Beaten to Death at McDonald’s

David Paulin, American Thinker, August 21, 2014

To the four clean-cut college freshman out on a double date, it had seemed like a typical McDonald’s: spanking clean, well-lighted, and safe. It was in a good neighborhood too, right next to Texas A&M University in College Station–a campus known for its friendly atmosphere and official down-home greeting: “howdy.”

Shortly after 2 A.M. that Sunday, they pulled into the parking lot of so-called “University McDonald’s” and beheld a scene unlike anything portrayed in all those wholesome McDonald’s television commercials. Before them, hundreds of young black males were loitering about, some without shirts.

Other local residents–the more cynical and world-weary, both whites and most blacks–would have taken one look at the crowd and driven off, dismissing many of the young and posturing black males as thugs. But not them: innocent white kids from the suburbs. They presumed this was post-racial America–and that they were in an easy-going college town.

Twenty minutes later, two of them were dead.

Incredibly, the race of the assailants was scrubbed from local news coverage; and utterly missing from tersely written wire-service stories about a Brazos County jury’s whopping $27 million negligence verdict on July 30 against “University McDonald’s”–an outlet owned by the Oak Brook, Illinois-based fast-food giant. What the media considered unmentionable nevertheless loomed over a riveting seven-day trial, which came amid the growing phenomenon of black-on-white violence–unprovoked attacks on whites and black mob violence like the so-called “knock-out game.”

Chris Hamilton, lead lawyer of the small Dallas firm that humbled the corporate giant, was asked, during a phone interview, how many reporters had even bothered to inquire about the race of the assailants during the many interviews he gave.

“You’re the only one,” he replied.

Race, of course, was irrelevant to the high-stakes negligence trial that revolved around McDonald’s lack of on-site security and corporate responsibility. Yet shortly before the trial, Hamilton hinted at the issue of race–suggesting that two very different worlds were colliding at University McDonald’s during its after-midnight hours–a mix that was potentially volatile. The upcoming trial, he told a local television reporter, was not only about seeking justice for his clients but about the public’s need “to know what’s really going on at McDonald’s: what the risks are; what the dangers are of sending your kids there, particularly after midnight.”

His extensive pretrial investigation–numerous depositions, pathology reports, and an in-depth analysis of police records–told a story that was heartbreaking and infuriating, and that until the trial had remained largely out of pubic view as the case was handled by College Station Police, Brazos County District Attorney Jarvis Parsons, and an asleep-at-the-wheel news media.

Apart from legal arguments over alleged corporate negligence, the high-profile trial offered a shocking view of how a thuggish black subculture flourished at University McDonald’s. The blame could be laid squarely upon McDonald’s black managers, and on the failure of higher-ups in McDonald’s to ensure patrons, both black and white, were safe during late-night hours–an increasingly lucrative market for the fast-food giant.

Beaten to Death

For the two young couples, the evening had started at a country-western concert at “Hurricane Harry’s” in College Station’s entertainment district; and afterward, just after 2 a.m. on Sunday, February 18, 2012–a quick trip to nearby “University McDonald’s” as it’s widely known.

Parking his Toyota 4Runner, Denton James Ward, age 18, stepped down from the big SUV with Tanner Giesen, then 19 years old. The two friends from Flower Mound, an affluent Dallas suburb, headed to the McDonald’s bathroom; Ward wore his cowboy hat. The girls, Lauren Bailey Crisp and Samantha Bean, both 19, took the SUV to the drive-through.

Denton Ward and Lauren Bailey

Denton Ward and Lauren Bailey

Both inside and out, University McDonald’s was bustling. But it definitely wasn’t the usual daytime crowd –– clean-cut and mostly white “Aggies” as A&M’s students are known. Instead, up to 400 black males were loitering about the parking lot, a police officer later estimated. Inside, it was mostly a black crowd too: a large number of black males were loitering about, many without food. Some were shirtless.

This was the usual after-midnight crowd on Saturdays and Sundays at the 24-hour McDonald’s. And unbeknownst to the two couples–and many in College Station–this McDonald’s was a major late-night trouble spot.

Police were constantly responding to late-night fights, assaults, and disturbances among huge crowds that were mostly black–a problem one top police official called a “drain on resources.” Most of the reported incidents, some 200 in the three years preceding Ward and Crisp’s deaths, involved black-on-black violence by gang bangers and, according to one police officer, members of black college fraternities. One police report described an unidentified man’s head getting bashed against a curb. White patrons appeared to be especially susceptible and at risk–and when they were attacked, the blows were particularly vicious. The hours of 2-to-3 A.M. on Saturdays and Sundays were especially volatile, with at least a dozen fights and assaults reported during those hours in the year preceding these deaths.

For Ward and Giesen, the trouble started seconds after exiting McDonald’s front door. “You’re in the wrong neck of the woods, cowboys,” Giesen recalled a young black male saying.

Unwittingly, they’d blundered into a highly-charged situation. Shortly before they’d arrived, two black males had gotten into a loud argument inside the restaurant. A gun was brandished. But manager Lindsey Ives, a black woman, didn’t call the police. She told the men to take their dispute outside.

In an instant, a bloodthirsty mob was upon them.

A fist slammed into Giesen’s face. Ward tried to break-up the altercation, according to trial testimony. Instead, he suffered a brutal mob stomping lasting several minutes. Some 20 young black males closed in–mercilessly kicking and punching his head and body and even jumping on him after he fell to the ground, witnesses said. Giesen was knocked unconscious.

An athletic young man–5-foot-6 and 163 pounds–Ward had a handsome face framed by a mop of rusty brown hair. But after the beating, one witness–a retired U.S. Marine and one of a few white customers–said Ward’s face was “really messed up”; was “broken” and “mushy” and “just did not look natural.”

Bean and Crisp, both 19, rounded the corner of the drive-through to see the mob stomping. The horrified and frightened young women jumped out of the SUV screaming for it to stop. Crisp, Ward’s girlfriend, even rushed into the melee, according to trial testimony. Blood poured from Ward’s face. Some nearby good-Samaritans, including a few black females, helped the frantic teens lift their dates into the 4Runner’s back seat; Ward was unable to speak or walk. Danisha Stern, a trial witness, then told them to “get out of there . . . it’s not safe.”

Immediately, the terrified girls took that advice–rather than waiting for police. Bean, Giesen’s date, took the wheel with Crisp occupying the front passenger seat. Speeding away, Bean made a frantic across-town dash for an emergency room. She worried somebody from the McDonald’s mob might follow and run her off the road.

Ward was drifting in and out of consciousness. Blood was everywhere. Fearing he was slipping away, Crisp frantically climbed into the back seat, kneeling on the floorboard to do what she could–pushing him back into his seat when he slumped forward. They had been dating three months. The girls were “freaking out,” Giesen recalled. “I remember lots of screaming and yelling going on.”

Then–about 10 minutes after speeding away from University McDonald’s–Bean ran a red light. The 4Runner was hit broadside by a Chevy Silverado pick-up, and then spun violently and crashed into a light pole. Ward and Crisp were pronounced dead at the scene; Bean and the Silverado’s five occupants were uninjured. Police initially thought Ward and Crisp had died in the crash, and they had considered charging Bean. But pathologists at the negligence trial, both for the plaintiffs and McDonald’s, agreed Ward was beaten to death–the fatal kicks and punches delivered to the lower back of his head and chin.

The mob at McDonald’s grew into a frenzy after the couples fled. A police officer arriving at the scene, five minutes later, grabbed his AR-15 assault rifle when he stepped out of his patrol car, fearing he was amid a full-blown riot. It was, he recalled, like “scenes that we have seen multiple times at that McDonald’s.”

Crisp, a dark-haired beauty from Dripping Springs, a suburb of Austin, wanted to be a nurse. She was a biology major at Blinn College as was Bean, a resident of College Station. Ward, also a student at the junior college, was set to transfer to Texas A&M the next year to study industrial engineering. He had an all-American background in high school: letters in football and baseball; Little League umpire; and a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He and Crisp were from large families.

Giesen was briefly treated at an emergency room; his abdomen bore a boot print. He now suffers bouts of amnesia due to brain trauma.

In College Station, nobody dared to ask if a “hate crime” had possibly occurred. But Stern, the black good-Samaritan, testified that the black mob had piled on Ward in part because he was white; or as she explained: “He was trying to save his friend or stop the attacks…targeted at his friend. And he was a white male so I guess any–anything that was–anybody that was not helping the fight, like, adding to the injury or whatever, was seen as an opponent or something, you know.”

Police made only one arrest, charging Marcus Jamal Jones–known to friends as “Plucky”–in the mob attack. Without outdoor security cameras and uncooperative witnesses, it was no doubt hard to make a case. Last March, Plucky pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and served a 90-day jail sentence.

Minutes after the mob attack, the 6-foot-2 Plucky entered the McDonald’s without a shirt. “We was fight’en,” he was heard to say. Earlier in the evening, he’d said he was looking for a fight, witnesses reported.

Playing the race card

It was Plucky who introduced the word “nigg-r” into the case. After his arrest, he told police that seconds before Ward and Giesen were attacked, somebody had said “nigg-r.” But he admitted he didn’t know who’d uttered the epithet, or even if the person was black or white. During the trial, he changed his story, claiming Giesen had uttered the epithet. But Giesen denied using a racial slur and identified Plucky as the person who’d remarked, “You’re in the wrong neck of the woods, cowboys.”

Interestingly, Plucky got a job with a McDonald’s supplier, Mid-South Baking Company in Byran, Texas, three months before the trial–and before his epiphany that Giesen was the person who’d said “nigg-r.”

Why was University McDonald’s so popular among black gang bangers and black fraternity members? Carlos Butler, the outlet’s black general manager, could take credit for that. An aspiring hip-hop artist, he hosted large hip-hop concerts attracting some 1,500 people–and after those events many of the black hip-hoppers headed to University McDonald’s.

Interestingly, Butler told a police detective he always had “a lot of security” at his hip-hop events.

Yet at University McDonald’s, Butler had no off-duty police officer providing security–even on nights that the hip-hop and gangsta crowd showed up in large numbers.

Cost for an off-duty cop–a mere $100. Police had told Butler such a late-night security measure, in use at other nearby 24-hour outlets, could stop trouble before it started.

The all-white jury–eight women and four men–took only four hours to render their $27 million judgment: $16 million for Ward’s parents; $11 million for Crisp’s.

According to a recent article in The Eagle, a daily paper in College Station, the problems at University McDonald’s persist. Lawyers for McDonald’s have vowed to appeal. They are sticking to their argument that poor choices made by the two couples–namely their underage drinking and Bean’s reckless driving–were responsible for Ward and Bean’s deaths. McDonald’s definitely took the negligence case seriously, though. During opening arguments, it had 12 lawyers at the defense table. Hamilton handled the contingency-fee case with two associates–nearly 40 percent of the legal talent in a firm of eight lawyers. “They tried to bury us in paperwork and money,” he remarked.

Parents and relatives of Ward and Crisp attended the trial, but on Hamilton’s advice sat outside the courtroom except when testifying about how the deaths of their children had affected them. They are not giving interviews. Hamilton, however, said they felt vindicated that the jury had rejected the blame-the-victim strategy of McDonald’s lawyers. Marshall Rosenberg, lead lawyer for McDonald’s, did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment.

The media’s handling of this case was no surprise: political correctness rules in America’s newsrooms. But imagine a hypothetical crime: two clean-cut black couples go into University McDonald’s during the daytime–and are viciously attacked by a mob of whites. An international media circus undoubtedly would erupt. Big-time journalists from all over the world would descend on College Station to deal with the deplorable state of America’s race relations caused by bigoted whites. President Obama would weigh in with a few comments about America’s racial sins; and Attorney General Eric Holder–just as with the Ferguson disturbances–would travel to College Station, where Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be leading protest marches.

But the narrative they’re promoting is false.

It obscures where most of the hate is coming from. Crime statistics have long reveled the real problem: high levels of black-on-black violence, followed by black-on-white violence, and mob attacks–and the latter two phenomena have been on the increase at an alarming rate, underscoring deep pathologies in a growing black-thug subculture–even as liberals in the mainstream media and Washington are unwilling to acknowledge this fact.

The late Ray Kroc, the legendary McDonald’s entrepreneur and CEO, must be rolling over in his grave over what’s happening. The hood has expanded its turf in the America he loved–and now even hangs out under the Golden Arches.

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  • Alexandra1973

    Four HUNDRED blacks!? I wouldn’t have bothered to go in there if it was only FOUR!

    365 Black indeed…way to to McDonald’s!

    • APaige

      Usually a White person surrounded by that many Blacks is a prison guard.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Or a fat white woman.

    • To each his own, but McDonald’s has become so blatantly PRO-Black that no race-conscious white person in my opinion should ever do business with them.

      • Alexandra1973

        It’s far cheaper to make your own meals anyway.

        • OEFVET

          Very true. Cooking is becoming a lost art like making your own clothes or growing your own vegetables. I’m not saying we should go back to living off the land but it seems sometimes like people are becoming too dependent on fast food and frozen pizza etc. Cooking is healthier and not nearly as hard as it looks on shows like hells kitchen or kitchen nightmares.

          • Alexandra1973

            Right now the apartment complex I’m living in is being rehabbed, but I hear we can have gardens out in back, behind our apartments. So that may be something I can look into.

            I also know how to knit and crochet.


            “it seems sometimes like people are becoming too dependent on fast food and frozen pizza” – Yup, and that’s why damn near half of America’s population is over weight, and the vast majority of them are not just a little over weight, but obese! “America, for Christ sake ya fat bastard, lose some weight already will ya!”

          • DonReynolds

            If we survive, it will only be because we have figured out how to live off the land.
            Learn how and someday, you will be glad you can remember some of it.

      • Nonhumans

        Havent given them ANY business in 6+ years. 365 Black is the exact reason!! Beyond that, their food (loose use of that term) isnt fit for rodents.

        • I’m sitting at almost 4 years now. As soon as I became aware of the 365 black website I immediately ceased being a customer there, and have often shown that website to people as a conversation starter. “I’ll bet I know something huge about McDonald’s you’ve never seen or heard of before”.

          It really is insane too, a lot of folks don’t realize 365 black exists, let alone how huge it is. They throw massive massive “ghetto only” concerts, shows, awards events, etc. Which aren’t televised or advertised through normal means, they’re completely under the radar, but if you’ve ever spent any time, for whatever reason, in a real ghetto, something like 85%+ black, you’ve likely seen fliers or 365black ads on the side of delivery trucks. It’s some of the most insidious and targeted marketing I’ve ever seen, and it’s been going on for years.

      • adplatt126

        And that should be the philosophy whites takes towards all anti-white companies: Barnes and Noble, McDonald’s, the NBA, the NFL, FIFA, Starbucks, etc. Unless they say at the very least, we do not want diversity, we want talent, I won’t do business with them. Anyone who lauds diversity is an enemy. Because I know what they really mean— whites not wanted.

  • MekongDelta69

    I read this yesterday in a few places.

    Look – It’s been going on for 50 years and it’s never going to end.

    • Periapsis

      Not until whites take action, even if that requires whites firing upon these thugs and using other brutal and forceful means to return the favor. In a saner era, those thugs would have been shot and beaten senseless with night sticks, and all of the surviving attackers would get life behind bars or even death. The fact one thug only served three months shows beyond a doubt that whites have NO civil rights, their lives mean nothing, and the government is our greatest enemy. Sooner than later we are going to have to resort to armed revolution, secession, even genocide to survive in their own homelands. I have personally seen mobs of blacks milling about in my city, I would leave the area immediately, and or use my car as a weapon to get out of harm’s way.

    • DonReynolds

      Yes it will…..but it won’t be because of politics.

  • LiberalismFailed

    There will be no justice for Denton. No visit from the Civil Rights Division and Eric Holder. No one in the mainstream media will draw attention to the numerous black on white crime. There will be no blaming of black society. The president will not hold a press conference. A white person was lynched by black males, but all we hear about is how misunderstood and oppressed they are. If someone needs to know why black males are treated by police the way they are, look no further than this McDonalds.

    • Alexandra1973

      Personally I blame those kids’ deaths on the doped-up liberals that push this equality nonsense.

      I say kids because I’m old enough to have been their mother.

      • Truthseeker

        These two comments sum up this entire story for me. Ultimately, this tragedy was caused by dishonesty about the true nature of Blacks, and will not serve as a lesson for our people because criticism of Blacks has been declared off-limits by the establishment. Spread this story to as many Whites as you can, because our people need a fresh dose of realism.

        • APaige

          And add this for the summary: “Most of the reported incidents, some 200 in the three years preceding Ward and Crisp’s deaths, involved black-on-black violence by gang bangers and, according to one police officer, members of black college fraternities.”

          • Alexandra1973

            That comes out to a little over 3 reports a week.

          • DonReynolds

            …..sometimes it rains, some days are too cold, some days the usual perps are home sick with the flu, ….

        • Nonhumans

          It’s tragic that these kids were never given the benefit of reading Derbyshire’s “The Talk”. They would likely still be alive.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            I was raised with the anti-talk. Trained out of instinct to be a good ambassador. I love both my parents and hold no grudges but man, did they very nearly do me very wrong.

        • Matt Turner

          I believe John Derbyshire wrote an essay that, had it been read by these young people, would have warned them of the … but; I dream on. In reality: the Derb was told to kick rocks down the road, and these young people were sorely misled by their parents and teachers.

      • E7 sharp 9

        Doped up Liberals? I think not. The devilish intelligence behind enabling black on white crime is patient, insidious, and wealthy beyond measure. Decades of print, television, and theater propaganda have and are doing the work of this satanic group even as white American G.I.s are dying for their demonic goals in the Middle East.

        • Pro_Whitey

          Spit it out and make yourself clear, although I think I get the gist.

          • E7 sharp 9

            Trying to keep it as oblique as possible Pro_Whitey, I was still censored. The blacks are being led down a path of destruction, being brainwashed into pursuing violence against whites. Blacks are pawns. We are pawns. American Renaissance is too afraid of the enemy to be truly effective.

        • Alexandra1973

          Both. The aforementioned doped-up liberals follow along.

          And I agree about the white American G.I.s. They’re fighting for someone else’s agenda (not Jews, that’s just a front), not for our safety. That’s pretty screwed up.

  • DaveMed

    “Before them, hundreds of young black males were loitering about, some without shirts.”

    I believe I can speak for anyone who gives credence to the study of statistics when I say that, if confronted with such a sight, I would turn on a dime and seek other surroundings.

    • Although I, and hopefully everyone here but Engelman and Brownman would do the same, it’s too easy to “blame the victim” here. These kids were literally the end result, the exact INTENDED outcome of all the years of “civil rights” and integration, combined with the careful manipulation of information by the media and others.

      They were beautiful white kids, the genetic future of our people, snuffed out by the dark cancer of Africans because they were told their entire lives that “they’re just like us” and not only told, but SHOWN by the few token blacks which were just far enough past their race’s IQ barrier to act civilized, like a parrot pretending to talk, emulating the successful, happy whites he saw around him.

      This is what’s supposed to happen. They lived with a pet tiger in the house, one that was raised from birth by humans (and defanged and declawed ) They then went into the jungle, and walked right into the middle of a pack of wild tigers, because hey, “stripey” never hurt anyone, so I’m sure these fellows are just like him!

      What they did by walking into that McDonald’s was clearly an idiotic decision to us. But equally clearly, they did not understand, and that was not their fault. They didn’t brainwash themselves.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Your last sentence is what I think every single time one of these stories is posted here. Thanks.

      • Matt Turner

        Well said.

    • evilsandmich

      I told both my kids that if you walk out of the mall and there’s a bunch of ‘darkies’ in the parking lot then go back in.

  • [Guest]

    Whites and blacks cannot live and function in the same vicinity, and the more blacks there are in any given place, the more that place resembles the cesspool that is Africa. There’s no excuse for anyone denying it.

    • Nonhumans

      No Excuse WHATSOEVER!! The blacks themselves describe the ghettos and neighborhoods that they are concentrated in as Warzones. What does that tell you?
      Our Politicians and, especially, the MSM are guilty of criminal negligence.

  • A sad story about lily-Whites being raised in a clean, safe lily-White environment.
    It took away their survival instincts and they were easy prey for feral youth.

    These “teens” were not the Cosby kids meeting Steve Urkel for a late-night snack over friendly banter.

    • Holden

      This is the problem of living in the Midwest. The city in which I live has almost no blacks (which makes it a great place to raise my children), but the kids here have no concept of what life is like outside of this “safe lily-White environment.” Like the animals of the Galapagos, they have no natural caution or defenses.

      I am showing this article to my wife to once again explain to her why I go on about these uncomfortable things, namely, awareness of racial realities can save our kids’ lives. I look at the photo of that young man (Ward), and I pin the blame of his death on a society that causes him to ignore reality. Just plain sad.

      • Nancy

        Exactly right, Holden. I just showed my husband the article as well, and told HIM to get it through my oldest daughter’s head before she leaves for college next year.

  • anony

    I read about McDonalds 365/black program a few years ago. I have gone hungry rather than spend a dime at that business.

  • And you wonder why Putin wants McDonalds out of Russia. After he’s done, I wish he would come here and drive McDonalds out of America.

    • SoulInvictus

      What, you don’t want to eat yoga mat foam and rotten chicken?

  • Ghost of Galton

    These are the same type of Whites who grow up thinking “they’re just like us.” No White with even a nanomodicum of racial awareness would have even STOPPED the car–they would have taken off at relativistic speeds upon seeing the Blackian Motion taking place. A damn shame they didn’t have parents who inculcated SOME trivial level of race realism in them; they would probably still be alive today.

    I imagine even the McDonalds locations in Africa itself are more civilized. Remember, Liberians–dysfunctional to the googolplex power–are African-Americans’ closest national cousins (both descendants of American slaves), so we Americans are really dealing with people who would have been today’s Liberians if they had followed their dusky brethren to Liberia some 180 years ago. Without the White infrastructure, American blacks revert to their base Liberian natures, as we’re seeing more and more every day.

    Who knew free labor was so damn expensive?

  • D.B. Cooper

    I live in freaking Houston, and didn’t even hear about this! What, WHAT WHAT the capital F made those two white morons (and they are/were morons) go to that McDonalds full of blacks when two white girls were with them?
    TWO of those white kids are still alive, and they paid a heavy price for learning THE LESSON:

    • kikz2

      they didn’t grow up around them………those of us who did.. know better.

    • SheilaTX

      I live in a north Dallas suburb not too far from Flower Mound (where these kids were from) and heard NOTHING about this until now. They took care to bury this deep. Parents who don’t teach their children race-realism are criminally negligent. Any White who spends a penny at McDonalds is a fool. Oh, sure, the one in “your” town is nice – NOT. It’s 365 Black and Whites need to stop supporting it. There’s little enough you can do legally against BRA – but even that, you all won’t do. PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

  • ncpride

    Poor, clueless White souls. Can’t say this enough here, folks. You MUST have ‘The Talk’ with your children. No doubt both of mine absolutely would have known better than to stop at this McDonalds, much less actually exit the vehicle. Warn them, warn them right this minute!

    • Alexandra1973

      I may have mentioned here that one time my son and I stopped at a McDonald’s in Medina, Ohio recently. While he was in the bathroom I looked around, saw like half a dozen blacks sitting in there…once he was done I said let’s go, we’re outta here. He asked why and I said because there are people here that you don’t want to be around, and left it at that. Keep in mind he’s mildly autistic.

      • Cid Campeador

        Good for you. Are we making our kids racist? Yes and it’s for their own good.

      • evilsandmich

        What were that many blacks doing in Medina? Perhaps taking a break from ruining their own neighborhoods further north…

        • Alexandra1973

          I did see a van there from New York, looked like one of those 12- or 15-passenger vans. Maybe that’s where they’re from.

          There was a white woman with them too…they all looked like they were dressed to go to a mosque.

          This McDonald’s is right off the freeway, too, on Route 18 at I-71.

    • Amen! Every white parent has a DUTY to have ‘The Talk’ with their children about the feral nature of blacks.

      • SoulInvictus

        Every white parent should be forced to read this story, preferably accompanied with footage of the event. Then have their eyes pried open Clockwork Orange style until a large print, bouncing ball sing-a-long version of the “Talk” sinks into their deluded skull.
        That’s brainwashing I could get behind.

    • JSS

      Young whites are trained to view their natural survival instincts as “racist”. Years of brainwashing in school and through popular culture ensured these Whites never had a chance. Two more sacrifices on the altar of equality. Integration is a crime against Whites.

      • ncpride

        Spot on. That’s why it’s up to we ‘racist’ White parents to be brutally honest to our kids about race. I’ll show this article to my son today, just as I show him all such related articles. Telling them is not enough…..they need to see and hear first hand these stories of brutality Whites have suffered at the hands of blacks. TELL them, parents! It will probably save their lives one day.

    • Cid Campeador

      I think that every White American should stop patronizing Mc Donalds. Anyone on the East Coast who drives south to Florida, make up sandwiches or other snacks and bring them along with beverages. Don’t leave I95 except to refuel. Never let your fuel level go below 1/4. Check out the demographics at the gas station and if they don’t look safe, get back on the road drive to another station. Keep your eyes open while refueling. (Most of the welcome centers are pretty nice and clean if anyone has to pee).
      Use your credit card rather then go into the building. Don’t stop for a nap in the rest areas at night. Many of them are full of either thuggish blacks or Charlie Manson “look alike” Whites. Sone of them are not patrolled.
      For overnight Go to a Quality Inn, Hampton Inn or Double Tree.

      If you’re a resident of any State from Jersey to Maine, don’t try to drive all the way through in one shot. After 12 hours of driving, you start to hallucinate. My drive is 19 hours. I tried the straight through twice. Not good.
      If you can carry a firearm do so. Just hope that you don’t get pulled over in either NJ or Maryland.

      • SoulInvictus

        “I think that every White American should stop patronizing McDonalds.”
        Anyone with a functioning brain should avoid the place like the plague it is. 5 minutes of research about what’s in their food (or has been up until exposure)should send you running. Pink slime, yoga mat foam, rotten chicken, it never ends.
        Sometimes I seriously wonder if McDonald’s has been turned into a targeted eugenics weapon against blacks (and whites stupid enough to eat there).

      • ncpride

        My son and I were out finishing up shopping for school things today, and since we got started so early, I knew he would be hungry before long. After having discussed this article and the tragic result, I asked him if he understood why we would never be eating at McDonalds again. He does understand, so we swung by Wendy’s. They’ll never get another dime from us, not that we eat out that much anyway. Much healthier and safer to cook at home, where you know who is preparing your food.

        • Cid Campeador

          And less expensive.
          Good for you for discussing it with you son. I assume that he’s of the age where he wouldn’t be traumatized by the details. I did the same thing; especially to my daughter.

    • Cid Campeador

      And evil, soulless Blacks.
      We are headed for another Civil War.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Wow, shows how badly whites need their own Media, makes you want to #### the sick F#cks on CNN.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I remember many years ago, I was out with some of my redneck friends who met up with other rednecks, and we all met up at a late night Whataburger. It had quite a few blacks nearby, but they were the ones who left the area when we showed up, and we weren’t unarmed either! We all drove up, got out, and made it VERY clear we weren’t afraid of them, and were ready if they wanted trouble. If you can’t avoid the ‘groid, at least be ready to defend yourself.

    • Now is the time for EVERY white man and woman to carry concealed at ALL times! I don’t care if it’s legal or not in your state, ALWAYS carry concealed because it’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

      Whites MUST begin to think differently now about their safety than they have in previous times. Times have indeed changed.

      • Whitetrashgang

        How those kids didn’t have a AK-47 with them is beyond me.I would not have even turned in the driveway.

      • SoulInvictus

        Yup, make them stalk wolves not sheep.
        Would take some time and high profile cases, but the lesson would eventually sink in. These people aren’t messing around, they know the deal now and you’re throwing dice as to whether even the little old lady is packing a .357 in that purse you’re eyeing.

    • Periapsis

      Yes, but also be prepared to be on the wrong end of a gun pointed at your face by a police officer, then defending yourself in court. THAT was my experience when I protected myself once. Be prepared to face the music for daring to defend yourself and your loved ones, one way or the other.

      • Nonhumans

        That is a tragedy in itself. Not only that you had to defend you/your familys’ life, but that you had to defend defending yourself.

  • If anyone reads this story and isn’t convinced we’re in an undeclared race war, then that person is too dense to live. This is proof. This is the smoking gun.

    In the 80s I taught for two years at A & M. Nice place, but the worship of black football players seems to drive the mentality of the students. I suspect that negro athlete worship is why no one attributes the motives to race in this case. Wouldn’t want the star fullback offended, now would we?

    I’m already boycotting McDonald’s over pink slime, chicken mcnuggets with no chicken, and 365 Black. Now, by all that is holy, I am going to think of some way to lay even more hurt on the slimeballs who took an American institution and turned it into a pile of excrement.

    We clearly need more than just billboards that say: Diversity = White Genocide. That’s too abstract. We need billboards across America promoting Derbyshire’s “The talk.” With pics of these teens on the billboards to make clear what we’re saying.

    It’s a war. We need our own Ministry of Propaganda.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Yes we need our own media,also funny to think that the dead cows they eat are more valuable then they ever will be.

    • “We need our own Ministry of Propaganda” – Amen! That statement is more true than any of us realize. We must start fighting back in wise and clever ways in order to get our message across to a mass of indoctrinated-since-birth whites.

      Our propaganda must grab the attention of low-information whites in ways they can understand and which will drive home our message at the same time.

      White propaganda should in some measure be a mandate for all race-conscious whites!

      • Whitetrashgang

        Yes, I get the problem if you mention the jewish or low IQ violence problem among blacks and browns you are a racist and will be marginalized , but at this point polite conversation has gotten us NOWHERE.NOWHERE.

        • Periapsis

          That is correct, and why I am politically incorrect and sometimes resort to very plain speech. If that makes liberals and darkies uncomfortable, they are going to have to suck it up. Whites are about to reach their collective breaking point, and will no longer care about being called “rayciss.”

    • How about anonymous style nighttime billboard takeovers? It would be expensive, but crime scene photos of some of the most grotesque white victims of this war, billboard sized, with the caption “there’s a war being fought against your people, and you aren’t allowed to know” then a URL to a good site listing the brutal crimes with details.

      People love to slow down when driving by a wreck, not to help, but looking for blood. So let’s give them blood, and show them where to look for more.

      Make it shocking enough and high visibility enough, and it WILL go viral, the media couldn’t resist the juicy story of evil white racists taking over billboards. I’d suggest maybe one of the apple billboards in NYC, they have some of the most high visibility, high traffic locations available, visible to thousands in the course of minutes.

      • anony

        Great idea. Find some good hackers!

  • Frank_DeScushin

    it was difficult to get through this article it was so infuriating. But do you know what infuriates me more? That for the past week plus I’ve had to listen to an endless stream of black rabble rousers saying stuff like “Stop killing us”, “Whites have no respect for black life”, and “There’s a genocide against black men!” (I was unaware that black men killing each other in epic numbers constituted a genocide.)

    Of course, the black female elected official who said there’s a genocide against black men meant it’s by whites, and Chris Matthews nodded along. It’s like living in a bizarro world.

    • Cid Campeador

      Perhaps is was just a Neuropathy but Matthews seems to have lost the “tingle” up his leg. He actually criticized BHO yesterday.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Blacks might have delivered the final blow, but political correctness killed these kids. Any white parent who truly loves their kids would have armed them with the knowledge that would have caused them to see a parking lot full of black men and turn around.

    • LHathaway

      Perhaps they didn’t think of it at all, but perhaps they felt they had to show they weren’t racist. They had to over come whatever feels may have arisen in this situation, for the good of society and the children, and probably for self-esteem of blacks there. Now at this point in time, by and large, white men are trained not to have feelings, to shove them down into a pit somewhere where they can be all but ignored, but it is possible some (certainly unidentified) was raised. If so, they knew what to do in this case. They were on guard, actually, and on alert for signs of what might be bigotry. They felt they had to take a stand.

      • I think you’re exactly right, but I also think that the guilt, and desire to “make a stand” and show they aren’t “racist” are all artificial. False feelings injected into them, forced on them, by this sick society we live in. Their “spidey sense” went off, and instead of listening to it and driving away, they actively went against their natural intuition to stay away from the wild animals, and walked right into their midst, because that’s what they were taught from birth.

        • Cid Campeador

          I totally agree. GODAMN Public education as it is today. They’re
          setting up OUR kids for the rape and/or the kill.
          I truly hope that if there IS a HELL that all those cheap bastard slave owners are burning there for all eternity.

      • evilsandmich

        The more I think about it the more that I think that they had to prove they weren’t racists, even though if there was a horde of 400 people young-uns of any race around a McDonalds at two in the morning I would have driven right off. Obviously, more so if the crowd is black, but I half think that if the crowd was a different race common sense might have gotten the better of their PC addled minds.

    • SoulInvictus

      And two simple words would have prevented the whole thing.
      Drive. Through.

      • evilsandmich

        Too many horror stories of blacks making food for whites, although to be fair, those blacks probably make it the same way for other black people.

        • SoulInvictus

          You don’t even want to know. I had an ex that was in fast food management for a long time. The cleanest story I can relate is when she discovered while working at a quasi-ghetto Wendy’s, that the grease (circulates through a system) hadn’t been changed in so long that the filters had disintegrated into it.
          Only hanging strips of bare wire remained.

  • NorthernWind

    If only they had received Derbyshire’s “talk”.

  • Pro_Whitey

    After this, Nathan Trapuzzano, the cops in Indianapolis and Gary gunned down, the toddler in Georgia shot in the head, and I could go on and on, and I’m supposed to care for some blossoming man-mountain thug shot by a policeman firing in desperate self-defense? I’ve go to start taking steps to minimize my income and make sure it is invested for the benefit of fellow whites, so as to minimize the taxes going to support the breeding of these scum. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    • Cid Campeador

      Poor little Antonio Santiago. These bastards were just like the ISIS monsters. Only s souless monster could shoot a baby in the face!!!
      When ISIS makes a move here as per their threat to do so, they have a whole population of useful idiots (Mau Mau) to assist them in slaughtering us.
      God knows how many of them are already living among us.

    • Nancy

      If you haven’t already, you need to incorporate yourself. Make all your income checks payable to the corporation rather than yourself personally, then make yourself the CEO. The tax rules are different: with personal income, the government takes their cut FIRST, then you get what’s left. But if you incorporate, the government can only tax what you have “left over” after you’ve paid all your bills and “employees”.

      I believe it’s outlined in the book “How To Disappear From the IRS” by Robert Carlson.

  • Pax Romana

    “Another causality in a nameless war, being brutally waged nationwide; where few mourn for the vanquished.”- Paul Kersey

    “Just another white person whose life came to a shocking, senseless, and violent end at the hands of a black individual, whose actions are ultimately protected from being too harshly judged because he belongs to a racial group whose collective failures are not to be noticed…”-Paul Kersey

    • Paleoconn

      Good comment, Pax as usual, but I think you meant casualty and not causality. Cheers

      • Pax Romana

        Fixed. Thanks.

  • Cid Campeador

    What angers me more is the sentence that “PLUCKY” got. Where the HELL are the vigilantes when we need them.
    NInety F—ing DAYS?????

  • Bandmoo

    Show on TruTV called “Bait Car”, all true, not staged, shows blacks in action. Need one called “Bait Cracker”, White undercover cops go into these “troubled areas” (code name for the obvious) and when attacked, these and other cops spring into action. Of course on video from 6 angles so none the usuall B/S “Theys bees good keeds and didn’t bees do nuffens”.

    • Nancy

      I LOVE that show, specifically because (unlike “Cops”), Bait Car doesn’t attempt to misrepresent the number of blacks/browns who steal cars versus whites.

      What’s really appalling, and makes me want to jump through the screen with an assault rifle, is when the cops drop a bait car in the ghetto of Chicago, and a veritable SWARM of blacks, mostly teens, are all over the car in a matter of minutes. Three minutes after the drop, the car is stripped of every single thing of value, and the “teens” are running around, shouting and laughing at their good fortune.

      Makes me sick.

      • Bandmoo

        Yep, just skin color is the difference. Yeah Right

  • gemjunior

    What is it going to take for whites to get serious enough to fight to take this country back and toss these losers out where they belong?

    • Cid Campeador

      YEs indeed. WHat IS it going to take? How many more murders, murders and rapes, beat downs before Whitey strikes back?
      When someone constantly tell you that he’s going to/ wants to kill you, you have to start believing him.

  • Periapsis

    I cannot believe those young whites even went into that McDonalds with hundreds of black thugs loitering about. If I had seen that, I would have stepped on the gas and found another place to eat, large groups of blacks have been at large in my city. To say I sensed an undercurrent of menace about them was an understatement. How they could not sense the menacing behavior emanating from these thugs baffles me. The fact only one thug served 90 days shows whites have no rights, no justice, and no protection before the law. Sooner or later, we will have to get justice by armed revolution, one way or another. The blacks are going to sooner than later find they’ve got a awakened, and enraged giant on their hands. That will be their undoing.

  • Conrad

    I have heard it said by some that in the old days, if police saw large numbers of blacks loitering someplace they didn’t ask anything, they just started shooting. Now we know why.

    • Alexandra1973

      Where’s a firehose when you need it?

  • Korean guy

    This proves anyone can murder anyone else, even without any weapons, if he or she chooses to

    Officer Wilson must have been well aware of that and must have felt his own life was truly threatened when Michael Brown was charging at him.

    I am staying in Quebec City near Laval University until the end of the year and there is a McDonald’s location in my neighborhood and most customers are seniors over the age of 60

    • kjh64

      Blacks are always screaming about racism but no White person would fear going into a McDonald’s with 400 Koreans outside and Koreans aren’t White.

      • SoulInvictus

        Nope, I’d still avoid it on general principle.
        Only way that kind of disparity feels moderately ok is when I’m somewhere where I’m at least a valued tourist dollar.

      • Cid Campeador

        Trust me, a Korean couple going into a McDonalds full of Mau May would be at the same level of risk as we would be. They hate Asians because they work, study and achieve; all three virtues of which the Mau Mau are barren.

  • kjh64

    I would NEVER go into a McDonald’s or anywhere where I saw a lot of thuggy Blacks loitering around. Never, never, never.

    • Adolf Verloc

      The other day I pulled into a Burger King on Westheimer in Houston and saw a bunch of young blacks inside. I pulled out again immediately. This was early afternoon on a busy street. Overreaction? Maybe, but one should never take chances with these folks. It’s too bad the victims hadn’t had John Derbyshire’s “The Talk.”

  • Ronald

    blame could be laid squarely upon McDonald’s black managers, and on the
    failure of higher-ups in McDonald’s to ensure patrons, both black and
    white, were safe…”

    I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but ever since a “Black” was appointed CEO of McDonalds, there seems to be more and more reports of violence at McDonalds restaurants. Perhaps the “young people” are feeling a sense of empowerment.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      I am surprised no one has yet commented on the tidbit from this story that the manager of this McDonald’s did nothing when a gun was brandished inside.

  • 400 yoots? sounds like the orcs at helms deep in LOTR.

    • Luca

      400 thugs sounds like a target rich environment.

    • SoulInvictus

      Tolkien was a prophet…

      “Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They have
      passed like rain on the mountains. Like wind in the meadows. The days
      have gone down in the West. Behind the hills, into shadow.
      How did it come to this…

      But then there is also…

      “So much death. What can men do against such reckless hate?
      Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.
      For death and glory.
      For Rohan. For your people.
      The Horn of Helm Hammerhand will sound in the deep, one last time!”

      • anony

        He was onto them. The Orcs were clearly representative of… .

        • SoulInvictus

          He really was. I saw a rare video that had been wiled away in someone’s personal collection for a long time. In it, Tolkien is speaking to a dinner gathering and lays out a little of his viewpoint and knowledge relating the symbolism he used in Middle Earth and the parallels with our world and the elites behind things.
          It’s really something (especially for a LotR fan) and worth looking up.
          I need to search and see if they ever finished restoration and released the full recording.
          If you do a youtube search for alex jones and Tolkien (the restorer was a guest on there), you’ll find it.

          • anony

            Thanks for that tip; I’ve been a big fan of JRR for a long time because from reading his works and watching the movies, I felt that we had the same racial/political views.

  • Magician

    The girl’s family gets $11M and the boy’s family gets $16M…..

    I hope that McDonald’s works hard find each and every person responsible the murder of those young people (They both were below 20) and make them pay at least half of the damage compensation awarded to the victims’ families

    But the sadness and mental scars that the victims’ families will suffer having for the rest of their lives, can never be healed or removed, no matter how much money they receive…..

  • none of your business

    Best news I have heard this year.

    • Paleoconn

      These kids being killed is the best news you’ve heard?

      • Adolf Verloc

        I suspect he meant the jury award, but you’re right – it could have been phrased better.

        • Magician

          It will be a good news for me if the following happens

          – Each and every one who was responsible for the murder of two young people are arrested
          – They are forced to pay at least half the compensation the victim’s family will receive
          – Each and every one receives life with no chance of a parole

          • “Each and every one receives life with no chance of a parole”

            Make that: death. Not only do they deserve it, but they would probably be released in a couple of decades after they became devout Christians, by a majority non-White parole board.

        • Paleoconn

          That makes sense.

  • Luca

    Had that been my son or daughter, I would have been at that McDonalds the very next night and every night thereafter when there was a thug gathering. Since the cops do not have the common sense to beak up these thug gatherings, perhaps I would be able to visit three or four times before finding myself before a judge where I plead temporary insanity. This is intolerable to a degree that is beyond words. 400 thugs is a target rich environment.

  • Paleoconn

    Those kids must have been liberals. I blame their parents. No racially aware kid would go into a McDonalds with that many diversities milling about.

    • Ella

      No kidding, I would be afraid of being gang raped even if my boyfriend was present.

      • Paleoconn

        You and I both. May those beautiful kids rest in peace.


    realistically I know that some blacks are decent, but there are far too many of them that are stupid, talking animals. For those liberal naive guests reading this out of curiosity, you need to wake up and realize that this is why the south was intolerant of blacks before the rest of the nation who had far fewer blacks to deal with interfered and banned segregation. I’m not a southerner and I used to believe the Hollywood version of Jim Crow and segregation, but it only takes a little bit of real experience with blacks to know they are not fit for a civilized society.

  • Ultimate187

    If you’re white and in a place with lots of blacks, then you’re in danger. It’s unfortunate what happened to these kids, but being that naive was going to catch up with them sooner or later. In this case it was the worst possible result.

  • LHathaway

    My friend, whose a leftist, told me a story of visiting a McDonalds in Washington DC. He was there on his way to visit the Smithsonian. This was 30 years ago, with him and his buddies, after he finished high school. The workers at the restaurant refused to serve them. He said they were probably lucky they go out of there physically unharmed. I doubt his story greatly unusual, and is in fact, more a true example or race relations in our country than anything portrayed by the media.

  • MBlanc46

    Living in the Chicago area–and only a few miles from McD’s world headquarters–McD news is big in the local media. They are indeed losing customers. They hired a Magic Negro CEO, who was unable to stop the rot. Whether it’s the conditions at the restaurants or just much better food at not much higher prices at other chains, I can’t say.

    • kjh64

      I’d say McD’s has a lot more competition and their food isn’t very good.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      The food is awful, the service is usually poor. Chick Fil A is is about the same price, the food is much better, and the service is almost always excellent.
      If someone would emulate the CFA concept with burgers on a national endeavor, they would put McDs out of business.

  • Evette Coutier

    There are consequences to bad choices. The consequence of diversity is white deaths at the hands of blacks.

  • IstvanIN

    Black cop gets away with shooting naked, white college student who was high. Naked, no weapons, shot in the chest. University of Alabama.

  • Ella

    I feel for those kids because the parents probably did not educate them on black mob violence. Some parents rebuke their children if they question their parent’s values or embarrass them for making racially-conscious statements during their childhood years. I don’t blame the two teens who don’t have much life experience to make better decisions.

    • Sloppo

      It’s difficult for many white children to see through the fog because they’re bombarded by indoctrination from every angle and so many of their fathers spend every saturday afternoon worshipping their black sports heroes on the ldiot Box.

  • jayvbellis

    Always be aware of where you are, who’s around you, what time it is.

    Never show fear or arrogance.

    Always try to protect a calm, confident but not arrogant persona.

    Lower class Blacks are very animalistic, that’s not a bad thing. We should do the same.
    animals can sense fear, weakness.

    Most White victims of terrible Black crimes did something foolish. If you are a woman going jogging in Central Park at 11 PM, be prepared.

    And don’t just rely on guns. Learn to fight effectively with things like Easy Off Oven Cleaner, WASP spray and my favorite.

    The $12 Target T Ball bat, the most cost effective weapon in history. Unless you are very quick with a gun, with the $12 Target T ball bat in my one hand I can defeat, brutally beat down any attacker, including you.

    14 words

    • LHathaway

      2 blacks and 1 of their black girlfriends robbed 2 Mexican guys at the apartment complex I stayed in. It was around the first of the month, when rent was due, and the 2 guys living there were likely illegals (the black guys probably knew if they were or not). The Mexican guys were kind of drunk, supposedly. The girl ‘claimed’ one of them made some kind of inappropriate advances toward her. In hindsight it was likely just an excuse to rob them. When the beating started at their door or inside their apartment (and there was a fair amount of blood on the outside of the door and in the parking lot after, one of the guys went back into his house or deeper into his house and grabbed some kind of a club. I heard the commotion and it did not sound pretty at all, an ambulance had to pick up the one guy from where he lay on the parking lot. I actually told my roommate to call the cops before it got really bad and while it was just an ‘argument’ but he didn’t. At least not until it was nearly an all-out massacre. I heard it pretty well, but a neighbor closer to the action filled me in with more of the details later. He said, “When he went to get the club that was just like putting a gun in their hands”.

      I’m not sure the Mexicans ever came back. One of the black guys was standing outside his apartment the next day like nothing had happened, though it was said he was wanted by the police. Margaret was here around that time posting about a spate of attacks all across the South targeting illegals. She listed like 10 separate attacks, and called it a spate of attacks all across the South, I think. None of them were the one I heard. I mostly heard the actual attack rather than witnessing. I’m guessing there were thousands of these kind of attacks that year but don’t know. No one will ever know. Unless a hate crime had been committed.

  • kikz2

    literally the first i’ve heard of this.. they damn sure kept it quiet in dallas….

  • “365 Black”

    The number of Whites killed by blacks at McDonald’s each year?

    • Magician

      each week in Texas

  • Nonhumans

    Or as history has taught us, a rape victim, then corpse.

  • ViktorNN

    Denton Ward and Lauren Crisp should go down with Channon Christian and Chris Newsome as names that young white people need to know about. Every white kid coming up during these times needs to know their stories.

    • Cid Campeador

      Go to Facebook. The page is Execute Lemaricus Davidson. It’s painful but it shows the growing anger out there that’s getting more explosive with each heart rending story.
      Poor, good hearted Eve Carson begged her tormentors to “pray” with her. Instead they raped her and shot her in the face and dumped her body into the street. Her hand was practically blown off when she held up it up in a pathetic attempt to protect herself when they pointed the gun at her.
      Meanwhile the taxpayers of N/S? Carolina support them in jail.
      Every time I see a picture of her or Channon & Christopher I go into a rage!

      • Nancy

        Make no mistake: God will not stay silent much longer.

        “When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. They called out in a loud voice, ‘How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?’

        “Then a white robe was given to each of them. And they were told to rest a little longer until the full number of their brothers and sisters–their fellow servants of Jesus who were to be martyred–had joined them”. ~Rev. 6: 9-11

        Basically, God will avenge the deaths of these believers as soon as the last of them are martyred. He has a preordained number. Unfortunately, this means we haven’t heard the last of such atrocities.

  • Darb Janowsti

    How is it that a pack of feral blacks brutally beat and murder 2 white men for no reason other than their race, and the media is silent ?
    What can we do to make sure that these crimes get more mainstream coverage ?
    R.I.P to 2 more victims of the genocide against our people.

  • glennm

    the brain dead liberal mtv watching four were culturally enriched

  • bubo

    You can be sure that Texas A&M was quite instrumental in covering up this atrocity. Wouldn’t want parents to know that their kid could be stomped to death within spitting distance of their “safe campus.”

    • Cid Campeador

      I used to try to dissuade my students from choosing certain colleges in Philadelphia. I always pushed for Villanova. It was in a safer area.

  • Kelly James


    ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪ �✪✪✪ ✪✪✪

  • SoulInvictus

    And this is yet another reason why I avoid McRottenChicken like the plague…
    Reading this really… did not please me. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Cid Campeador

      It’s time for us to mount barbed steeds to fright the souls of fearful adversaries.
      Assuming of course that they have souls.

      • SoulInvictus

        I think the fact that the sentiment you expressed is rising, is exactly why the West is being collapsed and simultaneously pitted against Russia, again.
        Net result, broken or dead whites by the millions.
        Last time these ingredients were in the mix, world war ensued.
        The only winner, the wandering banker with no national loyalties…

        • Nancy

          “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” ~Kaiser Soze

  • Earl Turner

    The only proper response is to meet violence with violence. Gosh it would be such a shame if someone drove by with a belt-fed .30 caliber weapon and hosed that mob of Basketball-Americans down with full metal jacketed retribution.

    • Cid Campeador

      Because of our moral compass, we wouldn’t want to respond to anyone but the perpetrators. UNfortunately society has us by the gonads. Once they’re in custody, we can’t get to them.
      On the other hand, random violence against just ANY of them makes us no better than they are.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    If you grew up in suburb like Flower Mound Texas in the 60s, 70s, and 80s then had kids in the 90s, you likely never encountered normal blacks.
    Your only exposure would have been the extremely rare well socialized African that didn’t want their kids around the ghetto trash.

    It is very likely that the parents had no real exposure to typical negro behavior and certainly did not get the true picture from the media.

    It’s also possible the parents did move into Texas from a very White state.

  • kjh64

    People in Texas are just like those in the urban Northeast or Los Angles. The urban Northeast metro areas like NYC, Chicago etc. are also packed with Blacks and Browns, so are western cities like LA. However, White people in the NYC or Chicago area often live in their own lily White burbs or surrounding towns, same for LA and same for most Whites in Texas. So in Texas, just like elsewhere, you can be raised in a place with few Blacks.

  • kjh64

    Why did the manager allow 400 people to congregate outside of McDonalds? If I were the manager, I would call the police if 400 people of ANY race were loitering outside of my business.

    • The article answers your question:

      Why was University McDonald’s so popular among black gang bangers and black fraternity members? Carlos Butler, the outlet’s black general manager, could take credit for that. An aspiring hip-hop artist, he hosted large hip-hop concerts attracting some 1,500 people–and after those events many of the black hip-hoppers headed to University McDonald’s.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Yum!, the parent company of KFC, Taco Bell, and others, has been lobbying for years to change regulations so that food stamp benefits may be used at fast food restaurants.

    Mickey D’s may soon take your tax dollars, too.

    • DonReynolds

      The parent company of KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, etc etc etc……is Pepsi Co…..and those fools just got clipped by the EEOC for tens of millions in fines for not hiring convicted felons to drive their delivery trucks. EEOC claims criminal background checks are racist.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Actually, I bet the Bantus on A &M’s sports teams are just like the Bantus at this McDonald’s.

  • At the beginning of summer, I said both here and on my own blog that if I made some sort of product, I would live in mortal constant fear that my product would start becoming especially popular among blacks. At that point, whites would stop liking and buying my product, and then I’m at the mercy of the black consumer market. At that point, as I said back in June, three things would happen: 1. The Al and Jesse shakedown attempts on me, 2. Blacks would start killing each other over the possession of that which I produce, causing me PR headaches, and 3. Blacks would start and believe rumors about my product that are so nonsensical that only blacks could believe, but then it causes blacks to stop buying my product, which means my only customers aren’t customers anymore.

    In light of the last two weeks, I’m adding a fourth reason:

    If I had brick and mortar stores in the ghetto, there’s always the risk of rioting blacks burning my store down.

    • Nancy

      QD, are you allowed to post a link to your blog?

  • USN Veteran

    This story, the Wichita Massacre, the Knoxville Massacre, etc… make me sick.
    I live in a small town in SW Missouri, & if a black person or family stopped at the gas
    station or restaurant in my town, they might get a few long looks, but there is 0% chance that a mob of 400 whites would attack them. It would never happen. Contrast that what would happen to a white person that went to a concert in KC, Dallas, Houston, etc… & made a wrong turn at midnight. Chances are over 50% that you’d be robbed or worse.

  • HJ11

    How many more naive Whites must die before Whites, generally, smarten up and realize that there is no reason to be around Blacks at all. Just stay away from them, or be ready to shoot.

    Whites have nothing at all to gain from being around any Blacks (or any other non-Whites). They are not our kind. Since you have nothing to gain, why burn even one calorie of your energy or waste one second of your time being around them? Separate from them as best you can, right where you are if you have no other choice. Don’t socialize with them. Don’t give them the time of day. THEY ARE NOT OUR KIND.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Your parrot is dumb Then?

    • Nancy

      Same with my iguana. Even HE knows not to crap where he eats, unlike the natives of Liberia.

  • Charlie

    In my opinion, I think that this goes beyond mere racial awareness…I mean, heck, even if the crowd consisted entirely of rowdy Whites, human nature being what it is, when you factor in the group/ herd mentality, which is prevalent in all racial groups, of course Blacks having the greatest prevalence of it, anyone with a modicum of common sense, wouldn’t have gone to within five blocks of that place…a young college crowd, with alcohol involved, young females scantily clad, testosterone pumping out of control, is a recipe for disaster…and that is just in situations where only Whites are involved…now, just imagine, a situation in which Whites are an extreme minority, like “400 to 4”, whatever the ratio was…in plain truth, what these young Whites did, was nothing short of suicidal…it goes beyond mere Liberal brainwashing…

    • bubo

      It’s like their instincts have been eroded completely. How? Is television and pop culture that effective in neutralizing thousands of years of instinct?

      Two AM, hyped up mass of young blacks and not one person in the car thinks “this is a bad idea”?

  • Charlie

    You just can’t let them off the hook, and consider them to be “totally innocent lambs”…I mean, come on let’s get serious, all the multicultural, anti-white, liberal, pro-minority, brainwashing in the world, is simply not going to outweigh and overrule, normal basic survival instincts…regardless of the racial makeup of the crowd assembled, a normal, fully-functioning human being, who has their wits about them, just simply wouldn’t go venturing into that type of uncivilized situation…as I said before, in a previous post, what they did, was nothing short of suicidal, and it made things even worse, when they brought their girlfriends along, considering the fact that, the “rape culture” has skyrocketed on college campuses…their stupidity, not anti-White brainwashing, is what got them killed…

    • Cid Campeador

      Sadly you’re right. I don’t disagree. The boys were stupid to go into the place in order, I assume, to use the bathroom while the girls were in the drive thru getting the so called “food”. If i saw a crowd of Mau May in the parking lot I certainly would have held my bladder in check ’til we arrived home.

      The girls were the real heroines who put the boys in the SUV and took off frantically and ended up in an accident that took the life of one of them.

      The sonofabitch who precipitated the crime was charged with misdemeanor assault and did 90 days in jail.

      That was the obscenity. In Texas?

      These kids were truly the products of the school system whose agenda is to marginalize Whites. I’m sure you saw the pictures of students with “I have White privilege” written on their foreheads as one of their college courses.

      They are so psychologically manipulated that they see themselves as evil racists and carry historical guilt for something for which they had no part.

      In one of the flash mob beatings of group of White kids in Wisconsin or Minnesota ( I forget) kids were punched and kicked to a bloody state. “White Girl Bleed A Lot”. When asked why they made no attempt to defend themselves, one girl said that she didn’t want to be regarded as racist.

      This is what we have done to our children.

      I saw this steady progression of the agenda over almost fifty years as a teacher, I taught Foreign Language then and escaped the brainwashing.

      This all started during LBJs tenure. We had a brief respite with Reagan and now Obama puts the candle on top of the cake and lights it.

      • Charlie

        You could not be more correct…this all did start under LBJ’s regime…the so-called “Great Society” programs, were designed to give minorities a lifetime sense of entitlement, from cradle to grave, from womb to tomb, which has created the largest, and most, out of control, welfare state in modern history…factor that in, with the total capitulation of the so-called “Republicans”, who are really, Zionists in Midwestern clothing, and you have a recipe for disaster…the scary thing, is that, most Whites still believe that Conservative and Republican politicos have their interests at heart, nothing could be further from the truth…law enforcement will not protect you, for either they don’t want to be sued and accused of “going Zim”, or even worse, the cops have also drank the multicultural Kool-Aid, and sympathize with the non-Whites…the so-called “White flight”, can be viewed as a double edged sword, for while it allowed Whites to escape the urban jungles, and ghettoizing of urban American locales, it also “lowered their guard”, and gave them a false sense of security, concerning minorities…if you know your history, countries and ethnic groups, that have been conquered, and have been under constant strife and threat of invasion, tended and tend, to be more ethnically and racially aware, than countries that have been spared those dangers…that’s why Greece is a more racially aware country, than say, Sweden…

        • SoulInvictus

          If anyone ought to have a long running, instilled realism about race and invasion, it’d be the Greeks.

      • SoulInvictus

        “When asked why they made no attempt to defend themselves, one girl said that she didn’t want to be regarded as racist.
        This is what we have done to our children.”

        Well, the “we” part is relative. But yes, it has been done to our children and is disgusting. When people disagree with me about the brainwashing present in everyday life, I point to stuff like that. How else can you explain someone so committed to a concept they’ll lay down their life for it…

  • LeCalabro

    Send this article to Governor Deval Patrick, He’s tired of cops shooting blacks—I guess even if the blacks are killers.

  • anony

    McD’s 365/black philosophy will eventually do them in, but they won’t realize it until it’s too late. With Africans, you get Africa, right?

  • 4321realist

    This is just another black on white attack that the public schools and the MSM cause to happen many, many times.

    The schools indoctrinate our kids with lies alleging only whites are racist and that blacks can do no wrong and are not racists against whites nor is there such a thing as anti-white hate. Consequently many naïve, trusting kids have ventured into black neighborhoods, or businesses with large numbers of blacks, only to find out after being beaten and maimed it was all a blatant lie. Unfortunately, this was one of those times that could have been prevented if they had been aware of the truth all along, instead of having been propagandized with blatant fabrications.

    And if you’ve followed Colin Flaherty’s attempts to show his black mob anti-white assaults, beatings and murders on video to the press, you know that they refuse to believe they’re racially motivated or even that they’re almost exclusively perpetrated by blacks, which often leave the white public uninformed about black anti-white hot spots in areas they are not familiar with.

    What I’m wondering is when we will see a victim(s) that’s fed up enough to file a cause of action on either the press or the school responsible for leading him to believe he was not in danger in the area he was attacked. Or for another tort, based on the same basic premise.

    Surely with all the nonsense suits being pushed by the far left for which they’ve obtained large settlements this kind of valid complaint would be successful.

    This situation gets more disgusting by the day.


    That’s McDonald’s 365-Black for you! You know, when McDonald’s came out with their 365-Black campaign of racial favoritism, they weren’t joking. I haven’t eaten at a McDonald’s in years, literally. It seemed like every McDonald’s I showed up at, made a conscious decision. To fill the majority of their positions, if not damn near all of their positions, with black people. The final straw for me came when I hit up a drive thru at the closest McDonald’s to my house one night. I pulled up to the drive thru and ended up sitting at the menu for somewhere around 4 minutes or so before anyone even bothered to acknowledge me. Which may seem quite petty but I assure you 4 minutes feels like an eternity while sitting at a drive thru waiting to place an order.

    When they finally responded to my calls of “Hello, anyone in there” the first thing I hear is insanely loud gangster rap “music” blasting through the intercom. Followed by the arrogant voice of an obvious black women saying, “What!”. Her voice just dripping with blatant animosity. So I place my order, while this gangster rap garbage is blaring through the intercom the entire time. When she tries to read my order back to me multiple times I found that I couldn’t make out just what she was saying. So, I asked her if she could turn the “music” down for a minute. Only to hear her instantly snap back at me saying what I thought was, “Mannnnnnnn, holt on!” In an manner that let me know that I was becoming more than a minor annoyance to her. As she went and turned down the radio which was noticeably much lower. She then came back and read my order back to me, which I was able to hear this time, and I was off to the pick up window.

    By the time I had made if from the intercom to the window. She had already turned her disgusting “music” back up to it’s original volume. Looking through the drive thru window as my car came to a stop. I saw a fat black face wearing a short blonde wig which was barely supported by a Rachael Jeantel/Michelin Man style neck, staring back at me. Her upper body was fat, but her lower body was beyond fat. In fact, it was down right obese, to the 10th degree! The first thing she did after opening the window was to read off the price to me. I sat there thinking, “man, is this beast ugly” as I counted out the change to pay the exact cost. Only to have her look at me after handing her the money and say, with the stereotypical head wobbling, “Oh, so nooooooooooow, you can hrrrrr meh, huh?” Which prompted me to say, “No, you know what, just give me my money back, I don’t want your food!”,,, “But chue cant do dat dey alretty makin da stu” she said, as I cut her off saying, “listen, I don’t want it, give, me, my money back.” Sucking air through her teeth and smacking her fat disgusting lips together she literally said, “fine, whatdeva, not likes I gives a f—!” Which of course, was beyond obvious from the beginning.

    When she handed my money back to me I was able to see that she was wearing some ugly looking 4inch long fake fingernails. Besides noticing that they were all beat up and chipped. I could see that they weren’t pressed all the way back to the cuticle. In fact most of her actual fingernail was visible. Which means this dirtball had been wearing those same acrylic nails for months, and months, and months! Just think of all the grime and other nausea inducing gunk that’s been collected under those nails through out all that time. Now remember that this is someone who’s job requires them to handle other people’s food. Terrible, just terrible! Anyways, I don’t know why I decided to write this incredibly long, and overly detailed account. Of my own personal experience with McDonald’s 365-Black campaign, and why I’ll never eat there again. Just bored I guess!

    • John

      I’m not sure why you wanted that food after the first utterance that she made through the intercom. If a service worker adresses me with “What”!, they sure as hell aren’t making my food. There is an issue of trust involved.

      It’s an illustrative anecdote, nonetheless.

  • Whitetrashgang

    You missed my sarcasm.


    “Both inside and out, University McDonald’s was bustling. But it definitely wasn’t the usual daytime crowd –– clean-cut and mostly white “Aggies” as A&M’s students are known. Instead, up to 400 black males were loitering about the parking lot, a police officer later estimated. Inside, it was mostly a black crowd too: a large number of black males were loitering about, many without food. Some were shirtless.”

    Four hundred young black “thugs” in a McDonald’s parking lot at 2AM? This kind of situation would never be tolerated by the police or business owners or even the general public in the region that I live in. I notice when I am in the South that there is much more tolerance for large, unruly gatherings of blacks. I’ve seen shocking situations of blacks “thugs” loitering and annoying people in resort areas and entertainment districts in states like NC, SC, GA and FL.

  • Goodforall

    This is just despicable-period! But I must say these people used extremely poor judgment and basically put themselves in harms way. They should have continued driving-and had they done this these two young people would be alive today. The black sub culture is savage and animalistic, especially when in groups. How these white teens didn’t realize the situation they were putting themselves into is just hard to imagine. It’s horrible that they lost their lives at such a young age. On another note, our media is a joke-how they can completely ignore something like this is beyond comprehension. Imagine had the roles been reversed-we’d have Rev. Al and the rest screaming for justice. I just heard about this today on the Michael Berry show. The silence from the left is deafening.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Parents! What can you do?

  • DonReynolds

    Excellent article.

  • Mrfinoni

    White liberals need to be educated. Tell your kids. you cant afford to make a mistake! Blacks are intrinsically savage. Not evil just savage! They are a less evolved form of human. Lower IQ, More muscle mass! It is a simple scientific fact!

  • freedixie

    I go armed everywhere, but my gun doesn’t hold 400 bullets. No way I would go into a crowd like that.