A set of rules for white people at a vigil for Michael Brown in Canada has sparked controversy with critics accusing organizers of promoting segregation.

‘Non black allies’ were told to ‘refrain from taking up space in all ways possible’ and ‘never be at the centre of anything’ at the event in Toronto on November 25.

The Facebook page also advised white demonstrators to ‘refrain from speaking to the media’ and ‘stand behind black folks or between us and the police’.

‘If you see a cop harassing a black person,’ it added, ‘come in and engage (chances are they are least likely to arrest you)’.

It has provoked tension in the wake of the grand jury verdict in Ferguson, which refused to indict officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

Protests have been staged across the United States and Canada, and further afield, after Michael Brown’s shooting highlighted severe racial divides between the majority white police force and citizens in Ferguson, a predominantly African American suburb of St Louis, Missouri.

Millions of people have taken to the streets across the globe to protest racism and segregation.

However, the peaceful protests were marred by a war of words on Wednesday as the Facebook event created by Black Lives Matter: Toronto was flooded with accusations of racism.

One user wrote: ‘Wow, is this an anti-racist rally or a pro-segregation one?’

Another said: ‘Changed a lot for me. I will no longer be attending this event or supporting this cause.’

Others, however, supported the organizers.

‘So many white tears about the rules for allies . . . Why can’t you let black folk stand in the centre and let their voices be heard, just for once,’ one commented.

And one said: ‘I can’t believe how the media and so many of the commenters on this page are making this event about White people.

‘Do you think that putting Black voices at the forefront of a conversation about racism against Black people is wrong?’

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  • The Dude

    Serves the white folks who attended that event right.

    • Oil Can Harry

      During the Occupy Wall Street moron-athon the Occutards took turns addressing each other with the condition that white males speak last.

      Of course no self-respecting white would ever allow themselves to be disrespected that way but to these p.c. weenies it’s all good.

      • They had a fancy name for that arrangement:

        Progressive stack.

        Actually the Handsupdontshoot brigade and the Occutards are a lot alike in that they will only seem to do their street theater in liberal deep blue areas. Occupy Oakland? Left wingers already run Oakland lock stock and barrel.

  • Eight Simple Rules for Traitor Liberal Whites Showing Up to Black Undertow Street Theater.

    Coming to BET in the fall of 2015.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Rule #1 is bend over and grab your ankles, “jes likes we doos it in de Big House…!”

    • Dalliance

      Yeah, it’s funny how racist Blacks can identify “Uncle Toms” among Blacks but then supposedly don’t recognize “Uncle Tyrones” among Whites in the same racist manner.

      • throttler

        I call the white ones “Uncle Tim” after Tim Wise.

        • DaveMed

          Ah. That’s a good one.

        • Jane

          but Tim is a jew, not a white…

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    This is the kind of behavior that is going to tear the Democratic coalition apart. Typical Democratic voting groups don’t actually like each other and are only held together by mutual hatred of evil white males.

    But blacks are getting more and more eager to kick out the remaining white people still voting Democrat. This, combined with black-Hispanic mutual hatred, will probably be what ultimately makes the Democratic party collapse.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Steve Sailer has proposed The Sailer Strategy: since the GOP is being branded the White Party by the Left they should fight back and declare the Dems the Black Party.

      This would make Hispanics, Asians and Arab-Americans more reluctant to support the Dems.

      Of course those wimpy hot-tubbin’ country-clubbin’ RINOs would never have the spine to try this.

      • John R

        First thing that the Republicans have to learn about human nature is this: People are more easily united by common hates than common loves. That is why blacks-even though they never like each other personally, can always unite so easily on racial issues.

      • DaveMed

        Wouldn’t really work. Democrats are actually the party of anyone but Whites.

    • John R

      Exactly! And I am loving it! With a black president, and attorney general, and a extremely pro-black media, blacks are getting REALLY cocky. They are all full of themselves. NICE! Soon, they will think they can DEMAND whatever they want, and be OPENLY RACIST about it to everyone. That is when this system comes crumbling down. They will then discover-too late I hope-how little power they really have.

      • M&S

        Whites hate being dispossessed yet, before 1964-65, whites were in no danger of losing their country and were -far- more patriotic and socially active than they are today. Loving who we were and what we stood for and achieving great things, like the moonshot, because of it.
        Thus it was necessary to save the village (of white political and social dominance as a majority _democratic_ population) by burning it down (giving blacks social power as a sociopathic minority group) because…
        Your theory has a hole in it. Let’s call that hole: “Broke what didn’t need fixin’…”
        Now, explain who and why the S.S. America was rammed and weave /their/ rationale into the discourse. Because, up to this moment, it is ‘they’ who are calling the shots on this.
        Whites and blacks are just dancing around to someone else’ tune.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    Stupid White People aiding blacks (calling them stupid would just be redundant).

  • Luca

    This is straight out of a Leftist playbook under the subject of “Photo-Ops”. Obama does this all the time. He strategically places blacks in prominent positions behind him whenever he speaks. Or am I the only one who has noticed this?

    • LeonNJ

      Of course. And don’t forget there’s at least one muslim sister in a hijab as well.

    • mobilebay

      Luca, this brings to mind something I’ve always wondered about: When any politician comes before the cameras to speak, why are they always flanked by several party members? Are they afraid of having tomatoes or rotten eggs thrown at them? Can they not walk out on their own and deliver whatever lies they plan to spout? I just don’ t recall any of them flying solo. Strange. Has anyone else noticed this show of solidarity in public? Strength in numbers, I guess.

  • JSS

    I totally support the blacks in this case. They are just showing open contempt for their white allies and those “whites” deserve it. I thinks it’s good to see these urban elves and morons being spit on so openly by their pets. I personally don’t want them back either if they are over the age of 20 when they should honestly know better. I wish we could exile them to the 9th circle of the diverse rainbow forever.

    • John R

      Even in wartime, no one respects a turn coat.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Some of those leftist imbeciles just may have learned a valuable lesson about “Africanus Criminalis” at that event…

  • D.B. Cooper

    I can only hope that some of these brainwashed punks might racially wake up with a vengeance. Right now, however, they are unreachable. They are so much smarter than you, right?

  • Jefferson

    White Liberals know you roles and shut your mouths when in the presence of the master race that is the Negro race.

    Liberal Whiteys bow down when in the presence of the almighty superior Negro race.

  • JohnEngelman

    The white liberal guilt complex makes less sense as time goes on. Whites owe nothing to blacks. We would be better off without them.

    • Rusty Shackelford

      Yes. And what blacks don’t seem to realize is that without white guilt, their plight would be demonstrably worse. Further, when Hispanics breed themselves into the majority, well, they have no “white guilt”. Their ruling class won’t tolerate black dysfunction the way whites have.

  • John R

    In other words, “Hey White people, you aren’t us. We really don’t like any of you. But, if you are dumb enough to support us anyway, then behave like useful crackers and cannon fodder for us. We’ll use you, then discard you when you are no longer needed.”

  • Bo_Sears

    “‘So many white tears about the rules for allies . . . Why can’t you let black folk stand in the centre and let their voices be heard, just for once,’ one commented.”

    It is fun to see the diverse white “ally” people whine about being excluded, but rather than try to teach them the underlying facts, go ahead and trash the wicked term “allies” as meaning the new white supremacists. It makes a lot of sense. The only white people who are intent on meddling in the lives of people of color are the openly supremacist ones who have flipped over into allying, colonizing, agitating, and planting their own values & goals in the minds of people of color. Just as the diverse white people are diverging from feelings from supremacy, along come a whole new batch of white people who insist on teaching their own ways to, and dominating the discourse of, people of color.

    • pcmustgo

      What I hear a lot from the Left is “When a POC (Person of Color) talks to you about Racism, Shut Up and Listen!”. Aka, Bow Down.

      • Speedy Steve

        Or worse when a guilty white commie lectures a black LA cop about being an Uncle Tom: from toprightnews — www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=RbURJeicSG0

  • ViktorNN

    I have to say I love it when negroes, Mexicans, and other non-whites pull this stuff on their white liberal “allies.”

    If white liberals are idiotic enough to show up to such events, then they deserve all the abuse that non-whites can heap on them. It’s obvious that, as far as non-whites are concerned, white liberals are only useful as objects and stand-ins for their hatred of white people. White liberals deserve to take that hate.

    Best of all though, is the bystander effect of this politically correct anti-white hate. This sort of hate of white people has a profound impact on moderate whites and I think it probably moves a lot of whites in our direction. It confirms for people what they feel in their gut – that a lot of these show trials and media witch hunts are really about anti-white hate.

    • meanqueen

      I love it too. It can only be good.

    • Speedy Steve

      At the next bongo party the police will grease the organizers first. Communist tribesmen from New York and Chicago will be over-represented.

  • Korean guy

    I did not see anyone from Toronto on my facebook mentioning this.

    There was one French Canadian girl in Toronto who only said, “I hope races of all people solve matters peacefully” but she was not saying anything negative about officer Wilson or anything supportive or positive about the protesters either.

    It is not even easy to stand outside in public nowadays in most part in Canada nowadays to begin with…..

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, it’s a big deal on Twitter and Facebook now if you post #allllivesmatter. That’s considered terribly racist and stupid, as it takes away the message from thee #blackllvesmater campaign, which is that Black lives aren’t valued as much in American society. God forbid you post #whitelivesmatter, then yo’re really a bigot.

      • LHathaway

        good point, if possibly understated.

  • John Jackson

    “which refused to indict officer Darren Wilson”

    I love how they always use that word “refused”, as if he was supposed to be indicted but this ‘racist’ GJ just “refused” to do it. Oh, and of course, they never forget to mention that MB was “unarmed”.

    • A Freespeechzone

      How could they ‘refuse’ to indict when there was NO EVIDENCE?

      Negro logic based upon hearsay, innuendo and lies–much like the logic you see in Africa. Maybe they need to repatriate back there; ‘birds of a feather’

      No indictment and no threats, violence or intimidation will change the facts!


    • John R

      I know. It is so outrageous how media shamelessly spin things. Make no mistake: They are very careful in the words they use in stories. On a side not, I actually make note of that before job interviews. It’s all in how you describe something, what words or phrases you use.

      • me

        Psy-ops is like that….

  • RacialRay

    “Rules” for white apologists sympathetic to their cause. 19 “Rules of engagement” for the police when dealing with Ferguson protestors. Seems the blacks have a great deal of respect for “rules” when they apply to someone else.

    • John R

      Blacks, for all their stupidity, keep things simple: Whatever is good for our race we support, otherwise we oppose. They don’t get hampered by abstract principles that have to be applied universally.

  • 4321realist

    ‘Do you think that putting Black voices at the forefront of a conversation about racism against Black people is wrong?’

    Yes, it’s one more example of Black Privilege, because the greatest racists in today’s world are Black Terrorists.

    Black privilege has gotten so out-of-hand that blacks aren’t held to the same standards as everybody else. And because of Black Terrorism they engage in acts of assault, murder, mob attacks, and are no longer held accountable for their many criminal acts.

    It is Black Terrorism that cause riots when they feel they should get even more Black Privileges than they already have right now.

    And it has reached dangerous proportions. Black Terrorism is getting out of hand, worse even than terrorism from Muslim Jihadists.

    There is NO racism against blacks. None. It’s all a myth. Blacks allude to it in order to divert attention from their Black Terrorism and Black Privileges.

    It must stop. We must be more vigilant than ever to defend ourselves with our guns than we have been so far. We need to buy a third and fourth gun so we can more easily defend ourselves in an attack.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    What a farce. This whole thing has been a farce. I was banned from the comments on NRO for simply stating that kissing black behinds would not advance the conservative cause. It’s like the whole Fergudishu situation has caused people on both sides of the political spectrum to go full r****d.

  • ncpride

    ‘Changed a lot for me. I will no longer be attending this event or supporting this cause.’

    Hope it changed enough for you to realize what a tool and fool you’ve been. Black people hate you Whitey, and they’re counting on useful idiots just like you to, (in their own words), shut up and stand between them and everyone else while they continue on with their destruction. This is not new, however. White fools have been doing this for decades….only difference now is blacks are open and direct about your purpose, White fools.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      These are the same Whites who were anti-Apartheid in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They should be strapped to chairs for hours at a time and made to watch what’s happening to Whites in South Africa now.

      • The All Seeing Bry

        Wouldn’t do any good. They would say something like, “well, they had it coming didn’t they?”. These people are race traitors and have lost ALL respect from me.

        • LHathaway

          Well, the fact their are wealthy whites in SA would be used to conclude blacks are victims even in SA. The fact there are wealthy blacks in the USA (or other white nations for that matter) won’t deter them from the whites: racist. People of color: victims, world view.

          Even racist whites tend to accept this world view (perhaps from the other side of the coin).

          No amount of white dispossession, even where it has been complete, final and total, as on some islands, will dissuade them. It’s basically become a rationalization, in my opinion. They have an anti-white world view (conforming probably out of fear) then they come up with rationalizations or explanations after the fact to support their racism. A concrete example would be the (continually) changing reasons given for affirmative action programs.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    ‘So many white tears about the rules for allies . . . Why can’t you let black folk stand in the centre and let their voices be heard, just for once,’ one commented.

    What a laugh! Blacks’ whines, screams and complaints have only been heard for the last 50 years now.

    • Who Me?

      I’m all for letting them stand in the center and yowl all they want to. In the meantime, the rest of us can get on about our own business, preferably in another part of town .

  • See The Future

    It would be really great if black people did not take up space anywhere in north america

    • Usually Much Calmer

      We eradicated polio. . .

      • We eradicated smallpox. We could eradicate polio, but only if Islamitards in Pakistan and Nigeria would stop spreading the rumor that the polio vaccine is intended to make Muzzies sterile.

        The way I see it, if they want crippled kids, more power to them. It’s heaps easier for a 13 year-old white British girl to run away from a Pakistani rapist if he gimps around as a polio victim.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          Thank you for the fine point.

  • Yancy Derringer

    “Millions of people have taken to the streets across the globe to protest racism and segregation.”

    Every last one of these millions protesting racism is either an idiot or a liar. Nothing about it showed Wilson to be acting out of racism. Brown maybe, but not Wilson.

    • Massif1

      Millions? Maybe a couple of thousand people across the US and a thousand in England. Whites are tired of dealing with blacks and browns. If they feel repressed they can move back to any African country they wish.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Latin olives do matter. No one under 70 drinks gibsons.

  • Realist

    Sounds like poetic justice to me.

  • meanqueen

    So the whites are human shields. Nice.


      Any White person so bamboozled by the race baiting, Anti-White, hate inducing liberal lying media. That they would take part in such a transparently manufactured display of black racial hatred, which is all this entire thing is. Deserves nothing less than to experience, first hand. The racist hypocrisy of those that they’ve been taught are the victims of racialized hate, rather than the victimizers of such hate. In fact, these stories bring a smile to my face every time I read about them. Because it represents a slight slippage of the “I’m a victim cause I’m black” mask. Which hides the real motives for these routinely manufactured events of fake outrage, the undying racist hatred blacks have for Whites. So the more of these, the better.

      • LHathaway

        Black hating whites even more is not a good thing. Not that blacks are the only ones who hate whites. Even whites must hate whites, certainly whiteness or white expression. . . There is the possibility, however, this thing (overblown as it is) is serving as an exercise in reverse psychology. I don’t think that’s true (I don’t know). It’s probably about arousing more black hatred of whites. . I mean. . ‘consciousness raising’.

  • IA_Adam

    Commence Operation Get-Behind-the-Honkey.

  • Conrad

    “Another said: ‘Changed a lot for me. I will no longer be attending this event or supporting this cause.'”
    Is this a wake up to reality?

  • Epiminondas

    Every time a liberal gets the crap beat out of him by blacks an angel gets his wings.

  • MartelsGhost

    Operation: Photo Negative Human Shield.

  • eavesmac

    You just can’t make this sick crap up……..blacks are kicking their feet in a downward spiral after the flushing of the toilet.