Posted on October 22, 2014

The Truth About Who Actually Supports and Opposes Obama’s Handling of Immigration

Anna Giaritelli, Immigration Reform, October 20, 2014


New data from a Paragon Insights poll indicated that both of those perceptions are partially incorrect. The early October survey looked into how Americans feel about President Obama’s handling of immigration. {snip}

Fifty-eight percent of likely voters disapproved of how Barack Obama has handled the issue of immigration. Only 32 percent of the country approved of his approach while 9 percent stated “don’t know/no opinion.” The below categorizations were all in response to whether they do or not approve of Obama’s management of national immigration policies.

  • More voters from ages 30 to 44 approved (41 percent) than those from 18 to 29 years of age (36 percent).
  • African Americans were the most approving of the president (64 percent), higher than Hispanics (57 percent)


  • 42 percent of respondents with a post-graduate degree approved while only 28 percent of those with less than a college degree agreed.
  • Urban dwellers were most in support while residents of rural areas were most opposed.
  • Democratic men were easily the most supportive demographic group, with 63 percent approving of Obama’s management of immigration. Republican men voiced the most disapproval (84 percent).