Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect’s Sister Arrested on Alleged Threat

Jason Howerton, The Blaze, August 27, 2014

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s (joh-HAHR’ tsahr-NEYE’-ehvz) sister has been accused of threatening to bomb a New York City woman and has been arrested.

Police say Ailina Tsarnaeva (tsahr-neye-EH’-vuh) made the threat via telephone Monday, allegedly telling the woman, “Leave us alone. I know people who can put a bomb on you,” according to the New York Post.

Law enforcement sources reportedly told the Post that the woman is the mother of Tsarnaeva’s live-in boyfriend’s children. The boyfriend is reportedly in the middle of a tense custody dispute involving their three children.

Tsarnaeva turned herself in Wednesday and was charged with aggravated harassment.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Never ending Mooz-lim ‘family values.’

  • Puggg

    I know people who can put a bomb on you

    I guess she knows a lot of explosives experts back in the old country. Or maybe she knows a lot of explosives experts that used to live in the old country in the new country.

  • IstvanIN

    Muslims, even white ones, are incompatible with western society and civilization, not that that will stop our fine government and churches from bringing more of them as refugees and immigrants.

    • Islam is an anti-civilization all on its own, and is incompatible with all others. ISIS is busily destroying historic landmarks and archeological treasures across the territory that it has occupied because Islam believes there should be no past.

      The natural corollary is that under them, there will also be no future.

      • LHathaway

        Muslims seem incompatible with whites. That’s my concern. At least their women seem incompatible with white men.

        • I’d like to see one of those women – I will never refer to them as “ladies” – smile someday, just once. When my daughter and I had to take a city bus some years ago, Ariadne asked me about a critter in a niqab, sitting near us, so I explained that they are wicked people who are so evil that they are forced to hide their faces from humans by evil men, loud enough to be overheard. Ariadne’s seven now, and very bright – I have no question about her paternity.

          When we debussed, I heard that woman crying.

          That was my daughter’s first exposure to Islam.

          • What I have noticed from Muslim women is over the years I have grown a long beard, I have seen Muslim women take sudden casting looks upon this long white beard, not smiling but the kind of look a person might give a police officer if they were hiding something.. Beards have some sort of impact on muzzies .. I know.

          • I grew a full beard in 1997-1998. All it did was make me look like a hippie. The strange aspect was that my facial hair has a lot more red in it than the version that grows on top of my head. When I moved home to Colorado in 1998, my mother didn’t recognize me at first, when she came to pick me up at the airport. I must have looked like the Wild Man From the Back of Beyond to her, though I used a #4 blade guard on my mustache and beard and kept the latter off my neck.

            My wife and my mother have conspired that I shall go without facial hair, and this matter literally doesn’t matter to me.

            Since Islam literally means “submit”, this is a top-down, authoritative religion, and a guy who looks older will naturally draw deference.

          • LHathaway

            I appreciate your enthusiasm most times. And your honesty too. And I enjoy your wit and intelligence – I’m glad you post on this site. Your wit and intelligence make you a very good writer. When you made comments like that in public and on the city bus it reminded me of reading stories in the news of children taken from their parents for saying a lot less than that. I’ve read some kind of stories like that in the news, anyway.

            I think one of the most rude things I’ve said in public was during a time I was walking me two dogs – I owned dogs at the time. I remember calling for my dogs, ‘Malcolm’ and ‘Martin’. That wasn’t their names, of course. I bet I called for them as ‘Malcomb’ and ‘Jesse’. It was a long time ago. It was back when everyone called each other ‘dog’. I’d lived as a white minority in a vibrant area for a long time. What I said pales in comparison to rude words alone I was exposed to on nearly a daily bases by folks mostly just ‘keeping it real’. Some times I was blessed with the real multiple times each day. Still, it might not have been the most wise stunt for me to pull.

          • I regard the presence of Muslims displaying their religion in my country as the equivalent of someone taking a dump on my dinner table.

    • RealisticGuy

      Calling Chechens white is a hell of a stretch.

  • TruthBeTold

    Tell me it’s not genetic.

  • Every muzzie knows one who can “put a bomb on you.” They love that “detonate” button that makes everything go “bang!”

  • This sounds like a good way to get deported as an “undesirable alien”, or would be if we had a real government.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      I’m actually surprised the whole family hadn’t been moved on. Then again maybe I’m just naïve.

      • My FBI file says happy, fun things like “Firearms expert, explosives expert, chemist, ex-mercenary.”. When Morgoth was running the show, instead of his cruel flunky, Gorthaur, it was very different.

        Chechens have not the slightest idea what they are getting into here.

    • A Freespeechzone

      The Obama regime sees these terrorists as ‘diversity’ & supports their sick & dangerous religion.

  • Paleoconn

    If I see that Boston Strong gimmick one more time, I might retch. Nobody markets tragedy like Murrica. It’s almost porn. I’m sad for the deceased, but what about the people dying every day in Baghdad or Syria, Or Egypt or any of myriad countries where we’ve stuck our nose and made a mess of things? Their lives don’t count I suppose. ISIS would have seen the light of day under Saddam. We decided to destabilize one of the area’s most stable countries.

    • IstvanIN

      You are right, the US should mind its own business and yes, those Arabs don’t matter.

  • TonyWestfield

    There is a “silver lining” here. Just think how monumentally STUPID you must be to get in trouble like this. The woman is living in New Jersey–and I bet not one in a thousand Americans would even guess that those bomber-brothers had a sister (sure as heck, I didn’t know)–but she’s flying under the radar, lucky that she isn’t in jail or deported for her association with her terrorist family, and the woman can’t behave herself. Please, God, let this be an example of “I.Q. norm”! If our enemy is this stupid, it will be easy to crush them when (or if) we decide to do so.

  • yep, it’s true .. .liberaism is a disease l

    • The liberals have unfortunately been allowed to monopolize things that would otherwise make sense to everyone. Take recycling, for instance. We rarely put out actual trash because we have curbside recycling. We also use kitchen scraps for garden compost in the planter barrels out front, so I guess we’re “green”, but we don’t want the state telling us to do it.

  • none of your business

    Michael Scott I have explained to my grand children that liberals hate everything good and love everything bad, but mostly they hate White people even though they are White themselves. Boy is a cub scout and loves it. I told him how the liberals hate boy scouts and want to abolish them because boy scouts is a good organization.I didn’t mention the gay thing I told the girl that liberal women (feminazis) hate barbie dolls and want to abolish barbies and demand that girls go into the army and get killed in Afghanistan. I also explained to the boy that black boys never fight one on one but it is always 3 or 4 black boys who beat up a White boy a couple years younger.

    Like your explanation of the niqab it makes it easy to understand that liberals are pure evil.

    I have also explained that liberals made up a lot of laws that say White people cannot get a job or into college because they are White.

    • Some liberals are decent people. My high school girlfriend 30 years ago was one of them. Many of them are not deliberately evil, but merely wrong. Diane was wrong in a well-meaning fashion.

      • IstvanIN

        Today’s liberals are not liberal in the classic sense, they are more like Stalinists.

        • They certainly want to shut down conversation via “hate speech” laws the Stalinists once did.

  • We don’t have to “deport” them.

  • MoMo

    This is nothing more than a “custody dispute!” Generally the people who are real threats to others don’t just call up their potential victims and announce their intentions! Then, after the deed is done they hide! Sound familiar? Considering this lady’s familial history, perhaps the use of the word “bomb” was inadvisable. You think?