Mudede Contraceptives Claim Spooks Matabeleland Women

Lesley Moyo, Radio Dialogue, August 27, 2014

Pronouncements by Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede that government should ban contraceptives as they are a conduit of diseases has spooked women in Matabeleland who have reportedly flocked health care centres to have the implants removed on fear of developing cancer.

This came out at a National Arts Council Matabeleland North provincial stakeholders meeting held at a local hotel in Bulawayo on Wednesday.

Stakeholders who attended the meeting raised concern at the number of women in the province who are ditching the contraceptives.

Mudede sparked controversy in July when he urged government to ban contraceptives as they had negative side-effects on women’s health.

“These drugs should be banned in country as they are also being rejected in other countries. They are killing productive women and this is also affecting our population,” Mudede said then.

Mudede added that the contraceptives were a ploy by first world countries to decelerate population growth in Africa.

An official from Zimbabwe Aids Network revealed that women in Matabeleland South were no longer keen on using contraceptives.

“We have noted with concern the high number of women are coming to health centres to have their Jadelle removed after they had from an influential public figure who was quoted in the media saying that it causes cancer,” said the official.

Another official corroborated the reports saying that she report a report from the province that one woman died of cancer suspected to have been caused by a contraceptive she was using.

“I have had similar reports reports coming from the province. Someone reported to us that they lost a sister to cancer, who had been told by their doctor that the cancer was caused by a contraceptive they were using,” said the official.

Jadelle implant is a form of a female hormone used to prevent pregnancy. The implant is inserted under the skin of the upper arm and is effective for five years.

Contraceptives are popular with many sexually active women who are opting to have smaller families mostly due to economic hardships the country is facing.

Some of the popular brands include Depo-Provera, Intrauterine Device (IUD), pill, emergency contraception pill, Norplant and condoms.

However, Mudede warned that some of these contraceptives have severe side effects that are detrimental to women’s health.

According to information gleaned from the Internt Drug Index, some of the common side effects of Norplant include headache, nervousness, anxiety, nausea, dizziness, rash, acne, change in appetite, weight gain, hair loss, prolonged menstrual bleeding, and spotting.

Common side effects of the Jadelle implant include irregular menstrual bleeding, application site reactions, dizziness, headache, vaginal discharge, breast pain, nausea, pelvic pain, urinary tract symptoms, vaginitis, and weight gain.

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  • walt

    The brainless animals continue to fall ass backwards into reproductive fitness

    • me

      And they keep cranking out children that they can’t take care of or feed. They wait around for the White man to clothe, feed, shelter, offer medical care to, and educate their spawn. What happens when the White man can no longer take care of your people, Mudede? What happens when foreign aid is no longer possible? That will be the White man’s ‘racism’ causing all of your suffering, right? Why won’t the Negroes take care of their own?

  • phorning

    What do Africans think is going on in the rest of the world? First it was American and European doctors are causing them to get Ebola and now this. It never ceases to amaze me.

    • Projection. It’s what they would do if the situations were reversed.

      • benvad

        Bar them from our shores and let nature take it’s course. Mother Natures version of a forest fire. WHITE MAN stop trying right everything.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      The average I.Q. across sub-Saharan Africa is around 70, although it varies from nation to nation.

      If you think our nigros in America are stupid — with an average I.Q. somewhere between 79 and 85 — those African blacks make our nigros look like Einsteins…

      • I would say it depends……
        most of the Africans are able to get by on their own. Not well but on their own……many in the states would die very quickly if left on their own.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Were it not for American missionaries and economic and medical and food aid from whites, sub-Saharan Africa would have been depopulated years ago…

  • I just can’t get over the use of “spooks” and “spooked” in the article.

    • B Baker

      That is because africa is such a “spooky” place.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I also like the reporting of reports reports reported report. What a great report. By a reporter.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Funny, dat !

  • JohnEngelman

    Because they will not reduce their birth rate we should not reduce their death rate.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      If they don’t reduce their birth rate, even the white man’s magic won’t be able to keep their death rate at a reasonable level. International aid levels can rise from where they are now, but not infinitely.

      Eventually, something will have to give.

    • WR_the_realist

      And we should insist that they never be allowed to export their surplus population.

      • benvad

        How are you going to do that with leftist flakes that abound??

        • MannyR

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    • none of your business

      Go away Egleman. What is wrong with the monitors?

      • JohnEngelman

        I have been wondering about the same thing.

  • superlloyd

    Registrar-General Tobiawa Muhdik.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Isn’t Ebola an effective form of birth control?

    • journey

      Even AIDS did not do it. Population still increasing.

  • journey

    It’s true regarding the side effects. How about sterilization?

    • B.A_2014

      I’ve always loved that word. Especially when the topic of conversion is Africa.

    • kikz2

      how ’bout stop feeding them? and.. stop importing them.

      • Ron Cheaters

        “Dr. Phil” was on at the doctors office waiting room this morning, during the commercial break there was a plea to give money to fight Ebola.
        Those ads must be targeted.

  • MekongDelta69

    Zimbabwe minister says contraceptives were invented to prevent black births.

    If only

  • dd121

    Blacks, particularly black Africans live in a scary world of voodoo and black magic. I wouldn’t risk my skin to save their black asses.

    • journey

      Blacks the curse of this planet. Even Al Gore is talking birth control for Africa.

  • libertarian1234

    “Zimbabwe minister says contraceptives were invented to prevent black births.”

    Now who on earth would want to reduce the black birth rate.

    Where would we get our brilliant rocket scientists, writers, philosophers and other deep thinkers if the black pool were somehow eliminated?

  • Conrad

    AIDS, Ebola, ice cream trucks, Cocaine, birth control. We white people, the greatest geniuses in the universe, have more tricks than they can stop. But they missed the best one of all! We can also control the weather. Where do they think those droughts come from.
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    • Anglo


    • Sick of it

      We could easily create a nuclear weapons platform in space that would be impossible for them to target, but could very well annihilate them. Not that I’m suggesting we should.

      • It would violate the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which the US Senate ratified. We don’t even have to. All we’d have to do is stop feeding the critters.

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    • Samuel Hathaway

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  • Nancy

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    • Sick of it

      It would be nice if white people started having kids again.

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  • If they won’t voluntarily limit their numbers, I think we need to completely shut off the food aid.

    • MannyR

      And after that we could begin with the Daisy Cutter aid.

    • UncleSham

      And the medicine, electricity, clean water etc.

      • M&S

        This is actually a more powerful incentive.
        Because it can be given and taken away ONLY to those who obey the rules.
        Out of the mudhut and into the prefab concrete apartment block with 12″ walls and dual access doorways to internal plumbing, air conditioning and working appliances.
        You show us your kids (the womb doesn’t lie) and after we count two, you’re through. Tubal ligations all ’round.
        Break the rules and you’re out. Break the rules as a community and we raze the estate or bring in someone else on a very long waiting list.
        Everyone who doesn’t think this is fair, is welcome to peak over the 20ft, double walled, gravel and mined, containment fence. Free on the outside. Alive on the inside.
        And if we catch them coming into the safe society where people live to be twice as old because they aren’t swallowing parasites, bacteria and viruses with their drinking water, the housing development is again razed.
        There are good people in Africa who would readily trade a little reproductive largesse for assured lifestyles.
        There is _money to be made_ in making these concessions, in trade for land to grow coffee, grains, soy, cattle, etc.. Which could feed the planet.
        The question is: Who will be the first to take the bull by the horns and solve these peoples basic quality of life issues _in their country_ rather than bringing them to cause more problems, in ours?
        Ninety percent of Sub equatorial Africa is dry as a bone for about 9 months a year. The other 3 it is inundated with monsoon rains which never stop until the soaked land runs with flash flooding.
        This leaves incredibly rich soil to simply run off as sludge in the murky rivers.
        Yet Africa is a narrow, waisted, continent which means you are never so far from a coast that you cannot bring desalinized water inland without having to depend on limited, seasonal, rivers, using solar or fusion powered pumpstations and pipelines. And there too is a chance for someone to make a LOT of money.
        Because what you pioneer in Africa as a land of zero infrastructural support base (= cheap and simple enough standups to work in a no-maintenance region), you can then reapply to renovate The West whose water supplies and electrical grids are all failing due to massive over exploitation and inefficient upgrade and sustainment.
        The key, as with all positive eugenics, is to reward good behaviors and exclude bad ones until mortality rates have their say and way.

        • me

          Vasectomies work better than tubal ligations. Men can reproduce several times a week, especially if they’re not working for a living–women, once every nine months.

  • TruthBeTold

    We need to encourage the spread of these rumors (and start more) until blacks demand we stay away from them.

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  • Sick of it

    Perhaps one day they will come to realize that the same group of people, who are not white, pushed this plague upon us all in order to help reduce the world population by 90%. Though I doubt it.

    • MannyR

      Who on earth could you be talking about? I’m confused?

    • me

      The kings of the kali yuga monopolize the media, the printing factories, and the halls of higher education. They never have admitted their protocols, and will ruin you and imprison you if you do mention any of these truths.

  • HJ11

    Whites need to let Blacks and other non-Whites alone to whatever their fates are. Droughts, famines, diseases–let them live or die off as nature and luck would have it. That’s the way nature works. Don’t interfere. Practice complete non-interference in the fates of non-Whtes. Observe, if you wish, but don’t lift a finger. Do nothing.


    If the West was really trying to stem over population in Africa there is one thing and one thing only the West would have to do to see results. Simply stop feeding them, cut off all aid to Africa and the population would plummet to a sustainable, nature made number. If you can’t feed your 8th child Mobutoopo, don’t have that child! Otherwise you will be unable to take care of it and it will die. This is the way nature stabilized sustainable populations all through history. However, when we come along and our liberal lunatics demand that we feed them, clothe them, dig wells for them, built free water treatment facilities and electric power planets for them, and all the rest. It totally throws nature out of whack. But, as long as liberal lunatics get to go through their “hey, look at me, I’m doing stuff for black people, can you see how not racist I am?” routine. It simply doesn’t matter to them.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Nature does have a tendency of keeping the malnourished from breeding.

  • mikekingjr

    “…women in Matabeleland…” Like I care what they think. Gimme a break.

  • KyraNelson

    If you polled 100 women anywhere between the ages of menarche and menopause you would find clusters of those aforementioned “symptoms” at least 7 to 14 days per month (not necessarily consecutive) without any contraceptive use at all. It’s just the price we pay for being awesome estrogen-fueled life-creating engines.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    “Ussens sho’ nuff do lissens to dem Witch Docters fo’ we lissens to dem udder docters…”

  • Max

    Contraceptives = birth prevention. Profound; this guy must be a genius.
    It took a little longer than we thought but they finally figured it out.

  • Alexandra1973

    Meanwhile, in the Western world, whites are encouraged not to have “too many” children and “minorities” are paid to breed like rabbits.

    I have one child. Wish I had more.

  • Ah I see…… that would be the same ‘population growth restriction ploy’ Western governments that are spending £Billions in aid to keep these Africans alive, sheltered, fed and free of disease… which is already leading to a doubling of Africans from 1.1 Billion to 2 Billion by 2050 and 4 Billion by 2100. It all makes perfect sense. They want to save them all to kill them all off, clearly.

    They do need population control by the sounds of it. If Africans were walled in and had to suffer the consequences of their demographic projections, I’d let Mr Mudade think whatever he wants. But as he and we all know, they do not care about the consequences of their growth, they rely on other people and other lands to deal with it.

  • none of your business

    The only effective form of African birth control is chalmydia, gonorrhea and other STDs that cause sterility and miscarriages. Also effective is female circumcision and child rape which often destroy the reproductive system of the victims. Those methods are widely used in Africa and are part of their native culture and thus more acceptable than evil western methods.