everything, liberals aren’t worth saving.

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    This article proves what a sham diversity is. It is always explained and justified with terms such as the benefit of exposure to multiple unique points of view for example. In reality, it refers only to mandated set asides based on skin color.

  • Max

    I feel “unsafe” whenever I see groups of noisy blacks. I feel “uncomfortable” when around homosexuals. Will they be censored or required to leave?

    I didn’t think so.

  • Douglas Quaid

    Ah, good old Mark Twain, one of my favorite authors. The pathetic thing
    about the continued Literature department censorship of Huck Finn
    because of the “N-word” is that these overtures to sensitivity are
    almost unanimously made by whites who are offended on behalf of blacks
    by Twain’s use of the “N-word”. Blacks generally aren’t attracted to the
    Western canon of literature, the profundities of Snoop Doggy Dog are
    what spark their imaginations.

  • Guest

  • Ms. Kaminer is also a defender of pornography, using the First Amendment defense as her weapon to shield pornographers from prosecution under obscenity law.

    Pornography flourishes on campus. Look up college student teen porn star Belle Knox and the Duke University administration’s defense of her rough sex movies. Feminism is so empowering and 18-year-old Belle Knox is a hardcore feminist as well as a hardcore porn star. There are many other college student porn stars for administrators to defend all over the USA.

    Kaminer’s married name is Kaplan. She’s Jewish. Ironic that cultural Marxism, invented by a handful of Jewish intellectuals, has turned on a fellow Jewish intellectual, who actually supports most of the traditional cultural Marxist agenda.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Consistency certainly isn’t their strong point. Most of what passes for “Art” that is being excreted from the college art departments is usually either pornography or some other obscenity.

      Liberals rally to “defend” the arts, as if good art needed defending, in the name of free speech. Yet the same folks will banish Mark Twain to a Siberian sensitivity gulag.

      • David Ashton

        Consistency isn’t the point – the objective is the destruction of the western personality, family, nation and race, by “whatever means necessary”.

        Incidentally, most porn is not “free speech”.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          Why not?

    • I am a defender of pornography, so long as it involves only consenting adults and does not depict anything that looks unhealthy or evil. That said, Mrs. Scott and I already know how to have sex, and we have a daughter to prove it, so we don’t need an instruction manual. I’d rather look at engineering diagrams than smut. I received a mail-order heat gun from Harbor Freight yesterday. Pricewise, it was a steal, but came in a cardboard box, so my next project is making a proper wooden toolbox for it. Heaps more useful than masturbating like a mad monkey to pictures or movies of some vapid slut. I also got a 6-inch bench grinder to replace the ancient 4-inch version my grandfather gave me, 33 years ago. Nobody makes 4-inch bench-grinder wheels anymore, it seems. I thus need to produce another wooden toolbox, for the tools and spare wheels.

      Who has time for dirty pictures?

      • Spikeygrrl

        Who has time? Perhaps Mrs. Scott does, what with you so immersed in your solitary “projects” an’ all.

        [No offense implied or intended.]

    • none of your business

      I assumed she is Jewish. Been around them all my life.

  • Ron Cheaters

    See, this is why I like coming here and reading comments. Because we all have different opinions, and while we might not agree with some posters; take Englemen for example, we can appreciate his POV even though we disagree with it a lot of the time. That is what debate and democracy is all about.

    Outsiders will come to this site, and assume that we can’t even get along with each other because we challenge each other and so-on. But they don’t understand fair debate, and while we want everyone to agree with what we have to say… Man… it’s not the end of the world when someone disagrees or challenges us.
    A lot of people won’t agree with my beiefs, but a lot of people will, I’m fair enough to listen to what someone has to say. On each topic our views may differ.. yet we have a common goal, and at least, we have that figured out.

    I don’t believe these faculties have even that figured out.. they have a goal, and can’t stand someone questioning it.
    So here we are.. waiting for the moment to do what’s right.

    • David Ashton

      Quite so. We can learn from one another, and modify our viewpoints in face of better argument or evidence. That is what good “college kids” should be able to do. They should not become an army of cloned lemmings.

    • Speak for yourself. I appreciate nothing Yellow John has to offer.

      The thought of you losing your job to a more intelligent Jew or Oriental is pleasing to me. As time goes on there will be more of that.

      I am not one of you. I am not on your side.

      I have no interest in designating a country as exclusively white Gentile. I welcome the presence of Orientals, East Indians, and Jews in the United States. So do employers. That is why they earn so much.

      Miscegenation is the coming trend. There is not point in even trying to reverse it.

      What exactly is it about that kind of mentality that I should respect or appreciate? His recurring themes and incessant diatribes really have nothing to do with debate and democracy. If it were really about democracy, his multiculty loving self would have been voted out of here a long time ago.

      • Ron Cheaters

        You may have missed the point.
        Every POV needs an opposition expressed, it either negates that POV or makes it more valid.

        • No, I didn’t miss the point. Yellow John has been expressing opposition to pro-White views for YEARS. He just injects his anti-black views into the mix to make it more palatable for those who are ignorant of his history and online pathology. After the first few hundred comments of him expressing disdain and disgust for White “Gentiles” and White Nationalists, and his lust for a multiracial utopia run by superior Jews and Asians, it ceased to be about negating an opposing POV. There’s a certain point where you and your audience no longer benefit from arguing a specific point with someone using preferences to dictate the conversation. The entity known as Yellow John Engelman eclipsed that point long ago.

          • Ron Cheaters

            My point wasn’t to harp on Engleman, he’s an example (in my view) of a brown-nose to someone who he feels is in some way superior to him, likewise he’d probably enjoy someone to brown-nose him if he felt superior to them.. that’s what I gather.

            Please don’t make this a bash Engleman thread when it isn’t and was never meant to be. Again, you missed the point, or are trying to divert the point into an agenda.

          • You give a casual approval of his demeanor and views by saying we appreciate his POV, but then go on to insist I might be trying to divert something into an agenda when I tell you NO, “we” don’t appreciate Yellow John’s anti-Nationalist, pro-Multiculturalism views? Seriously? You’re gonna need a chainsaw to cut through the irony here.

          • Ron Cheaters

            I know, the irony is that you are behaving exactly like the liberal marxists in the above article.

          • How so? I don’t agree with you at all when it comes to your cuckolding of Yellow John, but I don’t try and silence you. I just make it a point to let you know “WE” have a voice that isn’t yours, so learn to use we in the proper context. You appreciate Yellow John, not we. Yellow John is NOT a racialist and has a long history of ridiculing pro-White racialists while, giving everyone the redundant crap about superior Jews and Asians. You can keep him and have him all to yourself. You won’t get much resistance.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Comprehension is a skill you need to work on my friend. My words will speak for themselves, you’re off-track, on your own tangent, in your own world.
            You are not free to speak for me on my behalf or twist my words.. that is a liberal tactic you try to employ on our behalf and it only degrades what positive things you may contribute.

            I won’t be responding any further, I have productive things to do now.

          • No, my reading comprehension is well above average. I already told you that YOU are not WE, so why do you insist on pretending that you are? The point where you claimed I was trying to divert something into an agenda is where you ran into a brick wall “my friend.” I didn’t twist your words, I elaborated on them and gave opposition to them. YOU appreciate Yellow John, a poster who has a long history of anti-Nationalist and even anti-White views. I(inclusion of WE) do NOT appreciate Yellow John and his POV. Can you explain to me how and where I twisted what you were saying?

          • Ron Cheaters

            You cannot elaborate on my words thank you, that is like speaking on my behalf, and I’m asking you now to stop.

            I gave you the benefit of the doubt on your Engleman quote’s, but after this silly brouhaha, i’m more inclined now to believe they are taken out of context to fulfill your agenda.

            I appreciate your opposition and your debate, yet I tire of playing “idiot” ping-pong and must put an end to it now. reply 1,000 times if you care to… for me its over, I have things to do. I think you should find something else to do too.. seriously.

            I never said I appreciate Engleman outside of the fact that he has a right to say what he wants, and you said yourself you would like to see him banished.

            I couldn’t care less, now please, just stop. For the benefit of everyone.

            thank you, have a good day.

          • Ron Cheaters

            And its the name-calling, and innuendo. Can’t you make a comprehensive argument without devolving into emotions?

          • People have different takes on things, and that is always something we must remember. While Mr. Engelman might be a “one-trick pony” to you, I believe he came here from a different direction, but that is also quite OK. In college physics, I once solved the equations for a captured planetary body that show it will orbit in retrograde. This will speed up the rotation of the primary.

            Does this matter? Does my cooking matter? I make very good fishing lures mostly out of trash, and that doesn’t matter, either.

            Mr. Engelman received his initiation when he was beaten and robbed. It wasn’t Jews or Chinese who mugged him, but blacks. That’s why he posts here.

          • Well, then I should also appreciate the ramblings of Tim Wise, Mark Potok, and a vast array of other people who have strong tendencies to deride the ambitions of White Nationalists and the notion of White autonomy. Maybe I’m just not a big fan of self-flagellation for the sake of pretending I’m open-minded about the demise of my racial stock. I’m not that liberal, sorry.

            Yellow John is anti-black, not pro-White. In just about every other context outside being scared of black men, he is just another multiculturalist who takes joy in watching the White Western world become amalgamated with other “superior” races. He’s even said so.

            Use some of your Physics superpowers and explain to me what keeps two opposing forces together without them violently ripping each other apart. Something about strong forces and weak forces…. What’s the appropriate counterbalance to a weak force that tries to grow?

          • Who Me?

            “Well, then I should also appreciate the ramblings of Tim Wise, Mark Potok, and a vast array of other people who have strong tendencies to deride the ambitions of White Nationalists and White autonomy.”

            Yes, yes you should. You need to know the mindset and the arguments the left uses, and you need to know how to deconstruct those arguments very, very, well. Forward, backward, and sideways. From any angle and in any contest. They will try to use on you, and you need to have a thorough and in-depth knowledge and understanding of how they will present themselves to you and how to promote a different viewpoint without becoming heated or confused in the process.

          • No, no I shouldn’t appreciate their views any more than I should appreciate a psychopath who wants to come into my home and rape and murder my family. I’m sure they can try and rationalize their reasons for doing so, but that kind of mentality warrants nothing from me but contempt and unrelenting aggression to keep them from realizing their desires. If I want to see, learn about or hear the rabid fantasies of the race replacement Left(and Right as well), I can just turn on the TV, watch a Hollywood movie, read a newspaper or magazine, visit a college campus, work for the government, get a job in corporate America, listen to the daily lies of politicians, watch celebrities and other luminaries of society bend and break at the first sign of being called a racist, etc. There’s not a single facet of society where I don’t already have to put up with the gloating and agitations of anti-Whites like Engelman.

          • Understand their views if they want to break in and rape and murder your family. If their views are thus, it makes sense to understand that it is so. Don’t make excuses for them, however.

          • I would rather convince them that they are tragically mistaken. This costs me absolutely nothing.

        • none of your business

          Both engleman and I are about the same age and both have lived in N. California. Now I am based in S. California but spend much of the year in N. California. Engleman lies a lot about Silicon Valley and San Jose. I have exposed many of his outright lies.
          As far as Jewish genius goes, I have been surrounded by Jews all my life except when I lived in Germany. They are no more capable and intelligent than the average White. BUT Jewish nepotism gives them the opportunities to use their intelligence and capability.
          I have always thought that was why Jews love affirmative action so much. It eliminates their competition, us White goys aka 2 legged animals.

  • JohnEngelman

    I am not terribly protective about the use of the n word. One can discuss the truths of race realism without using that word. What matters to me is being able to discuss the truths of race realism without losing one’s job. There are too many taboos and sanctions against criticizing Negroes.

    Indeed, “Negro” has become the new n word. Now one is supposed to call those people “African Americans.” African American has too many syllables for me to use it very often. I will continue to call them Negroes, until the Thought Police come to take me away.

    When criticizing Negroes truth is no defense. It is evidence for the prosecution.

    • David Ashton

      In Britain, it varies from time to time to. Negro – Black – Colored – Afro-Saxon (!) – Colored – Black – Negro…. Can hardly keep in Step – and Fetchit. It is said to be an urban myth that instead of “black coffee” you ask for “coffee without milk” but it was the rule at my local teachers’ center. Black or Whatever teachers and pupils used the normal expression, preferring “blackboard” to “chalkboard”, like every other Whatever in Whatever countries. The BBC years ago issued a “Multicultural Education” handbook that said “English itself is a racist language”. Blacksmith, blackbird, black-eye, black sky, black paint, black hole, the Blackshirts….zzzzz.

      • JohnEngelman

        Black mark. Black list.

        • Black-body radiation problem in physics.

          • JohnEngelman

            In Westerners the good guys wear white hats. The bad guys wear black hats.

          • I wear a brown rabbit fur Russian “ushanka” hat this time of year. In summer months, I often wear a brown leather Mexican “vacquero” hat. I love Western movies. Does the color have any meaning?

        • MBlanc46

          “Brown bag” is apparently now being the pale.

      • Who Me?

        Ut-oh, Now I’m in trouble. The exterior of our house is light gray with black trim…. Guess I’ll have to change that so it won’t offend anyone… (Not gonna happen).

        • none of your business

          If you change the black trim you will be accused of racism for changing the color.

      • none of your business

        What about black velvet, black chiffon, black lace black pantsuits and little black dresses suitable for every occasion. What about all those BBC women who black pantsuits every day?

        • David Ashton

          Or black stockings, black boots, black gloves, black chokers, black lipstick….oh dear, oh dear…..!

    • “Bongonians” is quick and to the point. The way I see it, any day I can’t jack up a Cultural Marxist’s blood pressure is a sad day. As an aside, since everything else is now some sort of hyphenated-American, I always refer to our pet fox as a “Vulpine-American” with species-identity issues; Maverick self-identifies as a dog, which would make him a Canine-American. Obviously I am comfortable discussing things in racial terms that have become completely taboo to so-called liberals. I wonder: who are the “reactionaries” now?

      • Who Me?

        My Canine-Americans suffer under the delusion that they are simply short Human-Americans.

      • none of your business

        We tried to have a fox when we were kids. But at night it would get all upset and paced because it wanted to go hunting so we let go back to the woods. How do you get him to settle down? Maybe it’s the climate, Colorado vs California winters.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Race outside of orthodoxy is the n-word.

    • MBlanc46

      If calling them African Americans rather than n—— or Negroes allows me to point out their average IQ of 85, their deficits in long-term thinking and impulse control, or their over-representation in violent crime, I’ll call them African Americans. I don’t care as much about what we call them as about telling the truth about them.

      • none of your business

        There is always my favorite, OFEs pronounced OFEE; obsolete farm equipment. Someone posted it here and I am spreading it all over.

    • none of your business

      Where have you been for the last 40 years Rip Van Winkle? African American was invented 30 years ago. Black, invented 45 years ago replaced negro. Now they want person of color which is proper and correct while the old colored person will get you charged with civil rights violations by Holder.
      You hate us and despise us and we know it.

  • superlloyd

    ‘ The hypersensitive consider the mere discussion of the topic of censorship to be potentially traumatic. ‘

    Libtardism is a neurotic, delusional pathology.

  • Alexandra1973

    “The hypersensitive consider the mere discussion of the topic of censorship to be potentially traumatic.”

    Oh, the poor little snowflakes!

    • jane johnson

      I’m confused. Would that be a micro-aggression, or a “trigger”?

      • I’m not confused. That would be a glorious opportunity to really jack with people’s minds, and these opportunities should never be wasted.

  • Scott Rosen

    Interesting that my comment about censorship on an article about censorship was censored.

    • Be happy that your censor read it! It thus wasn’t really censored then, now was it?

      • Scott Rosen

        I can’t say you didn’t tell me.

        • Heck, I was once permanently banished from here for a comment about Islam. We lost a very funny Romanian poster because he (apparently) advocated violence like a classic European “soccer hooligan”. I miss Spartacus, and I think it is a complete shame; I would have preferred he “tamed” himself here, as I have largely done. For a non-native English-speaker, his writing was good.

          Don’t take these things personally. I sometimes find my comments deleted, and move on.

          “The Moving Finger writes; and having writ,
          Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
          Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
          Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

          The first verse of a very long poem by Persian philosopher Omar Khayyam, as translated by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

          • MBlanc46

            “Take the cash and let the credit go”.

          • Juggernaut3000

            You will find him on Breitbart.

    • Juggernaut3000

      Are you learning how it works here now?

  • Alexandra1973

    Off-topic but needs addressed: Why, when I try to access the AmRen home page, do I get some page for Gitrelli Chocolatier? I had to “back-door” my way in by doing a Google search for American Renaissance and clicking on a news link instead of the home page link.

  • Who Me?

    I consider myself lucky indeed to have had an American Literature teacher in my freshman year of high school, who didn’t care about PC or the leftist whining that was already starting in 1970-71. He had us read “Huckleberry Finn” for class. Before we started it, he sat down and explained to us that it contained some words and ideas that would seem strange and maybe even offensive to us, but that we had to take into account the CONTEXT and the times in which it was written. He said that besides being a very good story, it was this very context and snapshot of that particular day and age in American culture that made it a classic, that should never be abolished or forgotten. He said that history was like a set of stairs, and if one was missing, you could, with some difficulty, still climb the stairs, if two were missing it would be very, very hard, and if three were missing, impossible. The story in and of itself wasn’t so important, but the message contained within the story was more important than most of us would be able to grasp for years. And again, grasping that message was more important than knowing WHY it was important. I assume he is probably still living, (he wasn’t that much older than us students, maybe 26 or 27 years old at the time), but I wonder if he’s still teaching, and if he still teaches the same thing. I also wonder if high school freshmen now have even got the ability to read it.

    • none of your business

      Latest PC theory is that Jim and Huck were gay lovers. Jim was the only adult in the entire book who was neither a gullible idiot, a con man or a shiftless loafer. Like me, he didn’t listen to what people said but watched what they did.

      • Who Me?

        “Latest PC theory is that Jim and Huck were gay lovers.”
        Now that is just sick. Maybe Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples were a coven of male witches because after all there were 13 of them… Same retarded type of thinking. (And I didn’t make that up either, because I have heard it–mostly in jest.)

    • BlueSonicStreak

      The analogy about the stairs is brilliant.

      • Who Me?

        He was (or is) all in all, a very brilliant man.

  • David Ashton

    “The European intellectual who travels in the United States, far from discovering an all-powerful McCarthyist reign of terror, meets almost everywhere he goes an anti-McCarthy conformism…. In an American university anyone who was not anti-McCarthy would be severely condemned by his colleagues” – Raymond Aron, “The Opium of the Intellectuals” (1957, p.232).

    “Everything you think you know about McCarthy is a hegemonic lie.” – Ann Coulter, “Treason” (2005, p.10).

    • none of your business

      Smithsonian Museum Channel still runs its program on how dreadful McCarthy was despite the Venona papers, release of Russian and Polish archives attesting to the fact that every person McCarthy accused of being a soviet spy was indeed a soviet spy.

      • David Ashton

        Typically with all sorts of “revisionist” studies, Wikipedia prefers to quote reviewers on Stanton Evans’ “claims” about McCarthy rather than to summarize his evidence on e.g. the “numbers game” legend. I hope before I am too incapacitated to finish and publish a book on “Leftist Lies and Legends” which will include McCarthy along with other favorites that are recycled again and again.

  • R L Buds

    The n-word wouldn’t be so dirty, if it wasn’t true.

    I dont find cracker offensive because my ancestors never owned slaves. The crackers are the rich pukes that forced their burdens onto us.

    • The Scotsman who gave me my family name stowed away on a ship in 1647 at the age of 12.

      • Evette Coutier

        I wouldn’t care if your ancestors kept a harem of slaves for sexual service to goats. It’s no reflection on you.

      • R L Buds

        I have never cared much about my family history, but my dad traced his side back as far as he could; they were mostly Germans living in eastern and central Pa.
        I would love to go back to civilization (if any of it is left) but for the time being we are stuck here in south jersey.
        I noticed that the map of southern nj was mostly red due to this last election. The blue area was Gloucester, which is were I work and it’s affuent (read: not as many blacks, but imported mexis to cut rich people’s grass), I guess they dont see them in great enough numbers to know what’s going on. Around were I live is completely red (Cumberland county) because we see them all of the time and people are sick of the favoritism shown to the folks that hate us.

  • Evette Coutier

    Liberals have killed liberal arts. The thought police run higher education.

  • Anna Tree

    The world didn’t changed, people fought to have the right to disagree with a mainstream position but in the way the principle was misunderstood/forgotten and today people forbid the right of others to
    disagree with that position that has become mainstream meanwhile. It’s
    the principle of freedom of speech and thought, even if not mainstream,
    that has to be respected!!! Not the mainstream position of the moment
    hold of course as the truth!!! (isn’t is always the case? lol) Such a

    Yesterday, the dissidents were called heretics, today they are called
    racists (or hom0phobe, islamophobes, sessists etc): of course it’s
    heresy, as making something heresy is the only way to get most people to
    keep denying an obvious truth.

    Is it strange or telling that yesterday’s heretics have become the witch hunters of today… The bigots have shifted to a different bigotry. Haters will hate regardless of who the mob tells them to hate. I wonder if Ms. Kaminer understands she created the chaos she plunged in, cut the branch she sat on, kindled the fire she burn in… or does she think it is a misunderstanding. Same for Bill Maher.

    Read “Language & The Pursuit of Truth” by John Wilson.
    “The fact that the meaning is the same in both cases shows clearly that it is the supposed magical content in the taboo-words, not their meaning, which makes them taboo.”

  • none of your business

    I applaud what happened to Wendy Kaminer. Such a great intellectual as she needs to learn a bit about the French and Russian revolution and even what happened to the Lutherans of Muenster Germany when their “read the Old Testament and create your own religion” trickled down to the peasants.
    Let the liberals eat their own. Best news on the racial cultural war front in years.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Look at that white guilt trash clapping her hands in the background.


    The only thing is – Joe McCarthy was right. Ann Coulter wrote a very good article about McCarthy and pretty much vindicated him.

    • David Ashton

      I recommend for starters Stanton Evans’ “Blacklisted by History” on Joe McCarthy. His “crime” was to ask suspected Stalinists hard questions at a time when the criminal Stalin was killing people.

  • none of your business

    I prefer the term OFE pronounced ofee. It stands for obsolete farm equipment. A southerner posted it on this site and I have used it ever since. Entire books have been written about the word Huck and everyone else used to describe the co hero of the book, Jim. He was the only adult in the book who had any common sense. Latest liberal garbage about Huck Finn is that Huck and Jim were gay lovers. Oh well, liberals have claimed that all those Jane Austen girls were gay for decades now.

  • Itooktheredpill

    I agree. Thats essentially been my mindset the last year or so that when it comes to friendship quality over quantity always. Thanks for your input.

  • Maybe, but you had to take the trouble to look up what I remembered.

  • Augustus3709

    Pathological Control Freaks.

    They hate anything better or stronger than them so they seek to sabotage by any means necessary.

    Their twisted minds are in a constant state of terror, and thus project their terrorizing nature onto everything around them.

    Except their emotionality can never be satisfied.

    Therefore it is legitimate and necessary to suppress such subversive and destructive wayward souls.

    • That reminds me of my own experience working with Subcontinental Indians. I suggested some experiments to solve some questions about a process-control problem with SrBi2Ta/Nb2O9. They did these in secret and I was completely right, but I was never told. They didn’t care about the company or our contracts; they were just playing “dress-up”. They really hated the fact that I was right about bismuth sub-oxides and shorting through oxygen vacancies in the grain boundaries.

      They would rather the company had lunched some long-term contracts than do honest work. The company did lunch those after I went off to Australia in 1997. Now the subcontinentals are gone and the company is on drip-feed via Phase-One SBIRs from DARPA.

  • When I hear the word “culture”, I think of neighborhood barbecues before a free concert in a public park.

  • OyVey00

    They already killed free speech in Europe. The only thing that’s holding them back to do the same in America is the first amendment. Yet…

    • DougDeGrave

      Thought it was the 2nd amendment holding them back.

  • Snardley Butler

    It’s kinda funny to see the leftists of yesterday coming face to face with the monsters they’ve created.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    The mid west progressives also wanted (reasonably) to alienate wild market risks from their business, which made them populists economically. Futures markets have solved that problem nicely since then.

    I also call myself a liberal for reasons that go deeper than anything that’s been touched on in these comments.

  • MBlanc46

    The statists and multiculturalists are destroying every institution of Western civilization.

  • guest

    It is usually illuminating to quietly discover the life histories of these PC fanatics. Few have
    any direct personal knowledge of what they profess to love and defend.

  • LeonNJ

    People felt unsafe after that scary word was said? So all of a sudden the crowd started to look behind them and off to their right and left because they just heard the N word and felt unsafe? Get over yourself you libs.

  • Strichtplatte

    Next it will be open trenches and professors in NKVD attire ordering a firing squad.


    For decades, the WSJ has been running these shallow critiques of PC while pushing the cultural Marxist agenda.

  • Who Me?

    Check out “piano skirts”. The Victorians were some great innovators, inventers, and writers, among other things, but they did have a few inexplicable quirks.

  • none of your business

    LaFollete and the old Farmer Labor party. Hubert Humphrey was the first progressive to betray the White small business and working class. As early as 1948 he came out as a crusader for blacks. In case you wonder why, 20 years later I met the son of Humphrey’s backer who funded and started him on his anti White pro black crusade back in 1948. Guess what, he was a Jew. Were it not for that backing, Humphrey would have stayed a local Minnesota politician.

  • none of your business

    She is in favor of affirmative action, belongs to the ACLU which began as a communist front according to its founder Roger Baldwin and is in favor of black on White crime. She is our enemy.

  • none of your business

    It’s not communism any more but it all, every bit of it started with early 20th century communists. What liberals today call White privilege 1940’s communists called White Chauvinism and had long sessions in which they confessed to White Chauvinism. Liberals today have re written all the old fairy tales and attempted to get rid of them. As far back as the 1920’s communists advocated getting rid of all the old children’s fairy tales. Communism is my generic term for anti White liberals.
    The only thing the old time communists and modern liberals differ on is gays. The communists did not advocate for gays.

  • BlueSonicStreak

    Stuff like this is what originally started the slow process of nudging me away from the radical left. I have always believed in meaningful opposition, and that is not an acceptable position to them.

    When I was younger, I initially believed in ideas like “safe spaces,” i.e. online communities or support groups where people were expected to not say anything hurtful to each other. People who violate that rule are ejected. That sounded good to me at one point; I did not mentally extrapolate what the end result was likely to be with the sorts of people who were pushing the idea.

    But I joined and helped grow some of these “safe spaces,” and saw for myself what the fallout was: increasingly insular groups that hysterically police each other’s every breath and thought. “Hurtful” things don’t just include slurs or rudeness, but any idea that upsets anyone at all. NO dissent or debate is ever tolerated; if you disagree, they brand you evil and part of the oppressive system. You become the enemy.

    In one group, I was given a stern warning for saying that I don’t believe “asexuals” have it as tough as gays, given that I’ve never heard of the former being beaten to death in the streets. I was not taking asexual oppression seriously enough, apparently, and rolling my eyes at asexuals getting upset over icky sex talk was “making the space unsafe” for them.

    Another time, I was given a talking-to (with the verbal warning that I was a breath away from a ban) for sympathizing with a disabled woman complaining about four teen boys taking up all the handicapped seats on public transit. Apparently I was being “ableist” because I was not taking into account the idea that all four young boys might have had a non-visible disability like lupus or something. (Common sense escapes these people.) The disabled woman herself was left alone, most likely because the moderators themselves were not disabled. I am not disabled, so I was a safe target; but they didn’t dare run the risk of telling off a disabled woman for her, uh, “ableism.”

    I was outright banned from one group for telling a woman that her BMI was “probably” unhealthily low (she said it was 15), because that was “thin-shaming.” I’m actually shocked I was banned for THAT and not “fatphobia,” given that I said in the same comment that a conversely high BMI is also unhealthy. They usually defend the fatties more vigorously.

    It was at about that point that I walked away from “safe spaces” (though not liberalism yet) and declared the entire concept broken. It made me a bit of a rogue among the lefty people I knew.

    One of the biggest problems with “safe spaces” is that they generally try to do two things at once: create fora where people can talk without being hurt or offended, AND be political.

    You can’t do both at the same time, obviously. Even if the former was possible, it’s definitely not possible in the context of also doing the latter. Politicized speech invites opposing discourse. Trying to do both at once guarantees censorship and the suppression of healthy debate.

    In my view, this is what’s happening here too.

  • Kris

    The reality is, every single school, college or university touched with the taint of leftism, needs to be abandoned; and new schools, colleges and universities need to be created.