British Future Report Says 25% of British Adults Want All Immigrants Repatriated

Robert Henderson, Living in a Madhouse, November 23, 2014

The think-tank British Future has recently published the report How to talk about immigration based on research conducted by ICM, Ipsos MORI and YouGov. The report purports to provide a blueprint for both the pros and antis in the immigration debate to manage the subject most effectively in public discussion. This is not something which they achieve because they have bought into the internationalist agenda, viz: “Some three or four generations on from Windrush, it is now a settled and irreversible fact that we are a multi-ethnic society. Managing immigration effectively and fairly in the public interest should and does matter to Britons from different ethnic backgrounds. We should be suspicious of approaches that sharply polarise British citizens along racial lines, in whatever direction”.

Nonetheless the research does have much of interest. One finding is truly startling. Faced with the question “The government should insist that all immigrants should return to the countries they came from, whether they’re here legally or illegally” the result was Agree 25%, disagree 52% and neither 23%. (P17 of the report). In addition, many of those who said no to forced repatriation were also firm supporters of strong border controls and restrictive immigration policies.

The fact that 25% of the population have overcome their fear of falling foul of the pc police and say that they do not merely want immigration stopped but sent into reverse is stunning. Moreover, because political correctness has taken such an intimidating place in British society it is reasonable to assume that a substantial number of those who said they disagreed did so simply out of fear of being accused of racism.

The obverse of the immigration coin was shown by the question “In an increasingly borderless world, we should welcome anyone who wants to come to Britain and not deter them with border controls” (P16 of the report). The results were 14% agree, 67% disagree and 19% don’t know.

That only 14% support such a policy compared to the 25% who wished for forced repatriation is striking in itself, but it is even better for the opponents of immigration than it looks for two reasons. First, the 14% of those who agreed with the question will be the honest figure because to say that you want open borders carries with it no penalties from the pc police and will gain the person brownie points amongst the politically correct elite and their auxiliaries. Second, as already mentioned, the 25% of those wanting forced repatriation of all immigrants will understate the true position because a significant proportion of those questioned with be lying out of fear.

The report also shows that older voters are more likely to be those who are most strongly opposed to immigration (P11 of the report). That is important because older voters are the most likely to vote.

Taking all that into account it is reasonable to assume that a referendum with the question “Do you wish to end mass immigration?” would result in a solid probably overwhelming YES vote.

These facts should persuade politicians that they would risk nothing if they move much further to restrict immigration than they have already done and in so doing would gain considerable extra electoral support.

This may well happen. Public rhetoric about immigration is rapidly hardening There will come a tipping point where the rhetoric has departed so far from the politically correct position that serious action to restrict immigration will occur because the stretch between rhetoric and action will become too great to sustain in a society where governments are elected.

A party political bidding process on the subject of immigration is already taking place and there will come a point where serious action has to follow or there will be a very real chance that either one or more of the mainstream parties will become irrelevant and be superseded, or members of the mainstream parties will wrest control of these parties from their pc indoctrinated leadership and adopt a policy on immigration closer to what the public wants.

The other important effect of greater political honesty in political utterances about immigration is that it makes it much easier for people generally to speak openly about their feelings on the subject and to lobby for radical action. In turn this will feed the desire of politicians to gain electoral credibility by being ever former in their immigration policies. Indeed, the only reason that the present immigration has been allowed to develop is because the subject has been effectively wiped off the public debate agenda since the 1970s.

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  • propagandaoftruth

    This may well happen. Public rhetoric about immigration is rapidly hardening There will come a tipping point where the rhetoric has departed so far from the politically correct position that serious action to restrict immigration will occur because the stretch between rhetoric and action will become too great to sustain in a society where governments are elected.
    The longer the will of the Folk is denied and the Folk are humiliated, the stronger will be the reaction, the more vibrant the new nationalism that results.

    • Singingbird1

      Hello Man.great comment.I really like reading your intelligent posts.Good luck to you.

  • David Ashton

    I have noted on another thread the view of Sarah Fine and Joseph Carens that almost everyone in the world has the right to enter and remain in the “western democracies”, while the “western democracies” have no right to restrict that process, even if a majority of the indigenous westerners democratically wish such a restriction. According to Carens, western citizenship is a benefit that cannot be justified (for its inheritors, as distinct from its external migrants) because it is the modern equivalent of “feudal class privilege”.

    The decision to turn a “mono-cultural nation” into a “multi-cultural society” was the result of an upward subversion of institutions begun during the 1970s in Britain which its adherents called “agenda networking”. It was always unwanted by the original inhabitants, and is disliked by most of us even now.

    The excuse used for “open borders” in the western world is either that “we” need immigrants (for “growth”) or that immigrants need “us” (for refuge). To say No to the consequent inundation is called “racism”, which is subconsciously associated by constant “Pavlovian” propaganda with Nazi concentration-camps or KKK lynchings.

  • Luca

    25% of British adults want ALL immigrants repatriated. 75% want 99% of them repatriated.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Only 25%? Not good enough.

    • Anna Tree

      I think the 23% also want them repatriated but they fear being called racist.

    • Canadian Friend

      I think the 23% of “undecided/no-opinion” were afraid to say they also want all immigrants deported, which brings the total to 48% but it is also possible that of those who said they oppose sending immigrants back some were afraid of being accused of racism.

      I would think about 75% of all white people in every nation would prefer if immigrants – legal or not – all went away.

      Diversity is destroying us, we are fed up with being displaced, replaced and being force to celebrate our own demise.

  • JohnEngelman

    Expect the percentage to increase along with the obvious costs of immigration.

    • kikz2

      you mean invasion.

      • Canadian Friend

        You are correct to call it an invasion.

        Immigrants adapt to their new nation, invaders impose their ways, their language, their religion etc etc

        what we have is an invasion.

        and entering a nation illegally? and imposing yourself and refusing to leave? that is 100% an invasion.

        • kikz2

          yup, and it’s underwritten by a minority immigrant tribe whose members (clearly overrepresented as a % of population) hold the reins to our depts of foreign policy, immigration and most any other seats of power or influence in the executive branch, the legislative and judicial. what they don’t outright run, they buy or rather, rent to own.

  • Singingbird1

    25% means nothing to me . Like a 25% person who is a nobody.It is all bull. The British want them out and the only people who disagree with this statement are the immigrants. Or do they now constitute 75% of the population?

  • Singingbird1

    25% rhymes with 10 cents and it is just not good enough.In fact it is a load of codswallop because 100% of Brits want these immigrants out.I mean you can’t call the immigrants Brits,now can you? ha ha

  • Sick of it

    It also seems reasonable for us to return their citizens to them.

  • MBlanc46

    It’s a start. Anyone have any idea what the percentage in the US is?

    • Canadian Friend

      In a poll it would be maybe 20% but behind closed doors, with people they trust, I would say about 75% of all whites in every nation from the USA , Canada, Australia, England, France. Belgium, Germany etc etc would admit they want all immigrants to leave.

      • MBlanc46

        I hope you’re right, CF.

  • LeonNJ

    Sounds good to me. I also like Mexico’s immigration policy. Basically they have zero tolerance for illegals. Now, if the U.S. would have the same policy, the world would see it as racist, of course…but apparently Mexico can have it without a peep from the UN.

    • Beowald

      May be a good re-frame here. “We demand the same immigration policy as Mexico!”

  • LHathaway

    Is Britain already 75% non-white? I would have thought that would be more than 100 years away. Then again, life expectancy is approaching 80 or age or so.

  • superlloyd

    The political class in Britain are trying to frame the immigration debate solely in terms of legal EU immigration where Eastern European immigration is the focus and, granted, a concern for many British people.

    However, a bigger concern is the immigration of illegal aliens such as muslims and Africans that sponge off the welfare state and bring their nefarious’ cultural’ practices to corrupt and debase the host society viz. Islam, Rotherham, Lee Rigby and the 13 Somalis convicted for pimping 4 British teenagers. This concern is not acknowledged merely ignored.

    If the respondents were asked specifically about illegal African and muslim invasion the figures for those wanting repatriation would be much higher.

  • 25% sounds low to us, given our viewpoints, but it is a lot higher than I would have expected. The rest of it rings true, because I know that there has constantly been around 75% who want strict controls on immigration, verging on no immigration at all.

    It just goes to further highlight how a tiny minority are imposing their positions onto us in the government and in the media. Only 14% agree with the general liberal positions found by the likes of Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and Ken Clarke.

    It should be evident to all that we do not live in a democracy, yet people still cling on to the idea that we do – and that something can or will be done through these channels. I just can’t see it, but if things are hardening up, maybe the old parties will be swept away and some soft party like UKIP will gain and have their tail chased by harder parties.

    I don’t think we have the luxury of time for all that, but with a bit of luck it seems things are pulling to the forefront and people are casting their caution to the wind a little bit more.

    There does feel to be a change going on out there, but not to the degree of mass repatriations. I suspect most of them are going to talking about individual cases, not ‘nationwide’ filling of cruise liners heading back to Africa and Pakistan.

    Maybe I am biased to it, but there seems to be a bubbling manifestation of “horror to come” everywhere you look, as in a polarisation of positions. It is getting more hardcore at each end.

    For example, there were three stories on the national news yesterday one after the other which have fundamental ties to a more extreme brew coming to the forefront – such as the raping Somalis story being followed on by a story of a young army lad found to have been making nail-bombs and stating quite strongly he wanted all immigrants out of Britain.

    For some they are separate incidents, but for me they are part and parcel of a wider situation that is brewing up. So maybe things are going to come to a head at some point after all. I had wondered if they ever would. I suspected we would just slip off quietly into the great goodnight – but now, I am not so sure.

    If one wanted to be “fair” about who to repatriate, I do not think it would be all that difficult to round up all the good-for-nothings, the spongers, the piss-takers, the criminals, the drug dealers, the rapists, the pickpockets and thieves, the Islamic trojan horses, and all the rest of the detritus.

    That would make a massive difference, and personally speaking, I’d be leaving the UKIP themed genuine Eastern Europeans until last!…. Somalians, Pakistanis, etc would be first. We already know non-EU immigrant groups have cost us something like £120 BILLION in the last ten to fifteen years, so that could be further leverage for that one.

    However, I will believe it when I see it.

  • DonReynolds

    More correctly……AT LEAST 25 percent want the bass tards returned to their own country. The rest who support the same idea are not willing to admit it to a stranger.

    • frederickdixon

      I’m sure you’re right. Pollsters have long known that on the delicate subjects of race and immigration those questioned do not always tell the truth, so they have a rough rule of thumb – divide by three and multiply by four. On that basis those who really want all immigrants deported may be around 33%. As those polled would have included ethnic minorities, it wouldn’t be surprising if among white Brits the proportion wanting total deportation approached 40%. All of which far exceeds any figures I’ve seen before in recent years.

  • meanqueen

    I GUESS that’s hopeful news. But 25% doesn’t seem like nearly enough given the dire nature of the problem. How long to get to 55%? Or 75%? A percentage that could actually effect change? They don’t have that time, and neither do we.

    • RH156

      MeanQueen – the 25% is just those willing to stick their heads above the pc parapet. Take away the fear of being called a racist and provide political leadership and it is odds on that a majority would be easily achieved.

      • meanqueen

        I hope you’re right. I want you to be right.

      • IstvanIN

        In the UK you can be imprisoned faster and longer for making racially insensitive comments than you can for raping underage White girls.

  • meanqueen

    Did it pass already? I thought it was just proposed. I think it takes longer to pass a bill in Israel than that. There is a lot of opposition to it from the Arabs in the gov and also the idiot libtards in the Jewish left there.

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    Oy! Vey! This is terrible! We have been working to atomize England as fast as possible and now they want to undo all our good works! The Goyium is breaking free, he needs another serving of Goldstein’s and Bickfodders special sandwiches and grapedrank!

  • Bantu_Education

    The question “should ALL immigrants be repatriated” is an extreme one and was probably intended to keep the number of Yes’ votes as low as possible. I am therefore quite surprised that 25% agreed, even though liberals will be “shocked that in our wonderful multicultural Britain there are STILL people who think like this”. A more reasonable question would be “should MOST immigrants be repatriated”. I think that would have got at least 50% yesses, Another thing that distorts these surveys, and which obviously reduces the yes vote, is that is is likely that at least 10 or 15% of those polled are themselves immigrants (or the offspring of them).

  • davejon

    British Future’s assertion that “…it is now a settled and irreversible fact that we are a multi-ethnic society” fails to take into account that this multi racial Britain is illegitimate as a mandate for its creation was never sought or given in the outset. Their claim is typical of the fascism which we are having to contend with in the UK, aided and abetted by political correctness and a compliant mass media – the BBC is the main offender with their obsession with “racism, sexism and homophobia” – the unholy trinity.