How Race-Based IQ Handicapping Led to a Man’s Execution

Ian Smith, Daily Caller, August 28, 2014

Although the case of Hernandez v. Stephens was one of thousands denied review by the Supreme Court this past term, that it received next to no media attention is deeply puzzling.

The case involved a Mexican-born illegal immigrant named Ramiro Hernandez who was convicted in a Texas court in 2000 for the murder of his employer and the rape of his employer’s wife. After he was sentenced to death, he appealed on the grounds that he was mentally retarded. Hernandez’s lawyers argued that because IQ tests taken prior to trial showed his IQ to be a mere 62, within the standard definition of mental retardation, his execution would be unconstitutional under the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on “cruel and unusual punishment.”

This so-called “Atkins claim” by the defense, named after the 2002 case of Atkins v. Virginia, was rejected by the Fifth Circuit. They accepted the prosecution’s rather astonishing argument that although Hernandez’s IQ was low compared to “American norms,” when “scaled to Mexican norms” it should be adjusted upward. When assessed according to his “cultural group”, they argued, his results should be closer to 70, a level just outside the definition of mental retardation.

As a result, this past April, Mr. Hernandez was executed. Attorneys filing a brief on Mr. Hernandez’s behalf claim this “race-based” approach to IQ violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

The Fifth Circuit’s method in deciding Hernandez’s appeal is not out of the ordinary. For years, courts across the country have followed the requirement in Atkins that “some population” be used to measure a capital defendant’s IQ. But some critics say the courts are becoming increasingly unhinged when it comes to measuring the IQ of minority defendants. In their friend-of-the-court brief filed on behalf of Hernandez, law professor Ernest Young and attorney Erin Blondel argue that “requiring courts to compare defendants’ mental functioning to the population . . . opens the door to courts improperly letting race define that population.”

Although the two say in their brief that some arguments implicating ethnic background “does not raise concern” (i.e. that non-English speakers should be tested in a language they understand), many cases “go much further” and “cross the line into very suspect stereotyping.”

A chief concern for Young and Blondel involves the apparently long-accepted conclusion from the psychology community that there’s “inherent bias” in IQ tests which disadvantage minority populations. Indeed, organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association and the American Association of Mental Retardation require that IQ results take into account the test-taker’s “cultural group” and “cultural diversity” so that these “biases” can be corrected. But a vague standard like “cultural group” can easily become a proxy for race and, as Young and Blondel contend, “racial stereotypes” can easily be made to “influence how a cultural group is defined.”

Further they warn, “efforts to compensate for racial bias in mental retardation assessments may be well intentioned, but they risk the opposite effect.” This unintentional effect is that prosecutors can now argue in court that “when compared to people of the same race, rather than the American population, minority defendants are able enough to be executed.” {snip}

Although not covered in detail in Young and Blondel’s brief, it appears courts are utilizing IQ results found among different countries and different races in order to correctly “scale” minorities’ scores. This is done, at least partially, through the testimony of race-psychology experts. The expert in Hernandez, Dr. Richard Coons, testified that Mr. Hernandez functioned normally given his “cultural group,” which tends to have “low socioeconomic status, low achievement, decreased social skills, increased substance abuse, and increased level of criminal behaviour”–“pernicious stereotypes,” according to Young and Blondel.

In Lizcano v. State, another case referenced in their brief, it was argued that 7.5 points should be added to a Hispanic defendant’s IQ assessment because “Hispanic test subjects historically score 7.5 points lower on IQ tests than Caucasian subjects.” Another case, Brown v. State, involving an African-American defendant, a judge said that in his opinion the defendant’s “intellectual function may be slightly higher [because] . . . [s]ometimes individuals of African-American background don’t score quite as high on formal testing.”


{snip} In a case called Van Tranh, an expert for the defense argued that “any bias in the testing scores would favor (not prejudice) Asians over Caucasians” because “Asian Americans tend to score higher than Caucasians on tests of cognitive ability.” Therefore, the expert witness claimed, Asians should be held to higher norms and the defendant in question, who scored above 70, should be dropped into the mental retardation range.

Meanwhile, that the Supreme Court denied review of Hernandez could be due to the inevitable national discussion of race and IQ that the case would create. Knowing that the Bell Curve controversy of 20 years ago could reappear is surely too unpalatable for many of the Supreme Court justices.

Young and Blondel’s concerns are laudable. As they rightly assert, our understanding of racial differences has not yet been rigorously evaluated and may not be fit for application in a court of law. Because of this, they want convicts who’ve violated American law to be held to “American norms.” Until then, the application of race and cultural bias in Atkins claims will continue, as will its grave consequences.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Blah, blah, blah – He murdered a guy and raped a woman.

    Sentence – Death

    Court is adjourned…

    • RexRazor

      Amen. Sentence fulfilled. Punishment justified.

    • ElComadreja

      Good riddance.

  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    Liberals contradict themselves about IQ: we’re told it’s meaningless, but also it ought to undo the will of the Courts’ if it is too low. That said, this isn’t out if the ordinary, because it comes from the sort of people who condemn white people as manifestly evil while maintain that race (and therefore white people) doesn’t exist. The Left is full of contradictions.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “From wikipedia

      Doublethink is the act of ordinary people simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts.[1] Doublethink is related to, but differs from, hypocrisy and neutrality. Somewhat related but almost the opposite is cognitive dissonance,
      where contradictory beliefs cause conflict in one’s mind. Doublethink
      is notable due to a lack of cognitive dissonance — thus the person is
      completely unaware of any conflict or contradiction.”

      • Rhialto

        The doublethink concept does not apply to lawyers, who are advocating a position. Competent and ethical lawyers only consider what statements will benefit their clients.

        • M&S

          No. An officer of the court is held to a -Higher- fiduciary and legal standard of conduct which means that he or she can present a given opinion of their client as a plea or argument within the bounds of the law but are not allowed to present false evidence to support that argument.

          Which is where low IQ criminal defendents who /insist/ on a specific defense and are shocked with how fast it is shot down procedurally or by evidentiary counters become very bitter about their defense representation because the lawyer has to walk a very fine line between failure to act on his client’s behalf. And failure to maintain a standard of ethical conduct which keeps them from being investigated and disbarred for bearing false witness.

          Often times, the lawyers fixed presentation and limited, rigidly formulaic speech articulating support for it both represent an immediate cue to the prosecution and/or judge as to it’s nonsensical origins and provide a ready means for shooting it down.

          It is -so- obvious that the defendants pick up on it without understanding why it’s being presented this way.

      • SFLBIB

        “Doublethink is the act of ordinary people simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct,…”

        Polylogism is the act of intellectuals simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct. It differs from doublethink in that it is practiced by intellectuals in lieu of ordinary people. It is a characteristic mentality in this age of chaos.

        archive. lewrockwell. com/yates/yates62. html

    • NotYourTypicalBlack

      Black dude here. You know, I get called unkind names sometimes when expressing views on race that are a bit…unorthodox. Something about the way liberals view I.Q. has always puzzled me. Unless I’m mistaken, ten I.Q. points don’t exactly make a world of difference. So it always seemed bizarre to me that if a black person is awaiting execution for a murder, and has an I.Q. of, say, 75, you’ll find a report about his impending fate on one of the liberal news media outlets, emphasizing his low I.Q. Accompanying will be a mix of reader comments, many celebrating the punishment that awaits him, others condemning capital punishment in general, and of course, many responses expressing outrage that someone with such a “mental handicap” is being put to death. They question how a person who’s clearly incapable of grasping consequences and basic logic could face execution. That seems hypocritical of them: If this guy’s I.Q. were a mere ten points higher, most liberals would scoff at the idea of denying him entry into one of the nation’s top universities just because of a score on a biased test. They’d insist that this person is perfectly capable of competing in a university setting, and would be horrified by the very thought that his I.Q. score should rule him out. Yet at I.Q. 75 he’s a complete putz who can’t so much as grasp the consequences of killing someone.

      They should either A) continue on in their belief that 85 is a good enough score to compete academically, but admit that a mere ten points lower is still at least high enough to know right from wrong. Or B) play it the other way and continue on in their belief that 75 is too dumb to grasp the basics of reality, but also admit that someone a meager ten points higher isn’t much better off, and is probably wasting a classroom seat.

      Just to tick people off, I’ll sometimes chime in at the comments sections of HuffPo, AOL News, etc., and say the defendant’s low 75 I.Q. is an unreliable measure, and is probably just the result of inherent cultural biases in the test design and administration procedure, and that his 75 I.Q. says virtually nothing about his abilities. After all, liberals would say the same about him if his score were exactly ten points higher.

      • Ty Jones

        Good points. (Pun intended.)

        I’ll also add: As well-spoken as you are and considering how unorthodox your opinions are for a black man, I’m guessing that you’ve received far more abuse from fellow black Americans than you ever have from whites. I could be wrong though. Anyway, keep up the good fight.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        They don’t use I.Q. tests to determine college qualifications. Anybody can enroll at a community college and other colleges use something like an SAT score. Minorities often score low on the SAT (except east asians). laws and procedures have been put in place that specifically remove I.Q. tests from employment and education determinations so I don’t see how they could be making that argument. Its rare for anyone to mention anything about I.Q. The only people that ever talk about I.Q. scores are usually white nationalists- with the exception of low I.Q. scores qualifying one for disability payments or getting out of a crime. Rather when it comes to education if I.Q. is mentioned they simply claim that it’s not real and that it doesn’t accurately measure intelligence or that the test is racially biased. All of these facts have been disproven but they still repeat them.

        Most people have never taken an I.Q. test. They don’t really give them in school. You have to basically go to MENSA or to a psychologist and specifically request one. They are usually only used to determine MENSA membership or in cases such as this to determine a disability. ASVAB, SAT and similar academic tests have a high correlation to I.Q. but are not exactly the same.

        And then there are a lot of I.Q. facts mentioned that are completely made up.

        The basic point here makes a lot of sense but I just have never seen anyone argue that a person with an I.Q. of 85 is capable of college. They simply claim that I.Q. isn’t real in regards to college, race, high performers etc. then contrastly state that it is real when determining a disability. The odd thing here is a person could purposely score lower on a test but not score higher. So I would think it would be more reliable in determining high scores than low scores.

      • SFLBIB

        Good post.

        At the beginning of the article, it said, “After he was sentenced to death, he appealed on the grounds that he was mentally retarded.”

        The question that went through my mind as I read it is why he didn’t bring up that defense during the trial instead of waiting until the sentence.

    • ElComadreja

      Like genetics don’t determine intelligence but do determine sexuality.

    • RyanP

      There is a great line I heard from Charles Murray. Liberals are convinced of 2 things. 1) IQ is a meaningless measurement 2) Liberals have higher IQs than conservatives.

      Translation:IQ matters when they want it to matter, but when it hurts their ideology it must be denied

  • Puggg

    It says that a man with a 62 IQ murdered his boss.

    How was someone with a 62 IQ even able to hold a job, other than those make work short bus life skills kind of jobs?

    • Raymond Kidwell

      They fired someone with an I.Q. of 130 to give the job to him, because it would have been racist and/or culturally insensitive to let a high performer make a living.

      • BTDTHI.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        They can fire one white person with an IQ of 130, and hire two non-whites with an IQ of 65.


        • SFLBIB

          If one boy can jump a ditch five feet wide, how wide of a ditch can two boys jump?

  • Race-norming is apparently just fine when it allows Incompetoids and Diversitards into universities, but not when it puts them on death row? Which way does the left want it?

    • TruthBeTold

      The race contradictions are endless.

    • Anglokraut

      Obviously, they want it both ways.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    ” Hernandez’s lawyers argued that because IQ tests taken prior to trial
    showed his IQ to be a mere 62, within the standard definition of mental
    retardation, his execution would be unconstitutional under the Eighth
    Amendment’s prohibition on “cruel and unusual punishment.””

    It is cruel and unusual punishment to kill a murdered because he is to stupid to know he is a murderer, and to useless to society to offer any benefit, so it is white people’s duty to keep this person alive and care for him. On the other hand an extremely smart person who isn’t useless to society and might offer some benefit even if he does his work in jail should be put to death if he commits murder.

    Only idiot whites could come up with something so retarded.



    • Raymond Kidwell

      You are forgetting something. A high I.Q. person can starve to death. He probably can’t afford college because he’s white and non-Jewish and doesn’t qualify for all the grants, denied jobs based on his race and high I.Q. etc.

      By contrast if the high I.Q. guy is rich he probably can get away with murder. I’d say if you are going to be rich its best to be white. If you are going to be poor, it’s best to be non-white.

    • If his IQ was that low, they should have beaten him up before executing him. Even an idiot understands a beating.

  • I was in the supermarket the other day when an obviously retarded mongoloid type white girl came up to me and first punched me, then tried to grab the gimme cap I had on top of my head. I have no doubt that if she had a gun or knife, she would kill someone.

    Her mother or guardian, an attractive white woman in her 40s, well-dressed and carrying a toddler in her arms, yelled at the girl to leave me alone. I smiled at the woman, as I’m sure the retarded girl is a burden.

    Which leads me to take what may be an unpopular position on this issue. Retardation is a legitimate defense.

    However, I’m betting the mongoloid’s IQ was way under 62. A score of 62 by a Mexican holding a job tells me they knew well enough that murder and rape are wrong. Thus, I have no problem with his execution. I MIGHT have a problem with executing the mongoloid just as I have a problem with executing dogs that bite people.

    But the Mexican got justice. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    • IstvanIN

      There are plenty of docile retarded persons. IQ should play no role in capital punishment. If an individual deliberately murders a man and then rapes his wife he should face the same punishment whether he has a 40 or a 140 IQ.

      • John R

        Exactly! Most mentally retarded people are not aggressive, and they typically have a very low sex drive.

      • I once supervised a gal with Down’s Syndrome. She was the disher at the Subway restaurant I managed in 2004. She was pleasant, worked quite diligently, and was trying to exceed her chromosomal limitations. I won’t use her name for obvious reasons; we missed her when her family moved. She was a great disher.

        • tancred guiscard

          God bless you and especially her. Im so happy you could satisfy in her the basic human need of purpose, “earning your daily bread”. I had a severely mentally and physically disabled little brother who imbued in me a priceless and profound sense of empathy, compassion, and love of ethics, morality and philosophy in general. It took the entire family to raise that perpetual child, but it was worth it. The powerless truly have power via Moral Obligation! But back on thread, people capable of rape and murder are fully entitled to capital punishment. I consider rotting in prison for decades a far more cruel and quite unusual punishment than a quick and easy death, as it is both cruel and unusual to the taxpayer and the victim’s family. Even if you disregard human overpopulation, why isnt capital punishment the norm for murderers? Why wouldnt at least half of a released murderer’s wages go to the victim’s family? Am i too practical?

      • The whole “reasoning” behind putting an IQ barrier on executions is the concept that with a low enough IQ, one simply doesn’t “understand” either the implications of their crime, or the grave and final nature of their punishment.

        So what? Part of the punishment may be lost, but if you think about it, what’s the purpose of punishment? Jail time, fines, etc? It’s to create a Pavlovian response of sorts, “you do bad things, bad things happen to you, so stop doing bad things” but when the punishment is capital, there’s no need to attempt to instill a sense of “bad murderer! Do you understand how naughty it is to kill?” You’re eliminating the possibility of further crimes by simply taking away their ability to ever commit them.

        Agree completely with IstvanIN, and, Despite being a pretty big animal guy, not so much agree with bigone4u this time. If a dog kills a human, in any circumstances other than self defense, or defense of a “family member” it should be put down. If a mentally retarded person, black person, white person, brown person, amputee, genius, CEO, food service worker, and least palatable of all, a “minor”(etc.) Intentionally kills someone, in any circumstances that aren’t self defense, or defense of another, they should be put down.

        It’s part eye for an eye, and part ensuring they will never kill again. The taking of a life is something terrible, which cannot be undone, and is the ONLY just punishment for the same.

        • They’re not supposed to “understand” a death penalty. They’re just supposed to die. The recidivism rate is exactly 0.00000 this way.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      If a person is a danger to other people, that person should not be put somewhere where he/she can hurt others. I don’t see how it is a defense. In the least if you are mentally incompetent you should be held in an insane asylum for the rest of your life, not be freed to go out and kill other people.

      • thomasdosborneii

        I’ve heard stories from someone I knew who had worked in an asylum that they can kill even in the institution. And another person, a very good friend of mine, used to work in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane in northern Sweden (can you imagine a place like that–wow). He said that the dangers to the staff are phenomenal, you never know when someone will go off on you and it is very hard to stop them once they get started (like trying to stop a water buffalo that is intent on goring you to death). There are alarms all over the wards, and one has to be more or less armored like a riot cop just to go in there.

    • LHathaway

      What’s a gibme hat?

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        It’s a hat that you stole from someone.

      • It’s a cap created by a business with the name of the company on it. Sometimes it advertises a sporting event, such as a golf tournament. These caps are given away by the business so that the person wearing it is a walking advertisement. It’s similar to a gimme t-shirt advertising a business or product or charity. I buy my gimme caps at the local thrift store for a buck a piece since I don’t shop at many businesses that do this form of advertising. I have about 50 of them. Actually some of the thrift stores get so many of them donated that they throw them away. T-shirts too. Brand new. Never worn.

        • LHathaway

          TY .. I actually looked it up after responding to your comment, big one.

    • Why were you wearing a cap indoors?

      • In Texas men wear these caps everywhere. You know the baseball type or the type with the name of an event or company on it.

  • Luca

    Mentally retarded people should still know something as simple as right from wrong. Are we to believe his feeble mind could not process murder and rape as being wrong? Considering the test was given just before trial, I’ll also bet he was coached on how to score lower on the test anyway.

    • The Down’s Syndrome gal we had in the kitchen certainly wasn’t stupid. She was just very different.

    • Jack Burton

      You make him sound like a criminal mastermind, LOL. He’s just a stupid, sociopathic mestizo, he is the norm for Mexico. That’s who is immigrating to our country. Anti-social mouth-breathers, who may do half-ass menial labor if we’re lucky, and commit petty crimes if not felonies.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    This violates the basis of English common law and European legal customs in that people were punished for their actions, not their thoughts, abilities etc. intention and mitigating circumstances would less a sentence but not get one off of it. Now days you get out of a crime for having a low I.Q. you get extra charges against you for doing a “hate crime”. These lawyers need to go back to school and learn about the European Renaissance and how it took Europe out of the dark ages, specifically the magna carta, the concept of rule of law etc. We live in a society that worships people with low I.Q.s, lets them off on crimes, qualifies them for disability checks, can’t get fired from a job etc. but if you have a high I.Q. then I.Q. doesn’t exist and you are an ignorant racist for even suggesting that there is a such thing as intelligence. We’re all the same. Now cut jimbo his stupid check and let him out of prison for free once again.

    • M.

      I don’t think they were going to let him off completely. He would’ve probably just gotten life instead.

      • FransSusan

        Then taxpayers would be forced to continue supporting the useless puke the rest of his life!

    • John R

      We celebrate the victim in our society. You are no longer expected to boast your achievements. You boast your handicaps.

  • Get in the box, dummy!

  • dave

    What a bunch of crap. If my IQ is 130, I can score a 70 too if my life is on the line.

    • Jack Burton

      Yes, but you must be smart enough to know answers to purposely get them wrong. You could score at the retard level just by marking answers randomly, which is probably what most of them do. To get them all wrong would actually be a mark of high intelligence.

  • journey

    Very strange convoluted logic. There is no benefit to society to save low IQers with criminal behaviors and tendencies. There is absolutely no social benefit to lock them for life and they are like savages, a menace to society when let loose. But at the same time, modern society has no qualms about causing mayhem in other countries.

    • John R

      We need to bring back that old German expression: “Useless eaters.”

      • journey

        Useless and dangerous at times.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        I hope we can get rid of that expression again however by the time I’m 65 or so.

        • John R

          Dude. You, like me, will either have to have our own savings, or work until we drop. Do you honestly think the government is going to have money or the inclination to support people like us when all the non-Whites are pouring into this country demanding help? You are so naïve.

    • IstvanIN

      You said it much better than I did. Low IQ/retarded and violent? Of no value whatsoever.

      • Organ donors (post execution).

      • journey

        Your avatar always gives me a little chuckle inside.

  • journey

    Did some research on Hernandez, he was serving a 25 year sentence in Mexico for also murder, burgeoning someone beyond recognition same as the Texas case. This savage is not retarded. His murder, rape, robbery, and lying were very methodical and coherent. His last sentence before dying was non-remorseful.

    One would think these lawyers would have better things to do.

  • Caps Lock

    Moral of the story – don’t hire illegals.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      …or Mexicans of any immigration status.

  • none of your business

    “It says that a man with a 62 IQ murdered his boss. How was someone with a 62 IQ even able to hold a job,” Restaurant, unloading trucks, farm labor janitor with a supervisor. There are blacks with IQs of 80 who hold college degrees and hold down middle and high ranking educational and government jobs. Liberals, racists and the teacher’s unions have advocated for years that the states abolish the basic teacher’s credential exam which White 9 year olds wow are not especially gifted have passed. So if 80 IQ blacks can get PHDs in “education” and become teachers, school principals, and $250,000 a year school superintendents.

    Jerry Brown appointed an affirmative action public defender to a municipal judgeship.
    The people with whom he worked in the PDs office swore he could not read. Yet he finished law school and passed the bar. He also had trouble finding his way to his particular department (courtroom) understanding the calendar etc. He always had to ask his clients their name. Most PDs know the names because they can read the police reports.
    Another thing, the preferred employee is some kind of illegal alien with a low IQ unaware of minimum wage, the 40 hour week, paid overtime, WCOMP etc.
    There was a company in Chicago whose executives were tried and convicted of 2nd degree murder due to working conditions. It was a company that recycled silver from photo film. They used some sort of chemical which was illegal to use because it can and in this case did kill workers.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    As far as I’m concerned, if you have enough IQ to figure out how to rape a woman and murder her husband, execution is appropriate.

    • Jack Burton

      Of course, the whole argument is absurd. He was competent enough to commit the crime, it wasn’t an accidental murder and rape, or he was coerced into doing it by someone else.

  • antiquesunlight

    Frankly, I think the savage got what he deserved.

  • John R

    A lot of things can be said about this. But, first, how valid would an IQ test, administered while this man was awaiting trial, be? Yeah, if I do well, then it is more likely that I will be found to be able to answer for my crimes, but if I don’t do well, then I might be able to claim diminished capacity. Yeah. I would have to be retarded to try and do well on the test! As a matter of fact, I would judge, under those circumstances, any person as mentally incapacitated if they scored ABOVE 70 on that test!

  • kjh64

    I’m sure this Mexican made sure to score as low on an IQ test as possible. Let’s see, he was smart enough to illegally enter the US on his own, smart enough to hold a job, smart enough to commit rape and murder, and he’s smart enough to be executed.

    • journey

      And smart enough to escape from Mexico where he had a 25 year prison sentence for doing the same crime then jump the border.
      He probably smarter than those lawyers trying to say he’s a low IQer.

  • none of your business

    Huntsville —
    A man who escaped prison in his native Mexico while serving a murder sentence was executed in Texas Wednesday for fatally beating a former Baylor University history professor and attacking his wife more than 16 years ago. Ramiro Hernandez-Llanas, 44, was lethally injected in the state’s death chamber in Huntsville.

    He was in the U.S. illegally when he was arrested for the October 1997 slaying of 49-year-old Glen Lich. Just 10 days earlier, Lich had given Hernandez-Llanas a job helping with renovations at his ranch near Kerrville, about 65 miles northwest of San Antonio, in exchange for living quarters. Investigators said Hernandez-Llanas lured Lich from his house, then repeatedly clubbed him with a piece of steel rebar. Armed with a knife, he then attacked Lich’s wife. She survived and testified against Hernandez-Llanas, who also had been linked to a rape and a stabbing.

    Moral of the story,don’t hire hispanics (1) because most are illegals (2) Whites need the jobs (3) they might rob, rape or kill you and your family. This reminds me of the Elizabeth Smart kidnaping and sex slavery. The kidnapper was a homeless man who her Father hired partly out of charity and partly as cheap labor to work on the family home. He came back a few months later and kidnapped and raped 14 year old Elizabeth for about a year.

    • (4) Don’t kill people in Texas, because they’ll kill you right back!

      • Jack Burton

        Yeah, Texas, where white men are still men, to a degree.

        If you want to murder a lot of whites move to Norway. Breivik only got about 3 months per murder of women and children. They’ll shake your hand in court too and greet you like you’re they’re best friend. What a bunch of pathetic retards they are. Beautiful people, but beyond clueless.

    • Anglokraut

      I thought the Smart girl was kidnapped by a White fundie Mormon who wanted her for his second wife.

      • She was kidnapped by a rapist and raped.

        Next stupid question?

        • Anglokraut

          I didn’t even ask a question; I just remembered that the kidnapper/rapist was a disheveled, middle-aged White man. Not exactly the finest example of the White race–and then there’s his troll-like wife….yeesh. No good deed, and all that.

          Speaking of no good deeds, there is a movie by that title being advertised that looks almost like it was produced by racial realists. It shows a Negro male being a charismatic killer who preys on women who fall for his “poor me” act. When I saw the commercial show a black man being violent against a White woman, my jaw dropped. I haven’t seen anything like it since Birth of a Nation.

  • IKUredux

    How do you say: “blah blah blah” in Spanish? I frankly don’t care that a murderer is executed. If you are smart enough to kill someone, then you are smart enough to die for your crime. Period. Come on, show me all the murders committed by Downs Syndrome afflicted people. You know, there is race based I,Q. or there isn’t. Amazing how the libs get to cherry pick I.Q. standards. I’m curious, how many Whites have been spared the death sentence based on low I.Q.?

    • John Ambrose

      Back when the Supreme Court ruled that executing the mentally retarded was unconstitutional, Ann Coulter wrote a column called “Murdering the Bell Curve.” In it she reiterated the book’s finding that “the truly retarded are far underrepresented in the criminal population because those with very low IQs ‘have trouble mustering the competence to commit most crimes’.”

      • Jack Burton

        I disagree with her conclusion. Crime does correlate with low IQ, and retards are well represented. However, with retards, they usually are watched more and given more care than those say in the 70-90+ range. Those who are not so stupid as to be handicapped and generally self-reliant enough to function on their own, even in a very anti-social manner such as the Ferguson blacks, are the majority of the low-IQ criminals.

        Low-IQ criminals do attempt most crimes, but rather they’re not smart enough to get away with it and get caught. The high IQ criminals, like white liberal and Jewish politicians, lawyers and media moguls, know how to work the system. Their manipulation of the law and resource acquisition strategies are just much more effective.

        • John Ambrose

          The conclusion that the truly retarded “have trouble mustering the competence to commit most crimes” was an actual quote from the Bell Curve, it wasn’t Coulter’s opinion on the matter.

          • Jack Burton

            I see we’ve got a nitpicking troll here.

            She used the quote to support her conclusion, trolly.

            Obviously retards can and do commit crimes, the retard in this article did.

            “Truly retarded” is vague. They should have been more concise with their wording.

            Originally retarded was defined by the American Association on Mental Deficiency as < 85, but since half of blacks would then qualify as retarded, they changed it < 70.


      Wait a minute, are you saying that Whites have been sentenced to the death penalty? Judging by what I heard in the media I always thought the death penalty was only given to black and Hispanic people. – ( It’s kind of like the old saying that, “Scientist say an asteroid half the size of our moon is heading towards earth, they predict all life to be extinguished, and the very Earth itself to be destroyed. – MEDIA HEADLINE: Asteroid Set To Destroy Earth, Minorities And Women To Be Hit Hardest!” )

      • Jack Burton

        Brings new meaning to disparate IMPACT. They should make a PC sci-fi movie about that, Disparate Impact, even the universe is racist!

        You see all of these bullshit PC movies in apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic scenarios where the groups are all racially mixed and egalitarian, LMAO. The Walking Dead is one of the more popular ones. With resources scarce, including women of childbearing age, you really think white men would let ngrs and Mongoloids take their women? Yeah, let’s risk our lives for them, feed them and let them have our women as well. They would be an even greater threat than the zombies, but they won’t tell that story.

        You still have morons running around thinking the media isn’t liberal, it’s not biased, it’s objective. I mean, there’s stupid and then there’s willfully stupid.

  • Paleoconn

    I think retards do know murder is wrong, and the same for other violent crimes. The proof is that so few of them commit these crimes, similar in percentage I bet to the population at large. Therefore, fry the bastard, race norming or no.

    • Jack Burton

      There’s a difference between knowing right from wrong, and not caring that you do wrong, or typically with sociopaths they do wrong because they enjoy it. Brain scans reveal that the brains of sociopaths function differently, whereas the areas of the brain that process fear, remorse and empathy are active in normal people when they view people being hurt, raped or killed, the areas of the brain active for sociopaths are the pleasure centers of the brain, it excites them.

      I recall watching a interview with a serial killer, white guy, who said he had a lot of anxiety and rage, and the only thing that made him feel better, gave him relief, was after he murdered people, one time a whole family. Just a random family he decided to murder in cold blood while driving by. He’s locked up for the rest of his life with regular doses of Thorazine.

  • Sloppo

    It’s too bad Ramiro decided to do those terrible things and get himself executed. He could have taken his 62 IQ score to Equatorial Guinea and experienced life as a person with above average intelligence.

    • journey

      He could have ruled the roost.

      • Jack Burton

        Murder and rape there are social norms.


    “Until then, the application of race and cultural bias in Atkins claims will continue, as will its grave consequences” – Grave consequences? What grave consequences? You mean the grave consequences that someone who committed a horrific life extinguishing crime of murder, would actually receive the punishment he deserves? Ohhhhhh, the humanity! Why, lord why? Ughhh! You know, the way things are going these days, I won’t be surprised if our Grandchildren wake up one day in the future to a race based Justice System. They’re already starting in many places with the race based discipline in schools.

    • Chasmania

      For all practical purposes it’s happening already in England.

      • Bill

        I suspect that’s why many in Scotland want to secede.

        • IstvanIN

          They want to secede to settle old scores (your great-grandfather hit my great-grandfather so I need to hit you). Living in the past. It is time we stopped fighting among ourselves.

  • 1G25

    Energy is much cheaper in Texas, I guess. “Ole Sparky” does put a maximum demand load on the meter when activated.

    • Anglokraut

      That’s the great thing about scaffolds–all you need is gravity.

  • FransSusan

    What disgusting and utter nonsense! The man is clearly guilty; he murdered and raped; he deserves to die. What a horror for American taxpayers that we must pay for this useless puke’s defense, court costs, etc. etc. etc. The US has sunk into a tyrannical horror story when idiot lawyers are allowed to muck up the legal system with this race argument nonsense. The man is guilty; that’s all that matters, not race, not IQ. There shouldn’t even be an insanity or IQ argument/defense in murder cases. Taxpayers are sick of this!

    • libertarian1234

      I agree.

      He knows right from wrong and what he did was evil and wrong.

      Why spare his life, because he’s stupid?

      It doesn’t make sense to anybody that’s not an air-headed, leftist academic.

      • kikz2

        in some cases.. one simply ‘forfeits’. in this case.. just too damn bad. he was clearly a danger to others. i don’t care what his IQ was or was not…..

  • FransSusan

    When they’re black they don’t have to write a dissertation. Just as Obama was given the president and editor position of Harvard Law Review, if you’re black you’re given degrees and such without being required to do the work. The law review president position was once given to the brightest law student. That status is not required for minorities! Almost unbelievable, isn’t it!

  • Lol. It’s kind of sad… it didn’t take you long at all to go from fighting back your “inner black” and making reasonable, logical comments here, to being worn down to the point where the only thing you’re capable of is dropping in on one or two articles a week to leave a “nuh uh! that’s not true!” Comment like the above when you can muster the strength.

    It took what… a year? 8 months? Stop feebly trying to wrestle with reality out of some sense of “justice” or racial solidarity. You’re exactly right, no one with an IQ of 80 could right a dissertation which doesn’t equate to gibberish. But guess what happens every year all around the country? Your bretheren, thousands of them, write some semi-literate imbecilic drivel, hand it in, and then get patted on the head, cheered on, and told “my my, how smart you be! Why, here’s a degree first you!”

    “No one with an 80 IQ… ” to you means, “clearly, my fellow majestic ebony brothers are much more intelligent than that, just like myself!”

    to someone with eyes open to race, instead of blinded to it, we wonder why people are being handed degrees when they’re too stupid to graduate high-school without their grades being “nudged” in the right direction. (Nudged with a shovel, that is)

    • a multiracial individual

      You are correct. I make no secret of it. I am still a “team player.” Why am I interested in race realism? To use it to find real solutions to O-U-R problems. If I was a billionaire I would personally pay many African-American couples to travel to Beijing to select their own high IQ embryos.

  • Chasmania

    It’s heartening that the prosecutors recognized that there IS a difference in racial IQ norms between Mexican Hispanics and Americans, but it’s troubling that everyone involved didn’t draw the easy conclusion that allowing them into this country is a BAD idea.

  • a multiracial individual

    I am not certain if all Ed.Ds have to write a dissertation or not. I know that I have probably misconstrued your comments, but I find it hard to believe that (at the same department) a White sociology major would be required to write a dissertation and her black colleague would not.

    • Jack Burton

      It’s all graded on the curve though. Without welfare and working welfare (affirmative action), which is what the vast majority of employed blacks have, this whole sham of a system would collapse.

      They will pass them even if their dissertation is nonsense and was probably plagiarized, like MLK’s was.

      Our whole system is basically a way to keep blacks and other minorities from rioting against whites.

  • RealisticGuy

    Justice prevailed for once in this rotten country. Thank the gods.

    • Jack Burton

      Absolutely, don’t mess with Texas. I want to shake the prosecution’s hands. A small measure of justice was served, thank you, sir.

      One less you know what, problem is there are millions more where that scumbag came from. A recent poll of Mexicans said that 1/3 of the country wants to immigrate.

      The whole argument of a lenient sentence based on a low IQ is stupid to begin with. So a person with a higher IQ should therefore be punished more and killed, doesn’t make any sense.

      The only argument should be whether he knew right from wrong, he wasn’t psychotic, he wasn’t hallucinating. You don’t need a high IQ to know what you’re doing is wrong, even dogs feel shame.

      • FransSusan

        I agree, “The whole argument of a lenient sentence based on a low IQ is stupid to begin with. So a person with a higher IQ should therefore be punished more and killed, doesn’t make any sense.” Furthermore, I don’t care if he knew right from wrong. It doesn’t matter to me one bit. What he did is so evil that he deserves to die. Period! The argument about race and IQ is just lawyers’ egos at work, costing taxpayers millions of $$ for the added court costs for such nonsense.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    “As they rightly assert, our understanding of racial differences has not yet been rigorously evaluated and may not be fit for application in a court of law. ”

    What they mean by this is not to continue researching race and normalize study of it so that our understanding of it can increase. But instead to keep kicking the can down the road, continue making it taboo and to continue branding anyone who takes race into account as a “racist.” It’s sad to think that the Bell Curve has been out a whole 20 years, yet as a society we’ve made no real progress on accepting racial science.

  • none of your business


    You’re right, the monster who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart was White. I didn’t mean to imply he was hispanic. My point was if you hire a union worker not only will he do the work in a totally competent manner and very fast thus saving you money in the long run but he or she won’t kill you or rape your wife and daughter. Nor will he or she come back with his homeboys a week later and rob your house. Nor will he steal your tools because he or she has his or her own.

    But if you pick up someone in a home depot parking lot because he works for minimum wage or in Hernandez case a free room, look out.

    • Jack Burton

      As a general rule you should never hire someone off the street, bad idea.

      Brian David Mitchell is white and mentally ill. People do understand whites have a significant portion of their population who are mentally ill, that’s where liberals come from.

  • Jack Burton

    Looks like the Hispanic IQ is lower than stated to the public, if they’re stating 70 is the norm for Mexicans. Typically they tell us average Hispanic IQs are around 90.

    His crime scaled to Mexican norms isn’t that bad, his defense should have argued that.

  • steel

    Like Negroes no Mexican has ever won a Nobel in any field of science. It seems to me that scientific discovery and invention lies only with the White and Asian races.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      The Nobel Prize committee has noted this lack of diversity in its awards structure and, as reported in the Swedish press, will create two new prize categories in 2015: Basketball Dribbling and Lawn Mowing.
      This should successfully add black and Mexican laureates to the annual contingent of winners travelling to Stockholm to pick up their prizes.

  • Jack Burton

    Blacks, Hispanics and liberals avoid and hate cops. Why? Because blacks, Hispanics and liberals know they are guilty of something, they’re up to no good. Whites generally like cops and welcome their presence.

  • fitz fitzgerald

    Let’s factor in moslem norms to make the joke even better. Sick. Stupid. Suicidal.

  • Jack Burton

    I agree. Try having a conversation with the legion of morons on YouTube for instance, they can’t even get grammar and spelling right, much less write logically. I doubt someone with an IQ of 80 can even be organized enough to show up to class on time consistently.

    The average IQ of college graduates is 115. Even if you take away an SD for blacks, that’s still 100.

  • sulbernick

    Who employs these people? What is it that persuades them to take the risk – which they *must* be aware of?

  • WR_the_realist

    My feel good article of the week. He who lives by race norming dies by race norming.

    States that have death penalties do so because they want to draw a line and say, “That action is so heinous you don’t deserve to live.” How does being stupid make such an action less heinous?

    • FransSusan

      Well said!

  • gah

    I remember years ago when the big thing was to examine standardized IQ tests, looking for, and removing “racial bias.” The end result is that blacks did even worse on the tests. That’s when the movement to ban IQ testing altogether started.