Illegal Aliens Storm the Beach in San Diego, Second Attempt Thwarted

Craig Bannister, CNS News, August 26, 2014


Around 7am Monday morning, a horde of illegal aliens stormed a San Diego beach after coming ashore in a panga boat. They sprinted across the beach and climbed over a wall, entering the city.

Seven of the illegal aliens were spotted by helicopter and later apprehended several blocks from the beach; the CBP is still looking for at least ten more who remain at-large, NBC7 in San Diego reports.

Then, about 1am Tuesday morning, a second panga boat filled with 20 illegal aliens was intercepted off the coast of San Diego County by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents.


The panga and passengers were taken to the Oceanside Harbor where they were turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol for processing. There were 13 men and seven women on board. All were Mexican nationals except two men were from Guatemala and one man was from El Salvador. The passengers’ ages ranged from 20 to 51. Two men from the panga will be prosecuted for human smuggling.


Illegals arrested off the San Diego coast.

Illegals arrested off the San Diego coast.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Not to worry.

    They will be given positions in the Department of Homeland Insecurity

    • Whirlwinder

      Or they could be put on Gov. Moonbeam’s staff.

  • Puggg

    Our grandfathers stormed the beaches of Normandy so that today’s people from Mexico and Central America can storm the beaches of California.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Beautiful, man! We are screwed.

    • Bossman

      If the Germans had won the war, they had plans to give the western half of North America to the Japanese.

      • Valmont

        At least then you’d be able to find a decent sushi place in Montana.

      • Puggg

        I’m probably close to last place among the people who regularly leave comments at AmRen on history knowledge, but even I know enough to know that there was no way that Germany was ever going to be able to conquer and control the United States.

        The best Germany could have hoped for in WW2 was not to be conquered itself. But they were fighting what was at the time the world’s three most powerful militaries all at the same time, the USSR, the British Empire and the USA.

        • Nonhumans

          I agree. They had a damned good shot at taking Europe, but the fight on American soil would have been a slogged uphill impossibility. Our gun culture is a very formidable consideration to any of our enemies- especially our current libtards.

          • IstvanIN

            Stupidest thing the Germans and Japanese ever did was declare war on the United States, which is what FDR wanted.

          • John

            The Germans entered an alliance with the Japanese. When Japan initiated war on the US after having been provoked for years by FDR, the US declared war on both. Only at that point, did Germany declare war on the US. Read “Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor” by Robert Stinnett. From the review… “By showing that ample warning of the attack was on FDR’s desk and,
            furthermore, that a plan to push Japan into war was initiated at the
            highest levels of the U.S. government, he ends up profoundly altering
            our understanding of one of the most significant events in American

          • IstvanIN

            Yes, I know that, but Japan and Germany shouldn’t have fallen for it. Japan had Dutch Indonesia oil.

          • John

            Thanks, I didn’t know that. Even so, I still feel one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century was the defeat of Germany. Here, I have to agree with Gen. George Patton. He’s quoted as saying we were allied with the wrong people during the war and should have been fighting the Soviets alongside the Germans. He also said he felt the German’s were the finest race in Europe. Since he was on the sharp end of the stick he’d know about this. Many are unaware of his opposition to the Nuremberg trials as well. Many feel that his “accident” was a boggled assassination attempt that was later rectified when he was recovering in the hospital. See “Target: Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton” by Robert K. Wilcox.

          • Germany’s defeat was not so tragic as her mutilation. I would never have signed any treaty handing over the eastern third of the country, had I been a German President instead of an American chemical engineer. On the other hand, Hitler’s plan was to enslave Poles, Ukrainians and Russians and then allow them to “naturally” die out. He wrote it in “Mein Kampf”. This completely removes the war from the realm of the usual conflicts between two rival governments over where a border should be.

          • M&S

            No. It is the natural progression of war between ‘civilized’ (metal wielding, seasonal crop and meat storage) societies and barbarian equivalents, dependent entirely upon the natural environment’s regenerative resources; towards that of ‘civilized on civilized’ equivalents.

            Each seeks to utterly disenfranchise the other by denying them access to the lands as resources which enables their way of life. But where the constant is one of paying off one’s stake holders as warrior class with industrial and landed property, the higher the societal level , the more you end up right back at a muddy equilibrium by not exercising brutal force to reduce the (much larger) total population.

            You can’t make a go of conquest and riches if you still have to pay for the extant population that is present.

            This is a key difference between the classical example of tributory rewards as new taxable populations and modern, industrial, equivalents where the land itself is enough because you can use mechanization and automation to recover it’s resources far more readily than continuing the fine tradition of Kolhoz style ‘communal farming’ as an extension of what serfs had been doing since the middle ages, ‘now under new ownership’.

            In this, it is important to note that Hitler sought to isolate the Russians from their new Reichs Kommisariat overlords but he did not seek to annihilate them only to create a permanent class variance by which the farmer and the miner knew just enough to function in their jobs, had just enough trade goods to be stable in their family base and was just well enough indoctrinated to know when to give the appropriate Zieg Heil!.

            Now go to Youtube and look at the psychometrics profiling videos which have been applied to the U.S. public since 1962 and will soon become permanent digital records of your every response to a given situation, including non-volitional ones monitored by biometrics sensors you HAVE TO WEAR (bracelets, mouse controllers, posture chairs, video cams). All in the name of invoking a sense of ‘persistance and grit through conformity’.

            And ask yourself if ‘Common Core’ is not setting us up for exactly the same kind of uniformity and class based existence where what you say you believe is more important than what you know is true.

            Hitler never said it was anything but a war between the races. But if you listen to his quotes as recorded by Bormann in ‘Table Talk’, it becomes clear that he considered whites to be part of a grand club of essentially equals as well as a _work in progress_ for which there was much yet to do.

            Further to this, once he shook us up a bit by showing us exactly what ‘succeed or else!’ really meant, we would stop mollycoddling our weaklinks with pity and unversalist application of laws and privileges and begin to compete with each other in ways that could allowed each (Britain, U.S., Germanized Greater Reich) to have our spheres of interest and still be functionally accommodating of the other’s existence.

            The self-righteously hypocritical and stupid ideal of egalitarian universalism that has succeeded that vision now seeks to treat all whites as a halted evolutionary process while others are given rights of place ahead of us because of ‘past injustices’ masquerading for present inadequacies.

            Whites are dangerously successful as a pre-evolutis speciation of sapiens ‘race’ and it must terrify the plodding masses to know that we truly _don’t_ need them to make our next evolutionary point.

            The question then becomes why we listen to their fearful mutterings and dark accusations when we know better, as we know ourselves, that their failures are not our fault?

            And the answer is simple: Hilter’s Revenge. Until and unless we admit that he had the idea right and was doing, in The East, was nothing more than prosecuting the same concept as we had used against the Native Americans (or the English had used against the Celts and Gaels), we will never have the strength to face up to the envy of our attackers, throw them back and get on with taking the next step forward.

            Life is not nice to everyone. That’s just the way it is. But it -can be- very nice to those who dare to love their Kindred as The Truth. And we MUST draw the line of non-betrayal, gentle treatment and honorable intent somwhere. I prefere that that be within our own people.

          • The Dutch shut off Indonesian oil because Japan was an ally of Germany, and Germany had occupied the Netherlands.

          • IstvanIN

            But the Japanese imprisoned the Dutch colonial administration and ran Indonesia themselves. Had they been a little nice to the natives they could have had all the oil they wanted.

          • Impossible. The Japanese expected to raise Indonesian oil production to beyond the prewar level. Instead, the Dutch sabotaged the oil equipment quite thoroughly. Japan sent experts and equipment south in early 1942, and that was one of the few Japanese ships that got sunk that month.

          • Japan wasn’t exactly “provoked”, John. The asset freeze and oil and scrap metal embargo was contingent on their withdrawal from China. This did not include Manchuria, but the diplomats from both nations did not clarify this. One must wonder what diplomats are paid to do if not talk with each other.

            Moving the battle fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor was just an attempt to get a head start on War Plan Orange – adopted in 1924 – which envisioned a fight across the Pacific to relieve the Philippines. The navy was certain that Pearl Harbor was too shallow for aerial torpedoes, which was technically correct (they dive too deep after being dropped, before returning to their pre-set running depth). The Japanese modified their torpedoes by giving them small wings. The navy also reckoned that the deck armor on their battleships was too thick to be penetrated by aircraft bombs. Technically also correct: the explosion that sank Arizona was initiated by a bomb explosion above the armored deck, but which detonated 90 tons of gunpowder charges for launching floatplanes from the ship’s two catapults. This explosion set off the forward magazines right below. The carriers were at sea whenever the weather was good, as the pilots needed practice. FDR was not a dilettante; he had been Assistant Secretary of the Navy before being elected President in 1932.

            A less-studied cause of the Pacific War was Japan’s withdrawal from the Washington and London naval treaties in 1936. They gave a year’s advance notice, as required, but this led to a naval arms race in the late 1930s which – due to overwhelming US superiority in the steel and shipbuilding industries – Japan could not possibly win. The outbreak of war in Europe caused the British to ditch the treaty completely, so the US did as well. This allowed Japan a very narrow window of opportunity for prosecuting a successful war against the US. I’m married to one, so I know firsthand they’re not stupid people. The Japanese must have expected this when they withdrew from the treaty. Unfortunately, their army was running the country after a disgusting military coup, and while joint-service cooperation in the US DoD is sometimes problematical, in Japan it was truly hideous.

            Hitler had no firm grasp of naval operations, either. The only two leaders of any of the Great Powers who did were FDR (former Assistant Secretary of the Navy) and Winston Churchill (former First Lord of the Admiralty).

          • They did take western Europe, but their keeping it was contingent on Britain doing nothing, just as it had earlier been with Napoleon.

          • Periapsis

            They had zero chance of taking Russia, with or without western aid. The Russians would do what always worked, luring them ever deeper into the country, then waiting for winter to counter-attack. Guerilla warfare is their specialty, and every man, woman and child who can fight, will fight. The Germans found out the hard way the Russian bear is the last thing they wanted coming after them.

        • Pro_Whitey

          Even if we had never entered the war and did not help the Brits, I agree, the Krauts and Nips were choking on the imperial holdings they had managed to obtain, and would not have had the people or firepower to keep their holdings and then to invade the U.S. Recall that those two countries are not all that large in the scheme of things, not like, say, a modern-armed, billion-peopled China. I regret the Spanish-American War, because if we had not gone off on that jaunt, we would not have had the Philippines, and if we did not have a presence in the Western Pacific, the Nips would never have risked an attack. Only because the Philippines are between Japan and the oil in the Dutch East Indies were they motivated to attack.

        • mobilebay

          Yet the Mexicans have a good start on conquering it. No soldiers or tanks. Just people invading and colonizing, all with the help of our own government from this administration and several previous ones.

          • Bossman

            Mexico will conquer the USA by the year 2100. It will happen in a very strange kind of way. The entire Southwest will become Hispanic and Mexico itself will become a very powerful country and a leader of Latin America with strong alliances with Brazil and will be in a position to challenge the USA for the control of North America. I can give you the name of a book that says just that.

          • Waldemar Daninsky

            I assume that the book that he is referring to is “De Vermis Misteriis.” Or it might be the “Necronomicon.” Both are trustworthy sources.

          • Brazilians speak Portuguese and do not get along with other South Americans.

          • Laura Dilworth


          • People need something to fight about.

          • Laura Dilworth

            what are they fighting about?

          • Katherine McChesney

            Wishful thinking. Mexico will always be a garbage dump. It’s residents are too lazy and criminal to ever make it more than the cesspool that it is.

          • Mexico City will be a deep lake by then.

      • Jo

        Can you provide sources?

        • Bossman

          If you’ve the time and patience, Google should be able to help. I got this information while watching old documentaries on the events leading up to WWII. Back then the Germans and the Japanese considered themselves as the two master races who had plans to divide the world between themselves and make everyone else slaves.

          • John

            “…master races”? You mean sort of like this? “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”
            -Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983) Ask people if they think the Nazis said this. When they reply in the affirmative, tell them it was the Prime Minister of Israel, Menachim Begin (right), in a speech to the Knesset (Israeli Parliment) in 1982 and quoted by President Jimmy Carter!

          • Mr. Begin was also awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The world is thus a strange place. I have said things about Muslims that once earned me expulsion from this site. I still completely loathe them.

          • John

            A documentary *you* should watch is on YouTube and called “Leon Degrelle- The Epic Story of the Waffen SS”. In it, Col Degrelle points out the the SS was at its peak, 1 million men strong. Of these, only 400,000 were ethnic Germans. The remainder were from all over the globe, many from Eastern Europe who strongly felt that joining the SS and taking the fight to the Soviets was the patriotic thing to do and protective of their countries. As I said elsewhere, it sounds like your history books were courtesy of synagogue central.

          • Jo

            I did have the patience. Wanted to see if your sources were reliable.
            Germany never wanted to conquer the world. Hitler had some issues. That was to take back the land taken from Germany after World War I, keep Communism out of Germany, and stop Jews from controlling Germany.
            I think Germany would have made peace with the U.S. and England. Not invaded them after the war.

          • Japan’s military leaders were a mixed bunch. Their navy was far more humane – to whites – than their army. When Marine Corps ace Greg Boyington was shot down over the open ocean, a Japanese submarine crew picked him up. They didn’t have to do that; where does one put a POW on a submarine, anyway? They could have left that guy in the water, and nobody would have known about it.

            Even in Japanese army captivity, British, Australians, Dutch and Americans had a far higher survival rate than Indians, and the Chinese were generally not taken prisoner at all.

          • Periapsis

            Indeed, the Japanese Navy, like the German Navy, were far more professional than the Japanese Army. They did not get involved in atrocities that led to the day of the rope for many. After the war, the U.S. Navy worked closely with their Japanese counterparts to win the peace. The Japanese had come up with innovations the U.S. was very impressed with, including the I-class submarine. Had the Japanese realized what the U.S and Germany did, their submarines would have taken a terrible toll on U.S. ships. They would have also taken Anti-Submarine Warfare far more seriously than they did, even though many American submarines they did sink were sunk by aircraft.

          • The I-400 was the opposite of a useful submarine. The 41C was the best for the Atlantic, and the Gato-Baleo-Tench class the best for the Pacific. Big submarines are not better. The best thing the US navy did with the Gato series is give them a six-shot bow salvo. If the US navy had been using 1942 versions of the G-7e torpedo, the war would have been quite different.

            Even the Gato couldn’t submerge quickly enough. The Type-VII-41C only needed a six-tube bow salvo.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            “… Back then the Germans and the Japanese considered themselves
            as the two master races who had plans to divide the world between
            themselves and make everyone else slaves.”

            Complete nonsense.

            The English, Soviets, and Americans were the only ones who felt that way. Stalin and Khrushchev even bragged about taking over the world. The British already controlled most of the world, and the US wanted their share.


          • Nonsense. The Germans considered Yanks as degenerates and would never have troubled themselves with us. They might have bothered with someone like you.

      • John

        Where do people come up with this crap? I’ve made it a hobby to study many of the lesser known aspects of WWII and I’ve never, never heard anything to this effect. Germany had no interest in the US and did everything they could to avoid getting in a war with us. Just like they did for WWI. This sounds like “history” courtesy of your local synagogue.

        • Luca

          Germany sought peace with England because Hitler had designs on the continent of Europe so there would be room for his people. He wanted his Germanic people to displace Jews, and Slavs (Russians).

          Had he succeeded in Europe perhaps he may have wanted to go further, but in the context of what was going on in the 1940’s he would not have normally invaded the US.

          Japan could have never beaten the US, period.

          Don’t listen, react or respond to mindless trolls.

        • Hitler declared war on the US on December 10, 1941. It wasn’t a very good idea.

      • anony

        Sources please. To my knowledge, Germany never intended to conquer North America.

        • obot

          You’re correct. They never had the intention or ability to conquer America. How were they going to get 5 million soldiers across the Atlantic Ocean and supply them?

          We could barely storm the beaches of Normandy with the British across the English Channel.

          • anony

            There are huge amounts of mis-information, dis-information, and outright lies about WW II.

            Historian David Irving has tried to set some of the record straight.

        • They did not, but they did declare war, so we beat the righteous [email protected] out of them. No problems.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        The Germans never wanted the USA. That is all propaganda nonsense. Hitler didn’t even want England. Hawaii might have gone to Japan, but that wasn’t a State until after WWII.


  • Well prepared aren’t they. Look at those life vests they’re wearing. And one female mestiza is all decked out in pink. What’s that about?

    What the article doesn’t say is what happens to them. Is there a chance that they’ll be sent back to Mexico and points south? I read that one-third of the population of Mexico wants into the US.

    This motley bunch are just a tiny symptom. The problem is a Congress with no courage. A president with an evil, wicked heart. And a white population unwilling to do what is necessary to stop their immersion in a flood of brown.

    • Periapsis

      I for one have the courage to pull triggers on weapons like the naval gun pictured below, let alone ordering someone else to fire on these boats and kill them. The problem is not a lack of courage. The problem is our ruling elite’s malice and genocidal intentions towards us. There are more than enough whites who will fight to keep these invaders out, were not for a hostile government who would declare war on all of us openly if they did.

      • Nonhumans

        That is spot on. Given the opportunity, I would change careers to rid this country of these vermin. Though with the current circumstances, waiting for the economic collapse will be our best chance for repatriation, revolution, and secession.

  • anony

    Has a people ever allowed their country to be invaded without even trying to stop the invasion? And those who try to do something to stop it are called racists.

    Our world has become insane.

    • Ringo Lennon

      A, just judge the people who are calling you racist.

    • Valmont

      This was all predicted in The Camp of the Saints.

      • anony

        Yep. Read it years ago.

  • Mason Gull

    Meanwhile, our coast guard harasses Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf.

  • JSS

    “Two men from the panga will be prosecuted for human smuggling”.

    I think charging them with dumping toxic waste on the beach would be more appropriate.

  • Luca

    Those unaccompanied minors are sure getting fat and tall aren’t they?

    • Bossman

      Well then, you folks should stop calling them “squat monsters” because that is dishonest and a lie.

      • Alexandra1973

        How so?

      • Periapsis

        They sure get that way after having a couple of kids, or hitting 30, which ever comes first.

        • obot

          Having a couple of kids usually comes around 15 for them

          • Periapsis

            Yep, incredible that many of THEM have four kids before they are 22 or 25. They must be having more sex in one year than many white men do in a decade, if not a lifetime. Many of them have large numbers of kids by different men, they are as monogamous as a female alley cat in heat.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I’ve been to various parts of Mexico and the Yucatan and ‘squat monster’ certainly applies to everyone I saw there.

  • Augustus3709

    President Augustus3709 declares by Executive Order:

    All illegal immigrants will be arrested and assigned 10 years hard labor in a prison camp.

    • obot

      Put them to work building a border wall 20 feet high and 20 feet deep with a wide moat in front and behind it.

  • David Ashton

    As most of you know this is just a start, a harbinger of the inundation to come. The misery of alien lands can be solved, if at all, only in those lands. The reduction of the west to misery can help no-one. Can you get your Congressmen to look ahead and see the oncoming deluge?

    • Jo

      “Can you get your Congressmen to look ahead and see the oncoming deluge?”

      No, and they welcome it. That’s been our problem for a long time.

      • David Ashton

        Presumably only for career-votes? We have a similar problem in the UK, but things are cracking up a bit as the eventual prospect of one’s own country becoming a foreign colony solidifies native-born opposition and doesn’t appeal too much to the MPs themselves. The chief difference is the size and population density of our two English-speaking countries.

        • anony

          Respecting America, that would be “former” English-speaking country.

        • Jo

          “Presumably only for career-votes?”

          For both personal reelection, and for non-White immigrant loving tribal member donations to the Republican Party.

          Members of that tribe are responsible for over 50% of the donations. Add corporate donations wanting more non-White low-wage immigrant workers. You can see who’s in control of the Republican Party.

          “things are cracking up a bit as the eventual prospect of one’s own country becoming a foreign colony solidifies native-born opposition”

          I think there’s quite a bit of unspoken opposition here. They tip-toe around it by saying border control, stopping amnesty, impeaching Obama, immigrant costs, crime, unemployment, etc. In other words, they address the symptoms rather than the cause, illegal and legal immigration from third-world countries.

          • David Ashton

            We come at them from convergent angles.

            Your alternative is…?

          • Jo

            Your alternative is…?

            Congressmen/women will not change until their base speaks up, threatens with a ‘no vote,’ or do not vote, or votes racially aware others into those positions. Congressmen will believe our seriousness when they begin to see their comrades voted out.
            Even if we were successful, we will not change Democrats and more non-White liberal voters continue to pour into the country.

            As for Whites, we need an organization with creative leadership, not a political party. A third party would split the vote between Republicans and the third party. We would lose because not enough conservative Whites are aware of the seriousness of our situation and consider racial issues distasteful; therefore, voting Republican.

            An organization supporting Whites isn’t well received on AmRen, but it is on other websites. Quite a few are ‘biting at the bit’ for one.

            It appears quite a few Amreners appear to be resigned to White enclaves, a region, then secession. With our anti-discrimination laws, I don’t see that happening.

            I vote for removing congressional members and the president, perfectly, legal, recommended by our founders, but, not overthrowing the Constitution. But, accomplishing that requires planners who could logically overcome obstacles and get us to the point where it is possible.

            I do think we need to change calling ourselves ‘Whites’ to ‘Europeans’ here in the U.S, as I think our cause would be received in a better light, not only by other Whites, but also, the left, but who cares about them. Of course, in Europe, calling yourselves English, Irish, German, etc. Becoming ethnic eliminates Caucasians who are not European and changes the entire strategy from racial to ethnic. All Euro-Americans identify with ‘European,’ not so much with being White. I’d say English identify with being ‘English/British’ more than White.

            Again, my thoughts are too many to elaborate here.

            To me, it’s worth fighting for all of the land, natural resources, wildlife, and infrastructures of our countries rather than ‘accepting’ a piece of them.

          • David Ashton

            Thank you for putting your thoughts clearly here. I hope they lead to constructive discussion and organisation proposals on AmRen.

            As a transatlantic observer and friend, may I say I too think it unwise to “settle” for a racial enclave in (say) north Dakota, rather to reclaim “white” predominance throughout the USA – and Canada-Quebec!

            We should take, however belatedly, a leaf out of the Communist Party book – a combined movement of explicit candidacies, fronts, infiltration of supportive ideas wherever possible. Note also how this murderous gang got away with humanitarian slogans of “democracy”, etc.

            I am English, British, European and White. I see no contradiction, and no need for conflict.

          • katzkiner

            A few White Riots would slow amnesty down a notch. If you think you can save your country in a civilized manner, sorry, that ship sailed with the 1965 immigration reform. Lynch the Gang of Eight from the Washington Monument and they MAY listen to you for a change. Otherwise it is recomended you learn Spanish. Have you seen how many babies those mamaseta’s have?! They breed ’em, we feed ’em. What a racket.

          • Jo

            “If you think you can save your country in a civilized manner.”

            I’m not that naive. Don’t want to go into details here, but we always must be prepared for best and WORST case scenarios.

            “Otherwise it is recomended you learn Spanish.”

            That is the prevalent attitude on AmRen. Wonder why, considering posters on other websites wouldn’t consider it. Are they unrealistic or unwilling to give up? I think it’s the latter. To win the lottery, one must buy a ticket.

            “Have you seen how many babies those mamaseta’s have”

            Actually, according to the most recent Census Bureau report, Hispanic births have dropped dramatically for the year 2013. Whites are in the lead for that year with 3,000 more babies. There may be more non-White children in school, now, but, this is a good sign. Not saying it will continue.

            “Among the nation’s 3.9 million children younger than age 1 in 2013, there were about 3,000 more non-Hispanic whites than minorities”


          • David Ashton

            I have only just seen this on November 7 after returning from illness and with an improved computer. I sympathize with Jared Taylor’s European Brotherhood (including the English-speakers playing a leading part) and eventual organization of high quality morally and intellectually.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Illegal aliens successfully landed on a San Diego beach… U.S. Customs and Border (CBP) agents were waiting for them.

    Waiting for them to sign them up for food stamps, SSI, section 8 housing, Obama care, register them to vote democrat and enroll them in the nearest elementary school.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Reminds me once again to check out any faxes I have to send on NumbersUSA.

    • mobilebay

      Mexicans don’t stay in school long enough to learn about the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- or maybe their history books don’t bother to include it. No other group of people from the great migration of the mid-1800s demanded that our government allow them to break in as this bunch has. Their feeling of entitlement has been aided and abetted by our own government for many years and has now culminated with a lawless, dangerous element who are destroying this nation. I’m all for deportation of all illegals, which will never happen anymore than our border will ever be “secured.”

  • LACountyRedneck

    This is insane. Been going on for way too long. I don’t know what to say anymore. I know people personally that would volunteer their time for border security (This was ten years ago). Politicians need to start being arrested and sent to prison, along with anyone else that in any way assists illegal aliens, or doesn’t enforce existing laws. Plain and simple.
    No other option.

    • sulbernick

      What can you do if your politicians don’t abide by the constitution?

      • LACountyRedneck

        I would ignore them and get them out of office by any means. For that to happen many people would have to be like minded.

  • Steven Williams

    In the video, interviewer Bill Wu of Mission City is an illegal too. He should not live in American soil and has to be deported back to Asia.

  • Well, at least they weren’t armed…this time.

    Why are they all wearing coats?

  • JInSanD

    This has been going on for years here. Sometimes it’s illegals, sometimes it’s drugs and sometimes they just find an empty boat. The only reason most of you are hearing about it is because Drudge posted it and kept it in column one for the last three days.

  • kjh64

    All of these illegals look casually well dressed and they all look very well fed, many to the point of being a bit plump.

  • IKUredux

    Ummm, I don’t understand this article at all. We all know, that regardless of anything, they will be allowed to stay. And, we will pay for them. Let’s shut this country down! STOP turning in your tax returns! Join a group of people to do business with. Do EVERYTHING you can think of to live without ever contributing a dime to this land mass we live on. This land mass holds NOTHING for us anymore. Write graffiti: War on Whites; S.P.O.O.C.

    • Spikeygrrl


      • IKUredux

        Shoulda picked our own cotton.

  • Paleoconn

    How is San Diego supposed to stay classy with these gangbangers invading?

  • Paleoconn

    From the aerial view, it looks like cat litter.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Looks like hubby & I got out of “Tijuana North” just in time.

  • LHathaway

    Let the women in, keep out the men. Make up for 40 years of border injustice and unfair sexism.

  • IstvanIN

    Thank goodness we have military bases in over 700 countries outside of the US, wouldn’t want to accidentally defend the lower 48.

  • I’d just like to point out one thing from planning at the photo… note that all but one of the life vests worn appear to be brand new… what are the chances of a coyote not only providing life vests, but providing BRAND NEW life vests…

    Not to cry “conspiracy!” But seriously…

  • John

    They didn’t use to call this “Fortress America” for nothing. The logistics of invading this country made it a military nightmare. If you’re referring to a Normandy style “D-Day” style invasion… that would have been impossible. The supply lines would have been impossibly long, either for the Germans or the Japanese. The best either could have done, and it was entirely feasible, would have been to deploy small groups of commandos in suicide missions. The fact that it wasn’t done speaks to the impracticality of doing so.

    • M&S

      As individuals very little could be done.

      If a (radio, rank tab or heavy weapons carrier) man is shot down by a scoped rifle from 300m out, it’s unlikely that you are going to get the sniper before he executes his escape plan to a rally and egress point, simply because he will likely be supported by 3-4 others executing the same ‘2 aimed shots then run!’ tactic.

      But by this very condition, you will only inflict token attrition.

      Bullets are cheap and easy to carry (very heavy but very high volume density, a Jerry Can sized container would hold enough rounds for a squad sized engagement of 20 minutes and 1,000 rounds).

      Instead, what would happen would be two fold:

      1. Lockdown.

      If guerilla activity is suspected, like a sickness, the best you can do is contain it by traffic control points. FAMs or Fighting Age Males can be detained, their gear checked and, if need be, ‘made an example of’, right there by the road. Whether they did it or not.

      2. Reprisal Killings.

      Someone knows who took the shot and someone knows where he is. Shoot their wife, parents, siblings and tell them that their kids are next. If ‘nobody knows’ then you annihilate the whole population and destroy the home and hearth logistics upon which any insurgency is dependent for food, medical and shelter.

      While the logistics inherent to the any serious invasion of the U.S. are indeed considerable on the ‘kick them out and take over’ level of full blow invasion (not insurmountable but highly unlikely, given the relative population sizes vs. transport distances), it is actually fairly easy to choke someone’s maritime trade to the point where they cannot resupply distant bases and at that point a simple nuke or contagion attack shuts down major ports on the effected coasts and once again, you are down to TCP interdiction of specific traffic lanes (Cape Horn and Panama Canal) coming from the opposite Coast. That has the enormous benifit of at least -slowing down- any subsequent combat pulses.

      If you’ve read _The Hunt For Zero Point_ it looks increasingly likely that the Germans had A-9/A-10 level ICBMs and may have even tested one shot into the middle of the atlantic. Hans Fricke, (sp.) the ‘electronics expert’ on U-234 who later helped Luis Alvarez with the implosion system on Fat Man was supposedly seen by one of the conning tower crew on U-234 chucking microfilm into the ocean with the comment that ‘There goes the Amerika Rocket’.

      Once it had been made clear that surrender was the chosen option and intercept by the USN was imminent.

      Again, these would not have been been war winning capabilities but they could have easily rendered the major East Coast cities into radioactive pits from which organized command of the country and sortying of assets to counter a serious U-Boat campaign to strangle the U.S. commercial traffic would have been made much harder.

      The truth being that, from late 1942 (just prior to the RAF major bombing of Peenemunde) until 1945, the official histories would have you believe that the Nazi war machine did nothing, once the V-2 productionization effort was complete. Yet Peenemunde included test stands for rockets in the 100 ton class and, thanks to the Bracero effort doing most of the construction at places like Los Alamos, Hanford and Oak Ridge, Franco had supplied Hitler with detailed summaries of the U.S. atomic effort from about mid 1943 onwards.

      While there may have been no plutonium effort, Germany led the world on Uranium separation technologies, across the board: Hertz’ gas diffusion, Clusius tube thermal diffusion, centrifuge and isotope sluice and the notorious ‘photochemical’ processes were all pioneered in Germany, some as early as the 1920s and yet, if you believe Grove’s _And Now It Can Be Told_, the only system extant within Germany was the idiot Heisenberg’s nuclear reactor experiment. This when Germany had ENORMOUS over duplication in every other (tank, plane, sub, gun) development effort. And it was known that the Americans were well on the way to nukes of their own.

      Not. Gonna. Happen. Not with Hitler having a 160 IQ.

      Indeed, there is further proof available in the cargo manifests of some of the last subs to leave Germany. With things like lithium, neon gas, beryllium, diamond dies, high frequency absorbers, core clamps and other materials that, if they were sent to the North Pole tomorrow, would have the IAEA booking tickets to go have a quiet talk with Santa.

      All these things were shipped on upwards of 20 U-Boats which we sank over half, some in such clumsy haste that we used /other submarines/ to achieve it, putting the Ultra Secret itself at risk.

      No. There is a whole other history of WWII which is hidden from the common man and likely always will be because it will paint a very dark picture of the U.S. atomic effort and the motives behind ending the war. Specifically, that Germany had the means to create third generation (boosted) nukes, may have had a couple of test blasts and _did no use them_, even on her own soil. The U.S. which should have known better (having launched the ‘Germany First’ campaign, specifically because of immigre` scientists worries about German leads in theoretical physics) didn’t catch it but did _USE IT_ to drop an implosion weapon on Japanese civilians who were on the verge of starvation and could have been waited out for the simple assurance of not hanging The Emperor.

      Which doesn’t change the basics.

      You don’t have to socially displace, annihilate or occupy an entire nation to defeat it. You just have to make the centers of gravity as political rule, manufacture and military staging impossible to utilize in continuing the war effort.

      This was well within Kammler’s ‘special weapons projekt’ capabilities and based on what Hitler sent the Japanese of that project’s best efforts, also likely the IJN’s Genzai Bakudan effort as well.

      The simple fact of the matter is that they did not choose to do so, as a function of starting too late and having no territorial protectorate to save at the last, was because Hitler at least -admired- the United States and Britain enough to want to emulate their positions as controllers of the Western World. Germany would have Russia and her old African colonies. Britain would be allowed to keep her maritime Empire and the U.S. would be given the Western Hemisphere to run as white held conservancies of strategic resources which could then be bartered for manufacturing or food goods.

      Since such a form of Socialism essentially wipes out the purpose of controlled resource capitalization by minority elites, he of course made eternal enemies of the likes of The City as Britain’s primary, Jewish run, financial district.

      And because he failed to see the difference between country, culture and control, he ended up fighting the entire Western World’s duped adult male populations. Who were all too eager for a rah-rah adventure after the economic nightmare of the 1930s.

      Maybe he wasn’t so smart after all.

      But Hitler’s destroyers also got the short end of the stick as rather more than what they had bargained for in the destruction of white control over the Western World.

      • Periapsis

        Reprisal killings only will create fanatics, who will kill the families of soldiers who murdered their families. If they simply killed snipers, and left the civilian population alone, they might succeed in defeating an insurgency. But murdering people’s families will ensure a insurgency will not only drag on for year after bloody year, it will often result in the defeat of the government that cut that army’s orders.

        • M&S

          Reprisal killings only will create fanatics, who will kill the families of soldiers who murdered their families if they could get to them.

          Nope. Not if noone is left alive to be offended.

          The Germans enacted a very successful invasion of the Balkans under Operation 25, essentially by maintaining a constant counter wheel that drew the enemy out into predictable defensive positions which they overran with airpower supporting tanks. Very fast, the ideal of maneuver warfare with maximum momentum making up for little time for operational deception.

          In this they were aided by Italian, Hungarian and Bulgarian troops which essentially formed a circle from which the assorted Yugoslav forces could not defeat in detail (because they didn’t know who was coming first…).

          With a coup de tat destroying Yugoslavia destroying what unity of forces there were, most of the national defense units were in fact still standing up when the surrender came.

          The Germans then used this state of partial mobilization to chased the disparate groups of resistance fighters (what would become known as ‘Partisans’) into the mountains where they immediately faced problems with other Ethnic groups, notably the Chetniks this rapidly became a threeway sectarian fight between Serbs, Chetniks and two different groups of Bosnia Muslims and the Germans let them ‘sort it out for themselves’ with only the odd 1-will-get-you-20 exemplary executions (1 officer assassinated = immediate roundup and roadside hanging of 20 random men from the village) as they held all the central territory and simply _did not allow_ the warring parties to return home to a logistical base of operations.

          This process was augmented by rapid search and destroy ops into high activity areas which essentially chose villages identitied by photo recce as near specific routes or centers of gravity and burned them to the ground.

          To keep what was by then Tito’s Army totally offbalance, trying to defend what they themselves lacked the motorized transport to reach.

          This process of “I control the center, feel free to slaughter each other for the outliers.” continued until 1943 when the loss of Africa and the prospects of a Southern Cutoff of German logistics into the Soviet Union through the Balkans and particularly up into Romania resulted in Fall Weiss (2) in which the Germans again pinned the Titos Forces and all but annihilated them (German force commanders were specifically prohibited from prosecuting their troops for ‘excessive harshness’).

          The Partisans were driven like sheep after a pair of essentially useless counter attacks, trapped with their backs to the Neretva river and with the Chetniks on one side and the Germans on the other. They blew the bridges, making it -seem- like they were going to try another breakout but then repaired them overnight and did a desperation hasty attack into the heart of the Chetnik lines before vanishing to the East of Bosnia-Hertzegovina in ‘The Battle Of The Wounded’ (blowing up the bridges for real).

          Again, the Germans were quite happy with this as Yugoslavia’s terrain essentially trapped Tito into ineffectuality for the rest of the war.

          In exchange for a 1,500 or so German losses, The Partisans lost 11,000+ with another 600+ executed and 2,500 civilians deported to transit camps, utterly unable to sustain themselves, much less a continuing war effort.

          So much for ‘Force 10 from Navarone’ eh?

          Much the same tactics could be used to describe the ongoing insurgency in the Polish-Byelorus-Ukraine region where the locals hated each other at least as much as they did the Germans and the latter got tired of desultory attacks and so simply created sterilization zones around the primary road and rail routes in which entire towns and villages were annihilated and/or evacuated, leaving anyone behind an automatic shoot-on-sight qualified target (starving as they were).

          I don’t make a moral comment here. I simply tell you that if you want to stop an insurgency in it’s tracks, you simply create a killzone of non-occupation from which all legitimate civilian inhabitants are displaced and thus destroy the home and hearth logistics which (willingly or otherwise) make guerilla war possible.

          Big, tough, know their stuff, warrior boys are still unable to wash their clothes, stitch their wounds, cook their meals or source a warm room without the females, kids and old people who become their labor force as much as recruitment pool.

          It’s always been that way because big, tough, know their stuff, warrior boys are so fixated on the tactics that they ignore the logistics of military warfare and ‘just assume’ that they will be able to rely upon those they can beg from or intimidate into becoming their chattel.

          The worst is Africa where whole villages are rolled, old men killed and women raped and mutilated before young boys are given a choice to kill their first man (a parent or relative) or die with them.

          But it is true the world over and always has been (Caesar and the Gauls, Alexander and the Kurds…). So long as you fight an enemy as discrete force elements, you will be desultorily ankle-bit to death. As soon as you make the whole of the population suffer for every little attack, they switch to being your friend or they end up dead.

          If you want to beat an insurgency, sterilize the land which it feeds off of.

          • Periapsis

            Then expect the survivors to hold a blood hatred against the aggressor, and to strike back viciously. The Jews did that to my ancestors in the 20’s and 30’s, only to be slaughtered during WW-II and continued terrorism for ten years after that. Sterilize the land? That won’t work unless the intent is to genocide entire people out of existence. Reprisals give guerillas and civilians too EVERY right to use any and all means to kill enemy troops morality be damned. Insurgents can counter that by being like a glob of grease, crack down in one area, they move elsewhere.

          • Germany was also defeated in Yugoslavia. In 1991 I fought in Croatia against the Chetniks. The HVO field first sergeant regarded me as criminally insane, and so did my federal judge a decade later. The Germans abandoned Yugoslavia. That pretend country actually liberated itself, and I completely understand why.

      • Reprisal killings only make a resistance movement fight harder.

        • M&S

          Only in the movies.

          • Which movies? I am interested in finding out which ones. This isn’t a problem. As much as I hate Hollywood, please name one. You’re not going to, because you can’t.

          • M&S

            Either of the two ‘Red Dawn’ films. ‘Defiance’. ‘Force 10 From Navarone’. ‘Conan’. ‘Return Of The Jedi’.

            Basically, any film where the enemy is ‘impossible odds!’ defeated by an underdog force using A-Team level tech base. (A possible exception here might be ‘Geronimo, An American Legend’ which at least had the honesty to count the costs of a guerilla war, from the losing side).

            Because society want’s to encourage people to participate in what makes them feel good. But at the same time, they want to root out those who -actually believe- in self worth as achievement of the impossible by letting them put themseves in a position where their pride makes them do something criminal which gets them crushed.

            I thought you knew? Every piece of drama ever made, from the Greek classical period onwards, is merely a social messaging construct by the overclasses (who pay for the billboard as production costs and display venues) to ‘teach’ the masses what they are allowed to think and how far they can take the memes they are given.

          • Wants, and not “want’s”. We don’t watch those movies.

      • Reprisal killings only produce more murderers. If someone hurt my mother over something I did, that one had better not lose the war.

        • M&S

          “If someone hurt my mother over something I did, that one had better not lose the war.”

          A noble contention sir.

          But it is the loss of your mother’s services to the community in which she will be missed by them. And it is in the loss of the community that you will find your ability to sustain your fielded warfighter strengths most greatly compromised.

          The biggest white male failure of honesty in acknowledging their personal, anachronistic, perspective bias is that they see holding onto these personal totems of protected sainthood as symbols by which their own atavistic natures can endure.

          Tender Gender divisions allows us to release the hunter. To go out and take from another all that they have that we may /profit/ from their loss and in striking first, eliminate their future threat to doing the same to us.

          It is what what we are built for and have been optimized to do, since the earliest Jagdverbands of our HG roots.

          But success in this role builds staticism as the ability to use a female slave gives you more pregnancy opportunities and allows the alpha female to work less in sustaining her own children which, together, supports a higher level of potential caloric gain which is responsive only to idealized home range positioning which is always going to be a higher signature condition which is always going to lead to more targeted predation by other idiots looking to bury a few corpses of their own and start their own (genetic) ‘tradition’.

          Women are always the utlimate beneficiary and victim of this condition because they are gradually given more and more resources with with to accomplish their fundamental ‘life engine’ genetic mission. But they are also constantly having those resources swept away from them by younger, stronger, tougher, males who either strike while you are randomly away doing the same thing. Or overwhelm you because you have gone settled and gotten soft.

          The Genes themselves thus remain strong but the ability to do anything -more than- the basics of hack and slash survivalism is limited by the initiating conditions by which disenfranchising one party leaves enough hungry males to cause a cascade effect, destabilizing whole regions.

          Anyone who comprehends this basic and fundamental ‘what goes around’ process can short circuit or accelerate it to the point where continued strife is impossible.

          Short Circuit = Isolation and lockdown, denial of resources through removal of access to the rebel contingent.

          Acceleration = death. So that the resources are lost to everyone. Which is fine if you are talking about industrial powers whose own population base is removed from the active theater.

          I find the latter in particular to be something most ‘guerilla’ mentalities just cannot comprehend.

          If you fight on your dirt, every loss is ultimately yours. Be it terrain access, population or societal infrastructure whose destruction you have to accept as a spoiling tactic to sour the conquest for the other side.


          What if that’s what they want anyway? What if, to cull the aggressive mentalities and colonize the remaining submissives, the other side simply lets you have your day and then wipes the board with your helpless and unprotectable home and hearth logistics?

          Do you _really_ think that anyone so uncaring as to fairness and sovereignty as to invade your homeland is suddenly going to say: “Okay, fair fight! You go off into the bush and 20 minutes from now, we’ll chase you!”

          No. You’re not stupid. Yet you are misconstruing the obvious: If they are in your territory and you are not in their’s, _you have already lost the war_.

          And it’s always the victor who gets to ultimately decide when to stop fighting.

    • Periapsis

      Add to that the fact they would be taking sniper fire, ambushes and IED’s wherever they went. Even if they did land invasion forces, it would be one costly invasion. Yamato warned his colleagues that any Japanese invasion of the U.S. would be met by “a rifle barrel from behind every blade of grass.” He was educated here, he knew better than most in Japan’s military that a well armed civilian population would make an invasion very costly.

      • John

        One more thing to add that both of us neglected to state. Back then, Americans were 90% white; most men back then had a sense of honor, patriotism and just plain more “balls” than you’ll find in this PC, sexually deviant, TV inculcated and brainwashed Hebrew poisoned culture that passes for “America” nowadays.

  • anony

    Ask the North Vietnamese what dedicated small arms can do to a super power.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Vietnam could have never won any war if not for the communists within the US government undermining US efforts. That means Henry Kissinger. US supplied Soviet states with food and material which they then sent to Vietnam. US refused to sink and Eastern European or Soviet ship in Vietnam waters. The ships were unloaded of their food and weapons which were then used to kill Americans. The Vietnam War could have been won by the US in less than 3 months.


  • John

    No comments necessary….

  • Havin Nunavit

    I can’t help but to notice that it does not appear as if any of these people are starving. I’m surprised the boat could carry that much, eh, stuff.

  • It couldn’t have been done, not because of armed citizens, but because Japan did not have the logistical strength to supply an army all the way across the Pacific.

  • obot

    Looks like more children from Central America to me

  • none of your business

    Doesn’t the military call this kind of thing probing, dry run, preparation for the real thing?

  • none of your business

    Bossman Puggg • 2 days ago
    “If the Germans had won the war, they had plans to give the western half of North America to the Japanese.”

    Not true. There were plans to divide Mexico between Germany and Japan. For more than a decade Japan had en train plans to develop important harbors in Baja California.
    Germany had no plans whatsoever to conquer the United States. Germany wanted Europe including the Soviet Empire.

    Neither did Japan have any plans to conquer the United States. What Japan wanted was an Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere; prosperity for the Japanese and looting and slave labor for the rest. Japan could not conquer Asia while much of it was under European Colonial rule
    and America held the Phillippines and other islands. That was why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and conquered the Phillippines, to get America out of the way so Japan could get on with their project of conquering Asia. Japan also had plans to grab some of India by invading through Burma.

    But the US and Canada? Wasn’t even considered.

  • none of your business

    Governor Moonbeam just appointed another mexican anti White commie racist to the state supreme court.

  • none of your business

    Bossman the entire southwest could become low,lower and lowest class hispanic but mexico can never, never become an important country because the elites are too corrupt, selfish and dis functional to do anything but loot their own country and exploit their workers. As for Brazil, all it has is its size.

  • none of your business

    America, like China is just too big to be conquered by a small nation like Japan. Think how many troops were needed to keep the populations of the conquered nations somewhat subdued. Plus although Japan occupied some Chinese cities most of their troops were held down in China with a much bigger population than America.

    Is Bossman the new engleman? At least he posts about numerous topics unlike engleman who has only 2 opinions; all asians are smarter than Whites despite that fact many asian nations have average IQs in the 80’s and 90’s and San Jose Ca was a crime ridden black
    slum until Vietnamese restaurants transformed it to the lovely city it is today.

  • none of your business

    They probably called 800 numbers last month and already have jobs arranged with Farmer John, Foster Farms (pork and chickens) Kern County corp, Newhall corp Denny’s, IHOP, and construction contractors. Hiring people who have never seen a flush toilet or running water to install plumbing never held a contractor back.
    Others will be picked up by buses heading straight for their jobs on ranches and farms in the Coachella valley.

  • none of your business

    David Ashton we have a worse problem than the UK because of economics. Even the most racist English anti White elites know that the blacks are just welfare parasites and the muslims either welfare parasites or crooked businessmen whose businesses are just fronts from drug dealing, prostitution, fraud and other crimes.

    Our hispanic immigrants are welfare parasites as well as crowding blacks out of the prisons. But in addition to being on welfare, they provide cheap, cheaper and cheapest labor thus destroying private sector labor unions and every advance American workers have gained since 1900. Hispanics also bring their minor children to the factories as “helpers” or unpaid workers. This was a major scandal in the early industrial revolution but White workers managed to ban the practice after a few hundred years of class warfare.

    Then there are the completely underground industries such as clothing manufacture which is just about completely staffed by asian and hispanic cheap labor. When the clothing factory is in a garage it is impossible for government labor departments to regulate. In some states food from planting, birth or hatching to harvest,slaughter, processing to wholesale to retail and restaurants at every level is total 100 percent hispanic mostly illegals. Food is of course one of the major and most important industries.

    Even in 90 percent White towns in California the supermarket clerks are all hispanic or asian or phillippino. Even the most expensive restaurants are eliminating White waiters with runners or waiter’s assistants. The deal is a White waiter takes the order, chats and comes back a few times to check if they need anything. But non English speaking illegals do the rest they bring the food and drink, clear the tables etc. So a restaurant that had 15 waiters can now get away with 5 White waiters and 10 illegal hispanic runners.
    They still keep White bartenders mostly men because bar drinkers like to chat.

  • none of your business

    David Ashton as long as we are discussing common problems did you see the news tat the most common name for UK Drs. is Khan,second Patel, then English names with the exception of number 9,Ali.
    Article goes on to say that many cannot speak or understand English. Furthermore many have bogus degrees from india and pakistan and used professional paid test takers to obtain their UK credentials.

    • sulbernick

      The wonderful NHS. Actually, when it was a service bought and paid for by English, Irish, Scots, Welsh, and Ulster people for English, Irish, Scots, Welsh, and Ulster people, it was a wonderful institution. But in the 1960’s it was taken over by the liberal/socialist/globalist cabal and although it’s name remained the same, the National Health Service, it became effectively the International Health Service operating according to equal opportunities, multiracial, multicultural dogma. Hence its steady decline as it comes to resemble its growing clientelle – the Third World.

  • none of your business

    Bossman Luca • 2 days ago
    “Well then, you folks should stop calling them “squat monsters” because that is dishonest and a lie.”

    Ever seen a mayan? 3 ft across, not around, the shoulders and pelvis less than 5ft high and 70 inch waists. Faces are a huge sweet potato between 2 enormous melons.
    I forget, you once spent a day in downtown Los Angeles and are an expert on hispanic indio appearance.

    I prefer bowling ball on stumps to squat monsters.

  • none of your business

    Los Angeles Times ^ | August 30, 2014 11:45pm | Chris Kirkam
    California’s economic recovery has featured a growing share of lower-wage jobs, raising concerns about the opportunities for middle-class workers hit hard by the Great Recession, a new analysis finds. The California Budget Project, a nonprofit economic research group, analyzed decades of state labor data to find that low- and middle-wage workers have seen significant pay declines over the last decade. Local and state government jobs — traditionally a reliable source of middle-class employment — have been particularly slow to recover. -snip- Looking ahead, low-wage jobs are forecast to be one of the fastest-growing segments of the workforce.

    Gee, I wonder why wages are declining. Could it be the fact that more low wage workers are imported every year?

  • sulbernick

    What does this say about America? Or rather the US, because it seems to me (from afar) that America becomes less American by the hour. Storming the beaches! The audacity of it! America/the US, you are suffering the European disease: Open borders. Cross the line and you’re in. It bodes not well my friends.

  • wattyler23

    Some of you are out of date with your thinking, countries in the past were conquered by force of arms as witnessed by the last World Wars,they were costly in men and material,the outcome was always uncertain. Wars today are won by conquering the mind of man=BRAIN WASHING. Brain Washing has always been an art of the Asians. Japanese/Chinese were masters of the technique the Chinese still are. Do some of you remember years ago huge political rallies in China where hundreds of thousands/ millions of them marched waving their little Red book in front of Chairman Mao, all in ecstatic reverence, all ready to follow the eternal leader where ever his gaze would take them. Read 1984 and you will be on the road to the truth of the matter. The ruling cliques of the Western Word are of that mindset, they owe their allegiance to far off Desert lands.

  • kenfrombayside

    The reason for this invasion is simple: most Americans remain silent, don’t vote, and spend a disproportionate amount of time engaged doing nothing, like watching NFL football. Contact your US Rep and 2 Senators; get to the polls to vote against the traitorous demRATS; return fundraising letters saying you will not give until the border is sealed and our unique Anglo heritage saved; prepare your meals and do your own gardening; and join real immigration reform groups such as FAIR. Our enemies are at war with us, and we have to fight back.

    • Jo

      Few on Amren think what you suggest is worthwhile, but I agree with you.

  • Jo

    George Washington lost six battles out of nine. I’d say quite a few might have called him unrealistic for thinking he could win.