Brooklyn Principal Apologizes for Remark Deemed Offensive

Elizabeth A. Harris, New York Times, November 6, 2014

The principal of an elite public school in Brooklyn who infuriated parents this week by making what some considered an insensitive remark about learning Spanish has apologized, officials said on Wednesday.

According to several parents, the principal, Donna Taylor, of Public School Intermediate School 686, which is known as the Brooklyn School of Inquiry, said at an open house for potential middle school parents on Tuesday that in New York City, “if you don’t speak Spanish, you’re going to clean your own house.”

The comment came as several dozen parents, many with their fifth-grade children in tow, took a tour of the school, a gifted and talented program in Bensonhurst where the competition for available seats is extraordinary. The group visited classrooms, and then went to the auditorium to hear a presentation by Ms. Taylor.

At one point, a member of the audience asked whether the school offered foreign language instruction. Ms. Taylor explained that the school had had difficulty covering the cost of such programs, but was hoping to hire a full-time Spanish teacher. It was then, several parents said, that she made the offending remark.


A number of parents complained to the Education Department about Ms. Taylor’s remark.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Ms. Taylor said: “Yesterday at an open house, I made statements, the nature of which was misunderstood, and some attendees were offended. Diversity is an issue that is near and dear to me, and I deeply regret my poor choice of words.”


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  • Nancy

    When I was a student teacher in 1989, I was still subject to “evaluations” by my lead teacher and her supervisor. The only points deducted from my lesson was (gasp!)… I asked the class to “sit in a circle, Indian style, on the floor”.

    I was heartily rebuked for my error, as the lead teacher patiently explained that “we no longer use that term. We prefer ‘criss cross applesauce'”.

    And she said it with a straight face, as only a truly indoctrinated liberal can.

    I read about a teacher who was asked about her “Bucket List” at lunch in the school cafeteria one day. She (likely joking) said something about ‘killing all black people”. (This is assuming the student overheard her correctly.) Of course, some white traitor mother reported it to the principal. I can just imagine if the same situation occurred with black teachers and students…the kids would be nominating her for Teacher of the Year.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      Indoctrinated whites think they get bonus points for turning in or attacking non-indoctrinated whites. That’s likely what happened to that teacher.

      I posted that video of the two sistas destroying a McDonalds because they couldn’t get their McMuffins. One guy commented, “The video confirmed my suspicions.” Brainwashed whites couldn’t wait to jump at him and call him a Klansman. There truly is a War on Noticing, and it’s most often lodged by whites who want credit for being recognized as “good whites”.

      • benvad

        The worst traitors are our own kind. When are people going to not give a damn anymore?

        • TwanC


          Actually, I recall a black teacher making similar comments on her web feed (I believe it was twitter). Not to the extent of implying that she, herself, would kill white people (given the chance). But to the extent of “your time is coming to an end,” and blah, blah, blah. If I’m not mistaken, she was similarly suspended, pending investigation. I can’t remember if she was released by the school though?

          @Frank_DeScushin & @benvad

          Well those are pretty serious allegations? Regardless of whether you dislike blacks or not. If the intent to harm a whole group of people, even potentially exists within someone that you may know, I’d expect that the responsible thing to do, would be to report them, and let the rightful authorities be the ones to gauge the “seriousness” of the threat. For example, If someone white were to potentially threaten the livelihood of other whites. I doubt you’d hesitate to err cautiously and report them. Same applies here. You don’t necessarily have to like blacks or want to live around them, to respect their right to life. So I don’t (personally) see anything wrong with what she did.

          • Stan D Mute

            For there to BE a “threat” there must be some feasible means of carrying it out. For example, if I said, “If I could wave my magic wand and make all negroes vanish into the ether” that’s not a threat. Obviously I have no magic wand nor any other means of making anyone vanish into the ether. By the same token, “threats” posted online against anonymous commentators are just childish noise like a “threat” here that someone would “give (me) a bloody nose.” While he might have the wherewithal to bloody my nose, unless he works for NSA he has no idea who I really am.

          • TwanC

            Well I don’t necessarily disagree. But there’s a bit of a difference between implying that if “you had a magic wand, you’d make all negros disappear” and “that if given 10 days to live, you’d kill all black people.” While it’s impossible for you to make all negros disappear, since there’s no such thing as a magic wand, and (more than likely) impossible for you to kill all black people in only 10 days. It is more than possible for you to kill multiple black people within a 10 day window (the VT shooter killed 32 people, and wounded 17 others in only a couple of hours). So this in all likelihood, was a more sensible “threat” to report.

          • Stan D Mute

            It’s the same hyperbole. Nobody has the ability to “kill all black people” in ten days or ten thousand. In fact, you’d have to have a magic wand to try it. By comparison, if somebody said they were going to “shoot up a school” then that’s a specific and identifiable threat that should be investigated.

            I find it hard to believe anybody would “report” a “threat” to “kill all black people” with any purpose other than the political persecution of the speaker. It’s equally hard to believe such a “threat” would be taken seriously other than as political persecution when the teacher apparently didn’t even have any negro students. But in any case, it was an incredibly stupid thing to say at work or anywhere outside the privacy of your home and your closest friends or family.

          • TwanC

            ‘Nobody has the ability to “kill all black people” in ten days or ten thousand.’

            I actually underlined this point, when I implied “that it was likely impossible to kill all black people in 10 days.” So we agree here. What is undoubtedly possible though, is the potential to kill multiple black people within a 10 day window (to reiterate an example I gave, the VT shooter killed 32 people in a matter of hours). So while someone with the intent to kill all black people will most likely never be able to, especially in such a limited time frame and without proper access to military-grade tech missiles, that person would (at least in theory) still have the ability to kill multiple black people in a similarly limited time span.

            I don’t see political persecution though. As an american you have the inalienable right to free speech, but that doesn’t necessarily extend the promotion of violence. There’s a reason you can get into serious legal trouble threatening the life of the president. Ofc, communicating threats to a non-government official likely doesn’t carry the same punishment. (Seems to merely be a class 1 misdemeanor in the state of NC.)

            I agree that it was an extremely stupid thing for her to say in public, at work no less (whether jokingly or “dead ass” serious).

          • me

            Negroes say they want to kill all the Whiteys all the time. So what?!

          • TwanC

            Yes, militant groups like the new black panthers, and they were charged in a FEDERAL probe for intimidating (white) voters. The charges were dismissed however. BUT, it’s not like someone black can communicate the desire to kill you and/or other whites, and face no legal repercussions if you report them. That said, there’s a good chance they will get off because it’s hard to gauge the “intent” of a threat. If someone’s never served time for murder/negligible homicide, it may be hard to prove that they truly have any genuine intent to kill someone else. I’m not saying this teacher should go to jail or that the investigation will even yield a misdemeanor charge. I’m saying I don’t see anything wrong w/ the mother of one of her students reporting her for said “threat.”

  • Right on target. This is one of the big reasons behind the border surge: Too many rich people want cheap maids and housekeepers.

    • NoMosqueHere

      It wouldn’t kill whites to clean their houses and tend their gardens and raise their own children. They can get off their fat keisters on a sunday afternoon, and put down the tv remotes, and take care of their own business instead of delegating same to cheap third world labor.

      • At one point two years ago I was in a position where I had to watch CNN. They were covering some Dominican cheap labor nanny hired by some rich traitors, the nanny murdered the traitors’ kid. At one point, CNN resumed its coverage of this serves-em-right (the parents, not the kid) crime this way:

        “It’s every parent’s nightmare — Your nanny murders your child.”

        Every parent’s nightmare? Because every semi-important CNN on air personality and off-air executive has a big enough income to hire a cheap illegal alien nanny, that must mean everyone can? It’s like: Is the chateaubriand you ordered sufficiently rare?

        • Mary

          It does not serve them right. You are frighteningly obsessed with your world view.

          • The world view that actions have consequences, that people who do bad things need to suffer consequences, in order for people to quit doing bad things like importing Dominicans for cheap labor nannies.

      • MooTieFighter

        I am not against house cleaners/maids, at all. I often work 60-100 hours a week and need the help; however, I have found many white/legal people waiting for the job. I am sure I could find cheaper help, but I prefer to help my legal, American people. I also trust them a bit more in my home.

  • Simonetta

    And this is offensive because?
    -It’s not true? You don’t have to clean your own house if you don’t know Spanish?
    or- You have to know Spanish to find some one to clean your house? You can never find someone to houseclean if you don’t know Spanish? You’re a bad person because you don’t know how to speak Spanish? Only Spanish-speaking persons can do a good job cleaning your house? The housecleaner’s union won’t permit any of their members to work for anyone who doesn’t speak Spanish? Actually is it because you need to know Italian, not Spanish, in order to find someone to clean your house in Bensonhurst?

    It is true? Spanish-speaking people are so dumb that the only jobs that they can find is cleaning other people’s houses? You’ll need to find another person to read Don Quixote to the people who are cleaning your house while they are at work? Because you speak English then you’re too dumb to clean your own house? Because if you’re not computer-savvy then it won’t occur to you to write a list of exactly what you want your housekeepers to do and then use some free web-based translation service to translate this list into Spanish? Because the only people who clean houses in NYC are illiterate in any language?

    Why is this so offensive? Is it because the people who heard it were too stupid to realize that it was a joke? Or that they’ve never heard a ethnic joke before? Or a funny one? or one that they could understand?

    Personally, I have resisted learning Spanish (effectively) because I don’t like the sound of Spanish, and I don’t need to know Spanish in my daily life, and because I’m pissed off that the Mexicans treat my country as a ‘Mexican Disneyland’, that is, as a place where they can be as Mexican as they like without having to deal with any of the crazy nonsense that makes Mexico such a corrupt,violent, and creepy place to actually try to live as a decent human being. Apologies to Fred Reed here, but maybe, just maybe if I had an intelligent loving Mexican spouse to explain exactly why things are so weird and crazy with the people there then I might feel differently. But I don’t.

    If you feel the need to learn a language, then learn French or German (or Italian or Dutch or Swedish). Some language that you can actually use for something besides instructing some illiterate Stone-Age peasant how to clean your house.

    • LHathaway

      I didn’t understand her point either. But most likely, she was attempting to support or favor hispanics at the expense of whites. It’s considered hip when you do that. It’s part of a good cause, putting white privilege or whiteness in it’s place. Whites aren’t considered by them to be human beings. They’ve found the problem, though, not enough consideration is being given to diversity (people or color).

      • Anna Tree

        The sentence wasn’t clear, but I take her sentence literally and I think she meant that if one doesn’t speak Spanish, he won’t be able to have someone cleaning his house because those who clean houses speak only Spanish, that is Hispanics’ only job is to clean houses.

  • The more the left whacks its own, the better for common sense to regain a foothold in our sick society. The principal, a big supporter of diversity, will now be forced to live in fear her whole life, censoring and monitoring her words for fear she’ll be fired. Just punishment for her.

    The takeaway here is that the left is not satisfied with multiculturalism but now demands multilingualism, with English and Spanish equally spoken in the former USA, now Amurkistan. We really must create enclaves and begin demanding our independence from the former USA.

    • guest

      It’s another case of a big supporter of diversity becoming a victim of diversity. If they don’t fall victim at the hands of nonwhite criminals who they believe to enrich our society with their diversity, they fall victim to the PC police and they gain some understanding how the rest of us feel when they enforce this PC anti-White multicultural diversity on us. Unfortunately, they usually never learn and continue to have delusions of grandeur that they’re somehow more tolerant and enlightened than everyone else and that they don’t need to have diversity in their lives but everyone else does.

    • LHathaway

      The rich, ironically the ones who need it least, can do that by moving to ‘better’ neighborhoods. There are no enclaves for poor whites. There are poor neighborhoods for blacks, hispanics, asians, even for ethnic groups such as Somalis. There are poor whites, but there no poor white neighborhoods. Many people of color would prefer to ‘integrate’ a poor white neighborhood than they would a middle class white neighborhood. There does come a point where they will want to move on to neighborhood even more white. Whites in All places must gush about how much they value of ‘diversity’. . as if they are not the victims.

    • Stan D Mute

      The sad but beautiful irony here is that negroes cannot even speak one language fluently. Bi-lingualism is for them as likely as a Nobel Prize in Physics.

  • Luca

    One day at work in a meeting, one of the guys mentioned something about the “gals” in the clerical office and a resident affirmative-action negress complained he was being insensitive and racist.

    No wonder we have diversity officers to keep us up-to-date with the ever-evolving sensitive feelings of minorities. It’s a full-time job making sure we don’t hurt their precious little feelings.

    • R L Buds

      BUT WE MUST…NEVER…..HURT….THEIR….FEELINGS. (Unless they’re white devil-men)

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Let the affirmative-action negress try that on one of us. First, if I didn’t work there and was only a visitor and she targeted me with her comment, I’d say, “Look, stupid, don’t try to pin the “racist” label on me just because I’m white and you’re black, and therefore you think you can make the label stick. You wouldn’t say the same thing to a black male who made the same identical remark. And since you obviously are attacking me over my remark because I’m white, that makes you the racist.”

    • JP Rushton

      90% of the time when we read about someone being blasted for their insensitivity, it’s a liberal.

      I think it’s because race realists know too much about the race situation to make stupid remarks and we keep our feelings about it to ourselves or vent over the internet.

    • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

      He should have told her to get bent, and continued the conversation. There is no need to scrape and bow to each offended negro.

  • Kenner

    At the CMAs, Brad Paisley plugged the new show on ABC, ‘Blackish’, then jokingly referred to the CMAs as ‘White-ish’.
    All hell broke loose on Twitter, where he was vilified as a racist.
    Excellent. The left’s unhinged, in-your-face hatred of Whites on full display, to millions of country music fans. A false-flag op couldn’t have done better.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Maybe nasty Brad Paisley has finally learned his lesson. After making a big hit over song that alludes to the Klan burning a cross in the yard of a black football player who dates the Homecoming queen, nasty Brad seems to be getting a reality check about race.

      • Ron Cheaters

        He deserves more than that for introducing that “Iced Tea” chap into one of the last refuge’s of the white man.. Now all country music must be infiltrated with such noise, and there’s nothing more shameful than to hear a white, country boy speaking rhythmicallly into a microphone rhyming with a twang.

        Yet I hear it happening. It’s a new thought I’ll think of on Remembrance day

        • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

          You can also so what I do and listen to old country. There is nothing wrong with Hank William Sr. and the like. No jungle music there!

          • Ron Cheaters

            Jim Reeves is my style. I have hi every word on wax… Paty Cline i up there too… So is hank Sr. but nah, not when it coms up against Velvet Jim

          • Tim

            “I told Mary about us… Told her about my great sin… Mary cried and forgave me…And Mary took me back again…”

          • Ron Cheaters

            Railroad, steamboat, River and canal.
            Yonder comes a sucker and he’s got my gal.
            and she’s gone.. gone.. gone
            I bid her my last farewell

        • Kenner

          I think it was Tim McGraw who teamed up with the despicable ‘Ice T’.

          • Ron Cheaters

            I very loosely follow what is called Country music these days.. I like that song “small towns and big dreams” but I can’t telll you who sings it.

  • IstvanIN

    I don’t get why the comment was offensive, don’t even understand it, but it was dumb.

    • Tim

      You won`t be able to tell the housekeeper where the Windex is…

      • me

        “Que? No….no…..Meester Pewtersmidt no aqui.” Consuelo…
        Ah-nold, “You must come wit me, Consuelo! I have needs!”
        Maria Shriver Schwartzenegger, “Consuelo’s pregnant?! You WON’T be back!”
        What does the name ‘Schwartzenegger’ translate to, from German to English?

  • Tim

    Conjunto- A Slovak Polka played on stolen instruments…

  • Sissy White

    “if you don’t speak Spanish, you’re going to clean your own house.”
    I don’t do my own laundry, yet I take it to the Asians down the block and I do just fine not speaking Chinese.

  • 1gravity

    It may be that Hispanics generally, but not always, work in low paying, low prestige, service jobs, but that is no reason to rub it in, as Principal Taylor did. She should have known better. In any case, academic Spanish is not the patois of the barrio, so, if you really want to talk to your maid or butler, learning Spanish at the School of Inquiry is not the way to go.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    I live in a big city. I work long hours and don’t always have time to clean my apartment. It’s worth it to me to hire someone to clean my apartment because the time I take off to do so would cost me more money than hiring someone else. When I look at the ads for cleaning services in my area slipped under my door, pinned to the bulletin board in my building, or on the internet — every single one of them leads me to a Hispanic lady. Every one. I guess that we’re not allowed to point out that truth. #WarOnNoticing

    • LHathaway

      There are whites you can hire to do this. I’m not saying ‘hire whites’ to give back, but I’ve known whites who do this for a living (and yes, put up those ads at the grocery story). Perhaps it was because of where I’ve lived.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Hire some hot, young (light-skinned) Brazilian girls. They might pretend to be oppressed minorities but if anyone hates blacks it’s the Portuguese.

      • me

        Is that you, Ah-nold? How’d that work out for ya?

  • Douglas Quaid

    It’s so sickening to see whites apologizing to the diversity mongers all the time.


    How dare White people recognize that the “In Home Cleaning Service” sector is dominated by Spanish speakers! – So is the “offensive” part recognizing that undeniable fact? Or, is the offensive part recognizing that undeniable fact, WHILE WHITE? Of course we all know the answer to that, and so do they. However, recognizing that answer in public would probably be offensive to some Anti-White Hate Monger!

  • Xerxes22

    A few years ago when the MSM and the rest of our enemies were pushing for amnesty and open borders, one of the excuses they used was the maid shortage. Someone finally explained to these idiots that most people don’t have maids and that those who don’t have maids hate those that do have maids. Our enemies dropped that excuse. Now days, they don’t bother with any excuses. They simply demand amnesty and open borders.

  • MBlanc46

    ” Diversity is an issue that is near and dear to me, and I deeply regret my poor choice of words.”

    Yet another “apology” from a spineless white.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      In these situations, it’s best to stick with the subject matter. These aren’t the type of people to handle a real, intellectual, brain-busting conversation anyway. Where I work, we are issued surveys from time to time about our views on “diversity.”: I never participate. I never mention the topic of diversity one way or the other.

  • crockadoodle6

    The world of scientific certainty, logic, cause and effect, crime and punishment, and accountability temporarily has been replaced by a world of drifting principles, fear of social rejection, victimization and ‘offenses’.
    To me an offensive item is not a thought. It’s something you step in. Thankfully, this new world of nonsense will implode eventually. It takes too much energy to ‘keep up’ with the current pc doctrine. And 50,000 yrs of evolved DNA drive our behavior….not Hollywood, not the federal government, not our neighbor and not the MSM.

  • WR_the_realist

    Donna Taylor’s real offense was making clear the reason the elites favor all that illegal immigration — they don’t want to clean their own houses, or mow their own lawns, so want cheap illegal labor to do it.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Wow. Couldn’t care less what offends Paco & Conchita, but I just can’t fathom people so unaccustomed to self-maitanence that cleaning their own house is worthy of mockery.

  • 2eRep

    If you are hiring a beaner to clean your house, it is obvious you don’t take much pride in your home.