Immigration a Losing Issue for Dems in 2014 Elections

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, November 5, 2014

Immigration was a losing issue in the 2014 election, with Republicans who announced their opposition to President Obama’s legalization plans earning victories across the country and voters in Oregon swatting down a referendum that would have granted driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Republicans said the results should serve as a warning to President Obama, who has said he plans to take unilateral action to grant legal status to illegal immigrants some time this year.

Hispanic leaders had been counting on Oregon voters to embrace driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, arguing it would be a signal that states were stepping in to act on immigration reform where the federal government wouldn’t.

But put to voters, the referendum lost by more than 2-to-1, with 67 percent of voters rejecting the plan.

In congressional races, Republicans who promised a crackdown on immigration were unseating Democrats who voted for legalization in North Carolina, Arkansas and Colorado, with a December Senate run-off in Louisiana offering yet another test.


Democrats and immigrant-rights advocates, though, said Mr. Obama must not be cowed by the election results.

“The fact is that the president has the moral responsibility and the full authority under existing law to expand relief and end the policies he himself has described as inhumane. Good policy should not be subject to bad politics,” said Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.


Exit polling suggested that immigration played only a small role in most voters’ minds, but was a motivating factor for Republicans more than Democrats and those GOP voters tended to be opposed to legalization.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Immigration was a losing issue in the 2014 election…


    • Lewis33

      You mean those Dem’s like Chucky Schumer weren’t REALLY trying to help us win elections after all? I am flabbergasted!

      • dmxinc

        Yeah, Dems thanks for all that “advice” to keep Republicans relevant.

        Funny isn’t it?

        • We professional snarkmeisters call that kind of thing “concern trolling.”

    • TruthBeTold

      That it’s a losing issue doesn’t seem to concern a man who wants to deliver the knockout punch to White America.

      • M&S

        It -doesn’t- matter. Because the Republicans have already said that Impeachment is off the table.
        Do you think that will change?
        If it doesn’t, if Obama is not directly vulnerable to being yet another black led away in cuffs for failure to uphold social morality in a white society, he has nothing to lose from trying.
        And if try he does, will you go next door to every neighbor on your block and convince them that it’s Constitutional Convention or Death for whites time? Do you think -they- will listen?
        Because that is what we are left with.
        1. Get rid of the criminal abusing his power.
        2. Get rid of those who will not get rid of him and begin anew the Constitutional Process by which our nation is ruled _BY LAWS_, whose racial favoritism we get to choose, only so long as we are in the majority.
        Obama is in a position where he can’t back off and retain any legitimacy at all. He may choose to soft pedal it with a congressional conference of compromise positioning. But if he doesn’t get what he promised he would dictate, by pen and by phone, he will lose his radical base.
        I think it was either Derbyshire or Brimelow who noted that Hispanics tended to vote along white lines ‘one cycle out’ as a kind of ultimate conservative proof of delivery on their interests.
        And so a failure here, after the present electoral slump, will _hammer_ Democrats. Whose save the many, sacrifice the few, view will be that Obama is better a martyr than compromise politician.
        Obama himself, thinking of his ‘legend’ may well agree.

    • SentryattheGate

      Check out some of the diversity coming our way; transgender refugees! http://unitedwedream(DOT)org/blog/5-things-know-trans-queers-detention/

      “In more than 77 countries, it is criminalized to be LGBT.” So, in their logic, these confused ones should all come to the US!

  • I’m happy with the results we had.

    But it would have been a whole lot better with Scott Brown winning.

    That and now I think what we have to worry about is Obama’s pen and phone, and whether the (new) Congress will have the stones to impeach him for it. If he does something, and I still think that, even counting his hissy fit of last night and today, he’s going to chicken out.

    BTW, you might have heard that Kris Kobach was in trouble? One leftist clod writing for some clickbait left site said (actually, gloated) that Kobach had a good chance of losing. Well, he sure was in trouble, he won last night with the same 59% of the vote he won with four years ago.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I still think that, even counting his hissy fit of last night and today, he’s going to chicken out.
      I wonder about that too. Of course I worry he will postpone until near the end of his prezzydency if so, allowing little time to impeach…

      But will they impeach? Will O push it to the brink? Or will he realize this could also hurt the future of the Dems, and weasel/worm on it for two years?

      • M&S

        But will they impeach? Will O push it to the brink? Or will he realize this could also hurt the future of the Dems, and weasel/worm on it for two years?

        If we had leaders whose best intentions were for the good of the white social construct that forms the basis of this nation, this wouldn’t even be a point of consideration.

        Instead, we have idiots who will only toe the line when it secures their continued access to power.

        None are less committed to this than the Democrats who may well see in Obama’s attempt the ‘martyrdom of the black hero’ (overriding all his other for-blacks social agenda failures) which lets them renew the Racist White Republicans card fo-evuh and evuh.

        OTOH, if they back off now, with a whimper or a tantrum, they will have been proven to have a handle of their own, by which the political desire to stay in the game overrides the hypermoralist vanity of ‘true belief’ in a brown out for America.

        Obama is a lame duck. If he also turns into a black crucifixion by the evil conservative whites, it will be something that the Liberals can use to cement their inner ranks together behind a wall of butt hurt, looking for any opportunity for _revenge_ as ‘next time, no mercy!’.

        IMO, the only thing good that can come from this is the opportunity for a Constitutional Convention when the Dems press Obama’s luck. And Secession when that request for redress is denied.

        Nothing less will do than that we cut ourselves loose from this diseased nation and reform it along owned-taxbase lines, just as in the first revolution. Our majority resources should be used for our Kindred’s good.

        Not for other ethnies.

        In the process we must absolutely destroy ANY conceptual delusion that political maneuer is above and beyond absolute loyalty to the culture which supports it as a system. Republican or Democrat, there is much to answer for, already.

        • SoulInvictus

          The lame duck thing worries me. You now have a President and a decent number of Congressmen with nothing to lose.
          They could do a substantial amount of damage that would leave the Republicans blameless and probably unwilling or uninterested in undoing it afterwards.
          Amnesty, guns, military action, borders, ebola, spending…
          This could end up being the most ruinous few months of American history.
          Kennedy, Ginsburg, and Breyer are also in their 70’s and could potentially step down within that window for even longer lasting effect on the judiciary…

    • Eagle_Eyed

      The polls badly misjudged the state of Kansas. They missed the Brownback race by about 7 points and the Roberts race by about 12.

      Kobach won by 20 points because he appealed to mass majorities on issues like illegal immigration and voter ID laws.

      • The polls badly misjudged everything. Even Nate Silver had to confess that, that not only were the polls on average too biased toward the Democrats (as it turned out), they were to the individual last one of them overestimating Democrat percentages.

        I think there is a somewhat non-nefarious explanation for that: I think the pollsters used a racial electorate composition model that was somewhere between 2010 and 2012. In reality, the black and Hispanic turnout yesterday was very very light, even less than it was during the last midterm cycle of 2010. I think maybe the professional pollsters thought that the race turnout demos would be a little bit darker and a little less whiter than 2010, because they assumed 2010 plus some of the Democrat race arsonist agitprop/GOTV tactics working.

        • Olori

          Agree strongly. I’ve said for 20 years that people who want to reclaim our system of government from the Celebrity Ebola that inflicts it in POTUS years should really concentrate on what can be accomplished in midterms. That is when the people with the forward time orientation and gumption show up to vote. 😀

        • M&S

          They assumed because they are YKW. Nothing more or less. Success breeds confidence in self out of proportion to the workability of your warped ideals. Sooner or later your ‘change’ starts to hurt the population and they get uncomfortable with the religious rapture of people spouting ethics independent of pragmatism.
          This let-them-eat-cake delusional separation from the working reality of this country been the case in Washington D.C. for decades. But it is the Jewish MSM who /report/ on everything that fed the false outcomes of this election.
          Or maybe they saw it coming and decided to let the new radicalism be it’s own retardant as people who get their way tend to step off from trigger pull on doing anything useful with it.
          In this, the burden of proof is really on the Republicans to have an agenda which exploits anger into a counterwave of “This is what it _should_ be like…” successes.
          And I just don’t see the relevance of any Republican positions to that bigger picture condition.

    • Jacobite2

      The story here is the rent-a-mob that assembled in front of Kobach’s home a while back. Sure, nobody was at home, but look at the precedent established. Remember one of Al Sharpton’s accomplishments was inciting murder at Freddie’s Fashion Mart. All you have to do is to set up the demo at some pol’s home and add a race-baiter like Al, and The Terror has come to Kansas.

      • I think butterscotch mobs and mahogany mobs are different.

        • Jacobite2

          True. One, is on TV almost every night; the other, you have to be on Social Security to remember (ignoring the 60s, which mobs I don’t count as ‘butterscotch’ but as ‘cherry’).

  • The Verdict of History

    I’m pleased to see that the white working class takes every opportunity it can to express rage at the anti-white ruling classes.

    It is the white working class which stands to lose immediately and forcefully from the downward spiral of wages induced by the Latino influx.

    I love to see how the press, downplaying the election, dismisses the voters as merely cranky old white men, as if being an old white man with a political opinion is somehow pathological, suspicious or, at best, necessarily trivial.

    Oddly, some of these same white men are blue collar types whom the progressive movement once considered the solid core of its base.

    This is why most of the white population in the Southwest, Southeast, inter-mountain West and much of the Mid-West feels such hostility toward cultural elites in the North East and the West Coast, who are unashamedly demeaning toward vast segments of the population, lampooning the working class whites as little more than a bunch of racist and sexist reactionaries.

    I’m glad the elites are cleaning up a bloody nose now.

    • Pathfinder75

      “hostility toward cultural elites in the North East and the West Coast…”

      Please remember,sir,that there are more than a few of us here on the West Coast who likewise share the hostility towards the cultural elite on both coasts.

    • phillyguy

      We have more blue collar working class whites in my city than the whole state of Colorado. And I used to like your picture of Erasmus of Rotterdam

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Working men have been looked down upon by the elite for a long time now. White men especially are mocked, portrayed as stupid, vain, and clueless. Part of any plan to subvert a country is to make the most masculine, capable, patriotic men out to be losers and malcontents. Once these men are psychologically conquered, all that’s left to take over are effeminate men, women, self-important lesbians, gays, and negroes. It’s working exactly according to plan.

      • benvad

        That’s why the working class whites have to populate like crazy, get rid of that NFL garbage and take back this country and silence the vocal victims blacks, gays, feminists and illegals.

        It’s the white mans country, start acting like it’s yours again. Get down to your inner Patton and Rise Up!!

        • M&S

          A parent who bests their child’s rebellion by conquering them, physically or emotionally, crushes whatever value which their soul might have had for society.
          A parent who says: “I’m leaving, you can stay and walk home or come right now.” wins by threat of divorce of empathy. Victims need empathy to feel entitled to real, material, benefits.
          Whites cannot conquer a country they want no part of because it is at least 40% not-our-bloodline incompatible with merged fates. And so we must not just _threaten_ the loss of mutualism.
          But do it to it.
          So that those who refuse to be a part of our society must instead rely on the kindness of strangers in a browned out post-U.S. America.
          Failure to acknowledge this Nietzschian reality is what will doom this short term election gain into a going-nowhere reconquest by the vampire libs.
          We are satisfied with the outcome of one battle without admitting it’s a war to the death.

  • DaveMed

    NumbersUSA sent out a rather cheery email this morning.

    I’m not exactly sure what they do as far as lobbying goes, but I feel like they are doing a terrific job of spreading the word – particularly on Facebook.

    • I’m not quite so cheerful.

      I’m still trying to figure out how Scott Brown, who openly campaigned on immigration patriotism, didn’t win, yet open borders hacks Thom Tillis and Dan Sullivan won, and squishes like Cory Gardner and Joni Ernst won, and Ed Gillespie, who openly campaigned on vastly increasing legal immigration, came closer to toppling Mark Warner than Scott Brown did to taking out Jeanne Shaheen.

      I’d like to think that Scott Brown would have won but for him only very recently moving to the state, giving him the carpetbagger reputation, although that didn’t hurt Hillary Clinton and Robert F. Kennedy when both ran for and won Senate from New York. Incidentally, Jeanne Shaheen is a native of: St. Charles, Missouri.

      • DaveMed

        From what I understand, Massachusetts is one of those states that are Blue “just because.” That is, working-class Whites there will vote Democrat seemingly regardless of actual issues.

        No doubt this is due, at least in part, to the fact that Democrats have sung a far sweeter tune to unions, Labor, etc.

        • connorhus

          I think the opposite is true out here in flyover land now. People just automatically voted for Republicans. Ina few cases where a Democrat was running unopposed there were write ins named “Not a Dem”

          • DaveMed

            I’d get myself one of those “Not a Liberal” bumper stickers, but I’m not sure what would happen to my car if I were to display such a sticker.

          • Ike Eichenberg

            Libs preach tolerance and practice hate.

          • connorhus

            I find an NRA or even my US Army sticker in the window pretty much conveys that message.

          • propagandaoftruth

            When I was in college and doing things I probably should not have been doing I regularly gave to the local cops in exchange for one of those cop shield stickers while idiots put grateful dead things on their cars.

            These days I make no statements on my car at all.

          • tlk244182

            I took my right wing stickers off to avoid confrontations, worried I might kill anyone I saw effing with my car.

          • propagandaoftruth

            A man’s gotta know his limitations…


        • archer

          You are partly correct but we suffer from the same afflictions as other populous states. If you look at the results generally the repubs take the working class suburbs and the demo take the highly ethnic and heavily populated cities like Boston, Lawrence, Worcester etc.
          These cities have large ethnic enclaves although I think Boston is predominately white but is the seat of government and powerful civil service unions.

      • WR_the_realist

        The problem with Scott Brown was that he is basically a Republican empty suit. He doesn’t seem to stand for much. His ads knocking Shaheen for her amnesty vote did halve Shaheen’s lead, but it wasn’t enough.

        • Tucker

          It is my gut instinct that the RINO establishment (Boehner, Ryan, Rubio, McInsane, etc.) did not want Scott Brown to win – because these RINO rats want to give ObongoMugabe his amnesty and they were not keen on a Brown upset victory, because that would send a undeniable message that this election was all about immigration and that even the people in the blue states are fed up with having the third world shoved down their throats. These RINOs have to be purged, folks.

          Unfortunately, Brown’s loss didn’t really change the message very much. Even the liberal media is openly admitting that the Ds got their tails crushed as a direct result of ObongoMugabe’s unpopular policies on immigration and his refusal to seal our borders. I also happen to think that his assaults on our Second Amendment rights also played a huge role in the spanking the Ds were given.

          As did his Obamacare fiasco.

        • M&S

          Where is the political attitude that says: “We cannot commence a Pacific Rebalance (aka Pivot) if we cannot secure our borders at home!” ????
          This is what makes an empty suit. And the reason it is that way is the same reason everyone could openly call the King Loius XIII an effeminate drip but nobody dared /whisper/ the correlate: “And Cardinal Richelieu is playing fast and loose with foreign policy as internal power as a result.”
          The military wants a return to a high tech warfighter because that is what they like orienting doctrine around. And the MIB is eager to comply because, after 30 years in service and a decade+ in Iraq and AfG, most of the major systems (tanks, IFV, planes, ships) that we have is tired and at the limits of their developmental potential.
          Which means that the replacements for these big-system warfighters are going to be much more expensive than the insurgency oriented, ‘drones and infantry’ optimized, combat capabilities we have today (which would be optimal, at little or no added funding, for the border sovereignty mission).
          And TPTB that rule the military funding committees are on a whole ‘nother level of the government bureaucratic power pyramid. Untouchable and apt to crush anything that gets in the way of their desires as a bug on a rug.
          Just like Cardinal Richelieu.
          We need people who have ideas that are capable of instigating, less ‘Change’ than a return to sanity for our people and their bled-pale debt as ethnic overrun. But we also need a system that it is not endemically corrupted to such an extent as to be useless at sustaining anything but itself.
          This is not a Democrat/Republican condition. It is a responsibility of government one. And I fear it will never be depolarized and actively pursued as a necessity for this nation.
          Until it breaks up and starts over.

      • archer

        If Scot Brown could have listened to Rush Limbaugh’s opening monologue yesterday 2 years ago he would still be a senator from Ma. Rush made it very clear that the repubs weren’t put in office because they are suddenly loved, they were put there ” to stop the country from going over the cliff”. I’m from Ma. and voted for him but I cringed when he used to say he was the most bi-partisan senator in Washington, he wasn’t elected to get along or compromise but stop the demo commies from completely destroying what’s left of America.

        • WR_the_realist

          I should add that both of the Republican opponents of Scott Brown in the NH primaries were clearly better than Scott Brown, and they weren’t carpetbaggers either. But of course the Republican establishment went all out for the pod person, and threw its money at him, so he got over 50% of the primary votes.

  • Deiter Botha

    Immigration, both legal and illegal has a negative impact on every major issue facing American citizens so it should be a loser.

    • SentryattheGate

      As if we don’t have enough problems with liberals/Demoncats, beware of Jeb Bush (who may run for Prez) and some other Republicans, like Latino Marco Rubio, who also kiss immigrant butt!

  • I wonder how the left will try to spin this aspect of yesterday’s Democrat rout.

    • connorhus

      By blaming one issue like immigration and then claiming they compromised on it while keeping all their other anti-White agendas going.

    • Bobbala

      They can always depend on the GOP to bail them out.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      They probably won’t bring it up at all, whenever possible. For them, the best possible strategy is to keep immigration issues out of the minds of the American public. They won’t want to encourage even more popular backlash against Obama’s pending administrative amnesty.

  • connorhus

    This is where the Femocrats try and shoot for damage control by blaming one issue. In truth it wasn’t any one issue, nor was it a referendum for pro-Republican politics. It was simply an Anti-Democrat wave. Around here people just voted for Republicans whether they knew the candidate or not.

    Whites are finally seeing how much the Democrats hate them.

    • Pathfinder75

      “Whites are finally seeing how much the Democrats hate them.”

      Let’s not forget that the GOP establishment likewise harbors a hatred for the Whites who comprise the heart and soul of their own base.By necessity,our fellow Whites also need to understand the devious nature of the GOP leadership and their lickspittle sycophants within the party,and vote those particular Republicans out of office in the future,as well.

      • connorhus

        On a National level sadly I believe you are correct. On a local or State level I am not so sure. At least around here the elected State Reps and Senators actually passed legislation the people wanted and seem to be making moves to protect the White citizens they represent. Some of them anyway.

        • [Guest]

          I think, though, that the national politicians are mostly just former regional politicians who understand that they must jettison their small-town rhetoric in exchange for higher office. The higher the office, the more necessary it is to appeal to diversity.

        • Max

          Yes, I think that the fed. gov’t is lost forever to whites/conservatives. There are still conservative states and counties and this will become the refuge of conservatives in the future. These hallucinations about whites regaining control of America as a nation will not be realized. Thanks to God there are still rural areas where sanity yet rules -for a time yet.

      • phillyguy

        Just like last night When Rand Paul explaining on CBS News ,how the Republicans must cater to the blacks and the Browns to pull them to the Republican side. it looks like both parties are trying to garner votes by leaving the white man behind.

        • Pathfinder75

          Rand Paul’s name has become a byword for the kind of sanctimonious pandering that certain factions within the Republican Party,with the putrid encouragement of their amen corner on talk radio and Fox “News”,have self-righteously embraced.

    • John R

      “Whites are finally seeing how much the Democrats hate them.”
      That sums it all up, very nicely.

  • Fed Up

    I just had some 45 minutes of good laughs — I was reading the posts on the NEWSVINE.COM articles by unhappy liberals. You know — public spirited Americans pissing and moaning that so many of us voted AGAINST the Liarcrats to show our anger over Obama’s incompetence, perfidy and attempting to trash our Constitutional rights.

  • superlloyd

    ‘Republicans said the results should serve as a warning to President Obama, who has said he plans to take unilateral action to grant legal status to illegal immigrants some time this year.’

    Barry’s taking an unbelievably arrogant, obstinate stance on this. Let’s hope it’s just posturing. I fear not. Let’s hope Congress has the intestinal fortitude to counter this despicable, fifth columnist if the gauntlet is thrown down.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Lame duck Obama has nothing to lose if he commits political suicide today in order to assure a total demographic shift of the nation.

      I guarantee you he will do everything he can short of sending bus tickets to Mexico, to flood the US with future democrat voters in the next 2 years.
      And I am not sure I would put that past the progs.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Ugh – what’s worse than Obama triumphant? Lame duck Obama…
        Imagine the pardons that guy will sign before he retires.

        But either GOP could get pushy and/or Obama could worm and sidestep his way to retirement.

        • Ike Eichenberg

          I’m not sure I hold a majority opinion, but I do believe Obama is even more dangerous now, than had the Dems kept the senate.

          • John R

            Yes, maybe. His radicalism and true hate will come out even more. Even Democrats are worried it seems. They aren’t sure what that nut job will do, and they want no association with him.

          • cherrie greenbaum123

            He pretty much said he’d do whatever he wants this afternoon. If anybody makes too big a ruckus (for show of course) he’ll pull out that platinum race card he carries in his purse.

          • Garrett Brown

            You know it’s bad when genocidal Marxists don’t like a particular genocidal Marxist… must be because he’s black.

          • Max

            That seems to me to require that he would have moderated his radicalism if his party were still in power. That is illogical even for a Democrat; only Republicans are so idiotic as to send peace offerings to a vanquished enemy.

          • Ike Eichenberg

            You could look at it that way, or you could look at Obama for what he his.
            An irrational, petulant, and spiteful manchild of less than stellar IQ quite deluded by his ideology with a tremendous hatred white America.

            Now he hates whites even more after this rejection of his policies.

            “make no mistake [my] policies are on the ballot”

            It’s not so much that keeping the Senate would have moderated Obama, it’s that losing the Senate and the absolute rejection of his favorite person could send him over the edge.

      • SentryattheGate

        Don’t forget that millions of illegals came in during G.W.Bush’s presidency. And Jeb Bush who may be forced on us as the Repub.candidate for Prez, says it’s “love of families” to grant amnesty! Both Bush presidents plus Clinton and Obama all signed on to the North American Union, uniting Mexico, US and Canada! The press doesn’t cover it. When we start to pay attention, they change the name (aka Security and Prosperity Partnership or Leadership Summit of the Americas or something like that). But these millions of illegals were allowed and even encouraged to sneak in, then we’re told that there are too many to deport so we have to allow them to stay. Flood the phone lines to Congress with your anger!

        • gemjunior

          Yes, the truth is that the press doesn’t cover the NAU/superhighway because they are bought and paid for. That Security and Prosperity Partnership is shocking and if most Americans knew about it there would be quite an uproar. But like all destruction it will be introduced slowly & incrementally while people watch football and drink brews, blissfully ignorant of this part of our wonderful leaders plans for our future.

        • M&S

          Ronnie Raygun began the trend sir. And the Hispanics responded to his “Just this once…” Amnesty by going from an average 2.8 TFR to a ruinous 4.4 TFR. This in a population which begins breeding as young or younger than some black populations at 17-19.
          It’s the demographics trendlines on population curves that matter.
          Whites who think we can continue to fight these internecine battles over ‘who is in charge’ will someday soon, quite a bit earlier than initially predicted, be quite surprised to hear millions of voices rise up and scream: “Si! We are!”
          This is why we have to pick sides and cut the umbilicals that tie us together into an incompatible liberal vs. conservative warring white political bases.
          Because the only way for _whites_ not to lose is for /non white lovers/ to get exactly what they say they want as their own displacement in their own lands.
          All. Alone.

  • dmxinc

    Actually, Immigration was a winning issue – securing our borders, deporting illegals and reducing legal immigration.

    At first glance, this article could be misinterpreted.

    • Guest

  • Luca

    Immigration and Obama were the losing issues.

    • Pathfinder75


      Therein lies an allusion to the one word that fully encapsulates the entirety of President Obama’s misbegotten administration:


  • Bobbala

    Surely it will be a losing issue for the GOP in 2016 too.

  • Dwight

    Poll after poll has shown that the American public do not want any amnesty by a wide margin. So why do whites, both democrat and republican, keep pushing for it? Why are whites selling their own people out? Here’s your answer in a nutshell:

    • Harley Sims

      Bottom line, that’s it.

    • Sparky

      Bingo. No conspiracy needed.

      • Sick of it

        If there’s no conspiracy, who’s offering him the money?

        • TheDude

          Businesses salivating over cheap labor.

          • Sick of it

            Cheap labor only benefits them in the very short term. Why would they want the economy to fall apart? Third worlders do not create vibrant free market societies.

          • TheDude

            For the same reasons Europeans and Middle Easterners brought black slaves: cheap labor. Cheap labor is a very strong incentive as it yields big profits, regardless of the long-term consequences.

          • Sick of it

            80% of the productive labor of black slaves in America went back into taking care of them. Sharecropping was much more profitable.

          • SoulInvictus

            It’s way deeper than cheap labor. That’s the thin excuse less creative minds can wrap their head around.
            There’s no need for for hordes of new peasants. There are few factories and only so much fruit to pick and wealthy homes to clean.
            So obviously the reasoning is beyond that.

            It will break the country, exponentially faster than we were already on track for. Simultaneously, fracturing the demographic unity, ability to communicate, and on and on. These controllers will essentially have a magic wand to wave and within a few short years render the entire country a Tower of Babel scenario, all under the bs guise of compassion and, as always, “diversity”.

            Inner cities will be (worse) war zones, safety net programs will collapse the economy after having first sucked away the military budget, wages and jobs will be even more dismal.
            These aren’t unintended consequences of “stupid” libs, they are entirely intentional.

        • SoulInvictus

          International cabals that need to break what is left of US power and goodness to accomplish their goals.
          A divided, militarily weak, internationally reviled, financially and industrially broken US with a warped mindset that scorns the values of the revolution, isn’t that exactly what you would do if you wanted to remove the biggest obstacle to global control, government and finance.
          It’s harder to see than a Pearl Harbor attack, but no less real. And exactly what the Commies set out to do decades ago and what the powers behind both World Wars have been saying they’d do for 100+ years.
          …They’ve openly written books documenting the strategies and purposes. I get people laughing it off as conspiracy theory years ago, but now that the fruits of it are blooming for all to see, it is very frustrating that most folks still disbelieve or remain ignorant.
          To paraphrase Game of Thrones, Depopulation is coming. for every race.

      • Garrett Brown

        There is definitely a conspiracy, and it has been outed for quite some time.

    • Trevor Pilsbury

      Yes, the allmighty dollar has its way of influence. We are still a very long way from having the immigration issues settled. The republicans regaining control of the senate means very little at this point. We’ll see if senator McConnell actually does anything on this. I have my doubts.

      • Cecil Broomsted

        Mr. Obama said today that if the republicans do not come up with an immigration reform plan that he can sign then he will go ahead with executive action on his own. Immigration needs no “reform.” The existing laws need to be enforced. If the republicans submit a plan then we still lose as far as I can tell.

        • rightrightright

          Question. Cannot the Republicans now chop off Obama’s funding regarding immigration ‘reform’ so that it just can’t happen?

          • Cecil Broomsted

            Absolutely. Also with most of “Obama Care.” The problem is that republicans are not applying their powers of the purse.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      And the parties begin in Republican mansions everywhere in and around the beltway.

    • LHathaway

      If even Reagan did it, legalizing 12 million illegals (in exchange for a promise [never kept] to seal the border) some of us older folks thought for sure Obama would do it too.

  • TruthBeTold

    I made the same comment here and on many other sites discussing this issue.

    The reason Obama is waiting until after the election is precisely because it’s a losing issue for Democrats. Yesterday, Chuck Todd almost quoted me word for word.

  • The late Dr. William Pierce and many others make note that American democracy is a farce. I agree. The Repugnant victory, which Rush was crowing about today, is just a victory of a milder form of liberalism over a more virulent one. It’s a choice (with a few exceptions) to genocide whites via the brown and black tides quickly, or to speed it up. There is no closed border, zero immigration choice in the USSA. Your choice is demoncrat or demoncrat lite.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Not that it’s out of character for him, but Obama’s bragging that he’ll pass this immigration bill through with or without Congress’ approval really blew me away. He just gave the middle finger to all Americans who voted and said, “f-you. I do what I want to, beeyatch!” U.S. news sites have an entirely different slant on this than foreign ones, like Daily Mail. My last count was something like 1.5 thousand comments on that thread, all of them very ticked off. CNN story doesn’t allow comments, of course.

    • Dwight

      Obama has unbelievable nerve. He totally ignores public polls on this and, as with ObamaCare, will shove it down our throats if the republicans don’t stand up to him.

      • Ella

        Just maybe, it will be easier to force the Republicans to do their jobs than dealing with a radical boomer baby who throws frequent tantrums.

        • Cecil Broomsted

          Correct. The republicans are all we have right now. Pressure must be applied to them.

          • tlk244182

            Pressure turns coal into diamonds; it has no effect on slime.

      • Max

        His reading is something like: “The population is 2/3 white, a 2/3 majority of Americans don’t want any amnesty. Since whites are racists and that’s not “fair” their wishes can be ignored”. Now, if 2/3 of the population *favored* amnesty he would conclude: “In a democracy the majority rules and most people think amnesty is a good idea so the people have spoken and we must do the will of the majority”.

  • John R

    So, most voters are against illegal aliens in this country, but our president doesn’t care and says he will take action to ensure illegals’ rights. Uh, huh, and he is talking about “democracy” in the Middle East?

    • willbest

      At this point I would settle for some democracy here.

      • Sick of it

        This IS democracy. Democracy gave us Obama.

      • tlk244182

        Democracy is how the Jews took our nation away from us.

    • Democracy in the Middle East tends to mean two Sunnis and a Yazidi hold a vote on who will get beheaded.

  • Garrett Brown

    May not be exactly who we want but it at least gives us a bit more time and prevents Obama from doing anything extremely wacky. Well done fellow Whites.

    However, I fear our borders will remain as open as they have been.

    • JohnEngelman

      The business leaders who tell Republican politicians what to do after they get elected will keep the borders open.

  • [Guest]

    This issue was lost a long time ago. Just about anyone from just about anywhere can come into the U.S. illegally and stay for as long as he pleases. The notion that there will be a “crackdown on immigration” as a result of this election strikes me as silly. It won’t happen.

    • MBlanc46

      “The notion that there will be a ‘crackdown on immigration’ as a result of this election strikes me as silly.”

      Some Repub politicians might have said it, but no one with any sense believes it. I fear you’re right that it might be too late, but we ought to fight it like wolverines anyway.

  • Tom in MI

    Don’t trust the Republi-cons on immigration. Today they were talking about “free trade” on behalf of their corporate masters.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Exit polling suggested that immigration played only a small role in most voters’ minds”

    I don’t believe for a second that opposition to illegal immigration and possible amnesty played only a small role in yesterday’s Republican landslide. Most whites are still extremely weary about being viewed as racist. If some random person exit-polled white voters and asked if opposition to immigration was a motivating factor for them, most whites would deny it was a motivating factor even it truly was out of fear of being labeled a racist. That’s the power that stupid word has over far too many people.

    • TheDude

      It certainly played a large of my mind when entering the polls.

    • MannyR

      Don’t listen to what the media puts out and about. The Dems got f¥cked up last night and like clock work today CNN had breaking news of a “senior Al-Qaeda” operative killed by a drone strike. Just in time to take away from the election results. I never even heard of the guy and I’m positive had Obama not gotten his nose busted last night I never would have.

  • Steven Williams

    It would have been much better if we had politicians that would favor a system immigration of whites and emigration of non-whites.

  • alex

    I am still waiting for MSM to start telling Democrats that in order to stay relevant, they have to create outreach program for white community.

  • drattastic

    If obama enacts some form of executive amnesty it will put a nail in the coffin of any chances democrats think they have at the White House in 2016 . I know that goes against conventional wisdom but Americans don’t want amnesty and that includes a large chunk of democrats whether they’ll admit it or not.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    Good. Now the liberals know that Americans do not want illegals and third worlders in our midst. They should have a choice on the ballot to revoke the 1965 immigration act and to allow only white people to immigrate to the US.

    • tlk244182

      This election was a speed bump on the expressway to White genocide. I will be shocked if any substantial changes are made, as the Jews still control the money, the media, the schools, etc., and will not permit us to recover through the democratic process.
      It’s very difficult to win with nothing but defense.

  • Guest

  • Good for the people of Oregon, it’s about time somebody told the illegals NO.


    • Sam_Bowdin

      Excellent link !

  • rightrightright

    “Moral responsibility” is it? As in to punish real Americans for being American by dispossessing them of their employment in favour of imported failed worlders. The Left is so self righteous about its crimes.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    Kris Kobach is an immigration patriot. However, from his website, he does missionary work in Africa. He should be doing missionary work Europe or in White countries. Whites should not let the Christian churches to tell them to help blacks. Let the blacks take care of their own problems. We do not need more blacks breeding and coming to the western world and trying to kill us off.

    • TheDude

      If his missionary work includes preaching the virtues of family planning and distributing contraceptive pills then I’m all for it.

      • Whitesneedtobebrave

        I agree with you on that.

      • Whitesneedtobebrave

        Actually I think no need to preach the virtues of family planning and distributing contraceptives. That will come from white tax payer’s money. Just leave them alone and the disease, war and famine will kill these Negroes off free of cost.

        • TheDude

          I wish things were this simple, but in this human-rights era, that sounds quite unrealistic to me.

          Come on. It won’t be so bad. I can already picture the missionary teaching the Negroes:

          “M’bongo, what did we say last time?! If you can’t feed the two you already have, then you definitely can’t afford six more!

          All right, Mamada, show me through which orifice do you consume your pill… God, no!”

          It’s like regular class. Six classes and they get their Responsible Breeder diploma.

  • brior

    Reinse Priebus or however he is called is back on his amnesty soap box not 48 hrs away from the azz kickin the dems took, These people just don’t get it.

  • brior

    Democrats and immigrant-rights advocates, though, said Mr. Obama must not be cowed by the election results. Now watch for the billions in NGO money start pouring in to LaRaza,MECHA and the like for another shot at exterminating ol raciss YT.

  • laatmijbinnen

    True, but now that so many ‘Americans’ are non-White, for Whites it really doesn’t matter in the long term.

    Once the countries are mixed to a ‘sufficient’ extent the elites will actually start to encourage traditional nationalism, because it will then facilitate White extinction rather than contradict it, as it will form a pointless outlet for our long suppressed tribal instincts.

    • tlk244182

      And who are those “elites,” exactly?

      • laatmijbinnen

        Historically they were obviously overwhelmingly Jewish, and the Jews are no doubt still a major driving force in the current restants of these traditional anti-White movements. BUT by now this anti-White paradigm has really more or less become self-perpetuating, and all non-Whites, and even Whites, actively participate in it, though slightly less maliciously than Jewry.

        I wish there was one clear enemy. The classical good guys vs bad guys. But the worldview where money is the ‘end all be all’, is really also a virus in itself.

        • Precisely why it doesn’t help to further an agenda to combat anti-White speech, policies and people by doing anything other than lumping anti-Whites into one category. Those that work to deny us of racial autonomy are the enemy. No reprieve and no quarter to those who want to destroy my/our right to self-determination. I don’t care who or what they are, they are all equally guilty.

  • Alucard_the_last

    I really hope these republicans are NOT like George W Bush who also was pro-illegal immigration.

    • JohnEngelman

      Watch what they do; ignore what they say.

      Ronald Reagan cultivated the support of the religious right. He did nothing to advance its agenda. I suspect he was embarrassed by it.

  • archer

    What exactly is the “legal authority” the president has to sidestep our immigration laws?

    • Earl Turner

      I’m guessing it has to do with his skin color…

    • Sam_Bowdin

      My guess is that’s its not concrete authority. But enemy liberal judges will “interpret” it as being “within his constitutional rights”. The liberal judges, of course, are as committed or even more so than him to break down Western culture and tradition.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Republican George W. Bush was a disaster with illegal immigration. Especially with his guest worker scheme, enticing millions to get their backs wet. None was worse than Slick Willie Clinton, however. The 90’s was a golden decade for swimmers. Listening to Janis Ian’s “at Seventeen” as I’m typing.

  • JvNk

    The best piece of vitriol and bile I read this entire year, was the NYT’s editorial sour grapes about the annihilation of the Left. Pure, unadulterated joy.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    Immigration was an issue that gave victories to lots of Republicans. So, by using the word ‘losing’ the Washington Post has just highlighted how biased it is.

  • farther east

    Notes on Oregon election from a politically active native:
    1- there was a very positive message from these election results: Oregon re-elected a liberal governor and a hyper-liberal senator, but those same voters slapped down the intitiative to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses. If they can’t even get the support of liberals anymore, the tide is really turning against unlimited illegal immigration.
    2 – by the way, Oregon is a conservative moderate dog that is ‘wagged’ by its only large City, which happens to be the destination of hipster metrosexuals from hometowns across the nation. Our liberal Governor won only Portland’s county and a couple others, but Portland contains about a quarter of the entire state population. They out voted the entire rest of the state, which would have elected a very conservative Republican.

    • newscomments70

      I have been to Portland a few times. You’re right, it was full of hippies, homeless, meterosexuals and violent blacks. Liberal marijuana laws and free transportation have attracted the scum of humanity. Marijuana in itself is no big deal, but liberalization attracts rif raf.