SDU: Young Swedish Girl!

YouTube, July 29, 2014

Editor’s Note: What follows is a promotional video for the Sweden Democratic Youth, the youth wing of the Sweden Democratic party, which became the third largest political party in Sweden last week, earning 13 percent of the vote. The SDU also produced the popular Salute to the European Youth video.

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  • DaveMed

    Very nice. Although, in future videos, they might want to include some women who aren’t skinny and modelesque(?). I feel like they should appeal to all Swedes.

    Massive kudos to them for mentioning their ancestors. That’s about as close as you can get to endorsing ethno-nationalism without doing so explicitly.

    • Christorchaos

      Non-skinny and model-esque girls are such a rarity in Sweden they are not even worth including. That is my guess.

      • DaveMed

        What am I doing in America?!

        Haha, just kidding. But, seriously, we need to get rid of our McDonald’s restaurants. At least, in White areas.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          LOL the American women are obese by comparison.

          Kinda sad for us American men.

      • M.

        That’s right. Swedes tend to be naturally skinny. It’s very rare to see a fat Swede.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Are you nuts, Dave?

      Don’t know what they were saying but I’d volunteer to be their “lotion boy” any day of the week. What beautiful women.

      Well worth Valhalla.

    • Jack Burton

      WTF are your standards? You think they were models?? They looked very average to me. In fact the average white girls around here look better than them.

      • antiquesunlight

        Dang, Jack, do you live in a Miss America Pageant or what? Those girls in that video are gorgeous.

      • Ian Thomas

        I agree somewhat, I’ve seen prettier girls over here where I live in Idaho.

    • Garrett Brown

      Most Swedish women are skinny and attractive.

      • propagandaoftruth

        I saw some nice solid child bearing bodies too. Nothing wrong with a healthy, robust, Valkyrie who can swing a broadsword if she has too….

        • Garrett Brown

          I prefer women with meat on their bones, I think it’s extremely attractive.

          • I prefer women with meat on their brains, I think dumb is extremely unattractive.

          • Garrett Brown

            I love a good conversation as well. The problem with women and high intelligence now a days is they’re almost always on the insane side of thinking. They are the ones that for the most part attend “higher education” and become brainwashed.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I like diamonds in the rough.

          • Garrett Brown

            I like women that are so intelligent that they realize they know nothing, and are always in pursuit of the truth. No matter where that may lead them.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Admirable. I’ve come to prefer less formally educated smart, sharp tongued women. Sense of humor and thick skin is great stuff in a woman.

            She’s also gotta have issues that are mutually compatible with my issues.

            That’s rough, man, ha ha!

          • Garrett Brown

            A Leftist and Conservative can never be truly in love. I have come to realize that the past year.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Hmmm… What kind of leftist? Guess you weren’t the fight and…uh…you know type of couple, eh? That’s fun but I don’t think ultimately feasible either.

            A White woman with sense and at least respect for race realist views would be a gem even if politically retarded in my view. If not too serious about it, of course.

            It’s so situational and circumstantial, it’s impossible to give good advice, easy as hell to give sketchy advice, you know? Or to make ironclad rules.

            But too great a political divide is usually doom, sure.

          • Garrett Brown

            We would fight, but not about politics. I suppose that’s why I loved her so much and still do. I believe if you are fundamentally opposed to each other on social matters you cannot be in love. I cannot fathom loving someone who has dated a Negro or thinks they’re the same as her or I. I cannot fathom dating someone who will vote for Hilary Clinton in the 2016 election,. Examples like that.

            Yes, agree 100%. As long as she is racially conscience, we can go from there. I will have an open mind and listen to what she thinks of politics. Show her some info and maybe she’ll show me some as well. We will learn from each other. But if she already strictly believes in liberal ideology and won’t budge on the matter I’m heading down the road. Simply because it’s been proven not to work.

            It’s hard to describe because you’re exactly right, it’s so situational. But essentially, if she thinks the way I think is stupid, which in my opinion is to believe fully in science from head to toe, including all the “DAS RACIS” parts, then auf wiedersehen. I cannot stand someone that wants to preserve our environment yet wants to send aid to Africa. Stuff like that. Sorry, I am quite tired.

    • me

      They should include some Swedish Viking men as well. You can’t have Swedish women without Swedish men!

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Swedish Men + Swedish Women = Swedish babies continuing Swedish society as White Sweden, and therefore, genuinely Swedish.

        Not some fake, flimsy “universal society” or “tolerant open society” where Somali Bantus and burka wearing Saudis invade with their peculiar cultural habits, get citizenship in Sweden and presto, “They’re Swedish too.” Like, DUH!

    • ATBOTL

      Swedish people are the best looking people on earth. Almost no one is fat or ugly there.

  • Truthseeker

    I wish I could speak Swedish. All I saw were a bunch of pretty young White women. Not that that’s anything to complain about, of course. Let this ethnic group not be genocided!

    • Valhalla

      Click on the CC button on the bottom of the video. It will translate what they’re saying into English.

  • Long Live Dixie

    Do my eyes deceive me, or was there an Asian in that video?

    • DaveMed

      I saw her as well.

      Better Asian than Arab or Black, I suppose.

      • Jack Burton

        Depends on your perspective.

        Better meaning less crime, less anti-social, and to some less ugly.

        However, East Asians can be seen as a sleeper cell, a Trojan horse, the slow knife.

        In the end they cannot reproduce our race, culture and society any more than the darkies.

        My kind of diversity: Blonde, red and brunette.

        • Glen

          One part Asian girl in this video and almost 357,000 views. The response was not about her. Although I agree with your kind of diversity – blonde, redhead, and brunette – I’m inclined to be charitable. The video effectively disseminated a vital part of our message, something conservative “civic nationalists” and “nationalists in name only” in the US have failed to do. Thumbs up to the SDU!

          • propagandaoftruth

            I’ve always detected a strain of that third wheel of Euro genetics represented by the vaguely Asiatic looking Sami amongst many Scandinavians. Look a the Finns.

            If a trickle of East Asiatic genetics were all that threatened the Scandinavian gene pool I’d not be concerned. It’s the blacks and most browns that horrify me genetically as a result of their numbers and their negative effect on civilized society.

          • Gary John 金白龍

            No non-Whites. Can’t you get that?

        • Gary John 金白龍


    • gemjunior

      Yes, I suppose they allowed one in due to their non-violent behavior. Probably one of the girls in the video has a brother married to a Japanese girl or something.

    • MartinA

      SD is not officially an ethno-nationalist party. In fact, they kick out people that are openly ethnonationalists since they consider them “racist”. According to SD anyone can become a swede if they are culturally swedish.

      Personally, i do not endorse this attitude. However, the asian girl in the video is adopted and culturally totally swedish. And, she has been taking enormous amounts of s*** for appearing in this video from the violent and antisocial extreme left here in sweden. So she is a hero, of sorts, nobody can say anything other than that. And even though im an ethnonationalist, im not sure it is something that belong in politics.

      • Until more people and the right people recognize democratic republicanism as a failure, our strategy when it comes to elections is to vote for the most credible people and parties that do the most for our cause, even if they are not of our cause. SD and UKIP are about on par with the more conservative half of the American Republican party, so they’re not openly EN, and in fact usually hostile to it. But I recommend voting for SD and UKIP is that they are the best or least bad of the credible options.

      • Anglokraut

        No Satanist would put up with that kind of stupidity.

      • Christorchaos

        And even though im an ethnonationalist, im not sure it is something that belong in politics.

        Why not, I’m curious? Ethnonationalism is just part of foreign-policy, to me. If foreign-policy does not belong in politics, what does ?

        • MartinA

          Well, a nationstate could perhaps maintain the integrity of its borders and people. But sweden is not a nationstate anymore. 40% of people under 45 are of foreign heritage. Imagine making laws to maintain our people? Imagine enforcing such laws? That is just not practical. Making and enforcing laws are such imperfect processes, what reaches reality is something very watered down from the idea or intention. Besides, there is just no demographic base for nationalist politics in sweden anymore. The best we can hope from politics is to decrease the oppression and persecution of swedes on ethnic grounds and to do away with the worst parts of the antiswedish propaganda in schools and to allow homeschooling (forbidden in sweden).

          Much better to use culture. It is stronger over time and possible in all circumstances. The situation in sweden is very reminicent of the envirionment in which the cultures of the middle east developed. And they managed with culture alone. Granted, us swedes do not have their capacity for etnocentricism. But some of us do to some extent at least. And we have other qualities and advantages.

          Of course, culture would be even more powerful if combined with religion. Religion is something that can really change the world, much more than any ideology or any politics. Look at the mormons for example? I find their project fascinating. They formed their church not that long ago and look what they have accomplished?

          • Christorchaos

            Of course, culture would be even more powerful if combined with religion. Religion is something that can really change the world, much more than any ideology or any politics.

            And True religion is especially powerful. Just look at the 1000 years of post-Milvian Christiandom.

      • Leon NJ

        At this stage of the game, I don’t care that she is asian. If she was adopted and sees herself as 100% Swedish is everyway possible, then she’s OK in my book.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        I’m guessing that makes Tiger Woods “….culturally Swedish”.

        • MartinA

          I do not know. Their idea of open swedishness is pointless to me. They are the typical patriot-antinationalists as it were. Even thought some of them still call themselves nationalists and some of them probably are. Public debate in sweden is very superficial, people do not think carefully about these terms.

    • MekongDelta69

      FTR – she’s actually 1/2 Oriental.

      • Jack Burton

        She’s still 100% not capable of giving birth to a pure white child and 100% doesn’t belong.

        • Ian Thomas

          If she was something like 1/64 (1%) Asian and the rest of her was White (Swedish) then maybe I’d give her a pass. But she’s half, so yeah it’s a pretty big deal.

    • Ian Thomas

      Yes that is an Asian, I guess they needed some diversity thrown in there to seem more “appealing”.

      • Jack Burton

        East Asians, not considering West Asians that are doing all the gang rapes in Britain, are the less threatening minority and more appealing to the miscegenists. It’s just another strategy against the white patriarchy.

    • D.B. Cooper

      She might be a hybrid, like the Pretty Little Liar, Shay Mitchell. If so, they will carry blonde/blue in their DNA. In rare occasions, we can accept a few. I had a Filipina girlfriend for almost a year. Man, did she hate blacks! She was pretty, but she was no Shay.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        She’s a cutie, but please, don’t get her started on diversity. I can’t bear to listen to another cliché-ridden retort about how wonderful diversity is.

      • katzkiner

        Many light skinned women from Latin America hate blacks. Puerto Ricans and Mexican girls are some of the most outspoken.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Normally, I avoid all discussion with Mexicans about race. However, they do voluntarily offer their opinions about the subject from time to time. If I want to know more, I merely ask questions. I’m only probing for information about what they really think. And it’s been an eye-opener.

          And yes, some Mexicans have expressed how much they hate blacks for being victims of robbery, dealing with them at social service offices, etc. And how badly they’re treated by Korean business owners who employ them. I don’t agree or disagree with their sentiments, I only ask questions to get more information about their experiences.

    • Anglo

      She looked half Asian to me.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      I believe I caught that one, too. Looked a little bit out of place. But look at the bright side. It ain’t Nigerian or Kenyan.

    • Paleoconn

      I thought so too. What’s up with that?

    • Ella

      There are some Sami/Lapp, Indigenous people of Northern Europe, who have both Nordic and Asian appearances. It’s a small percentage of people but she could have been Sami or even Siberian descent. Norwegian government brought in 3,000 Vietnamese refugees too during the early 70’s post Vietnam War, and the Scandinavians allow free movement within their countries. Not all Norwegians and Swedes have blonde hair and blue eyes; some do just have light brown-brown in the Southern parts among the other white women.

  • MekongDelta69

    I didn’t understand a word of the first minute – but then again, who cares?!!
    (I’m older, but I’m not dead!)

    • Christorchaos

      Hint: turn on the CC button and choose English

      • MekongDelta69

        Even better!


  • Christorchaos

    I have a mixed reaction to the SDU: Ung svensk tjej! video. It is girls doing kickboxing, being dressed immodestly, etc. in contravention of the mores/modes of dress of their ancestors, that is part and parcel of the liberalism that has gotten them in this jam of being ethnically replaced.

    • Long Live Dixie

      I thought the same. There’s a definite trend in Europe’s more moderate nationalist circles to have a reactionary attitude towards things like that. The attitude seems to be: “Muslims wear burkas, well then our women will wear bikinis!” There was even a Flemish politician who allowed his own daughter to dress provocatively for a flyer.

      • gemjunior

        Yes, I agree with you. Just because they are insane to the nth degree, doesn’t mean we should be insane to the nth degree as well even if it is in the opposite direction.

        • BillMillerTime

          She dressed “provocatively” and learned self-defense? She actually wears bikinis?!? ZOMG!

          You’re pulling our leg, right? You can’t be serious.

          • Christorchaos

            “You cant be serious” is not a rational argument generally accepted in Western thought. Outside, perhaps, of a few Western liberals.

    • Magician

      Well those lovely girls’ ancestors are vikings.

      And as a guy who has been learning muay thai ( Thai kickboxing ) for the last several months, I also met several very feminine muay thai students. Those girls were not learning muay thai to become less feminine and more masculine. They are learning muay thai because it keeps them healthy.

      And those girls are nuns compared to this South Korean girl.


      • Garrett Brown

        Muay Thai is pretty pointless, develope a grappling/ground game.

        • antiquesunlight

          No it isn’t. Just knowing the most basic defense, footwork, and clinch techniques would win a majority of street fights. Your average knucklehead on the street is just going to swing stupid haymakers at you and then try to hug you. Anyone with basic competence in Muay Thai would counter-KO them pretty easily or trip them in the clinch. However, I would recommend jiu jitsu specifically for women because they are more likely to be overpowered and have to fight off their back.

          • Garrett Brown

            The majority of street fights take place on the ground. That in itself proves your argument to not be realistic.

          • antiquesunlight

            The majority of street fighters don’t have any idea of basic defense, footwork, or clinch techniques. I assure you that an average guy on the street could not easily get me to the ground unless he is huge or super strong. I think knowing wrestling, BJJ, judo or whatever is a great idea, but saying that Muay Thai is useless in a street situation is not right at all. Not to mention that grappling is not very useful if you are being attacked by more than one person. Even if you double leg one guy through the floor, his buddy will just kick you in the head.

          • Garrett Brown

            The majority of street fighters don’t have any idea of basic defense, footwork, or clinch techniques”

            Which is why they end up on the ground.

            There is no theory crafting in fights, So I wont engage in it. The fact is people get worn out very quickly and the fight ends up on the ground. It is much more important to practice Newaza than a striking art. Striking has its place, but its a very small corner of fighting. When it is professional against professional certainly, but that never happens on the street. If you are being attacked by more than one person, you better know Judo or Aikido but realistically you should be armed.

          • antiquesunlight

            “Which is why they end up on the ground.”

            That is my point. I am not an average guy since I know basic MT techniques. That means that I probably would not end up on the ground. Even if I did, the average man would gas out so hard and fast that I could probably get up pretty easily. Grappling is more useful if your opponent is very large/strong.

          • Garrett Brown

            The effectiveness of grappling doesn’t depend on the size of your opponent. You actually should avoid ground fighting if the man is stronger than you.

        • Magician

          So did you end up accepting the job offer that pays you $5000+ for working 16 hours per week at home?

          • Garrett Brown

            I don’t think I could focus with so many women constantly spamming me. I had to turn her down. Everywhere I go women swarm me, it’s strange you know?

    • DaveMed

      Yes – not sure what bikinis have to do with saving Sweden.

    • M.

      You don’t want to adopt exactly the same mores as your ancestors, do you?

      I mean, two centuries ago, European was pretty much today’s Saudi Arabia in terms of social conservatism (no women go out unchaperoned, skirts deemed immodest, homosexuals executed by the State, literature bowdlerized, etc.)

      Do you really want to go back to that?

      • Christorchaos

        You have bought into the progressive myth.

        • M.

          I understand that people have a sense of decency and modesty, to varying degrees, but I’m just not that socially conservative.

          I guess some people are.

          • Korean guy

            There is a clear difference between “removing a culture altogether simply because it can hurt another culture’s feelings” and “living in an evolving society while it still maintains its identity”

            If some of those overly conservative people want to live in the year 1800 that badly, they should also stop taking subways, travelling in cars or airplanes, using computers and smartphones!

          • M.

            “There is a clear difference between removing a culture altogether and living in an evolving society while it still maintains its identity.”

            Exactly. One good example of that is the Japanese culture. I’m sure the Japanese culture (and laws) today is more liberal than that of Imperial Japan. But it’s still distinctly Japanese. I mean, it has a distinct Japanese feel to it, even though it evolved. And that’s because the native population remained unchanged.

          • Christorchaos

            I wish the difference were so “clear”.

      • BillMillerTime

        Some of the people who post here really DO want to go back to such “good old days.”

    • With all the black Muslims pouring into some Swedish cities, they’ll be glad that Swedish women know how to kick box one of these days.

      • Christorchaos

        What? There are no Swedish men willing to defend these beauties?

        • Magician

          If any Swedish man ridicules a Swedish woman for dating a non-white male

          Or if any Swedish man ever hits a non-white man while defending a Swedish woman, he can go to jail

        • Jack Burton

          These “beauties” are the ones telling their men not to be aggressive, not to speak out, be submissive, be PC. These are the same Scandinavian twits who tell a man he’s being oppressive to women if he stands up to urinate.

        • Lybeck

          Some Viking women fought along their male counterparts. Equality of women (NO, it does not mean I support modern feminism, gender quotas etc.) is NOT a modern marxist phenomenon in Nordic countries.

          • Christorchaos

            That’s a familiar liberal argument of “if it happened once in human history, it must therefore be normative”

          • Garrett Brown

            They did not fight sword and shield with the men, they were used as skirmishers, normally using a sling or a bow.

      • Jack Burton

        They do it for exercise, not actual combat training. Besides, they are likely to encounter gangs of males, in which case you would need to be armed with a gun, not just hand-to-hand combat. This is not a fantasy movie where a girl can beat up 10 guys.

        • Ella

          Interesting enough, I just read that three major cities in Sweden have permitted nude bathing at public pools and selected beaches including Malmo. They’ll need some kick boxing practice if they go this route in front of Muslims.

    • Glen

      “It is girls doing kickboxing, being dressed immodestly, etc. in contravention of the mores/modes of dress of their ancestors…”

      Although I enjoy traditional female dress, I don’t see anything “immodest” about the girls’ clothing, unless you’re referring to the “wedgies” in their bikinis. In any case, it is what it is. The video’s viewership – 357,000 – impresses me more than anything else, especially at this stage of the game.

      • Ella

        Maybe to the Swedes, wearing a bathing suit tends to be “modest” since they have many nude beaches and bath houses. The makers of the video want to appeal to the youth instead of middle aged crowd and seniors with fat rolls.

  • LHathaway

    lol, this video may really be trying to appeal to boys. . .

    • Anglokraut

      Nothing wrong with helping Sweden’s male population realize that what they have is worth protecting.

      • Jack Burton

        Or it could be a gang-rape advertisement for Third World males. Look at all of the naive, liberal sluts waiting for you, come get welfare and have your pick!

        • Anglokraut

          I don’t think the “Democratic” in the Sweden Democratic Party is anything like the Democratic Party in the U.S. I just don’t see today’s liberals making a video espousing the view that Sweden is a culturally and racially distinct nation that deserves protection and preservation.

          • M.

            Yes, the Sweden Democrats is the farthest mainstream party to the right in Sweden.

          • Jack Burton

            You don’t know your history. American democrats used to be the ones pro-race and pro-slavery. It started out as a party for the white yeoman. How things have changed.

            These names are irrelevant, they’re two sides of the same coin now. Our society is so far to the left, the rightist party is just a less extreme left party.

          • Anglokraut

            It’s amusing how hard you try to be condescending; I especially laughed when you said I don’t know my history…because I majored in history.

    • Jack Burton

      The music and look of it is very American. I want some Swedish folk music and girls dressed in traditional dresses.

      • Mason Gull

        They’re trying to appeal to modern Swedish people, not Varg Vikernes. I wish it weren’t like this, but they’ve actually done much better since they dropped a lot of their Viking and volkisch imagery.

        • Jack Burton

          By modern you mean culturally rootless, banal, hippie, sexually provocative twits who compete with each other by seeing who can be the biggest whore, as represented in the American pop culture media, such as Miley Cyrus.

          • Mason Gull

            Many aspects of the modern west are corrupt and degenerate, but many (If not all) people have embraced it at least in part, and so they will not be particularly moved by appeals to old customs. I don’t particularly like it, but contemporary political parties have to acknowledge modernity in order to attract votes.

    • Garrett Brown

      Coming from you I’m sure this is meant with a negative tone. Why does that matter? Swedes need to start making more Swedish babies, they need to realize there are women who want Swedish men and want a traditional family.

      • LHathaway

        It was slightly amusing to me – when I had finished or nearly finished the video and noticed the video was nothing but very attractive girls – wondering if the video may have really been meant to appeal to boys.

        I meant to express those thoughts in my short post – my reaction to the video.

        Then the misogynistic part of me, or the gender-realist side of me, wondered since, it’s all girls, all empowered girls, it was meant for – girls. All girls, this was a way to appeal to girls, and boys, both. I believe author Esther Vilar once claimed that girls only care about the opinions and feelings of other girls. But my simple post did not reflect these additional thoughts, just the mild humor (to me) that the video may have been intended to appeal to boys.

        I hope that for the most part cleared up my previous post. When my post was done I noticed my post may have sounded like it was a reaction to the post above mine, but it was not. I had not read it.l

  • Ian Thomas

    Great video filled with pretty white faces (minus the Asian one thrown in for flavor).

    • Jack Burton

      Not flavor, contamination.

    • Mason Gull

      She might just be a Swede with a lot of Ugric blood. Believe it or not, there are Sami and Finns who look very Mongolian, despite not having any recent Asian ancestry.

      • Jack Burton

        You’re begging to be slapped aren’t you?

  • EU liberals will start accepting more “refugees” from the 3rd world when right/conservative parties win seats.

  • bubo

    The sponsored links need to go. It makes Amren look less serious.

    • Anglokraut

      Agreed–when you see a link for “Which Disney Princess are YOU?” you’ll know it’s time to leave.

      • Christorchaos

        Hint: AdBlock. Blocked ads:
        11 on this page

        • Anglokraut

          Thanks, I’ll run that by my boyfriend to see if he agrees. It’s nice to have my own personal IT.

  • Korean guy

    I made a comment under that specific clip,

    and someone said to me,

    “Human values > irrelevant, nonexistent culture”

    And I responded,

    “If Sweden truly is a cultureless society, then muslim women should not wear anything when they come to Sweden either” and I have yet to hear a response from that person.

    • Brady

      There are no such thing as “human values”. “Human” is a zoological term.

  • Simonetta

    I would really like it if Europeans would include subtitles in the their own languages whenever they produce videos. I realize that it would be annoying and a bit insulting to suggest that they have subtitles in English, but it would be great if videos (and especially films) that were made in Swedish, German, French, and Italian actually had subtitles in Swedish, German, French, and Italian.

    All the European ‘legacy languages’ are close enough to each other that Americans that study (even for a short time) one Romance language and one Germanic language can follow the gist of the dialog if they could be watching the exact words appearing on the screen synced with the dialog.

    There are some truly difficult languages in Europe like Finnish, Hungarian, and Basque. But generally, understanding European languages isn’t as difficult as everyone thinks it is.

    • M.

      That video does have English subtitles, by the way. You just need to activate them.

  • Luca

    After airing this video male membership in the Swedish Democratic Youth went through the roof.

    I just enrolled in a Berlitz course to learn Swedish.

  • phorning

    It’s a good video to introduce people who are not active and haven’t been interested in politics to take an interest. The next video on the playlist, which a had more overt message against multiculturalism was even better.

  • Korean guy

    Nothing wrong with wearing a bikini. Just because a woman wears bikini does not make her any less wonderful. If wearing a bikini is wrong then it should be wrong for women to even swim.

    • antiquesunlight

      It’s only wrong if they don’t look like the girls in that video.

  • lily-white

    If that video was to be aired in this country, there would be calls for rioting in the streets…

  • Jimmy Joseph

    This video doesn’t appear to be particularly White. There are Asians in this video.

    Furthermore, all I see is “girl power” here. Where are the men defending Sweden? This looks like feminist nonsense where the women are “training” to “defend” the nation by boxing, squatting, etc.

    Sweden is a feminist state. Therefore, the Muslims are quickly taking over that society. They have tons of “no go” areas for the Swedish population. They rape women at will because they look at feminist white women as sluts.

    Who will stop these Muslims from taking over with such a high birth rate? The feminists?

    Good luck.

  • Magician

    Let me just post some pics….

    Post title – women around the world

    By the way, the blond looking up is Swedish

    • Jimmy Joseph

      LOL so true.

      Im sure that fat slob woman was “American”. Im sure she is very “independent” and only dates successful men who are at least 6 foot tall, muscular and makes 6 figures.

      And what the hell is wrong with Zuckerberg. That “Asian American” one is really ugly.

      At least get a hot one from Asia itself.

      • Magician

        The hand’s up rioter is probably the wife or girlfriend of a black male hands-up rioter.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          The brothas like women with some meat on they bones!

          • Magician

            An obese white woman, married to an African, stated on the Internet that black male do prefer women with very large butts because they grew up around with women with very large butts, and the black mainstream media, such as hip hop music videos, constantly shows African American women with very large butts.

          • IstvanIN

            The meat looks like it is starting to fall off the bone.

          • Who Me?

            “More cushion fer the pushin’.” (But that abomination is revolting.)

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          At first glance I thought that was Michael Moore!

          • Samuel Hathaway

            I thought it was Rand Paul, Kentucky Senator. LOL

      • IstvanIN

        Zuckerberg isn’t exactly good looking himself.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Yeah but he has the dough to buy a better one.

          • IstvanIN

            Point well taken.

        • Who Me?

          With the $$$ Zuckerberg has I’d like to hope that true love is involved, but I’m old enough to realize that is probably naive, and something akin to blackmail of some sort is far more likely.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          I thought it was Rand Paul

    • Magician

      Well, since our AmRen poster Jim Joe appears to like those photos so much, I am going to post a few more.

      It is a good thing for us AmRen regular posters to enjoy a good laugh, and the beauty of our daughters every now and then.

      By the way, the blond girl smiling widely and looking right at the camera with a perfume bottle in her hand is named Erin Heatherton, and she currently works as a Victoria’s Secret model. And what is interesting about Erin is she is an Ashkenazi Jew and you know who else is an Ashkenazi Jew?

      Mark Zuckerberg!!

      The platinum blonde is a former Miss Canada, and the brunette looking up is a Dutch model.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Wow some hot women.

        Where are they from?

        • Magician

          “Women are mostly obese, have tattoos, single moms, psychological problems”

          Ha! Ha!

          And finish two packs everyday

          • Jimmy Joseph

            This is a major problem.

            It is actually a big problem for White nationalism.

            If White men have such a poor selection of mates, how can they form decent relationships that will form a White society?

            Men won’t get married and have children. If they decide to avoid these behaviors, they will also work less to stop supporting the system with taxes. It is a death spiral.

            This is also part of the reason that White men have been looking at Asian and Latina women.

          • Magician

            They should go for younger white women ( Maybe seven or eight years younger than himself)

          • Jimmy Joseph

            The normal rule used to be Age/2 + 7 for the age of the female.

            Ex 32 year old male= 32/2 + 7= 23 year old female.

            The problem is women in their early to mid 20s aren’t looking for anything but “fun”.

            They don’t want to get married until their late 20s or 30s after having a lot of “fun”.

            Who wants to marry a woman like that?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Unfortunately, this is true.

            That is why you see White men being forced into getting Asian or Latina women.

            Look at all the White Male Hollywood guys marrying Latinas these days. It’s crazy. These are “supposed” to be the “top males” in our feminized society. It’s sad that Hollywood clowns are considered “top males” but this is the society we live in (a dying society that worships entertainers rather than men of real value).

            Ryan Gosling= with Latina woman
            Matt Damon= Latina woman
            Matt McCounaghey- Latino woman
            Magnello (or however you spell it, don’t care enough to look it up, dude was in “Magic Mike”)= Latino woman

            Matt Damon= Arab Woman.

            It appears that the top White males are RUNNING from White women, despite the fact that these men could get almost any white female they want.

            This is just off the top of my head.

            If they are doing it, how much worse is it for other White men?

          • Augustus3709

            The miscegenation craze is out of control. It’s almost like people are “bored” with their own race. I’ve seen a lot of it. A lot of White women black male couples, (usually overweight), and a few White male/Asian female groups. Though Asians usually stick together I’ve noticed, and they keep their own language (usually Chinese).

            What is the solution? We need to be more open about this. At least “behind closed doors”. When White men and women go a’dating, one of the pre-topics should be the importance of race. Either make it a prerequisite, or slip in some clever questions and conversation topics to see how they react.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            A lot of the male “miscegenation” is due to inability to attack White females.

            Beta White males often take Asian partners. This is also due to Asian women being “easier” to satisfy.

            There are plenty of very attractive White women that are going after non White men. Look at the newest Amren article about this really attractive White woman just killed by her black boyfriend, she had kids with. A lot of white men would’ve gone for her.

        • Singingbird1

          Who wants to get married?Marriage is for insecure suckers.

    • lily-white

      isn’t it always interesting to see whites standing up for bantu interests (hands up, don’t shoot). no problem finding the “body mass” there. as for mark.. well… that goes without saying… then there is pure nordic beauty…

      • svartekaptenen

        Where was the middle picture taken? The one with all the fatties and in what context?

        • lily-white

          “Photos that define
          the Ferguson, Mo., protests” (the baltimore sun)

    • Guest

      Dem German genetics.

  • antiquesunlight

    Fantastic video. For a minute, all I was hearing was “al sku flar flafty latoo shiskla blur skitaggy,” but then I figured out how to turn on the subtitles. Very inspiring.

    This sentence made me feel very proud for them:
    “We inherited Sweden from our ancestors and it is our duty to preserve it for our children.”

    Now we just need to get more Americans thinking like that.

    • Christorchaos

      This sentence made me feel very proud for them:
      “We inherited Sweden from our ancestors and it is our duty to preserve it for our children.”

      Yes I got a tingle over that line too.. until I stopped and thought that 100% of the girls pictured is on the pill

  • kenfrombayside

    Jews in Nazi Europe had no right to exist. In today’s western world, these females have no right to exist, especially America. These females don’t add to the diversity mix and their very existence imperils America’s vile political, media and academic elite.

    • Magician

      You are going to make John Engelman very very angry

    • Jimmy Joseph

      Any racially conscious White person (male or female) will be demonized in America or elsewhere in the West.

      This is not unique to females.

    • Garrett Brown

      Why should jews have the right to exist in Europe? That isn’t where they are from.

  • LHathaway

    You don’t like democracy so much when whites are a minority? What are your grounds for supporting the old SA regime? Black people did better under apartheid? They had their chance to form their own much smaller white nation in SA and they didn’t. They wanted it all. Don’t blame Sweden or any other liberal, or conservative, for their failure to secure a white homeland for themselves?

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      South Africa was created and founded by Whites. The area was desert and mostly depopulated. Most of the blacks in SA are Bantu immigrants. If White South Africans made a mistake it was using blacks for cheap labor. In that way it parallels the situation in the southwest United States.

  • antiquesunlight

    I absolutely adore that video. It is so powerful. I posted both on my Facebook tonight in the hopes that they will inspire some latent nationalist in my network of friends. The Swedish Democrats are first rate.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Beautiful Message.
      Beautiful Swedes.
      Beautiful Caucasians.

    • Garrett Brown

      I believe half of those thumb downs are for hearing that kid speak German so aggressively lol. Second coming of hitler apparently. People hear german and they think ” oh no!!! Evil!”

      • antiquesunlight

        I love their passion and sincerity. There’s some godawful response video out there made by a bunch of stupid girls that is enough to make you heave a gallon. None of them have anything in their eyes. Everyone in the SDU videos has a spark.

        Here’s a great video from a different group.

        • Garrett Brown

          Can you link me the URL? I would like to see it.

          • antiquesunlight

            They won’t let me post it. Search for “Future Generation: Our answer to SDU.”

          • Garrett Brown

            Thank you good sir. That anti white, feminist video was so cringe inducing I couldn’t finish it.

          • OS-Q

            Their Response: “Europe is for Everyone!”

            I imagine the BUGsters LOVED that they would say something like that, that’s why there’s no comments or voting allowed anymore.

            Public opinion is on our side, or at least against theirs.

    • Tarczan

      I agree.Very good.

  • LHathaway


  • Samuel Hathaway

    What beautiful young Swedish girls. May they marry well, and have many children to carry forth the fight for Europe against the onslaught of the darkness of destruction of multiculturalism.

    • Cid Campeador

      First ALL the Scandinavians have to rid themselves of the dregs of the 3rd world who are raping their young girls and women.
      There was a 14 year old who was gang raped and took her own life. I forget which country it was.

  • SiniticMan

    I had a very interesting conversation with a Swedish tourist here in San Francisco. We talked about history for a bit and I was very surprised when he told me about how sorry he was for the Germans because of World War II because first off, I am non white and secondly, no one ever says that. But because of my racial awareness, I could see where he was coming from since Swedes and Germans are so closely related. It was only natural for him to feel some empathy for another group of people that speak/look so much like the average Swede. But then again Swedes come off to me as generally optimistic and satisfied much more-so than other people and they wouldn’t want to go down the path that the Germans went for the sake of the Swedish and Sweden. And so they also come off as the most anti-racist people I’ve ever met as well. I guess only time will tell.

  • Well, for once, there is not much I can say. Both of these videos are great. In fact, they are more than great, they are excellent. Well written, well filmed, well orchestrated.

    The latter one is defiantly pro-European Europe yet in a positive and moralistic way that ought to resonate with some people, whilst the former video has the same kind of thrust to it, yet – very importantly, shows a bevy of young European women as an inspiration for more women to defiantly take their stand too.

    I am not wishing to sound like a “diversity” fiend, but I think we do need more women like this in our cause. We are still seen, perhaps rightly, as a bit of a male dominated movement with not many women involved anywhere at all.

    Ordinarily, that would not really bother me that much (like in the workplace, or this or that sector of society) – but in our case, we can only advance our race into the future if we can relate to and encourage race-realism and white-advocacy in white women.

    Without them, by leaving them to one side and being enticed by other paths in life, our folk will not have a future. They are obviously the only ones who can give birth to white children. Too many are not doing this and, further, having them with others. I think we need to do much more to listen to what nationalist-inclined women want to see.

    This is one reason why I am pleased to see some rebellion from white Swedish women, pleased to see that they appreciate the nationalistic issues we tend to discuss.

    I suppose I have always felt that women tend to be more empathetic to non-whites and would ultimately soften down our movement…..but even if this was the case (which it may not be), I would rather we had women of the attitude in that SDU video than the alternative that seems to be more prevalent out there.

    • Christorchaos

      Women using the womanly gifts to support the rebuilding of the West … yes. Kickboxing, being tough, being “liberated” (“I can dress any way I want”)…. not so much.

      I do not deny that the ad is well-done. And that any movement needs a certain amount of PR pizzazz. But at what cost to the Truth?

      • Yeah, I know what you mean – however, the kickboxing and such is being portrayed as part of a ‘dynamic’ new movement that is rejecting much of what ills modern societal attitudes.

        To reach women, particularly the youth, I’m afraid this is what may be needed. 60 years or more of liberalism cannot be ignored or cast to one side, it has to be turned to advantage and used where possible.

        I would like to think that the kinds of women featured in the video are not the typical liberal-feminist clones – but people who share values of tradition, are open to the idea of traditional roles and differences between men and women.

        I am not sure what the alternative video or attitude could be in Western societies today….. perhaps a soft-shot film of motherly dresses, doing the washing, waiting eagerly to be proposed to from some kind of Hugh Grant character or knight in shining armour?… I don’t see that enticing white womenfolk to stand with nationalists.

        Given some of the slovenly, uncaring, race-mixing, no manners, ladette feminoids we have to contend with today, I cannot really fault the attitude presented in the video.

        They seem to want to assert themselves and play a part in securing the nation for future generations. I would suggest that all the other things would take care of themselves if such a country was once again possible….as these kinds of trends can change or take different forms.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Good luck with that. You’d be surprised about these women being “feminist”.

          Sweden is the most feminist society in all of Europe.

          In the video, it basically shows “strong, independent” women who will “defend” Europe.

          There is no obvious male character here. In essence, it shows female leadership and power. It appears that they “don’t need” men to defend Sweden since they are “strong”. They can do “kickboxing, squatting, etc” and “defend” the nation.

          There is no message of motherhood or the female role in family production. It is basically making women into men and showing no role for men.

          Good luck with that.

          White Nationalism= dead in the water until feminism is destroyed.

          • Malgus

            Hey Jim…

            I’m not opposed to a strong woman. I was a soldier most of my life, and I’m not a small guy. Over 6 feet, 230. My wife is an outstanding mother, works her butt off, is a great cook and happens to love firearms. She’s got no problem “taking out the trash” if I’m not around. We’re both Alphas, both have strong personalities, so our arguments are often pretty epic. Make no mistake, she’s very feminine. But when the chips are down or we’re in a crunch, she looks to me to lead.

            Still, I like the idea of being able to leave my wife alone for a time – if I have to – knowing that if anyone messes with her, they’re going to have a couple brand new holes where they didn’t want any…

            I do agree with you that modernist feminist dogma is poison, preaching that men are unnecessary, that women can “do it all” and don’t need us. That brand of snake oil needs to be gotten rid of…

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Yeah thats fine to me.

            That’s not the kind of woman I am speaking against.

            Sounds like you have a good wife.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Also, your argument that “women won’t come to White nationalism” unless we basically pander to them.

          Therefore, we need to basically support feminism and female dominance by your logic. How else will we pander to feminist White females?

          My question is: If White men stop defending White women, where will they go? If they starve the system, where will White women go?

          Will these feminist women go to Africa, Asia, Latin America or Islamic Cultures?

          They will have no other options but come back as traditional women or they will have it MUCH WORSE.

          Pandering to White women hasn’t really worked very well for the last 30-40 years and is only allowing feminism to get stronger.

          You have no solution to this problem. Just “pandering” to them more.

          • I am not ‘pandering’ to anything.

            I am recognising the fact that we need white women to be with us on securing a future for European people. It is vital for our survival.

            I am recognising that it is promising that these Swedish women are taking such a stand in the video and encouraging more to also look at the nationalist alternatives.

            We do not know the real outlooks of these women featured. Are they the rabid feminoids people seem to be projecting on to them, or are they actually quite open and supportive of traditional gender roles and traditional family structures?

            I am suggesting that we need to have a movement that takes the wishes and desires of women more seriously, and that does not necessarily mean “pandering” to feminism.

            It means learning to bridge the gap and re-introducing some sensible common ground instead of having nothing at all and being further ignored by our womenfolk in this cause.

            Give me women like that in the video any day of the week when compared to the vile, rabidly feminist, race-mixing leftoids we tend to get on the one side……and the gormless, overweight, beer and cigs, celebrity loving, race-mixing trash on the other.

            You ask how well society has got from pandering to feminism, but perhaps the real question is “how well has the counter-attack upon feminism gone?” It has not gone that well has it?

            So that is the society we are now largely left with – we cannot just pretend it is not so and that the last 60 years have not happened.

            I am traditionalist myself, so I would not be in favour of promoting more feminism, but I do recognise that we have to reach people first otherwise our ideas and concepts count for little.

            You remark that there is no obvious male character in the video, but I think that is because it is aimed at promoting the concept that white females can be nationalistic too and that they may not be alone in being concerned about the way things are heading.

            As for the message of motherhood, I recall that they say they want to have a future for Sweden that is Swedish and not the “unrecognisable” one that is coming. Surely this means having European babies?

            Women are a strange breed, lol. What they say they want and what they really want are often two different things.

            You can get, for example, some racemixing “pro-feminist” minded woman who shacks up with a controlling non-white who is arrogant, nasty, violent.

            There are many nuances to social dynamics, which is why it is not a case of white women “going off to Africa” for a taste of what is coming, it is already in Sweden and, unfortunately, white women are already taking up with these people. Liberals, feminoids, trash.

            Where do white nationalists fit into this evolving future of white women being absent from our movement?

            We seem to be sat on the sidelines whilst they either have no children at all or shack up with other races to have them, or we are moaning about them being too feisty and feminist.

            None of these things seem to be advancing a brighter and better future for whites.

            If it takes a fiesty video to get women interested in nationalist issues and to feel that they are right to have concerns and racial feelings in a disproportionately male dominated movement, then so be it.

            It would then be the job of traditionalists like us to put forward a further ‘disestablishment’ viewpoint upon society, its ills, and why traditional roles are important in securing our future.

            It does not mean “pandering” to feminist doctrines or promoting them as aspirational.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            The more we “bend” to feminism, the further we die off. It really is that simple.

            How far down the feminist well do we want to travel?

            You haven’t delineated how “feminist” we can get before it is very detrimental to the family structure and birth rate.

            How much feminism can we tolerate? That needs to be defined.

        • svartekaptenen

          You do not understand our Culture, among us women has Always been held in high regard, look up the concept of Sköldmö or shieldmaiden which is not really a good translation, also look into the godess Freja. You will understand then.

          • I’m sorry, but were you replying to me or Jimmy?.

            I am not quite sure which part of my reply you disagree with, because I did not suggest that women there were not held in high regard…. in fact, I am suggesting that they ought to be held in regard by white nationalists everywhere as an important part of our struggle….

          • Malgus

            Oh, I know the concept “Sköldmö” 🙂

            One of the great loves of my life – the one that got away – I met during an Aikido class.

            The one that didn’t get away – my wife – knows her way equally well around an HK93, a riot gun and a .357. You really don’t want to mess with her..

            Imagine a Teutonic chick that looks a lot like Anna Torv, but has an affection for weapons… she comes home and sometimes says “Hey, I saw dinner on the way home!” Dinner means “whitetail deer”. She’s not overly sentimental about animals… I came home once and found my shotgun moved. When I asked her about it, she says: “Oh, that groundhog was back. So, I borrowed the Winchester and blasted him. Threw him in the field out back for the buzzards..”

            Heh… gotta love that.

  • James Mayer

    You can turn english subtitles on with one of the small buttons on the bottom right, though I had a hard time focussing on them, for some reason 😉

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Sounds good but won’t work.

    Until Europe goes back to traditional values, they will continue to decline.

    The Muslims and other nonWhite groups that practice traditional male-female relations will quickly overwhelm Europe.

    Sorry to bear bad news.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Males in their late 20s and 30s can tell you that getting “married” to a good woman these days is VERY difficult. Men who are professional with greater than 6 figure incomes, have a height of 6 foot tall, work out often (3 to 4 times per week) with good musculature, etc are having a difficult time finding good women to marry.

    Problems for these men include:

    1) Women in peak fertility years (early to mid 20s) are not interesting in settling down. They are more interested in having their “fun” in a Sex in the City manner.

    2) Women who are ready to get serious are usually in their late 20s at a minimum. This is usually after a long period of “slutty” behavior while they try to discover “themselves”. They are usually never fully happy with settling down but they know they are “hitting the wall” and need to latch onto someone for financial reasons. They usually remain unhappy, even after getting a provider male, because he is “boring” . Due to the females declining market value, she realizes that she will need to “latch onto a provider” because her fun days are running out.

    3) Older women who want to settle down have mostly debt without any money, putting all the risk on the male if the marriage goes bad. If the marriage goes bad, he will lose his assets/income, etc.

    4) Older women still feel “independent” and don’t want to take any traditional role such as cooking, cleaning, child care, etc. They still expect the man to be the main breadwinner who finances the female’s lifestyle. If a woman has a job, the money she makes is HER money. The money they man makes is “joint” money.

    Outside of more rural areas of the country, this is normal problem for White men.

    The question becomes how do functional and successful White men get married and have children these days? Marrying these types of women will not lead to a long term successful relationship. The man is being burdened with all the obligations and receives no benefit from these relationships. Furthermore, he is paying full price for a very used product.

    How can this be fixed? If this isn’t fixed, White culture if finished.

  • Gary John 金白龍

    At 0:28 and 0:58 of the video a far eastern face appears. WTF!!!

    • Stiv44

      Maybe a Laplander.

  • Shadow


  • svartekaptenen

    What she said was “många” which means many or a lot depending on the context, this is not easy for you since we have 3 more letters in our alphabet than you do. After that I will tell you about Icelandic.

    • Cid Campeador

      ¡Muchísimas Gracias!

    • DaveMed

      How many languages do you Scandinavians tend to learn?

      I’ve grown to find Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish absolutely beautiful.

  • Shadow


  • Stiv44

    Young Swedish women are beautiful. I bet the older ones look good too.

    • Magician

      haha o rly

  • Magician

    Those beautiful Russian girls have something to say! They won’t go away quietly! The one with a tiara on is, yes, you guessed it! She is a former Miss Russia, and the 2nd one is Elena Dementieva and the third one is a model named Valeria Sokolova

  • Korean guy

    There is nothing wrong with a girl learning martial arts. It will not make her any less womanly. And there is nothing wrong with a girl wearing bikini swimsuits.

    If a guy learns cooking and becomes an excellent cook, is that going to make her girly? Is that going to make her less masculine? No

    If anything, that will make women around him love him more.

    And some of the greatest fashion designers in the world are men.

    • IstvanIN

      With all the violent Muslims and Africans in Europe a girl needs to know self-defense.

  • Paleoconn

    Beautiful girsl. They should get together with Swedish blonde and redhead young men and have many, many children. Genes like these need to survive and thrive.

    I have a question though: what’s with the Asian at :29 and :59?

    • Ragnar Redbeard’s Ghost

      She’s probably a native Laplander. They are Saami and have been in Europe since before the Ice Age. Some look Asiatic but most look like other Swedes.

  • Jimmy Joseph


    Also the 18 year old college student that ended up missing. Front page of the dailymail.

    However, the women seem to love these types of guys.

    The only thing I can infer is that women don’t want men who KISS THEIR BUTTS.

    White men need to learn from this.

    • Magician

      “However, the women seem to love these types of guys.”

      The interracial relationships happen a lot more often in the mainstream media than it truly does in reality

      90% of African American NBA athletes are married to African American women, and among the remaining 10%, half the remaining 10% are married to Asian or Hispanic women, but people think most black athletes marry blond white women

      LeBron James is married to his highschool sweetheart named Savannah and she is African American
      Dwyane Wade is married to a black woman
      Kobe Bryant, who is the highest paid player in NBA and also owns a personal chopper, is married to a Hispanic woman of Mexican ancestry named Vanessa
      Rudy Gay is married to a black woman
      Steve Curry (a young all-star) is married to a black woman
      Carmelo Anthony is married to a black woman
      Amar’e Stoudemire, who is the highest player among New York Knicks players at $23.4M, has a black wife
      Michael Vick, who is the commissioner of the DFL ( Dog Fighting League ) and got paid $100M over his NFL career and went bankrupt already, has a black wife,

      There was nothing stopping them from marrying a white blond model of their choice but in their eyes, black women were still the most beautiful women.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Well at least that is something positive going on in this world lol

        Getting worried with all the media propaganda about interracial marriages.

        Just hope they aren’t sleeping with White women either.

  • adplatt126

    The guy who founded and runs this site is arguably more of an East-Asian supremacist than a white supremacist. So?

  • Ulick Varange

    The unemployment rate of Swedish youth is about 25% because of the mass immigration. Norway is still in an oil boom, and many young Swedes are crossing the border in search of a job. The Norwegian employers can pick and choose, and in the service industries they pick the pretty ones. So if you search for a Swedish wife, come to Norway. In hotels and restaurants you will usually be served by a young Swede, always pretty, and quite often really stunning. I spent some time at a Norwegian hotel recently, and behind the reception desk there were three young Swedish girls, all of them exceptionally beautiful. I just stood there staring.

    • DaveMed

      Unfortunately, the prettiest girls have the fewest babies.

      • jackryanvb

        Not always. Go in to a Mormon LDS church – lots of beautiful young moms. Send your daughter to BYU and tell her to get a “MRS degree”.

  • Mentious

    I guess all the Swedish men died? I guess it’s really over for Sweden in that case.

  • Haereticus

    That makes a very refreshing change to the usual venomous self-hating leftist harpies constantly presented as normal women in the mainstream media.

  • Carney3

    I wouldn’t be so cynical. Such measures could be a calculated ploy to enable them to gain power, either to defuse opposition from the public, or even to avoid legal consequences. If the bad guys can use white faces to legitimize their agenda, we can turn the tables on them too.

  • Steven Bannister

    Nice vid but could we get a transcription please? Not everyone here speaks Swedish!

    • OS-Q

      Click the little cc button

  • jackryanvb

    Ok. But, some of these girls might consider marrying a racially aware Russian. St. Petersberg Russia is pretty close to Sweden. Sweden once invaded and conquered this part of Russia a few hundred years ago. How impossible is that to believe now – Sweden conquering Russia! One key to our success is to bring back international marriages between European powers, in this case European hockey powers. Swedes are very good at hockey, right up there with the Russians. Neither the Swedish national hockey team or the Russians have Blacks or nasty Muslims on their national hockey teams. We need more sex, marriages, babies and hockey competitions between White nations, less talk, talk, talk about Constitutions, free market economics, conspiracy theory loons.

  • Lind Blythe

    Kind of reminds me of the marching scene in “Mondo Cane”.
    Say, why did I wake up today to kind everyone talking about Swedish Girls?
    Slow news week or is it just “that time of the year”?

  • Magician

    Any white boy who brags that “I have an Asian girlfriend or wife” (who probably looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s wife)

    is not making any AmRen poster jealous. All he is doing is saddening us to realize that there goes another possible white boy or girl permanently disappearing into the history….

  • sulbernick

    The fightback is beginning. Europe-wide. There is a widespread disenchantment with establishment politicians – the politicians know it but all they can give us is more of the same, and thus they create the situation that will lead to their demise.