The federal government is planning to relocate 40 unaccompanied alien children into an already-packed facility in the Sycamore Canyon Academy that houses wards of the state, according to Robert Skiba of Oracle, Arizona.

Emboldened by citizens in Murrieta, California, who successfully rebuffed the government’s efforts to dump illegal aliens into their town, Skiba’s town has organized a protest for Tuesday morning.

“We’re going to mobilize and we’re going to do the best we can to stop this from happening,” Skiba said. “We’re prepared for whatever happens. If they want to send in the SWAT team, armored cars, helicopters, let them do it. We’ll have the media out there.”

“The boy’s ranch is almost at capacity now and can’t handle 40 additional kids,” the 85-year-old Air Force vet told Breitbart News. “This is an area that’s very primitive. The current facility is almost at capacity. How are they going to handle the sewage?

“They’re sneaking these people in the back door, and we’re not supposed to know anything about it . . . Putting these 40 kids up in this beautiful place–this is like putting these kids in the country club,” he added.


The Sycamore Academy is undergoing massive renovations to handle the new influx of minors and plans to hire 30 new staff members to handle the workload, according to News 4 KOVA.

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  • The resolve is hardening as the tyrannical forced dumping on communites is really setting people off as to just how arrogant the feds are now. Obama may be the best thing that ever happened to promote race realism, hard core hatred of the feds, and a resurgence of interest in alternate forms of government, such as kings, city-states, and National Socialism (NAZI).

    Adolph Hitler may see a popularity unseen since forever, but we have our own national heroes in the great Confederate generals whose names are being removed from monuments. I think the feds thought we were going to sleep right through their de facto open borders due to the charge of “racism.” More and more don’t care about being called a racist.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I sure don’t…………while I will have no truck with Hitler though. Not after I learned how my relatives were treated by them.

      • ElGringo

        Hitler is dead so it’s a non-issue.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Physically. His ghost is immortal.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            And thus so far the damage he did to whites ability to organize, stand up and fight for their interests against Jews and others hostile aliens who are destroying them.

    • Ella

      What happened to Jefferson Davis Day? Is it still recognized in AL?

      • Anglo

        The state of Alabama recognizes Jefferson Davis Day on June 2. Confederate Memorial Day is on April 28.

        • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

          Roll Tide!

  • I doubt Obama will give shoot to kill orders right now, because it’s election season. All bets are off starting on Wednesday, November 5, though.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Most definitely Obama will be more dangerous as a lame duck than one who actually has to worry about re-election.

  • wmingpt .

    Dear Black People, Your usefulness to the democrat party has reached its end. We are moving on to other brown pastures in order to purchase their votes. It’s been fun, and we hope you continue to enjoy your government benefits we used to buy your votes with. Please play nicely with your new illegal neighbors! Signed, The Democrat Party.

    • John R

      Exactly! Blacks, White women, and homosexuals, your days are numbered. Soon the Democrats won’t be needing you. But, thanks, you were all useful idiots while it lasted.

      • Ella

        Excuse me…….I’m female and never voted for one Libtard in my entire life. I refused to even date liberal men since they think stupidly and act immaturely.

        • dmxinc

          It’s percentages that matter in all of these cases.

        • Zimriel

          The mod-approved way of saying, liberals talk like f-gs and their s-‘s all retarded. :^)

        • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

          Well, I guess that rules me out, since I’m not only a Libtard — I’m El Baga Doucha Libtard.

      • Alexandra1973

        I’m a conservative White woman…and an ex-Democrat AND an ex-Republican.

        See, I learned from my mistakes. 🙂

        • lilolekslady

          GOOD JOB, Lady!!!! I am likewise from about 3 years ago!!!!!

    • Fantaman

      Why would they care about blacks anyway? They’ve been bred to vote democrat. Even if they whine, they’ll still vote in a solid block, terrified of losing their perpetual government assistance. Or terrified at the prospect they someday might have to work for a living.

  • John R

    Yes, the people themselves have to rise up against this. Even Thomas Jefferson said if the government fails to do it’s duty it is up to the people to abolish that government. And the very first duty of any government is to secure the nation’s borders! Even primitive tribes, thousands of years ago, had territories that they considered theirs, and the first function of even primitive tribal governments was to secure the tribe’s territory. And as to these being children, I don’t give a rat’s behind! Sorry, but we didn’t invite them here, and are under no obligation to be coerced into providing for the world’s children. If any lib really is concerned about impoverished children, fine, give a generous donation to UNICEF and shut up. This is just way too ridiculous. As I have said frequently here, I don’t even know why this is a controversial issue.

    • SentryattheGate

      Re. Latin American excess kids/orphans; it’s been the practice for many years, I understand, that they are often dumped on the streets, become criminal gangs and are occasionally dealt with by the police. The police round them up at night, bring them out to the countryside and shoot them! It’s a shame that some people/cultures don’t breed more responsibly, but that doesn’t make other cultures responsible for their overbreeding!

      • John R

        Interesting. Yes, the more people know about the “cultures” of other countries, the more they realize just how benevolent White culture is.

  • evilsandmich

    I know for a lot of munis revenues never really recovered after ’08. So while we suffer through higher taxes and declining services HoldBama come to us and say “guess what?”

    No you “‘guess what?’ dipstick”

  • Conrad

    I am returning to my Christian roots and I recommend it for you as well. However, I am discovering that a lot of Communist (anti-white) propaganda has been masquerading as
    Christian love and kindness. It’s just a trick they use to confuse people.

    The NWO crowd that is working to create a single world government, a single world economy, a single world religion, and a single race of people, is the same crowd that started out by saying “God is dead.” God is the one that created the different races and God is the one that divided the nations.

    Glenn Beck tried using this Christian propaganda today in his discussion about the current boarder issues. White people must stop falling for this. There is a big difference between Christian kindness and supporting the destruction of our race & nations. Even Christians come to the point where enough is enough.

    • Anglo

      Marxist ideology is riding on the back of modern Christianity. None of the great missionaries of the past century ever advocated importing heathen aliens into their own countries nor did they allow their children to intermarry with them. It’s easy for pathological, altruistic do-gooders (Christian?) to import aliens and feel good about themselves without making any personal sacrifices of their own. They deceive themselves. They have a reprobate mind. The Reprobate wants no real knowledge of God. (Romans 1:28).

      • Conrad

        I think that you have described the leftist, New Age Christian to a T.

    • SentryattheGate

      Well said! Also, use the “diversity” argument against these Marxists; shouldn’t there be differences, didn’t the Lord create this diversity? Shouldn’t cultures be entitled to their “nest” in the world, where they can have their own language and culture, w/o being invaded. Somehow it’s good for Africa to be for blacks only and to kick out and kill whites, yet white countries should “welcome diversity” and their own suicide!

      • Conrad

        I am starting to think that the real force behind all of this is Satan. He is setting the stage for the Antichrist by destabilizing every country that he can. Satan & his helpers are focusing on white nations because we are the race that carried the Christian message to the world. And is mad at us for doing that.

    • Winston_Jack

      Traditional Christianity is certainly compatible with race realism. The church was not always the pathetic groveling NWO lackey it has become today.


    • Alexandra1973

      Each race having its own nation(s) is Scriptural. This I’ve known for several years now.

      Tower of Babel and all that….

    • Paleoconn

      Chuck Baldwin is a good Christian commentator who remarks on the insanity of Christian groups and pastors advocating for things like immigration and gun control.

      • Conrad

        I’ll take a look at his web site. I would like to have someone to discuss this with. Thanks.

  • Average Americans, including Air Force vets in Oracle, Arizona, are increasingly realizing that they are under the boot heal of an occupation government. The Left can be clever, but it always must push things farther Left, which will be its undoing.

  • HE2

    Check out numbersusa dot com to stay abreast of the big picture about this fiasco.
    Individual targeted municipalities are checking in with the stories.

  • Greg Thomas

    The sick irony here is this government will deploy SWAT against American citizens, while sending air conditioned busses for illegal invaders.

    • Alexandra1973

      Yeah, and how much you want to bet people will go for citizenship for illegals if they serve in the military?

      What could possibly go wrong…?

      • Hy Alldredge

        That’s one of the reasons Rome fell. They started letting the invading barbarians into the army, and with no allegiance to Rome they didn’t fight well. Also of course illegals in our army will be fine firing on US citizens because their allegiance will be to the government not the gringos they’re killing. I don’t know how people could be so naive as to think this is a good idea.

        • John R

          Good point. And Ho Chi Minh rounded up and shot the “exploitive” landowners of North Vietnam, recruiting for the task a rifle section from among the landless peasants with no relatives among the landowners’ families. Ditto for Stalin and Mao.

      • Who Me?

        “What could possibly go wrong?”
        How about Major Nidal Hasan? (For just ONE example, out of many.)

  • Fantaman

    I hope every community does that. I bet they’ll try to involve the UN soon, for a crisis they manufactured themselves. This is beyond hypocrisy.