Somali Candidate Eyes Milestone in US Race

Kyle Potter, Big Story, August 3, 2014

In a neighborhood dubbed “Little Mogadishu,” Mohamud Noor can’t walk more than a block without being stopped by someone who wants to shake his hand.

Juggling two cell phones and a stack of campaign fliers, he chats them up on his bid for a seat in Minnesota’s House of Representatives. They already know. He’s one of theirs.


Noor, 36, has been door-knocking, phone-banking and fundraising in a race that could make him the first Somali-born state lawmaker in the U.S. With the backing of many in the city’s growing Somali-American population, Noor is pressing the longtime incumbent Democrat in a hotly contested primary.

Minnesota has become home to an estimated 30,000 Somalis who began fleeing civil war in their homeland a generation ago, drawn here by welcoming churches and social services. Many have settled in Minneapolis in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, where ethnic restaurants, markets and shops huddle in the shadow of massive high-rise apartment buildings.

So established is the community that members are rising in politics, with Somali-Americans capturing a Minneapolis school board seat in 2010 and a Minneapolis City Council seat last year. A win by Noor in November could add another milestone. {snip}

Noor narrowly lost a race for state Senate in 2011. But he has raised about twice as much money for this campaign and hopes that running in the smaller House district, where about a fourth of the residents are foreign-born, could make a difference.


Noor’s asset is Somalia. He fled the violence in his home country before his teen years. He and his family escaped to Kenya’s refugee camps, “living in tents, eating what we got,” he said. In 1999, the nine Noors moved together to Minnesota.

Today, he works at a local center that helps immigrants learn English and find work. He and his wife have four children.


Noor brings up issues, criticizing [his opponent PhyllisKahn for not doing more to restrain tuition increases or to get more state money to expand a cultural center. But for many Somali voters, what’s important is, “He’s Somali. He’s a Muslim. He’s a good guy,” said Khadija Hirsi, 76, who lives in the community.


Sadik Warfa, a community member who himself made two unsuccessful bids for the Legislature, said he believes the race is “very close.” No matter how it turns out, he said, Minnesota’s Somali community has shown its political importance.

“We opened the doors for many people,” Warfa said.

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  • dd121

    How do so many people come to reject their heritage and elect people who do not represent their interests?

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Many whites suffer from severe pathological altruism with ethnomasochistic tendencies. For now, the only cure is deportation to Africa.

    • Rurik

      Back in the 1960s they were at the very heart of the “Civil Rights” movement. Then consider their most prominent political figures. Then consider Gunnar Myrdal, his background and his role in the “Civil Rights” movement. Then consider who Mai Britt chose to marry. Then consider what is happening in Sweden and Norway today. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but there is clearly a consistent thread.

  • LHathaway

    He wants to expand their ‘culture center’. It it’s anything like neighborhood community centers I’ve been in, it will largely be about providing after school child care for children 8 to 18. Murals on the wall will be about Somali-African American friendship, to try and broker ‘peaceful relations’ between these groups. Afrocentrism will be a major feature and there will be a focus on African American leaders, contributions, and ongoing struggles against barriers (historical and continuing). There will be no photos of whites posted anywhere in the facility. And very likely no whites working there.
    There are no corresponding community centers in white neighborhoods. There may be community centers open to all but they wont be conspicuously placed in ‘white neighborhoods’ or ‘poor white neighborhoods’ that do not, for the most part, exist, (poor white neighborhoods are the first places ‘integrated,’ while exclusive neighborhoods for non-white residents grow and grow). Community Centers that white children might be driven to will also heavily promote non-whites and promote diversity in hiring; they will also be Afrocentric, just less so.

    • Augustus3709

      This is a problem with racial double standards that arises out of the “unwritten rule” that of course, a “cultural center” in a black neighborhood is going to be for blacks, but that’s only because nobody else wants to go there. So they don’t need to outright call it a black cultural center, but it is a de facto black cultural center.

      Contrarily, White neighborhoods are always targets for invasion. Whites have the constant disadvantage of creating things that are desirable, and since the 1950s, having no political or social recourse to prevent invasion. If you called it a White Community Center, the enemy media would blast it as “Whites Only” and play on people’s emotions and fears, invoking the same sensational historical propaganda that the previous generation of subverters invented.

      Other groups like the Chinese don’t have this problem, because they speak a different language. I can’t move into Chinatown, because I can’t read the apartment advertisements. They do that on purpose. Language is a more powerful barrier than race.

      • LHathaway

        “a “cultural center” in a black neighborhood is going to be for blacks, but that’s only because nobody else wants to go there”.

        So white children that live in the area (in some cases, there may actually be small numbers of white children nearby) – These white children don’t want to go there, or is ‘racism’ preventing them from participating?

        I’ll ask that question pretending someone cares about white children who are living as minorities, or as a tiny minority, in the neighborhood they live in.

        • Augustus3709

          It’s because those areas tend to be filled with poor, loud, blacks, whose kids are unruly, aggressive, and violent. Those little bundles of black joy would intimidate and prey upon non-blacks, who they would often recognize as weaker and a target for assault. I know because I’ve seen it first hand. It’s all over the internet as well, and those are just the incidents caught on tape.

          The physical factor is probably the main thing. Blacks develop faster due to the need for survivability in the savages of Africa. That puts non-blacks at risk. If little Whites were say playing with little ‘Hispanics’ and little Asians who spoke perfect English, there probably wouldn’t be a problem at all. (Although, we don’t want to lead to a miscegenation problem.)

          But as for the “racism” question, in this case, having legitimate concern for your personal well-being and for the safety of your friends and family is what the anti-Whites cynically and shamefully refer to as “racism”. Whatever. Protect yourself and your family at all times, look out for your community, and never try to impress the enemy who hates you.

  • This is the future of American politics in many places. You see, both Mr. Noor and Miss Kahn will vote for the same party on a Presidential election day, that being Democrat, because people like me are their common enemy. But when there are political circumstances that don’t involve their common enemy, that being the historic American nation, then the various loosely bound Democrat-left constituency start turning on and fighting each other.

  • Lewis33

    Somali Candidate is Millstone to US. There, fixed it.

  • none of your business

    His opponent is an ultra liberal Jewish feminazi. She’s been in the legislature for 42 years.
    She is fairly radical and anti White. She attempted to make first cousin marriage legal in Minnesota to accommodate Hmongs and Africans.
    I believe the district is full of Somalians and they are voting for one of their own who will represent their interests.

    • Augustus3709

      While it may be satisfying for some to call nutty feminists “feminazis”, this term does not reflect historical truths. The National Socialists believed in traditional family, with strong men and loving mothers. Calling brainwashed feminists “Nazis” is an insult to “Nazis”.

    • Matt Turner

      When she loses, she will surely celebrate the culmination of her endeavours.

    • Rurik

      She is also the crank who wanted to lower the legal voting age to twelve.

  • JackKrak

    Oh, I reckon the good Somalis of Minnesota will weigh the relative merits of the various candidates in the race based on meticulous research and then cast informed, carefully-considered votes for the one who will best lead the government.

    Or they’ll just for the Somali guy.

    I’m not sure…..

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    They come. They colonize. They breed. They elect members of their own ethnoracial group into office. They take over. This is the story of every third world parasite that has invaded the US and other western countries. This is what third world invaders do. Although multiculturalists discourage white people from developing a white racial identity, they openly encourage the invaders to retain their tribal loyalties.

    • SentryattheGate

      Right; notice he was one of a family of nine, and he has 4 kids (maybe more coming?). Meanwhile, Americans have 1-2 kids, if any at all! Africa’s population is set to explode, with 70% of their pop. under the age of 15, according to a PBS report (re. the African conference in DC) I’m watching.

  • none of your business

    ” Massive high-rise apartment buildings” euphemism for housing projects?

  • Eddie Lutz

    I guess whites like being surrounded by slack-jawed blacks with vacant stares and ugly fat women covered in sheet.

  • Dave4088

    I predict Noor will get 99.99% of the Somali vote. The anti-racist liberal vs. “race doesn’t matter” conservative schism doesn’t afflict Somalis or any other non-white racial group.

  • none of your business

    Expand the cultural center aka more money for do nothing jobs working in the center. Community centers in White neighborhoods are mostly staffed by volunteers. Non White centers are staffed by a plethora of executive directors, assistant executive directors, coordinators, advocates, program directors, on and on and on.
    And who pays for this affirmative action alternative to welfare? The White taxpayer of course.

  • none of your business

    Augustus so what would be a good term for anti White liberal women? Femmicommie is too soft with all those mmmms. Femmikiller? Mankiller?

    • Whitetrashgang

      Bolshevik whores?

      • JustJeff

        Dingdingding we have a winner!

  • Who would have ever thought it would be this easy for a civilization to self-destruct?

  • Cameron Inness

    Just wait until he brings his Kalashnikov.

  • Dale McNamee

    Meanwhile in Maryland, the current Lt. Governor, Anthony Brown, is running for Governor.

    Many will vote for him because “he’s black and will be the governor ! It’ll be It ‘historical’ and I want to be a part of history ! “:… This was what gave us Obama in 2008, among other things… Many white libturd/pukegressives will vote fhim as they did for Obama…

    Mr.Brown is an active participant in the Marty O’Malicious admin that raised various taxes 40 times over 8 years, along with other fees,etc. And drove 8,000 small & mid-size businesses from Maryland… Beretta being the latest… Then, there are people choosing to leave the state on a steady basis…

    Sorry for the detour and getting back to the original story… “He’s Somali. He’s a Muslim. He’s a good guy,”

    It appears that Maryland voters aren’t the only morons…

  • none of your business

    Isn’t the Governor of Maryland O’Malicious driving the White Watermen of Chesapeake Bay who have been there almost 400 years out of business?

  • Paleoconn

    Why is it the first time I hear about Somalis in Minnesota is when there are 30,000 of them? Who perpetrated this atrocity? How did we let this happen? When we take back our country, the traitors who did this will pay.

  • Fantaman

    Geez, another manchurian candidate? What’s his platform? “Vote for me and I will make sure there are plenty of government teats for all your parasitic maws”?

  • none of your business

    I used to call them Wicked White Witches and Vicious Rich *itches but that is too long. How about femifacist? Except I think facism which is a NATIONAL government for the people and culture of that country with an economy that is a balance between socialism and capitalism and tough on criminals a much better government than what we have now.

    DOMS? Daughters of Marx? HHH for Hate Hate Hate?