Montgomery County Public Schools will remove religious labels from school holidays, but members of the Islamic community say the adjustments to the school calendar do nothing to gain parity and a day off for the Muslim holiday of Eid.

The school board approved the school calendar for the 2015-2016 school year Tuesday. The calendar will no longer reference specific religious holidays but rather state simply that school will be closed on dates that correspond with holidays, such as Eid, Yom Kippur and Christmas.

Saqib Ali, a former Maryland state delegate and co-chair of Equality for Eid, was not happy with the board of education’s action Tuesday.

“Equality is really what we’re looking for,” Ali said. “Simply saying we’re not going to call this Christmas, and we’re not going to call this Yom Kippur, and still closing the schools, that’s not equality.”

School board members said they were sympathetic to the desire to have Eid recognized and close schools but that legal precedent in Maryland bars them from closing for religious purposes.

“We can’t close for religious holidays. We can only close for operational purposes,” like high absenteeism, school spokesman Dana Tofig said.


The adoption of the 2015-2016 school calendar does give students the day off on Eid but only because it happens to fall on another school holiday, Yom Kippur.

Several school board members, Chris Barclay, Judy Docca and Michael Durso, made it clear that they want to see a permanent policy change but that discussion would continue.

Board member Judy Docca acknowledged Tuesday’s action does little to satisfy a community that’s been waiting for years to see a change.

“We’re kicking the can down the road,” Docca said.

But Docca said until the board can find a legal way around the issue, the waiting would continue.

Muslim parents say their children get a clear message from the Montgomery County school system that they are second-class citizens.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Does anybody know what country we live in anymore?

    I don’t…

    • Oil Can Harry

      Welcome to Diversistan, similar to the nation portrayed in the movie Idiocracy.

  • The school board approved the school calendar for the 2015-2016 school year Tuesday.

    No religious references to holidays, so you might as well go all the way and not call it “2015” or “2016,” because that alludes to something religious. Except I forgot, we’re in the “Common Era.” You know the story, don’t you? Common was born in a manger and 33 years later he was crucified. As John 3:16 says, for God so beloved the world that He gave his only begotten son, named Common…

    • Kenner

      We are in the ‘Common’ era. He’s a black rapper.

    • none of your business

      I always correct to Christian era and before Christian era.

  • cuxhaven

    I will put this one into my “They are as American as Apple pie” file.Yes Obama did say that about today’s Immigrants.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Even worse, Obama actually used that term to describe the 100,000 or so illegal aliens streaming across the border earlier this year.

      Since some of the invaders were under age 18 they were nicknamed The Garbage Pail Kids.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    The religion of “peace and love” wont be happy until we are all slaves.

    • Maximo Partagas

      Ditto. slaves or dead, it’s the only doctrine that is consistent in the religion founded by a child molester.

  • [Guest]

    The holier-than-thou multiculturalists sure do love to see us bend the knee to the Muhammadan moon god.

    • guest

      The multiculturalists want us to integrate with all these muslims while they live far away from these “blessings of diversity” in their safe and all-White gated communities. When they say that diversity is our greatest strength, what they’re really saying is that diversity is OUR greatest strength, not THEIRS.

  • TruthBeTold

    We agree to let them in and like boorish guests they tell us how to run our home.

    We are living in a nightmare.

    • MBlanc46

      I didn’t exactly agree to let them in. I wasn’t even informed. If had been asked my opinion, I’d have said, “No, no, no, no, no!”

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Diversity strikes another blow to traditional American culture. Because the hopelessly racial, religious and cultural Muslim aliens don’t see their holidays on the calendar, the school board caves and removes Christmas and Yom-Kappur from the calendar.

    This is the tragedy of diversity — the traditional Judeo-Christian observances are being pushed aside in the name of “inclusion.” It is a tragedy that in the name of “exclusion” so much exclusion and intolerance exist within the radical ideological aims of “diversity.”

    • Ron Cheaters

      Christmas isn’t Christmas anymore. We can’t even say Metty Xmas, happy holidays, go f yourself without some aliens getting upset and forcing us to stop.. nevermind asking.
      If I ever see someone in a face veil, I’ll make a point of saying Merry Xmas and shaking their hand… but in the handshake, they’ll know I’d prefer a punch in the face.

      • none of your business

        The aliens who abolished the word Christmas first arrived in New Amsterdam the Dutch colony around 1630. Those aliens started the anti Christmas lawsuits 50 years ago long before there was a substantial muslim presence in this country. What I hate most about the forbidding of the very word Christmas is that all the big stores that have abolished the word still make all their profit from the December Christmas shopping season.

  • Who Me?

    “Muslim parents say their children get a clear message from the Montgomery County school system that they are second-class citizens.”

    THAT’S the problem. They shouldn’t be ANY class of U.S. citizens. Schools are already closed for Winter Holidays over Christmas and New Years, so they aren’t technically religious holidays. And Spring Holidays cover other traditional celebrations. So we rename our traditional school holidays to suit them, and that isn’t enough for the ungrateful sons of single mothers, they want MORE.

    • none of your business

      It was not muslims who forbade the words Christmas and Easter vacations nomumsaynnnn?

  • Bobbala

    There is only one option off the table — freedom.

  • IKUredux

    Yo, muslims! The only SECOND class citizens in this God forsaken what used to be a country, are White Christians. As White Christians, we are NOT allowed to express our feelings about anything. Whereas muslims can decapitate a non-believer, and gain approbation, a White Christian who refuses to bake a sodomistic wedding cake, faces ruin. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this picture? Oh, and by the way, nobody in this country ever bent over backwards for the Jews and their religion, why are we bending over for these interlopers? I mean, with the Jews, we had at least the Hannukhah bush. What on Earth is even remotely comparable with Islam?

  • Bardon Kaldian

    US is a country created & built by people who belonged to the Western, Christian civilization. You need not to be a believer to celebrate Christmas (for instance, founders of Communism, Marx and Engels, had been enthusiastic about Christmas as a family and “cultural” holiday).

    Simply, Yom Kippur, and even more Eid- Fitr, do not belong here. Who wants to celebrate them can do this in a private ceremony, but they should remain publicly invisible.

  • superlloyd

    These minority, muslim invaders don’t want equality. They wan’t dominance. Every concession granted by the diversicrats is viewed as a weakness, which it undoubtedly is, and a signal to ramp up their demands.

    Islam has been at de facto war with the once Christian West for more than a thousand years. Something that is glossed over and forgotten by theses idiots. Unfortunately, some libtards rush to embrace the ‘religion of peace’ as another piece in the cultural mosaic believing that acceptance will cure its pathology, while others use it as a Trojan horse to destroy Western capitalist democracy believing it to be a fellow traveller. How deluded they are on both counts.

  • Alexandra1973

    How about just *no* holidays? Except Thanksgiving. Have your holiday on your own time.

    If a school wants a holiday party it can take place after school or on the weekend. As some of you may know we do not keep Christmas due to its pagan origins–it really has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. I don’t let my son attend any Christmas parties at school and his teachers have given me no problem.

    Keep all pagan/heathen holidays out–problem solved. 🙂

    • Who Me?

      Anyone who bothers to study history and who is honest will readily admit that the major holidays came from European Pagan festivals. (Most of us descended from European Pagans, too, so that’s fine with me!) There were 4 major holidays, celebrated at the solstices (summer and winter) and the equinoxes (spring and autumn). Then there are 4 minor (“cross-quarter days”) holidays, celebrated halfway between the majors: 8 in all. Look at your calender. Look up Christmas, Easter, Halloween, even Ground Hog day. I am not a Christian, and I believe the rhythms of the seasons are as valid reasons for celebrations as any others. However I delight in hearing and telling everyone “Merry Christmas” each December. This country has a tradition of celebrating Christmas, Yule, Solstice, Hanukkah, or some other similar festival on or near the end of December each year. Almost everyone you meet understands this to be an expression or greeting of goodwill, a passing on of joy and seasonal delight. Very few people object.
      I understand that for your own reasons you don’t participate in this or other holiday celebrations, but I have never gotten the impression you run around trying to make sure other people don’t celebrate them, do you? Of course not, because you are a White American who believes in freedom of religion for EVERYBODY. Muslims believe in freedom of religion ONLY for themselves.

    • none of your business

      When I was a teacher for one year there were a fair number of black Jehovah’s Witness kids. They had a not Halloween gathering in a classroom. While all the other kids were parading around outside they watched a movie in one of the classrooms. No problem, no fuss and bother or lawsuits. But let a school erect a Christmas tree and the non muslim aliens file a lawsuit including damages for pain and suffering for being offended at the remembrance of our Christian, German and Celtic heritage.
      What should really, really become a major holiday is October 7, the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto which knocked the Turk and Algerian slavers out; for a while at least.

  • archer

    I wish someone had the stones to tell them that we never invited them here and if it wasn’t for the treason of our politicians you wouldn’t be here, so either shut up or go home.

  • none of your business

    Yom Kippur? I bet the muslims are absolutely insane with rage that both holidays are on the same day.

  • Tostig FitzHerbert

    I raise a ‘Knights Templar’ flag every Friday, but most times I fly my English battle flag (the white dragon on red background) because that indicates how I feel. I fly the stars and stripes and also the your southern flag some days when I feel like it.

  • ghettovalley

    Offended by American traditions, holidays, flags, ect? Geez Mohammed maybe this isn’t the country for you after all. Perhaps you should return to whatever filthy middle eastern gutter that you crawled out of.

  • MBlanc46

    I can understand that they’re really POed. I’d be really POed too, if I invaded someone else’s country and then they didn’t officially recognize my religious holiday. I’d probably be so POed that I’d go the bleep back where I came from. So there.

  • Fr. John+

    “There is no neutrality.” – Gary North, PhD.

    You either have an explicitly religious nation, or you have chaos. But you can’t have peace. Why can we not have America be the Christian nation (even if protestant) she originally was, if Israel can be a Judaic state? Why is it denied us, even as the Golden Horde is at our gates, demanding shari’a and other ‘oddities’ for the West?