David Cameron: I’m Ready to Lead Britain out of Europe If Migrant Reforms Fail

Peter Dominiczak, Telegraph, November 27, 2014

Britain must have the right to make European migrants wait four years before receiving welfare or council houses, David Cameron will say, as he warns that he could be prepared to leave the European Union.

In his long-awaited speech on Europe, the Prime Minister will, for the first time, say that he will “rule nothing out” if fellow leaders reject his plans to overhaul the benefits system and suggests that he could be prepared to lead the campaign for a British exit.

Mr Cameron will say that he wants to ban foreign jobseekers claiming benefits and deport them from the UK if they do not find work within six months.

Foreigners will also be banned from sending millions of pounds worth of child benefit payments and tax credits abroad if they do not bring their children with them to the UK.

The Prime Minister will set out a number of “red lines” for his forthcoming renegotiation with Brussels, which he says will require EU treaties to be changed.

Mr Cameron, who has pledged to hold an in-out referendum in 2017, will demand that the concerns of British people “must be heard”.

The speech is designed to woo back disaffected UK Independence Party voters before the general election campaign.

Mr Cameron will say that the reforms will be a “return to rules” put in place by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s that were subsequently overturned by the European Court.

They would “deliver the toughest system on welfare for EU migrants anywhere in Europe”, he will add.

The proposals are an “absolute requirement in the renegotiation” with Brussels, Mr Cameron will say, warning that if they are not accepted, Britain could leave the EU.

However, he is sure to face criticism that his proposals do not go far enough as they do not include plans to tear up the freedom of movement rules, which currently allow an unlimited number of EU citizens to live and work in the UK.

Cabinet ministers had been urging him to announce plans for annual quotas of migrants or an “emergency brake” system allowing Britain to close its borders if there is a spike in foreigners coming here from a particular country.

Official figures show that migration from within the EU is at its highest-ever level.

Net migration to Britain increased to 260,000 last year, despite a Conservative pledge to reduce the total to just “tens of thousands”.

Net migration from within the EU is now 75 per cent higher than when Mr Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010.

“I say to our European partners,” the Prime Minister will declare, “we have real concerns. Our concerns are not outlandish or unreasonable.

“We deserve to be heard, and we must be heard. Here is an issue which matters to the British people, and to our future in the European Union.

“The British people will not understand–frankly I will not understand–if a sensible way through cannot be found, which will help settle this country’s place in the EU once and for all.”

Downing Street hopes that the speech will “draw a line” under the immigration issue and allow Mr Cameron to focus relentlessly on the economy in the six months before the election.

However, there are fears that it will allow Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, to continue to take away crucial votes from the Conservatives by saying that Mr Cameron’s proposals do not go far enough.

Mr Cameron’s plan to end access for European migrants to tax credits, housing benefits and social housing for four years is designed to reduce dramatically the “pull factors” that encourage foreigners to come to the UK.

Banning new arrivals from claiming in-work benefits would mean many EU migrants on low-paid jobs would be worse off in Britain than if they remained at home.

Mr Cameron will say: “People have understandably become frustrated. It boils down to one word: control.

“People want government to have control over the numbers of people coming here and the circumstances in which they come, both from around the world and from within the European Union.

“And yet in recent years, it has become clear that successive governments have lacked control. People want grip. I get that. They don’t want limitless immigration and they don’t want no immigration.

“They want controlled immigration. And they are right.”

He will say that Britain does not want to “destroy” the principle of freedom of movement.

However, he will make clear that freedom of movement is not “an unqualified right, and we now need to allow it to operate on a more sustainable basis in the light of the experience of recent years”.

As part of the plans, EU migrants will not be able to claim out-of-work benefits under the Universal Credit system and will be removed from the UK if they do not find a job within six months.

The Conservatives also want to abolish the current system whereby EU migrants can bring family members from outside the bloc to the UK without any restrictions.

Mr Cameron wants “tougher and longer” re-entry bans for foreign rough sleepers, beggars and fraudsters and he is demanding stronger measures to allow EU criminals to be deported.

Crucially, the Prime Minister will also tell Brussels that he wants to prevent new member states from being given the same freedom of movement rights until their GDP reaches a certain level.

This would prevent large numbers of migrants leaving their home countries in order to take advantage of Britain’s economic success, Downing Street believes.

Albania, Turkey and Bosnia-Hercegovina are all currently attempting to join the EU.

“We want to create the toughest system in the EU for dealing with abuse of free movement,” the Prime Minister will say.

“We want EU jobseekers to have a job offer before they come here and to stop UK taxpayers having to support them if they don’t. EU jobseekers who don’t pay in will no longer get anything out. And those who do come will no longer be able to stay if they can’t find work.

“The British people need to know that changes to welfare to cut EU migration will be an absolute requirement in the renegotiation.” He will add:

“My objective is simple: to make our immigration system fairer and reduce the current exceptionally high level of migration from within the EU into the UK.”

Following defeats by Ukip in two recent by-elections, Mr Cameron has come under growing pressure from his own ministers and backbenchers to state categorically that he is prepared to campaign to leave the EU if he is unable to renegotiate a good settlement for Britain.

At least six Cabinet ministers would opt to leave the EU on the current terms of membership, senior Conservative sources have said.

Mr Cameron promises the British people that if his renegotiation fails, he will “rule nothing out”.

“And to the British people I say this,” Mr Cameron will say. “If you elect me as Prime Minister in May, I will negotiate to reform the European Union, and Britain’s relationship with it. This issue of free movement will be a key part of that negotiation.

“If I succeed, I will, as I have said, campaign to keep this country in a reformed EU. If our concerns fall on deaf ears and we cannot put our relationship with the EU on a better footing, then of course I rule nothing out.” Mr Cameron will say that these changes should apply to the whole of the EU.

However, if that is blocked by European countries, he will negotiate the reforms as part of a UK-only settlement.

The speech puts Mr Cameron on a collision course with European leaders including Angela Merkel of Germany.

Mrs Merkel has previously offered limited backing for Mr Cameron’s EU reform agenda on issues such as benefits tourism. However, she has said that Mr Cameron will be unable to change the “fundamental” rules on freedom of movement of labour.

In his speech, Mr Cameron insists that he does not want to turn the principle of freedom of movement “on its head”.

He will say: “Accepting the principle of free movement of workers is a key to being part of the single market. So we do not want to destroy that principle or turn it on its head. But freedom of movement has never been an unqualified right, and we now need to allow it to operate on a more sustainable basis in the light of the experience of recent years.”

Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, is already conducting behind-the-scenes renegotiations with EU partners and said that the Government will tell Brussels that the UK is “prepared to stand up from the table and walk away” if its renegotiation is unsuccessful.

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  • Good, as far as it goes.

    We all know Cameron wouldn’t be threatening this if the UKIP weren’t 2-for-2 in Tory-to-UKIP defections liberations and the subsequent by-elections.

    • propagandaoftruth

      He’s scared. The only thing folks like him get.

      Viva UKIP!

  • Extropico

    Hey David, aren’t “leaders” supposed to be ahead of the curve instead of following an upstart competitive party.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Just like Neocon Nick Sarkozy putting on his phony tough guy act in an attempt to compete with Mme Le Pen.

    • TruthBeTold

      Leadership by reading the polls.

    • dukem1

      Leading from behind…In other words, following.

  • JohnEngelman

    When the cost of third world immigration gets high enough in Europe, opposition to third world immigration will become strong enough, and establishment politicians will have to pay attention.

    • ricpic

      Establishment politicians get all their “thinking” from elite sources and there is nothing more suicidal than elite sources such as the BBC, the Times of London, the Telegraph. Their thinking is set in stone. They are all committed to the suicide of the West. Only a violent overthrow of the establishment will save Britain, France, Germany and yes, the U.S.A.

      • JohnEngelman

        “A violent overthrow of the establishment” will result in a lot of deaths, a lot of property destruction, and a dictatorship of some sort. There is no reason for you assume that the dictator will agree with you. He may sign an order authorizing your death and the death of tens of thousands of people who agree with you.

      • The All Seeing Bry

        I believe the USA is committing suicide faster and harder than Europe ever has. The USA promotes “color-blind” more than most Europeans because most Europeans still have Ethnic identity.

        When our politicians say “America is just a melting pot of rainbows and butterflies, all are welcome” I get scared. But when half the population agrees with these psychopaths, I get very scared and angry.

    • M&S

      ‘The Cost’ is in differential TFRs. Simply because you have been here for a decade or a life time doesn’t change the nature of your existence. If you are too ugly, stupid or lacking in social potential to move up, you will not breed (thankfully) with whites who are themselves looking upwards.
      But if you have 4-6 kids, THEY will create their own ‘community’ and they will force their way into society, at the blatant expense of the indigene population. Dropping menial position wages and making it impossible to sustain higher level industry, science and engineering ones, simply because the cost of a society living on welfare will be huge.
      At the point where this is an undeniable minority-breeds-to-majority success story, it’s already too late.
      Britons will not face up to the realities of differential abilities and aesthetics as a function of race and so will not protect their own national interests until they no longer have the numbers to say what those interests are.
      We are some 1.12 billion out of a total world population of 7 billion lives. Neither in resource waste nor in pollution or environmental over-capacity loading can we compete with such R-Breeding bad habits.
      Whites across the globe who fail to acknowledge the evolutionary psychology usefulness of racism as an in-group protective socialization restrictor will be just so many memories of rotted corpses by 2100.
      In this, Nigel Farage is no better than Cameron because he won’t initiate forced repatriation of non-whites, regardless of citizenship status, either.
      And nothing _less_ than this will prevent whites from being wiped out.

    • none of your business

      That is what people have been saying for the last 30 years. Immigration will stop when it is unaffordable. But it has not.

  • TruthBeTold

    The speech is designed to woo back disaffected UK Independence Party voters before the general election campaign.

    In other words lie before the election and then break your promises after you win.

    UKIP needs to strike while the iron is hot. It’s time for a rousing ‘Briton for the British’ speech.

  • Sick of it

    Along with his esteemed relatives.

  • antiquesunlight

    Hallelujah. Let Cameron and Farage fight for who can be the most anti-immigrant. Sounds like a winning situation for Britain to me.

  • Anna Tree

    “Foreigners will also be banned from sending millions of pounds worth of
    child benefit payments and tax credits abroad if they do not bring their
    children with them to the UK.”

    No! Why make them bring their children!
    White countries welfare, included child benefit, cannot work with a non-white population: many non-whites coming have just too many children so the deficit is growing and often those children growing up will never pay the system back: not only many won’t work and will take even more money from welfare, and even if they do work, it’s not with wages that are giving much tax money back to the system.

    • Beowald

      You’re right. It’s actually pro-invasion rhetoric masquerading as toughspeak. The incentives matter, and he’ll have just given aliens the incentive to bring in more aliens.

  • Kenner

    Reminds me of John McCain switching from pro-amnesty to enforcing the border when he last ran for re-election, then doing a 180 after winning. Shameless.

    • Willfully and knowingly breaking campaign promises should be a criminal offense and the punishment for it should be immediate removal from office, stripping of all assets to pay damages to the claimants (the voters), and a lifetime ban from ever running for any political position ever again.

      Why do we not insist on holding these weasels accountable for their lies?

  • See The Future

    Cameron can never ever be trusted. A traitor of the first order. Nor can his members of government.

    • Kenner

      See below.

  • LeonNJ

    Don’t hold your breath for this character. Isn’t there a quote floating around from him saying that it’s the job for British to be like the Muslims compared to the other way around?

  • KenelmDigby

    Cameron is all p#ss and wind, to quote an old English saying.
    Simply put, he has neither the inclination or the guts to take Britain out of the EU – for a start his paymasters in big business won’t let him do it.
    To quote another English saying, Cameron ‘talks a good fight’. This rubbish little speech of his is just pure pre-election propaganda trying to steal the UKIP vote.
    Don’t be fooled this treacherous, two-faced, unprincipled and thoroughly disreputable bare-faced liar of a creature’ I’d sooner trust a snake than I’d trust Cameron.
    Vote for the real deal. Vote for Nigel Farage and UKIP and save England.

  • superlloyd

    Absolutely, uncontrolled immigration of welfare sucking Africans and muslims illegal aliens, and their contamination of traditional British culture is a huge concern that is being ignored almost completely.

  • Another allegedly “tough” speech on immigration, which is about as tough as a bowl of jelly and ice-cream.

    Some recent graphs suggest an increase (again) in non-European immigration. They cannot – or will not – stop the non-EU immigration, even when it has been proven to cost us over £120 Billion – so why should they be taken seriously on anything else?

    Also notice that it is mostly orientated around what ought to be done when they all get here.

    Ie, the four months without welfare, etc. Whoopee doo!. Does anybody seriously think that (A) it will put people off or (B) actually ever be properly implemented?!

    They have no real idea of how many are coming here. It seems to rely on random questionnaires at airports and other nonsensical data collection methods. There could literally be 1.5 Million immigrants coming a year and the only way they would know is a rise in school admissions and longer lists for housing.

    No, sorry, it is all hot air and more avenues for doing nothing and “mismanagement” and failure to carry out any of the plans they state they will do.

    Furthermore, it goes to show that even if they did succeed in “banning welfare” and “building infrastructure to cope” – that conservative and UKIP style anti-immigration arguments are flawed. So if they stop the welfare, build more roads and houses and schools, the “problem” of immigration would go away?!

    That is the danger with the mainstream narratives. It is all periphery, and if they are “cured”, what then would the objection be? They are left with nothing.

    • KenelmDigby

      Yep. A recent report by a hard-left immigrationist so-called ‘think-tank’, ( actually allied to University College London), was forced, shame-facedly to concede that ‘non EU immigration’ cost the UK taxpayer over £120 billion over the past 19 years. EU immigrants actually made an exceedingly modest and paltry contribution to the public purse. Good old Sir Andrew (now Lord) Green of the well respected and superlative Migration- watch organisation managed to wring this astonishing revelation out of the immigrationists through his usual dogged and diligent hard work and determination. It’s a very very big deal – as all the justification for mass immigration into the UK is ‘economic’. I’m surprised Amren never picked up on the story.
      Anyhow, the entire Apollo space program ‘only’ cost the USA a total of £90 billion when translated to current UK prices. A much bigger taxpaying population than the current UK’s put men on the moon in under ten years from start to finish.
      By comparison the trash that runs the UK is spending vastly more to nurture future generations of rioters, looters, thieves, murderers, jihad is, bombers, terrorists, pimps, drug dealers and eventual enslavers and murderers of the indigenous English.

      • I have not seen the report itself which discovered the 120 Billion costs – and nor would I in all likelihood understand some of the more tricky aspects of professional calculation – but I would be interested to know to what extent the costs were applied to.

        For example – as you say – does it include the costs of investigating child-abuse gangs, the costs of policing and investigating and charging Roma pickpockets and cash point thieves?

        Does it include the costs of 24/7 state surveillance techniques and operations to try and capture Islamic extremist plots? Operation Trident? “Diversity courses” in the workplace? “Community Cohesion” schemes?….

        There is so much that should be included, but I bet a lot has been left out.

  • Beowald

    In the triage of calamities, I rate immigration of non-whites as the greatest threat to Europe and America. But for this, we might even be able to balance our budgets. At least, it would be significantly easier.

    The good news is that Cameron, like the Republicans in the U.S., is feeling pressure to say something like a faint critique of the suicide meme now infecting our countries. But isn’t he the one who just recently said he couldn’t wait for the first Pakistani Prime Minister of Her Majesty’s government?

    Speaking of HM: Anyone know where the royals are on all this? My guess is they’ve publicly lined up with the Leftist narrative, since presumably they know they survive only on sufferance and vestigial whimsy.

  • saxonsun

    The Black Friday nut-craze has hit England. Most of the unruly crowds looking for bargains were black and Muslim–didn’t look like England at all.

  • ricpic

    Yikes, are there fools out there who trust a single word out of Cameron’s mouth?

  • baldridge999

    Notice how the immigration debate has shifted from Muslim and African invaders to whites coming from Poland and other European countries for jobs. Only someone who is delusional actually believes Cameron will stop non-white immigration. Oh, he may keep out white immigrants, but white genocide will continue.

    • The Dude

      I don’t get all that obsession with EU migrants when thousands from the Third World are entering and setting in Britain yearly.

      If the British want to cut immigration, which is legitimate, then they shoud know their priorities and start with the non-Europeans. The children and grandchildren of these Poles and Latvians will become just as British as the other native Brits, and will make up for the sluggish birthrates of the white British, as well as help them counter the ever-increasing numbers of non-whites whose descendants will never be British.

      • Well I’m half Polish and I think I’m up on my English/ British history even though my main focus is generally Roman Imperatorial & Imperial. I recently had a brief discussion w/ Max Musson of Western Spring [see Nothing Should Disturb that Condell Moment..] and he said that nationalist or British self preservation groups generally didn’t have a problem with Europeans such as Poles.

        Actually when I was young (high school) my main childhood hero was Oliver Cromwell (1599 – 1658) and soon after I finished grad school in engineering I spent nearly a month’s net income (engineers are cheap) buying an old silver coin of Cromwell. I still know all my English/British sovereigns with dates & significant parts of their reigns from Henry 8th (1509) on.

        However I could understand if Britain didn’t want the Poles but actually he said that this wasn’t the case.

      • baldridge999

        White genocide is their goal. Understand that and everything they do makes sense.

  • Anna Tree

    Of course I support this banning move too but not if kids are brought because of it: maybe better loosing money but not having more foreigners coming.
    How come one gets child benefit if the child is not in the country?! This is a crazy loophole!
    Yes it’s mind blowing how whites support paying child benefits to Non-European children who are helping the ethnic cleansing our their own children.

    I don’t think this exists in the animal kingdom, something similar happens with the cuckoo laying his eggs in another specie’s nest but would any specie willingly feed and protect another specie to extinction? All I can think of is those virus or parasite who destroy their host immune system or brain to take over, usually until the death of the host.

  • Absolutely. He is using the language of the left-liberals and shares much of the social policies of the left-liberals.

    He is so weasel like that he couches his speeches in terms that he knows the opposition to him cannot scald him that much for. There is no backbone at all, and to call any of it ‘tough’ is an absolute joke.

    You’re also right about this so called “openness” and alleged “tolerance” we are famed for. What baloney.

    The English in particular were hostile to all would-be invaders throughout history and there is no chance in hell that the era that formed the British Empire and commonwealth would have entertained the idea that half of London should be black and Asian.

    A consistent 75% of the English people have polled that they want strict immigration or no immigration at all, for the last half century or more. But of course, nobody “in charge” cares about what people really want or wanted.

    The article states that it is designed to “woo back” votes from UKIP, which is another pretty weak party that would struggle to actually do anything serious about it – and which praises itself too on “fairness”, in that it is “unfair” to have EU immigration rules and not be able to have “the brightest and best” from all over the world.

    Yet, tragically, they are the best we are going to get.

    Cameron and the general Tory line is “Vote UKIP, Get Labour” because the split in the “right” vote will land Labour a victory. This may well be so.

    A Labour government is a truly horrific prospect, it has to be said……but it makes you wonder whether voting UKIP anyway and killing off the Conservatives for good is worth it! They need to be killed off, for the exact kind of spineless, puppet like garbage this “tough speech” was supposed to be.

    It is all about “after they come”. It is all about short-term “restrictions” and “rules” – when it seems that none of the current immigration restrictions and rules are being enforced!

    I am sure that should he get his way, there will be an article in the Daily Mail in the future about some “Failure” or other in whatever nonsense plans they had drawn up, some “scandal” about how this or that is happening, and it has led to even more immigrants coming.

    The people will just tutt, moan and turn over the page of the newspaper.

    • KenelmDigby

      In fact, after 4 years of Tory rule – and 4 years after Cameron’s ‘tens of thousands’ pledge, immigration into the UK is higher than in 2010, the last year of the Labour government, and itself a record high immigration year.
      The message is that there is absolutely no difference whatsoever in immigration policy between the Tories and Labour, despite all the huffing and puffing from the Tories and their disparaging of Labour.

      In desperation, all real Britons should vote for UKIP.

  • none of your business

    My motto in life has always been Don’t listen to what someone says, watch what they do.
    Anyway, it is not the EU that forced the British to accept brown and black immigrants decades before the EU or the common market. I believe Britain was the first with the Caribbean blacks back in 1948.

    • Maurice Miner

      Yup. Get them in, to “do the jobs that no-one else will do”. Sound familiar?

      Enoch Powell was famously banging on about immigration in April 1968, well before the EU was a power – indeed, the “Merger Treaty” between the initial six nations (Belgium, France, West Germany, Luxembourg, Italy and the Netherlands) didn’t come into effect until 1 July, 1967.

      Stupid is as stupid does, I guess…

  • none of your business

    Fox hunting was abolished about 15 years ago.

  • none of your business

    A lot of messicans do this. They get the section 8 and food stamps and all the other child benefits and send the kids back to messico where they are raised by relaives.

  • Roninf9

    I’m Ready to Lead Britain out of Europe If Migrant Reforms Fail

    What is this “if” BS. Of course the reforms are going to fail and they are designed to fail. This talk of reform is just a delaying tactic to placate the increasingly angry native Britons and to buy time for the Ruling Class Establishment to sabotage UKIP and to import millions more 3rd Invaders.

  • Singingbird1

    I tell the truth here.I was working on a construction project last Summer which was a symbol of the Conservative Party’s revival of the British Economy.David Cameron visited the construction site as part of a P.R. campaign(?) I left the site for the afternoon he visited,because I did not want to meet him.Part of this was due to my timidity as I am working class. I was told the next day that he has very ‘milky’ hands.I am glad that I never met him.Incidentally,I was a member of staff inspectorate.