Canada Boots Out SA’s ‘White Refugee’

Bheki Mbanjwa, IOL, June 20, 2014

The South African man who sought refuge in Canada by saying he feared persecution from blacks, has lost his latest bid to remain in that country.

The Canadian Federal Court has upheld the decision of the Immigration and Refugee Board which refused to grant Brandon Huntley refugee status.

He had claimed he could not return to South Africa as whites were “targeted, attacked and killed because of their skin colour”. He also said he did not trust the South African judiciary and that legislation only “theoretically” provided recourse for addressing persecution, hence his application for refugee status.

Judge Catherine Kane ruled this week that refugee protection is considered a substitute protection in the event of a country failing to provide protection and that Huntley had failed to provide evidence that he would not get such protection in his home country.

“Persecuted individuals are required to first approach their home state for protection and to exhaust all efforts that are reasonable in the circumstances before seeking refugee protection in other countries,” said Kane in the judgment.

According to Canadian Immigration laws, Huntley is now under a removal order which means he must leave Canada within 30 days from the day of the court’s judgment.

He can now petition for leave to appeal in order to take the matter to the Federal Court of Appeal and from there he can also take it to the Supreme Court.

Huntley, who first entered Canada on a temporary work permit in 2004, was initially granted refugee status by the board in 2009.

But upon judicial review that decision was found to be unreasonable and a judge ordered that Huntley’s application be heard by a newly constituted panel of the board.

In his original application, made in April 2008, Huntley had claimed that:

“In 2000, he received delayed medical treatment (stitches and x-rays) in favour of black patients at a hospital where all the staff were black;

“He applied to the Home Office for a passport and had to return three days in a row to submit his passport application because black citizens were permitted to go ahead of him in line;

“He was required to submit additional documentation not required of black applicants when making his application for his work permit for Canada;

“He was unable to get a job in South Africa due to affirmative action;

“He was assaulted and stabbed at least six times since he was a teenager by black South Africans because of his race. During these incidents, he was subjected to racial slurs;

“He is aware of other white South Africans who have been ‘hijacked’ and/or assaulted;

“Members of the (ANC) chanted phrases such as ‘Kill the whites’; and,

“Members of his family in Roodeport have hired a security company to follow them if they have to drive at night.”

He had however never reported any of the alleged crimes against him to the police.

In January last year the newly constituted board found that Huntley was not a person in need of protection. The board questioned some of Huntley’s assertions including his explanation why he had delayed his application for refugee status only until 2008. His explanation on this delay had included that he only became aware that he could make a refugee claim in June 2007, that he had held a belief that he needed to be bilingual to become a permanent Canadian resident and what it took to fill in the forms.

Huntley took that decision on appeal, claiming the board had ignored evidence of racism and persecution of whites. He also submitted to the court that the board failed to consider his “fears of the president and other political leaders who chant and sing songs inciting violence against white people”.

He also claimed he feared reprisals after his application for refugee status attracted a lot of media attention. He said he “believes he would be flagged at the airport upon arrival”.

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  • propagandaoftruth

    Wow. Death sentence.

    • SoulInvictus

      And the more pathetic thing is that, from personal experience, I can say that even on sites like this, there is zero interest in helping these people.

      • Sick of it

        Considering this is Canada, does this man have a real legal recourse at this point? Or mere formalities before he is summarily expelled? Before we could help, we’d need to know the situation.

    • JSS

      It is a death sentence, and its coming from a country that prides itself on upholding human rights. Needless to say if this White man were a black or brown who had never worked a day sense arriving in Canada and didn’t bother with even showing up to court he would have still had a “human right” to stay in the country.
      None of the “rights” we are told we have actually apply to us Whites.

      • obot

        Human rights are only for the savage hordes from the Muslim world. If he claimed he was a homosexual, they would let him stay

    • The guy made the mistake of imagining that racism was something like “poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race” when racism is actually the word we use nowadays to describe whatever white people do.

      • propagandaoftruth

        racism is actually the word we use nowadays to describe whatever white people do.
        Yup. Just living our lives is racist.

      • me

        “Racism” is a word for White genocide.

    • me

      I’m weeping…..

    • Reverend Bacon

      You are probably correct. Let’s follow this story to see if/when it happens, and what the Canadian response will be. Maybe his death won’t be in vain? Unlikely, but maybe he’s the Medgar Evers of his time.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Great idea. Brandon Huntley, you stand accused of being an evil White man. The sentence – death by negro.

        Brandon Huntley. He should learn Russian and apply elsewhere.

        • Reverend Bacon

          “The sentence – death by negro.”

          Are you talking about for a person or for a country?

  • Lion’s Mane

    The pure hatred of “liberals” against White human beings is showing. (I’ve even seen a few liberals lately protest it.) This modern “liberalism” is an evil agenda and its roots need to be exposed if it ever is to be cured.

    • Sick of it

      Weeds are normally torn out of the soil and left to die of starvation. You can stare at a weed all day, but it will continue sucking the life out of other, healthier plants without showing any remorse.

    • paul marchand


      • Lion’s Mane

        An awakening. Only through a steady awareness of the hatred facing them, and the persecutions accompanying it, can young Whites begin to think in terms of securing their future and forging a racial destiny.

  • Rhialto

    Another disgusting crime against normal humanity from the not-Great White North!

  • MekongDelta69

    Judge Catherine Kane said, “Persecuted individuals are required to first approach their home state for protection and to exhaust all efforts that are reasonable in the circumstances before seeking refugee protection in other countries.”

    Judge Catherine Kane was thinking, “Get out White boy. We hate you. We only allow non-whites to come to our country so they can destroy any vestige of White Civilization.”

    • archer

      I wonder what her real name is before it was changed.

      • Sloppo


    • me

      Catherine Kane, I know what you are. The day of God’s Wrath is coming….

  • Truthseeker

    Next time someone lectures you about “White privilege,” show ’em this story. The cry for a White homeland is getting louder every day.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The worldwide Liberal conglomerate knows that if any nation were to grant white South Africans refugee status then a great many white South Africans would flee the crime-ridden, AIDS infested, anti-white sinking ship that is South Africa. ANC leadership may despise whites, but the ANC knows that they must keep whites in a South Africa because whites are needed to invent, fix, and run complicated matters, and the ANC also needs whites so that they can bleed them of their money to redistribute to blacks.

    • Sick of it

      Unfortunately, many cannot afford to flee South Africa. They simply do not have enough money to leave.

      • SoulInvictus

        When I considered starting a site to help focus and assist with their plight, I had a lengthy email exchange with a SA fellow I met on here.
        There are ghetto’s and homeless camps full of white families. They can’t find work due to the worsening conditions and government policies.
        He was very sad that I couldn’t gin up any interest in helping them even among supposed WN’s. I’ve never felt desperation more palpable through an email…
        I wish I knew just a handful of wealthy individuals looking for a cause to support, and that give a damn about their own people.
        But I don’t.

        Something everyone should feel guilt over the next time a report comes out showing a decline in our percentage of world population. More than a few of those faceless numbers will be dead South Africans.

        • Sick of it

          Surely such an organization already exists for white South Africans? Can one of the South Africans who visit point us to one? I’ll gladly make a donation.

          • SoulInvictus


          • Usually Much Calmer

            Two such are posted below.

            Have a wonderful fourth!

        • archer

          it’s time they started their own revolution to carve out a piece of SA for white’s only, they tried the diversity thing and it didn’t work, there’s not much left for them to do except die on the vine.

          • SoulInvictus

            “it’s time they started their own revolution to carve out a piece…”

            Not likely when they’re outnumbered by 40 million people.
            They’re trying to establish what is basically a reservation for whites (how sad is that to type…) in Orania. But that is a small community, not a lot of jobs, and could never support millions of whites.
            And I’d imagine that would only be left alone until it becomes expedient for the black majority to take it as well.

            The only solution is for them to leave (despite their love for the country they built which I understand), which this very article illustrates the prevalent desire to do so.
            But the worse it gets, the less that can afford to. And so millions of whites are left in the wreckage of their once flourishing country, a tortuous limbo with a slowly descending black guillotine bearing down on them.
            You’d think we’d be able to sympathize with that…

            It’s one thing to talk about potentialities here in the States, but research a little. Get a close look at whites being butchered in their sleep in a former first world country.
            It’s a matter of time, demographics, and inaction before you see it first hand.

          • archer

            I realize they are vastly outnumbered but many of the millions you speak of are recent arrivals after the collapse of apartheid and are economic opportunists that may not be willing to risk life and limb in a battle to the death, which is what it would be. Don’t forget the South African military was a force to be reckoned with and it was white, they know what it is to fight against huge odds they had a premier mercenary force “executive outcomes” that scared the hell out of the U.S. because of what they could accomplish with a fraction of the manpower and money it would take us to fail. But the real issue is that they won’t have a choice but to fight.

          • tabsa

            I agree with you. As a white South African, I know that our only option is to leave. I can see the clouds on the horizon. It may not happen in the next 2 years or even in the next 10 years, but we’ll end up like Zimbabwe.

            I may survive, but what about my kids and their children? They have no future here. South Africa’s math and science education now ranks at 148 out of 148 countries in the Global Competitive Index. And with the current AA and BEE legislation, my kids will be discriminated against compared to the thousands of ‘instant’ black millionaires’ kids, because they are ‘previously disadvantaged’.

            Of the 4 million whites here, strangely, most of them are ignorant to the pending disaster because they are lulled by gadgets, the quest for money, religion and…… RUGBY. They just don’t want to think about it. It’s not nice to think about it. I hate thinking about it. Life goes on. We’ve got businesses to run, bills to pay, children to feed – all behind razor wire, electric fences, 6 foot walls and burglar bars.

            The ones who do see the disaster looming are also divided. Most whites who had the means and qualifications to get out of the country already did so. So, like me, a lot of us want to leave, but it’s very hard. We have to get employers to sponsor us.

            The other group of people who see it coming are the fanatically religious ones who believe that God will save us. Like he did with the battle of Blood River. I have little time for these people.

            And then there is the group of people who have this idiotic notion of a white homeland. As if the all mighty ANC will just chop off a viable piece of South Africa and hand it to the former oppressors. What are we going to get? Johannesburg with all its gold? The diamond mines in the desert? The Western Cape? Rustenburg with the biggest platinum deposits in the world? And the world will just allow white South Africans to get their own ethnic state? It’s ridiculous.

            It’s hard to fight a battle with a divided group of people. That’s why I’ve chosen to leave. But it’s not as easy as just packing your bags and getting on a plane.

            My family has been in limbo for 3 or 4 years. We decided that we will not send our first born to school in South Africa, but it’s already too late. He has to go to school next year. My wife and I both run our own businesses and we have to go on, but why expand, why build up a business when we know it’ll just be taken away in the end.

            We’ve been trying to get my wife a job in Australia for years. She finished her first Australian qualification, she did the English test (why?) and she’s applied for hundreds of jobs. But why would an employer hire someone they’ve never met from a country on the other side of the Indian Ocean?

            I’ve been in the construction industry for 14 years, running my own business for 8 years. I have no formal trade. So I’m already disqualified immigration-wise even though I’ll probably settle in quickly.

            I’ve realized that the Afrikaner will die out. The culture will be gone in 3 generations. We will be like the Jews before Israel. My kids will be the last ones in my family to speak Afrikaans. And I don’t care about it. What I care about is giving my kids a better chance. A place where they do not live in fear, where they are not outnumbered 20:1, where they are not discriminated against and where they are not blamed for everything that is wrong with the country. Where they are not made to feel guilty about the color of their skins.

            I run a blog and Facebook group called The Truth About South Africa. If you’d like to start a website like you mentioned in the other posts, please contact me. Our Facebook group has more than 3000 members, a lot of foreigners, but it has just become a vent – like you mentioned. People complain and complain… but nothing happens. No one’s going to come and save us.

            We need to get employers in the USA, Australia and New Zealand who are aware of the situation in South Africa to get in contact with us so we can get out of here. There’s no other option.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Or they cannot accept that they have to.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Just as many white Americans can neither afford to leave, nor have another nation they can run to that is not being overrun already. White Americans will be the last people ever accepted in another “white nation” who in reality are being ruled by those who cannot be named. The only option for most white Americans will be to stand, fight and carve by force a new homeland out of the remains of the U.S., or perish trying.

        • Sick of it

          Hard to argue when it’s become obvious. We have nowhere to run. And why should we run? My people have been here for centuries…why should we be chased out, marginalized or destroyed? I think it’s long past time that we return the favor…with interest.

    • italian guy

      That’s the sign of a people that is seriously oppressed, they force them to stay in the country, not like someone else who cry racism and oppression while no one is stopping them to leave the Western World… on the contrary i think many Europeans want “oppressed” non-whites to leave.

      • Sick of it

        A good chunk of Americans want them to leave as well. The grievance industry is starting to grate on folks’ nerves.

    • LHathaway

      I assume whites have already left. The white population was once listed at 6 million, now it’s down to 4 million. I have to admit, however, as George Orwell warned. . the previous white population of SA is listed as ‘4 million’. 100 years from now the textbooks will say the white of SA population in 1980 was 100,000.

      • Yep… everything is mutable, including and especially “truth” and “fact”…they are forever at the service of whoever is in power, and are manufactured by academics and media magnates.

    • benvad

      France should take all the Afrikaners. They are partially descended from French Huguenots, who were driven out.

      I think France should give all 5 million of them automatic citizenship, Israel does for jews.

  • serious123

    Hard to have a lot of sympathy for this fool. Just come to the US and claim you are a Mexican.

  • JohnEngelman

    If this man was a black South African who claimed to be unsafe in South Africa they would find room for him.

    • David Ashton

      Why is that in your opinion? What are the political or ideological forces that would produce that result in contrast to the one described above? Has it anything to do with “non-existent” “Cultural Marxism”?

      • RisingReich

        It has everything to do with his favorite yamaka wearing tribe that has pretty much taken over up there.

        If you want to know who rules you, look at who you are forbidden to speak out against.

        You will be jailed in Canada if you speak ill of the tribe. THAT is indisputable, because it’s happened already.

        • David Ashton

          “Follow the deference and you find the king. Follow the money and you find his throne.” – NOT Eric Hoffer.

        • Katherine McChesney

          This morning I read that Canada had banned it’s Hate Speech Law.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    I was wondering what had happened to Brandon Huntley, and now this. I hope he appeals or enters the US – better he do it by getting a visa and then disappearing. If it works for tens of millions of Mexicans, it can work for him too.

    Canada has a warped refugee policy that favors blacks and criminals:

    A Florida sex offender who had sex with a 16-year-old boy and fled to Saskatchewan, where she claimed asylum, has been granted refugee status in Canada.

    Denise Harvey, 47, was convicted in 2008 of five counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, a boy who was on her son’s baseball team. She is wanted in the U.S., where she is facing a 30-year prison sentence.

    The [Immigration and Refugee Board] granted Ms. Harvey protected person status. This status allows Ms. Harvey to apply for permanent residency, wrote a spokesperson for Citizenship and Immigration Canada in an email to the National Post Thursday.

    Do not doubt that what happened to Brandon in South Africa, will be the fate of White Americans, White Native Born Britons and White Australians when we Whites are a minority in our own countries:

    “In 2000, he received delayed medical treatment (stitches and x-rays) in favour of black patients at a hospital where all the staff were black.

    “He applied to the Home Office for a passport and had to return three days in a row to submit his passport application because black citizens were permitted to go ahead of him in line;

    “He was required to submit additional documentation not required of black applicants when making his application for his work permit for Canada;

    “He was unable to get a job in South Africa due to affirmative action;

    “He was assaulted and stabbed at least six times since he was a teenager by black South Africans because of his race. During these incidents, he was subjected to racial slurs;

    “He is aware of other white South Africans who have been ‘hijacked’ and/or assaulted;

    “Members of the (ANC) chanted phrases such as ‘Kill the whites’; and,

    “Members of his family in Roodeport have hired a security company to follow them if they have to drive at night.”

  • Medizin

    “Genocide Watch declared last month that preparations for genocidal atrocities against white South African farmers were underway and that the early phases of genocide had possibly already begun. In the long run, Genocide Watch chief Dr. Gregory Stanton explained, powerful ‘communist’ (my emphasis) forces also hope to abolish private-property ownership and crush all potential resistance.

    Many activists seeking to draw attention to the issue are calling on European governments and the United States to immediately begin accepting especially vulnerable white refugees from South Africa as a high priority. There are less than five million whites in the country, about 10 percent of the population, down from almost a quarter decades ago.”


    • RisingReich

      The US accepting White refugees? Once upon a time, once upon a time.
      We’re too busy catering to people that more closely resemble ‘refuse’ than ‘refugees’.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Indeed, the U.S. government cannot seem to get enough “refugees,” or in reality invaders who resemble waste oil pumped out of the waste oil tanks aboard ship.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          Canada has the highest refugee intake in the world, as well as the highest per capita immigration rate. They just can’t replace us fast enough. It’s a numbers game at this point. The more nonwhite bodies they can cram into North America, the better.

      • Medizin

        Oh, I don’t think the U.S. will help them.

        • Zimriel

          Dixie 2.0 might help them.

  • RisingReich

    White man – this is your future. No home, no homeland, no sanctuary, no peace, no rest, no friends, no justice, and no rights is what you have to look forward to on this current trajectory.

    Hopefully your survival becomes more important than Jewtube, your pornography feeds and your 12 pack of suds.

    • RisingReich

      Youtube wasn’t quite the term I wrote, but thanks for not completely removing this post?
      If you want my real meaning in there I would have called it TV. At least youtube allows the viewer the choice of subject matter one is exposed to.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The Canadian government has no problem accepting the bogus refugee claims and permanent residency applications of morbidly obese Caribbean blacks, elderly Hindus and Sikhs who immigrate so they can sponge off the “free” Canadian healthcare system, mentally retarded Southeast Asians, HIV-positive black African nomads and Muslim terrorists from the Middle East. For almost 40 years, but especially within the last 25, immigration to Canada has been an endless parade of the dullest, the meanest and the worst trash to ever set foot on this god-forsaken earth. The Canadian government literally takes in anyone, as long as they come from the third world and aren’t white.

    • paul marchand

      due to the political majority, for instance in the US comprised of


      * blacks

      * traitorous feminists / abortionists

      * government employees

      * other union members

      * homosexuals

      * drug addicts

      * muslims

      Might be time for the white men to gather and fight

    • LHathaway

      I was hoping someone would cover this and provide ‘refugee’ stats concerning immigration to Canada.

    • Seminumerical

      You fantasize. You just made that all up.

      I don’t like third world immigration any more than you do, but if you play the greasy game that if your cause is just then it is okay to lie to further it then we part ways.

      Canada’s CONSERVATIVE government stopped all what you say. They do let in “high quality” immigrants whose descendants may be all you hate.

      You say that “The Canadian government literally takes in anyone, as long as they come from the third world and aren’t white,” which is a deliberate attempt to mislead the readers here.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        No, you’re fantasizing. You’ve also allowed yourself to be brainwashed by government propaganda.

        Only a small percentage of immigrants, around 15%, are primarily assessed for skills and education. The other 85% are ignorant third world peasants drawn from the lowest dregs of the third world.

        The Conservatives barely changed anything. We still get the same high volumes of low quality third world immigration, around 250,000-300,000 a year since 1991. Despite being from Asia, the vast majority of these foreigners perform significantly worse than whites. Even the so-called “educated” immigrants from the innumerable diploma mills of the third world perform worse than whites. So much for “high quality” immigrants. There is no good third world immigration.

        The majority of immigration to Canada, about 90%, is from third world countries. The other 10% is from developed countries, but you’re a fool if you think the majority of these people are white. They’re mostly nonwhites of third world origin, probably over 80% of them. The fact remains that if you’re white and from a developed country, Canada does not want you. They would sooner take a Somali Muslim or some Hindu over a white person from Germany or France.

        • Peter Connor

          So Canada is no better than the US–all of North America about to turn into Idiocracy.

  • humura

    The Conservative govt. of Canada shows that it will not defend the rights of whites who are threatened in the former British Empire. Shame.

    • Sick of it

      The former British Empire showed similar disdain for the Afrikaner, unfortunately.

  • IstvanIN

    This is why I hold out little hope for us unless we get really ugly. Whether it is this young man, who, as another poster stated, has been sentenced to death, or that German family who barely escaped being deported from the US (Holder was hot to deport them) or now that Putin has agreed to Chinese settlement of the Russian Far East, our governments are completely against us. A number of years back when Mugabe started getting really murderous towards White in Zimbabwe an Australian MP suggested that Australia start taking in White Rhodesians because they were being attacked. Another MP said if they took in Whites they would also have to take in blacks from Zimbabwe because they were also suffering under Mugabe. It seems every so-called White government is sick and suicidal.

    • Of course our governments are against us.
      They are financed and run by our sworn enemies.

  • SoulInvictus

    Though I don’t want to disparage the effort, any effort to help no matter how small, providing shanty towns and free lunches isn’t exactly what I view as an… optimal response to what is going on in SA (see my above post that finally made it through moderation).
    Neither of the two charities that have been linked to are exactly significant in size or scope appropriate to the problem.
    And neither supports the more obvious solution, getting our people the hell out of Africa altogether and bringing them back into the western fold.
    You really have to wonder why some of the more vocal organizations and sites with a large following (such as SF or AR) don’t have their own non-profit initiative for Afrikaner relocation.
    You’d think they would welcome the visibility of a decidedly positive cause.

    Maybe I should revisit doing this myself…

    • Usually Much Calmer

      At one point Google was just a search engine, like Lycos and Alta Vista. I don’t worry that a thriving organization will not attempt to expand its mission, experience shows they all do (at times frustratingly) for some reason. For the two above, support now might make all the difference.

      As to why WNs in the US are doing nothing for Afrikaners in SA:
      The images you posted above are hard to stomach. Not everyone is as tough as you. Some just have to look away. (By way of explanation, not excuse.) Well done verbal descriptions might be more effective for moving people. The left is very adept at using what they call storytelling. We should try to get dramatic accounts of violence read on our radio programs.

      Have a wonderful fourth! I’m going to sit outside with a book before my party starts.

    • M&S

      What would a Jew do?
      1. Put together video = get an independent team into ZA with filmmakers who are too well known to be ignored or have no access to publications which make a point. If you make the victims women, elderly and kids, even the French Left would listen.
      2. Mobilize local groups around a _Don’t say the obvious_ (white genocide) church/veterans/Masons/Chambers of Commerce/University private symposiums to (signature on referendum) gain recognition that ‘parts of South Africa’ needed to be declared the equivalent of a disaster area requiring ’emergency relief’.
      Applying pressure on multiple fronts to make college and state level forums acknowledge the problem through hosted seminars with the idea of making it a Live Aid (or other national venue)conditioned situation which _threatened_ to make a stink.
      3. Grab all the “Just Shut Up And Handle It!” checks and writs (emergency increase in immigration quotas for U.S., Australia, Canada, Sweden or similar) handed out, with sufficiently quick fingers to marshal international transport authority under a time limited “The undersigned has done what he has done for the good of the State.” supercession of red tape.
      4. Put together an evacuation team under the auspices of a Displaced Persons food and vaccinations effort. Probably via someone respectable like Doctors Without Borders (more bribes).
      Bring in ship/s to dock which would have ‘all the proper papers’ (palms greased) to bring out as many as possible via convoys of food relief (give the food to the blacks, bring the whites out in empty trucks), guarded by mercenary soldiers.
      5. Rinse and Repeat as Many Times as possible. Always lauding the success in “Saving South African Nationals from a major humanitarian disaster.” (Food and doctors in, whites out). So that as you build momentum and the blacks become aware of what is really happening, you have them over a barrel in terms of being acknowledged as ‘great statesmen’ (famine/disease story) or crucified as oppressors (Pol Pot of ZA). The meat of the blackmail being dozens of interviews and video.
      Provide a replacement intelligent labor class via Indian and Chinese imported expertise. Accepting that this means loss of South African mineral rights.
      I say a Jew would do this because something very like this _was done_, in the aftermath of WWII, with the Jewish World Congress evacuating ‘dead bodies’ from DP camps to the tune of millions in penny-packets to places like South America and Canada. No passports, no backstory, no records, no problem.
      What IS a problem is that, for this to happen, whites have to be willing to accept victimhood as a dependent beggary for outside aid. We will have to howl for mercy because there will be no Nuremberg Trials for our genocide.
      We have to be willing to admit that we -need help- to be kept safe from our racial competitors, even as voyeurs to the events, contributing funds to the rescue which go as payoffs to those very same blacks.
      Most societies will not make this sub-population-in-distress bleating sheep admission because it defacto admits you can’t handle it and you are thus a target for all subsequent bully-thuggery attempts at the same kind of tactics, from all sides and nations.
      Effectively, it could be open season with the world’s populations sniggering up their sleeves at the thought that all they had to do was keep up the pressure and whites would begin to fold as our genes and our wealth would be subject to their ‘protection’.

  • rightrightright

    “Persecuted individuals are required to first approach their home state for protection and to exhaust all efforts that are reasonable in the circumstances before seeking refugee protection in other countries,” said Kane in the judgment.”

    What a sick joke that sentence is. Blacks and browns tear passports up, flush the bits down the aeroplane loo, then demand asylum when the plane touches down in the West. They get their asylum status because of their ethnicity. This poor guy is white and is being punished for it.

  • Urban Teacher

    “No country for White Men” currently gets 111,000 hits on Google.

  • Löwenmensch ᛟ

    It’s amazing but understandable considering the influence of their people but recently in Ukraine the judeo-Ukrainians are allowed to flee into neighboring European countries because of the violence there. I have not even heard of jew deaths over there, just some small acts of vandalism but even Germany has relaxed their immigration policies to accommodate the chosen diaspora. And this poor guy is from SA that has been getting violently and financially ethnically cleansed of Whites for years and can not find safe haven. Maybe he just should have walked down to America from Canada entered illegally, Obama and DHS doesn’t deport illegals. Well, they might make exception for him

  • DiversityIsDeath

    He can’t stay in Canada, and he sure can’t return to black-run S.A. He could enter America illegally, which he should be able to do as easily as everyone else does it. Once here, he can get an immigration lawyer and do it right. Maybe he could even have FoxNews stir up a cause celebre for him and other White South Africans. Tough position to be in.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Few of the non-white refugees are approaching and exhausting their home states.

  • Doomispixulated

    There is a tv show about the Canadian Border/Customs agents’ day to day activities. What strikes me is that 85 to 90 percent of the officials are non white. Some even wear turbans with their uniforms. It makes me sick to see people visiting Canada and being greeted/interrogated by a bunch of invaders. Welcome to Canada (unless you are white).

  • Cid Campeador

    Shame on you Canada. You’ve sold out your race to please the beast. You will live to regret it.

  • Cid Campeador

    I’m beginning to understand why Quebec would like to secede. I’d be more than willing to brush up on my French to get out of the FTA.

  • American_cavalier

    Uhhh just dont leave and instead become an illegal alien.

  • Doomispixulated

    I know…thanks for nuthin’, huh. Being ordered around by a bunch of ….fill in the minority blank. The pricks won’t even let you guys in if you have a dui on your record…oooooh, such a

  • tabsa

    I absolutely agree with you. I really don’t get the anti-Jewish thing. Sure, a few Jews are pulling the strings in the MSM, but surely not all Jews are part of some big conspiracy to wipe out the white race. Jared Taylor has similar views on the topic.

    As a white South African I know what it’s like when people generalize like that. According to our politicians, whites own the banks, whites own the media, whites own the land and whites own the mines.

    While it is true that the people who own the banks, media, land and mines are mostly white (and mostly foreigners) it does not mean that ALL whites own them.

    I for one have no land and I don’t own a mine, bank or newspaper. But if you tell millions of unemployed, uneducated, uncultured and desperate shack-dwelling young blacks that all whites are rich, they will eventually come into our homes, rape our women, kill our children and take everything we own. Because they think we got everything for free.

    I think Amren should make an effort to get rid of the anti-Jewish hate speech. It clumps them in with other ‘racist’ Neo-Nazi sites.

  • benvad

    but France needs hard ass whites like you, plus your from my region (ANCESTRAL), i’d like to see you guys there on farms & in the military. You’d start kicking arab ass!

  • benvad

    Hell, I see the names I’m very familiar with Duplessis, Joubert, Theriault and so on so forth. Funny seeing a chap whose name is François Duplessis and he doesn’t speak a lick of French. I know it’s our fault for your expulsion and I’d like to give you our sincerest apologies.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Nay, they want Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” to become reality for all other whites beside themselves. The problem is, they forget the brown and yellow tsunami is like a pyroclastic surge, they will no spare anyone in their path.

  • LHathaway

    “the biggest outcry came from the “Aboriginal Industry”, they said NO as it would import racist attitudes to Australia”.

    That’s so funny! If these people were truly against importing racist attitudes to Australia they would keep 80% or more of immigrants of color out of Australia, but they welcome them. Of course, Their racism is called ‘activism’, pride building, and consciousness raising. It makes a tidy package when anyone who objects, in any way, to any aspect of the ‘tolerance’ agenda can and is declared the racist.

  • LHathaway

    “When Apartheid finished there were 4-1/(2 million whites with nearly 40 million black and other races”

    Like I said, I don’t believe it.

  • SoulInvictus

    I don’t remember where I found those. Honestly they were the first things that popped up when I search for “white south african beaten” or something similar.
    And the last one had the same effect on me, knew its not so subtle message would be appreciated.

  • I am wolf

    Meanwhile, there’s no non-white our refugee board will turn down.