Trial Near for Shaler Man Paralyzed in Pittsburgh Police Shooting

Adam Brandolph, Trib Live, August 31, 2014

A case that sparked racially charged protests and petitions demanding that authorities drop charges against a Shaler man accused of fleeing police will go to trial on Tuesday in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court.

Defendant Leon D. Ford, 21, who is black, was left paralyzed from the waist down when a white Pittsburgh police officer shot him four times during a November 2012 traffic stop. Officer David Derbish said he fired in self-defense when Ford struck him several times and tried to push him out of a moving car.

If convicted, Ford faces as much as 3½ to seven years in prison.

Free on bond since his arrest, he sued the city, police officers and former and current police chiefs in federal court, alleging they violated his civil rights. No trial date is set.

Pretrial publicity in the criminal case led Common Pleas President Judge Jeffrey A. Manning to issue a temporary gag order prohibiting attorneys from speaking about it publicly. The online petition from Ford’s parents, signed by more than 23,000 people as of Friday, asks the district attorney’s office to withdraw the “bogus” charges and hold the officers accountable.


Community leaders held several rallies to support Ford. On Aug. 19, 75 to 100 people–many wearing T-shirts proclaiming “Justice 4 Leon”–blocked a portion of North Highland Avenue in Highland Park to bring light to the case. Police arrested three people.

Protesters rally around Leon Ford, chanting "don't shoot!"

Protesters rally around Leon Ford, chanting “don’t shoot!”


Pittsburgh police Officers Andrew Miller and Michael Kosko said they pulled Ford over at Stanton Avenue and Farragut Street in Highland Park for running a stop sign. The officers took Ford’s license and registration but suspected that he was someone else, so they radioed for Derbish.

Ford sat in his car for nearly 20 minutes before Derbish arrived. When Derbish looked inside Ford’s car, he said, he saw a bulge on Ford’s leg that he thought was a gun.

Police said Ford ignored an order to get out of the car, so they tried to remove him with force. They said Ford then began to drive off, and Derbish jumped into the passenger side to avoid being dragged.

Police found no weapon on Ford or inside the vehicle. An internal Pittsburgh police report concluded the officers failed to follow procedure and recommended discipline and remedial training. It said the situation could have been avoided had Ford followed the officers’ instructions.



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  • MekongDelta69

    As opposed to the article right below on AmRen (about the White guy in DIE-Troit getting 17 years. Btw, I didn’t even know there were any White people left in DIE-Troit.)

    You also know what the outcome of THIS trial will be. (180 degrees opposite of the aforementioned trial result.)

    • Manaphy

      The American court system is a puppet theater operated by which war tribe?

      A: Apache Indians

      B. Reptilian space lizards.

      C. Oy Vey!

      Consider the question carefully.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        In Pittsburgh, the Jewish neighborhood is Squirrell Hill. Only 3% Negro. Back in the eighties, the Mayor was a scrappy old Jewish lady. Notice how, in Pittsburgh, this punk is not being pussy footed with. Blacks in Pittsburgh love to bi$ch about the police, like everywhere else. Whites here, though, don’t take nearly as kindly to Negro B.S. games as most bigger cities.

      • me

        The canker in the apple, the worm of every rose….Merchants.

        • Waldemar Daninsky

          Not a fan of the Shylocks of the world, I imagine.

          • me

            Encompassing the Merchants of every race….anti-White White Merchant/Merchant supporters are included.

          • Waldemar Daninsky

            I misjudged you–thanks for the clarification.

          • Olorin

            Uh, Shylock was the moneylender.

            Antonio was the merchant.

            If you’re going to quote/allude to William Shakespeare, at least get the details correct.

          • Waldemar Daninsky

            You are indeed correct. Jews at that time were pretty much shut out of the merchant business, and one of their only recourses was moneylending. There were less than 300 jews in England during the reign of Elizabeth I. One of them was Rodrigo Lopez, who met a nasty end. I apologize for my hasty comment, and thank you for the correction.

          • me

            Not Shakespeare….
            Merchants is a synonym for ‘those who can’t be named’.
            By the pricking of my thumbs
            Something wicked this way comes….
            Merchant-controlled UN, Agenda 21. Smarty-pants.☺

  • Old Leon has a legacy of slavery case. “I ain’t doin’zz what no white man sez.” Blacks believe they can ignore police orders due to their special status as ex-slaves. Once in a while they take a hit for their mistaken beliefs. Next comes some liberal whites who elevate the Leons to victim status. Then come the protests. It’s all so predictable.

    • B.A_2014

      Look at the white woman there. Obviously expressing solidarity with her fellow victims. Damn the racist patriarchy!

      • DiversityIsDeath

        The stupid white bitch was gang raped and left for dead 45 minutes after photo was taken. “Dis iz fo’ Leon!”

      • me

        That’s the new Negro NAZI “Heil Obama” salute….

    • This why I try to keep myself in shape. One day, a very different group of people might be running North America than those we currently obtain, but at age 48, I want to be certain.

    • TruthBeTold

      Is that what got Michael Brown into trouble? He was going to walk in the street, ignore the law, disrespect safety and community standards, intimidating and challenging drivers, hoping to get into a fight?

      Only he challenged a cop with a gun.

  • IKUredux

    I like the symmetry of this. His legs now match his brain.

    • me

      This: 24/7=14

  • A Freespeechzone

    Blacks always feel they are above any authority and defy it with attitude. Laws and rules never seem to apply to them; when forced, they play the victim and race card.

    No wonder most don’t want to be around blacks–even White-hating liberals, when you see where they live and send their children to school.

  • ckmariner

    I was a teacher at Shaler Area High School from 1994 to 2000. Out of more than 2,000 students, there were only about 5 negroes! Google “Shaler Titans Football” and you’ll see What I mean. I now live in Quebec City, Canada. I hope my old beautiful White Shaler isn’t slowly becoming Black!


      A former Pittsburgher Eh? I live in a small town about 10 to 15 miles away from the heart of Pittsburgh called Pitcairn. It’s located right next to Monroeville. Have you ever heard of Pitcairn ck?

      • ckmariner

        No, I’ve never heard of Pitcairn. I grew up in Toronto, but I remember Murrysville was right next to Monroeville.


          So you lived here up to 2000? Just curious, but were you here when the black guy in Wilkinsburgh went on a “Kill Whitey” shooting spree. I’m not sure of the exact date ( suppose I could look it up, but I’m being lazy today ) this occurred but I know it was in early 2000, maybe March or April. Were you here for that?

          • ckmariner

            No I don’t recall that, But I found out that one of my students, Mike Crawshaw, became a cop and was shot and killed in Penn Hills a few years ago from a negro ambush. You can google it.

    • R L Buds

      I grow up in Indiana, about 50 miles east of Pittsburg. I only know two black kids; one was the son of professors at IUP and the other was poor, like us. I never had any problems with them. I never know ones like from “Good Times” that hated all whites and blamed them for everything wrong in their lives, i thought that was a myth, my parents always spoke highly of them and taught us to never pre-judge them. The ones my dad know were in Vietnam; I am sure they were forced to “act” normal it that type of situation with their common enemy.
      Then we moved to Pennsville NJ, no blacks at all; then we moved inland and they are everywere and that past 24 years has taught me that it’s true they do hate us (light eyed whites, who aren’t completely pathetic)
      Incidently Pennsville (at the a-hole of the Delware River getting all the run off) has a high cancer rate. I ask were is the social justice for them-nowere because they are white and they deal with it rather than blaming everyone else.

  • Paleoconn

    ‘Don’t shoot’??? How about you don’t pick fights with cops? Why don’t you try that, you no-account, thuggish douchebags?

    • John R

      Uhhhh, that’s a plan!

      • They don’t do planning. In Chicago, black fast-food workers were demanding $15 an hour, blocking traffic while they demonstrated in the streets. What they don’t seem to understand is that dropping out of school and then expecting to make careers out of totally unskilled fast-food work instantly means they are competing for their livelihoods with illegal aliens. That’s not a “plan”, either.

  • TruthBeTold

    It said the situation could have been avoided had Ford followed the officers’ instructions.

    Forget all the liberal excuses. Every black man and woman needs to watch this video:

    Youtube: Chris Rock How not to get your ass kicked by the police.

    • Spikeygrrl

      I LOVE THIS BIT!!!! I am bookmarking the link.

      I can’t even tell you how many times over the years — usually while watching the news — my husband and I have turned to each other and said, “GET. Some WHITE. FRIENDS!” or “TURN. That SH!T. DOWN!”

  • Ike Eichenberg

    I think I speak for all of us here when I say I hope Leon gets justice, as demanded by his t-shirt wearing supporters.

    • He already got justice when he was shot and paralyzed. Prison is just the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae.

      • Ringo Lennon

        Maybe you can give him some do’s and don’t s of living in the Joint. Just messin’ w/ you.

        • For starters, I’d tell him to minimize his time in the TV room, not hog the telephones, and don’t ever gamble. That’s how virtually all the prison fights begin.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Good old Pittsburgh!! Pittsburgh is more part of Dixie now than the Old Dominion, overrun by Leftists and Blacks. The judge will probably lock this punk up, and throw away the key. Folks don’t mess around in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh’s nickname is The Paris of Appalachia. Our best big city stateside, Whitest bigger city and pretty strong racial realism amongst Whites.

  • LHathaway

    “Derbish jumped into the passenger side to avoid being dragged”.

    I know everyone has a bad day, but aren’t there IQ tests to become a police officer?

    • Jack Burton

      Yeah, if you’re too smart they won’t let you be an officer. This actually happened to one guy, his IQ was too high and they refused to hire him as a cop.

  • dirtyEnglish

    This is the reason why I’m pleased that our police are not routinely armed – black people have far fewer opportunities to claim victimhood and riot.

    • Malgus

      But at what price, my dear Engländer?

      Don’t rile the natives because they might get upset? Seems rather cowardly…

      • dirtyEnglish

        Our prisons are full of black people.

        • Malgus

          Thing is, we have Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, Concealed Carry… at least folks have a fighting chance (some better than others, depending on which state you live in) against those from the anti-world. And our prisons are also overflowing with Bantus…

          Question is, how many MORE of them would be in there – and how many more dead whites/broken white families/beaten and raped white women there would be – if we didn’t have what we already do. I don’t much care if they riot or not… ask the folks in Algiers Point down in New Orleans, or the Korean shop owners in LA…

          Yeah, you can call the Crime Janitors who will dutifully come by and take pictures, ask questions, maybe even dust for fingerprints, but then they leave… and whites are left holding the bag. Murdered loved ones. Beaten or raped and in the hospital. Belongings stolen. Lives ruined. And in a few weeks/months/years, maybe the Bantus responsible will go in front of the Judge, where we get to hear what a horrible upbringing they had, a hard childhood, institutional racism, blah, blah, blah and – if you’re really lucky – they get sent to the lockup for a few years…

          At least we got a fighting chance… no offense meant, my friend, but I’d rather have the means to defend myself and risk them beating the tom-toms and being “upset” than the alternative…

          • dirtyEnglish

            I appreciate that levels of black on white violence in America are much higher than they are here, as are the number of guns on the the street. I would say that black victimhood , rather than riots, poses a greater threat to white people, as it engenders white guilt, and gains privileges for racial minorities. At least that’s been the experience over here.

        • Jack Burton

          “More black people jailed in England and Wales proportionally than in US
          New study finds seven times more black people per population are in prison – in the US number is just four times”

          Oi, you bloody wanks are more racist than us yanks.

    • Like the way they “didn’t riot” and “didn’t set buildings on fire” in London a few years ago?

      • dirtyEnglish

        And those riots occurred after a shooting .

        • They should be segregated in their own space where they can frolic and riot as they wish, ideally outside of our countries, not appeased by giving them cops ill-equipped to counter their violent tendencies.

          • If we didn’t have to live around black and brown people police would not have a reason to justify looking like ground infantry.

          • Malgus

            I don’t get the “cause they shot him” justification for rioting… Not that I like the militarization of our police, but if someone got shot by a cop, then they shouldn’t have been doing something that necessitated the cop shooting them… like chopping heads off or trying to kill someone, or …

            Apparently, shooting some Bantu who likes to chop off lady’s heads is justification enough for rioting…

          • I’m torn on such issues because I’m against militarization of the police since they do use excessive force sometimes and good people get hurt or die. On the other hand, I’m against rioting sub-Saharan Africans and police need to be able to respond appropriately when faced with threatening situations. ‘Appropriately’ in this context has come to mean thug-like in recent years regrettably and that trend has to change or all of us, black, brown, or white, will suffer for it.

            Blacks don’t need any rational justification for civil disobedience. Just think about flash mobs or the euphemistically-named Knockout Game or any other such monkeyshines.

          • Malgus

            Same here. Some tools are needed by Peace Officers (if such an animal still exists in America), and some are not. “Not” would include armored vehicles, grenade launchers, drones, etc…

            Thing is, when the Crime Janitors get around to dealing with rioting Bantus, folks cheer. But they fail to realize that WE are next on the list…

            Personally, I think it’s DHS pre-positioning assets before Very Bad Things happen… which, given the way things are currently going, should happen relatively soon. (By that, I mean economic Ragnarök, the implosion of the dollar, etc). Once Bad Things start happening, you think they will hesitate to co-opt the cops and “Federalize” them?

            Yeah, me neither…

          • dirtyEnglish

            That would be a black convert to Islam, a particularly bad mix.

          • If away from our living space and away from our women, such that their activities can only endanger their own kind, not us, I don’t care what they do. They can do whatever they want with themselves as long as it’s not anywhere near us. But we can’t hope to make such changes without at least one change of government of a majority European-descended country to a strong nationalist, anti-EU, anti-bankster leadership. Any improvements we’d make would just be quickly undone otherwise, and all of us incarcerated.

            Blacks seem to benefit from strong patriarchal leadership, perhaps for the obvious reasons. A rigid system like Islam is probably good for them. If you don’t like Islam, then look at it like millions of negroes would be exactly the thing you’d wish them to absorb.

      • Jack Burton

        Like the way they didn’t shoot the two black Muslim psychos who had just butchered a white British soldier in the street.

    • Jack Burton

      Britain’s black population is about 3%, US blacks are 14%, about 44 million. You have a ways to go.

      How exactly does a petite unarmed female British police officer defend herself and capture an adult male, especially of the dark-skinned feral variety that are hopped up on drugs?

    • B.A_2014

      It will be interesting to see in a few years with a tiny black minority coming into adulthood how things will develop here. If they get uppity with the police here or start foming gangs ( as they always do ) I wonder how the police will react to such a thing. Here the police carry some serious hardware whilst patrolling the streets. Let’s hope Jamal mckenna gets a few beers down him one night, picks up a weapon and fancies his chances against the police.

  • John R

    You must understand, following orders is something that we Whites must do. We must submit to government authority on every issue. But to ask blacks to follow police instructions is just so demeaning to the “pride” and “self-respect” of an “African American”

  • Ringo Lennon

    This cop Derbish doesn’t fool around. That’s how you have to act around blacks.

  • Jack Burton

    I have a new mantra for them:

    “Hands up, pants up, don’t commit crime.”

    • me

      The new Nigguh NAZI “Heil Obama” salute….

      • I hate to have to point out the obvious, but wasn’t that position already synonymous with black society well before they started to try and use it as a photo op? If society is measured by high standards of decency and civility, then that’s a natural pose for them if there ever was one. What next, a watermelon in one hand and fried chicken in the other?

        • Malgus

          Well, in the photo in the article – the one showing “protesters rallying” – there is that one Bantu on the far left in the red shirt holding a bakka-bawl high in the air…

          You just can’t make this stuff up sometimes…

      • Jack Burton

        Just another example of how blacks have no shame and are too stupid to realize they’re hurting themselves. They’re just reinforcing the perception that blacks are criminal.

        This is of course contrary to the fact that blacks are in general noncompliant and hostile. If they were indeed pro-social and obeyed police requests it would drastically reduce any physical confrontation with police.

  • Jim

    This guy is the epitome of black heroism. Black heroism isn’t a function of what good and noble things one has done, it’s a function of what wrong has been done to the black person by a non-black person , even when that “wrong” is a white or “white hispanic” trying to protect themselves.

    Rodney King, Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, and now this guy…all black heroes….all community leaders that blacks can rally around.

  • adplatt126

    Stupidity. There’s nothing inconsistent about being a tribalist and yet at the same time, a vicious animal towards members of your own tribe. Well, there might be something inconsistent about it, but it’s not uncommon either. When it comes to intertribal issues in other words, they side with their own. When it comes to intratribal issues, they side with themselves. You could even say there is something in common between these approaches. Or you might say they are utterly committed to their tribe, but unable, due to lack of self-control, to follow through rationally or fruitfully on their prejudices and racism in a positive way.

  • none of your business

    As the blacks say, daYYAM. He’s out of commission for strong arm robbery but he can still use a gun. And we’ll have to support him for the rest of his life. Why oh why didn’t the bullet hit his heart or head?

  • none of your business

    Michael the TV starts a lot of fights? What about, the blacks want to watch telebubbies and other toddler cartoons Johnny Test and others being too sophisticated?

  • none of your business

    “g. Some black in London just cut a lady’s head off in presumably her own backyard yesterday.’ He is also a muslim convert. Police said the lady was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” Yeah right, in her own backyard. It’s not like she was in her front garden where black thugs hunting in the street could see her, she was in the back surrounded by walls on 3 sides and the house on 1 side. Guy had a machete and like most black men still lived with Mommy.

  • MoMo

    I’ve never understood this obsession with T shirts? What I think happens is that a group gathers to protest and inevitably someone comes up with the idea that: “we outta get T-shirts! It is as if all that is needed is for a group of people to wear T shirts together and then their common cause, abracadabra candelabra,becomes right and just? Really? Justice is not suppose to work that way. Clothes alone may influence how a person is initially viewed but how a person is dressed should never influence the outcome of a trial!