‘Some Speak Mayan’: Illegal Kids Swamp Public Schools

Leo Hohmann, WND, August 14, 2014

Imagine trying to educate a student who cannot speak English or any of the common Spanish dialects, has never spent a day in school in his life and is now well into his teens.

As school starts in districts around the country, this is precisely the task many teachers will face as thousands of unaccompanied alien children from Central America show up for class.

At Hall County Schools about 50 miles northeast of Atlanta, 35 Central American students have enrolled so far and another 15 or so are expected this week, school officials told WND. Some will need expensive interpreters for obscure dialects, if they can even be found.

“There are 21 dialects of Spanish, all so different,” said Eloise Barron, assistant superintendent for teachers and learning at Hall County Schools.

And some of the Central American children are arriving from remote villages that speak only in Mayan, which is not one language but a family of more than 20 ancient tribal tongues.

“Some speak Mayan, and so the problem we’re having is we have about a third of our student population is Hispanic to begin with and some of the individuals we have we’re unable to converse with because they don’t know Spanish, and of course not English, so we’re having difficulty communicating,” Barron said.

Barron said she only knows of one translator capable of working through all the various Mayan dialects and he’s in Florida.

“We are trying to see if he can Skype with us and answer questions for us that we can’t find answers to about these children,” she said. “When were you last in school? How many years have you been in school? Some of them they’re not producing that refugee resettlement form that shows proof to us that they did enter through that southwestern border and were actually processed there. That is important because it means they had their immunizations and a health screening.”

Making matters worse is the fact that the children coming from remote regions of Central America not only speak obscure languages, they also have little or no previous schooling.

“We have a 14-year-old girl right now at one of our middle schools and a 16-year-old young man registered yesterday at one of our high schools and their forms indicated they have never been to school in their lives,” Barron said. “We’re trying to decide how many of these we need to pull together and do in-depth assessments and determine if they have been taught anything by anybody regardless of age. Is there anything we can offer this child at the high-school level? You can’t very well put a 16 year old in kindergarten.”

That means schools have to create a special independent lesson plan, which is also very expensive.

“You have to come up with an IEP, or individualized educational plan, which is like what you do with special-education students,” Barron said. “That’s what you do unless we find two or three at the same level, and then you can combine resources.”


Most South Carolina schools won’t open until later this month, but Gov. Nikki Haley has been frustrated in her attempts to get information from the federal government on how many Central American children will be dumped on her state.

It’s hard to plan for what you don’t know, such as whether the state’s schools will be getting any of the 350 illegal-immigrant children sent there from the border. The federal government won’t say who the children are, how old they are, who they’re staying with or where they are, citing privacy laws.

Haley said she can’t even get a vague idea from Homeland Security of where the children are being housed.

“[T]he question I gave Secretary Johnson was, ‘Can you at least give us the area so we can prepare these schools and prepare everyone?’ And he said no,” she told WSPA-TV in Columbia.


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  • Not “schools,” taxpayer funded babysitting. Does anyone seriously expect any real education to occur in such “schools?”

    • Speedy Steve

      Maybe 5 years education will be enough. But the bureaucrats will insist on dragging it on for at least 7 more.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Hey it’s my home girl, Nikki. Interesting one that.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Is she white?

        • propagandaoftruth

          Ah you took my bait. Notice how no upvotes?
          She’s an interesting one, that. Sikh.

          I used to hate her when I was a demonrat. SC politics are smiley and brutal. The most warped of sociopaths, both messianic and cynical, are to be found here on both sides of the aisle.

          She grew up in White neigborhoods, socialized with good ol’ SC white folk, partied at Myrtle Beach (great tan), partied at college, had fun in college, learned something while having fun in college it appears, married a good ol’ boy who’s a lite colonel in the guard…

          Speaks with a perfect South Carolina natural accent. Strangely enough looks kind of like a “Scots-Cherokee” girl. Facial structure oddly “South Carolinian” in a way.

          Sikh. White?



          • Pro_Whitey

            It’s a close one. There’s a Supreme Court case from the 1920s where a Sikh argued that he was validly a naturalized U.S. citizen because he was white, as the law then required. He made a case for the ancestry of Sikhs. The Supreme Court said that the term “white” should be interpreted according to its normal usage, and by that usage, he was not white, and not validly naturalized.

          • propagandaoftruth

            It’s 2014.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    ‘Some speak Mayan.’ I wonder if they also have that quaint little custom of ripping out people’s hearts and eating them. Time will tell.

    • Zimriel

      It depends on the culture. The Yucatecs did that, and the Huastec and maybe some others influenced by the Nahua-speakers. The classical Maya civilisation, which spoke Cholti, and I’m guessing the Tzeltzal were more into beheading.

      I wouldn’t even know about the Quiche and the Mam. But we’re soon to find out!

      • Strichtplatte

        Check out sicko Eli Roth’s film “Green Inferno”. The film’s release in September has been indefinitely canceled for political reasons. The progressives do not want people watching a film about South American Cannibals eating White environmentalist! Cannibals coming to a school in your neighborhood soon.

      • John R

        Yucatecs? Huastecs? Toltecs? Aztecs? And who said that Hispanics didn’t have “tech” skills? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

    • ZB01

      I wonder if they also have that quaint little custom of ripping out people’s hearts and eating them.
      Oh, no Tim_in_Indiana….Just like all (legal or illegal) immigrants, once they come to the United States, they try to completely Americanize. They leave their culture, traditions, and language completely behind them, never to look back. One very small example, they would never—and I mean never—root for the a sport team from their country of origin. Their Americans now, and they wouldn’t even dream of doing so.

      Also, they only speak English—and gladly expect only English to be found in courts, the school systems, and television. They bring their positive family values with them and they teach us how to really behave. They commit no crime—or little that can be reported anyway, and they make our society so much more colorful and lively.
      The US wouldn’t survive without their greatness. That this country has thrived and grown to be as great as it is without them to date is undoubtedly an historical anomaly, truly one for scientific research.

    • Nancy

      Man, you can’t BUY that kind of “enrichment”.

    • Bossman

      They don’t have to do that anymore. They accepted the Catholic religion. The Catholic priest hands out wafers which is supposed to be the flesh of Jesus Christ and he drinks some wine which is supposed to be the blood of Jesus Christ.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Solution: Hire more Mayan descended teachers. First, we will have to spend millions offering scholarships to these people in order to get them certified, then we shall spend millions more in aggressive Affirmative Action campaigns to recruit them to come here. Older, white teachers, I’m afraid, will have to step aside and find employment elsewhere. It IS a compelling interest. You understand, don’t you? Please be noble and stand aside so diversity is achieved.

  • Lewis33

    Rolling Stone started off their article in the newest issue by describing the invader they were interviewing as “Mayan”. I think it’s a sympathy ploy, oh those poor Mayans who were massacred by those evil Europeans. OT but since the left won’t use “illegal immigrant” anymore shouldn’t we strike back and all articles now refer to them as “invaders”?

    • Zimriel

      Except that the Mayans weren’t massacred by the Europeans. It was more Maya doing the massacring *of* the Europeans and later, of the mestizos from central Mexico. Rolling Stone needs to read up on the Caste War.

      • Bossman

        What history is that? I’ve never heard of Europeans being “massacred” by Mayans.

    • Strichtplatte

      “Green Inferno” Eli Roth’s latest sick blood film. Indefinitely canceled release due to south american Cannibals crossing border. They are comming to the USA to dine.

    • Bossman

      You could call them the First Americans since their ancestors were on this continent long before the Europeans arrived.

      • Pro_Whitey

        I call them the First Nativists, because of their occasionally violent opposition to settlement by European whites.

  • MekongDelta69

    I speak Mayan too. (Betcha didn’t know that? Huh?):


    See? I’m fluent.

    • Speedy Steve

      Andele andele! They understand that much Spanish.

  • Luca

    More job security for the teachers’ unions. Coincidence? I think not.

  • IstvanIN

    “[T]he question I gave Secretary Johnson was, ‘Can you at least give us the area so we can prepare these schools and prepare everyone?’ And hesaid no,” she told WSPA-TV in Columbia. Of course he doesn’t want to tell you were Obama’s troops are placed.

  • Leon NJ

    Don’t be too surprised if they just hand a high school diploma to those older students who never even been in a school before. The sooner they leave the school, the less problems the admin will have.

  • Obama’s plan to annihilate the public school educational process is in full swing. Throwing these invaders in with white kids is just lunacy. And diverting money into “lesson plans” for them will mean even fewer resources for the whites, who are only ones (besides the Asians) who can do much in school. Homeschool and damn well vote against every school bond issue that comes up for a vote.

  • Hal K

    WND blocks people who try to mention other websites like AmRen in comments. I can’t comment on WND now.

  • Valmont

    Anyone who has seen Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto can predict that this will be an extremely interesting school year.

    • Zimriel

      A classic. Underrated at the time but a sleeper success.

    • saxonsun

      Absolutely great film.

    • Bossman

      Yeah, those savages stopped practicing human sacrifice and ritual cannibalism when the Europeans arrived. The Catholic priests told them that they didn’t have to do that anymore. The Christian god was sacrificed on a cross once and for all and all they had to do was accept him and pray to him for he was the only god and those savages were happy with that.

  • TonyWestfield

    Does anybody doubt that the Southern Poverty Law Center is licking its chops, preparing for a wave of lawsuits complaining about stupid stuff that normal people can hardly imagine? What if the “Mayans” — along with not yet having discovered the wheel — haven’t yet developed a halfway decent manner of wiping their a$$…but instead, the resultant big stink has some sort of “cultural value” and so it is “insensitive” to impose our standards on The Newcomers? I made it up about the Mayan big stink, but why assume it’s impossible when millions of Africans and Arabs hold proudly their fine tradition of putting a rusty knife to the crotch of a 12-year-old girl and cutting off all the nice plump parts? Oh, but I apologize…I forgot that all cultures are equal…and hiding inside those Mayans and Africans and Arabs — lurking just under the skin — is a White middle-class Christian American…just waiting for a chance to pop out and join us.

  • none of your business

    Rolling Stone should read up on the history of the Spanish conquest of Mexico written by the Spanish. Cortez and his 35 men some of whom were priests and 16 horses did not conquer the Aztec empire
    . Cortez had 80,000 Mayan soldiers who marched with him. Reason the Mayans were eager to join Cortez was that for centuries a main purpose of the endless Aztec wars against the Mayans was to capture POWs to bring back for their cannibal mass sacrifices. Endless warfare is bad enough but the cause was not territory or defense but capturing human sacrifices.

    • John R

      Not quite, but close. Cortez had about 400 to 600 Spanish soldiers in his little army. He had about 75,000 other Indians, many Tlacscalans and others, I don’t believe he had Mayans, though. They were eager to help that Spaniards because they hated the Aztecs, who, as you correctly pointed out, demanded tribute and human sacrifice of prisoners. Interesting, the “Native Americans” didn’t think of themselves as a race. They were eager to side with Europeans against traditional enemies. Much like the new “Native Americans”, the White people of this country. History repeating itself.

  • ZB01

    How long before your sons or daughters or you look for a job and it states in the description:
    Mayan/Spanish required
    English, preferred, but not required

    • “Bilingual a plus” on job ads/bids is essentially a code for Spanish fluency a requirement aka only Hispanics need apply.

      • ZB01

        You know, you’re absolutely right about that. Even though I’m a non-white poster on this forum, if Whites somehow posted a job with some hidden code that meant: “We want Whites to apply for this position”, I’d support them 100%. What’s good for the goose…

    • LHathaway

      English preferred? Sounds like a lawsuit.

  • LHathaway

    “Many have never been to school”.

    This flood, begging to reach for our shore, aside from flooding us demographically, are also fueling the fires of white supremacy and white complacency, which will surely kill us all?

  • JackKrak

    Not ever having seen the inside of classroom isn’t important to the people who brought them here. It’s the voting for the “D” part that they’re concerned about.

  • Nancy

    Particularly when you have organizations such as the “Everyone Graduates Center” pushing for across-the-board graduations. Last I checked, earning a diploma was considered an “achievement” on the assumption that not everyone is handed one.

    Pretty soon, college degrees will be the same, if BRA gets their way. Can’t afford tuition? The government already has that covered. Don’t show up for class? No problem. The professor was infringing your civil rights by instituting a “cut policy”. Didn’t pass your exams? We’ll get them changed, since the exams are clearly biased to begin with. Got caught with underage drinking, smoking weed, fighting, or shooting someone? Obviously the administration isn’t sympathetic to your “culture”.

  • Nancy

    Mayan hieroglyphic message:

  • John R

    Some of the “Hispanics” don’t speak Spanish? Huh? (Like I have said, what this really is, is NOT a “Hispanic” immigration. It is an Amerindian, and mestizo invasion.)

  • NoMosqueHere

    “Some speak Mayan, and so the problem we’re having is we have about a third of our student population is Hispanic to begin with and some of the individuals we have we’re unable to converse with…”

    How do you say get the [deleted] out of my country in Mayan?

  • none of your business

    In 6 or 7 years the 14 year old girl who has never been to school will be working at the social security administration denying White Americans who have worked steadily under social security for 45 years their benefits. Or she might become a medicare claims administrator, delaying medicare payments to White American male Drs for 5 years until the practice and the Drs go bankrupt.

  • none of your business

    John R
    you’re probably right about Cortez’ army of 500. But my high school history books had the 35 soldiers and priests story. Shows how history is re written every 15 years ago. I forgot where I learned about the 80,000 Mayans.

  • scutum

    These must be the immigrants that Pelosi, McCain, Graham, Paul Ryan, and all the Washington elites keep telling us we need to build our economy and fuel future growth.
    It’s obvious that these folks are on their way to becoming the neurosurgeons, nuclear physicists, industrial engineers, etc. of the future. All the need is a couple of years in the nearest public school, at our expense of course. I had shoulder surgery a couple of years ago and I was talking with the physical therapist I was working with about his two children. He told me he would like to have more but he and his wife, who was also a physical therapist, couldn’t afford it. They are paying for their children to attend a parochial school (Lutheran) so they can obtain a quality education and move on to college, which they will also have to pay for. In the mean time he and the rest of us are being taxed to pay for this kind of bullshit.

  • propagandaoftruth

    I don’t doubt your experiences but I disagree regarding a lot. Hairiness is rather common among White men, you know.

    I look at Ms, Haley and see very White grandchildren, great grandchildren one day, if raised in a non-White-genocidal society. I would not want my White bloodline too watered down, but here and there, I don’t see it as an existential threat. Especially since the DNA of most Sikhs does contain a fair amount of Aryan White.