La Raza: Five Million the ‘Floor’ of What We Want to See Obama Do

Caroline May, Breitbart, August 26, 2014

The White House has indicated that President Obama will take some kind of executive action on immigration at the end of summer, but the administration has been tight-lipped about the specifics of such a move.

Reports have indicated that the executive action could provide legalization for some five million undocumented immigrants already in the United States–something Lisa Navarrete, adviser to the president of La Raza, explained to Breitbart News in a Tuesday interview would be welcome but really the “floor” number of what her group is looking to accomplish.

“We have been very clear with the President that if he is going to do this, he should be bold, and the population of people who would be covered under the Senate bill that’s just been waiting one House vote to pass would be a good starting point,” she said, referring to the Senate immigration bill that would have provided undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship.


Navarrete explained that to La Raza and others immigration reform is inevitable, and given its inevitability, wasting time and resources waiting is not wise.

“We believe it just doesn’t make a lot of sense for our government–if we’re on the cusp of passing comprehensive immigration reform–that we should be spending resources on people who might otherwise be eligible for relief in a larger bill,” she said. “We believe that comprehensive reform is going to happen, whether it’s next year or the year after we don’t know, but it is going to happen, and there are a number of people here who would be eligible under the parameters of the Senate bill.”

She described how the White House has listened to La Raza but kept their cards close to the vest, not betraying any details of what Obama might do.

“I would compare it to a kid asking his parents for Christmas [presents], and they are like, ‘Okay, here is your letter to Santa, and we’ll take that under advisement,’” she said.


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  • AmericanCitizen

    Kicking out 5 million is what I consider a better goal. The divide in this country between the Progressive Liberals and the traditional Americans is past healing. Obama’s amnesty will be the beginning of the end of Constitutional government as we once knew it.

    • dd121

      I wouldn’t hesitate to deport all 30 million, or whatever the number is.

    • Roger Noah

      Ain’t gonna happen. Get used to realpolitik.

      The best we can achieve is an Israel-type sealed border, iron-clad identification and e-verify.

  • Puggg

    really the “floor” number of what her group is looking to accomplish

    Which is let the whole world in. If Obama does this, that’s what’s going to happen anyway. They’ll come pouring in in droves to wait on the next amnesty in ten years.

    “I would compare it to a kid asking his parents for Christmas [presents], and they are like, ‘Okay, here is your letter to Santa, and we’ll take that under advisement,’” she said.

    Boy howdy if that doesn’t tell you a lot in the way of what these people’s attitudes are, then nothing can. To her, America is just one big cornucopia of stuff, an every day Christmas present. And nothing more.

    • Yancy Derringer

      Who advises 0bama on all this? Whose ear does Lisa Navarette have?

      “Cecilia Muñoz (born July 27, 1962) is director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. Prior to that, she served as the White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. A longtime civil rights advocate, she worked as Senior Vice President for the Office of Research, Advocacy and Legislation at the National Council of La Raza.” (Wikipedia)

      Any shadow of a doubt that 0bama’s going to go big on this?

  • MekongDelta69

    Ever hear of Operation Wetback Lisa Navarrete?

    Jes’ axin’

  • Truthseeker

    Now they’re just dividing up the spoils of everything our ancestors built. Appalling.

  • JohnEngelman

    I am afraid that President Obama will take the courageous policy of admitting more immigrants. It is courageous because it is unpopular. It is unpopular because most Americans realize that more immigrants mean lower wages for them.

    • LHathaway

      Why then would Obama admit more immigrants, to lower wages?

      • JohnEngelman

        Like most liberals (and most conservatives on other issues) President Obama does not make connections. A high rate of immigration interferes with nearly everything else liberals want to achieve for America. It is easy not to draw conclusions from facts one chooses not to think about.

      • Chip Carver

        The hasbarats call everything they agree with “courageous”. When they take stands that the media will endorse and fawn over, they act as if they are doing something that will garner the opposite treatment from the controlled press. It’s so transparent now after decades of the same routine. The useful idiots swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

        • LHathaway

          TY for your insightful comment.

    • JInSanD

      Lower wages? I would gladly take lower wages and risk the constantly threatened economic suffering if we could deport these savages and live in a safe, clean, law abiding, well run country instead of the corrupt third world hole we’re rushing to. Americans are afraid of violence and decay, not lower wages.

  • TruthBeTold

    Drivers licenses, motor voter registration, millions of voters with IDs to get goodies.

  • dd121

    It’s pretty obvious this was the agenda all along. He’ll decree that along with his international anti-carbon protocol…all without benefit of congress.

  • Dale McNamee

    President Eisenhower was able to round up and deport illegals…

    He had the political will and the support of the American people…

    Unlike 2014 America…

    • ZB01

      America was a largely White country at that time….which is why it was better.

    • phillyguy

      the good old days are long gone

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    According to Navarrete, while La Raza has offered the Obama administration their wish list…

    How about a wish list from the American taxpaying population?

    1. GTFO of our country.

    And Take Obama with You.

    • Dale McNamee

      And take the Democraps,RINO’sLibturds,Progturds,Hollywood, the moronic “American” voters,too !

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The entire Army of Cultural Marxism needs to be destroyed.

        Only then will we Whites be free.

    • ZB01

      You can tell by his comments that this Professor hates with a passion White people. I am sure he feels similarly about blacks….but that day has yet to come; not yet.

  • Dale McNamee

    LaRaza,LULAC,MecHa,Reconquesta, Azatlan,etc. are responsible for what happens from now on…

    So is the “American” government…

    • mobilebay

      I wonder who’s going to pay the tab for the politician’s fancy way of life when they have to depend on illegals to keep them in the style to which they’ve become accustomed?

      • Dale McNamee

        Good question !

        I also wonder about Obama’s drive to make everyone totally dependent on the Government and not working, thus not paying income taxes… Low to no revenue… This could be fun ( I have a black sense of humor…)

        Schadenfreude, especially self caused, is such fun to watch !

  • IKUredux

    We are engaged in a game of musical chairs. We have to see who will win the last seat in this country, after the “music” is done. There is only ONE chair. There is only ONE winner.

  • ElGringo

    I’d like to see five million on the floor myself… still twitching from the nerve gas.

  • Paleoconn

    Deport the whole lot of them

  • Evette Coutier

    The illegals are only the symptom of the real illness. We need to fix the source illness and not just treat the symptoms. If we don’t eventually the symptoms will overwhelm us and kill us.

    • Malgus

      Unfortunately Evette, I fear it is already too late. Barn door’s been open too long.

      I spend my time “preparing for the worst”. Writing letters, making phone calls, agitating.. it all means nothing, really. The sociopaths in Mordor don’t really care what you or I or any other white thinks. They tell us what we want to hear to get elected, then do what they want when they do get elected… voting them out of office means nothing, because their replacement is exactly like the guy we just booted…

      The illegals will continue to pour across the border, unchecked. Our government will continue to pander and lickspittle their way into the hearts of La Raza. The FSA will continue to soak up more and greater resources. Red Shield will continue to loan the government money at interest we don’t have a hope of ever paying back. Etc, etc, ad nauseum…

      The only thing I worry about is that which falls within the sphere of my influence.

      • Evette Coutier

        “The sociopaths in Mordor.” Lol…great line.

        You may be right. However, I refuse to give up. It’s not in my nature. I love the sting of battle, God help me I do. Win or not I don’t believe in forfeiting the game.

        • Malgus

          If you think I have given up, you are mistaken. I have merely diverted my efforts to where they can and will do the most good. I’m playing the long game, saving who and what I can, while I can. Nothing I do can change the outcome, so why expend the effort?

          What we have now will most certainly fall. Crushed under it’s own weight. Burning yourself out tilting at windmills won’t change that. We need to husband our resources for afterwards, when it will take more than courage – it will take courage and a tidal wave of Heroes blood.

          • Evette Coutier

            I was not suggesting you’d given up. In fact I believe your approach is intelligent and a mature way to approach our situation. For me staying in the battle keeps me prepare and edgy. I see it as practice. Afterwards, as you put it, people will still be people, politics will not change, and this has been true throughout history. We live in the eternal struggle of human nature. But most people are not geared for it endlessly. There is a cycle for them. Find your best strategy. Win.

          • Malgus

            No offense was intended, nor taken.

            I used to become enraged at stories like the above… then I realized that, like you said, they are symptoms of a much larger illness. However, I do not see the illness as curable. It is terminal.

            This country – whatever it has become – walks a very short and dangerous path. The government aids and abets invaders who wish to displace us and take over our lands. They appease those who throw infantile tantrums and riot. At the same time, they militarize the police until they become the Standing Army the Framers warned us of. They continue to max out the national credit card, selling our grand children’s birthright to appease the infantile blacks and other members of the FSA who refuse to work and produce. At the same time, they actively work to destroy the middle class and the beating heart of our economy. Warmongering around the world so the Military Industrial complex can sell more bombs to the DoD and Haliburton’s stock goes up a half point…

            My guess is that – very soon – something will give. Whether that be man-made, economic Ragnarök or natural disaster, something will set it off. The words “hunger” and “privation” will take on the meanings they had when our grandparents were young…

            Everything has a life span. Every living thing on earth, as well as empires.. they grow, ascend, decline then pass on… we are no different, nor are we exempt from these laws.

            I do wish you luck. Gonna turn in now.

            Remember the 4 B’s… beans, bullets, band-aids and bullion… if you do, you and yours will have a better chance than most.

          • Evette Coutier

            Your thoughts are well stated and on point. I’d add only one thing to the 4 B ‘s. Toilet paper. Don’t underestimate or forget the value of hygiene and sanitary items. These items have both health and aesthetic value.

  • Jo

    “This is the other Mexico,” Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said, according to the Los Angeles Times, as he kicked off a two-day tour of California.


  • mobilebay

    What WE demand, Senora Navarrete, is five million plus the other 20 million illegals get out of our country! They broke in and now you think that entitles them to all the goodies our foolish government provides criminals. I hope the next President of the US will immediately stop all handouts. That should make them realize they’ll be better staying where they come from and take their demands to their own leaders.

  • mobilebay

    What is the supposed number from the stupid mouths of the Democrats?

  • “I would compare it to a kid asking his parents for Christmas presents.”
    –Original article.

    I would compare it to a kid demanding that his parents force someone else to pay for his Christmas presents.

    There: fixed it.

  • Chip Carver

    In Los Angeles County, law enforcement has estimated that there are actually close to 10 million illegals. That’s in the county. In the US the number of mexicans alone, including their anchor cubs, is probably between 40 and 50 million. If the folks in charge can’t rule the US forever as a sort of Brazil like dump, they will at least celebrate their destruction of the greatest White nation. They look like they’re going to lose their grip on Europe, so they have stepped things up in the US.

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    That’s right. Five million is the floor. The sky is the limit.

    Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!