Posted on July 25, 2014

Vans May Be New Form of Transportation for Illegals, as Feds Attempt to Avoid Scrutiny

Kristin Tate, Breitbart, July 25, 2014

It appears that many illegal immigrants in California are being transported by federal agents via van caravans instead of large Department of Homeland Security (DHS) buses. Dropping off illegal immigrants from vans, rather than buses, may serve to draw less attention and scrutiny from local residents, many of whom remain resistant to the dumping of foreigners in their communities.

A source, who asked to remain unnamed, told Breitbart Texas that she and a few others were outside of the Chula Vista Border Patrol facility last week attempting to organize a rally. Before they even got out of their car, however, they noticed the gate surrounding building open.

The witness then filmed, as a caravan of five vans left the property.

She said, “We’re sitting there, right in front of the exit, and we see a DHS truck pull out. Then, following it, came 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 vans. So I immediately recorded as soon as I saw them coming out of the driveway.”

“We followed them onto the I-5 freeway,” the source continued. “At one point after the vans exited the freeway, it became obvious that we were following them since we were the only other drivers on the road. After turning onto random roads, clearly in an attempt to lose us, the vans approached a courthouse near a popular Greyhound bus station. Each van then drove into a government-only access area at the courthouse.”

The witness told Breitbart Texas that she believes the vans were initially driving to the Greyhound station to drop off released illegal immigrants, but that the vehicles changed course after realizing they were being followed.