Black Republicans Break Barriers: Mia Love and Tim Scott Win Big

Jane C. Timm, MSNBC, November 5, 2014

As the GOP made historic gains on Tuesday night, three black Republicans made history.

Utah’s Mia Love became the first black female member of the GOP to ever be elected to Congress and the first person of color ever to represent the state. Tim Scott became the first black candidate to be elected to statewide office since Reconstruction and the first ever black senator elected in South Carolina. And House candidate Will Hurd became the first black Republican elected in Texas since Reconstruction.

Mia Love

Mia Love

The three Republicans will be the only African-Americans in their party on Capitol Hill and their elections will bolster their party’s diversity and potentially their credibility among black voters going into 2016. After being trounced by Democrats with black and Latino voters in the last two presidential elections, the GOP has made a concerted effort to recruit, elect, and appeal to more minorities. {snip}

In House of Representatives elections this year, according to exit poll data, just 10% of African-Americans said they voted for Republican candidates and 89% backed Democratic candidates, so it’ll be an upward hill for the GOP to attract black voters.


The state’s Republican Gov. Nikki Haley appointed Scott to fill the seat upon then-Sen. Jim DeMint’s resignation, but Tuesday he secured the seat through a general election, winning 55% of the vote. According to NBC News exit polls, he won just 10% of the black vote, instead pulling in 88% of the white vote to secure his win.

Not everyone in South Carolina saw progress in Scott’s candidacy. “If you call progress electing a person with the pigmentation that he has, who votes against the interest and aspirations of 95% of the black people in South Carolina, then I guess that’s progress,” Rep. James E. Clyburn, a black Democrat, told the Washington Post. And at the polls, much of the country expressed pessimism about race relations. Just 20% of voters nationwide say they’ve improved and just about twice as many voters said they’ve gotten worse.

In Utah, Love, 38, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, won 50% of the vote. There is not yet any data on the racial make-up of Love’s voters. {snip}


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  • What I noticed is that SC’s two Senate seats were on the ballot in the same day, and Tim Scott outperformed Lindsey Grahamnesty, by six points.

    Of the four Congressional districts in Utah, three were blowouts for the Republicans, but one was only a narrow win. Guess which one. Yeah, I wish she would have lost, like she did two years ago.

    Also note that like a lot of “conservative” black women, especially those in the media, Mia Love is married to a white man.

    • shatwood

      “Yeah, I wish she would have lost, like she did two years ago.”

      I’ll take a pro-second amendment, pro-securing the border black Republican over a white Democrat any day.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Unless the White Democrat were anti-open borders and ant-AA…

        HA HA!

        • WR_the_realist

          But there aren’t any such Democrats, unless John Engelman runs for office.

      • She’ll probably have a decent, not great, voting record.

        Allen West actually had a better than your average Republican voting record during his one term in the House.

        My rub is all the race pandering “conservative” white people who are going to go goo goo gaa gaa over their pet.

        It’s also illustrative of a piece of cultural decline. The day I was born, someone like Mia Love would have not been allowed to become a Mormon.

        • Manaphy

          “She’ll probably have a decent, not great, voting record.”

          Not even that. Mia Love supports comprehensive immigration reform (AKA Amnesty) and expanded legal immigration. She said so in an interview with Dennis Prager.

        • Isn’t that what this is all about, getting their very own House [derogative word for black people] so the Republicans can point to them and say that they know how to do this multicultural thingy better than the Democrats?

        • Samuel Hathaway

          If Mia Love were a white male, no one would even know about him.

          • Yep. It’s amazing that people still fall for this shell game.

          • Touchstone, King of Fools (for

            If his name was still “Mia Love”, I think people would notice.

        • [Guest]

          >>>My rub is all the race pandering “conservative” white people who are going to go goo goo gaa gaa …

          I’m seeing a bit of that in this very thread.

          I believe white people need to purge themselves once and forever of that perverse inclination. Negrophilia is insane and deadly.

          • Call me crazy, but I sense a certain stench of Conservative Inc. wafting through the room all of a sudden. They’re gonna make this darn multiculty thing work, and they want to make sure you know it’s them that made it work when those darn liberal and Democrat scoundrels couldn’t. If this is what Race Realism has come to be or what it gives birth to, then I’m not so sure it deserves to be resuscitated when it starts to flatline.

          • [Guest]

            I’m a bit surprised to find anyone standing by the deadly “he’s one of the good ones” position here.

          • none of your business

            I agree. Republicans are just as much our enemies as Democrats.

        • shatwood

          I agree I don’t want any “goo goo gaa gaaa” nonsense.

          They got to be good politicians first and black second (or third or fourth or tenth)

          • So you’re a multiculturalist?

          • Touchstone, King of Fools (for

            Are you a multiculturist if you want black people to adopt white culture? That’s basically what it means to be a “black conservative”, after all.

          • [Guest]

            I don’t think that wanting black people to “adopt white culture” is the race-realist viewpoint. Whatever it is, I don’t think it’s that. 😮

          • Touchstone, King of Fools (for

            I don’t see how ‘race realism’ can be a cohesive political standpoint. I’ve always considered it nothing more than a willingness to accept scientific data on HBD.

            I think you’re counting Race Realism as being the same thing as Race Nationalism. Even then, you’re assuming that multiculturalism and Race Nationalism are the only two possible positions.

          • Multiculturalist is more or less synonymous with someone believing in multiracial/multiethnic societies. Just like being a conservative has specific connotations attached to it. It’s all part of the same “colorblind” principle. So yes, a multiculturalist is even someone wanting black people to adopt White culture, and believing that it will trump genetic codes and racial propensities and proclivities — the complete opposite of Race Realism.

          • Touchstone, King of Fools (for

            It’s a little more specific than that. Multiculturalism the belief that not only can different value systems live together, but that they profit from doing so. A Multiculturalist would be horrified by the suggestion that blacks should abandon their “culture” (such as it is), and behave more like WASPs.

            This is what I’ve never gotten about “Race Realists”. Whatever evidence there is for racial differences in IQ and aggression levels, you seem to think that means nothing else matters. You talk as if you believe that a black Mormon from rural Utah is going to have the exact same levels of productivity and criminality as an orphan from South-Central LA. If that is what you believe, you have no right to call it “Realism”. Even if you control for IQ, the religious kid from the stable home is going to be much less of a burden on society.

          • You’re talking about the semantics of a label that really has nothing to do with my position. Multiculturalists are really no different than those who believe in multiracial societies. I don’t try and divide them up, because they both have the same “colorblind” mentality, while usually spewing the whole race is just a social construct meme.

            I will only support White people who are pro-White. I never said anything about one black person having exactly the same productivity and criminality as another black person. That’s your little game of trying to rationalize my position with your own position.

            I support White people, not black people.
            Black people are NOT White people.
            Black people in large numbers almost always destroy the viability and safety of productive and safe areas.
            Even if black people were as docile and intelligent as Asians, I still wouldn’t want to be in a multiracial nation with blacks any more than I would with Asians.
            I want autonomy and an autonomous nation(s) for White people.

            What part are you having a problem understanding?

          • Touchstone, King of Fools (for

            The part where “I like white people. I don’t like black people” adds up to “race realism”. If you want to ignore questions of behavioral science and real policy, why don’t you just call yourself a White nationalist?

            The semantics of a label matter. There’s no point in us talking to each other if we can’t even agree on what words mean.

          • none of your business

            Talking about racial differences is useless when the laws of our country mandate that all jobs must go to the least qualified non White applicant and that the most qualified White cannot be hired because of his or her race.

          • none of your business

            If you ever worked in law enforcement or know anyone who has, you would know that black church goers are as bad as the black non church goers. Prison visiting rooms are full of preachers visiting their criminal spawn and parishioners. One thing black preachers do all the time is charge several hundred dollars for appearances and
            :character witnesses” in criminal trails”. “He’s a member of the choir and I confirmed him and he reads the old testament all the time and he went to Sunday school and I can vouch that he is a good boy.
            The black preachers are paid character witnesses and they lie about the thugs. The black preachers are part and parcel of the “being black should excuse black criminals from being charged,convicted and sent to prison. Blacks are probably the most religious race in America and they are almost all old testament protestants.

          • Mary

            And in addition they can help by example the wayward black burdens to society.

          • mikefromwichita

            THEY- the rural black mormon(s) may not be the same level of burden as an LA ghetto homie…….BUT the LA ghettosnipe is their cousin(s) and will in time be brought over to pollute rural Utah. Strict separation is the most Realist approcah for Whites.

          • Mary

            Black people like Mia Love are already here. Isn’t it better that she is Republican and can help turn back what Obama lost for us?

          • mikefromwichita

            Nope all she did is displace a White conservative.

          • shatwood


          • Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie™

            They only won because they had a (R)

        • Mary

          She is conservative. What is wrong with you?

          • You must be confused. You must think that you’re at a yay red team or lamestream conservative website or blog.

      • Sick of it

        Being a daughter of immigrants, she is not likely to be in our corner.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Mia Love will not play the race card or use her skin color as a trump card. She will NOT join the CBC.

          She’s a true conservative woman and an asset.

          • A true conservative that will admit to the realities of race and argue in favor of White autonomy? Or does all of this stuff being preached on AmRen about racial differences at a genetic level and the proof of how society simply can’t overcome this hurdle just go out the window now because we got us a bona fide black conservative woman to hold up?

          • TL2014

            Read Taleeb Starkes. He appears to be the closest a black person can come to being a race realist. They do exist.

          • Mary

            Thomas Sowell

          • Mary

            She just won her race and it’s news. So it’s being reported.

          • evilsandmich

            It would still be an improvement if they looked out for blacks best interests against their will (i.e., stable currency, no (at the very least) low wage immigration, lower labor costs, etc); that is wishful thinking though.

          • Snardley Butler

            Oh yeah, that’s really what she should do, go talk about race and IQ, that’s winning strategy for sure. Frankly, I don’t care about race and IQ, my only concern is to respect the 1st Amendment and allow people to peaceably assemble, in other words Freedom of Association, if we had that 99% of the problems would vanish.

          • mikefromwichita

            she isn’t conservative. She is an open borders traitor to America.


            What do you think now, Katherine?

          • none of your business

            Conservatism and White nationalism or Whites trying to survive have absolutely nothing in common.

          • none of your business

            Conservatives ARE NOT friends of Whites.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        I’m with you, and I gave her money.

      • M&S

        You shouldn’t.
        Because, inevitably, the black will want something ‘exclusively black’ in return. To prove her authenticity to other blacks or because she simply has that racial alignment.
        Politics is the art of back scratching as _shared_ agendas. That’s why mono-ethnic cultures do so much better and the horrific mess than multicults manage to debase themselves too.
        As soon as you get a them vs. us, ‘meeting at a common ground’ you quickly notice that the common ground comes down to emergent condition fire alarms and the rest of the time you want nothing to do with each other and cannot depend on either side of anything.
        Nor do you want to.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Some people on this site truly appear unable to differentiate the Mia Loves and Tim Scotts of this world from the Al Sharptons…

        • Some people truly appear unable to differentiate between Racialism and Conservatism. From a racialist standpoint, 10 million Al Sharptons are no more of a threat than 10 million Mia Loves or Tim Scotts. My White neighbors can wake up tomorrow with an epiphany and change every single one of their views on social and economic issues. The black people will still wake up black. You’re not going to trump genetics and propensities by believing you can keep everything glued together by rallying around a few generic positions on freedom and liberty.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            There is only one Mia Love, just as there is only one Tim Scott, and very few like them. (There do seem to be a lot of Al Sharptons, admittedly.) If you cannot tell the difference, then we are wasting our time debating this.

            I have been criticized for my EXTREME racialist views, but even I am willing to recognize that a small minority of blacks — maybe 5% — are decent people, and indistinguishable from most decent white people except for skin color. You apparently disagree.

            Our differences on this issue would be rendered moot if there were any realistic plan to rid ourselves of them: However, most are here to stay. Consequently, I intend to be supportive of blacks who are decent people and lead exemplary lives — as Mia Love and Tim Scott have done — but will continue to harshly criticize the remainder, just as I have always done using my real name and not a username.

            If this means that I will be singled out for vituperation by anonymous individuals on American Renaissance, then so be it …

          • There is no debate. Conservatism is not a substitute for Racialism. A “small percentage of blacks” has no bearing on a nation centered on Race and cemented with strict racial standards. A small percentage of blacks in any other context, however, is nothing more than a pretext for more of the same old nonsense we’ve had to endure for decades now.

            Believe me, I would never confuse you for an extreme racialist. I’ve run across more than a few sane and respectable black folks. That doesn’t mean I would hold them up as some kind of testament to the virtues of being conservative. Tim Scott or Mia Love taint the gene pool no less than Al Sharpton or Oprah Winfrey. I am a racist, and I wear that label with pride. Everyone I know in real life either accepts this or I keep them at a distance. You are a conservative, not a racialist.

            And since you seem like the kind of guy that would harp about “anonymous individuals” attacking you when you supposedly use your real name, I’ll give you mine to put your mind at ease:

            John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

            Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But his name really is my name too.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            “Conservatism is not a substitute for Racialism…”

            I guess our priorities differ: I am more concerned with the immediate priority of trying to prevent the destruction and subjugation of America at the hands of communists, Islamic Terrorists, and their useful idiots.

            You seem to be more interested in maintaining the purity of our racial stock, while Rome burns…

          • You said that some people couldn’t differentiate the Mia Loves from the Al Sharptons. Frankly, I don’t think you see how they are intertwined. One rode in on a wave created by White Guilt that they were instrumental in creating and perpetuating. Their job description is basically race pimp. The other rode in on that very same wave, while being propped up by a Conservative base that is really more concerned about staving off accusations of racism(White Guilt) and attaining power for the sake of attaining power. If Republicans had no desire to actually do anything for White America all of the years previously when it was mostly White people, then what rationale can you possibly come up with that a Republican party will be any different with more black people at the reins?

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I can’t agree: Obama WAS elected by useful idiots because of white guilt. However, Mia Love and Tim Scott were elected despite their skin color, and because they campaigned on issues that white people with good sense consider important.

          • Racialists don’t vote for black people. Democrats do… Republicans do… Conservatives do… but “good sense” is not something I would attach to people who have been raped forward, backward, up, down and sideways election after election, and yet still vote for the exact same promises and hopes of changing the status quo. When I see people like you talk about Obama like he’s the gauge for everything that is wrong with the country, I wonder what your explanation can be for all of those Bush years that gutted the country just the same.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Then why don’t you start your OWN political party, and the two of you can debate the issues endlessly, while men of action begin the task of cleaning out the Augean Stables…?

          • You’re a man of action, Earl?

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I am a veteran of the battles for the St. Louis School Board, an attempt to take over the Board and end the Desegregation Program in St. Louis. We would have had a majority on the Board were it not for the ubiquitous black voter fraud for which St. Louis is infamous.

            I have also served many times as an Election Judge and Election Observer in the darkest and most dangerous areas of St. Louis, where no other white dared tread.

            Until recently, I was the National President and Chairman of the Board of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

            I also had a radio show in St. Louis for 9.5 years, devoted almost exclusively to racial issues

            What have you done, bub, besides snipe at everyone who has actually done something…?????????????????

          • No, Earl, I’m not sniping at everyone, mainly you and your attempt to inject geriatric Conservatism into actual Racialist thought. You can deny that you are peddling your own version of the Magic Negro Syndrome, but that is exactly what you are doing. Then you go on to twist my words and insist that I said all black people are the same.

            Now after telling me everything you’ve done, why don’t you tell me what you’ve actually done. Got any major support now from being a veteran of all those “battles” and being a veteran Conservative? Big following there, Earl? No? Has your wonderful activism affected me in any positive way I can measure? No?

            Tell me, bub, if you’re such a man of action, why are you doing exactly the same thing I am, in exactly the same position? Such a man of action are you that you’re now commenting on the Internet and peddling your defense of black Republicans on a Race Realist website, and then telling people that they must not be able to differentiate between the good black people and the bad black people? I guess if we could, we’d all see the brilliance in voting for any conservative black person we come across. We don’t want to be known as racists, now do we, Earl?

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Not looking for a following. Not looking for recognition. DEFINITELY not looking for your approbation, but still waiting to hear what YOU HAVE DONE.

            One can rarely be certain that one’s actions will necessarily be beneficial to the cause of restoring Constitutional Government to the United States. For example, the 189 men who held the Alamo for 13 days, and gave Houston an opportunity to escape Santa Ana’s army didn’t know what the future held in store for them, or Texas, or even the United States, but each man did the best he could with what he had.

            Likewise, the Rangers who hit the beaches of Normandy didn’t know if they were going to be alive an hour later, but they did what they had to do with what they had, and didn’t sit around griping and picking fights with anyone who would bother to respond to them.

            They did NOT engage in a Circular Firing Squad as you seem to enjoy doing…

          • You’ve relegated your position to history lessons by evoking The Alamo and even the beaches of Normandy? Yeah, you’re a Davy Crockett if ever there was one. How about I switch The Alamo and WW II references and replace them with Custer? Seems more appropriate.

            A “Circular Firing Squad” implies that we might be on the same team. You are a Conservative who has come to a Race Realist site to infect others with MNS. You just can’t fathom how people don’t see your new crush with black conservatives in the same light as you do. I am NOT a Conservative. I am a Racialist. When it comes down to practical applications, we aren’t really on the same team. We just happen to probably have some overlap, but that all went out the window the second you tried to sell people on the Magic Negro vote.

          • none of your business

            Keep it up, race realism,, White nationalism or White survival has nothing to do with conservatism, Christianity, capitalism, guns, gays, family values or anything else.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I don’t think you should waste your time communicating with someone like me, who doesn’t “get it”…

          • Snardley Butler

            I enjoy your posts, you are the kind of person that whites need more of. Most of these guys here are nuts and will never accomplish a thing other than whining on a message board.

          • none of your business

            Patriotic Whites are fools. America hates us and wants us gone. The White world of 1945 will never be resurrected. White republicans and conservatives are as deluded as White democrats and liberals. What does the Alamo have to do with anything? Texas has a bigger percentage of messicans now than it did back when Texas was messican territory, about 2/3 American and German and 1/3 messican. The Texans did not hold out for 13 days either. Santa Anna spent 12 days arranging his siege equipment and soldiers. His hope was that with his overwhelming show of force Crocket, Bowie and the rest would surrender peacefully.
            Santa Anna did not attack until the 13th day. Crockett and the others did not have to fight off any attacks for the first 12 days because Santa Ana did not attack those first 12 days.
            As far as Normandy goes, all the defeat of Germany in WW2 did was turn over E. and C Europe and China to the communists.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I have been VICIOUSLY critical of both Bushes on a regular basis, just as I have been viciously critical of all the Republicans who have betrayed us on a regular basis.

          • Mary

            I don’t want my government to “do anything” for me. Just LEAVE ME ALONE.

          • Snardley Butler

            HEAR HEAR!!!!!! Thank you Mary!!

          • none of your business

            America is the enemy of American Whites. The flag is the flag of a country that wants us gone and dead.

          • [Guest]

            >>>… indistinguishable from most decent white people except for skin color.

            Not to be vituperative, but I think that race realists take racial differences to be more than skin deep. I believe that myself, although I haven’t always.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Do you believe that blacks are accursed by God, or something? Like the “Curse of Ham” or something like that?

            Most racial differences ARE more than skin deep: For example, low I.Q. is definitely LINKED with negroid skin color. However, that does not mean that someone who has black skin color is ALWAYS an idiot, (Tom Sowell is probably around a 170 I.Q.) nor does it mean that person is ALWAYS a criminal, despite the fact that the vast majority can be accurately described in this manner.

            It also means that they are not all traitors or socialists or children, despite the vast majority.

          • You just don’t get it, Earl. Most Racialists are Racialist because we see White people as a distinct racial group that shouldn’t be amalgamated into extinction just because there might be a few(or a billion) good black people willing to jump on the good old GOP bandwagon. You’re peddling your conservative/colorblind affliction on a site that pretty much revolves around race.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I’m not peddling ANYTHING, and have never advocated any white being “color-blind”: They would soon become prey for the 95% of blacks who cannot be trusted under any circumstances

            I have a Ph.D. in Nigrology, and earned much of it the hard way…

          • TL2014

            Very well said! Couldn’t have said it better Earl!

          • Mary

            You can move him. He would rather marginalized the 5% of functional blacks and even the Republicans.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            95% of blacks are violent, savage, witless, predatory, immoral and absolutely useless by any reasonable standard, but these characteristics are NOT attributable to their skin color, they are merely LINKED in most cases.

            I am unwilling to condemn the few bright and honest and law-abiding ones — many of whom live exemplary lives and exhibit personal characteristics we allege that we value, even relative to many whites — because they happen to have dark skin.

            We would be in real trouble if Clarence Thomas were not on the Supreme Court, where he has voted more conservatively and more in the manner of a strict Constitutionalist than all but Scalia and Alito.

            Likewise, Thomas Sowell is not just a leading black intellectual, he is a leading intellectual, and intelligent and honest people listen to him. We are also indebted to Tim Scott, who has a 100% rating by the American Conservative Union.

            We may just have to disagree on this one…

          • but these characteristics are NOT attributable to their skin color, they are merely LINKED in most cases.

            Like I said, you are a Conservative, not a racialist. That wasn’t necessarily meant as a slight, but rather an honest evaluation of your speech. You think you can wean black people off of the genetic predispositions they have. You want to think of yourself as a kind of Negro Whisperer who believes black people have been duped by evil liberals and Democrats. They’ll go to church, tune in to Hannity or Rush, vote Republican… it’ll all be rainbows and butterflies then.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I DO NOT think that I (nor anyone else) can wean blacks off of their genetic predispositions: However, those predispositions do not apply to ALL of them, any more than such characteristics as creativity and intelligence and industry apply to all whites.

            Also, I am NOT a big fan of anyone trying to recruit blacks for the Republican Party, and have been very critical of the RNC’s attempts to recruit so many of them for a “Team Photo,” when many of the former do not share any values or principles that we cherish.

            People like Mia Love, Tim Scott and Clarence Thomas did not have to be recruited, they found their own way to the party because they were attracted by its philosophy and principles.

          • You get ALL OF THEM, regardless of how you try and rationalize it. Do you not comprehend that without a stated and specific threshold of racial inclusion/exclusion, you can’t simply separate the bad from good and pretend that only the good ones have any bearing on your future? If it were so easy to have the good black people propel society or a community forward, then why do pretty much all neighborhoods and communities implode when black leaders are elected and the black population increases?

            You can’t hide some idea of milquetoast racialism behind a veneer of slavish conservatism and multiracial brotherhood. The very first thing that will be attacked and purged is any and every vestige of racialism. That’s how it works. You are trying to find a silver lining in something that is nothing more than another nail in the coffin.

            I don’t understand Conservative rationale much like you probably don’t understand Racialist rationale. Conservatives are doing nothing but looking to try and profit off of the nails being put into the coffin, while Racialists like myself would much rather see someone not be content with laying in the coffin and accepting defeat. “awww, look, they’re using the nice expensive nails. Well this isn’t so bad, I guess it’s better than those dirty, dingy, rusty nails.”

            I’m really not trying to tear down your personal reasons for doing what you feel is in your best interests. I just want to make it abundantly clear that the path you’ve chosen is not Racialism. It’s a path that I will never understand and never follow.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            They are not all alike. I’m growing weary of this…

          • Now you are starting to sound more like a Leftist anti-White. Where did I say they were all alike?

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I was not quoting you, I was merely making a succinct observation.

          • none of your business

            So because of black conservatives and their bible babbling preachers you approve of affirmative action because one out of one thousand black govt “workers” just might be as competent as the average White?
            Look at the history of the Republican party, freed the slaves, brought them north, pro civil rights voted in favor of civil rights acts of 1864 and 1968. Eisenhower sent the army to Little Rock ark to force White teens into a black thugs school with bayonets (yes there are pictures, White girls and White soldiers with bayonet inches away from the girls backs. Earl Warren a republican shoved through Brown vs Topeka Nixon created section 8 and implemented Humphrey’s affirmative action. Reagan, Bushes and the rest of the Republicans did absolutely nothing to stop the destruction of Whites. Conservatives are REpublicans who reads the old testament, support Israel over the United States and want Ben Carson for President for just one reason, he is against abortion; abortion being the only thing that has kept black crime in check.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            You are delusional, and may well be psychotic. I cannot reason with mentally deranged individuals. Do NOT correspond with me again.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            If you genuinely think I agree with any of that — based on anything I’ve said — then you are delusional and quite non compis mentis…

          • Black Swan

            The recent election on Tuesday was not a win for Whites in any way because neither party is pro-White.

            The Republicans are no different from the Democrats, they’re taking us to the same place, albeit a bit slower: Loss of White homelands, displacement and replacement of Whites.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I don’t believe ANY of those things you attribute to me…

          • Black Swan

            “You think you can wean black people off of the genetic predispositions they have…”

            One of which is violence and a propensity for attacking Whites because it has been drummed into their pea brains since birth that Whites are the cause of all their poverty, violence and failure.

            When it comes to blacks and violence, I follow crime statistics, which, as bad as they are, I believe are much higher for black crime than what the DOJ and FBI put out.

            I’m not going to stop and think: Hey, is that guy another Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas? Or, more likely, is he Letalvis D. Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson or George Thomas, the ones who tortured/raped/murdered Channon Christensen?

            Best to keep a distance from ALL blacks rather than think any given blacks may be another Thomas Sowell. I’ve always said the “good” blacks like Sowell are truly harmed by the majority of violent, low IQ blacks.

          • Charlie

            I understand where you’re coming from, but what do you expect? When was the last time, that a White political figure, was a “race realist”? The last two “race realist” White politicians, died out some ten years ago, with Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms, and even they largely recanted their views, in the last years of their life…which actually means that, the last race realist political figures in the U.S., were in the early 1970’s with the Independent George Wallace…I mean, do you really believe that a White politicians, even if they live in virtually all-White locales like Montana, Idaho, New Hampshire, Maine, the Dakotas, etc, can run on a pro-White ticket, and go unnoticed, let alone gain a wide following? The Juden, who control the media, will never allow that to happen in a thousand years, for they will use every weapon and tactic, at their disposal, to destroy that pro-White political figure…if anything, this is a blessing in disguise, for it actually strengthens our cause…if you know your history of “race realist”, i.e. Fascist political success stories, you’ll know that strong Conservatism, comes before successful race realism…let’s face it, Conservatives haven’t stuck to their guns, while Liberals have been so radically Liberal, that only a severe anti-Liberal backlash, can result…hopefully, by her being a minority in the GOP, she’ll work ever harder than most “White” GOPers…

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I’m not convinced that Jesse Helms recanted ANY of his racial politics. I know George Wallace did while he was dying, but I attribute that more to his illness than ant real changes in his principles. (I won’t comment on Strom Thurmond’s extra-curricular activities, of which I disapprove…)

          • none of your business

            Keep going, you are doing better than I can. Conservatives are not our friends. If they were Ronald Reagan would have eliminated affirmative action and the US Department of Education and HUD.
            Instead he made affirmative action worse, allowed the Department of Education rampant over conservative values and allowed HUD to continue its destruction of White neighborhoods. He also lobbied for and signed into law California’s legalization of abortion. All it takes for a conservative to fall in love with a black is for the black to appear with a bible in his or her hands and yammer about the sin of aborting future black thugs and thug factories.

      • Cid Campeador

        If all Blacks were like Condi Rice and Mia Love, we wouldn’t be posting here.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          I agree. I also think you’ll find Mia Love a lot more principled and a lot more of a fighter than Condi Rice ever was…

          • I told you that you were peddling it. I’m rarely ever wrong, Earl.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Clearly, you are a legend in your own mind…

          • But I was right. You are peddling it even harder now.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Yes, Mia Love is married to a white man and has three mulatto children. And these mulatto children will likely marry other blacks and consequently, will have more black children, and hence, grandchildren and great-grandchildren on down the line. Tragically, the white bloodline ends with Mia Love.

      As much as I despise Democrats and welcome the Republican majority, this Haitian alien in Mia Love shouldn’t have been elected. Again, we blame the white man for being had yet again, snookered into voting for a black for the same reasons they voted for Obama – merely to strut around like puff-adders, proud to blare to the world that “we’re not racist.”

      • Whitesneedtobebrave

        I agree. You are wrong that the white blood line ended with Mia Love. It ended with her husband since he is pure white. I do not approved of mixed marriages especially marriages between negroes and whites. Their kids inherit all of the bad black genes and they act worse that real blacks do. We need to stop thie encouragement of mixed marriages and Christian churches also need to stop touting that.
        I agree that most republicans just act like they like her to show off that they are not racist. I hope she does not do a 180 and become a RINO like Rubio and McCain.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          If that happens, I’ll kiss your back-side on the steps of the Capitol Building, high Noon, Christmas Day…

          • At the onset of the denial phase, the symptoms of MNS become more pervasive and entrenched into the psyche. Unfortunately, penicillin won’t cure this.

          • Earl P. Holt III


          • Whitesneedtobebrave

            I look forward to it Earl. But I hope not for the sake of the nation.

      • pcmustgo

        Idk, a lot of middle class mulatto men with white fathers will wind up marrying white women.

        • Whitesneedtobebrave

          Pcmustgo, they may marry white women who shamelessly bed down with these mulatto men, but the kids are still contaminated with the black gene.

    • Scott Rosen

      That’s because Grahamnesty is a white homosexual, and Africans, with the exception of the down-low bruthas, hate homosexuals. I’m amazed the left has kept their coalition of hatervictims together for so long.

  • connorhus

    The question is are they simply Affirmative Action Republicans who won so the other Republicans can point and say “See we aren’t racist” and if they are actually part of the Black 1% will they turn coat like Powell and company?

    If they truly are competent, well meaning politicians then I have no problem with them but Republicans backing Black candidates simply because they are Black makes me sick. Those like Herman Cain, that Doctor Ben guy, Powell, Rice etc.

    • IstvanIN

      Powell showed his true colors, didn’t he?

    • [Guest]

      >>>If they truly are competent, well meaning politicians then I have no problem with them…

      I do. I don’t want or need a black in any position of authority or influence over me or my family or friends at any time or for any reason.

  • gemjunior

    Why does the article stress that the two black candidates were elected in their states “for the first time since Reconstruction?” Obviously they couldn’t be elected before Reconstruction, or could they? Am I missing something here?

    • shatwood

      I think it’s just saying they got elected for the first time since it was possible.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        South Carolina had 6 Black U.S. Representatives between 1870 and 1887.

        • propagandaoftruth

          We also had the KKK.

      • LHathaway

        Nope. Republicans helped elect, or put a lot of blacks into positions of power after the civil war.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Propaganda. The media feels a duty to remind you at every opportunity that there was once a time when blacks had a different role in our social order. They shoe-horn it in every chance they get. Doesn’t have to add to the story.

    • During Reconstruction, most whites were not allowed to vote. Therefore, in the “reconstructed” (occupied) areas of Dixie, about the only kind of people that could vote were blacks and traitor/carpetbagger/scalawag whites. Therefore, during the Reconstruction years, a lot of blacks did win a lot of offices in the South. But after the lucky circumstance of the 1876 Presidential election, and the subsequent end of occupation, whites were able to vote again, blacks weren’t, and sanity was restored.

      When modern political rhetoric uses the phrase “first time since Reconstruction,” it means that it’s a black candidate in the South that won a statewide election based on enough white votes, one that could win who didn’t need the luxury of most white people being disenfranchised.

      • R L Buds

        Wow I have never heard any of this, but it’s easy to believe. I have always lived in the North and the Civil War (and after) was never really made out to be a big issue, i guess maybe because we were the aggressors and won the war.
        I am going to have to look into this more, thanks.

        • As you do your research, you’ll find out the real reason the Ku Klux Klan was started. I’ll give you a hint: The occupying Union forces had a hands off strategy when it came to black crime.

          • It was the KKK that prosecuted black-on-white violence, especially violence against white women. Margaret Mitchell’s depiction of the Klan as a vigilante force in Gone with the Wind is apparently quite accurate. So many white women were left without a man to protect them or their children after the war. They were perfect targets for rampaging, newly freed negroes.

      • gemjunior

        Thanks. Not much has changed really, they still need for whites to be somewhat disenfranchised on the whole for them to get anywhere. I mean in jobs, academia, etc. – whites must be brought down in some way. Whites are discriminated against in almost everything in order for blacks to “win”. I know how horribly decent, southern whites were treated after the civil war but I didn’t know they couldn’t vote.

    • LHathaway

      Good question. I bet in the north they could have been.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    I’m heartened by the electoral repudiation of Democrats, who have been guilty of governmental malpractice lo these 6 years, but I am not sanguine about the implications of the turnover.

    The Bush administration was an ineptocracy, the Obama administration a clown show, what follows will be worse yet, I’m afraid. At least there may be the hum of activity among the pitchfork, torch, and basket crowd.

    • See The Future

      Electing 45 or so Democrats is repudiation??? Looking at Obama for the past 6 years you would have to be insane or crazy to vote Democrat. More proof people are stupid.

  • SolStans

    I’m a race realist, against miscegenation, and all for limiting Caribbean immigration, but I just like this Mia Love. She’s got a sound platform, and doesn’t hate whitey.

    • IstvanIN

      She is married to YT.

      • LHathaway

        love and hate are the same thing.

      • SolStans

        That’s why I mentioned the mixing. What’s done is done, but if she’s got some love for her white husband, maybe she’ll call out the race-baiting blacks for their blatant anti-white stances. I’m not about to pretend she’s some magical, wondrous, thin mammy, sent to us to save us from her extended kin group. But, she’s pro-gun, pro-life, and seems like she’s got a good head on her shoulders. She can’t help she’s black.

        • Garrett Brown

          Making exceptions is what got us here in the first place. A few here, a few there…

          • SolStans

            I figure if she’s useful for some other issues I care about, I’m not going to spit on her. I get what you’re saying: making exceptions tends toward slippery slopes, but they don’t if you don’t let them. I can tell the difference between a Mia Love and an Ofrah Wimbly, and I’ll be sure to judge accordingly.

          • Garrett Brown

            You cannot prevent negative effects from happening for having exceptions. Again, that’s what our leaders thought originally in the 50s/60s and it has led to our decline.

          • SolStans

            If nothing else, I like to see how much her win and term piss off the SJWs on the left, as well as the typical gibsmedat-voting negreaux.

          • Pathfinder75

            Then the next thing you know,we’re the proverbial frogs in the kettle not realizing what’s happening to us until it’s too late.

            Clearly,Mia Love is merely the latest Trojan Horse candidate to run as a Republican,whose only real effect will be the beguilement of certain gullible Whites who are desperate to escape the “taint” of being called a “racist”.

    • Same could have been said about Colin Powell a while back.

      • SolStans

        Colin’s got that “high-yella-with-something-to-prove” affliction, like 0 and Holdup. I believe Mia Love, though, when she says she’s comfortable in her own skin. I wouldn’t be, but I think she is.

        • Exactly. She is legitimately one of the “talented tenth” whereas colin was merely a mulatto. She’s black, and atleast reasonably intelligent.

          She is not magical. But she at least doesnt have the inner conflict of knowing that the only reason she could read before the age of 15 is the white genes floating around inside her, pushing her to resent, and then hate that whiteness for its superiority.

          She’s black. And appears to support some of the right topics, that is certainly a much better option, for NOW than a democrat who is against EVERYTHING we need and stand for.

      • meanqueen

        I think black conservatives just got overly excited and emotional at the prospect of the first black president. Many didn’t know just how smarmy Obama was in the beginning. Now “the first black prez” has been done, and is over.

  • superlloyd

    I hope this doesn’t presage the advent of a black presidential candidate like Ben Carson who has been flagged as a possibility. Let Obama be the first and last.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Ben Carson is milquetoast. His speaking style hints of ebonics, and although I hear he is a doctor (surgeon?) I understand he is for gun control.

      There have been trivial ads on the air of panicked Republicans “paging” Dr. Carson to the “emergency room” to resucitate the flagging prospects of another Republican presidency.

      the whole black-kissing thing is making me absolutely sick, and if this is the best the GOP can put up, it is very, sick, sick, political party.

      • IstvanIN

        There are a huge number of Republicans who actually believe that they are just like us deep inside. I know them. It is insane. Truly insane.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          As someone said a while back, what advantage do black candidates have in the Democratic party? answer: NONE. they do have powerful advantages in the Republican party..they are few and far between which draws the attention of FOX, and neoconservative media. They get played up. Next thing you know, they are fast-tracked to higher office to stave off “racist” charges that the GOP is “too” white. The GOP nerviously points over there and says, “see, we got blacks in the party…” We’re not racist.”

          I’m sure black Republicans really ENJOY being showered with all the attention that fearful whites give them, knowing that their blackness brings a special privilege in the party that no white has.

          • Augustus3709

            So change the conversation. Make it about Merit. Allow for White Advocacy. Start down a positive path. Use the language of other “activists”. Talk about “opportunities” for the White community, “Investment” in White schools, safety for White neighborhoods, freedom and self-determination etc, the things that this country is supposed to exist for. Control the conversation. We can at least change the tone of the conversation on the internet, and with people we know in real life.

          • Max

            “Racism Insurance”.

        • UncleSham

          I have those in my family. They think the noble Black race was corrupted by evil White liberals. Republicans are more clueless than Democrats when it comes to the reality of race. Democrats talk about everyone being equal because it helps them gain power, but they know its a lie. A lot of the Republicans actually believe that nonsense. They think that if we get rid of welfare and create a meritocracy that Blacks will finally get it together and be just as successful as White people.

    • George Costanza

      Ben Carson is anti-2A…No thank you!

      • Ben Carson is black…No thank you!

        • George Costanza


      • meanqueen

        I thought he reversed his position on the second amendment, saying he was for gun control for the DC area only (where he worked and operated on a lot of gunshot victims). He has no political experience, which makes him a no vote for me, but I do like him. He’s a good man.

    • jayvbellis

      There will be lots of talk, talk, talk about this, same as the last Black Republican hero Colin Powell. More likely, the Repubs will make him the Vice President nominee in hopes of getting the lying media to give them a break. Pat Buchanan, more like Pat’s sister did this when Buchanan made a Black, female John birch member his Reform Party candidate – they got ~ 0 %.

    • Touchstone, King of Fools (for

      If nothing else, the Republicans won’t run Carson, just because the party establishment doesn’t think he’s ‘electable’. As much as some of the more gullible Tea Partiers like him, he has no government, campaigning, or debate experience. Even Joe Biden would probably flatten him in a general election.

  • Luca

    Again, the real problem is not blacks, it’s the liberals who groom them to run amok. When blacks behave like civilized human beings, we don’t have nearly the problem we do now.

    The problem is that there are few of them because they are easily swayed into the liberal Democratic plantation.

    • Guest

      c’mon… you’re a smart man, the black community in this country has a serious problem, it’s pathological and misguided spiritually. They can’t think for themselves…And I’ll remind you with this adage from Obi WAn Kneobi..”whose the more foolish the fool of the fools who follow him”

      I would agree that they are a few blacks willing to think for themselves, but they are certainly the exception to the rule.

      • M&S

        I would agree that they are a few blacks willing to think for themselves, but they are certainly the exception to the rule.


        As soon as the woman says she is for controlled immigration reform and open borders she shoots her own race in the foot _first_.

        Racial cognizance is the one, NATURAL (unaffected), act of ‘as my group, so for me…’ self-measure there is. Anyone can mistake cunning for intelligence, it’s merely a matter of how skilled the con is at controlling the environmental factors by which no proof is needed.

        But wisdom, as that which makes us Sapient, not merely Smart, is counterfactual. It deals not with what obviously is, in the moment, but what /could be/, if you don’t stabilize or change the vectors that cause a problem.

        If Mrs. Love was capable of independent reason, she would say: “I won’t endorse open borders because blacks are at the bottom of the economic heap as is, they don’t need Mexicans climbing up the ladder overtop them.”

        Is counterfactual because it finds identity in the plight of other blacks the potential of threat to oneself, even if you are not of their class. If the black power base is destroyed in the U.S. by a replacement wage slave menial class, then blacks will have _nothing_ to give and nobody will court their complicity or care about some past victimization.

        Whites are in the same boat and just don’t see it for what it is because we assume that the only competitors who matter are other whites and divide ourselves against each other, accordingly.

        Why do whites need a black willing to play the game of acceptable (harmless, pointless) allegiances while screwing her own over? If she will do that to her own, what cause does she have to recognize the _serious_ (not AA, not 2A) issues facing us?

        Immigration is what will make affirmative action impossible to sustain as privilege for the stupid. No easy jobs is what will make crime soar and 2nd Amendment rights essential to defend white families.

        We draw the line _here_.

        And Mrs. Love has already shown which side of that line she is going to come down on.

        Republicans are idiots for this reason alone. They could hire a black speaker to talk about what happens to minority jobs in the face of unchecked immigration in a society which is already facing 16% real unemployment and 21% underemployment.

        And no one would dare call her racist or if they did, her response could be “Hell Yeah, and who is defending the blacks of this nation, you?”
        And that would bust the dam wide open on what _racial preference_ as in-group loyalities really meant.

        Instead, these moronic gits will pretend that it means just the opposite: that there are and should be no such loyalties because that is ‘racist’.

        Which equates to another lost opportunity to get a word in on what these so called hate-terms really mean.

        • Luca

          Mia Love is vilified in the liberal press as anti-immigrant, which means she is for border security, controlled legal immigration, but not for illegal immigration, anchor babies etc.

  • Jaggers

    I would just as soon do without these token blacks. They won’t help attract minorities to the GOP, they just make the more benighted Republicans cry about how “not racist” they are. Sorry, I’m just not interested in that game.

    • Ernest

      I don’t understand the whole thing about attracting minorities anyway. Until whites have their own specific race based political group this is all tilting at windmills. The left specifically advances and fights for race based, and as a result anti-white, everything(laws, policies and culture) and the right(GOP) is almost totally toothless to combat it.

  • Dimwit Sean Hannity has been promoting Mia Love and Dr. Ben Carson for the longest time. Part of this is a psy op by the power elites who donate big to the Repugnant Party. The goal is to lull whites into being “colorblind” by the trick of making us think that once the GOP (gay old party) hones its message, blacks will start supporting fiscally sound financial policies and small government.

    Maybe 1 in 100 blacks (being generous) thinks along logical lines, seeking the good of all. The rest are “gibsmedat” voters.

    BTW, that picture of Mia Love is flattering. The ones on Drudge Report I saw show her to be really, really, ugly, showing simian roots very clearly.

    • MekongDelta69

      I’m gonna go with higher odds than 100 to 1.

      I’m rounding off all these figures, but there are about 39,000,000 blacks in America.

      Take the ridiculous proposition that every black person from age 0-100 votes. They vote 97-98% for (whatever) black guy who runs for anything. That’s 800,000 – 1,200,000 people who don’t for the black guy.

      Now obviously, people from 0-18 don’t vote, and I’m going to (arbitrarily) exclude people from 80-100. What’s that come to? Maybe a third or more of 39,000,000 – leaving maybe 26,000,000 or so? How many blacks from 18-80 actually vote? About 17-18 million or so. That comes to about 340,000 – 360,000 who didn’t vote for NoBama.

      That’s more than 100-1 who think along logical lines. (At least when it comes to voting.) And I’m sure that of those (approx.) 350,000 blacks, a large portion of them are very ‘race aware.’

      As I mentioned, these are all approx. figures, but you get the point…

      • Luca

        Approximately 95% of blacks vote for Democrats thanks to FDR and LBJ. Blacks will not vote for a black conservative based on race alone. They vilify black conservatives. Prior to FDR, blacks voted overwhelmingly for the GOP candidate. Fifty years of grooming them to become liberal pets have paid handsome dividends for Democrats. Republicans should try to increase those percentages beyond 5%.

        • Max

          Yes, gibsmedats trumps even race. Racial unity helps the group in the longer term but promises of freebees helps the individual in the short run and they’ll vote accordingly.

  • jayvbellis

    It’s a solid victory for our side.

    Now let’s follow up this victory by getting organized, using political power to gain cultural power.

    Be on guard for the various deceptions, corruptions that derailed our victories in the past. Stuff like Neo Con, Christian Zionist war mongering against Iran or worse Russia.

    • [Guest]

      >>>It’s a solid victory for our side.

      How so? I know of no race realist who was running for the House or Senate, and I certainly know of none that got elected.

      Would even one of the politicians who won election yesterday dare to say that he’s committed to doing what’s best for white people? No. What’s more, I’ll guarantee you that 100% of them would condemn such a statement as racist if anyone else said it.

      • jayvbellis

        You aren’t looking.

        Follow Laura Ingram and Ann Coulter’s lead.

        Don’t worry so much about what people say.

        White Southerners now completely dominate the South. That’s a good thing.

        Unless you foolishly believe “bad means good” then this election was very, very good.

        • SlizzardAjeosshi

          Very well said, Sir

      • M&S

        No. What’s more, I’ll guarantee you that 100% of them would condemn such a statement as racist if anyone else said it.

        indeed, they would be gutted for doing so, by their own party.

        Because business is not about continuance it is about momentary advantage. And this nation’s government has long since ceased to be about achieving a continuance of benefits for it’s chief population group.

        This is where the silent majority of behind-the-scenesers lose their religion IMO. Because if they don’t CAN AND REVERSE the radical racial replacement policies of this nation, nothing which they do on the sly, without the notice of press, population or government, will matter.

        Their will be specific quotas as ‘Regional Equities’ of population resource redistribution and if those quotas are not met or do not cover the full value of the white populations material and privilege based wealth, then they will be jacked up until they do.

        By force.

        Better to make it a straight up fight and be honest about racism. And certainly no better chance to say: “They are MY people, much as blacks are Mr. Holder’s, and I will not be ashamed of helping them out, preferentially.”
        The idiots claim we are cowards about race. That we don’t want a conversation. Fine. Let’s start that conversation by saying: “I want everything whites do and produce to be for white benefit. Blacks can have everything they do and build, for themselves, without taxation or penalty.”
        And watch the jaws drop. Because that is what these dependent populations have opened the door to.

    • Ernest

      Until we get specifically white and Western on the political front it ain’t going to happen.

    • M&S

      Now let’s follow up this victory by getting organized, using political power to gain cultural power.

      Organized for what? You mean like the Occupy movement whose brave socialists had the loyalties of hundreds of homeless campers?

      Please. Like Santa, the day after Christmas, your /allowed/ (symbolic, for show, figurehead) role in your own governance is now over for another four-six years.

      For whites to have power is for whites to have a voice in dictating the DAILY topics and direction of Congressional debate, /after/ the election.

      Representative Democracy is a sham, designed to fragment political power and then distance the electorate from the policy makers who promptly do everything they can to disenable, disenfranchise and outright -destroy- their base.

      Unless you advocate for a Constitutional Convention which centers around direct vote and/or the right to immediately recall any elected official for deviating from his candidacy platform, you just don’t get how far from reality politics in this nation has strayed.
      Here’s a hint: If both sides are backing the same multicult swill as endorsement of white racial annihilation in this nation, rather than setting up competitive political counterpoints which supports the FACTS of that destructive potential, then they are nothing more than mouthpieces for an agenda that is dictated to them to sell.
      They are no more ‘in charge’ of their party’s or this country’s political narrative, than you are.

      • the right to immediately recall any elected official for deviating from his candidacy platform

        Where do I sign up for that one?

  • [Guest]

    By both genetics and choice, blacks are first and foremost black. I think that regardless of whether you supposedly agree with him or her, it’s perverse to elect or hire or promote or otherwise elevate a black because he or she is black.

    I was fed up with negrophilia decades ago, and I’m all the more sick of it today.

    • IstvanIN

      I have a friend, die-hard Republican, who is ga-ga over these two as well as Carl DeMaio, who I never heard of before. I seriously doubt the two blacks will take the tough stands against all immigration (which hurts blacks as well as Whites) which this country needs for any number of reasons. But Whites electing blacks to represent them is perverse. As for DeMaio, I know nothing about him but, once again, a gay Californian is unlikely to take the tough stands we need to save America. Hopefully I am wrong about all three. Of course, all the White males in both houses who have sold us down the river haven’t been of much use, either. Maybe those three will be better.

      • SolStans

        Even as a fellow member of DeMaio’s Theban band, the man skeeves me out. And that was before I read about his lavatory hijinx.

        • IstvanIN

          I had to google Theban. Good grief, DeMaio is like our former Governor McGreevey? Terrific! No chance of blackmail there.

          • SolStans

            God, I hope not. Nothing offends my senses more than blackmale.

      • [Guest]

        In political discussions, does your friend also like to mention blacks such as Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams? I used to do that until I realized that I was just trying to hold up token blacks as a shield against accusations of racism. (And, of course, it didn’t work anyway.)

        This business of applauding the election of black Republicans is like saying, “Hey, look! We got one too!” It’s like the Republicans think they must have some blacks on their side to “authenticate” their views.


    • Samuel Hathaway

      Negrophilia…that’s a good one. I settled in to enjoy the Democrats get buried under the Republican landslide, and what does CNN and FOX camp out on for practically one-quarter of the time? The “African-American” vote, and where the “African American” vote is that could possibly stave off the Republican landslide.

      • [Guest]

        Similarly, I come to American Renaissance to be around folks who care about white people, and on this very page are “sponsored links” containing not just one but two photos of the magic black in the White House and another of black football player Robert Griffin III and his white wife.

        At some point in the future, I expect that international law will require that at least one black face appear on every page of the Internet.

        • Kenner

          USA Today, the print version, had an unspoken rule back in the nineties that a black face MUST appear everyday on the front page, usually upper right inset, with a black performer, sports star or politician.
          Someone who had worked there said it was ironclad.

          • [Guest]

            That’s nutty but unsurprising.

            I once read a commentary in which it was said that if a space alien arrived in the United States today and based his impressions of the country on government policy and portrayals of people in media, he’d think this country was founded, built, maintained, and overwhelmingly populated by blacks.

            I thought that observation was spot on.

        • Max

          Those are probably targeted ad’s which are placed according to cookies on your machine from other sites you visit. If you for example, read some political article about His Hopefulness previously you will see related ad’s plus probably a few random bait ad’s thrown in to converge on what to target.

          • [Guest]

            That’s probably true, although the blacks pop up even after I’ve cleared website data. I wish my browser had an option to block photos of blacks and browns.

    • Max

      If these electees are genuine conservatives that is great but it is hard for me to believe that of ALL of the people in Utah. Tex. or S.C that these are the BEST possible choices of all of the persons who would be eligible and aspire to the positions. No, it is just window-dressing for a “strategically challenged” GOP and the proof of the folly is in the voter stat’s they provide. I think that there is something even more viscerally motivating for blacks than race -the desire for gibsmedats.

      • [Guest]

        I believe the Republicans are using black and brown faces as tokens, as if to say, “Hey, we got one too!”

        All the voters are supposed to go squishy with the tokenism. And a lot of ’em do.

  • Lord Sandwich

    I have no quarrel with blacks who get it. Allen West, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, and other anonymous blacks who understand America and understand conservatism. I wish Mia and Tim Scott the best. If most blacks were like them, a multi racial country might be possible. Black America follows the wrong leaders. It would benefit everyone if Blacks learn that and act upon it. I’m not holding my breath.

    • So you think the secret remedy to making multiracial society a possibility is centered around conservatism?

      • kyrifles

        “So you think the secret remedy to making multiracial society a possibility is centered around conservatism?”

        It’s centered around a common culture and a sense of oneness, as a people. The problem with blacks in this country is the pervasive separatism and grievance-mongering. Non-blacks don’t coalesce around obvious criminals who had it coming like Brown and Martin the way the black community does. It is this sociopathic streak reminiscent of predators in the wild that sets the vast majority of blacks apart from other races.

        • Lord Sandwich

          I’ll go with Ky’s answer.

    • Ernest

      “I have no quarrel with blacks who get it.”

      What is it you think they ‘get’? What percentage of blacks are not racial first? Even Condi Rice talks about the ‘stains of slavery’… Voting Republican or being ‘conservative’ in no way means they are allies. That is not to say ALL blacks are anti-white but other blacks who supposedly ‘get it’ are on a pretty long list. Colin ‘I Love Obama’ Powell, JC ‘Black Television News Channel’ Watts, Michael ‘hip hop’ Steele to name a few.

    • Sam_Bowdin

      I have no problem personally with those mentioned.

      They’d be good leaders for a black society with their own statehood and international agenda.

      A multi-racial society is possible; but for me not desirable.

      I think we can achieve and realize our potential the most when we’re bonded by our genes, culture and European ethnicity.

    • Lion’s Mane

      It’s not “conservatism” which will save our race and civilization. Multiracial societies are inherently weak, divided, and unstable, and doomed to blending away racial and cultural differences through miscegenation. Losing our race through miscegenation is the very catastrophe we are trying to steer clear of! Republicans have never really cared about poor or working-class Whites. Moreover, Clarence Thomas is married to a white woman and is a Republican Party-chosen symbol of “conservative” family values.

  • MBlanc46

    Blacks are here to stay and I suppose I should support those that favor rational policies. But I am having a hard time getting enthusiastic about these two.

    • IstvanIN

      Since most politicians of both parties have sold this country and its future down the river it is difficult to get enthusiastic about any of them. Would a tough as nails, totally pro-America black, anti-thug black politician get my support, if not my vote, probably, but the chances of any Pat Buchanan-type, of any race, getting elected is slim to none.

      • SolStans

        I was too young to realize it in ’92, but I’ve noticed myself saying, at least a few times a month, that PB should have been president.

    • [Guest]

      I can’t get enthusiastic about black people ruling over white people either.

      And I’m not trying.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    If running Tim Scott, a black Republican is meant to attract more black votes, what a laughable prospect. As the article states, only 10% of the black electorate voted for Senator Scott.

    Ten percent is the ceiling for any white Republican Senator if a black Republican could pull only 10%. In other words, the GOP played the race card in appointing Mr. Scott, only because he’s black to shield themselves from “racism” and to preen their own selfish moralizing and sermonizing about how wonderful they think of themselves. This election in 2014 where Mr. Scott received only 10% of the black vote serves the party NO PURPOSE going forward to expand its voting base.

    • kyrifles

      “If running Tim Scott, a black Republican is meant to attract more black votes, what a laughable prospect.”

      It won’t attract more black votes, but it might depress the black vote for the non-black Democrat on that line, among blacks who will abstain rather than vote against the black guy/gal.

  • MartelsGhost

    Two people driving a car, every once in a while the person on the left knocks the tires out of alignment creating a new point of center that is far to the left of what it once was, without the person on the right re-aligning the point of center the car continues to swerve left. Two blacks were elected by white guilt RINO’s. How is this a good thing? We’re supposed to proud because a haitian anchor baby has learned how to act White?

    • kyrifles

      “Two blacks were elected by white guilt RINO’s.”

      The GOP electorate doesn’t cares what race these pols are, as long as they support GOP policy planks. They’re not white guilt RINO’s, unless you define the term as any white who’s not a white nationalist.

  • StillModerated

    Please don’t tell me the Mormons are becoming coddlers and enablers. I find it hard to believe that a basketball team can survive there. She may yet join the Congressional Black Caucus or possibly come out if the closet.

    • J.R. Bean

      She’s already said she will join the black caucus — “to change it from the inside”, she said.

      • StillModerated

        I’ve learned enough about blacks to know that they will put skin color first when the rubber meets the road. I hope this token neocon is removed from office at the next possible opportunity.

      • StillModerated

        I can’t wait for the groupthink.

  • So Republican pundits and even some pro-White people fantasize about tens of millions of blacks backing the GOP, and that is supposed to be seen as some kind of victory for pro-White America? Do people need reminding that during the slow decline of this country over the past five decades, the Republicans were in the driver’s seat a good majority of the time? And this was when the Republican party was made up almost exclusively of White people.

    • [Guest]

      I can’t understand anyone professing to be pro-white and at the same time applauding a black being placed in governmental authority over white people.

      • Those two can’t exist in the same space. Unless the black person is specifically stating that he or she fully supports pro-White views and supports a future autonomous state for White people, then it’s all a giant step backwards.

      • Lion’s Mane

        Pro-White means you do not accept other races ruling over Whites. (For the record, I’m for independence for all races and nations, which means I don’t want Whites ruling over non-Whites either.)

        • [Guest]

          As far as I can tell, the opposing view is that if only blacks could and would act contrary to their natures and in imitation of white people, the only difference between the two races would be “skin color.”

          I don’t go along with that.

          • Rick O’Shea

            Even if there were literally no difference other than appearance between us, I would still value our unique appearance and genetic heritage. I like how our people look. I like how statues and paintings featuring our people look. I think we have a noble, beautiful appearance. I have good reason to believe other races objectively prefer how we look too, but even if that’s not true in a vacuum and is just some trick of cultural history… it doesn’t matter to me, I like my people, I like how they look, I like the societies we create, and I have come to understand there are important levels of us being ourselves which can only take place when we’re alone.

            I wouldn’t want us to be replaced by blacks even if the only difference were appearance because I think we’re objectively a more beautiful and interesting looking people with more unique coloration and refined features. If someone could demonstrate to me that this was entirely subjective, I wouldn’t care. I’d still feel the same way.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    You know most blacks hate illegal hispanics, but some will support hispanics when they both have to fight against their common enemy- the WHITE MAN. Talk about the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    More Republican pet minorities for wishy-washy guys like Hannity to fawn over.

  • MannyR

    OMG! Republicans trying to get blacks to vote for them is a bigger waste time than me writing January Jones and asking for a date! It ain’t gonna happen. Move on!

  • jayvbellis

    Read up in the final days of White Byzantine rule in Constantinople with the Turks and the swarthy Asiatic Monguls Muslims from Hell surrounding the center of White European (Christian) civilization.

    The remaining Whites including the noble last Greek Emperor tried all kinds of alliances, treaties – there was supposedly a deal that would end the Catholic-Orhodox Christian schism.

    On the other side – the swarthy, non White Muslim hordes also had some Blue eyed, White Muslim slave shock troops – the Janissaries. The Turkish Muslim sultan would steal these White Christian boys from Turkish occupied lands in Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria. These White boy slaves were then trained to be the elite military (slave) units.

    When the last Greek Emperor of Constantinople was cut down, fighting to the last on the gates of the City, he was fighting blue eyed, White Janissary troops… Also thousands of the worst Turk, Paki, Arab Muslim scum.

    I wonder if there were many race denying, Libertarian Constitutionalists in Constantinople at the end, if so, I hope they suffered the same fate traitors and Turks suffered at the hands of Dracula Vlad the Impaler.

    • Sam_Bowdin

      Spot-on historical analysis.

      The Republican party’s message: “See! We’re reaching out to minorities and we’re not racists.”

      I wonder if this women was on the Ferguson grand jury would she indite?


  • AFlaVet

    The only blacks that other blacks would ever vote for are those who have street “cred” and at least a felony or two on their rap sheets. And who are the real racists anyway? Everyone they hold up as examples of being truly black…are the thugs. The Divontre’s, Brown of Ferguson or the Trayvons.

  • Lion’s Mane

    The Repubs haven’t learned anything, and they doubtless never will. To their eternal shame, they glorified Colin Powell — worshipped the man — only to see him brazenly show his true color by turning his back on them as soon as he saw the he could vote for his own race in the person of Obama. It is beyond insane for Repub voters to believe that black politicians could sincerely have the best interests of white voters in their hearts and minds, yet this is what most Republican voters are prepared to believe.

    The Republicans are the true race-deniers in this game, and this makes them a greater danger to caring Whites than the Democrats. (The Democrats are at least explicit as to whose interests they care about and represent.) The Republican Party deserves political death. It has never been the party of White interests, even when these interests began to come under heavy fire from the Democrats. Only if it is got rid of can we even begin to hope for a turn-about, seeing as the U.S. is enslaved to a two-party system.

  • LeonNJ

    Like it or not the Republican Party does need more minorities and women. It will be hard to say if it will make any difference come 2016, but it’s what the party needs to show the public. Let’s be real, the party can not survive on white men alone.

    • The Party… It’s nice to see where your loyalty lies, Leon.

    • MannyR

      Yes it can, in fact the only way it keeps from becoming powerless is if it starts openly and aggressively working for traditional white working class voters. Minorities aren’t going to vote for a party that wants them to make a living on their own. They want handouts. The Republicans had better start realizing that or it’s over. They just wiped the floor with the Democrats because whites are tired of the Obama blame whitey shenanigans and voted them it office.

  • Guest

    Unless we cut through and eliminate the false Liberal vs. Conservative paradigm, we’re finished. Liberals openly admit that the one group they do NOT support are White Male Christians. I heard just the post-election words of a disgruntled liberal who said: “Ladies, Gays, Blacks, Latinos, say goodbye to any and all progress you have made. We’re about to live in a white male theocracy.” If the Left can be explicit about this, who is to speak up for Whites?

    • Liberal vs Conservative vs Racialist(Racist)

      Liberal and Conservative are both anti-Racist. In my world, a Racialist can be pretty much any combination of liberal and conservative. The only requirement I have is to be pro-White first and foremost.

      • Lion’s Mane

        That’s precisely my view as well. Race-realism will fail in politics if, in addition to preserving the race, an entire rigid agenda, religious or otherwise, is demanded of people, since few Whites will want their liberties taken away from them, or accept instruction as to what they must profess to believe on a whole array of non-essential and extraneous subjects.

        • That’s why we should be hoping for Democrats to win, or whoever’s the most anti-white. That’s why we should be helping to push things in the direction of events and policies that wake up white people, not taking exception to them and arguing against them as most of us naturally do. That’s why the fed, the feds, the banks, they all have to collapse. They’re going to collapse anyway. The things they’re all doing right now lead to their own destruction, unfortunately they also tend to facilitate our own destruction. Those of us who see the problem clearly, who see clearly the enemy who is doing it to us, are somewhat isolated now because the rest of the cattle are still happily chomping away, watching their unnatural television mind programming, staring at their iWhatevers, exposing themselves to constant streams of propaganda they’ve been brainwashed to believe are either entertainment or vitally important breaking news. That’s why things have to get worse before they can get better. Things will tend to get worse and therefore wake up white people as time simply goes on, but the longer that takes, the fewer whites there will be. So, better it happen sooner.

          • Lion’s Mane

            Tragically, we need to see large numbers Whites lose their jobs and educational opportunities strictly on account of reverse discrimination and for no other reason than the color of their skin.
            I hate to say it, as I don’t really want people (myself included) to suffer, but “Let the BAD TIMES ROLL”! Only when Whites are desperate can their be any hope for salvation.

            For years, I have believed that there is nothing more insidious than television and movies produced as mind programming by Liberals. This creates a powerful delusion that people are to be expected to think, feel, and behave as the characters are seen to do. The truth is, though weak-minded people cannot see it, simple enough: the actors and actresses are payed to think, feel, say, and do as they are told. This is totally unnatural. Television is the Frankenstein Monster that the White man has created that most helps facilitate his own demise. (Hint: think of television as including a variety of related recording media, including motion pictures, recorded music, etc.)

    • [Guest]

      Yeah, the familiar mistake is in equating liberal (or Democrat) with pro-black and conservative (or Republican) with pro-white. Even if that’s often true, it’s not necessarily true.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    I am sure one day she will show her true colors and that is that she stands with her negro race. So all the stupid white people who voted for her just to show that they are not racist like they voted for odumba will once again be cowering in fear when the whip of this Negress starts cracking.

    • She already said she would join the Congressional Black Caucus. Ya know, probably just to show all of those black people who have been bamboozled by liberals how the uppity conservative black folks do it. I’m still waiting for the Congressional White Caucus to be formed. Maybe the newest Magic Negro can use some of her super powers and make that happen.

      • Whitesneedtobebrave

        Black is as black does.

    • neverevrland

      She is both mormon and married to a white man and they have mulatto children together. I’m not sure how racially motivated she may or may not be, but time will tell. Mormons are big supporters of interracial marriage.

      • Whitesneedtobebrave

        Shame on them.

  • none of your business

    Is this supposed to be good news? How many Republicans starting with Nixon in 1968 have Whites elected only to see affirmative actin and black on White crime get worse and worse? Almost 50 years and Republicans take our votes and cater to every black and non White around.

  • Scott Rosen

    Repugnican’ts are so desperate to prove how racist they aren’t, that they’re chomping at the bit to re-nig with the affirmative action doctor.

  • mikefromwichita

    Great two more RINO’s.