Jenny McCarthy: I Was Kicked Off The View Because They Wanted More Diversity

Josh Feldman, Mediaite, September 16, 2014

Jenny McCarthy has no hard feelings about being booted from The View, but she believes she knows why it happened: she wasn’t diverse enough for the morning show.


And as for why she ended up leaving the show, McCarthy admitted The View wanted to go in a more diverse angle and her staying on would get in the way of that:

They wanted to make sure the table was diverse. So they consider when Rosie [O’Donnell] was coming back it was too liberal and they wanted a conservative and they wanted a Latina, so they got Rosie Perez and their Elisabeth if you will, so that way it was a balanced table with more diversity.


Watch the full video here (the View discussion starts at the 1:50 mark), via WNYW:

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  • Anglokraut

    I thought perhaps the producers wanted less crazy, but they brought Rosie back; so that can’t be it.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Yes it should not be called the view , maybe inside the feminist nut house or your country is finished.

      • propagandaoftruth

        “Jenny McCarthy has no hard feelings about being booted from The View,”

        Because she’s independently wealthy, unlike most Whites who get “diversapeared”.

        • none of your business

          Just what I planned to say. She’s not independently wealthy, she is a hardworking actress and former model. But a beautiful blonde actress with experience has a lot more options than most Whites who are fired because they are White or even worse, like our young adults will never get a job.

      • “Your country is finished” would be a suitable title for television in general. Actually the whole mass media, as well as those behind it.

    • Rhialto

      Rose ODonnel is socio-pathological and psycho-pathological, but she is a talented comedienne, comedy actor, and talk show host. When she was on the View previously, she made a very strong contribution.

  • MekongDelta69

    How’s that White Privilege working out for you Jenny?!

  • Jack Burton

    They’re all replaceable, because they’re all uneducated, mindless twits who talk over each other and offer nothing but speculation and emotionalism.

    Watching that show is a form of torture.

    • ncpride

      Agreed. Just stopping momentarily on this ‘show’ while channel surfing one day, I felt my IQ drop at least ten points.

  • DaveMed

    As if husky-voiced Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t provide enough “diversity” as it is.

    • IstvanIN

      She is a strange one. I saw a picture of her at Joan Rivers’ funeral. The costume was truly bizarre.

      • Anglokraut

        It’s all about being seen. It doesn’t matter how close one is to the deceased.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        Ted Danson must be a masochist.

        • none of your business

          Pretty sure that was only a stunt to publicize the movie they had made, something about Whoopi getting his sperm from a sperm bank to have a baby. 6 months after the movie was released their “romance” faded away. Oldest trick in the PR business to get a movie in the news.

      • Paleoconn

        She must be a lesbian. I can’t be bothered to look it up. It’s the wild success of shows like this and Oprah and Ellen that is proof that women should be denied the vote.

  • That show has a diversity problem: No men.

    • ncpride

      Pity the poor soul who ever gets THAT gig. My bet would be on a gay guy.

      • Beta males and backside intruders are the only ones they would tolerate on that show – and that barely!

        Their brains would explode if they actually had an informed, race-conscious and non-feminised man on their panel. But then again, this kind of man would never apply for such a job.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          LOL very true statement!

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Very true.

          The men that go onto the “View” are total simps.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I thought there was a male version. Had Danny Partridge in it?

      • Doomispixulated

        Where is old Danny these days? He sure dropped out of someone’s favor. I still queue up that video when he suplexed that fruit that jumped on his shoulders on some awards show a few years back…hilarious.

  • Ed

    Oh well I bet she fully supports it too.

  • TruthBeTold

    Jenny McCarthy has no hard feelings about being booted from The View, but she believes she knows why it happened: she wasn’t diverse enough for the morning show.

    No hard feelings.

    She knows why she was booted but doesn’t believe the decision was wrong, that she should speak out, or fight.

    Lambs to the slaughter.

  • The fact that a show like ‘The View’ would be so popular among our American women shows how deep and insidious the Left has cut into the traditional norms of our society.

    Any man that wants to keep his family and marriage intact, should ban his wife from viewing this filth. It will rot her brain in no time and soon give her reason to look outside the home for ‘fulfillment’ in in her life.

    • IstvanIN

      Any man that wants to keep his family and marriage intact, should ban his wife from viewing this filth.
      While I agree the show is undesirable we don’t live in the Caliphate, yet, so banning one’s wife would be counter-productive. Better to reason with her calmly. Just my opinion.

      • Sick of it

        Using reason to combat emotional response. Hope that works out for you.

      • I was using hyperbole. Obviously, I’m not referring to ‘banning’ her in some Caliphate or dictatorial sense.

        A decent man would obviously talk with his wife over this kind of thing – but if things came to a head over it, a husband who wears the pants in his home and who actually cares about the moral direction of his family would simply prohibit it – even if it means throwing out the TV (not a bad idea, by the way!).

        The point remains: ‘The View’ and other shows like it are intended to break down the American family, to help further divide marriages, and to feminize our white men.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Good luck with your “reasoning”. I’ve tried that before with women I’ve dated.

        Asked my ex girlfriend to stop watching “Sex in the City” since it was a garbage show about mid 30s sluts who would have sex with tons of men then want to get “married” to some chump.

        All of these women thought that “Mr Big” would go for some used up mid 30s “independent” slut of a woman.

        Mr Big goes for younger, hotter, less used women. Sorry to break the news.

        However, my ex girlfriend didn’t see it that way. She felt that it was a “good show” and “just fun”.

        White women LOVE this show. Good luck getting them to stop watching it.

        Even after trying to explain in detail how detrimental it was for society. she didn’t care.

        • “Entertainment is Propaganda”

        • throttler

          I know some white women, and they don’t love that show.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            I shouldn’t have implied “all” White women.

            Just the majority. Who do you think watches Sex in the City? It isn’t ghetto black women or Latinas.

            It is very popular in the White female community. So is Oprah, The View and 50 Shades of Grey.

          • none of your business

            This White woman watches nothing but TCM. Being in a good mood, I won’t insert my usual rude remark about the 100 million White men who are now in the midst of the High Holy Days worship of black sports. It’s like a monk going to chapel several times a day or going to shul every am. A Brigette Bardot movie is playing on TCM right now. How many White men are watching some black sports dreck instead of Brigette right now?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Thats true.

            A lot of White men worship sports (a pathetic undertaking).

            They try to obtain manhood through this outlet, since they are so feminized in every other aspect of their lives.

            White males have become simps to minorities and their women.

        • Nancy

          Geez, I don’t know where you live, but I seriously don’t know ANY one of my female friends who watch that show. Of course, we’re all married with children, so whatever small portion of time we get to watch TV other than SpongeBob, we’re certainly not going to waste it on The View or SITC.

          Obviously, it’s much more important to devote our viewing time to programs that matter…

          …oh, darn, look at the time. I have to sign off now… The Bachelor is about to start! 🙂

          • Garrett Brown

            Well there you go, Spongebob. That show supports homosexuality, pedophilia and wild behavior.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            How old are you and where do you live? That will answer a lot these questions.

        • adplatt126

          The only thing below a white woman is a black man.

      • katzkiner

        Better yet, if a woman is not immune to this kind of BS, RUN!

      • Garrett Brown

        I don’t believe that works unfortunately.

    • Anglokraut

      If a man’s wife can’t figure out that this show is brain-poison, perhaps this woman is none-too-bright.

      • That’s true, but women at times (even the best of them) have a way of getting sucked into this nonsense because of the emotional and sensational nature of such ‘shows.’

        I know this may sound strange to some ears, but it’s best to iron out such political and social differences BEFORE one gets married! I’d make sure (and I have already!) that any potential wife is on board with me about a lot of issues (including child-rearing!) before I’d ever marry her.

        I consider this just common-sense and good preparation, but a staggering number of couples never even discuss such matters until it becomes an issue AFTER they’re already married.

        • ncpride

          Absolutely agree. I had very close friends years ago who married a few days after learning that he wanted children, but she did NOT. He sincerely thought he would change her mind later. I was completely shocked to learn they had such different views about children, yet married anyway. I knew they were headed for divorce, and I was right on the money. He has since remarried and has the children he wanted.

        • Good advice; however some people are very skilled at lying in order to get what they want.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      Correct Asessment.

      Sex in the City makes the “View” look like Leave it to Beaver.

      Sex in the City is even worse trash.

    • Douglas Quaid

      I’ve been commenting for some time how you can’t watch a half hour of daytime tv anymore without seeing some sodomite being paraded about as a heroic protagonist.

  • Conrad

    YOU mean that you turned on your own race… and they STILL kicked you out? Gee golly Mr. Wilson!

  • Jim Henry

    What’s the View?

  • Bossman

    I think Jenny was much too pretty to be on a show like that.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Come on Jenny. You are a Shiksa Supreme. The you know who’s in Hollyweird have pigeon holed you as a eff me doll, not a woman with a brain, but then again, all the you know who’s think pretty Aryan looking woman are Neo Nazi f$&k me dolls – it is part of their Shiksa phobia/fetish

  • Luca

    Diversity? Where are all the Native Americans? What, no Asians? No pygmies? No left-handed, disabled, Bipolar, Islamic Albanians?

    Oh, the horror!

    • NoMosqueHere

      I’d be in favor of “diversity” if it was played for comic effect as you suggest.

      A woman in a burka, genitally mutilated of course; a real ghetto white hatin’ black; a spanish girl who needs an interpreter….

      • adplatt126

        Should be in the works. A parody of diversity. HAHAHAHAHAHA… exposing all the real problems with it in any group, and the actual parasites that invade the nation.

  • Adolf Verloc

    Well, you are also an anti-vaccine nut job. Just sayin’.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Jenny McCarthy is one of those “feminist” white women who has slept with tons of men (including black men, latino men, etc). She is also a single mommy.

    I’m sure she votes liberal Democratic and supports “women’s rights”. She also complains about “autism” being from vaccinations. She never mentions the chances of STDs being a culprit for any defects.

    I don’t see why there should be concern for this woman.

    Donnie Wahlberg is a typical mangina white knight sucker who married this used goods product. He basically worships this woman despite her many obvious flaws.

    That is why Marky Mark wouldn’t even go to the wedding.

    White women watch this degenerate and try to emulate her behavior. White men emulate the behavior of Donnie Wahlberg, white knighting for trashy, used goods women.

    Then we wonder why White society is collapsing.

    • All libtard women want a disconnect between behavior and consequences. They think it is fine when blacks look like “gangstas”, but not OK when police profile them for looking like criminals. They think it is great when white women behave like prostitutes, but somehow wrong when middle-aged white men marry younger Asian women and have families with them, as if any of us are supposed to want a slut who has to take medication for the six different strains of genital herpes she picked up from multiple black boyfriends. They vote for a cretin like Obamalaladingdong and then blame George Bush for six straight years of Obama’s foreign policy failures. They want young white guys to scrimp and save for boring things like a house, and then cheerfully pay off their student loan debts and support their mulatto bastards, until they get tired of us and then want half the house and half the retirement IRA in the divorce settlement.

      No thanks.

      • MBlanc46

        Everyone would like a disconnect between behavior and consequences, at least when the consequences are negative. I doubt that men and women differ innately on this. Unfortunately, post-World War II establishment social theory and policy have convinced women that they are special snowflakes whose every desire should be fulfilled without effort. It sure won’t be easy to disabuse them of that idea.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Yes that is the a major problem.

          If White men stop “White Knighting” for these women, they will learn how good they have it.

          Let them see how bad their lot would be with the blacks, latinos, Muslims, Asians, etc.

          They have no real alternative.

          There is another story today on daily mail where a very attractive White woman had a child with a black male. She tried to leave him and he just offed her.

          There is no other race of male who would be anywhere near as “nice” to women than White men.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Wow great post.

        There are some people on this site that have really good insight into these issues.

      • Michael Robert Ryan

        Absolutely correct. Most white women these days are nothing but trash. Older white men like us are under no obligation to take in these used-up slutbags who rejected us for the exiting bad boys when they were in their prime, especially when there are younger, more attractive Asian and Hispanic women for us to choose.

    • Charlie

      You are right in many respects, but somewhat inaccurate in some others…let me explain…if Jenny McCarthy was rumored to have slept with a non-White, the Zionist media would have been all over the story, since blonde blue-eyed Jenny McCarthy, is the very woman whom they want polluted by non-White males…just because a White female is a celebrity, doesn’t mean that they an addict, whore, liberal, or a man hater…there are actually some people in Hollywood who simply refuse to disseminate their beliefs…the very fact that Jenny McCarthy said that, the reason that she was booted from the View, because of diversity, is simply an example of someone being “racially aware”…ask yourself this question, if Jenny McCarthy was a true radical liberal, as you would want to portray, would she have made that remark? Chances are, she would have used a hundred different excuses and explanations, other than the “lack of diversity” remark…what’s wrong with being a single mother? Do you realize that men, also walk out on the women whom they have children with, I mean, that is a possibility, right? Why does Donnie Wahlberg have to be a mangina? They may have known each other for many years, and now the opportunity has finally arisen for them to be in a relationship, for there are many women who now have children in their 40’s…White society is collapsing, because so-called White leaders, suck up to Israel, that’s why…

    • none of your business

      White men watch Jenny McCarthy and look at her chest. Two and a Half Men
      didn’t have such a huge audience because White women wanted to look at Jenny McCarthy and the endless parade of White beauties.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Yes, White men are attracted to good looking women.

        Doesn’t negate my other points.

  • Augustus3709

    “Diversity” means Ethnic Cleansing of White people.

  • Leon NJ

    I hear that the conservative woman is kinda lukewarm. They need a Laura Ingram type to make it more balanced.

  • Gotsumpnferya

    Complete suction of the PC teat .

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Thrown off for being white, but she has “no hard feelings” pfft.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      What else is she going to say?

      She isn’t exactly a White Nationalist lol. Do you know how many non Whites she has slept with?

      Don’t project your values on her. She is more of a “Sex in the City” female.

      • katzkiner

        I remember sitting in my den with my 10 year old daughter with Jenny dear on MTV licking Snoop Dog’s filthy arm & hand like it was delicious. Yes, I care what this trash thinks.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Yet there are plenty of White men crying and “White Knighting” in her defense.

          They are concerned about her being thrown off the view.

          Who cares? She hasn’t been a fan of Whites for a long time.

        • I am delighted she has become a victim of the same enforced diversity liberals like her have long advocated.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Males in their late 20s and 30s can tell you that getting “married” to a good woman these days is VERY difficult. Men who are professional with greater than 6 figure incomes, have a height of 6 foot tall, work out often (3 to 4 times per week) with good musculature, etc are having a difficult time finding good women to marry.

    Problems for these men include:

    1) Women in peak fertility years (early to mid 20s) are not interesting in settling down. They are more interested in having their “fun” in a Sex in the City manner.

    2) Women who are ready to get serious are usually in their late 20s at a minimum. This is usually after a long period of “slutty” behavior while they try to discover “themselves”. They are usually never fully happy with settling down but they know they are “hitting the wall” and need to latch onto someone for financial reasons. They usually remain unhappy, even after getting a provider male, because he is “boring” . Due to the females declining market value, she realizes that she will need to “latch onto a provider” because her fun days are running out.

    3) Older women who want to settle down have mostly debt without any money, putting all the risk on the male if the marriage goes bad. If the marriage goes bad, he will lose his assets/income, etc.

    4) Older women still feel “independent” and don’t want to take any traditional role such as cooking, cleaning, child care, etc. They still expect the man to be the main breadwinner who finances the female’s lifestyle. If a woman has a job, the money she makes is HER money. The money they man makes is “joint” money.

    Outside of more rural areas of the country, this is normal problem for White men.

    The question becomes how do functional and successful White men get married and have children these days? Marrying these types of women will not lead to a long term successful relationship. The man is being burdened with all the obligations and receives no benefit from these relationships. Furthermore, he is paying full price for a very used product.

    How can this be fixed? If this isn’t fixed, White culture if finished.

    • MBlanc46

      This being a race realist site, your comments are a bit off-topic. Occasionally, female posters here complain that many of us show anti-woman attitudes; there’s probably some merit in what they say. I don’t disagree with the views that you express, but I also would like to win as many white women as possible to the race realist viewpoint.

      • Michael

        But, winning them over to the reality after they have a couple of mixed race kids to support is pointless. I wish it was not, but blood pollution is forever.

        • MBlanc46

          Agreed. I’m less concerned about winning the majority over as not alienating the few who show an interest in our ideas.

          • Michael

            Would be nice if it were possible, but they would have to be of child bearing age and free of the the baggage for it to matter. I do agree with you to some extent and in person I take that tone,

      • Jimmy Joseph

        They are not off topic at all.

        This topic is very important for the future of the White race. Without getting this issue under control, White people are finished.

        What is a bigger issue for White people than the relations between men and women?

        • MBlanc46

          What do you suggest to get the issue “under control”.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Very simple. Don’t pander.

            Women claim to like the “nice guy” but usually date the “bad boy”. Why is that?

            Because the “bad boys” don’t bow before their women. Despite women saying they want the “nice guy” who buys them flowers, dinner, etc, notice that this doesn’t attract women. They actually cheat on the “nice guy” men because they find them weak.

            Women look at men who pander too much as weak on a subconscious level. This is why “black males, thugs, etc” do well with women. They don’t pander or placate them. You have to watch a female’s actions rather than their words.

            A movement of strong white males who DONT placate women will attract women after the movement itself becomes strong.

            Movements are first developed by STRONG men. Women will follow after they see a strong male presence.

          • MBlanc46

            Feminism didn’t come about because white men became weak. It came about because the Industrial Revolution, corporatization, and bureaucratization made women less dependent on individual men. It won’t go away until and unless those conditions change. White guys trying to act like Gary Cooper will earn their scorn, not their affection.

          • Jimmy Joseph


            Feminism is largely the result of Affirmative Action and strong government preference.

            Most women are not in “Industrial Jobs’. They mostly major in liberal arts fields.

            How many women actually are in the sciences or trades?

            Women aren’t doing the real work of the society. The vast majority of actual real production is still done by men.

            If all men stopped working, the economy would collapse.

            If all women stopped working, men would easily overcome it.

          • MBlanc46

            Much of what you say is true, but none of it bears on my assertion.

    • Michael

      I have been through all that you have described, I have lost everything and now am disabled. BUT, what amazes me is that I have a collection of women that are now interested, and one I consider special. Far more than when I was in better financial condition and physical shape, when I desired to have the family and children. Now a relationship is based on companionship.

      Here is the deal though. No matter how I may feel about it, I am in a relationship (even if it leads to marriage) because she is nice and pleasant to me, if that changes I won’t be around long. And that is the view of most of the battle scars veterans of the battle of the sexes now in their 50’s. And I believe that is the case for younger men in their child bearing years seeing and learning, that there a few women worth marrying and having children with.

      There is very little upside, as if you create a child with one of these self absorbed sluts in their 20’s you can lose everything, if you don’t you lose the main reason of being a man and that is becoming a Father and passing on your genes and values and heritage.

      I worry that this will be the end of our race.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Very good post.

        Women seem to like losers these days too.

        Just read a story of another Black guy killing a good looking White woman he had children with.

        • Michael

          Sadly Jimmy you do get why they go for loser males, they can’t push them around and they control the women and they don’t like it but they crave being controled… most white males (not men) will give in and beg, I did till I finally grew up to understand being a wimp is not being kind to women. (not saying being an abusive a**hole either) just live a good life and make them adjust to it. Women are not attracted to males they have no respect for, and most of the white males today are in appeasement mode whether it is with women or other races. It turns women off.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            The White Nationalist movement would do a lot better doing what “loser males” do to attract women.

            Pandering to women is not a good strategy. Being strong is the best strategy.

            Women will be attracted to strong males NOT pandering “White Knight” males.

    • IstvanIN

      Are things really that bad now? I have read these sorts of posts and disregarded them as the exception, not the rule.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        How old are you?

        What part of the country do you live in? Is it a rural area?

        This may be the reason for the disconnect.

        • IstvanIN

          Almost 57. There have always been “pass-around” Pats but the majority of young White women now fit that profile? sad.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            I think so.

            How many early 20s women want to marry? I don’t see that often in the big cities and suburbs. This is where the majority of White women live.

            They want a career, to “have fun”, etc. Marriage and Family are secondary issues that come later in life after having “fun”.

            Beta Males are supposed to step up and marry women in their 30s after they have gone through a lot of Alpha male harems.

            This is my observation, Only a small amount of men are benefiting from the “sexual revolution”. They have tons of sex.

            However, the good majority of men don’t get much and have to “wait” to marry a late 20s or 30s woman who has a lot of “baggage”

    • tancred guiscard

      Im looking for some “GRITS” to start a family with. Girls raised in the south! Singular, obviously… A strong southern gal is very hard to come by in OK for some reason.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Why is it so hard to find that type of female in OK?

        If it is that difficult to find that type of woman, by definition, most men will not find a good woman these days.

        Very bad times.

    • none of your business

      Jimmy, you should hear what young White women who want to settle down and have a happy marriage with children say about the lack of White men who want to settle down to a happy marriage and children.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Please tell.

        I would like to hear about all of these young 20s females who are keen on marriage in the age of feminism. Are you honestly claiming early 20s women want to marry and “settle down” to have children and a family?

        This isn’t happening in the big cities and suburbs in America. Women usually aren’t interested in marriage until late 20s or 30s. They want their career, to “have fun”, etc. Marriage is considering something done at a later age.

        I don’t see them in real life. Where is this happening?

  • 4321realist

    It’s amazing to me that that show gets enough of an audience to keep it on the air. It’s about the dumbest group of people on t.v.

    And it says a lot about how greatly the population of this country has deteriorated in the last several years.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      Correction, the WHITE FEMALE portion of the population.

      The view isn’t being watched by men or minority women.

      Let’s be honest.

      • katzkiner

        We have Obama because 62% of the White female population voted for him twice.

        • Jimmy Joseph


          Unfortunately, it affects men under 40 the most.

          A much higher percentage of those White women are extreme feminists.

          I bet they voted for Obama >80 to 90%.

          The vast majority of White women who voted for Romney were married.

          Single White women strongly voted for Obama

  • Mike

    Isn’t it funny how when it’s a show that’s exclusively women’s opinions it’s called THE View? Not just The Women’s View but THE View.

    • TonyWestfield

      Not so funny or strange, Mike, since we have a Bronze Supremacist movement called “the race” (La Raza). Sick, perverse, appalling…but normal in our present era.

  • Paleoconn

    Apology for those comments in 3-2-1

    • propagandaoftruth

      What? Your post appeared and it’s rather cryptic. I respect paleoconservatism.

      • Paleoconn

        I meant that she will probably apologize for those comments. They all do, even the independently wealthy.

  • someonewhoknows

    Female here!! I hate most TV, as opposed to a good friend of mine who in his heyday was a well-known semi-pro wrestler in our area, as well as being the commish of MAW and a card-carrying member of the BSDM community. He watches soaps daily, as well as cheezy talk shows and xhamster on his PC. He can advise me, whether asked or not, of the status of any character in any plotline. Wrestlers and their steroid-driven ilk are such drama queens. Generalize much?

    • Jimmy Joseph

      There is nothing wrong with “generalizing”. This is important in terms of making policy.

      Policy is made based upon the GENERAL rule rather than the exception.

      In GENERAL, women watch soaps, the View, Oprah, etc. This doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions.

      In GENERAL, men don’t watch these types of shows. There are exceptions for men as well.

      • someonewhoknows

        Yes this is true. Just proclaiming my experience.

        • Jimmy Joseph


          Didn’t say White men are perfect either. But shows like the “View” are White female pathology.

          Also, fake Wrestlers don’t push the liberal agenda and feminism unlike Oprah, the “View”, etc.

          Fake wrestling is moronic but not political.

    • It’s often the case that men who load up on steroids start taking on some of the physical and social characteristics of women. It is speculated that roid rage is nothing more than PMS.

      • none of your business

        They also experience sterility, impotence and shrinkage.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Not if they take HCG, which stimulates the testes.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Yeah she’s the next Albert Einstein.

    Between licking Snoop Dogg or having tons of sex with non White men, she is a real “role model” for women.

    It’s a real loss not having her on the view.

    • none of your business

      She did get accepted in nursing school which demands very high test scores and high school GPA, especially for Whites who are of course subject to vicious racial discrimination in college admissions especially in medical fields.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Yeah, so how does that negate my opinion on her?

  • AndrewInterrupted

    The discrimination and exclusion that comes from diversity & inclusion.

  • Malgus

    The View?

    I think I saw about 14 seconds of that show once… was at the hospital, and someone had the waiting room TV tuned to that show. Reminded me of a bunch ‘a chickens clucking…

    Don’t know who their target demographic is… can’t believe anyone would watch that insipid nonsense.