American Douglas McAuthur McCain Dies Fighting for ISIS in Syria

Cassandra Vinograd and Ammar Cheikh Omar, NBC News, August 26, 2014

The battle in itself seemed tragically normal. Two Syrian opposition groups fought and there were heavy casualties on both sides. Then victorious rebels rifled through the pockets of the dead. One contained about $800 in cash–and an American passport.

Douglas McAuthur McCain, of San Diego, California, was killed over the weekend fighting for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), according to the Free Syrian Army. Photos of McCain’s passport and of his body–which feature a distinctive neck tattoo–have been seen by NBC News. According to an activist linked to the Free Syrian Army who also saw the body and travel document, McCain was among three foreign jihadis fighting with ISIS who died during the battle.

Douglas McAuthur

Douglas McAuthur McCain

Senior administration officials told NBC News they were aware that McCain was killed in Syria, adding that they believe dozens of Americans have gone there to fight with extremist groups–including, but not limited to, ISIS.

“The threat we are most concerned about to the homeland is that of fighters like this returning to the U.S. and committing acts of terrorism,” a senior administration official told NBC News.

NBC News has contacted several members of McCain’s family and dozens of friends–including his mother, sister, aunts and cousins. A woman who said she was McCain’s aunt confirmed that he had “passed” and referred calls to McCain’s mother.

McCain, 33, called himself “Duale ThaslaveofAllah” on Facebook and his Twitter bio reads: “It’s Islam over everything.” But how did this would-be rapper go from shooting hoops in a blue-collar area of Minnesota to dying in the civil war thousands of miles from home? {snip}


Douglas McAuthur McCain was born in Illinois on Jan. 29, 1981. His family later moved to Minnesota’s Twin Cities area where he attended Robbinsdale Cooper High School in New Hope as part of the class of 1999.

Classmates at the school–which was described to NBC News as around 75 percent white and 10 percent African American–recalled an “always smiling” joker who liked to laugh and play basketball. McCain wasn’t on the high school team and didn’t come across as religious, according to one basketball buddy.


After he graduated, McCain stuck around the Twin Cities for at least a while. Public records searches show several run-ins with the law. One mugshot of a Douglas McAuthur McCain details an arrest in 2000 at the age of 19 in New Hope on charges of disorderly conduct. Another arrest record–also from New Hope–shows the same man was arrested again in 2006 and booked on charges of obstruction. The mugshot from that arrest also clearly appears to be McCain–and has the same neck tattoo that is seen in Facebook photos of McCain on his “Duale ThaslaveofAllah” account–and the body found on the Syrian battlefield. NBC News confirmed on Tuesday that he was convicted of both charges.

Around 2004, McCain “reverted” to Islam, according to his Twitter feed.


McCain’s devotion to his faith was evident to many who met him on his travels, which included at least one trip to Sweden to rap–making friends and basketball buddies along the way. Several Swedes told NBC News that they met him on a visit there–between three and four years ago–when he performed in the town of Vasteras, near Stockholm and attended an underground rap show.


Until early last year, a Twitter account linked to McCain included mostly mundane messages to friends about basketball–how the Lakers suck, comments about the Chicago Bulls–with only a few messages about Allah or Islam. The most political it got appeared to be a #FreeGaza tweet on Jan 2, 2013. There was also a message posted around the same time, with an image of a woman in a burqa and the words “there is nothin like a mother love.” Then the account went silent for more than a year.

Sometime in between, McCain reportedly worked at a Somali restaurant in San Diego–African Spice–and was known around the Masjid Nur mosque, according to an acquaintance.


McCain’s online life also painted the picture of a devout Muslim who deeply loved his family–along with Pizza Hut and hip-hop. His likes on Facebook ranged from “Quaran and Hadith” to “The Khilafah in Universe,” “A Way to Paradise” to “Craziest Street Fights,” “The American Comedy Co.” to “The Black Flag.”

“Allah keeps me going day and night. Without Allah, I am no one,” read one photo post. Others took a darker turn–posts featured the black flag of ISIS and other militant propaganda photos. In September 2010, he posted an ominous image: “They are coming back soldiers of Allah.”


When McCain’s Twitter account sprung back into activity on May 13, the messages again spoke of Islam.

“I reverted to Islam 10 years ago and I must say In sha Allah I will never look back the best thing that ever happen to me,” he posted. McCain–or Duale, as he had come to be known–then appeared to strike up online friendships with several self-proclaimed jihadis.

On April 3, McCain retweeted the full English translation of the speech of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani–the spokesman for ISIS.

Soon after, it appears that McCain’s travels took him to Turkey, a common jihadi route into Syria. {snip}

U.S. officials have said “a small handful” of Americans are believed to be fighting with ISIS. Earlier this month, a new ISIS propaganda video claimed to feature an American citizen. And in July, chilling video emerged purporting to show the first American to carry out a suicide attack in Syria burning his U.S. passport and issuing threats against the West. The video of Moner Mohammad Abusalha, who grew up in Florida, underscored concerns about the flow of foreign fighters to Syria.


On June 9, Duale wrote to an alleged ISIS fighter on Twitter: “I will be joining you guys soon.” He also asked if another self-proclaimed ISIS fighter had made it to “r town”–an apparent reference to Raqqa, the militants’ Syrian stronghold.

Then came another post: “I’m with the brothers now.” Later, he retweeted: “It takes a warrior to understand a warrior. Pray for ISIS.”

His final Twitter post was last Tuesday.

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  • Sharps Rifle

    No loss. Good riddance.

    • You beat me to the “good riddance” remark, but I would also add “Outstanding. This way, the murderous Medieval lunatic won’t be coming back.” Not only is this not a loss, but it is actually a net gain, both for the United States and the rest of humanity.

    • John R

      Yep. In more ways than one. Killing a foreign terrorist means killing someone who potentially might be a threat to the United States. Killing an “American” terrorist means killing someone who lived in this country and WOULD DEFINITELY be a threat to this country and a burden on our society.

      • Even if he had survived, badly wounded, and recovered, he’d eventually be back here, bitter as all get-out… and collecting Social Security disability payments.

    • Oil Can Harry

      This dolt was still less of a menace to society than a certain open borders Arizona Senator with the same surname.

  • ZB01

    Islam appears to be the one single religion where the less you follow its precepts, the more law-abiding you become. No wonder a particular group seems to find it so (im)morally compelling…

    • John R

      I’ll take it one more: Islam is the one religion where the less devout you are the more moral a person you are. Are there any good Muslims in the world? Sure, but they are good people in spite of, not because of, their Muslim faith.

      • ZB01

        John R: You stated it better than I did. Thank you!

      • Tarczan

        I’ve heard Christian missionaries say that they distributed the Koran in peoples native languages so they could read what it said. They claimed they got many converts when they read what the Koran actually said.

  • MekongDelta69

    American Douglas McAuthur McCain Dies Fighting for ISIS in Syria

    He’s NOT an ‘American.’ He is a black mooz-lim.’

    Don’t insult us…

    • me

      He was made good. Any relation to that sleezeball John?

  • buster

    A 2-fer, one less muzzie and one less shine. ++

  • Bandmoo

    OK, great. Now just trace ALL of his family members down here in the USA “United States of Anybody” and take away ALL their welfare, section 8, medical, ETC. away. They hate America so let them stop leaching of America…Whites.

    • I have every confidence that the FBI will shortly be giving this idiot’s “fambly” the third-degree, in order to find out who recruited him. They can then charge the recruiter with “providing material support to an organization Congress has defined as ‘terrorist'”, or if the “fambly” doesn’t cooperate, the feds can charge them with “obstruction of justice”. Neat, huh?

      The “material support” law was written so vaguely that it is amazingly easy for prosecutors to win convictions in these cases. Anyone who joins the “jihad” scene is thus completely out of their mind; I know of no easier or faster way to end up with 10 years in federal prison.

      • Who Me?

        “I have every confidence that the FBI will shortly be giving this idiot’s “fambly” the third-degree, in order to find out who recruited him. They can then charge the recruiter with “providing material support to an organization Congress has defined as ‘terrorist'”, or if the “fambly” doesn’t cooperate, the feds can charge them with “obstruction of justice”.

        I hope this is sarcasm. Have you forgotten the Eric Holder is in charge of the FBI. Ain’t nuttin gonna happen to da fambly…..

  • IstvanIN

    and attended an underground rap show.
    Now he be really rapping underground.

  • Luca

    I’m absolutely appalled! Why couldn’t he have taken a couple of dozen of his friends and relatives with him to fight for the cause!

    • Maybe they will all join ISIS to “avenge” him, just in time for the US airstrikes.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Yes, America should sponsor midnight basketball in Iraq and perhaps even watermelon eating contests. Airfare and hotel room all inclusive.

  • It’s best these converts die in the lands of the doctrine of death they’ve adopted,
    If they ever return here, it will not be to the land they love.

  • Samuel_Morton

    Perhaps we could get some ISIS recruiters into Chicago and Hezbollah recruiters into Detroit, and they could ship many of our impressionable blood thirsty ‘youths’ over to the Middle East to fight each other. Give them a battlefield and lots of guns, and let them go at it.


    • Sharps Rifle

      Only if we follow up shipping them over there with massive–MASSIVE–B-52 strikes.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Dropping watermelons with filled with napalm would look pretty, and be very proper.

      • We could strap them naked ten-deep onto pallets and push them out of C-130s. Why put more flight hours on B-52s?

  • John R

    Yeah, an “American”? Do you really think this man had any feeling of affinity for this country? Do you think that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the struggles at Valley Forge and Bunker Hill meant anything to him?

    On a side note, I heard the news coverage of this. Yes, they DID say he was “an aspiring rapper”! Seriously. I thought that someone from American Renaissance had taken over my TV set. As so many have said, you can’t make this stuff up.

    • Tarczan

      It seems like with all these aspiring rappers, the music would be better. It’s all crap.

      • John R

        And, anyway, what difference does that make? I mean, yeah, right: The one thing this country really needs is more aspiring rappers, huh? Yep, them Chinese might be graduating more engineers in their colleges and their kids may be doing better in math and science, but hey, we Americans need not worry because we will have more aspiring rappers!

  • The misspelling of MacArthur was the dead giveaway. Blacks misspell the names of their sprogs all the time. Ironic that he’s dead fighting for Allah when it was the Muslim slavers who enslaved so many blacks in Africa. The black attraction to Islam is just proof of how stupid these creatures are.

    • Irishgirl

      That was the first thing I noticed. I wondered if it was a typo or if mama really is that stupid. On the other hand, it is spelled kind of how blacks would mispronounce MacArthur.

      • chuck_2012

        she is that stupid.

  • LHathaway

    It’s not the biggest surprise in the world someone named Douglas McAuthur McCain dies on the battlefield.

    • Ironic that he was named after a successful WHITE career soldier (and Medal of Honor recipient), isn’t it?

      • bilderbuster

        Just be happy he was KIA.
        He could have become a POW, then returned home to run for the Senate.

  • Douglas Quaid

    I saw this on the news tonight, which I watch for propaganda analysis purposes, and I hoped this would make it to Amren. A couple of takeaways:
    1. This is a perfect example of why we need serious immigration enforcement, keep the Muzzies the h-ll out of our country.

    2. No Muslim proselytizing of prisoners. Most of the blacks sitting in prison are already destined to be repeat offenders as it is, becoming a Muslims only encourages this already strong probability.

    • My understanding is that most of the English-language Islamic religious material in US prisons is supplied by Wahhabist donors in Saudi Arabia – the same fun folks who are funding ISIS.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “Douglas McAuthur McCain”

    What an ironic name for a thug: A war hero and a traitor.

  • OS-Q

    If John McCain had a grandson…

  • kjh64

    Good riddance.

  • MoMo

    The problem with all of this is that this country has grown complacent with the entire concept of this country being attacked by terrorists. We have a current generation which is (at least) fifty pounds over weight, which is to be expected, since the only exercise it is getting is operating the latest computer game or finger dancing on a computer keyboard.

    Today, our country has the reputation for being a fat, lazy, drug infested, sex obsessed, out of shape coward. Our President is viewed worldwide as being a “Paper Tiger” who wouldn’t even let an American getting his head chopped off interfere with a round of golf.

    Ever wonder what our correspondent was thinking about while standing there blind folded with his executioner standing behind him. Do you think they told him that they really weren’t going to go through with it – that it was just going to be a staged photo opps. So put yourself in his shoes? You are there, alone, blindfolded, knowing that your head is about to be chopped off. Maybe he was able to think for a few seconds after his head was severed? Was his head worth a round of golf? Apparently not!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So what do I think, as if anyone really cares, even though I have a pretty firm grip on international affairs. So here are my prognostications!

    (1)This President can’t wait to leave office;
    (2) divorce his wife (can’t blame him for that);
    (3) move to California;
    (4) become much better “friends” with Beyonce;
    (5) write a book;
    (6) go on a speaking tour;
    (7) do a reverse Arnold, go into movies after politics, instead of before politics; and of course, along the way,
    (8) live on a golf course.

    Meanwhile, these ISIS guys are for real – potentially unlimited money, potentially unlimited man power, with potentially unlimited sympathizers ….. in the United States.

    The question has moved from being if we are going to be attacked to one of being when and how. Make no mistake, these ISIS guys will use nukes (several hundred are still missing from the former Soviet Union).

    (9) My guess the attack will come during the Presidential campaign when President Obama is still in office. This President has become disconnected from reality (assuming that he ever actually knew what the “Real Politic” was) and his ego is so immense that he is acting like this country doesn’t fully appreciate what a truly great, brilliant person that he really is? Really is? Unfortunately, this country is at its most vulnerable during the change of administration?

    The great detective novelist, Michael Connelly, wrote an entire book, “Void Moon”, on the convergence of events. Just substitute countries for the individual characters in his book and you will find where out country teeters today – out of time and out of place.

    The clock is running and hell is coming wearing a turban…. the only question is where the train will be stopping ….. and when?


  • fatbaby

    There is a white devil somewhere behind his death.
    A muslim Gentle Giant if you will.
    Let the outrage begin.

  • Tarczan

    I hope he had the foresight to provide protection for his body parts essential for enjoying his 72 virgins.

  • bilderbuster

    Will he be buried in Arlington?
    After all he is one of those “Syrian” rebels his Uncle John has been funding.

  • kikz2

    in a word.. Good.

    • Bandmoo

      2 words………….Very Good

  • Spikeygrrl

    That this thug bore the names of TWO American heroes is sickening.

    • Ralph Monzo

      Well, one for sure. Do globalist neoconservatives qualify as heroes, even after spending time at the Saigon Hilton?… just askin’… As to the thug, good riddance.

      • Spikeygrrl

        I refer to McCain’s military service only, not his political career. I should have specified. Sorry.

  • benvad

    Thank God He’s dead one less destructive parasite.

  • benvad

    Things like that makes me appreciate people like Dr. Ben Carson, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.

  • Guest

    You really wonder what Hazaras are doing in Sydney anyway. Sounds to me as politically plausible as Greenlanders flocking to Timbuktu.

  • glennm

    feel good article of the day

  • shmo123

    I’d love to see Al Sharpton volunteer to take his place in the Isis ranks.

  • Bandmoo

    I just wonder if Eric Holder will demand a full investagation of his family and friends here in the USA to see if any more connections to the Isis. Yeah right.

  • WR_the_realist

    Among American blacks run-ins with the law are always a good predictor of conversion to Islam.

    • The anti-Western message that is a major part of Islam is part of the allure for these black convicts. It fits with their wish to believe that somehow it is Western society that is at fault for their legal difficulties, rather than their own actions as individuals.

  • none of your business

    This one, Michael Brown, 2 down millions to go.