Family of Man Fatally Shot by Salt Lake City Police Want Justice

KUTV (Salt Lake City), August 12, 2014

A day after Salt Lake City police shot and killed a man whose family claim he was unarmed, questions about the shooting remain unanswered.

South Salt Lake police are investigating the shooting because it occurred within the city, but near the border with Salt Lake City. Officers have not yet said whether they recovered a weapon at the scene.

“They’re here to protect and serve. More like shoot and kill,” said Jerrail Taylor, Dillon Taylor’s older brother. “Anybody in this house or anybody on the streets, if we kill someone, we’re doing 25 years to life in prison. I’d like this cop to lose his job and do the same amount of time like a regular human being.”

Dillon Taylor, 20, who is from Salt Lake, was exiting 7-Eleven with his brother and cousin, Adam Thayne, around 7 p.m. on Monday, when Salt Lake City police arrived, responding to a report of a man waving a gun in the area.

The officers ordered the men to the ground. Two of them complied, but Dillon, who police say matched the suspect’s description, did not go down.

“It came in as a 911 call that there was a man with a gun,” said South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Darrin Sweeten. “He was verbally challenged and ultimately was shot.”


Dillon’s brother and cousin claim they were on their way to visit his parents’ graves and that Dillon was surprised by the police presence. He was not aggressive, they said.

“He had headphones in, and he couldn’t hear [anything], and then they finally surrounded him,” Jerrail said. “They’re like, ‘Get on the ground,’ and [he] pulled up his pants and [they] shot him.”

Thayne believes police might have thought his cousin was reaching for a gun when, in reality, he grabbed his cell phone.


A witness’s video shows police yelling for the two men to remain on the ground as Thayne repeatedly screams that they have shot his cousin.


Family said Dillon had had struggles throughout his teenage and adult life, including a criminal past, after losing his parents at the age of 12.

They hope to remember him as a loyal friend and devoted father-to-be. His girlfriend is just a couple months pregnant, Jerrail said.


[Editor’s Note: This story indicates that the officer who shot Dillon Taylor is “not white.”]


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  • MekongDelta69

    Do you see the word black or brown in this article (as usual)?

    Nah – me neither…

    • Pro_Whitey

      I understand the cop is “other than white”. I wonder if he’s a Pacific Islander, seems to be the preference of the Mormons.

  • IstvanIN

    The cop murdered this kid and should receive a minimum life imprisonment.

  • Jefferson

    A Black police officer killing an unarmed White man does not anger most White people, because Whites are not a racially tribalistic group.

    Meanwhile if a White person even looks at a Black person the wrong way, the Black community is ready to Chimp Out.

  • The “not white” cop is probably Mexican, given the demographics of SLC. The white youth shot dead looks like a w*gger and has a criminal record. If whites are going to take a stand against PoliceState USA, this may not be the best case to push.

    I’m still haunted by a picture i saw in an old copy of probably Life magazine. A white cop had shot dead a white Tulane University student during Mardi Gras in probably 1954. The student was wearing a clown’s outfit, blood all over the sidewalk, costumed revelers everywhere in the background. Very tragic, as I’m sure the boy had done nothing really bad.

    Trigger happy cops are a problem that will never go away.

    • Could also be Polynesian or Pacific Islander. Lots of those being imported into Utah as a result of Mormon missions in Pacific islands.

    • Veni Vidi Vici

      Agreed, but now these “trigger happy cops” have military grade hardware…

  • 4321realist

    I’m betting the cop was black and he was waiting such an opportunity to “Get justice for Michael.” (And Trayvon too, because he still is in a rage over that.)

    These primitive savages are a vicious, stupid enemy within who pose a greater threat than the jihadists or any other outside threat.

    But, oh, how naïve, so many honkeys still are.

  • MBlanc46

    I guess I’m sorry that the guy got shot. Maybe there were real problems in communication. But apparently the guy kept not doing what the cops ordered him to do. Some cops are @$$h013s, no doubt about it. But they do have the legal authority to command your behavior and the legal authority to use lethal force in some cases where you don’t. I don’t expect blacks, with their IQ and impulse-control deficits, to grasp this, but mentally-competent whites should know better.

  • Conrad

    Here’s a tip for ya. When the police point a gun at you & tell you get on the ground. Do not reach for … anything!
    Before you say too much, wait for the investigation.

    • DaveMed

      He was probably not the sharpest tool in the shed.

      But a sad story, nonetheless.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This important story was in all the major media, I’m sure everyone saw it — part D, page 15 in the bottom left-hand corner, just as plain as day.

    This means there is a WAR on our innocent, unarmed White children by racist, black PO-lice out hunting down our children for sport.

    Justice for Dillon!! Justice for Dillion!!

    I’m heading over to Fry’s

    I need a new 70” TV, a smart watch, and a new all-in-one printer – without paying, of course – in the name of social justice.

    • Some Guy

      negro logic

      • The city public library in Ferguson…not a scratch.

      • Nancy

        HA! Funny…I just made a bumper sticker of that last one.

        • Nancy

          I also made this one:


          • Veni Vidi Vici

            I would have choose “reading” but I still like it….

  • Paleoconn

    I think the cop might have been a bit too trigger happy. He should be charged. The kid was dumb to reach for his pants or cellphone or whatever, but how quick a draw did this cop think the kid possessed? A cop with low skills and poor judgment ends up doing something like this.

    • ncpride

      Google Bobby Canipe and watch that video. Elderly White man shot by a black cop as the old man was reaching for his cane. He fired 6 shots hitting him in the stomach, and the old man hadn’t even broken the cops face. Imagine that.

      • Paleoconn

        Never heard of it. No surprise the msm hid this from us. Thanks for the info

  • LHathaway

    Just think, those two could attend university at Salt Lake City, where they would be taught that middle class and even wealthy black American grand children of affirmative action beneficiaries are all oppressed, and that him and his brother are both unquestionably privileged. They would need to show evident they know this in order to get a good grade. They’d likely even believe it. Objecting to any measure of this ideology might get them kicked out of school – certainly condemned.

  • I’m all for white racial solidarity, and hate being the voice of reason, but I think we may be jumping the gun a bit on this. He was ordered to the ground, I’d guess the cop was basically screaming at him after he didn’t immediately comply, the cop was called to the scene because someone was reportedly waving a gun around, and after SEEING the officer/s with guns drawn, the kid reaches into his pants?

    Come on guys… we’re better than them, aren’t we?

  • Pat Washington

    The police have been militarized, and are trained to shoot to kill first, then ask questions later.

    So as far as protesters go, I think on this there is a point.

    Of course the government loves bringing in as many criminals and foreigners to create the chaotic environment where this kind of heavy hand is needed and accepted by the law abiding citizens.

    But common sense dictates that if you are in a situation like this, where cops have their guns drawn on you, get your hands up in the air very high, do not act aggressive or threatening, and obey instructions.

    Good idea, don’t walk around with headphones blasting. It could cost you your life – from many things.