Eric Holder: A More Dangerous Race Hustler Than Al Sharpton

Larry Elder, Townhall, September 4, 2014

It’s one thing to watch race hustlers like the Rev. Al Sharpton bellowing, “No justice, no peace.” But when the attorney general of the United States makes false but racially incendiary claims about today’s alleged “pernicious racism,” we are in uncharted territory.

Holder complains about different prison rates, different school expulsion rates and longer prison sentences for black boys and men compared to white boys and men. He equates “equal rights” with “equal results.”

In Ferguson, Missouri, after announcing federal investigation into the cop-shooting death of an unarmed black teen, Holder said: “I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man. I can remember being stopped on the New Jersey Turnpike on two occasions and accused of speeding. . . . I remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was and the impact it had on me.”

The New Jersey Turnpike? The long-believed claim of “racism” on that highway has been investigated–and debunked. Twice.

Numerous complaints of DWB–Driving While Black–were filed by blacks driving on the New Jersey Turnpike. So the state entered into a consent decree, agreed to federal monitoring, and put their officers through, among other things, “sensitivity training.” New Jersey commissioned a study, checking motorists’ speed with laser guns and photographing drivers of vehicles going 15 mph or more over the speed limit.

The result? It turned out that more speeders were black than white, which explained why cops pulled over black motorists so often. The U.S. Justice Department, which requested the study, did not want the results released to the public. Instead, they accused the researchers of using a “flawed methodology.” Why shelve a report that disproves racism? Isn’t it good news that Jersey troopers do not pull blacks over willy-nilly? Would this not improve race relations in New Jersey? No–the facts did not fit the script.

The next year, state police “stop data” showed that, on the southern part of the turnpike, 30 percent of the drivers pulled over were minority–almost twice the 16 percent rate of minority stops elsewhere on the turnpike. So, amid new allegations that cops were targeting minorities, and to correct the “flawed methodology” of the previous researchers, New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey commissioned yet another study. The result? Again, it turned out a disproportionately higher percentage of drivers on that stretch of highway were black, and that blacks were more likely than non-blacks to drive 80 miles per hour or faster. Again, critics called the study’s methodology “flawed.”


{snip} In a 1997 Time/CNN poll, a majority of black teens called racism a “big problem.” But 89 percent of black teens called racism a “small problem” or “not a problem at all” in their own lives. In fact, nearly twice as many black teens than white teens called “failure to take advantage of available opportunities” a bigger problem than racism.

Tell that to Mr. Holder.

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  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Again, critics called the study’s methodology “flawed.”

    A study’s methodology is always “flawed” if it disproves what the leftists want us to believe.

  • Samuel_Morton

    So blacks speed more often than whites do. Eric Holder would have no problem twisting this around to fit his narrative.

    How can we blame this on whites? Auto makers run by white men making speedometers that blacks have trouble reading?

  • Lewis33

    “I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man.”

    I wonder if he ever sees how clearly one has to do with the other. It’s the only reason he is there.

    • me

      That racist, affirmative action Negro has no shame or sense of irony. He’s as criminal and intelligent as his employer, Barry ‘if I had a son’ Swishypants.

  • Truthseeker

    Once again we see that this idea of “racism” is just perpetuated as a fallback for whenever Blacks want an excuse to stick it to Whites or to extort special privileges.

    • Cecil Broomsted

      They have become quite skilled at extracting money from whites using race as a sledge hammer. It is as natural as mother’s milk for them. Holder, Obama, all of them resort to it.

  • Holder is the classic angry black man, a thoroughly despicable species. Elvis was singing about Holder with “In the Ghetto,” that stupid pro-black song Elvis did in 67 or 68. Only thing is the “angry young man” in the song ended up “face down in the street with a gun in his hand.” Too bad Holder hasn’t ended up that way.

    He needs to see a headshrinker to work out his hatred of whites. If he had been given a mental evaluation before being employed, I doubt he would have been hired. I have no trouble picturing him ordering whites into FEMA death camps, ordering the military to fire upon patriots, etc. He would revel in the blood of white children flowing in the streets.

    He really is that untrustworthy and insane as far as I’m concerned.

    • IstvanIN

      ….and evil.

      • me

        And incompetent, as TNB goes….

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    If Holder equates “equal rights” with “equal results.” Then have him explain the NBA.

    • Mergatroyd

      He’d just call you a racist and sic the DOJ after you to destroy your career and reputation.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      And the NFL, MLB, etc.

      If DNA tests eventually dictate who is Black and who is White, Holder better start worrying. The may classify his Barbados slave master blood percentages as White. You want to see discrimination, Holder? Wait until they classify you as a white boy.

  • Simonetta

    Whooa… hat’s off to Larry Elders.

    I know about all this highway speeding nonsense. I have a 15-year-old Hyundai Accent, which is more-or-less a shopping cart with a 90 horsepower engine. In the Portland, Oregon city area (or Oregon in general) it’s no big deal because everyone is going 55-65 miles-per-hour, which is the top speed any reasonable person would drive a little metal box on wheels like this.

    But cross the Columbia river into Washington state where the so-called speed limit is 75 MPH, I become the ball in a pin-ball machine surrounded by ‘dazmos’ (dumb-as-snit mommys) and would-be he-men driving SUVs and 4-wheel trucks as big as space shuttles blasting up behind me at 90MPH, coming within 10 feet of my back bumper before finally pulling around (and flipping me off).

    What all this has to do with minorities speeding on the NJ Turnpike, I donno.

    But please, people, lighten up on those accelerators! There’s nothing to prove by driving like a lunatic. You aren’t the Mexican air force. And do please stop all this Chinese-Checkers-style hopping across lanes from one empty car slot to another at 15MPH faster than all the other drivers are going. You may not believe it, sitting up in the captain’s chair in your $35000 SUV blasting up the highway, but you are not sitting in some movie theater, and you are not immune to the consequences of your own stupidity.

    If you want some serious thrills of the open highway, get a (good) bicycle, go up to Timberline Lodge or to the top of any high mountain that has a road with a serious grade, and blast down it at 40-45 MPH on your little 12-pound two-wheel vehicle. You’ll get a serious stomach-wrenching thrill that you won’t get going 90MPH in some giant SUV. And you’ll burn of not-a-few calories at the same time; which wouldn’t hurt.

    • Who Me?

      Tell ’em to go over White Pass on a bike. And don’t say it can’t be done because I was up there last weekend, and saw several bicycles going up and down the pass on both sides. I can’t even stand to look out the window and down on the outer side from a vehicle. (Scared of heights, ya know…) Couple of places the road fell off, just one lane through there, had to wait for a bike to pass before we could go. The switchback is the worse. Looking down 3000 feet to the road below and it’s running along 6 inches from a cliff that goes down another 2-3000 feet… Nothing between you and all that air but a little bitty brick wall about 10 inches high. Not even a guard rail. A bike ride could really rev your motor along there.

      • Mergatroyd

        Ever driven down California Ave. in San Francisco? At the top each hill, as you’re going down, it is so steep you cannot see the road underneath you past the end of the car hood. It feels like you’re driving off a cliff.

    • Nancy

      As soon as someone tells the “I-like-to-drive-15-mph-UNDER-the speed-limit” folks to 1) get the hel out of the left lane (it is for PASSING), and 2) use that thing called peripheral vision to notice when they’re driving at the exact same pace as the driver in the next lane, side by side, thus blocking everyone behind them from progressing.

      The head of the highway patrol in GA was interviewed on talk radio a few weeks ago, because GA just passed the Slowpoke Law. Now it is ILLEGAL for slow drivers to drive in fast lanes, and they must get over when a faster driver comes up behind them flashing his lights. He expressly said that, regardless of whether or not the “slow driver” is going the speed limit, he/she is NOT the self-proclaimed “speed police” who gets to set the pace for everyone behind them. That’s the police’s job.

      In Atlanta, faster driving is the norm, and not for thrills or recreation: people want to get out of miserable traffic ASAP, and slow drivers in left lanes impede the flow of traffic. Folks won’t need to do the “checkers-like” passing between lanes if the slow drivers move over to the right…and stay there.

  • John Smith

    I would be curious of the racial breakdown % of this clown. My guess is that he is 60-70% white.

    He, like MILLIONS of mulattoes, hate and resent the very race that makes up a majority of his own genetic makeup.


    • Usually Much Calmer

      Just to be clear, you are referring to Holder, not Elder?

      • John Smith

        Good catch UMC.

        I was referring to Holder.

        To his credit, Elder does have some guts.

        • Mergatroyd

          Larry Elder has paid a very heavy price for saying what he has over the past 15 years. Whatever anyone thinks of his motives, he aires extremely valuable information about black politicians and race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson that whites could in no way get away with.

          His on-air meeting with Jackson was priceless and left him cussing, screaming and fuming.

          Larry Elder wrote a book entitled Stupid Black Men as a reaction to Michael Moore’s book Stupid White Men. Books stores wouldn’t put it out or hid it on bottom shelves. He finally changed the name to, What’s Race Got To Do with It?

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Yeah, Michael Moore is in the Leftist hypocrisy hall of fame.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          We must be ever mindful of shills/infiltrators.

    • 4321realist

      That he has any ability at all as a lawyer is due to his percentage of white blood. He should thank his lucky stars for that.

      But, you’re right. It is usually mulattoes like this character, Obama, Farrakhan, Malcolm X, Rev. Wright, etc., that spew the most hate.

      • Mergatroyd

        He has NO ability at all as a lawyer. He only does what he’s told by his paymasters.

        He is where he is because of Affirmative Action.

    • SDN

      Even if he was 60% White – which I highly doubt given the fact that light-skinned Blacks can be found in Africa without having White ancestors and Ronald Noble a true Mulatto who is Secretary General of Interpol has a slightly darker hue than him – his physical appearance makes it impossible to pass for a White man be it among Whites or Blacks. Henry Louis Gates has Whites genes yet it would be asinine to describe him as a “White man”.
      Phenotype is what determines Race in the Census not Genotype.

  • Who Me?

    I would be banned forever if I said what I truly think about Mr. Eric Holder….

  • Jack Burton

    I get a kick out of Larry Elder. I call him an Uncle Tom on steroids.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I have the same opinion of Thomas Sowell and Ben Carson.
      They are also ideological Trojan horses. I don’t trust any of them.

    • Mergatroyd

      Larry Elder is allowed to speak openly over the air waves against blacks in a manner that whites cannot.

  • Ronald

    “The sociological truths are that America, while still flawed in its
    race relations … is now the least racist white-majority society in the
    world; has a better record of legal protection of minorities than any
    other society, white or black; offers more opportunities to a greater
    number of black persons than any other society, including all those of

    This is all well and good for the “Blacks”, but what is being done about “the flawed race relations” that has resulted in the ordinary White people being “left behind” by the pandering White politicians and the corrupt legal system?

  • While not relishing the damage done, one possible silver lining is that if the Obama administration had been half as racist and half as ham-handed as it has been, it still might have managed to fool many Whites who were naive enough to actually believe that their vote for Obama was a vote for a scrupulously fair colorblind conciliator heralding in a new post-racial America. These voters will not be so easily fooled again.

  • Ronald


    I’ve often wondered what would happen were a White man to attended a political rally for a White politician and he asked him what he planned to do for the White people. At best, “security” would quickly boot him out of the auditorium and onto the street. At worst, the Government would get the IRS on his case.

    • bilderbuster

      If he asked a Republican he would get the Conservative Inc. generic answer “My policies are going to improve the lives of all Americans whether they’re Black, White, Red, Yellow or Purple Americans”.
      Then the IRS goes after the White person foolish enough to ask that one.

  • Jo

    Holder would love it in South Africa. He could get away with murder.

    • B.A_2014

      Yes that photo is is very upsetting. When i see that happening to my people, bad thoughts enter my head.

      • Mergatroyd

        Those “bad thoughts” are the correct thoughts. Our ancestors would have exacted righteous revenge against those who harm our people in that manner.

        If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here.

    • Mergatroyd

      Upsetting, but gets the message across loud and clear as to what black savages are doing with impunity to Whites in SA. Those photos need to be posted as often and as far and wide as possible because this will be our fate as well in the U.S. and England when WE are a hated minority.

      There are plenty more photos just like that, and worse.

  • mike smith

    That overgrown picaninny has no right to say Jack Squat about racism after being caught in the “fast and furious” plot of gun-running so that spix kill off spix.

    • The whole “Fast & Furious” operation was based on the premise that it did not matter who was getting killed with those guns so long as two conditions were met: (1) that the people getting killed were being killed in Mexico, and (2) that the BATF could rack up some easy felony arrests.

    • Mergatroyd

      Don’t forget white border patrol agent Brian Terry.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    “…Holder complains about different prison rates, different school expulsion rates and longer prison sentences for black boys and men compared to white boys and men. He equates “equal rights” with “equal results…”

    To add insult to injury, Eric Holder’s same shake-down DOJ division masks higher levels of minority crime by listing Latin gangsters as “White”.

    The “Minority” versus “White” stats are far worse.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Wow! These browns are white? Not in my book. The only book that counts.

  • Mergatroyd

    Sharpton can run his racist mouth all he wants. He’s nothing more than a blowhard.

    Holder, however, has the power and force of the federal government behind him to completely destroy White lives. He’s using that power right now on the Furgeson PD.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    They have Euro-envy, as I call it. They are almost White.
    Maybe the will get a better shake next time around.
    In the meantime: hate.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    I always felt like Winnie Mandela was the force behind Nelson Mandela.
    She was more ruthless and bloodthirsty than him.